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Loved the breaking and smooth drive. Definitely an improvement in the steering as well from mine but I can't stand how I can't see all of the gauge cluster behind the steering wheel. The wheel sits low and the top totally blocks out the top of the warning light panel.

Very reliable car, never had any major issues. Sonata is a midsize sedan. A family car. It does everything it needs to do pretty well. It's not the quickest in the segment, but the Sport 2.0 and Limited 2.0 can be fairly engaging. At the bell, they get moving with gusto and have plenty of lung capacity to pour it on when highway passing is required. Thanks to its abundance of torque, the 2.4-liter is equally enthusiastic at launch, but can leave you hanging when trying to get around slower traffic at speed. We think most drivers, however, will have no complaint about either powertrain. It is a family sedan! Hyundai stiffened the rear suspension on some versions and recalibrated the steering across the board. We still wouldn't call its handling sporty, but it steers and corners without drama. Inside, it's comfy and offers decent passenger space front and rear. Pleasingly quiet, it can make you forget you're in a $25,000 car. Its infotainment system is amazingly simple to use.

- Sandra B

Hyundai sonata is a solid vehicle as a family car.

My Hyundai has been far better than my initial expectations. I traded in a Saturn l300 that was fully loaded, but beyond it is useful life. The dealership had changed to Hyundai with the death of the Saturn brand, and I liked the dealership. While my sonata is not the totally stripped down model, it is pretty bare-bones. It has had no real issues mechanically, and has maintained well as far as appearance is concerned, too - no paint issues, etc. I have around 125,000 miles on it, and only routine maintenance has been needed. The brakes have been replaced recently, but no transmission problems or physical defects have occurred since I bought it new in 2010.

- Nancy B

Aesthetics have not held up, but it still drives like a champ.

I have owned this car for about 7 years. I have enjoyed driving it, and the ride is comfortable. however, I have had many problems with plastic accessories that break often. I have had to replace 3/4 exterior door handles and all 4 hubcaps. Most recently, I ran over a bump and the left front of the grill fell off. Most of the car is made in plastic, not metal, which is why it was so affordable for me I am sure. As for driving, I have only had one major drive train problem when I had the transmission replaced 2 years ago. Aside from that the engine and transmission have run well.

- Mary Patton W

It is a safe car I thing.

I like my Hyundai Sonata we, it has been a good car, . The biggest problem that I have had with it, is that the drivers door handle came off in my hand one day when I opened the door. I didn't do anything different, I just opened the door. And through my research on it, they don't cover it as a defect. That is about the only thing I have had a problem with. Overall it has a smooth ride and is easy to maneuver. All of the controls are easy to find. One other thing that bothers me is the alarm on it, it is very high pitched and annoying, but I guess that is the point of an alarm.

- Kathy V

Hyundai so-not as great as you'd think-a.

I bought my Hyundai Sonata second hand when it was a year old. It had one prior owner (a rental company), and only had 40k miles when I got it. Within the seven years I have had it the blower motor has broken, the door panel motor gave out and had to be replaced, the sunroof broke twice, the sunshade plastic snapped and needed to be replaced, and the entire dashboard started peeling up like crackle paint. It is the most cheaply made car I have ever owned and I wish I'd never bought it. I have had four other cars and not a single one has given me half the trouble of this one.

- Megan S

2010 Hyundai Sonata is a nice reliable car

I am the current owner of a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. I got this car pre-owned in 2014. It's pretty comfortable and reliable. I haven't had any major problems with it only the usual upkeep of new battery, tires, windshield wipers,etc. I love the cloth seats because they don't get scalding hot in the summer and ice cold in the winter. There are no exciting or extravagant features on this car but that's fine because it's an older model. Overall it's a nice reliable car

- Jasmine P

Great car and value for the price. Really nice family sedan.

I have had absolutely no issues regarding my Sonata. It has only gone to the mechanic for routine maintenance issues. I replaced the tires and the brakes. Of course I have the oil changed at the regular designated mileage/time frame. The ride is comfortable. I have taken several long distance trips without any problems. I have a 4 cylinder but there has never been any hesitation with the get-up and go power.

- Wanda P

I love the fact that I have a back camera that is very important to me.

I am happy about my car I haven't had any major problems so far I had replace a fuel pump once and had a wheel alignment I am not to satisfied with the Bluetooth features but outside of that everything is ok and I am ok with my car I make sure I always keep my fluids checked and filled up I always change my tires every 12 months because I stay in the city and it is a lot of potholes and rough streets.

