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2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited. Reliability and beauty all in one package.

Great vehicle I've had since 2011 it drives and rides comfortably. I purchased the limited edition so it comes complete with all the bells and whistles including navigation adjustable power seats seat warmers Bluetooth compatibility Chrome accents on the exterior including the door handles. Mechanically the car has ran flawlessly since I've owned it. And it currently has over a hundred forty thousand miles on it and it's still running great. The only two negative things I would say about it is that they placed a air conditioning vent below the driver's seat and it has a tendency to blow cold air up your back which at times tends to be uncomfortable. I had to block the vent with a towel to alleviate the discomfort. The other negative aspect is that Hyundai failed to provide a free update to the sonatas navigational system. Even to this day it is outdated, and since 2011 many New Roads have been built. The Styling of the Hyundai Sonata 2011 was the main reason I purchased the vehicle. Would I recommend this vehicle for anyone else to purchase? Definitely and without a doubt.

- Mike W

2011 Hyundai Sonata-- my great experience

The car is really nice. It provides a smooth driving experience, which I really like in a car. Considering that is it a 2011 car the performance as of now isn't as good as it used to be but it still works. I am still able to drive on highways being that it takes about 15 seconds to get to 65 mph. The seats are comfy, it is not leather so the interior is not that fancy but it is cotton-life so it kind of feel like a couch. There really isn't any new fancy features like a back camera and all that but, it does provide the necessities like a radio with good quality speakers and a working AC. This car is very is very reliable as it has taken me all over the west side without any issues. Driving from state to state is a breeze, as long as you check your engine and make sure all of the mechanics are working right. While it may be an old car, it still does the job and take me to places I need to go. I love this car and I hope to make it last.

- Jon Q

2011 Hyundai Sonata: an easy car to own and maintain. It just keeps ticking.

There have been no major problems, just a few recalls. It is performance and reliability are awesome. It only needs routine maintenance so far. It is reasonably comfortable. The seats are good, not excellent in terms of comfort. We have a basic model: no back up camera, nice radio with CD. There is Bluetooth but we do not use it. As a short person, I like that it is close to the ground. The kids feel that the air-conditioning does not totally reach the back unless we cool it down in advance. Although three school-age kids can fit in the back, it truly only fits two infant/toddler seats. It has the latch car seat installation system. There is cruise control. There are nice lights with the doors, and the safety features (child locks, interior/exterior locks, etc. ) Are good.

- Jennifer K

New engine free of charge.

Although my car is aging it has been a pleasure to drive. It is very spacious inside and I like the body frame. My car has had many recalls more than any other car I have ever owned. However Hyundai has really stepped up to the plate to ensure they keep the people on the road as safe as possible, and to ensure they stay one of the top known reputable companies. My engine seized at 150. 000 miles. I had just paid my car off and was devastated to hear it would cost about $5,000 to fix! To my surprise Hyundai was recalling certain Sonata vehicles with vin numbers from Alabama. So they provided a rental car for 3 weeks and replaced my engine free of charge. My car was over the 120,000 miles so they could've used that as leverage. Thanks and I would buy another Sonata!

- Robin G

Brand new engine at 100,000 miles, but was the hassle worth it?

I have had way too many unexpected issues with this car. First, the starter had to be replaced after 1 year, then come to find out there was a factory recall on the starter. Then maybe 2 years later, the engine failed! Again, this was a highlighted factory recall along with 13 other recalls all on a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. Hyundai was great working with me through these recalls, however, it took over 3 months for the engine to come in, then another few weeks for them to install it! My car sat outside in the dead of winter for over 3 months. Then to get the car back finally, and now there is rust on the brakes because it was sitting for so long and Hyundai claimed there was nothing they could do.

- Kelsey M

The best family car to buy!

I love my car and I have had no problems with is. The interior is two tone, black and brown and makes the car look very nice in the inside. I have taken my car on trips to the beach which is about 5 hours away from my house and the car did so good. It is very comfortable as the seats almost cradle the person sitting in them. When I sit in the car I do not feel like I am in a small space which is how I feel with other cars. I am super tall so the extended leg room makes it much more comfortable for me to drive. The Bluetooth in my car connects so easily to my cell phone and it becomes completely hands-free which is a major plus for me. I would totally recommend this car to anyone!

- Amanda V

Amazing, reliable, good gas mileage, sporty, and good looking!

My car is awesome! The Hyundai Sonata has been a very reliable car while also providing outstanding gas mileage at close to 35 mpg on the highway. The interior is also superior with amazingly comfortable leather seats and an easy to use console. There are also heated seats in the back seats (not just the front!) Which keeps everyone warm, toasty and comfortable in the winter. This is a feature you do not often find on models in this price range. The keyless entry is also amazing. As a woman it is a time saver not to have to dig through my purse for my key. The trunk space is also quite spacious - we have used this car to pick up plenty of products for our diy projects.

- Marie W

Engine recall on the 2011 Sonata. Around 120,000 miles (conveniently when the extended warranty is up), the engine seizes. BIG problem. Be aware of all the recalls on this vehicle.

I like my vehicle, for the most part. However, for some reason the 2011 Sonata has A LOT of issues. There have been recalls on the door handles, gear shifts, airbags, engine, and SO much more. I am a broke college student, and during finals week, my engine seized. I was 5 hours from home and left high and dry. Fortunately, it was covered by the extended warranty. Recently the airbag light has come on, which I understand is a common problem, and the headlights and taillights go out like crazy. It is a good, cheap, first car that (most of the time) gets me from A to B... but I do worry about how much further it will get me. Every day there is a new problem.

- Jamie H

Hyundai sonatas are a comfortable, economical and reliable sedan.

I inherited my sonata from my mother. It is a good size sedan with plenty of backseat and trunk space. It has been reliable in running errands and long trips. It has had quite a few recalls that can be fixed free of cost at a Hyundai dealership. My only issue is that the closest dealership is one hour away. Being a 2011 sonata, it does not have all the newest technologies, but I am sure you can add some if you wished. I personally find it has the features I need with automatic drive, cruise control, voice command, radio/CD/port, and a system that lets you know you are driving economically. Overall it is a comfortable, economic, and reliable car.

- Mary H

This car has many recalls, but it can go long distances.

The car drives very smooth and is good on gas, but gas lasts one-two weeks. The care has a lot of recalls, about five every year. The seats can be heated, both in the front and the back. It has leather seats that are comfortable, but get very hot during the summer. The air conditioner has had many problems in the last two years, and does not work properly. It has been changed out three times. The radio is a nice volume and the car has Bluetooth, which I have never had a problem with. The trunk is spacious and the back seats go down for more room. The headlights and bright are not very bright, so it is hard to see at night.

- Darian D

Great until you cannot drive.

The car drives well, but in my opinion, it does waste a lot of gas. I've had my car for about 4 years already. Love the Bluetooth capability, as I can connect my phone to my car and listen to my spotify playlist or answer phone calls hands free. Has plenty of room inside. However, right now I am unable to drive my car as there are some issues with it. For example, if I slow down at a stop sign, yield sign or to turn, the car dies. I'd have to stop on the side of the road, restart the car, and rev the engine so it can start. Do not know if this is a known issue or not, but it is very stressful.

- Abby A

It is very efficient and it is great on gas. Handle control is awesome.

I think my vehicle performs very well to be a Hyundai. One issue that does concern me is that there are a lot of recalls on this year and model. But overall i feel like it is great on gas and a very comfortable midsize car. I have a gray color which holds diets very well there are plenty of times I am not able to wash it due to my busy schedule. The cloth seat are very easy to clean with some carpet cleaner. I have two boys and they often spill food and drinks in the car. But I use a sponge and the carpet cleaner and it comes right up. Overall I really love this car and it is durability.

- Michelle K

A solid 8/10 has flaws but only cosmetic wise, barely and internally.

Overall the vehicle is exactly what a person is looking for in a car. It is fuel efficient and reliable. It provides a smooth drive, the accelerator is not too sensitive and neither are the brakes. In my car the fuel indicator is broken, it constantly says empty leaving me to reset the “trip b” mileage every time I put gas to know where I am at on fuel mileage. The a/c is also broken in my vehicle. The steering is nice and accurate. I have only gotten an alignment a couple of time. A big flaw is the dashboard, it has a bunch of dash cracks due to sunlight and heat exposure.

- Dereck N

Great car! Great gas mileage. I love my sporty little car. I wouldn't buy anything else!

I bought my car a few years ago and absolutely love my car. Its sporty enough for me. I am not usually a car person, but ever since we bought this one I love it. I wont drive anything else! The only issue we have had with it was due to a recall. We actually received a new motor for my car. That's been the only problem we have had. The gas mileage is amazing. I can fill my gas tank with for about $35.00 and it will last me all week. I can take it to my dealership for any issues and even to have my oil changed. It feels good to know that I have a 2011 car with a new motor!

- Jennifer C

2011 Hyundai sonata details.

My main issue is visibility. I am fairly short,, so I sit close to the dashboard. So, the piece that goes from the hood of the vehicle to support the roof often interferes with having a clear vision of corners (especially in roundabout situations.). I have never had an issue with the car's reliability. There does seem to be several issued recalls. However, they are always addressed by the dealership. Since Hyundais have a special cap on the oil pan, I find it easier to take it to the dealer for oil changes (to prevent leakage) so I handle the recalls at the same time.

- Amber H

Sonata the car that drives safe with extra room.

This car was bought used the battery connection is horrible and cannot be fixed. Also when trying to fill your gas tank the automatic shut off us always acting up. It will stop the gas every gallon if not more often. It does get good gas mileage and has a good sound system. However the window locks don't always work and the drivers side window sticks more times than not. It does have comfortable seating and driving capabilities. The backseat is comfortable and fits a baby car seat comfortably and still has room under the feet for more space to stuff things.

- Steph S

Hyundai sonata- a great family car.

My Hyundai is a great running car. The eco setting helps save on gas mileage. I average 30 mpg and think that is great gas mileage. It is very spacious. It is easy to get a car seat in and out of the back seat as well. Five adults can fit comfortably in the car. It is the most reliable car I have owned, and have had very little maintenance issues so far. The dealership has been good about manufacturer defects being taken care of too. I would recommend a Hyundai sonata to anyone looking for a family car, or a car that will save you on gas expenses.

- April P

2011 Hyundai Sonata: The Champ

I purchased my vehicle used with 96,000 miles on it in June of 2018. In September 2018, my engine blew due to an engine recall from Hyundai. They replaced my engine at no cost to me. I also noticed a couple months after I bought my car, that the back shocks were completely gone. I have to buy new back tires every 3-4 months. After they replaced my engine, my car runs like a champ. I'm 5'9 & have plenty of room in my car. My trunk is super big as well as my backseat. I absolutely love this car and will probably stay with Hyundai forever.

- Samantha R

Pros and Cons of Hyundai Sonata

Right after I bought it I started experiencing problems. First, there was a rumbling noise whenever I braked. I tried to ignore but it got louder and louder. It was also hard to ignore the noise because my radio also went off for days at a time. I did a little research after the problem started and it turns off that both of these problems are common. However, I got the rumbling noise fixed relatively cheap and the radio only goes out when I hit a pothole or its extremely cold outside. The car is good on gas and has a spacious back seat.

- Sarah G

Good everyday car with annoying quirks

For the most part the 201q Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car with decent gas mileage. I can get up to 40 mph on average and with a large gas tank fill up approximately 2-3 a month, 2 times a month being more frequent than 3. Issues I have encountered are problems with the gear shift. You must have the gear firmly in park or the car engine will not start. Sometimes you must forcefully place the gear to make sure the car starts. This has been an ongoing issue and when mentioned during tune ups by the dealer has never been resolved.

- Michelle S

Clean and smooth looking Hyundai sedan.

Overall my car has been very reliable and sturdy. With my work schedule for a few of the years, it handled the miles well. It also has been great with gas mileage. The interior is comfortable and easy to maintain. I have always liked the look of the interior. Throughout the years of my ownership, some of the bigger issues have been replacement of the starter, shocks, and brake calipers. I have had to replace my brakes often which has at times seemed excessive, but if the pads go, then I know they need to be replaced.

