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Hyundai tiburon, an excellent choice for a reliable vehicle.

My car is very reliable. It is a 2006 with over 180000 miles on it. I bought it used asks have had it for over 5 years. I have had no mechanical problems, other than routine maintenance, and a belt replacement. It gets excellent gas mileage. My major complaint is it is very small, no one other than a child can sit comfortably in the back seat. Trunk is a medium size, it fits what I need it for. Radio and stereo system needs a upgrade, but suits my needs.

- Amanda H

Hyundai Tiburon GT 2006 Review.

I've had the car for about 5 years and the previous owner took really good care of it. They bought it brand new and I bought it used, but overall the car has lasted pretty long having over 270k miles on it. The car still functions the same as when I bought it and I think that's pretty amazing. It's a very comfortable car and the performance is great with pretty nice gas mileage.

- Martin L

Hyundai Tiburon-old reliable.

Good car lasts long time, rarely gives problems mostly the 02 sensor but has strong engine, small car not ideal for big families. If looking for speed not a good car for it but nice style, comes in nice colors too. Very reliable. Features are outdated but can definitely count on it.

- Shay T

Tiberon also known as shark.

The vehicle performs well and is reliable. Being a sports vehicle it is not necessarily comfortable and rides a little rough. It is all a preference for what you want in a car. I like it is features however. The enhances stereo system I have makes road trips really nice.

- Mae T

It gets great gas mileage but doesn't have room for more than two passengers comfortably.

I like the gas mileage that it gets. I owned a truck before so it's definitely a lot better. It drives smooth, but the only complaint I would have is the lack of space. The back seats are irrelevant and never used because no one can fit comfortably back there.

- Zach G

Good vehicle with a lil damage low original miles.

It is been in a couple of wrecks. It has 12, 000 miles on it. When I got it in 2014 it had only 7000 miles on it you can have it either manual or automatic. It is easy on gas. It has electric windows and door locks. The color is navy blue 2 door with a hatch.

- Katrina L

The life and times of my 2006 Hyundai Tiburon.

It's small and compact. I have had it for 11 years with no major problems, just minor maintenance. It's a five speed and its good on gas. The only problem I have had with it is the color. Its bright yellow so hard to not be noticed.

- Kristen F

It's a good car for the value and price.

I love my car. It has had no major problems since I purchased it. Its really cute, good on gas, smooth riding. It also is small which some people don't like, but I do. It's a five speed which makes it really fun to drive.

- Kristen F

It is very fast for such a small 2 door.

It is very comfortable. First car I have ever bought that was stick shift. The last year for this vehicle is ‘08 because they switched it over to the Hyundai genesis- more of a luxury vehicle than the Tiburon.

- Kira R

Well it is a discontinued model but it is very dependable and pretty to look at.

I have had my car for 12 years and it is mostly reliable. Although, living in Florida with no garage, anything plastic has basically disintegrated. I have always liked the sleek design and engine.

- Angela C

I got almost everything I want in a car and for a very good price.

I like the design of the vehicle.I like the color of the vehicle. I like that it has a sunroof. I love that it gets good mpg. The speed seems limited somewhat but i'm no thrill seeker.

- maurice t

Little car, huge engine capability

Beautiful engine on such a compact car. It is older so some of the plastic parts have come off. I no longer have a glove box as it came off in a t-bone accident but thats okay.

- Katherine C

The car runs in good conditions after being 12 years old.

This car model is a good car for short distance travels. It's great source to get from and to work. This car is for the normal use.

- Estefany P

Hyundai really lives up to their warranty! I have never had to spend any money on the car other than regular maintenance.

The warranty was wonderful. The car is easy to maintain and fun to drive. I wish I had gotten the sunroof but that is my fault.

- Denise L

Very small on the inside. And has bad door handles inside and out.

This car has bad door handles. Inside and out. But all in all it is a great car. haven't had to many problems out of it.

- Tia C

Just that there is really no room in it.

The car is to small for me. Has no leg space in the back seat. The engine runs great. The transmission has been great.

- Kris T

It does not drive well when its wet outside.

I love that it is fast an sleek, it's a very pretty car. I don't like that it's not too good in wet weather.

- Jessica S

100,000 mile warranty. Great safety features and an overall sturdy car with good gas mileage.

Great warranty. Very well built car with great safety specifications. Have never had a problem with it.

- Mark W

Style is not everything, should consider other factors.

It is very stylish. And, with very good handling. But, it is not very fuel efficient.

- H d

That's it is yellow and has an awesome spoiler

I love my car because it is sporty and yellow. All parts work well. And I'm noticeable!

- Corinne W

Computer chip issue. Cost for repair is more than I spent on the car

Runs great. Looks good. Very good on gas. Very reliable

- Joe R

It gets great gas mileage and has had no mechanical issues

I have No complaint as the car gets good gas mileage

- Dee F