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Great first time car, work vehicle, or family vehicle, comfortable.

The best part about the 2001 Toyota Camry would have to be the reliability and the cool a.c. when I couldn't afford to work on it and it had quite a few issues, it was bought use. It still ran me to and from work for 3 months until it had broke down and I got it fixed. It has over 300 thousand miles on it and it still runs great. If you get the issues fixed that need be, beforehand, it'll run PERFECT. The a.c is one thing I couldn't live without. It is so cool when it's tremendously hot outside, and it doesn't burn up my gas like it would any other vehicle. One of the downfalls I would have to say is, I had a friend just get in an accident in the same vehicle make/model and it was completely totaled. I would say that it is NOT completely safe. Let's just say she was lucky to be alive. I think there should be some added protection to the vehicle shell to make it safer for us Toyota lovers. A positive would be, the trunk is very large I've actually fit a medium sized dresser inside! And there's lots of space for people inside when you'd like to pick up family, friends, or whomever.

- Banana A

Sporty, reliable, awesome car.

I love my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. I bought it second hand from the previous owner in 2015. My vehicle's performance has been stellar, even with adding almost 50, 000 miles since I bought it. The car runs great in all weather including snow and ice; the car accelerates quickly without any problems; and the car typically gets about 25 miles per gallon on average. The Santa Fe has proven itself to be reliable and I always feel safe driving it, in the day or at night. I know some cars are not very comfortable to drive in for hours, but the car is endlessly comfortable to ride in, and I have no complaints in that area. The car has just enough room for me (and a few passengers when needed). The back is extremely spacious, especially when the seats are put down to expand the cargo space. Love this car and I would buy it again and again!

- L C

Highly recommend for small families.

I got this vehicle cheep from a co-worker to drive back and forth to work everyday. For the age and it having 216, 000 miles I have had to put minimal money into it. I drive an hour each way to work. I have a teenage girl that always has something going on I can put as little at 30, 000 miles an as many as 65, 000 miles combined on my vehicles every year. This vehicle has cruse and electric windows and locks only thing to watch out for is if you bump the passenger lock on your way in or out an you will lock all the doors. The passenger lock is not a conventional lock it is the lock it is self. Beside the lock issue this vehicle rides good and drives very well. It seems no matter what my children need to haul we can fit it in.

- Brandy M

Great first car, reliable and few blind spots.

The only problems I have with my 2004 Asante are Hyundai is that there are cosmetic issues. By that I mean that the plastic lining the mirrors is falling off and the paint is chipping. Performance is great, only thing I would change is being able to speed up faster (would make merging on the highways easier). The reliability is a 10/10. I have never had an issue. Comfort is great, it has great heating and cooling. Only thing is the seats are a furry fabric (not leather), so on hot days it gets very hot. I personally added a radio system and a back up camera and an aux/charger port. Not that expensive and definitely worth it. Car came with a cassette player, which I had no use for.

- Emily B

The vehicle is a Hyundai Santa Fe. Black paint job grey inside

On a daily basis I use a Hyundai Santa Fe 2004 to get me from point A to point B. I love my car. It is four door, black with grey interior throughout the seats, floors, as well as the steering wheel. It is very comfortable. And it's just right for me. I have more than enough space for me and my children. My children also love the car as well. Right now I can honestly say I am very grateful for my Hyundai Santa Fe, and I couldn't ask for a better car for me.

- Diamond B

Pretty standard car, still going after 15 years.

Fairly reliable vehicle. Still driving after 15 some odd years. Several maintenance problems during that time, including a need to replace the engine because of oil sludge clogging it up. Have definitely put more money of maintenance into it than the cars value at this point. But it drives well, and it is still serving its purpose, so overall a good car. Base model, so no features to speak of. Only a CD drive, no navigation components.

- Emily N

Hidden problems Hyundai is not for me

I have bought my Hyundai Santa Fe from a car dealership that buys vehicles from auctions. I absolutely loved everything about my new Hyundai the first couple months. The 3rd month I had it is when all the issues started. I have had my vehicle in & out of the garage more times than I can count. It's one thing after another. The mileage is great, and it fits my family comfortably but I will never buy another Hyundai again

- Toni C

4 wheel drive. Good gas mileage. Over 300,00 miles and runs great.