- Tamara F

Hyundai Sonata 2010 performance review.

My Sonata is the best car I have ever driven. I had driven a lot of different cars since I started driving and my Sonata is by far my favorite. The insides are very pretty and it runs great. It rides very smooth and I have not had any difficulties with it. I have gotten over 500 miles for one full tank before, which I think is excellent gas mileage. Overall, it is a very nice car and I love it.

- Ash H

The most important thing others should known is the fact that the factory brakes preform only at the minimum standard.

The vehicle performs well for what it is, a 4 cylinder midsize sedan, the acceleration is decent enough to avoid accidents, but the braking is lacking sometimes, not to mention I've personally had issues with the factory paint coming off on patches. Something I cannot deny however is how comfortable the ride is and how enjoyable it can be to drive despite some of the issues.

- Chris C

Excellent vehicle. Try it, you may like it, like I do.

Less maintenance and the car is easy to drive. Fuel efficiency and comfortable. Appearance is nice. Best car I ever had. Windows roll down automatically when I start to do it, so I do not have to do while driving. I do not feel the speed when I am driving it. I do not have any problems with it and had it since 2010. I would order this kind of car again.

- Jeanette J

It is a good looking car that takes me places. I do not experience many issues.

The check engine light is on. I have had this with two separate Hyundai cars. I think the Hyundai engine is just weak. It drives well though and it is a beautiful car! Worth the price I paid for it, I guess. It takes me to school (which is 36 minutes away) and to work on the weekends (which is 15 minutes away). I have been driving it for a year now.

- Dahlia M

Great car but does have some aesthetic issues.

Aesthetically not the best but runs great! Ac is perfect. Space is wonderful and the mobility and control is awesome. Like I said though, door handles have come off, as have the mirrors and shades. But we've rarely had any issues with this car. We've loved it and have driven it all over the country. But overall, it is been a fantastic car.

- Marshall C

Affordable yet has some issues

I love my Hyundai! I got the basic model and it has been an affordable, reliable, comfortable car. My car's gas tank presents a problem when I pump gas. When I pump gas, it is not uncommon for the gas pump to stop as if the tank is full and it is not. According to where I am getting the gas, it could take a long time to fill the tank!

- Regina R

This car is very safe and reliable!

I have owned to car for 6 years and have had no major problems. It is extremely safe and there is plenty of room to keep everyone comfortable. Just the typical maintenance of oil, windshield wiper changes and have only had to change the battery twice! It is been a great, safe, reliable vehicle and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Ashley B

At least one door handle will fall off pretty soon and that's just life with a 2010 sonata

Handles are flimsy and fell off easily. Everybody else I know who has a sonata have the same problems with their handles. I often see cars like mine on the roads or in parking lots always missing at least one handle. I don't understand why these door handles are made to fall apart so easily. Otherwise I love the car

- meaghan c

Ok car wouldn't buy again or recommend.

The pick up on the car is slow. The gas meter broke before 100k miles so I never know how much gas is in the car. The passenger door handle fell off around the same time. I take good care of the car but I cannot wait to get rid of it. But overall the car is in good condition because I keep up with the maintenance.

- Can Can T

The warranty that Hyundai is hard to beat by any other dealership.

I like the comfort and ease of the vehicle and the warranty that Hyundai gives on their vehicles. I have no complaints and would recommend to my family and friends to own one. Since I have owned my vehicle I have had a few issues but it was handled in a professional manner at the dealership and was under warranty.

- Rosie D

It very fast very great speaker.

I really love my car, it fast and have great gas mileage, the feature are great, it has sport mode and I know it a great car for anybody because the seat are comfortable, it have great speed and does not waste gas and my car has a great speaker, it very loud and very smooth, also my car drive very smooth.

- John T

Gas and mileage awesome. No major issues.

This car is great on gas. A full tank lasts me more than a week and I drive 25 plus miles to school everyday. It is has been very reliable. No major issues. And I am pushing 200, 000 miles. The only thing I have to replace is the rear hub, which can be pricey but I found online for an affordable price.

- Toy G

The gas mileage is a good middle ground, but it does take a bit to fill the tank.

I haven't had my vehicle for an extensive amount of time to see any real issues yet, however it has small issues such as the passenger window not working, and it could have just slightly better gas mileage. Overall, like I said though I haven't had any serious issues to make me regret buying the car.

