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It is the best year for a santa fe!! Great mid size truck!

I needed a second vech. due to certain circumstance.After much recherche I decided on the 2006 hyundai santa fe, as that model year ALL the issued had been addressed by the mfg. Well, I guess they were Correct. This has been a WONDERFUL truck! A few minor issues,as which you get with ANY used car,but that is it! NO Major/costly issues at all. My BRAND NEW car that I leased had WAY.. more Issues than this has had.!

- paul k

Good car, reliable and roomy!

Although this car was used when I purchased it, she is a beauty! A smaller SUV with a V6 engine gives the power you need without all the bulk. Gets good gas mileage especially for an SUV or truck and is easy to drive and handle. Roomy yet feels compact when handling. Would buy again! Had to change ball joints out but other than that, no major issues and she is now 12 yrs old.

- Crysta M

The gas mileage is very good.

We had an issue with the front driver seat movement forward and backwards. It gets great gas mileage. The drive is very smooth and the steering has remained tight since We've owned the vehicle. It is very reliable and has many visible labeled airbags which appear to be in optimal locations. The size of the vehicle makes it a very enjoyable vehicle to take on long trips.

- Joni P

Good day to day vehicle for a small family.

No air conditioning. Brakes make noise. My check engine light is on. My tics light is on. It drives pretty well on the snow. It has just enough room for me at 5'1" and my two girls. My fiancé doesn't fit to well on the car. It's a little small for him. My power steering pump went out. Other then that i haven't had any major problems with the car.

- Cindy L

Hyundai, it is your machine.

The Hyundai Santa Fe is roomy and comfortable, offers great features like heated seats, sunroof, and six CD changer. It handles really well in the snow, and in the mountains where I live. I have had mine for almost four years now, and it is been a very reliable vehicle. Good on gas. In general, I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Nicole B

Hyundai Santa Fe is the most reliable car I've ever had.

I bought this car used with 170000 miles.in 2017. I have not had any major problems with it. When you open the door and turn the key twice, all the doors unlock. That stopped working. It has been very reliable. Plenty of back seat room. I'm 6'4 so it could use a little more for the driver. Lots of storage space when seats are lowered.

- Arthur M

Durability and reliability.

Performance and reliability are good. Mileage is good along with durability. Acceleration is very good along with AC unit in the car. Easy to clean and frequent maintenance of course such as oil changes. The ride is comfortable and mileage on highway is good. Lately there has been a small oil leak but for the most part solid.

- Don V

The Santa Fe is a very good little SUV

I have had to replace the oxygen sensors and fuel sensors within the last year. The door latch developed a problem and had to be replaced within the last month. But I really love my car and how it performs. It has the beat pick up I've had in a vehicle in a long time. I wish it got better gas mileage but I can live with that

- Sandra W

2006 Hyundai Santa Fe what we have got after buying.

The Hyundai has given us tons of trouble. After having it for a two months we had to put a new alternator. I know its use but we kept having to spend money on it. We also had to replace all tires the cruise control doesn't work and now the ac went out. So it gets me around but we have had nothing but problems with it.

- Candice P

I feel it is just a very reliable SUV.

My Santa Fe is probably the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It has been very reliable. I have kept up with oil changes, tires, brakes and other maintenance on my vehicle. I have had to replace items concerning the suspension and gas gauge. I would definitely recommend a Hyundai Santa Fe to anyone.

- Sharon L

big enough to bring friends,, not so big that it's considered a van.

The car is very comfortable, and works well for the most part. I don't like how the car is so sensitive to potholes on the road, but it's really not something that bothers me too much. The car drives really well. The gas pedal is sensitive and the brake pedal is not sensitive at all. Very reliable!

- Mackenzie E

Hyundai is manufacturing excellence

Aside from the normal maintenance I have only had an issue with the vehicle being sluggish on hills. I live in a very rural area and have had a run in with a deer, luckily this vehicle held up remarkably and I suffered no personal injury. I have always felt confident driving my Hyundai

- Lisa H

Big and bold. Great on the roads and freeway.

Performs great. Nice power. It performs great and is very comfortable. I wish it had better seats for the long rides. Good on gas in the city and on the freeway. I would buy another car just like it. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. I really like the color also which is black.

- Richard B

High on mileage, low on repairs.

Since our car is 12 years old and still going strong, I highly recommend the Santa Fe. It is average on gas mileage and good all wheel drive, especially in bad weather. We have about 160, 000 miles on it and have only had to do routine repairs, such as a starter and alternator.

- Hannah W

Interesting piece of machine that moves without hassles.

I really do not have any problems whatsoever with my vehicle. It has a high performance capabilities and deliveries. It is always on the game whenever needed to perform, zooms well gear changes smoothly and no problem whatsoever except the routine oil change done periodically.

- Edwards E

Is comfortable to drive and economically viable.