- Jason R

Hyundai’s are really good cars and good on gas.

I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata a couple years ago and am glad that I did. On a couple longer trips we averaged 40-41 miles a gallon. We average 32-33 driving around our little town. Very good on gas. Fantastic for this size car. The only minus item is that the se has the sports suspension which has a rather stiff ride - a person feels any irregularities in the pavement such as a little hole or the repair bumps in a road. I can live with that though for all the other great features this car provides.

- Diamond S

I Love My Easy Going Car!

I love the sleek look of my vehicle as well as the plush interior. I don't know that much about cars, but I love the smooth ride, Bluetooth feature, XM radio, and it is great on gas! I live in Arizona where the heat can be harsh on vehicles. But in the last 2 years I have only had to get new tires (I commute a long distance to work) and replace the original battery. Lastly, Hyundai parts oils are generic, so general maintenance such as oil changes and air filters are affordable and easy to maintain.

- Felicia N

She gets great gas mileage and has a killer sound system.

I like that the interior looks so expensive, even though it isn't. I don't like that my car often slips out of gear when my car is in reverse and that sometimes when I turn my car on it has forgotten all of me saved radio stations and I have to turn the car off and back on so it will reset. I also wish the headlights were much brighter and the buttons for talking while driving were not where they are currently placed because I often accidentally hang up on people while driving and talking.

- Kylea P

Roomy, efficient and spacious - I love it!

I have really loved my car. It runs well and is very fuel efficient. I also love having the Bluetooth feature because I do a lot of work on the road so being able to talk via phone is important. I think the back seat and trunk are roomy and I can carry a lot of things with me. The one complaint that others have given me is that the car sits very low to the ground. My older relatives have trouble getting in and out of it as a result. But all in all, I love the car and have no complaints!

- Kimberly R

Hyundai Sonata: A Good Dependable Vehicle

I really enjoy owning my Sonata. It has great features such as Bluetooth, voice commands, steering wheel controls, as well as driver electric seat controls. My biggest complaint would be that the voice commands are complicated and there are not enough seat controls on the passenger side. Overall it is a great car and has been very dependable. Most of all, I have been most happy with the Hyundai company. They take good care of their customers by always staying on top of the recalls.

- Rebekah T

Great vehicle, but ride height might be an issue for those with back problems.

The only issue I have with my 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS is the ride height. I'm 5'10'' and the older I get the more my back gives me issues. So with having to sit down low and then get out of a low riding vehicle can be uncomfortable. The blue dash lights can be bright at night, especially on bumpy roads. Will almost put you to sleep. Other than that the vehicle has been extremely reliable and great on gas mileage. I always get 35+ mpg on trips lasting more than 2 hours.

- Stephen P

This car drives forever !

In the beginning I had issues with the air compressor that the warranty refused to cover which tells my Hyundai doesn't stand behind their product, especially because the car was almost new. But I have put a lot of miles on this car since buying it and have had no other issues with it as long as I do routine maintenance. My dog and I love it. I've had complaints from passengers on long road trips about being uncomfortable but as the driver I have never had an issue.

- Amanda P

Great midsize car with excellent gas mileage.

Had several recalls which can be aggravating but also takes care of possible problems at no expense. Had problem with something breaking in steering wheel (part plastic) which I had to pay for but later got reimbursed due to a later recall. Car drives very smooth and gets excellent gas mileage and is very comfortable. Plenty of legroom and nice size trunk. Upholstery nice and wears good. Has bluetooth and nice radio and CD player. Love body style for midsize car.

- Patricia S

Economical/reliable through my daily commute or even on long trips.

The car is very economical/reliable. Good on gas, both city and highway, I've taken it on multiple long trips. Maintenance is affordable. A couple of recall notices since purchase but Hyundai has been great about notifying me of any issues and fixing it in a timely fashion. Putting me in a rental if they have to keep the vehicle for a few days. This car was my first dealership purchase, I have no regrets on purchase. I plan on keeping the vehicle for a long time.

- Cris B

My Hyundai Sonata has the feature of dimming or brightening the inside lights.

I am very fond of my Hyundai Sonata for many reasons. It is a Turbo style and therefore can give me unite a nice speed boost when're I need it, such as entering on ramps onto the interstate. It is a comfortable car with a very smooth ride and lower road noise. The inside gives you a feeling of utter luxury with the stylish dashboard and the way the console is designed. I feel that the car gets above average gas mileage, especially on the interstate for trips,

- Carolyn C

My Hyundai Sonata: good car.

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata is pretty great. The interior is a mix between cloth and leather which is nice because I drive kids around so the cloth is cool in the Florida heat but the edges are leather which makes messes easy to clean. Drives fine but I did have to have the engine replaced lately due to a manufacturing error. I had the extended warranty so it was free and included a rental for the month they worked to repair my vehicle. Drives fine now.

- Cassie M

You will spend most of your time scheduling recall appointments

Within one month of buying my car the engine failed during a snowstorm and had to be towed to the dealership to be repaired which was luckily under warranty. However, I have received more recall notices than I can count. It seems that every time I get a recall I fixed I am getting another notice in the mail about another recall that needs to be fixed. I will never buy another Hyundai again. Also the speakers consistently go out due to loose wiring.

- Amber B

My quiet place. My Sonata is where I think. It is comfortable and roomy.

I have had my Sonata for 7 years and have not had any major issues. I keep up with the regular maintenance and it runs great. My car is so comfortable and has drives so smooth. Just this year I drove to AZ, a 5 hour drive, and enjoyed every minute in my car. The warranty is real. My steering wheel started peeling two years ago and when I took it to the dealership to find out the cost, they said it was covered. I would purchase another Sonata.

- Leslie W

Compact but roomy Hyundai Sonata; the gas saver!

I have always driven 4 door smaller cars. My first car was a Toyota Camry, and then I moved to a Hyundai Sonata. I have always wanted a red car, and I finally found it! The Sonata has great gas mileage, great features such as Bluetooth, maps, navigation, and hands free voice calling. The only problem I have noticed with the Sonata brand is the windshield. The windshields are very easy to crack, but are otherwise great and reliable cars!

- Peyton W

Good vehicle with good mileage for being 8 years old.

Good mileage but issues with push to start and keys not recognizing when I'm the car, a bit too low to the ground and scraps when there are dips or bumps. There is a lot of trunk space and three back seats that can fit average size adults and still be comfortable. Tire change kit that comes with the car is not helpfully and takes forever to get the wheels off the ground. I enjoy the car and don't plan on selling it until it dies on me.

- Jared D

It's a car me, my kids and ,y family love.

I love my car. I had a problem about 2 years ago with my motor where it stopped running. I was ready to trade it or scrap it but I decided to call the dealership and ask them about it and found out it was a recall problem with the engine. It took a couple of months but they gave me a car a new Sonata to drive in the meanwhile while they ordered and replaced the engine. The size is perfect for me the comfort of the drive I really love.

- Latonya B

Gas is not expensive so it makes you save a lot of money.

My car performs very well. It is red and very comfortable inside. I didn't get it new, but it is awesome. I personally love it. I don't have any issues with it. The gasoline is pretty cheap. The most I have had is a flat tire but that is it. I am really happy with Its performance. It has Bluetooth and it works perfectly. You can make phone calls and listen to music. The seats are really comfy and very spacious. All in all, I love it.

- Francesca C

Great reliable car for the value.

My vehicle has had a handful of recalls on it, however they have all been easy to fix and free of charge so I do not mind. The paint job on it is terrible and scratches easily, but I believe it was not from the manufacturer (it was previously in a minor accident). Otherwise, I love how much space is inside the car, and the trunk is very large. The seats are comfortable, the car is easy to drive. I like the eco mode option as well.

- Kara S

Love color, with lighting sometimes a light blue or silver with glittery look.

Awesome handling car, great acceleration, good gas mileage, and dealers are with great with recalls on scheduling appointments. Seats are very comfortable, air condition is almost immediately upon turning on and heat also. Very roomy trunk that can be opened from front if need to put longer items in. Leg space in rear is roomy and easy to exit not like some vehicles you have to turn because door does not extend open far enough.

- Kathleen B

It is blue and has massive trunk space.

The 2011 Hyundai sonata has great performance, reliability, and comfort. As a driver in Florida, you never know when the car in front of you is going to take a sharp left or suddenly breaks. The brakes in this car react quickly, and there is no harsh backlash when pressing the brakes firmly. This car is equipped with Bluetooth radio, XM radio, a CD port, two charger ports, and radio/odometer controls on the steering wheel.

- Shane J

Great car at a good price. But a little noisy.

All in all it is a great car. The only issue is the road noise is very loud. Back seats are very roomy. I compare to my father’s Lexus. Very similar features except the road noise. It rides well and has great pick up. It is reliable and when I got a flat I didn't feel it. It is great on gas and the trunk is also roomy it is reliable and when I got a flat I didn't feel it. It is great on gas and the trunk is also roomy.

- Lillian U

2011 Hyundai Sonata, very safe car, no problems with it thus far.

It has been a great vehicle. Just minor problems and things I've had to fix just from it being older. Just regular maintenance but still not the best car I've had by far! I've had to replace the starter and the sway bar and might have to fix the struts next year but again just regular things you have to fix when cars get older. It has about 76k miles but it is driving just as good as it did when I first bought it.

- Autumn M

For the most part, a happy car owner.

Car is very reliable and still gets great gas mileage even 7 years and thousands of miles. Recently took a 3, 400mi road trip and everything went smoothly. The brightness of the screen is adjustable which is a handy feature for sensitive eyes. The only complaints I would have would be the easily stainable color of the seats and the limited range of the high-beams. Otherwise very dependable and comfortable car!

- Sam S

Love my Hyundai Sonata! My first real car! Luxury and kid friendly!

Love it! I've had it for about 6 years now and it has given me little to no hassle at all! Mine is the luxury version with the navigation and leather seats with sunroof! Absolutely wish I could drive it forever! It's easy to keep clean and is definitely kid friendly with the option to do a child lock on the doors to keep the kids from opening while driving! This has helped me so many times safety wise!

- Kylie G

I love the touchscreen and my sunroof and seat warmers

At first when I bought my sonata it was great. I bought unfortunately not knowing it had transmission issues though and it's been doing this kick back noise ever since once your going up a hill at a certain speed. The car eats oil so that's a pain and the constant recalls are annoying. Overall I love the features of the car but it's been a hassle to deal with most of the time with the maintenance.

- Chelsea M

Sonata, meh. Nothing to brag about.

I bought my car used, so it had some wear on it to begin with but it is been an ok car to drive. I have had quite a few issues with the steering, struts and quality of the reception with the antenna on this car. I owned two Camrys before purchasing the Sonata so base my comparison of the Sonata on those and they're supposed to be of similar type/quality but I'd say Camry is far superior to drive.

- Danielle N

Great and Reliable Vehicle

I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. This vehicle has lasted 160,000 with only minor repairs that were needed. The inside space is plentiful with nice amenities such as a large sunroof, rear view camera (which is a godsend for parking), leather heated seated and amazing sound system. MPG has slightly decreased over time where I was getting 40 MPG when newly purchased and now averages 33 MPG.

- Aryan B

My little blue problem maker

The car runs great but the suspension is horrible. Tire Axle and driveline problems. The deets and car is very roomy and comfortable. The blind side view out of the front window is bad, you can't see. It has XM satellite radio digital everything. Lighted dashboard. All the functions work well. I've had my car in to the dealership for recalls 23 times. Everything from breaks to transmission.

- Kelley M

Parent friendly but still a sassy/sporty car with great gas mileage.

I love how reliable, fuel efficient, sporty, but also very roomy my car is. It's perfect for me as a parent and a younger adult still trying to have a 'cool' car. I can haul my kiddo in his car seat, all our daily supplies, pick up friends, and not worry about anyone being squished. And for an 'older' new car I get great gas mileage! I have 32 mpg in the city. That's nuts! But I love it :]

- Emily R

Sonata is good car, but has a lot to be desired.

The Sonata is a great car, but when it breaks you need to take it into the dealership, and where I live there are not a lot of dealerships available, so that makes taking care of the car difficult. I have had numerous recalls on this car since I bought it new, some of the recalls being very serious. It is a good car, but I probably will not be buying another Hyundai next time I need a car.