- Sierra C

That it does not break down easily!!

It is only 8 years old, but there has been several major breakdowns already. First the engine, then the transmission right after the warranty expired. Last week there was a crack on the front window, then this week the TPMS sign goes on and off. I am seriously considering trading it in this fall.

- Satoko H

My car gets me from home to college with no problem.

I got my car used, and when I got it there were a few problems and I tried to get it fixed and the dealership couldn't fix it. I just need to fix up a few things such as my brakes, my AUX put in, it basically came out of the car and fix my door handle because it fell off 2 weeks after I got my car.

- Taylor F

It is a good car. I like. Very comfortable.

My car is a good car, comfortable, spacious, in these years I have only had to do maintenance like changing the battery and the brakes. I worry about giving it in necessary maintenance, oil change every three months. I use it since 2010 when I buy it and use it to go to work, walk, and go shopping.

- Jorge R

Reliable car

It's very reliable. Relatively inexpensive to repair. Getting an oil change every 3k miles is annoying when you're used to 10k. Car is rather large and hard to find parking in the city. Gas mileage is decent. Rusted earlier them other cars I have owned. It is a good solid but boring car to drive.

- Nicole S

Great mileage, not great paint.

The only fault this car has is there seems to be an issue with the paint job from the manufacturer, as it has chipped in multiple places around the body. Mechanically, it is very reliable with decent upkeep done to it. Incredible gas mileage, even with stop-and-go traffic lights on my commute!

- A S

Hyundai Sonata, reliable and nice looking.

Great car. Looks nice and also drives nice. One downside is the car is it does handle snow and ice very well. I have gotten stuck in a little bit of snow. The problem is not with the tires. It is more about how the engine runs. If you are looking for high acceleration this is not your car.

- Anwar S

Problems and positives of my car.

Ongoing problem with a tire pressure, another one is the keys are blocking in the starter. I had replace a starter but this helping only for while, it is ongoing problem that you cannot move a key to start your car. Otherwise I would love it. No other problem and I am really happy with it.

- Joanna S

Gets me to all the places I need to go and has good mileage.

Door handles rip off easily. I drive a lot so I need new tires often especially for an older car. Drives smooth & has lasted me a long time considering I drive a lot through the year. I fill my tank approximately once a week and it costs me $40 with the price of gas being average $2.70.

- Veronica P

Reliable car, yet fun to drive.

I personally love the Sonata, it is a very easy to drive car. My model has problems with the accelerator, it is just a bit touchy. Also, if you try to accelerate to fast white steam sometimes comes out of the tailpipe. But other than that, it is a very reliable car and easy to drive.

- Annie A

Comfortable to drive, easy to maneuver.

Very comfortable to drive, easy to handle, no problems at all during ownership, decent on gas expenses, good for long trips, roomy inside and plenty of trunk space, all around very nice car to drive; original brakes lasted over 5 years; good mid-size car for one person or a couple.

- Maria S

2010 Hyundai sonata gray model.

My sonata got a lot of chips and scrapes along it is coating but internally it had few problems otherwise. It was comfortable to drive in, drove as you'd expect for a midsize sedan, and had pretty good fuel academy for that sized car from 2010. Overall it was a great, reliable car.

- Michael W

Sonata is the highlight of my car using . Really never had any serious problems.

It is smooth riding, Great on fuel, Looks great in appearance, Fantastic sound system. The only problem with this car is as it gets older it starts loosing oil and you have to continue to check it and replace if needed. Other than that I would still replace this one with another

- Loretta M

Try out the seatbelts, watch the gas.

The seat belts do not work real well, they catch you around the neck if you are short. It is a gas guzzler. It drives real nice, but the turning ratio is not so great. Only one door has a lock, that is a bit of a nuisance. I would like a lock on every door as well as the trunk.

- Mary L

Honda Sonata can be the old reliable!

No issues really. We haven't had to take it to the shop once! We bought it used with tons of miles and we love it still! The sun roof is great for those warm summer days with nothing to do. She runs like a reliable dream. You will not regret buying your very own Hyundai Sonata!

- James T

The sonata is really space inside but mechanically might be a disaster.

It is an ok car to rely on from point a to point b but it is gotten older taken a lot of cosmetic damage and I believe the gears are starting to go out! I would recommend this car for a first car for someone it is great on gas mileage but may not hold up to the test of time.

