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It is unique there's not many of them and the hatchback are all the highlights.

It runs very wonderfully. It has great gas mileage. Its terrific the space is very limited I do not like it that much. Because window placement is very difficult. Also one of the main problems I have with it is that it is falling apart like the interior is falling off places and it breaks very easily and finding parts is very difficult. I mean if it is 1st car perfect. But if you want it for a long time and to look good. Not the car for you.

- Samantha S

The speedy (but sensitive) Tiburon.

The Hyundai Tiburon itself is great. The only annoyance I have with the car is the extremely sensitive turn signal. If you turn the wheel slightly the turn signal will shut off. Other than that, it is a great vehicle! Has a great acceleration rate. The gas mileage is a little disappointing, but I knew that buying the car. Overall takeaway: great fast little car. I would recommend to anyone looking for a little speed.

- Alex S

Overall this is a great vehicle that needs only minimal upkeep.

This is a great vehicle overall. It gets good gas mileage and rarely needs more than your basic maintenance. The back seat is very small and cramped, but that is to be expected of a small two door vehicle. The trunk is large and spacious, but the slanted rear window over it does limit your vertical space.

- Mariah K

So all around great vehicle and will give you nothing but satisfaction.

All around great car! I have owned my Hyundai Tiburon for the past few years now and I have only had a few maintenance issues with it. Keep up on the maintenance and it will not let you down. It's very unique and will get a lot of compliments from people.

- Gavin M

It's stylish and was affordable. I'm very happy with my purchase but would caution others considering this vehicle about the possibility of the clear coat peeling off and needing a complete re-paint job, which is costly and frankly, a nuisance.

I like the styling and affordability of my vehicle. I dislike that I've had to have it entirely repainted over time because the clear coat has peeled off. That is my one major complaint about this vehicle. Otherwise, I love it!

- Amy K

This right here is my pretty boy swag

It's a really great car that gets me from point A to point B I just love it just so awesome I can't wait to just buy a new one because it's just so awesome babe that's just the greatest thing I've ever had

- jes j

The gas mileage is only twenty five mile les to the gallon.

I like the interior and how it has held up with age. The sound system is high quality. The mechanics of the car have held up well and had it in the shop very few times.

- Jimmy r

It is the perfect size for running around town, or heading down the shore for the day.

I like the size and the look. It is very sleek looking. It has held up well for me all these years. However, the radio is poor quality and constantly breaks.

- Nicole K

Its meant for no more than two people.

Do not like it because the backseat barely fits anyone, rides rough. Durable car, I feel very safe in it, like that everything can be easily modified.

- Ashley C

It sounds really fast and powerful when your inside but it is not.

It runs great for its age I have only needed to replace a few simple items on it. And has a low mileage. Fuel efficiency leave some to be desired.

- Chase C

The spoiler is pretty nice on the car.

The problems are its too small for anyone that is big. The seats are comfortable and the car is also reliable. Also it is a great car for teens.

- Mike M

It handles amazingly - I love the power it has and when I 'tell' it to go, it goes because it has a v6 in a tiny car.

I love driving my car - it is a stick shift and I love driving it and feeling the power it has. It is fun to drive and has always been great.

- Tracy D

It's a very dependable vehicle, with no major issues.

Love my Tiburon. Runs great, I have only had to do maintenance on it. No major issues. Very Reliable good on gas mileage.

- Dina T

A good running vehicle, good shape, just needs some minor maintenance.

Engine light comes on periodically, had it fixed 2 times already, does not go in the winter, other basic maintenance.

- Lisa S

Nice looking vehicle, but costing money to repair.

Running into money, starting to cost more than what is worth, looking to trade in next year to get something newer.

- Lisa A

It is used to transport a miniature service horse!

It's fun and sporty. It gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have much room for passengers.

- Abrea H