- A G

Great sporty car for single people or small family

Overall my car is great, it performs well and drives smoothly. I've only ever driven Hyundai and they've all been great. My 2011 Sonata has some visibility issues (compared to my Elantra which didn't) and that's the only real negative to this model. It needs bodywork, new brake pads, and the ABS system to be reset, but those are unique to my vehicle. It's also too small for my family now.

- Michelle Z

Great gas mileage, runs very quietly, very reliable car.

No problems at all, love this car, great gas mileage, very reliable, have taken several trips to New England and back with comfortable drive, plenty of room in trunk, have oil changed like clockwork, have taken care of every minor recall at Hyundai in the day time where I get excellent service and everyone is friendly. If I ever decide to get another car, it will definitely be a Hyundai.

- Barbara L

2011 Hyundai Sonata is unreliable and unsafe.

This car had so many recalls ever since it came out. There were minor problems and major problems like engine stalling. These problems kept occurring and made it unsafe for driving. My car would not start more than 3 times in one year. I took it to the dealership to fix and they could not find the problem. They were not willing to find a solution and charged me for unnecessary repairs.

- Esther C

The car is very efficient on gas.

Performs really well considering I got it used with 30k miles. The engine has apparent issues that is just a defect. Small issues on interior cosmetics. Great on gas and very comfortable to drive. Love the features and leather seats. Great sound system. The car has been extremely reliable. The company gives you great warranties for the car. Push to start is great and also with sunroof.

- Jane S

Comfortable and User Friendly

I love the feel of the Sonata. It's not too big for me, but I don't feel completely cramped, and there is plenty of backseat and trunk space for those times when I have my niece with me, or have to make any large shopping trips. The dashboard is easy to read and guide through, and the dash controls aren't overly complicated or complex, making it easy to stay alert while on the road.

- Emily H

Wish I knew about the issues before buying.

This car was great at first but then started having multiple issues. The car was only 3 years old when the starter went. There then was an official recall on the starter. Then, another 3 years later, the engine went. When I brought it into the dealership, there was a recall on the engine and 11 other recalls as well! Very scary and unreliable car. I am looking to trade it in soon.

- Kelsey M

The gas tank and distance miles it covers is great.

Made it to 100,000 miles, with minimal maintenance. Everything is still in great condition even the paint held up. This is why I stick with Hyundai ever since might trade up to an SUV in the future. Everything is going well tires don't bump on every little pebble it rolls over like some vehicles and keeps the kids sleep for long travels. Nice size tank for long road trips also.

- Sherwin C

A tank of gas last a week even driving 100 miles a day round trip 5 days a week.

I had not had the vehicle very long and the part that indicates anything being wrong with the car had already gone out. Then, an air flap went out. I have already replaced the transmission as well as a regulator and the auxiliary battery. All of these repairs/parts were done before the car reached 200,000 miles. As far as gas mileage goes, though, I still get good gas mileage.

- Kathy H

It's a good car I guess..

I don't have any problems with the car but I am not the one who drives it. As a passenger I can say that it drives very smoothly and it is comfortable. Unfortunately our car was pre-owned and the gas gauge is broken so we have to keep gas receipts to know when we need gas. That's the only downside to the car. But it's only because whoever had it before us didn't get it fixed.

- Kaitlyn B

Pros and cons of the Hyundai Sonata 2011

It's kind of big in size and the shape of the windows is not comfortable for a good view. I liked the seats and the telescope steering window, drives very smooth on the road lots of trunk space. I like that it has an alarm and came with free Sirius XM radio. Also has Bluetooth ready. I really wish it would have had GPS installed already. Stereo could have been higher quality

- Cynthia S

Smooth ride perfect for trips!

I've had this car for about two years now and I love the push to start feature, the quick door/ trunk unlock with just the keys being near. Gas tank capacity and mileage is incredible. Sometimes I forget that I haven't filled up for a long time. This car has been extremely reliable on long road trips around the country. Haven't had any issues so far with regular maintenance.

- Claudia S

Reliable sleek good sonata.

Well designed car, nice interior. Not too large but spacious. Car is durable. Minor issues occasionally most are quick fixes. A luxury looking car although it is not. The car is also great on gas! So good for road trips because of the gas and space in the car everyone can be comfortable. The car has been reliable. Only know of 1 recall that was on the part in the vehicle.

- Kia B

Reliability and safety is found in the Hyundai Sonata!

The Hyundai Sonata has been a reliable family vehicle for many years. The extras, like the navigation system, bluetooth connected stereo, heated seats and other nice features make it feel like a luxury car. I dislike the factory recalls and the "peeling" tinted rear window film. Overall it has served us well. I would consider another Hyundai product on our next purchase.

- Dawn S

Great comfort, mileage and endurance.

It still gets great mileage after 7 years and 150, 000 miles, 39 to 43 mpg. Its comfortable, power seats Bluetooth for phone etc. It rides nice although its due for shocks and struts - still have originals. Maintenance on hybrids is never cheap but it's rarely been needed. 1 dead rat in ac blower and a busted hose. Love this car and expect to have it many more years.

- Jim Q

2011 Hyundai Sonata performance.

The Sonata runs smooth and silent. Great shocks allow for a smoother ride. Even hitting large bumps in the road, I do not feel like I am flying all over the inside of the car. I have never had any problems with my vehicle. Keeping the maintenance up with tire rotations, oil-change, etc. Has allowed for many years of great use. I do not plan on selling anytime soon.

- Jessie H

Sonata is a great bang for the buck!

Love my Hyundai Sonata! The car performs well, Hyundai has been great about taking care of all recalls and replaced my engine at no cost to me. They stand by their products! The vehicle gets excellent gas mileage and handles very well for a basic model. Tires wear well with regular rotation. The road noise is a bit excessive but could be improved with some dynamat.

- Randolph B

Hyundai Sonata meets all expectations for the car to own

Black Hyundai looks sleek. Turning radius 'turns on a dime'. Gas mileage is great. Easy to reach and adjust heat, AC, radio while driving without taking eyes off road. Huge trunk for what otherwise looks like smaller car. Plenty of legroom. Cup holder location and cup size is perfect. Seats are easy to adjust for comfort. Starts and runs quietly. It's a great car.

- Judith M

2011 Hyundai Sonata great on gas, poor manufacturing.

It performs well, the radio and speakers could be nicer and the model I have does not have a display screen like on most newer vehicles. It does very well with gas mileage though and a comfortable ride. I do notice I have a large number of recalls throughout the time I've owned the car. All free to be fixed but gets frustrating having to go back in all the time.

- Robert C

It is amazing honestly and a cheap price for those to afford.

This is an amazing car. It has a nice steering controls and it drives smoothly. It is a almost low vehicle but perfect for those who do not love high things. The brand itself is good and the parts are easy to find in case of damage. There are many car parts that can replace this and if you were to get this car I would advise a newer model car of the Sonata.

- Denies S

Great, sleek car! Sneakily spacious as well.

This car is amazing! The design (at that time) was really forward thinking and changed the game. It's surprisingly spacious with a ton of legroom. The dash is awesome controlled by the steering wheel. I love my car! My model came with a built in touch screen radio player. Also equipped, touch screen GPS, USB port, AUX port and iPhone charging compatible.

- Chancellor L

It�s been an all around great car

I haven't had any problems really with my car. There have been a lot of recalls, but I have been notified numerous ways of the recalls and have taken my car in to be fixed when there was one. My motor went out because of one of the recalls, but Hyundai towed it in and put a new motor in at no charge to me. I've been impressed with my car and the company.

- Christie H

Our 2011 Hyundai Sonora. A nice roomy comfortable family car.

Very nice car. Is roomy and fits our family well. Drives well. We have over 150000 miles on the car. A few issues we have is that it now starts to shimmy when we go over 65 miles per hour. And sadly the air conditioner has not been working well this past summer. It is been really bad since we have had temperatures near 100+ most of the summer.

- Denise M

No comments other to state that I probably not purchase another Hyundai.

Numerous recalls, some being incomplete. Gasoline gauge does not register correctly and to correct such seems rather expensive. Calls to us Hyundai he are not. Answered completely or not at all. At times the car has not started. And neither dealer not Hyundai. Customer service in California seemed very interested in rendering assistance.

- Michael S

It's more powerful than you would expect from a sedan like this.

The Sonata is a decent car. It is reliable and has had relatively few bugs or mechanical problems. The biggest issue I have with are the steering wheel controls for the stereo and cruise control. The buttons frequently mess up and do the wrong function. It's fairly comfortable and the performance is respectable for a mid-range Korean car.

- Christian S

Hyundai sonata, a rich black color with gray cloth seats. Bluetooth compatible.

It is a 2011 Hyundai sonata sedan in black. The seats are a comfortable gray cloth material and it drives smoothly. The size makes it easy to control. It is Bluetooth compatible and features are easy to work with. I haven't really had any problems with it. I enjoy driving this automobile and would happily purchase another one in the future.

- Bonnie Z

The amazing sonata that has always had my back.

It drives very well! It is lasted for a long time! I love my seats and how comfortable! I like how easy it is to access buttons. I like how the heaters can reach your feet! It is just the perfect size too! I love that the backseat can hold three people or it can turn into cup holders! I love my trunk size! It fits everything I need it too!

- Brooklyn H

Clean style. No problems. Nice interior.

Interior of the vehicle is superb. It is brown and black. The outside of the vehicle is white. Nice style car. Not too small and not too big. Fits five people comfortably. Good leg room. Only problem I have had was the engine randomly died on me while I was on the highway. Other than that, it is a nice car. No problems with it since then.

- Robbie T

15 Consecutive Years Hyundai Sonata Driver

This is my second Sonata - collectively, I have driven these cars for the last 15 years. Overall, this current Sonata has been comfortable and handled well. However, this particular year has been plagued with recalls. I would consider a Sonata for my next car purchase but would investigate current ratings and recalls prior to purchasing.

- Erica S

Needs more work than I can handle it�s a great car size & color not much damage

Light bulbs are always going out and I'm forced to keep buying new ones. I have to constantly jump my car every other day just to get it started. I have multiple things that needs to get fixed but just don't have the money to do so. The steering wheel shakes while I drive and makes a weird clicking noise when I turn from left to right.

- Dominique P

Safe, Reliable, and Unentertaining.

I really like my Hyundai sonata because it's reliable. No internal problems, no external problems. The only thing I would upgrade is the sounds system because it's bad in my opinion. I am a big music guy and the audio quality doesn't meet my standards. Seats are comfortable. Air conditioning is great. Very safe car. No other complaints

- Zane F

I have limited edition 2011 Hyundai sonata that's fully loaded and it works great

Its limited edition 2011 Hyundai sonata it comes with power locks and windows, it has CD player radio and navigation, Bluetooth connection USB port and aux port. And it was has push start and keyless entry, it has alloy wheels, new tires, it also has yellow high headlights, low headlights, fog lights , brake lights and reverse lights .

- Joel F

Marvelous vehicle to own and drive. A great purchase for me.

Low maintenance, good gas mileage, heated seats, sunroof, power everything, am/FM/cd player, minor/few recalls, nothing major or out of pocket. I would recommend Sonata to anyone and I would make keep my next vehicle with the same make. I love this car and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a great and dependable car.

- Chandra D

Hyundai Sonata- go for it.

Good performance. Reliable. Comfortable. Features are good. Didn't have any problems since I bought the car 4 years ago. Recommended for people who need lot of trunk space. Can hold a lot of items for the family. Driving is very smooth on the highway. Since its a 4-cylinder, pickup may be a little slow compared to a 6-cylinder car.

- Gupta A

Energy efficient yet has power. Reliable and comfortable.

It is a turbo which gives it power when I need it but is surprisingly fuel efficient. It is durable and comfortable to ride it. However it has had many recalls most of which I do not bother with due to the fact that they are minor recalls and the service department at our local dealer is slow and inefficient. I would buy it again.

- Linda C

Very safe, relatable, comfortable, and easy to navigate things in.