- Vincent P

Sound engine, other parts, not so much

The TPS system went out about 3 years ago, all four door handles have broken and had to be replaced, along with the gas door and the latches on the console. However, it gets about 25 mpg around town and I have had no problems with the engine, so that's why it gets 4 stars.

- April C

I personally love that it has an aux cord that u can plug it into the phone & play.

The sonata is super comfy and has enough space for my family which includes my two daughters we have a car seat and a convertible car seat that fits comfy with enough room for us to sit and not eat the dashboard. The trunk is huge and has a ton of room. We love the car.

- Alexis A

Trunk space. Good trunk space for a car of this size.

Good gas mileage; comfortable back seat; uncomfortable front seat; good trunk space. If you lose a key it is extremely expensive to replace and it must be from the dealership. The mechanics for the sky roof and windows, and overhead lights must frequently be repaired.

- Sharon B

My car is the best I have owned. Never had any problems with the car.

It is great had no problems until this month. Had to replace battery, map sensors, fan and cooling senor. We have 177000 miles. Cannot think of anything I do not like about it. The seat can be a little uncomfortable on long trips. Drives smooth and turns on a dime.

- Sonia H

Great car to have the best ever.

The vehicle is very roomie and has amazing radio and system great to drive very smooth and low maintenance easy to keep clean. Love the color is amazing. Great gas mileage both highway and in town the best car ever I would not change my decision for anything.

- Kimberly F

This vehicle has a ton of trunk space!

I have had this car for nine years. I really like it and have not had any major performance issues. It is able to get up to speed remarkably well and handles really well too. It has a CD player, so not state of the art electronics, but not terrible either.

- Jane D

Beautiful car at an unexpectedly low price.

The car looks better than some more expensive cars, it has been reliable, with good gas mileage. Large enough to seat 5 comfortably. Trunk is big too. Accessories work without problem. Hyundai service is exceptional. If you like sedans this is a great car.

- Will F

This vehicle is small and durable.

It used to jerk when we first bought it but replaced the transmission and it was better. Other than that the car works great. If you are looking for a car for a young adult this is the one. It is small and durable and we have had it for almost ten years.

- anna R

It is very safe and handles well in any weather!

I dislike that there is no radio/volume control on the steering wheel and that I cannot connect my phone to the hands-free function. I love how it drives, the space, storage, safety, functionality. I love it all. My two complaints are completely luxury.

- Rain Y

The Hyundai special a very reliable car.

My vehicle is a very good reliable car very good on gas and gets me from point a to b. It could use a little bit of maintenance tune up oil change but other than that I love my car. I will recommend people buy it because it is just reliable as a Honda.

- Tamara L

Good gas mileage, roomy, it is just a really reliable car.

I like that it is roomy, updated, but not too flashy, cruise control, tinted windows, good gas mileage, monthly payments are not too high, plenty of charger outlets drives really smooth. Wish it had a sunroof, radio controls on the steering wheel.

- Danielle H

Dependable, stylish vehicle with plenty of pep and good drivability.

Very comfortable vehicle with a lot of zip. Easy to maneuver in traffic. Has plenty of power. Comfortable seating. Plenty of legroom in front and back seats. No maintenance issues. Gets good mileage. Attractive styling both interior and exterior.

- Connie N

Cheap to operate, built well so no major repair expenses.

Has over 100, 000 miles and did not have any major issues with the car. Drives well, gasoline usage is still low, so the car is affordable. It is comfortable and it is easy to maintain. It is a bigger car so it is pretty safe to drive around.

- John N

The one most important thing others should know about this car is that it has a powerful engine with great acceleration.

I really like the size and style of my Hyundai Sonata. The best feature though is that it has the 6-cylinder engine and is very responsive and fun to drive. The ride is extremely smooth and it is great to take out on the highway.

- Dan B

Has great get up and go which is necessary when you drive a lot on the highway.

Best car i have ever owned. Only problem is the little cosmetic things. Door handles break off easily and to get a new one with the right paint color is $200. Latch broke on console. But still the best car ever. Runs great.

- Diane C

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is a great value for the money.

Our Hyundai Sonata is a great car overall. It is durable with no major problems. I wish that the windshield and seats were as durable as the rest of the car. We had had to change battery 3-4 times which is not good.