For a older model car it rides very smooth. It is easy on gas to be a SUV. Very roomy for kids. I have had a problem with my check engine light coming on and on. I try to keep my cars oil changed. To me that is the life of the car. I would recommend any one putting these money in to a Hyundai. My car has over 300,000 miles and is still going. Praying it continues to keep getting my kids and me back and forth.

- Christina C

The perfect nuts-and-bolts car for a 20-something.

I really like my Hyundai. It. Has always been a reliable car. My mom drove it before handing it off to me. It got me through numerous 16 hour round trip drives from school and back as well as multiple road trips. It is spacious and easy to clean - which is nice considering how many spills there have been in that car. It is comfortable and perfect for my needs as a single young woman.

- Amanda M

A very quality oriented company, worth the money

I believe Hyundai has come a long way in their features and quality of workmanship. It has plenty of power and gas mileage isn't too bad. Fit and finish is very well done. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. We have owned this vehicle for 10 years, other than tires and oil changes, brakes, and a rack & pinion it heads been a very good vehicle as we have put over 200k on it.

- Daniel T

It's a good winter vehicle.

It is an ok vehicle. However today I found out the belt jumped off the alternator my battery is junk and I need a new ac pump. Up until this point it has been an ok vehicle. Lots of interior space for hauling lots of cargo. Gas mileage is ok. Drivability is decent. Don't get stuck in the winters. Don't know that I would get another one though. Parts are expensive for it.

- Brandy C

Great small SUV for a family of 4!

My vehicle has always been easy low cost maintenance and has needed very little. It has great gas mileage and is a stylish look. The inside is a comfortable size for our 4 person family. There is a large back area with several under storage compartments that make it a small but efficient vehicle. The top racks make it easy to strap and haul larger things as well.

- Amy G

Lots of miles but still going pretty strong.

I bought this used. It had 224k miles on it. It is a good little SUV. . . At present, she needs an oil change, and I have a rattle which is a strut, I am sure. She rides good and, surprisingly, the steering is amazing. . . A lot more sensitive than I expected it to be. She gets pretty good gas mileage, which will improve (I am sure) when she gets a tune up.

- Jen S

Even with Its multiple issues, this vehicle has been super reliable.

Car shoots may codes, a couple of which indicate cylinder misfires and transmission failure. Car kicks when giving too much gas to fast. Car is terrible in rain and snow, very top heavy. This vehicle has been reliable even with Its many issues and seats and layout are perfect and comfortable. But I have also has many issues with belts breaking and the a/c.

- Emily A

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe - amazing car.

I bought my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe used 6 years ago and still runs like a champ. It has some issues, but it is just from being `14 years old. He's a little iffy on gas mileage, but again the car is 14 years old so with that in mind I believe it is doing a great job! I can get from point A to point B without having to worry about anything car related.

- Kris B

It has cruise control which I personally find very useful.

I have had this car for a little over a year and it broke down 3 times within 1 month very recently. Two of those 3 times it had to be towed. I recommend saving your money and getting a newer car. A 2004 is too old for a reliable Hyundai. This car always has problems pop up. When one problem gets fixed, something else breaks or needs replaced.

- Nicole B

I really appreciate the sound settings. The music comes through very clear

I really enjoy the vehicle. It has great features and everything works appropriately. The speakers are especially excellent. The only complaints that I have, if I must choose is when my hair is put up, it rubs against the roof of the car. Also, there is no aux cord adapter for your phone/MP3, etc. Not a big deal though, there is Bluetooth!

- Rachael V

Great SUV to drive love it.

Very dependable. Great in the snow have owned the car since 2004. No problems regular maintenance and oil changes every 3000 miles. Heated seating nice in warm for the cold ne weather. Electric moon roof for the summer beach weather seats fold down great for trips can fit a lot of stuff. Roof rakes are get for long road trips.

- Bridget H

Only vehicle I have ever owned that did not have major problems.