The car that I purchased gets really good gas mileage. If I am driving on the highway I average about 34 mpg. If I am in the city, I average about 30 mpg. I haven't had a problems with this car since I purchased it. Overall it is a very safe car, and I would recommend buying a Hyundai to anyone that needs a safe and reliable car.

- Alexandria D

I love the push start engine and navigation, Bluetooth system

I really love the push start button. It makes me feel safer to not have to dig through my purse to find my keys. I love the navigation system and the Bluetooth. It has a good sound system as well. I haven't had too many performances issues. I try to take good care of it and get regular oil changes. It is roomy and has good space.

- Alicia M

Smooth driving vehicle with great gas mileage and roomy interior.

This car is a smooth drive with great mileage. Maintenance has only been an issue after 120,000 miles. Thus car has a giant trunk with outstanding room on the inside making it very comfortable as both the driver and passenger. This car includes Bluetooth. This car is also very forgiving when it comes to switching gears manually.

- Allison K

My 2.0T Sonata Black on Black with power.

The Sonora I own, is a Turbo, it's has 3 different ways to change or shift gears. It has a manual, you can use your right hand to shift up and down, then there is the shift on the steering wheel on both side you can gear up with one and down with the other side. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to take trip in.

- Regina C

Gas mileage, Bluetooth, big back trunk.

Very large on inside and runs good. I love the Bluetooth feature on it and the very large back seat. Amazing on gas. I get 30 mph which is a huge plus. Costs about 45$ to fill it up every two weeks. Great car love it! Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fast, safe and realizable car. Also great first car for teens.

- Courtney C

fancy extras in a car doesn't last long and the more options in your car more to break

when i first got the car i loved it, it had heated seats in the front and the back seat for my kids had blue tooth and a sunroof. Shortly after getting my car i had about 12 recalls on it and everything started breaking in the car and of course none of It's covered under warranty and hyundai likes to talk about how care it is.

- heather b

It's a keyless car, so there's never a fear of locking your keys inside.

It's a great car overall, but it's pretty compact. As a family of 4, it feels crowded. It gets excellent gas mileage and has exhibited superior performance. We encountered a lot of warranty service recalls, but everything was corrected quickly and at no cost. We've been pleased with this car, especially since it was pre-owned.

- Katie M

Review on my 2011 Used Blue Car

I haven't had any issues with my car other than radio going out. Just like any car you have to keep up with it, Their have also been a lot of recalls but the dealership fixes. This car has a lot of space. Almost makes me feel like I am driving a million dollar car. I have definitely been thinking about getting a newer version.

- Amber W

My 2011 Sonata with 225,000 miles

My Sonata is a 2011 with 225,000 on it and it's the best car ever. I will buy another one when this one's won't run any longer. It's had very little work done, just the normal things a 8 year old car would have done with that many miles on it. I drive it 100 miles a day during the week and the. Some on the weekend. I love it!

- Tera T

Great car, highly reliable.

The 2011 Sonata that I drive is very smooth on the roads and it has pretty good gas mileage. However there have been a large amount of recalls on the car making it harder for me to drive around as it is always in the shop. For example, it said that the airbags were under inspection making it dangerous for me to drive my car.

- Margaret W

Hyundai Sonata 2011 is a real good car.

Very reliable, have had one issue with steering column but dealership fixed it. Gets great gas mileage. Interior color is beige. I would have liked a darker color than beige because beige shows every spot of dirt and dog hair. Trunk is very roomy too. We drove it from Kentucky to California then back to Kentucky. No problem.

- Brooke H

Car is surprisingly comfortable to sleep in.

Since I live in it, this car is very important to me. The seats are comfortable to sleep on, the gas mileage is excellent and the car looks relatively new. The A/C makes the summer heat bearable. The clear view from inside the cabin could be better when driving or backing out of a parking spot, but that might just be me.

- Tony L

The fast and furious sonata.

There has been a lot of recalls on the car. I love the drive of the car though very smooth and can go fast. I like the seats in my car because they are cloth and are very comfortable. I rely on my car for everything. Many people believe since it is a cheap car it is not a good car but it really is a great car to purchase.

- Heidi M

After all that it is a fine running automobile.

The 2011 Hyundai is a smooth running car. I purchased it used in 2016 and have not had a single problem with it. If I had to purchase another vehicle I would purchase a brand new Hyundai. I found the trunk as being on the small size but enough room for the basic operator. I want to say that the seat are on the small size.

- Henry W

The best golf cart around.

Its comfortable, great to save on gas, reliable I would highly recommend the sonata hybrid to anyone looking for a slim, good for the environment, reliable 4 car Sudan. It has great speakers and connects to your phone with Bluetooth. It drives very quietly and smoothly, so sometimes it feels like a really fast golf cart.

- Trey S

2011 Hyundai Sonata review.

Comfortable car but I've had many transmission issues and also wiring issues with my radio and inputs. I got the base model and wish there was a display screen and control over your music through the car itself. The Bluetooth volume is also about a third of what the speakers can actually produce with no way of fixing it.

- Rob C

Rave reviews on 2011 Hyundai Sonata!

I love my Hyundai Sonata! It is a mom car with a sporty look and feel. It rides smooth and it is comfortable seating inside. It is been an incredibly reliable car and it gets great gas mileage! I have had hardly any troubles with my car and I have over 100, 000 miles on it now. My next car will be another Hyundai Sonata.

- Sherry M

New motor and transmission

Runs good with no problems. I have Bluetooth radio. New tires! New paint job! Just bought a lot of brand new parts for my car. I also have low mileage on my car. The gas needle stopped working once but I just recently got that repaired. Overall, it's a good running car! No dents or dings! I plan on keeping it for a while

- Underwood L

My vehicle is a very simple to maintain comfortable car. Recommended for anyone!

My vehicle is very comfortable and spacious! My only complaint is it does not do well in the snow. I get good gas mileage highway and city. I have not had to do many repairs past typical wear and tear such as oil changes, tires breaks. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for something simple to take care of.

- Tara P

Hyundai sonatas features vs. Failures.

Gas mileage is decent. My main issue is the amount of recalls on this vehicle, most notably the engine seizing randomly while driving on the highway because of a fuel line leak. It is a nice car aesthetically, but has major functioning issues. Also, little things like the steering wheel peeling at less than 80000 miles.

- Jared K

My car is blue but the paint that is on it changes colors I love it.

My Hyundai sonata is very good on gas. Comfortable seat drives and handles well I have had no issues with my vehicle.. This is the second Hyundai sonata that I have owned and I would recommend it to anyone. It is that far very comfortable he and my kids do not are you know they're too close so the seating is very good.

- Dora B

It's a very stiff, hard ride. And, there have been some mechanical issues, fixed under warranty.

I didn't like it from when I first bought it. It's a hard, stiff ride. Plus, you can feel it upshift and downshift. When downshifting, almost feels like it's speeding up instead of slowing down. Had I realized how uncomfortable this ride was, I would NOT have bought it. On a positive note, it is an attractive vehicle.

- Ellen K

I would buy this exact vehicle over and over again for the rest of my life.

Issues are the overall frame. It makes more blind spots than there should be. Performance wise its fast. No major issues outside of recalls. Very reliable and super comfortable. Favorite features are Bluetooth , huge trunk space and seat adjustability. Being 5ft 4 the options on the adjusting is more than I expected.

- Christina R

Reliable, safe and sleek to drive.

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata is a reliable car with good safety reviews. It gets pretty decent mileage in the city and only really requires yearly maintenance from a mechanic if I maintain the little things myself. I am not a huge fan of the small weird angle of the rear side windows, but otherwise cannot really complain.

- Eric O

Hyundai Sonata - Great Starter Car

I think a Hyundai is a great starter car - they have a great warranty, they look stylish, most are good on gas, but the quality is what you get for a lower price point. I bought my car used and it has had some strange problems. I like the aesthetics of the vehicle, but I don't think I would purchase another Hyundai.

- Emily L

Why we love our Hyundai Sonata

We bought our car used from a private seller. We did extensive research and checked reviews about this particular car. Everything we read about it, we were more encouraged to buy the sonata. We love the way it drives, the feel of the car, it's comfortable. It runs and being a 2011 it has held up in its performance.

- Heather G

gas efficient gets me to point a to point b.

very convenient and drives smooth gas efficient good car overall great engine I own my car know notes it's a great color. Also it's has great mileage and it's a great car great for driving on a road trip. Its comfortable seating it is a 4 door sedan. It drove it with Lyft and uber passengers always loved my car .

- ariana C

A fuel efficient car and low maintenance.

My Hyundai Sonata has little to no issues when it comes to maintenance. I have had my car for 2 years now and experienced no problems with my car. I can honestly say buy my Hyundai was the best choice I could have made. It is reliable, durable and low maintenance. Very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

- Destiny B

Trust consumer reports and Edmunds.

After 115, 000 miles, I have had only a single issue with my car. The turbo-Charger unit became out of spec. , such that it would no longer engage. The fix was only an adjustment, not the replacement of any part. I base the reliability of my Hyundai Sonata 2. 0t based on content from consumer reports and Edmunds.

- James F

The drive is really nice, it is smooth even on the highway at high speeds.

There have been some things we had to replace. A steering wheel part that was just outside of warranty and the fan stopped working so we had to find a manual workaround to keep driving it. The car is now burning oil which is frustrating. We have to put oil in it every couple of weeks. But it is an 8 year old car.

- Meghan M

2011 Sonata's are the model where Hyundai changed It's engines and motor designs which has lead up to several issues to be had and recalls and warranted work - this is something I wish I had been informed of prior to purchasing this specific model.

The Hyundai Sonata has great gas mileage - roughly 31 average on the highway - which allows me to travel farther for the same budget I had with my last vehicle. Only complaint is the model year is known to be problematic and I have had to put money into repairs at inopportune moments throughout the 2018 year.

- Maddie S

car has great gas mileage. Also love interior lights. Price very reasonable.

the car tends to wander in windy conditions. Does not handle rain very well. Tends to hydroplane. The car has great gas mileage. Love adjustable seat. Has great air conditioner and heat. Trunk has plenty space. Has had several factory recalls but provided extended warranty coverage. I like blue accent lights.

- meghan H

Not the most reliable car but gets me from point A to B.

There is a lot of recalls on my car. I have had to replace my brakes and my engine. The tire rims also bend easily and I have to get my car rotated constantly. It is high maintenance. I did put a lot of miles on it in the first two years and it has not been the same since. I also have a really bad blind spot.

- Meredith K

Nice little sports car but actually is just a family car.

It has some electrical issues and quite a few minor recalls but it is good with everything else has excellent crash tests ratings. I actually met a man that had a Sonata just like mine and wrecked it. He hit a tree and rolled the car at least 2 times and only had a stiff neck. Has great gas mileage as well.

- Jessica D

Love the Limited Edition Sonata for the comfort and performance!

The comfort level alone whether you are riding or driving makes the car worth having! I love the on screen backup camera since I have neck issues. The gas mileage is great and the dashboard options are super easy and informative. Definitely would recommend the car to any buyers. Performance has been great!

- Sheila O

My car is a beauty. Fit for a hard working mother.

My car is very reliable. I drive far distances every week and I never had any major problems with it. The air and heat works very well. My kids are very comfortable riding in the back seat with plenty of room. My seats are a light peanut butter color. My car it's fit for a working hard mother like myself.

- She J

2011 Hyundai Sonata: reliable family car.

I have bought my 2011 Hyundai Sonata brand new in November of 2010. The car has great gas mileage and has been reliable. Routine maintenance is very easy and if you are mechanical inclined in any way, you can do much of the work yourself. The only problem is the breaks seem to wear quicker than most cars.

- Mike F

2011 Hyundai sonata limited.

I love my car. It is reliable and has little to no issues. Great gas mileage. No major repairs or issues in the 9 years I have owned it. Biggest complaint is the get up and go. It takes it a little while to kick in and just go. So trying on the highway is not always the easiest task but it is manageable.

- Brandy R

Excellent buy for the money.

The Hyundai Sonata is an excellent vehicle with regular maintenance is a extremely reliable vehicle it gets 24 city 35 highway. The only problem I would say when it gets close to the 200, 000 you will start to see minor issues with some electrical components. But for the most part is extremely good buy.