Runs really well if you maintain it and keep up with the maintenance of the car. Also gives decent mileage when driven around the city. Is also very comfortable to drive. The vehicle also gives good mileage on the highway. Parts are also easy to order if needed in the future.

- A S

The Hyundai Santa Fe is much longer lasting than most cars.

My vehicle is reliable and has lasted for a long time. There are no problems other than the amount of gas that is required by such a large vehicle. It is very comfortable and drives really well, especially for a vehicle of this age. I have no complaints about the performance.

- Lucas L

A great dependable SUV that's great in all weather.

The tires seem to wear out too fast. Which could be because it is all wheel drive. I prefer a 4 wheel drive auto. The car is smaller than I prefer and the head room is too low. It is confusing and hard to lay the back seats down. Better headlights. Brighter would be great.

- Rebecca M

Easy replacement of the headlights.

Very reliable, goes fantastic in the snow. Very comfortable. Seats are very comfortable, low maintenance on vehicle. Easy replacement parts. Very roomy interior. Great storage in the rear of the vehicle. All in all one of the best vehicles I have ever driven or ridden in.

- Tammy H

2006 Hyundai Santa Fe review

My Santa Fe is at 180,000 miles and still going strong. Had a few problems with gas pedal sensor and power steering but lots of cars reaching their limits have problems. This car is great for snowy mountain weather, my dad claimed it was better than his truck in the snow!

- Summer C

Santa Fes are an excellent choice!

I have loved this car for a very long time. I hate that it is past its prime and I am considering buying a newer model of the same. I have never had any issues with it and it currently has over one hundred and twenty-five thousand miles on it. I recommend it highly.

- Tim S

It is a well made vehicle for a reasonable price. I would like better color options

It has been a very reliable vehicle until last year when the air conditioning died. It is very expensive to repair. I miss the days when my husband could fix any issue/problem our vehicles had. It is very comfortable for me. My husband would like more head room

- Coleen S

Hyundai Santa Fe is a good sized car and runs pretty smooth.

The gas arrow is broken so I do not know how much gas is in the car. I measure the gas by the range, so full being 230 and close to empty is below 50. All the doors do not lock so I have to do it myself. The CD jack is broken. For the most part it works great.

- Cristina C

There is a great sunroof.

The car is very good and has lots of space in the interior. Has lots of legroom when driving and has a spacious back seat. Lots of room in the trunk. There is a sunroof and it's very excellent and brings good circulation through the vehicle. It has soft seats

- L E

Perfect fit for my lifestyle.

The car is completely reliable as long as you keep up with the maintenance. The size of the car is perfect for what my lifestyle requires and even a little extra when you need to fit something big. It is comfortable and has enough space for multiple people.

- Justin G

Hyundai Santa Fe, great vehicle.

Been a good vehicle, only mine problems and wear and tear. Had to replace a/c unit, and alternator but have had it now for over 6 yrs. and it has been very reliable. Great for carrying my kayaks and equipment. Rides nice, handles well, plenty of headroom,

- Barbara V

After 12 years, it is still holding up well.

The city gas mileage leaves much to be desired, but for a midsize SUV it gets decent highway. Great size for storage, seats 5 comfortably, and was large enough to help me move all of my stuff from an apartment in two trips.

- Kay H

It runs smoothly and looks great all the time. It always has a great smooth ride and takes me where I want to go.

I've never had any issues since I bought this SUV. It runs smoothly and everyone enjoys the ride. It saves on fuel efficiency. I can't think of anything I dislike about it since I bought it.

- Michelina P

It is a dependable and comfortable vehicle.

The only problem with my vehicle is the sun visor, it blocks vision if pulled all the way down and not enough coverage to the left of the left visor as well as the right visor to the right.

- Leslie K

Reliability. If you need &/or want a car that will definitely last a good while, this is one of them.

Reliable, good overall driving experience. Given its age now though I do wish for better smartphone integration. But still, can't complain too much given that its still road worthy.

- Robert K

It handles well and feels very safe and secure on the road. It is also extremely comfortable.

I bought the car used almost 2 years ago. I have not had any problems with the car. It handles great, is very comfortable and been a great vehicle to have. I truly enjoy my SUV.

- Tiffany F

It's very roomy, great if you have giants for children like I do.

I like the car itself. It's a good go-getter. However, it's not that great on gas. There was also a recall on the tanks and I do not think the problem was fixed properly.

- Jessica N

Still runs like new for being 12 years old.

My truck is 12 year old and still performs like the first day I got it with only 90k on it. Keeping up on the standard maintenance helps to keep the engine performing.

- Robert A

Nice medium-size SUV for mountain adventures.

It is performance and reliability has been great. Primary drawback is poor fuel economy, and comfort in the driver's seat is difficult to find for taller drivers.

- Derek S

It is a very reliable car. I can put the back seat down and have a lot of extra room

It is a small suv, but my kids say It's a car. I love it. I have had it since 2006 and have had no major issues with it. It is a little small but ok for me

- Sandy S

The one most important thing others should know is that it is a very reliable car.