- Sandy B

2010 Hyundai Optima has a factory defect in it's paint, causing it to chip and the company won't do anything about it.

It gets me to where I need to go but the paint is coming off of the car due to something that happened at the factory so it's pretty ugly. The car is loud when using the ac. It is a standard car so it has no upgrades.

- Paula L

Good car overall, nice interior and performance. Probable battery problems.

Overall, the Hyundai has been a decent car. I like the exterior and interior. Unfortunately, we had had to replace the battery 6-7 times over the life of the car. Something isn't right with the electrical system.

- Sandy R

It is affordable and has a great warranty. It is also a very reliable car

I love the original warranty my Hyundai had although now it is expired. I have never had any trouble with it until now. The drivers window broke but other than that it runs perfectly. Its alot of car for the money.

- Susan M

It is very fuel efficient.

I like that my car is not too low to the ground or too high. It also is easy to parallel park opposed to bigger cars in the city. My only complaint is that it does not have a reverse camera or navigation built in.

- Mary Kate F

It's reliable. I haven't had any major issues with it.

I haven't had any major internal issues, but the exterior door handles have all broken at least once. I like the gas mileage and how well the car handles. It's the little issues that are my main complaint

- Patrick M

Hyundai Sonata provides great gas mileage and superior ride.

I have really enjoyed my Sonata because of the stylish body. I also enjoy the smooth ride that it provides. The gas mileage is good, which is great for me because I drive 20 miles to and from work each day.

- Melissa R

It is very roomy the back seats are very comfortable they all recline there's enough space for a big family

It drives well very good on gas mileage the only problem is the small things seem to break really quickly door handles the radio doesn't work windows won't roll down a lot of the fuses go out quickly

- Marcos P

It is a decent mid-range car. Good for most purposes.

It's a decent car, but it used to be a rental car, so it came with cigarette burns on the seats and has a lot of issues. Two door handles fell off in the past year and it has cost a lot in repairs.

- Jane W

Most reliable car I've ever owned. Never had any major problems or issues

This is probably the most reliable dependable car that I've ever bought it's roomy small things that went wrong but nothing major just normal wear and tear I would recommend this car for any age

- Beverly G

Hyundai Sonata - Combines Safety and Reliability

It is a four door sedan. Very comfortable to both drive and ride in. It has multiple airbags, so it is very safe. It also has required minimal maintenance since we purchased it. Great car!

- Robyn H

Drives smooth and has great gas mileage!

I love the Bluetooth capabilities in my car. I love how roomy the car is. I do not like that my car does not have a Bluetooth stereo. I do not like that I have no start stop ignition button.

- Asia G

Good gas mileage with a questionable finish. It's subtle and not flashy.

I've had a few weird maintenance issues. For one, the driver seat door handle snapped off while I was driving, which seems odd. I do like the gas mileage I get in the car and it runs fine.

- Brett H

That it is an affordable family car.

It is good on gas. It has a surprising amount of space and an extremely large trunk. The biggest downfall is that some parts of the car are cheaply made. I have had to replace 3 door handles

- Misty b

The car that has oil leakage

Car is great on fuel and runs smooth. The only problem is as it ages it starts to lose oil and you have to check every 2- weeks to a month and put in about 1/4 otherwise it is great car

- Loretta M

Super bright lights. Very comfortable.

I love my Sonata. Has been a great vehicle for over 6 years. Has only 63, 000 miles runs and looks like new. Very easy to drive and the leather seats make it very comfortable.

- Richard S

It's wonderful on gas mileage! This is very important with gas prices.

I love my vehicle. It's great on gas mileage. It's also spacious which I need for my rear facing two year old. I do wish I had a newer model with more bells and whistles.

- Desiree H

The Hyundai sonata gives the best experience for all people

My car is awesome because it is a hybrid which allows your car to save gas and can be really used for long drives. It also has a very nice interior and is a 4 wheel drive

- Devang P

It has in car usb ports so that you can either charge your phone or listen to your iPod/mp3 player.

I like that it's still running in good condition. I like that it has places to plug my phone in in the event it's running low. I like that it doesn't guzzle a lot of gas.

- Melissa F

My 2010 Hyundai Sonata has been a fairly decent car going on nearly a decade now. At close to 120,000 miles, it is still running strong, though the repairs have started to get costly. I haven't had a single instance of the car outright failing, but several things have had to been replaced, especially in the last two years. When I trade this one in, I don't think that I will stick with the brand.