- Daniel D

Performance and reliability of the Hyundai

The best thing is the warranty of 100,000 miles. Performance overall is great and the comfort. The one downfall is the brake lights go out on the car pretty frequently and my vehicle has had a lot of recalls over the past couple of years. In recent years they have added more features to the newer models

- Rochelle B

SiriusXM built in and Bluetooth capability in the standard model.

Reliable and affordable vehicle. This car gets great mileage, and has nice features for a lower end model that come standard, like Bluetooth capability and Sirius XM built in. The only issue I have is the amount of recalls on this make/model. All in all, this is a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle.

- Belle A

Good, dependable vehicle.

Had to take it in multiple times for recalls..But other than that, it is a great car. Great on gas, good handling, and very comfortable to drive long distance. We are thinking of getting a sante fe, but being this car had so many recalls on it, do not know if we will take a chance with another Hyundai.


roomy hyundai sonata from 2011

My lights don't turn off always so i have had the battery die several times. It is automatic 90% of the time. I love how long my car is, I can get 8 foot long boards in it and lots of trunk space. Working out great for the updates I am doing to my new house. Mileage is good. Comfortable big back seat.

- anna T

My Hyundai Sonata review.

Overall I like the Sonata. It is a nice looking car. It get great gas mileage. It has been very reliable so far. I have had a problem with the check engine light coming on but when I had the codes read it didn't find anything wrong. The headlights are another problem, they are not very bright at all.

- Michelle B

Reliable 2011 Sonata limited, loaded.

I have a reliable 2011 Hyundai Sonata limited. It has a push button start and a sunroof. This vehicle has had no issues and is very reliable. It also has heated front and back seats, XM radio and a 6 disc CD changer. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a sedan that they can count on.

- Rebecca M

The car has plenty of space Has really good gas mileage definitely when driving on the highway Easy to maintain and keep up with

I have it for about two and a half years it's a good car but now I keep running into mechanical problems most of them are just normal stuff that you have to periodically fix the car can be loud sometimes when going over bumps but overall is a very reliable car and I would recommend it to other people

- Cheyenne S

Great car, with little problems.

My car has had few issues, but the ones it did have were a catastrophe. My steering column malfunctioned, and my engine failed due to a machining issue. Hyundai fixed both with no charge to me. The other features of the car have been great. It rides smooth, and the gas mileage has been pretty ok.

- Alexa L

Hyundai sonata Tigris limited edition with red leather interior.

I really enjoy the drive of my car. It is fully loaded with touch screen navigation and XM radio. The eco button helps with fuel costs as well. My car is a limited edition that has custom red leather interior with white exterior that makes for a very sleek look to it and very unique at the same time.

- Jacob R

New engine due to manufacturing error.

My car is easy to handle. It has a new engine in it due to an issue with the manufacturing of the car. The driver's seat can move up, down, forward, and backward. There isn't any vents in the back seat but the AC is still really good. There is a lot of room in the car and it has a great audio setup.

- Ashley A

My Hyundai Sonata in a nutshell

The engine was recalled twice, however Hyundai stepped up and replaced the engine and since fixing it, have not had any motor issues. There are a number of electrical issues. The door lock on the passenger side does not lock, therefore the car is never completely locked, and the alarm cannot be set.

- Gary B

Affordable luxury vehicle.

Stylish comfortable roomie. But back up camera/screen is sometimes faulty and air conditioning takes a while to get cool steering wheel is very loose which is good and bad depending on the situation gas is also hit or miss on mileage tank is very big so it takes a lot to fill but lasts a good while.

- Michelle D

Great full-size car for the price!

My Hyundai Sonata has very good gas mileage. It is very comfortable with lumbar seats. It has 105 thousand miles on it and hadn't ended too much work on it. For the price it exceeds my expectations. This is my second Hyundai, first an Elantra now the Hyundai. I would definitely buy another Hyundai.

- Gina M

Great gas mileage, sleek, efficient design

I love the look of the vehicle. It is very sleek. I love the gas mileage. I have gotten over 40 miles a gallon on the interstate and stay between 20-30 miles a gallon in town. I will say the vehicle sits very low and it has one blind spot that I have gotten used to but initially was bothersome.

- Chrissy s

I talked about the look of my car and the problems with it.

We have to get a new transmission because of a recall and there were 6 other recalls we have to get fixed. It is a comfortable car. I would feel more safe with out all the problems. I do like the look of the car. It has pretty good gas mileage. It also had a good selection of colors to choose from.

- Carmen C

The best car to own and drive fantastic gas mileage!

I love the gas mileage. The comfort of the seat are fantastic. It drives so smooth. The color is gray which is very easy to keep clean. We drive it to oriental at least twice a month. It is also a great car to have a pet ride in it. There are only 2 people that drive my car, myself and my husband.

- Rita S

2011 sonata review great family car.

It has a recall on the engine and you got to keep up on the oil changes.. The car rides smooth and quiet.. I love the leather interior the heated seats especially in the rear and the moon roof it has a lot of truck space and interior space for passengers.. It's very reliable with good gas mileage.

- Courtney H

I Love my Hyundai Sonata you ought to think about purchasing one today

My Hyundai Sonata is very reliable with excellent gas mileage. It drives really well, haven't had any problems with it so far as driving it.I've taken 2 road trips to and from had no problems. Only thing to look out for is the brake light bulb I had a little trouble taking it out to change it..

- Tracey E

The amount of storage space when all of the seats are folded down is great.

I like the interior, I have an in dash nav system that I use as often as possible, the thing I dislike most is the lag of pushing down on the gas, it 'sits there and thinks for a second then decides to go. The navigation system sometime tells me that it has a problem and to contact the dealership.

- Brandon W

for me the most important thing is the reliability. I am a mother of 2 soon to be 3, and it's very important to me that I know I'm driving in a safe reliable car, that is also comfortable for short or long drives.

I love my car. It has power windows and doors, Navigation system, rear camera, seat heaters for both front and back seats, and also a sun roof for those great summer days. Very spacious inside and it also has keyless entry so I don't have to go digging through my purse to find my keys every time.

- Danielle G

The perfect family vehicle

Great car to serve simple purpose. Family friendly and safe on the road. Durable interior with some slight chipping due to wear and tear. Overall comfortable and easy to navigate. Still in top condition after all these years. Mileage has it seemed to age the car and the 10 year warranty is a plus

- Jay P

Love my Hyundai. Best car on the road. Good on the road and good on gas.

I am on my 4th Hyundai. My last car lasted for 13 years, would have lasted for more years but I hit a deer and the insurance company totaled it. I love my Hyundai and will always but a Hyundai. I have not had any problems with my Hyundai. So if you want a car that last a long time, buy a Hyundai.

- Macy Y

Hyundai Sonata engine review

This vehicle has been a very good vehicle we have put over 180,000 miles on it and still working very well. The engine was under recall and we did have to replace it but Hyundai was very well and honored this even after it was past the mileage. Helped get a rental and took care of it. Very easy.

- Jewel B

My views on buying a Hyundai

Often have engine troubles along with a few other things such as window controls, steering wheel column and fan belt the car often shakes if I drive to fast on the highway I would suggest if buying a Hyundai buying a different model or seeking other opinions before making a purchase do research

- Ariel H

The Hyundai Sonata has a turbo engine which makes the vehicle drive great.

The Hyundai Sonata 2011 had a lot of recall on it. I just got a brand new motor for free because of the recall. It drives awesome. It is good on gas. It is also good to drive long distances. The insurance is not bad on it either. I am so happy with the decision I made to but the Hyundai Sonata.

- Emily N

Amazing car. Reliable. Good on gas.

No real issues with my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. There have been a few recalls but the dealership was easy to work with in getting then all taken care of. Good on gas mileage. Very safe and reliable car. Lots of room. Comfy seats. No mechanical issues. Be sure to get oil changed as stated in manual.

- Ashley H

Not the best car, but holds 18 gallons of gas!

The car is not reliable at all, constantly having to take it into the shop to get work done. The engine has given out already twice in the 8 years where it's needed a total replacement. It also does not drive smooth at all. The benefit is that the gas mileage is good, and lasts me a long time.

- grandma M

A great value for a family car.

The car gets great gas mileage; has plenty of room for my husband and teenage sons; easy maintenance; have had several minor recalls that were quick fixes at the dealership. One major recall with the engine, that Hyundai replaced (and paid for a rental!). Customer service has been outstanding.

- Karen T

The car with all you need in a family sedan

The ride is incredibly smooth and comfortable. My family and I have taken several long road trips with it for this reason and because of the good gas mileage. This vehicle is also pretty reliable, and not very expensive for up keep. Also, for a sedan, it handles pretty well in the snow too.

- Monica W

I chose to buy a Hyundai for their warranty.

The sonata Hyundai has a great warranty. The company stands behind their products. The warranty was the selling point in purchasing vehicle. I am very satisfied with the customer service I have received at the Hyundai dealership thus far. My next vehicle will most likely be a Hyundai model.


Blue Hyundai Sonata used with bluetooth

The car is very comfortable and can fit up to 5 people. The trunk is big and can fit a moderate amount of luggage. The bluetooth is a little buggy so sometimes it doesn't work the way it should. Overall the car gets me to many locations whether im going to school or taking an 18 hour trip.

- Nury M

Sonata Hyundai are great cars. High performance and great mileage on road trips.

The Sonata Hyundai is great love the low gas mileage, excellent on road trips, no problems have I had with the Sonata, the features are awesome easy to maneuver. Love the car phone easy to have free hand conversation while driving. The interior I love the color smoke gray, with black trim.

- Helen J

2011 Hyundai Sonata limited edition turbo 2. 0.

I love my Hyundai sonata turbo limited edition, it gets great gas mileage and is loaded with the best options, the only problem I have is the push button start. It rides and drives great. I am have been experiencing some problems with the power outlet, but hopefully it is something simple.

- Taylor O

New car. Upgrading to the bigger version of Hyundai

Would love to have a backup camera. It rides smooth and is very spacious. I had an Elantra which is the smaller version and it was not as fast as the sonata so I really enjoy the car. The car had a few recalls, nothing that Hyundai doesn't fix but it would help if it didn't have any at all

- May W

Heated seats both front and back. Sunroof. Turbo charger. Comfortable seats.

The performance is very good. Its a 4 cylinder so it tends to do fairly well with gas mileage and the turbo gives it that power of a 6 cylinder engine. Black leather heated seats both front and back. Very good audio system. Smart key feature. Very spacey in the back and the trunk. Sunroof.

- Kevin A

2011 Hyundai sonata 4 door sedan.

This car drives well in good weather. It is not great in the rain or snow. It is pretty low to the ground so it can get stuck in the snow. I have had minor problems like one door that no longer locks or unlocks with the automatic locks. I have received two recall notices for this vehicle.

- Amber C

It is a good all around vehicle and I recommend it

The car is perfect so far. Even though it's sort of an outdated model it still proves that even in 2011 it was ahead of its time with these awesome features and performance. I recommend anyone to buy this model car as you won't be disappointed with any of its performance or comfortability

- Jonathan L

Things I do not like about my car.

Front passenger seat is too low. Have had to replace the battery twice. I do like the gas mileage. There are several blind spots. I would never buy another silver car as I think it is hard for other cars to see me. It is pretty easy to drive other than the things I have already mentioned.

- Janice H

Great gas mileage. Spacious car that drives well.

I love my car although I have had a few issues with it such as the key getting stuck in the ignition, seat belt light not going off, one door that would not unlock. It gets great gas mileage and drives nicely. The size is great especially for my two growing boys. Trunk side is great too!

- Michelle R

Comfortable yet not the most reliable!

Would not say it is a very reliable car. Has broken down a couple times while driving on the freeway and have had two engine recalls. Car is very light and tends to shake when driving over 60mph. Seats are very comfortable. I've received a lot of compliments on how comfortable my car is.

- Julienne K

The car runs so smooth and I have no problems.

My car runs well and smooth. My car doesn't take a lot of gas to fill up and I buy regular gas. I normally don't take my car to car shops and whatnot. I take my car back to the car dealer when I need something done to MY car if it's going to vet done then I want it to get don't properly.