Have loved my Hyundai santa-fe! Although it is 14 years old it has been extremely reliable over the years. Nothing major has ever gone wrong with it. I have model without all the features in vehicles today, but it is reliability makes up for it. Would buy another santa fe in a heartbeat, but would enjoy the new features available.

- Linda G

Satisfied owner of.Santa Fe. Buy one.

The Santa Fe was brought used. In excellent condition and runs smoothly with care that we've given it. Great on gas. We are thinking about buying another use on. I am retired and I just need a simple vehicle which I like the Santa Fe.There's a lot of good deals, if you take care, change the oil routine maintenance will last.

- Marie B

My Santa Fe has roof rack and step bars, great for the active life we lead.

Issues with the power steer pump. Have had to replace the radiator, thermostat, left and right cv axles. However it does provide the necessary comfort and reliability that my kids and I need to get around and do the things we like to do. I would love if it had an updated stereo system, with an auxiliary port or Bluetooth.

- Angela H

Reliable and handy to use.

I love the way it sits high up so I can see over some of the other cars. It is reliable. I have over 150k miles on it. I love the back and how easy it is to load my groceries or mary- kay. The seats are cloth which I need for the heat down here, however they are very hard to keep clean because it is a very light color.

- Loretta B

Comfortable and reliable 4 wheel drive vehicle

It's a great 4 wheel drive vehicle. (It is 4 wheel drive all the time thought so it's a little heavy on the gas use but reliable) its roomy without being too large to maneuver the car. It's very comfortable to drive, the seats are kind of similar to captain chairs without the arms. Perfect amount of compartments.

- Crystal B

Reliable, dependable; but when problematic usually because of neglect.

Fairly reliable, though when it does have a problem it is fairly significant as compared to the value of the car. Mechanically, it is sound. The interior has been durable, where it has had flaws or failures it is typically due to being treated worse than I typically should have responsibly looked after it.

- Sean S

It has dual transmission and it is spacious.

It is very reliable with very little maintenance and repairs. It is comfortable and spacious and it possess an automatic and manual transmission. It performs well on the road with very little noise. The radio and speakers sound great and the interior which is grey makes the car cozy. It is easy to drive.

- Cheryl H

Santa Fe or Santa don't, I say don't.

The Santa Fe drives very well. It handles great in the snow and heats up fast to deal with the weather. On the other hand, maintenance is rough. I've replaced almost everything but the engine. My alternator blows frequently. The radiator and the transmission always seems to spring leaks on the seals.

- Meg S

Gets me from point A to B.

Currently the ac is not working, the locks do not work properly and the rear door does not open. It is a good size for my needs, but would be more useful if the rear door opened. Although I do not listen music in the car, it would be nice if the CD player worked; has not since I purchased it in 2012.

- Carol T

Good size, great for a small family, really good mileage.

Engine backfire and electronic issues like lights going on (check engine, abs) also electronic issues with door locks. Also steering might go out on you after a few years and the whole rack will need replacement. It also needs spark plugs frequently which is usually the reason for engine backfires.

- Brittany P

Great car but definitely expect put a little bit of money into it.

It is a good car and gets me to and from where I need to go. But it is always breaking down on me and I keep having to put a lot of money into it. Inside and outside of car looks good. It drives well in bad weather as long as you go slow. It is a great car but the same things keep breaking on it.

- Jess S

It has been through a lot is still standing strong.

I love our Santa Fe it gets really good miles per gallon in its functionality is ideal he has enough room for five people along with strollers diaper bag and the whole nine yards it is the perfect vehicle for a family and it is great to take on trips and even to use as a food delivery car.

- Samantha G

Hyundai Santa Fe that is 14 years old with 100, 400 miles never had a problem!

Vehicle purchased used with very low mileage (11, 000). In the many years I have owned this car, I can honestly say that, other than normal maintenance, not one thing has ever gone wrong with it! Absolutely love this Santa Fe and would purchase another one when it is time for a new one.

- Linda G

Do not buy an 04 Hyundai Santa Fe.