Door handles. Granted, I haven't had a problem since after the manufacturer warranty ran out, but on cold, damp mornings, I have pulled off three door handles. Three.

- Chris N

the fuel gauge malfunctions so it is not a good idea too drive on empty

it has a 4 cylinder engine so I get great gas mileage and acceleration is darn good too. the color is grey and I liked it at first but now I am tired of looking at it

- Robert I

It is mine now and nobody else's.

I enjoy my vehicles gas mileage. The sound system is excellent for stock speakers. My AC is currently not working. I dislike it being a sedan. I would prefer an SUV.

- Michael D

It is a good mid-size car and very comfortable. It's not exceptional in terms of extra features

It is very comfortable, user-friendly, and a good size for the average person. It is fairly reliable and a nice fit for someone who does not care too much for cars.

- Christine K

It is a fantastic brand that's extremely affordable & great fun to drive.

This car is great on gas, runs great & is so fun to drive. I am a huge fan of this car maker because they are very affordable, get great gas mileage & look sporty.

- Whitney G

It gets the job done correctly and doesn't give me any hassle in the process

Door handles are very faulty on the car. The car runs efficiently and has never had major problems. Seems to not have as much power as previous models I've owned

- Sean W

I love how comfortable my car is

Very comfy. Reliable. Never had problems with it besides my windshield wipers. I love my car and i would trade it in to get another one if i had more money saved

- Bridget K

The Hyundai is maintenance free.and totally reliable

My Hyundai performs perfectly, is maintenance free is comfortable for driver and passengers. The only expense I have had is to replace the tires and battery.

- millie k

Love being a Hyundai owner!

No real complaints. Reliable, roomy and comfortable. This is the second Hyundai I have owned (first was a 1986 model) and I'd probably continue with Hyundai.

- Denise F

This is a great car of the money

All most all Hyundia's have some sort of electrical problem to begin with. After that has been fixed it is one of the best car for the money on the market.

- Kevin S

It is a durable car that will last you 5+ years. The cars the tires are also durable.

It is a decent sized vehicle. I wished the ac did not break so often. I do enjoy the leather seats that it comes with. And the speakers have lasted a while.

- Alberto L

Its is korean word..it was first came to canada and it is mainly famous in europe ...

My car name is hyundai....its have the best performance since I have bought it from the company...its really comfortable for the family to go in vacation..

- Sandesh P

The best car I have ever owned.

Has a lot of room and is very comfortable. Provides a smooth and reliable ride. The look of the car is outstanding and I get compliments on it daily.

- Jasmine S

cheap and reliable, decent car,perfect for working class people

like it that it is affordable and I don't have major issues with the car for 8 years, dislike that the Check Engine light is always on with no reason

- Xiaoqing L

This car is safe, dependable and affordable. Love it!

I like my hyundai a lot. It is dependable and repairs are affordable. I feel safe and secure in my car. The only thing better would be a buick!

- cheryl v

It's safe and reliable - only car I've had that I would buy again

Love my car - everything from the color to the features to the comfort. Love the safety features. Can't think of anything I really dislike . . .

- Lisa C

That it is very good on gas and Hyundai has always been a reliable vehicle.

I like my Hyundai Sonata because it has exactly what I need. It is safe and reliable to drive. And also it is comfortable and very good on gas.

- Rachel A

It's a great car with low maintenance and its very dependable

I like that is is a sturdy car. It is good on gas. I don't like that it is getting older so things are starting to break down but that is life

- Tasha J

Durable and long lasting!

It has far exceeded my expectations! I have had this car since it was new and it now has close to 250000 mile and has been dependable everyday.

- Riley T

Continue to have the new standard protections added

Have had no issues, very comfortable and reliable. Have put almost 250,000 miles on it and with regular maintenance have had no issues at all.

- david s

It's a car that lasts and hasn't needed a lot of maintenance.

I like that I don't have a car payment. The size is ok but I would consider something with a little more leg room. I'd also like newer model.

- Jacquelyn B

Hyundai Sonata 2010 - Still doing great

Fairly standard, reliable sedan that is great for my family. I love Hyundai's warranty and I have always had good experience with service.

- Erica A

Sonata a fun car to own and drive.

Runs like a top. Had very little problems and is fun to drive. Has built in GPS and came with sirius radio. Gets excellent gas mileage.

- Lawrence L

I have the best car ever.