- Janice W

Highly recommended getting a Hyundai Sonata.

I have high mileage on my vehicle, approximately 172k. I still love driving it just as I did when it was brand new! It is roomy, but also sporty. The trunk space is a definite plus. Maintenance seems to be a bit more pricey than expected, but I have had to do few major repairs thus far.

- Chastity S

Because of mechanical issues and poor resale value, this car was not worth what we paid for it.

Over all it's a good car. However it seems to keep having problems with the wheels and it had random engine/computer issues in the first year we had it. It was only two years old when we got it and I wasn't expecting a car that new to have so many issues, so it was pretty disappointing.

- Erin D

Good reliable car to use for family or trip use.

I do like my car, the only thing I don't like is how cheap I feel it's made, wish it was heavier and made me feel safer. I love the way it looks on the outside and inside. The sonata is very roomy and comfortable compared to other cars this size. It hasn't given me much problems either

- Vanessa E

Hybrid Sonata has comfort and efficiency.

Great mileage and comfort in all situations. Seats adjust easily though the passenger has fewer option than driver. Lots of console space and a poke thru in the backseat to allow long objects. In trunk. Satellite radio. Venetian red is a great color too and has held up reasonably well.

- James Q

Good car. Would buy again and recommend.

I love the heated seats. The trunk has plenty of space. The speakers are nice. I can finally park because I have a rear view camera. The leather seats are easy to clean. I have had some issues but the warranty covers it all. There have been several recalls but all were fixed for free.

- Sandra W

All black interior and exterior Hyundai Sonata with chrome trim.

Included built in GPS. Very reliable and drove smoothly. Did not care for the issue of not having air vents in the rear of the vehicle. Performed well for the most part but eventually ran into some issues with the engine, which required a new one. Came with a sunroof and chrome trim.

- Marissa D

Reliable, but lots of recalls

I love how roomy the Sonata is inside the car itself and in the trunk. It is reliable, but it does get a lot of recalls on it which is unfortunate. It runs well though and is reliable for what I need it for. I keep it well maintained so I am sure it will last for a long time to come.

- Natalie H

2011 Sonata is a great car

We have had this car for about two years and have next to no issues with it. The only thing other than regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation, we have only had body work done (cosmetic) and a Hyundai dealership took care of a couple recall (potential) issues promptly.

- Claire E

It is very reliable and rides great.

My Hyundai Sonata is very reliable and a comfortable ride as long as you get good tires ( the cheaper the tire you hear road noise ) I like that Hyundai notifies me if there are any recalls probably would by another when it's time I have over 100. 000 miles and it still rides great.

- Jill S

I love my Hyundai Sonata!

The Hyundai Sonata is the best vehicle I have owned. Comfortable and feels like luxury without the luxury price tag. Great mileage and after 9 years still runs smoothly; just like new. Tint on rear window is starting to bubble. Only issue so far! My next car will be another Hyundai.

- Diane O

The paint is very well and good on gas for long trips.

My car is a very reliable car. Haven't had any problems.I love all the features of my vehicle. It's very comfortable car. It does need some maintenance on the vehicle. The car drives very well has need new tires and Alignment. The stairwell plastic is coming up part from the heat .

- Alexandra A

Amazing car for my small family.

I love this car. I have Bluetooth for music and calls. It has wonderful gas mileage. It has been very reliable for me and my family. I feel safe driving with my child in the car. This has been my favorite car I have owned so far. I drives smooth on the interstate and on dirt roads.

- Tiffany C

Comfortable and reliable transportation.

No real problems; plenty of power. The ride could be better, perhaps improved shocks. It has excellent design; great brakes. It has great trunk space and inside storage space; good wheel base, good sound system. It is extremely reliable and gets very satisfactory miles per gallon.

- Bert G

2011 Hyundai sonata is a great car to own.

The car is nice overall but it has had a bunch of recalls on the motor, brakes, and seatbelts.It's good on gas and a very good car for traveling. It has a spacious back seat and passenger seating. The Bluetooth system is a little difficult to work but overall it is a good vehicle.

- Britt M

Dependable and great on gas.

Car rides great. Nice seats. There are a lot of safety features. The car does great on gas and has a big tank. The trunk is huge you can fit almost anything in it. Lots of charging outlets and sunroof. Lots of room for drinks and storage for whatever you need. Lots of seat space.

- Alex G

Smooth Sonata Hybrid elegant look in a mid size car

No issues. Have a lot of room in back double sun roof and it's a smooth ride just basic maintenance required. The price was very affordable. The trunk is huge and my family likes the car for the way it looks as well. Have navigation and Bluetooth. Back up camera works very well .

- Marie R

Great car! The car last a long time as long as you Keep up the maintenance

I like the fact that is gas efficient. It rides smoothly. Has a lot of great features. I don't like having to consistently get the brake lights changed. And a few other sensors go bad a lot. I like the color and the way the car is made. I wish it had the rear view parking camera.

- Williams S

The sonata is a great vehicle overall for the money, would definitely buy another!

I enjoy my Sonata quite a lot. It is a reliable vehicle, maintenance is affordable, features are very nice for price range. The gas mileage is a definite plus! My only complaint has been the multiple recalls, however they were handled quickly and professionally by the dealership.

- Cortney E

The sunroof and the free recall.

Has to many safety recalls. Engine with less than 120 thousand miles, air bag, steering wheel system. Cars been at Hyundai for over 6mo. For new engine to be installed. Engines coming from japan and takes a while to be installed due to all the recalls and the overseas shipments.

- Tina L

The joy and satisfaction of owning a Hyundai I sonata greatest car ever.

It gets great mileage. It is very roomy and comfortable. It runs great. It has a very nice styled body. We haven't had to have many repairs on it. We had new tires put on it. I would highly suggest this car to anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle. It is a very reliable car.

- Janice D

The Hyundai Sonata is an affordable, reliable, attractive well-built vehicle.

I love driving a Hyundai Sonata and believe it is an outstanding car for the value. It is well priced, sleek, comfortable and safe. I have had 3 Sonatas and am very fond of the car. Some of my favorite features include the ease and smoothness of the driving and the sound system.

- Lauren T

It�s a ok vehicle for a family

Has a lot of recalls. We've had to get a lot of them fixed like it'll catch on fire and we had to get the motor replaced because of a recall something about metal flakes that lock up the engine. I do love the size of the vehicle. I'm able to fit 2 car seats in there comfortable.

- Stephanie L

My next auto will also be a Hyundai.

I love my auto. Even though it is 7 years old It still gets really good gas mileage -- sometimes as much as 38 mph on the road. The air conditioning works very well, even in 100 degree days. I have never had any problems with the motor and we do have it checked every 300 miles.

- Patsy W

It is a push to start which is a great feature. It also has a sunroof.

A lot of recalls, always jerking & engine light is always on. The car is a tad bit on the small side. Other than that the car is very good on gas. Has a nice body. If you have more than one child I do not recommend this car due to it being so little it seems really crowded.

- Jae R

My Hyundai Sonata GLS has had many issues. This car is a lemon.

Ever since I bought the vehicle used, there have been over 10 recalls on this specific vehicle, as well as it has had multiple electrical issues. Also, the brake pads wear very easily and need replaced frequently. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone, please do not buy.

- Stephanie M

The best car for the least price

About every 6 months I have to change my headlight and tail lights. It's good on gas and feels safe to drive in. Registration isn't too expensive to pay but my check engine light has came on about 3 times in the last 2 years. The interior is beautiful and the car has Bluetooth.

- Monica S

The car turbo engine, plus it has power windows, sits drives pretty smooth.

My car is very reliable for that last 3-4 years I have minimal issues. But in the last year or so my engine light keeps coming on. There has been several recalls on my car which is very frustrating. The majority of the time, I have to take off work to get things taken care of.

- Marilyn F

Not good quality. I would never purchase outside of a Honda again

This is the first vehicle that I have had that has so many recalls. Not just one at a time usually 3-5 every few months. It seems that before the recall is received by me my car already has the problem going on. Not a very reliable car at all. Check engine light never goes off

- Kimberly R

Prepare to punch the gas and go nowhere!

I have always liked and driven Hyundais. In fact, I've had several Sonatas. This one is their hybrid version - and I just don't like it. It's very underpowered. And the "Blue Drive" is terrible. Causes most of the performance issues as it "thinks" about how to be economical.

- Wallace O

Fun but has minor issues.

The airbag is broken... Engine went out very early. There seems to be a lot of recalls on parts for this car. I do love it for it gets the best gas mileage for me and is a very smooth ride. The seats I have are leather and they have no issues, except in the summer it is hot.

- Molly M

Great, stylish, family car!

I have never had any major mechanical issues with this car. I love everything about it. The stylish exterior has really held up all these years and the interior is still up to date with GPS, sunroof and tons of driving features. Not to mention it has great space for a sedan!

- Alyssa W

Sonata Super Sleek. Overall a great vehicle.

I love it nice clean sleek great gas mileage I have only owned Hyundai through the years.I would recommend buying a sonata as overall it is a great car. I have driven others in the past but this brand always seems to catch my eye as they keep building better cars every year.

- Cherie S

Satisfied customer I call it my little Mercedes.

It has been a great car, it is my second one. I hope to get a third. I did buy the extended warranty and everything that ever went wrong with the car was taken care of. The service department was always accommodating. I have the leather seats and they are in great condition.

- Roger D

It is a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. I purchased it when it was 1 year old.

The engine has been replaced 2 times in the first 2 years of ownership. There was a recall on it. Hyundai handled all the repairs but I had to pay for labor. Other than that, it has been a pretty decent car. Dealing with Hyundai corporate has been another issue all together.

- Megan Y

Hyundai Sonata Gas gauge broken

Am having an issue with the gas gauge. It doesn't register all the time. It will go from a full tank to an empty tank in a second. It also makes a whirring sound when driving the car. Getting poor gas mileage the past few months. Prior to that I got 35 miles on the highway

- Dale S

Gas saving performance car.

The car runs amazing at 60 mph or less but uses a lot of gas when performing at high speeds. It is a lifesaver in traffic that is stand still or idling along. It is very easy to drive and looks sleek. There are minimum blind spots which helps with added safety for driving.

- Chris S

Hyundai Sonata pros and cons.

It has had several issues. It eats oil, causing me to have to put in pints every other week or so. It usually runs pretty well otherwise. I have also had issues with the tires and tire light coming on repeatedly. The gas mileage is decent. However, I wouldn't buy it again.

- Morgan B

The dashboard lights are blue which is a cool feature at night

I have had my car for almost three years and there have been no major problems just the usual maintenance. The only thing I have had to replace was a mirror and the window buttons because the motors broke. This car is extremely reliable and I would recommend it for anybody

- Alyssa M

2011 Hyundai Sonata review.

Have had problems with smart key that dealership has not resolved. Seats are too low. Otherwise has been a good vehicle. Great on gas mileage and easy to handle. Great interior and exterior features. Very good looking vehicle. The dashboard is starting to get cracks in it.

- Anne B

The pros and cons of my Hyundai Sonata.

My vehicle has great gas mileage and plenty of airbags located on the sides of the passenger's seats and in the dashboard. It is a stylish car. The only thing I do not like is there are too many blind spots because of the many airbags and where they are located in the car.

- Wendy V

I love the rear/reverse camera! It makes parking a whole lot easier.

The turbo power went out on the car 2 weeks after leasing it. Had to completely replace that. Other than that the shocks/spring broke and the tires have been replaced but nothing against the actual performance of the car. It is a very nice car and is reliable for sure !

- Lauren L

My Sonata great car great mileage I would sincerely recommend it.

Exceptional on gas, very comfortable, nice looking. I love it runs great. Nice interior very comfortable easy to keep clean. I get 22 to 24 miles to gallon in city. And 31 to 33 open road. Great car. Would really recommend to the public. It also a great car for the price.

- Theresa H

I like the color of my car.

Car has been reliable, most maintenance problems were recalls but had no problem getting them taken care of. Car body is in great shape. Have only had the things done on it per car manual, etc. There is nothing more i can think to say other than it has served my purpose.

- Deborah R

Good car with minor annoyances.