Didn't know that the 04 had a lot of computer problems, everything that can gone wrong my vehicle has gone wrong. I would buy another one just not another 04. I have had to replace almost all the sensors, it is costing me more too keep it running just to get back and forth to work.

- Koko P

Best Small SUV Ever by Hyundai.

I love my Santa Fe. It gets excellent mileage and the heat and air conditioning work really well for a small engine. I love that the back window opens which is rare with an SUV. It also comes with a full size tire. I enjoy the tinted windows and the complimentary trim is very nice.

- Cathy R

Santa fe description from a 6'1 man

I have had this car for a couple of years now. It has been great to me for those years. The car has over 200000 miles. This car still runs. The car is a little tight to sit in as a 6'1 man. The second row has a little but of room but not a lot when the seats are all the way back.

- James W

Loving my SUV. It's great for families or hauling. The back seats lay down flat.

My Santa Fe is a very comfortable car to drive. I am a short woman and the shape of the front end and windshield give a very clear view of the road. It has a rack on top for carrying stuff and a lot of cargo room in the back. Is in need of a tune up but otherwise it runs great..

- Michelle R

The Santa Fe SUV is a great car. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

There is a check engine light that comes on and we can't get it off other than that I love my car. We have had minor repairs but nothing major. I would absolutely purchase another one. I have two car seats in the back seat and I can still fit in the passenger seat uncomfortable.

- Colleen H

14 year old Hyundai Santa Fe.

In the six years that I have had this car I have only had to replace the battery and some other smaller parts. The only issues I have had are a couple of electrical problems and that was very recent. It is been pretty reliable and I haven't had to worry about it breaking down.

- Kourtney M

Hyundai 4 cylinder Santa Fe

Reliable car, drives well, handles long road trips very well. You can't go wrong with Hyundai's. I would recommend getting v6 or v8 if you like more power than the 4 cylinder, like I do personally. Never had any problems with the car. Holds up very well compared to other cars.

- Sierra M

Gas mileage is decreasing.

The gas mileage is so poor now. I have to spend upwards of $40 every week just to fill up most of the tank when I used to spend $28 and that would last me for 2 weeks. It is absurd an I do not know if that is a problem with the car itself or if the gas quality is just poor.

- Emily W

Nice, reliable, small family car.

It worked well but has a lot of miles and I've had to replace many parts of the vehicle. Issues with an oil leak. Radio stopped working. Issues with stalling. It's been a great vehicle but has needed work which can be just because of use. It has almost 300,000 miles on it.

- Lisa R

2004 Santa Fe, what you need to know.

Very comfortable on long trips. Ample leg room. Seats 5 with room to move around. Gets good gas mileage and requires fairly little maintenance. The only major issues with it has been rusting under the rear bumper area. Living in the north east the salt has been hard on it.

- Don S

I love my Hyundai Santa Fe.

Maintenance is fairly easy, cheap, and affordable. Reliable, a lot of room to store almost anything. . I feel very safe in my SUV. This is my second Hyundai santa fe. It is comfortable. I have fallen asleep in the back of the car many times, and it is just fine.

- Kelley J

Santa Fe Hyundai a customers nightmare.

Power steering issues continuously, air conditioner broken, makes a whining noise, wheel randomly makes jerks and pulls car, oil leaks, ok to get around in not to use for long road trips, you want a cat that you drive the car not it drives you. Gas guzzler for sure.

- Kelsey P

Great car for a mom with long trips.

I've has the car for a very long time. It is a very reliable car for a mama. Very spacious usual maintenance needed. Very comfortable for my very tall husband. We take long trips in the car and great mileage. If we were to replace the car we would get the same car.

- Heather B

Not a bad car; would check seller information before purchase

Car was purchased used. Has moderate to low fuel efficiency, decent storage space, decent lift and ride comfort. Did have significant engine issues (had to have fan belt replaced along with other parts), and sometimes has issues with wipers/windshield cleaning.

- Sara P

I like the vehicle because it is a SUV and I sit up high. It drives very well.