I love the gas mileage. My radio plays really clear. My heat and cooling system is perfect. I also have a sunroof that I absolutely love.

- Ian H

Great choice if you need to put a lot of miles on your car.

My car is amazing on gas. It's the perfect size for me and drives very smoothly. I expect to continue purchasing sonatas when I upgrade.

- Cie A

That is really good in gas.

I dislike that I do not have a AUX plug. I wish the car was a bit higher off the ground. I do not like that I do not have backup camera.

- Nadia C

It's a pretty inexpensive car.

I like the fact that it only cost 30 dollars to fill up. I also like that it goes pretty fast. I do not like that is has a slow pick up.

- Ernest D

Two small details that annoy me about the car, but it is otherwise really great

I don't like the settings for the vents, I always have a hard time getting it right. I also don't like the placement of the fuse box.

- Emi O

Follow the recommended maintenance. Go certified VW mechanics for best service.

It is a very reliable car. Very low maintenance required. It is stylish. It is the car I have wanted since it first hit the market.

- Sandra D

A great ride at a great price low maintenance always wins

It's a smoother ride and doesn't require a lot of work other than regular vehicle maintenance. Good car for kids. The back is large

- Ashley C

It is the second Sonata that I have owned. I might even consider another Hyundai

Overall-this is a pretty good car, it gets decent gas mileage, and is comfortable. I just wish my car loan wasn't so high interest

- delma f

Rides smooth but has a noisy engine.

Noisy engine, cabin materials are cheap, but good body and room and good on gas. Also, the price is good and the car is reliable.

- Karen M

The interior has amazing room for everything and the back seat folds down for access to carry large items.

I like that it has tons of room in the interior and it breaks really well. I don't like how awful it is in the winter with snow.


My car is reliable. It has a lot of miles. I'll be sad when it's time for a new car.

My car has no bells or whistles. It has been reliable since I bought it. It has 175,000 miles and is still driving pretty well.

- Erin S

My car at least has pretty good gas mileage. The paint chips a lot and the door handles break off ice already replaced 3 out of 4 handles.

When I crack my car it makes a loud knocking sound under the hood also when you press the gas it makes a different sound noise

- Debbie W

It is reliable and maintenance free

It is totally reliable. I have never had a problem with it. The only maintenance has been to replace the tires and battery.

- millicent B

Very dependable and reasonably priced.

Car is very dependable, has. Not required many repairs. Service/operating cost very reasonable. Optional equipment not great.

- Bonnie L

My vehicle is great on gas and is very smooth to drive.

The gas mileage is great on my vehicle. It is a smooth drive. The door handles get loose easily and need to get replaced.

- Esmeralda O

I love that it has XM capabilities. It's roomy and it's a reliable car

The only problems I have had is with the door handles coming off. All of them have! Otherwise it's been a good vehicle!

- Buffy H

That it is easy to drive any easy to park.

I really have no complaints about my vehicle. It drives very smooth. Although it does seem to waste gas fast at times.

- Jackie M

It gets good gas mileage.

Some of the material seems cheaply made. I have not had any major car trouble. It is not flashy but it is dependable.

- Nolan J

hyundai sonata highlights

good basic car was exactly what i wanted. very reliable no problems only required services so far. would recommend

- lmb z

Reliable, fast, luxury look for an inexpensive car.

I like the look. I like the feel of the vehicle. Great value. Great price. Stylish and reliable. Would buy again.

- Jackie G

A very reliable family sedan with plenty of power and great fuel economy.

Comfortable, reliable, looks good Excellent gas mileage. Services are expensive and must be done at the dealer.

- Rick W

Reliable ride great on gas

No problems great on gas and fun to drive. Has heated seats and always reliable. I am so happy with it so far.

- Rebecca L

I have a great, reliable car that is in great shape and it is paid for!

My car is very reliable. Simple yet efficient and dependable. I like that it is now paid off. No complaints.

- Regina L

Love it it's a great car for a family of 5.

Everything is amazing about. Love how the stereo is Bluetooth and how smooth the car is really fast as well.

- Aurelia Toyota T

The car is very nice, and super durable.

I love how smooth it drives. As well as the look, very classy. Also enjoy having blinkers on side mirrors.

- Brenda C

well equipped for the price

overall satisfied with my hyundai sonata, good value car, reliable car, does not hold resale value of time

- sam p

It is prone to a lot of problems and will need lots of costly repairs.