Hard to see outside windows when changing lanes. Very low car. The car drives fine. The car has 70, 000 miles and is having transmission problems. Next time I will get leather seats. Hood lever that holds hood up is broken. Driven out of state many times and it was fine.

- Kris S

It's pretty decent vehicle.

The engine just broke like one month after buying it (used). So disappointed but other than that love the vehicle. It drives great and the breaks are nice. The interior is beautiful too! It is a low riding vehicle though, which makes it hard to see since I am so short.

- Courtney B

Just because the front of it is a little bit taped up does not mean that my car is falling apart!

I wish that it had more modern features. I like the interior design with the leather seats. I like that the temperature is controlled by just turning the dial instead of pressing an up or down arrow. I also like the size of the car because it's not too big or too small.

- lindsey w

Hyundai Sonata 2011 rating in kbb versus the dealership value.

It has great fuel mileage. Rides smooth and handles great. Looking to upgrade to the newer model. Trade in value is really good According to Kelly's blue book. However the dealerships want to offer less than what it is worth. Therefore not going to trade in the vehicle.

- Andy S

Love the Bluetooth and calling option on the steering wheel.

It is very reliable and roomy. Works perfectly for my small family. The Bluetooth is nice and stereo system is nice. I enjoy being able to lay down the back seat when needed. The gas mileage is wonderful. Easy to drive and maintain. Easy to clean and adjust the seating.

- Angel-Marie S

Worst car I have ever owned.

The rack and pinion has been replaced two times because of a defective attachment and the manufacturer will not admit there is a defect, also went to a high pressure car wash and the paint started flying off. Because of the defect also front tires need replacing often.

- Patricia Z

Ages well, roomy and comfortable. Would buy another car from Hyundai

There have been a lot of recalls on my car, but the dealership has always diligently handled them. Bought it in 2010 and still in amazing condition! Gets great gas mileage and has been very reliable for me. It is roomy and can easily fit 3 in the back seat comfortably.

- Jessica O

The car everyone likes from the outside but not all the problems it can have.

This car is a good car to get from place to place. It has had difficulties with oil leaking and running out way before it is due for an oil change. The engine has had slight problems too. Lights never work. Has had lots of recalls on seat belts and other random things.

- Kara M

No major. Mechanical problems.

Good on gas, reliable transportation, comfortable backseat, spacious trunk, comfortable for distance. Haven't had any major mechanical issues which has been a plus. Haven't taken the vehicle on a long trip. I would recommend this vehicle but I am ready for an upgrade.

- Christine M

It is a very spacious car, a lot room, seats are very comfortable, smooth, I really enjoy driving it. The downside is that you can notice the parts are from cheap material, a lot Sonatas start getting a clicking noise in the steering wheel, due to a very fragile part.

- Juan V

2011 silver Hyundai Sonata.

Mostly enjoy the car, just wish it got better gas mileage. No major problems. Could use some of the newer features such as backup camera. Sometimes the first cool day leads to a low tire pressure notification. I have noticed a couple of blind spots that are difficult.

- Karen G

Every detail is great on this car. I love it.

It is a great car. And Ron man hater where I purchased the car are a great dealership too. I recommend this car and the dealership to anyone. It does not have much problem just normal maintenance. I absolutely love my car. They take care of all my needs on my car too.

- Melissa A

Recall on Sonata this past year.

The past year we have had a major recall on this vehicle after the car died on us. We were very lucky that we were not in an accident. After recall was done we had another recall on the part that was replaced. We have had no other troubles with the car knock on wood.

- Donna F

It is great on gas and mileage.

I really haven't had any major problems with my car. The performance is great very comfortable and I love all the features. When looking for a car can be somewhat stressful. Before you look make a list of features you are looking for. Because once you buy it's yours.

- Angela A

Very dependable. I've had it for 7 years with no major problems, just the normal maintenance.

I love my Hyundai Sonata because it is great on gas. It is very comfortable with all the bells and whistles for the 2011 Sonata Hybrid. I wish that it had the memory setting for the driver's seat. I would buy another Hyundai Sonata if I was to buy another vehicle.

- Loyce D

Comfortable ride and great on gas.

Very reliable and comfortable car and good on gas comes with nice features like Bluetooth cruise control and eco trunk is very roomy interior is easily kept clean on the negative side if you have the factory tires on car there is a lot of road noise pays to upgrade.

- Jill S

Great price value for your money.

Very reliable auto, very reasonable price. Very dependable auto with very little to no maintenance, very easy to drive. Rear seating is quite roomy very comfortable to accommodate large adults. Truck space is large also. Visibility is very good. Very good gas value.

- Michael C

Really good family vehicle

My 2011 Hyundai Sonata is a decent family vehicle. I have had the car for almost 4 years and have had several minor issues with the vehicle. There have also been several recalls for different parts of the vehicle since I purchased including seatbelts & airbags.

- Jackie A

My car's name is Sasha. She's a gray 2011 Hyundai Sonata and drives like a tank.

Very good gas efficient for miles, terrible in the snow, lightweight car, constant maintenance, low riding car, spacious, comfortable, reliable for the most part, will always need tweaking, dash colors of the lights are blue and white, which I love, rides smoothly.

- Cody L

Perfect car for a normal working person

It's great on gas, so I don't have to fill up the tank as often as I used to. It's got great steering and several safety features. It also has a Bluetooth stereo with SiriusXM radio, which I NEED in my life. It's great for both first time and long time car owners.

- Leah L

An all around great vehicle that suits a single person and a small family.

I like the smooth ride, and the interior is very quiet, definitely feels like a luxury car. I have had no issue with anything on this car, just typical maintenance, 60,000 and 100,000 mile tune ups. I keep the oil changes on schedule and brakes. I adore my car.

- Carol C

Cheaply made vehicle that needs frequent repairs.

Many recalls, check engine light is always on, difficulties renewing license plates. The electrical system was faulty. The sound system is faulty. It runs and looks ok but it seems like a cheaply made vehicle. This car does not seem like quality, but rather cheap.

- Mary L

Good, reliable, family car!

Great running car, lots of room, motor had a recall, got new one at 100, 000 miles, bad blind spots when driving, hydroplanes easily in the rain, upholstery has held up nicely, good gas mileage, good stereo, little maintenance, love the color silver, rides smooth.

- Wendy C

It's been a very reliable car. I have gone on multiple road trips and have never been worried that I would be stranded anywhere.

My Sonata has always been reliable. I've taken good care of the vehicle, replacing tires every 60 -70,000 miles, changing oil regularly. The worst that has happened is that the brakes, starter and battery have needed replaced. I love the bluetooth feature as well.

- Lauren G

It�s a great car that�s both quick and efficient.

Very quick and spry. It's lost a step after 168000 miles but it's been very reliable. It's lightweight and gets great gas mileage as good as 35+ mpg on the highway. It comes well equipped with Bluetooth and upgraded audio. I haven't had any major problems with it.

- Norris L

Bluetooth. Sleek design. Safe. Reliable.

I love my Hyundai sonata it is comfortable sleek and makes me feel safe. It has Bluetooth which allows me to connect my phone to make calls and listen to music and also came with XM radio. It does not even feel like I am driving sometimes because it is so smooth.

- Samantha S

Lots of space in a small car

It is very comfortable and has good legroom even in the back seat. It has a big trunk. It is very comfortable. It looks very sporty and it is fun to drive. The only problem is there have been so many recalls, but they have given us more time on the warranty.

- Ann H

If you speed up and then break too fast the engine will stutter.

My vehicle drives very smooth. It is 4 cylinder but has reasonable gas intake. I would prefer it wasn't as long of a car as some of the hyundai models. Excellent speakers and sound quality. Playing music often sounds like I have a system installed which I do not.

- Alex D

2011 Hyundai Sonata very dependable if taken care of.

The car runs great. It is a very dependable car and I love it. It is very reliable. Right now the brakes are going out and the tires are going flat but all of those problems are problems that I have made myself with wear and tear. Air and heat work very well.

- Jasmine R

Sonata- beautiful silver bullet.

No problems until at least 100k miles. Smooth driving, great upkeep. A little low to the ground but easily used to. Keyless entry and start make things easier. Great gas mileage, only have to get gas once a week and I travel a lot due to work. Comfortable seats.

- there's a F

Sonata is a spectacular car. I love it.

It is very comfortable, but I would explain it like a spaceship. It is very closed in. There are a lot of blind spots because of the lack of bigger windows. I do, however like the gas mileage. It usually takes me two weeks to run out of gas. (And I drive a lot).

- Emily M

The sonata is a four door sedan with a power adjustable driver's seat.

No problems. This vehicle is reliable with interior space for back seat and passenger seat riders. The gas economy for this vehicle is very useful especially with long distances. The sleek color of this vehicle gives it a classic look with the grey shiny color.

- julie M

How much I love the car.. It is a very great car.

I haven't had any problems with this car. Got it in December and it has gotten me places safely. I will continue to take care of this car. It has updated specials to this car and I enjoy it very much. The heated seats are awesome and even the back has them too.

- Rebekah T

Extremely reliable and durable.

Very reliable. Some recalled parts initially. I love this car. It drives smoothly most of the time. Sometimes is slow to accelerate. Only take it to the shop for maintenance. Highly recommend. Currently only has 48000 but if maintained will last me for awhile.

- Sofia R

Sonata 2011 pro's and con's of this years vehicle by Hyundai. Trade in required.

The 2011 Sonata that we have has had some issues especially with sensors concerning the vehicle. The price to have them fixed is out of this world and just keep rolling on. We have had some mechanical issue but probably due to the kids using the car, for sure.

- Andrew S

Hyundai builds a good vehicle but dealer support poor

Multiple recalls and dealer service less than satisfactory and expensive. On two occasions known faults were dismissed after being pointed out until mileage had passed the extension of warranty be Hyundai. The car is roomy enough, good pickup. OK gas mileage.

- David H

For an eight year old car, it runs just as well as day one, looks just as good.

Over 150000 miles and for the most part only maintenance costs. Hyundai is always keeping me up to date with any potential issues. Car is not only reliable, but sporty as well. Car is extremely comfortable and has done well on several cross country trips.

- Robert R

Too many recalls with Hyundai.

Since purchasing the vehicle in 2014, there has been multiple recalls. One had to do with the engine and took almost 1 month and a half to fix. I had to get a Hyundai Elantra as a rental and my family felt squished. I hate that there has been so many recalls.

- Jacqueline D

Durable except for the engine.

I have found that this car has been overall very sturdy and has had minimal issues across the years that I have had it in my household. The one major issue we had was having the engine recalled and experiencing a serious engine issue prior to that experience.

- Mary L

Reliable and not too flashy car.

Very reliable. Haven't had any major issues my entire time owning the vehicle. I do not have any extra features but the features I do have make the car perfect for what I need it for. The only feature I wish I had was a backup camera to help me with parking.

- Ashley M

Great car for gas mileage.

This car gets very good gas mileage. The seats are not very comfortable and the headlights are not very bright for nighttime. The passenger seat height cannot be adjusted and the seat has to be moved forward or backward with a metal bar (it is not electric).

- Sherry D

Color is unique, blue green. Looks different when sun hits it.

No problems beyond normal wear and tear. Bought used. No problems with vehicle. Very reliable. Very comfortable for long distances. Standard package except for electric drivers seat and hands free. Very good on gas and still get really good miles per gallon

- Amanda D

It has issues and hyundai really needs to keep that in mind!

I love the look of my vehicle. I love the gas mileage my vehicle gets. I've had a lot of issues with my vehicle. The clockspring went out, I keep blowing light bulbs every few months, and several other mechanical issues. Other than that, I love my vehicle

- Kelly L

It is a nice car not for a big family.

The dashboard screen goes out n come back by on, the key star is inside the arms rest... Idk why,,it is good on gas only on the highway, I have a sunroof it is nice for the summertime and sunny days here in Florida, the peeling on my tire rim is coming off,

- Michael W

Amazing on saving gas! It's a comfortable ride, and I havent had any problems at all with it.

I really love my sonata. It's super easy on gas and has a eco which helps save on gas as well. It gets 38 mpg. It's a very comfortable ride, and very smooth. The body style is perfect, and I haven't had any major issues with it so far. It's been a good car!