I like that it has lasted as long as it has. I like how reliable it is. I like that it drives well in snow. I dislike the way it looks, it's an old car.

- Andrea B

It is very spacious and can seat a lot of people.

It is great for road trips and moving. The vehicle is very spacious and has many seats, making it a great car for going out with lots of friends

- Haley C

It's dependability and performance beats most other domestic cars

It has been a dependable car as it has over 225,000 miles. It has very few major issues over the ten years. The car fits my family comfortably

- Nathan C

It is used daily and well loved by my family and myself

I love my vehicle. Four doors makes it easier for my teenage children and myself to load and unload easily. I have no dislikes or complaints

- Amy T

Dependable and stability season in season out.

I like the vehicle though it gulps more gas. There has never been an issue of disappointment and stands out. The maintenance is peasy easy.

- Ed D

It is a safe, dependable car. Great space and good towing capacity.

I like that my car is very comfortable and is great for road trips! I do not like the head rests. They point forward and make my neck hurt.

- Brittany R

My Santa Fe: Best vehicle I have ever owned

No problems. Very smooth and comfortable ride. Spacious with plenty of leg room front and back also room for storage. Good gas mileage

- judy c

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like everything about my vehicle but I wish it had some upgrades like Bluetooth enabled radio and the air conditioner stinks.

- Virginia H

2006 Hyundai Santa Fe review.

I am having issues with steering and the rack and pinion. Transmission and engine are strong. The hood struts are shot though.

- Carlos F

That they should not get the basic model.

No complaints it keeps me mobile.. I would like if it had a rear view camera, Bluetooth capability and a more powerful radio.

- Elizabeth C

It has rather good gas mileage.

I like the way the car drives and the space it has. I do not like that I cannot push the driver seat back a little farther.

- Taylor R

Nice, reliable, easy to drive

Very reliable, quick maintenance available, nice pickup, easy to handle, convenient cargo space when picking up on errands

- Terry B

It had a 10 year warranty and I have never had any major problems.

I purchased this vehicle because it had everything I wanted. CD player, sunroof, power steering, power windows and space.

- Sharon B

It is affordable. For everyone.

It is the right size. It is very affordable. Also it is good on gas. It is very comfortable. I recommend it for everyone.

- Gordon W

I really like the Hyundai completely

I really like this bar its economic comfortable fun to drive has adequate space inside. It has a good body style

- dena a

Right now the air is not cold enough.

Very comfortable and maintenance is minimal. Lots of room for grandkids and all their stuff. No complaints.

- Kathy B

I really do like the car. For the most part it is reliable. It has a good leather interior. It performs well, and has a decent sound system.

An important thing others should know about my car if they were to buy it is that it has a small interior.

- Ryan J

It runs well especially to be 12 years old. The seats are comfortable.

The car sits up high. It is roomy and has good cargo space. However, it does not get the best gas mileage.

- Sandy S

The car is a great reliable vehicle. I use it as a family car and it has stood the tests of a five year old. It is not the fastest or the nicest but it gets the job done.

Comfortable for driving short and long distances. Has been great on road trips as well as a daily driver.

- Kayleigh M

The sleek performance is none to other, very efficient and effectively.

The vehicle has all it takes to perform. A very good mechanism making rounds most of the time.


The cruise control works only half the time.

For the most part, it is dependable. It gets me to where I am going. I love driving it.

- sue g

The car gets great gas mileage and the seats are comfortable.

Easy to get in and out of. Lumbar seats help for my bad back. Good gas mileage.

- Mary Lou N

It is a dependable vehicle and gets me from a to be. It has problems with the air conditioning and brakes.

They should know that is Korean so it is hard to find some parts sometimes.

- Carry M

I like that my car feels very sporty when I'm driving. I like that my car has big windows. I also like that my car gets pretty good gas mileage.

The most important thing about my car is that it has a high safety rating.

- Ellie N

Drives great, good compact suv, plenty of storage space.

Drives great in the snow. Good safety feature. Reliable and efficient.

- Anna B

It doesn't get good gas mileage.

I like that it's an SUV. I wish it was newer. It needs a little work.

- Sandy m

Realizable car. Gets me from point A to point B. Don't complain

It's a very realizable car. Have good warranty and they last long

- Salvatore N

Have no complaints ! This car has cost me very little over the 13 years that I have owned it. I picked this car due to the fact that I liked to have my grandchildren with me for various trips. It is just perfect.

It has been very reliable and low cost on maintenance.

- Kathie D

it does not have much rust

i like how it handles it gets pretty good gas mileage

- tim D

It gets great gas mileage and gets me from point A to point B

Great gas mileage. a lot of room. comfortable seats.

- Robin P

very good warrantee. Never any major problems with vehicle.

Very dependable and smooth riding. Good gas mileage.

- richard t

Affordable and dependable.

Very liable. Looks good. It could be bigger.

- Gordon W