It has been an overall good vehicle. It has power to get me over mountain roads. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. The only problem is that I have had replace the starter 3 times and the fuel lines 2 or 3 times. Other than that it is a good vehicle.

- Donna B

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a pretty reliable and durable car when compared to other SUVs.

I like that my Hyundai Santa is an SUV, and it has more space compared to a sedan. I also appreciate that I can fit four people comfortably in my car. However, I don't like that I only get about 20 miles per gallon, and my engine has a pretty bad oil leak.

- Tyler H

Want a great car to get you nowhere?

The Santa Fe is made mostly of plastic. It dents easily. The brakes need changed often. High gas mileage. Frequent oil changes and I've been through three alternators. And two batteries. I've replaced all the tires 5 times and I've had the car for a year.

- Brandy E

The best car for the money.

Have had no problems with car. Kept up on all service when do per Hyundai service manual. Liked the warranty. Real good gas mileage on long trips and ride was very comfortable. Would definitely purchase another one. Original battery lasted over 10 years.

- Clem R

Reliable Overall, But May Need Work in the Beginning

Things that shouldn't have gone wrong right away (like my O2 sensor), went bad real fast. However, the warranty is good and after a while it became pretty reliable. Had it for over 15 years and it still runs well despite needing some parts replaced..

- Steve F

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe: very reliable vehicle.

I own an older vehicle. It is a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. The car runs really well and surprisingly has decent gas mileage. The acceleration is great but idles fairly high. The only problems so far is a bit of rust and a wheel bearing that is going bad.

- Ted K

It is a very affordable midsize suv that gets decent gas mileage.

I like my vehicle very much. There are multiple reasons as to why it suits me. I'll name a few. It gets decent gas mileage for an SUV. It is all wheel drive. It can pull my boat. It has a spacious interior. It has required minimal maintenance.

- Thomas C

That it may be old but it runs great! It's just an all around solid car and runs great. I am hesitant to get a new vehicle because this one runs so well.

I love the power of my vehicle. It has a bigger engine, 3.5 l which is just big enough to give it a kick. I'm not a speed demon, but like a car that goes. I also love that it's an suv so I can get the entire family in it and pack it too.

- Cris D

my SantaFe is grey in color it comfortably seats 4. It came with a roof rack and CD player. there are also power outlets in the backseat for the kids devices

I love my SantaFe it is roomy. the backseat fold down and there are unlit in storage compartments in the sides and under the truck floor. for its size it gets great gas mileage. I feel safe driving it with my small child in her car seat.

- Wendy b

It has a good running engine,anti lock brakes,nice grey paint job,power steering,great heater and air conditioner.

Vehicle is very comfortable and runs good. Also has nice features like CD player, Air Conditioning, Adjustable seats, and plenty of legroom. It also has electric windows,rear wipers,room for storage in back,can seat five people comfortably.

- william f

Being an SUV, I think people believe they are hard on gas..My car is excellent on gas.

I love my Santa Fe more than any car I've had. It drives so easy and I am short, so I sit up high and I can see good to drive. It has a wonderful AC unit for the summer, and an excellent heater in the winter. I wouldn't want any other car.

- Patricia M

Reliability -- have never really had any major problem that cost lots of money to repair and was able to fix things on own.

Have had the Hyundai for over 14 years and never have had any major repairs done to it. Have been notified about recalls and offered assistance to fix. Hyundai has been reliable and (especially when bought) had good gas mileage.

- Dawn Q

The Santa Fe is a great car... great on gas, comfort, and for the family!

It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable. The AC is cold and we've put minimal $ into it. The part I dislike is that parts that are easy to replace on some vehicles are difficult to get to, requiring a mechanic instead of DIY.

- Michele M

It has always been very reliable for any trips that I take.

I really enjoy driving my vehicle. It is very comfortable and I like the fact that I can haul a lot of things in the back end of the vehicle. I have no complaints except for the gas mileage. I do wish it was easier on the gas.

- Pam W

There is a backup camera!.

The vehicle that I drive is a compact SUV that fits five passengers in total. The trunk space is spacious and can fit a large load such as carrying all 5 passenger luggage, talking children to their sporting events, and more.