- Amanda S

Heated seats and the navigation system is lovely.

The only main issue I have with my car is the fact I have to replace the lights too often. Awesome car. Very cozy for riding long distances. Black interior and I love the fact it has navigation system. Heated seats in the front and the back. Easy to clean.

- Jordan B

Not bad for the price but beware of used.

What I like about this vehicle is that it is very spacious and the exterior design is very nice. My vehicle seems to always have recalls associated with it but it drives well and is reliable. I would say that it is not worth it to buy this car used though.

- Rox W

Why my car should have been sent back to Hyundai

My Hyundai Sonata is a 2011 which was the first year of the car design that was completely changed. I have had about 15 recalls that have had to be fixed. It burns a lot of oil. I have problems with the steering and front end. Overall the car drives good.

- Anne B

2011 Hyundai Sonata sedan

There is Not too much to say except that they would offer and extended warranty to cover a problem but my car would be past the year or miles, disqualifying us to be able to have it fixed for free. The coverage warranty has been excellent other than that.

- Alicia H

Sporty, but luxury looking.

I love my Sonata! It is sporty, but still has a nice luxury car look. The seats are super comfy and the car drives smooth. I would only change the light colored interior, but that was a choice I made when I bought the car. Everything is super easy to use.

- Kristen C

Comfortable and Handles fantastic!

The radio light went out at 49,000. I can still listen but don't know what channel or able to put on my Bluetooth. Car handles fantastic. Front seats extremely comfortable. Have never sat in the back but riders don't complain! Trunk space is good.

- Kathy W

It's a great car that drives well. I hadn't driven it until after we bought it but I was pleasantly surprised.

I like how well it drives and that there are few blind spots to impede my vision when driving. I would like it if i could fit three carseats in the back seat but it can fit 2 comfortably. I also love the gas mileage it gets and how large the gas tank is.

- Courtney N

Great car! Only 1 small problem.

This car is a great car, super dependable, and has decent space on the inside, plus the driver seat is really adjustable which is great for me since I am 4ft 11. Only problem, something in the steering recently started clunking after a year of owning it.

- Marisa M

Awesome car - great on gas.

It has been a really nice car. Not too many problems. It gets really great gas mileage. It drives really smoothly and is not sluggish or slow. There has been a few major recalls, but still feels like a really safe car to drive. I really enjoy driving it.

- Melissa C

My 2011 Hyundai sonata- good car and would definitely recommend.

Solid interior, has nice add-ons like Bluetooth, aux input. Easy to drive and smooth. I haven't had any issues with it is reliability but I have noticed it can be a little jumpy when accelerating even when it seems like you are pushing with your big toe.

- Molly M

The gas mileage is wonderful.

The only problem that I have had with this car is that the AC does not get as cold as desired. I've tried to fix it, but it didn't work. The gas mileage is great. Heated seats are great. The car has really held its value, and has been super trustworthy.

- Lexie O

Hyundai Sonata great pick overall.

I love my car. I love the interior design as well as the speakers, my friends always compliment me on its inside. I do not like how my door buttons and rear window rattle when I play my music even a little bit too loud, it is distracting from the music.

- Lily A

An interesting detail of my car is the compartments for storage.

I love how quiet the car drives. The trunk is quite spacious. I like the special features of the sunroof, heated seats, and Bluetooth. The interior is nice and comfortable and the seats are leather. The seat controls are easy to operate. I like the car.

- James L

Hyundai sonata that I will drive until the wheels fall off.

I love the gas mileage since I only fill the tank twice a month but do not like how loud it is even with a new engine installed. It does not handle well on the road with turns and always has issues with maintenance since it has a lot of miles on it now.

- Leslie H

One thing about this car that stands out is the climate control

The performance of this car is great it is completely reliable the gas Mileage is great. It is a very stylish car they lay out of this car is well thought out everything is in easy reach while driving. It's a great car and definitely a great first car.

- Morgan K

Multiple recalls, sold without proper servicing and inspection.

One recall after another, great features, roomy, rides like a dream when I am not having it repaired. To be fair I do not believe it was inspected and serviced properly before being sold to me. Even with multiple recalls I still like the car in general.

- Joyce C

Best second hand investment ever made.

Great car, smooth ride, good gas mileage, ecoboost, XM satellite radio, Bluetooth, spacious cargo.. Plenty of seating space, easy handling while driving. Rear center console. Internal GPS locator. Has USB and auxiliary capabilities. Easy to clean seats.

- Andre T

Great vehicle for people who want something that is reliable.

My sonata is very reliable. I do not have any major issues, I just make sure that I get it maintained on a regular basis. The only downside is that I have noticed that there has been several recalls and I did have some issues with flickering headlights.

- Susan W

Excellent car feels more expensive than it is.

I love my car. I loved her as soon as I saw her. It is dependable and gets excellent gas mileage, and it is been easy to maintain. I feel like it looks much fancier and expensive than it is. I can fit 5 people in it easily, and it has ample trunk space.

- Emily G

Already did. As I stated earlier, this is a very nice auto for its price range.

Have had this auto for nearly 2 yrs. We very much enjoy the ride, comfort and mileage we receive. The electronics are fashionable and so far have worked wonderfully. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that does not have to schlep a family around.

- Monty B

I am sold on my Hyundai sonata.

My Hyundai sonata has been very reliable. Even though it is 8 years old I have not had to due hardly any extra maintenance. I think Hyundai is affordable and I plan on buying another. My car is. Fairly good on gas mileage and I like the way it drives.

- Karen F

Best warranty available of 10 years 100k miles on the drive train.

Vehicle has been very reliable. There have been several recalls but the dealer has handled them quickly. I had a problem with the air conditioner not cooling but a pump down and refill fixed it. No cause was ever discovered for the initial problem.


It's dependable and reliable!! For the price it's an excellent vehicle

Have almost 190,000 miles on the car in just over 8 years, have had to replace only and alternator, tires, batteries. Been a great dependable car, only issue is clear coat on plastic parts suck and theirs an electrical issue with the steering column.

- Devon C

It is amazing and so comfy especially for long trips.

I enjoy my sonata for the great gas mileage it has. My sonata runs smoothly and sits comfortably. I do not like that my model does not have a sunroof. The 2011 sonata model has had multiple recalls in the past few years and it is a bit discomforting.

- Macy M

Also, It�s a great gas saver!

I love me vehicle, I've had it for 5 years and I still have never had any major problems. The only thing I can say I don't like is that it doesn't let you know when to check your oil but other than that it's a great car! Also, it's a Great gas saver!

- Emily M

Check the recalls make sure they've been resolved before you buy.

Great on gas, clicking noise because of a recall on steering wheel. I have had the car for two years and kept the regular maintenance up drove a quite a few times 8 hrs away to visit family and I have had no major issues out of it. Very nice vehicle.

- Renee P

I have already done so. It is a reliable car.

My car is very low maintenance and reliable. I enjoy the smooth ride and low maintenance cost. The only downfall is its recurring recalls. Other than that, gas mileage is awesome and it is a reliable car. I can travel 400 miles and spend $40 on gas.

- Roxanne T

Keep up on routine maintenance.

It is a wonderful car. Have not had any problems just routine care taken to keep it going. Comfortable with lots of space in the cabin and in the trunk. Would recommend this car to anyone shopping for something comfortable, affordable, and reliable.

- Mandi S

Amazing gas mileage that is very economical for a hybrid.

Powerful hybrid w/ bluetooth, proximity key & great safety features. High in feel of a premium car that has a comfortable interior and slick exterior. No issues except normal wear/tear a vehicle has that can be prevented with normal car maintenance.

- Jennifer H

Roomy sedan with great gas mileage

My sonata was bought brand new back in 2011. Since owning the car, I've only had one issue with it. In 2013 the engine seized but there was a recall on it. Hyundai replaced with no issues. This vehicle gets astounding gas mileage and drives great.

- Emily S

Hyundai issues more recalls than any vehicle I've owned.

The vehicle had problems starting 6 weeks after I bought it new. The stop lamp switch was replaced 4 times within 6 months of purchase. Even though it drives fine there have been numerous recalls to deal with. I would not purchase a Hyundai again.

- Rhonda R

Don't drive through deep water just because other cars do. The engine will flood out

It has a sporty look. It has enough legroom in backseat for my 6'4" son to sit comfortably. Only major complaint is how low it sits. Our city has some horrible potholes on busy streets where it's difficult to slow down so the impact is jarring.

- Sally E

Gas mileage is great, I drive daily 30 miles to work, 30 back.

I have had this car for going on 9 months. I purchased it with 52, 000 miles and in great condition. It is loaded with heated seats, moonroof, XM radio and more. I have never been so happy with a vehicle. The gas mileage is wonderful as well.

- Laura W

That is reliable and still holds well after many years.

I like my vehicle as it has been relatively reliable. It also gets good gas mileage which is important to me. My only complaint is that there have been many recalls, but on the other hand it means that the company is standing behind vehicle.

- Chris W

Has been reliable and still looks very good on the road. Has lots of pick up and engine power.

Vehicle performs well however, my biggest concern with the amount of recalls on the car. It was very popular when I bought it and there must've been a rush job producing them . The air-conditioning still works well and comfort is average.

- Christine H

Spacious, with room for five that is not too costly.

I like the car as it is spacious for the size, and can comfortably fit 5 passengers. The only downside is the car and engine shake a bit. It requires a bit more strength to drive than some other car brands, but overall is a good value.

- Brittany K

Great gas mileage and very spacious.

My Sonata is a great, reliable car. It has wonderful gas mileage. It has had a few recalls that the dealer has fixed for free. I have had to make a couple cosmetic fixes; windshield crack, steering wheel coupler, and some rust spots.

- Maggie S

It is a great looking car with stylish lines. It is reliable with good gas mileage.

I really enjoy driving my Sonata. It has great pick up and good gas mileage. I have only had very minor problems with it. It has much more room than you would think. I find that raising the seat helps me see out the sides easier.

- Leah E

It is good on gas and is great for traveling because its roomie.

I acquired this specific vehicle, due to a recommendation from consumer reports. Besides routine maintenance, I have had only one issue with the car, a worn out driver-side door lock. This car clearly has been a great purchase.

- Jim D

The car is dependable and easy to maintain.

We have been very happy with our sonata. It is roomy enough inside for a longer drive time comfort ability standpoint. The ride is that of a medium size that is a little heavier. The gas mileage and maintenance are reasonable.

- Deborah F

Leather interiors with heated seats. Moonroof along with rear view camera for reverse

best in Its class for value. gave me all the comforts that I would get in an toyota / honda with additional accessories for a cheaper price. moon roof was a nice addition along. heated seats are an additional bonus for winter.

- jay c

Totally Satisfied Sonata Owner

My Hyundai Sonata has been a very solid, reliable car. I am about to pass 100,000 miles. I have had to only do the standard normal maintenance. I have had no serious issues. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable.

- Jerry B

The mileage is great on it.

I like the space in it and that it runs so well. I don't like the air conditioning-it could be so much better as it doesn't reach the back very well. I like the look and feel of it. It's a very comfortable car to travel in.

- Sabrina O

This car is durable and great on gas.

I personally love this car! The only problem that I have had repeatedly is the headlights tend to burn out fairly quick. The interior is durable and the car runs very smooth! One of its best features is it is great on gas.

- Teresa Y

the amazing gas mileage it gets, on trips it gets around 40, but in average 35

I love the mpg that my vehicle gets an average of 36 mpg. I love the touchscreen nav. system, premium audio. The low profile wheels look great. overall I love the car, the only dislike is it needs a little more power.

- alex l

Why my family loves our Sonata.

I like the gas mileage my car gets and the roomy back seat. It can fit three adults with no problem. I have had 6 ft. tall men sit back there and they're perfectly comfortable. The ride is nice and the car looks good.

- Lisa T

The gas mileage is awesome! That is my favorite thing about this car aside from how comfortable it is.

This car is so comfy. I'm a previous college student who would travel about 5 hours to visit home every so often for a weekend and was always comfortable. I traveled almost 400 miles and would only use up half a tank!

- Gabriela H