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Very attention grabbing in every city.

Definitely a reliable car, she's been up n down a couple states and has shown to handle just about any situation we face. Only problems I have ran into would be replacing the ball bearings which were just from old age. I�d for sure but again but possible the manual version. Auto is not bad just would love to be able to go past the governor in rev lines and see the difference.

- Austin W

The reliability. I have owned many new cars & this has been my most reliable car.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned, even better than my Mercedes Benz which I owned for 11 years. The performance on my genesis is great. The only maintenance I have done is the routine required maintenance, new battery & tires. The car is very comfortable & reliable. I ‘ve had this car for over 8 years & intend to keep it for many more years.

- Julia P

The best car you could get.

The car runs great as long as you service it in the appropriate times. Have not had any problems since I bought the car and I will be sad when I have to get rid of it. The all leather seats are great for an easy clean-up and are very comfortable. However I do wish that Bluetooth played music too and was not only for phone calls.

- Jessica T

Tire replacement. Low profile tires good for handling not distance.

Excellent performance. Decent gas mileage considering that it is a sports car. Very reliable. The true nature of the vehicle caused any general maintenance service costlier than a standard sedan. Overall the maintenance cost is worth it. Dependable, affordable sports car.

- Lisa M

It's surprisingly good on gas if your not driving it hard all the time. It will get 24 miles per gallon if you're careful to drive it lightly.

It's a good looking fast car that handles well enough . It has over 300 which is great for how much it weighs. Unfortunately it's gray it would look so much nicer if it was blue with white rally stripes or just solid red. I also wish it had a nav system bolt in.

- Nick B

Performance & reliability.

My 2010 Hyundai Genesis is the most reliable I have ever owned. I only perform the required maintenance, new tires & replaced battery once. The performance & reliability is better than the Mercedes I owned for 11 yrs. Will only buy Hyundai's in the future.

- J P

I love my car; very reliable and sporty.

The car is low, so when parking you have to be careful of the curbs. I love the turbo engine, I can make sure I am up to speed when I need to be and I do not have any kind of lagging engine. So far my oil still keeps clean after owning the car for 7 years.

- Katie F

It's quick and for someone looking for a decent, sporty car without breaking the bank

The vehicle is overall great! Decent gas mileage while keeping the sporty feel. I wish I got one with more options... would have been nice. The suspension is pretty stiff but I have had it for 5 years and had no major issues with it. Highly recommend!

- Drew L

It's got great gas mileage and good safety features.

I like the gas mileage and safety ratings. I also like the shade you can put up over the back window. I dislike the slow acceleration and that sometimes it feels like it's not braking properly.

- Nikki P

Super fun to drive, can be driven in both manual or automatic

Wonderful car! Very few issues over the past 7 years. Biggest issue was a sensor going out for brake lights. Easily replaced. All body work that has to be done is slightly expensive.

- Ashley M

Don't touch her LOL! Why do you have a "required" number of characters? You want my opinion and then tell me how long it should be ? Really ? REALLY ?!?

She is s a sexy little coupe. She is small enough to park downtown,has plenty of power to get into Atlanta traffic easily, and is fast and fun through the mountain roads!

- Becca M

Looks like an expensive car without the high tag

Haven't had any problems. Very reliable car. Good on gas comfortable for long drives. The only set back is if you are over 6ft tall not much leg room

- Carmen W

Great car beautiful paint

Very reliable and comfortable I love to drive it. I haven't had any problems as of yet it is fully equipped.

- Jus H

Has low mileage. Gets good gas mileage. Has been taken care of.

My car is a very dependable car. It gets very good gas mileage. I is economically a good car.

- Eddie M

Inexpensive to maintain. Very reliable

Very comfortable. Great for long distances. Reliable car. Very fast.

- Raymond W