- Erin O

Love it, great gas mileage, runs very well rides wonderful

I fell in love with my vehicle from day one, this is very economical on gas, even in the city it gets good gas mileage runs very smoothly nice ride would highly recommend it for someone looking for a newer vehicle

- Althea M

It is a quiet car to drive without all the highway noise.

My favorite things about this car would probably be the sunroof, the size of the vehicle, and the color. I cannot say that I have any dislike other then it is getting older. I would definitely buy another one!.

- Katy W

A very reliable vehicle which will last you many years/miles if you take care of it.

I purchased my car with 200k miles on it. Despite this, it has been the most reliable car I have ever had. It allows me to carry enough people/things for my everyday life, as well as getting great gas mileage.

- Stephanie P

I can't accelerate at a reasonable pace if my a/c is on, and my a/c is Always On.

I like sitting up in traffic. It doesn't have enough space inside, and only 2, not 3, people can sit in the back seats. It gets too hot inside when the sun is out and the a/c doesn't help enough.

- Vanessa S

It will go forever as long as you take care of it. It handles really well.

I love the size of my santa fe. Gets pretty good gas mileage. I do admit I wish my AC worked and there is a default in the temp controls so my other half has to change it out frequently.

- Carla S

It has been very dependable. I have had very little issues with it.

I really like my Hyundai Santa Fe. It's been a very reliable car over the past 14 years. I really don't want to replace it, but it is getting older and starting to require some work.

- Jessica K

It is a great family car.

I really like all the room I have for my children! I also really like the way it drives. It has been a very good family car and great for long trips. Very comfortable to drive also.

- Mary V

Horrible Hyundai, gas guzzler, to "jumpy" when driving, parts expensive,

Power steering always goes out even when I spend thousands of dollars to get it fixed! It is okay with reliability but I cannot wait to ditch it, the parts are crazy expensive.

- Kelsey P

That it is a very reliable vehicle and has plenty of room.

I love my vehicle because it has plenty of room for my grandbabies and the hatch back has plenty of room for my groceries and it drives very smoothly. . . No dislikes really.

- Tammy C

Vehicle needs lots of repairs

Electrical issues, hood latch won't work, leaking from sunroof, no air conditioner, fan by engine isn't working and rusting on hydraulics to hold doors and back hatch

- Kayleigh M

Hyundai has come a long way since they first appeared on the market in the 90s

My Santa Fe has been such a reliable little suv! There is an ongoing electrical issue that I've not been able to pinpoint in the 5 or 6 years that I've had it though.

- Cori P

2004 blue Hyundai Santa-Fe

Problem with the back hatch locking without me doing anything. Overall performance is good. Reliable. Comfortable seats. Rear defrost & windshield wiper work well.

- Michelle W

People should know that a Santa Fe is a very reliable vehicle.

I like the color of my vehicle. I like the hatchback feature, it's much easier than a traditional trunk. I don't like that repairs are so expensive when needed.

- Amy M

Right size, drives smooth and spacious.

I love that this is a small SUV that is all wheel drive, drives smooth, the seats are comfortable. The space in the back is plenty if you need to haul things.

- Julie D

Hyundai Santa Fe Is A Great Car for the Money!

I'm not sure what to really say here. Our car has over 150,000 miles on it and -outside of regular maintenance needs, the car is great. It is very reliable.

- Mike B

That it's pretty reliable and is easy to be worked on if it does need work.

I love the look of my car. I love that it has not had to have very much maintenance done on it since I have had it and I love that It's just the right size.

- Amy I

It does not hold as much as you’d think it would.

I like that it is an SUV. It is more of a mom car but it is roomy and comfortable. The power steering is not the best & the air conditioner is messed up.

- Catherine W

It's very gas efficient both city and highway.

It gets great gas mileage,it heats up and cools down quickly and it's been mechanically sound for a long time. I really don't have any complaints.

- Cathy m

It gets great gas mileage and helps you monitor gas mileage.

Like the no car payments, runs well, had great 1,000,000 warranty. Dislike that it is getting old and starting to need repairs. No back up camera.