It's constantly breaking down and needing repairs. It's poorly made and replacement parts are expensive.

- Erin W

This car does well with fuel efficiency city and highway

Comfortable, sufficient leg room in front and back seats, fuel efficient, battery drainage issues arised

- Amy G

It has a great warranty that they always honor no matter what the issue is

I haven't had any problems with my car. It is very reliable and has a good design that is comfortable.

- kat s

It's got room to load things.

The door handles break easily. That is what I dislike about this vehicle. Otherwise the car runs great.

- Valerie W

The maintenance its very easy. Didn't need much in eight years.

It's a great vehicle. Very comfortable and reliable. It performs well and its great for a family of 4.

- Claudio G

It is a very nice car with a smooth ride and reliable.

I enjoy the smooth ride. It is very comfortable. For a small car it fits everyone I need and my dogs.

- Mariah F

It's good and dependable and hope to get many more years out of it

I like my vehicle because it get good gas mileage and don't have to spend a lot of money in repairs

- robert M

It is economical and comfortable, it gets good gas mileage.

I have a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. I like it very much. It drives very well and it is fuel efficient.

- John V

It is a hybrid so it is very fuel efficient. I like almost everything about it. I can go for seemed without refueling

It is a hybrid and very fuel efficient. Sometimes I get preferred parking because it is a hybrid.

- Dorothy H

it can get up and down hills well but the strots do not handle well

i like that it is front wheel drive.i don't like how low it is to the ground.it's hard to work on

- tabitha t

This car rides smoothly, very spacious and very safe. Not many problems.

I dislike that the handles fall off. 3 out of 4 handles have fallen off which is a safety issue.

- rye y

I love my little car. It gets great gas mileage and it's incredibly comfortable. The only bad thing about it is that the paint is peeling

The paint peels after a few years. It doesn't just peel in a small area, it comes off in sheets

- Caryn C

Many people in our area have one. It handles decently.

I like that it is good on gas. The main dislike is all the Recalls! It is a very reliable car.

- Melissa W




It is an excellent make and model. For a mid-size car it's a fine choice.

It's very reliable. Economical on gasoline. Nice radio features. A pleasure to drive.

- Craig B

Hyundai Sonata has a smooth ride and a quiet motor.

I like the standard transmission. I like the larger size. I like the smooth drive.

- TAmmy D

My car is not a status symbol. I could drive a more expensive car but I choose to drive a reliable sturdy one and put my money elsewhere

A good sturdy reliable car. Very good gas mileage. Roomy enough for a family trip

- Amy B

It has been a reliable vehicle with minimal needed repairs. It gets almost 30 miles per gallon consistently. It is better in the snow than I would have thought a regular front wheel drive car would be.

The car has been very reliable and it is certainly a car I would purchase again.

- Robert C

It is a very good car. It runs smoothly and we have never had a lot of problems with our Sonata. It is also pretty comfortable.

The most important thing to know about this car is that it is quite reliable.

- Lindsey F

Feel very safe, driving/side in it.

Hyundai makes, a tough, die hard car/SUV, with no, real costly/big issues.

- Jul D


like that it is still running. Dislike the quality of it and the year

- rachel p

That it's mine. Its trustworthy. Its comfortable. Its reliable.

I like it but its old. I need a change. I'm a little bit tired of it.

- Paola F

It is dependable. It is trustworthy. It's a good brand.

Love everything about it. The look of it. The way it drives smoothly.

- Laur G

It is a very important car to me because it belonged to my grandfather.

I like the size. The way the vehicle drive. The color of the car.

- Tricia G

That its roomy, comfy and bright purple with a good trunk

Its okay. Its purple and has plenty of room. I like that.

- courtney w

It has been reliable car to drive and is comfortable.

i enjoy driving my car. I want more features or upgrades.

- Belinda S

reliable, affordable, easy to drive, comfortable ride,

very affordable, reliable, many minor electronic problems

- Lucy L

Quality of brand of car. Very good car with no major repairs and good gas mileage. Has a comfortable ride. Easy car to ride in.

Good gas mileage. Easy to drive. My wife likes the color.

- randy s

Convenient and reliable and that it's a good brand

I love the size. I love the color. I love the features.

- Faith B

Very dependable car with plenty of room in front and back.

Has a nice smooth ride. Plenty of room and dependable.

- jeff w