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Best car in stock should be a plus to buy.

I love the Bluetooth phone connector so I am able to use my phone hands free in the car. Onstar availability which is a plus. Has the hardwood interior leather seats. It has push buttons that enable locking and unlocking the car as long as keys are near vehicle. Has seat warmers. 6 CD changer. Has av USB and charging area. Lets me know exactly what door is open if someone isn't tied down. Also lets me know when maintenance is needed on vehicle. Lets me know if tire pressure is low and which tire. Really huge trunk. Compartment that leads from the backseat to the trunk.

- Vi M

The vehicle I currently have is running pretty smooth even though it is salvage.

I love the miles per gallon I am able to get when filling my tank up. The only issues that I have is when someone hit my car, they put a dent in my gas container. So that has made it sort of a hassle to get gas effortlessly, without the nozzle keep clicking as if it just stops on its own. Other than that, my vehicle is in great condition drivewise.

- Taylor M

Great car highly recommended.

It is very comfortable and feels very luxurious. It has a good bit of power but is easily controlled. I would highly recommend this car. I have had no issues with it, always starts right up. It has always been very reliable. It is my favorite car yet. My only complaint would be that the back seat does not fold down to add more space for the trunk.

- Nate M

It will last for at least a decade or more.

There is nothing that I would say to persuade anyone to buy my car because as of this model year, it is ten years old. I believe that the quality and reliability of the car is such that it will last for at least a decade or more but the current cost of a replacement car is far too expensive to even think of trading or upgrading.

- Michael H

Seat warmers. On star. Bluetooth capability.

I love my vehicle. It has so many great features with Bluetooth to my phone. So I can drive and answer calls as needed. It also has OnStar which is a plus for me. It has buttons on the steering column to control radio options. Also great at letting me know tire issues. Love the leather interior and seat warmers.

- Vicky M

It is a awesome vehicle. I will say the colors of its a light touch of blue.

The gas can be expensive, but the speed of the car is great. It feels like your driving air, the steering wheel is awesome a bit tight and does hurt my wrist sometimes. I would say this car is great for space for tight areas such as parking and etc:).

- Emily G

My car functions pretty well for what it does. It does however have issues with unlocking and locking.

The vehicle is pretty average so there isn't much in the terms of looks. It's comfortable enough but the driver's seat never feels right no matter how it is adjusted. I like that it is small enough that it is easily maneuverable to drive on the road.

- Scotty C

It is a very safe car to drive. I have had no complaints of it so far.

I like that it is fast, and it drives very smooth. I do not like that it is a little older model so the GPS tends to send me to the wrong place every so often.

- Anna R

It is not a sports car but looks good.

The Genesis has been a low maintenance vehicle. It rides smoothly and is very quiet. It provides luxury while providing a hint of spottiness.

- Melody M

A v-8 engine with plenty of power. Great road car, well finished interior.

good performing vehicle. drives like a dream on the highway. has a stiff suspension, so may ride a little rough in town on rough roads.

- frank s

It is reliable and can haul a bunch of stuff.

It doesn't get the best gas mileage. I would prefer to get at least 20 miles per gallon. This car I get around 15-16 miles per gallon.

- Lisa C

It is better than any car today on the road in terms of comfort and reliability

The comfort is the food as the day I bought it, bug the brakes and power steering have severe issues. It has trouble climbing hills,,

- mark p

Dependability and luxury.

Even though it is a 2009 model year, we don't want to trade it in. It is so comfortable and well built. We love having this car.

- David M

Good looking. Nothing spectacular.

Gets me where I need to go. Fast. Gas mileage is good. No problem with engine. May replace in 2 years that's all.

- Diana P

The car was comfortable and reliable. It needs work now.

My car is old and out of warranty. My transmission is giving me trouble and the engine light goes off and on.

- Georgia G

It is very safe with its weight, crumple zone and airbags

I love the seats are wide and comfy. Powerful engine. Nice heavy weight car.

- Judi H