- Mary S

It's not special. Could use better radio.

It is ok. My vehicle is old and has a lot of problems though. I wish it had a more modern radio. I want an AUX so I can play the music I want.

- Hannah K

Very dependable and no drain on gas.

This vehicle has surpassed my expectations. It has 265, 000 miles on it and it still has a comfortable ride. It keeps going and I love I!

- Diana J

I like the antilock brakes

I have had this car for 14 years. It is starting to get body rot around the back fender near the tire. Other than that the car is great

- Eugene C

This SUV is reliable, comfortable and stands up well in various driving conditions

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a great mid range SUV with good reliability and performance. It handles well but does use quite a bit of gas.

- John C

My Hyundai is pretty reliable and roomy. It is a good family car.

My Hyundai is an average SUV. It gets me where I want to go with few issues. My former car was a Subaru and much more my style.

- Kelly G

My vehicle is a small SUV and is perfect size for road trips.

The CV axle broke on both sides of the car and there is a rattling headboard. I love the comfort of seats and size of vehicle.

- Jen B

Nice back window. Few blind spots. Needs better seat adjustments. Paint is a problem.

It's from 2004 so it's old as the hills, and it's sometimes not safe to drive due to it breaking down and making odd sounds.

- Erica P

It is a nice car! It has lots of room for family's.It is cute looking and i love it

I like it. I have had it about 2 years now with absolutely no problems. It is a little loud but other than that I love it.

- Alyssa T

High mileage Santa Fe 2004

Car has over 200,000 miles on it good reliable if kept up. I do dislike that they didn't honor the issue I had with the car

- Stephanie S

Roomy, drives and handles like a small vehicle.

Very easy to drive, and park. Is roomy enough to travel with my family. All interior controls are in a convenient location.

- Angie M

Works really well. It's how the family gets around.

Bought used from neighbor. Blue a little over 100k . Used for the family to get around but mainly for me to get to work.

- Keenan W

It's a good, economic, and easy to maintain car that I like owning.

Problems with air condition and cd/radio player. Big and can hold lots of things. Was hardly damaged when in car accident.

- Olivia Z

That it is a very safe vehicle!.

I like cause it is mine. I like it cause I own it. I dislike that it is 14 years old. I dislike I have to keep fixing it.

- Brandon J

Drives very smooth seats are very comfortable to travel in.

I enjoy driving it. It gets decent gas mileage. Plenty of room for passengers. Can't think of any complaints or dislikes.

- Barbara V

It's dependable. It is very much worth the price. It has endurance for the New England states weather changes.

I call it my 'roller skate'. It is reliable. I have only had to do minimal general maintenance. The radio is a lemon.

- Antoinette D

Nice adjustable sits. Roomy even with 3 in the back.

I enjoy the space, the leg space. Has good get up and go. I feel safe, it big but not oversized. Get good gas mileage.

- Lisa F

How dependable it is and that it is quite roomy.

Like: very dependable - style - good gas mileage - no major upkeep - room. Dislike - the way the back seats fold down.

- Candace S

Great family car lots of for kids.

I like that it's roomy lots of space for a family.. I do not like that I bought it used so has preexisting problems..

- Susan A

It gets great gas mileage.

It is good in the winter weather. Good gas mileage...You get a good view of the highway setting up in the vehicle....

- Donna R

It is a standard car no fancy gadgets such as gps, seat warmers, or an aux cord.

This has been a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation. The topcoat is coming off, high mileage, needs work.

- Rita M

and the car still runs great for me. The car is reliable

My Hyundai Santa-fe has served me well for the past few years. I got this car secondhand from the previous owner

- L C

Dependable and trustworthy easy

A very nice vehicle that does what it should. Very reliable and dependable yet old. Appreciate the care on it.

- Mindie G

The most important thing to know about the car is that since it is older it does not run as smooth. Can really feel bumps in the road.

Very Reliable, has never broken down and runs like a champ. Only problem is that it is not the best with gas.

- Conor S

It is a very reliable car. Gets good gas mileage on long distance trips

Love how much room in back for things. Runs really well and doesn't give many problems. Gas mileage is good .

- Cynthia I

Has a lot of issues with sensors going out,

Love the size, but does not have a tow hitch, runs good most of the time, but very expensive to make repairs.

- Jackie W

Best vehicle with protection and ability to travel.

This is best vehicle. No problems. Did have one recall. Allows for versatile traveling. Protection is great.

- Brenda M

Best car ever is my Hyundai santa fe. I just hit 200. 00.

I have only had basic maintenance type issues and that's all. Things like tires, a new radiator and such.

- Misty B

Awesome car, great machine

It's awesome, great mileage and everything works perfectly! Love the color and machine is great, love it.

- Lorelei S

Smaller SUV and great in snow!

Totally have loved this SUV. 14 years old and having some problems with acceleration ~ and gas mileage.

- Julie A

I just need a new car as soon as possible.

The color is ugly. Always have muffler issues. Tires always skid in rain and snow. Stocks are no good.

- Rashay G

It may not look like it, but that car has a ton of pick up power

It's the perfect size for me. I love the color. It's comfortable for me. Best of all it's paid off.

- Angie S

I wouldn't purchase a the year I have parts constantly goes out.

Hyundai are not good cars period. Not true to what they say they are. Wouldn't recommend it to no one.

- Jessica P

It does not have a 4 wheel drive option even though it is an SUV.

I like the size and space it contains. I don't like that they made an SUV without the 4 wheel drive.

- Sarah o

5 star great car awesome on gas

Only problems is gas tank broke and power steering pump broke otherwise great car great on gas great

- Greg L

Reliable and solid, can be trusted to get you where you need to go.

No dislikes .... has been a wonderful auto. The car with the least needed repairs. Solid and strong.

- Heidi s

it is safe and dependable. it has a smooth ride and is enjoyable to drive

it is safe and roomy for my family. it has been dependable and has not require much maintenance

- sara m

Low maintenance and dependable even after fourteen years of ownership

It has been low maintenance with good gas mileage. Great cargo space with adjustable seating.

- Peter K

My Hyundai is a fairly good and reliable car. It has over 210k miles on it and fortunately, I haven't had too many major repairs. It has held up well as far as the way it looks. It has a lot of room which comes in handy. The only complaint I really have is that the seats aren't very comfortable. I would consider buying another one in the future.

I think the one most important thing is that it has over 210K miles on it and is going strong.

- Paula V

It is reliable. I never have any major problems with it. With regular maintenance it is a dependable vehicle.

I like how dependable it is. It gets great gas mileage. I like the safety features.

- Sabrina A

Santa Fe does poorly on gas

Like it is roomy enough. dislike the front suspension and how much gas it uses.

- Daniel D

It is the big blue bear when the sun cast a shadow over it

i spend too much on gas. the frames are too large and cover views from the side

- Liz p

Miles per gallon are very good and reliable most of the time

The suv holds up well. Great gas mileage. Rust around wheel wells is normal

- Thomas G

It's well built and dependable with great handling and power when you need it.

it handles well. Get great gas mileage. Has great power. I have no complaints

- Lowell B

There are a lot of them on the road, reasonably comfortable

(+) good size, decent acceleration, easy to maintain, good insurance rates.

- Andy M

Reliable and trustworthy

I like that it is solid. Great gas mileage. The cabin is never too dark

- Amy F

it rides well

There is nothing wrong with my SUV except it is old. Other than that

- Barbara O

Dependability comfort and reliability

I just like everything about it it's safety and drivability.

- Paul M

It's safe and reliable along with durability

The hatch back, that is is four doors the driving security

- Danika H

maintain proper service on vehicle

Great warranty. Original battery lasted 10 years on mine

- Clem P

My Santa fe is fun to drive and easy to maintain.

I love it! It is so dependable and maintenance so easy.

- Renee H

well worth the cost because it is well built

Handles well and well built good on gas good cargo room

- Lowell H

You feel safe and secure in it.

It's comfortable. Runs well. It's paid for.

- Jo L

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe pros and cons from long time owner.

- Kirsten G