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My car is only a two-door vehicle.


The front bumper is currently being held on by zip ties because every bump and dip scrapes the bumper. The back windshield I can barely see out of so I rely on my side mirrors to see who's behind me. The car only takes premium gas so I spend annoy $0. 20 more a gallon. I think in the two and a half months I have owned this car, I have only ever had to money to just let it fill up all the way. I usually stop around $10 because I can only spend that much every I need gas because I am broke. Good qualities of the car: sleek design, lots of room on driver's side, the air conditioning is fantastic, and the acceleration is very quick.

- Lauren M

Quick take off because of a great engine comfortable to make long trips.


Sedan- 4 doors a very comfortable car accommodates five people. Top of the line electronics. Am FM CD built-in GPS Bose speakers. Six cylinder, great on gas. Alloy luminate tires. Electric roof top used for sunny days. Leather seats with button that can turn on heat. These seats can become warm seats especially during the winter. The steering wheel can adjust to several positions. Front wheel drive air condition in front of car and in lower back of car between the driver seat and the passenger seat. Courtesy lights. True car is very roomy from luggage and it has a special net setup for holding up that other grocery products.

- Mary S

G35 Infiniti 2004. Fun car. Easy to maintain. Performance parts easy to day.


2004 g35 infiniti. The only problems I have with is sensors go out fairly quick. Over all this motor is strong and very reliable. The g35 infiniti coupe stick shift is very fun to drive. The motor is strong and picks up with strength. Very easy to work on, oil changes come easy and this year model comes with really nice upgrades. My favorite is the Brembo brakes. Stock exhaust sounds nice for a stock. In the other hand the aftermarket sounds amazing. Easy to install performance parts and pretty good to keep up with. I strongly recommend this fun to drive vehicle.

- Roberto R

If and when I buy a new car I am going to keep this one.

2004 INFINITI G35 w/Leather

I bought this car used and I have had it forever. She has not slowed down in performance nor have I had any major problems. Basically if you keep up on the oil changes the engine will last for the long haul. All of the electronics still work and people still ask me if I am willing to sell it. I do not plan on buying another car unless I have the full cash amount for another one and since this one is still running like a champ I am ok with waiting a while.

- Shake B

Love my infinity! This car is smooth.

2004 INFINITI G35 w/Leather Sedan

My infiniti g35 has been one of the most pleasurable cars I have ever owned or driven. That says a lot because I am comparing the infinity to my previously owned, cadillac sts & bmw. The infinity has excellent handling, is very safe and reacts well in every weather situation. The car is set up for the comfortable ride of a heavy sedan and has the touch of a high-performance sports car. I am looking at purchasing another infinity in the near future.

- Tiffany G

2004 g35 infiniti sedan. Reliable. Not very spacious. Great interior.


2004 infiniti g35 sedan. Very reliable vehicle. Never had any real problems with it in 5 years. Interior is comfortable but not very spacious. Interior features has seat warmers dual air and heat. The back has vents for my children to adjust to their needs back seats are not very spacious. Only problem is sometime the trunk does not pop open maybe a electrical problem and brakes seem to go fast other than that a great reliable vehicle.

- Brittany L

Little things need to fix but overall car is smooth and no other problems.


My vehicle is has a few problems that is needs to be fix such as a pressure relief valve and a dent in the bumper it still gets me to point a to z but a smooth clean car would be better. The performance on the car is good it rides smooth it's just the prey that makes it not start up correctly but get past that it is a good car for it to be so old. Windshield wipers, radio, windows, brakes, mirrors work no problems at all.

- Breanna B

High-end sports car with reliability and affordability.


Parts needed for repairs are expensive. Most repairs are normal wear and tear. Fuel mileage is very good and with and 18 gallon fuel tank fill ups are few and far between. Spontaneous acceleration with little effort. Chassis sits low to the ground which enables you to negotiate turns with ease. Comfortable ergomatic interior layout. Feeling of security while confined to your seat. Sporty interior and exterior design.

- David M

Most Fun Car I have ever driven

2004 INFINITI G35 w/Leather Coupe

I love my G35 Sport Coupe 6 speed. I have never had any issues or problems with this car. It has get up and go, and is so much fun to drive. I have towed this car behind a Class A motorhome and it has done real well. I love the sunroof and the spaciousness of the trunk. I can't say a bad thing about it. I would buy another one in a heartbeat! But I don't need to

- mary E

Beautiful and amazing car.


I have had no problems with the car so far. I love it so much and it drives like a dream. Every time I press on the gas it shoots me back in my seat like the very first time I bought it. The look is very sleek and if you enjoy having people look at you as you drive by this is the car for you. Just pressing the gas and hearing the sound it makes will make heads turn.

- Chloe S

Family car by day, Race car by night

2004 INFINITI G35 Base Coupe

The infiniti g35 has a very slick attractive look inside and out. Mine with the black leather interior, that I just love. Also featuring a sunroof and a great radio with aux. The back seat isn't cramped. My only disappointment is the gas mileage and also I prefer an automatic, as mine is a 6 speed. The car is smooth as can be and I recommend!

- Amanda D

Infinity is the best car!


Amazing vehicle. I loved this car more than I loved any car before. She was strong and got me to every place I need to go. She is old but she still tries her best. The only thing wrong with her was the CD player and the trunk button inside the car. Other than that she still worked as good as the day she was made.

- Ashley C

Great pickup and suspension.


There were some build issues related to the motors for the windows and roof. And brake light sensors not working. Also faulty sensor for the abs and vdc which was an expensive repair but apparently very common. Love the car otherwise. . Those have been my only issues in a 14 year old car.

- Tj K

04 Infiniti g35 is a reliable vehicle for short distances.

2004 INFINITI G35 Base Sedan

My car was very reliable for the first two years, but since getting over 200k miles, I am starting to experience problems left and right. I have had to replace camshaft position sensors and air intake, and I am now experiencing engine problems that are proving difficult to properly diagnose.

- Cassie B

2004 Infiniti g35 sports coupe.

2004 INFINITI G35 w/Leather Coupe

Problems: driver leather seat shows a lot of wear quickly, engine does burn some oil, electrical issues ie check engine light comes on due to sensors constantly going bad . Comfort: the car rides great and the seats are comfortable . Reliability: have never had any major issues.

- Ross P

Car has been a great car, just like with any car need to keep up it.


The car has been good with few problems for being an older car now. Other routine maintenance recently had to replace camshaft sensor and the tie rods. Gas mileage is not bad. The interior is leather and windows are not tinted so there is a quite bit of sun damage to the seats.

- Jackie G

Good Buy, Reliable, dependable and smart

2004 INFINITI G35 w/Leather Coupe

very reliable, drives smooth and fast, it's a mini luxury car with smart seats and leather seats. it's a sport car and it's very comfortable. It also does not give any problem. I have had mine for 2 years now and the only thing I change is the oil and tires. goodbye in general.

- Blessing A

Awesome fast beautiful car.


The car is very nice, its silver with a sunroof and leather sets. I haven't had any problems with it since we bought it. I would recommend it to any one looking for a nice car. This coming year I am planning on purchasing a newer model of this vehicle. I would like a black one.

- Jenny K

2004 g35 owner review. Best car ever.


It is amazing I love it and wouldn't want anything else. It is a smooth drive. It gets up and goes. I love the inside it is so luxurious. It sounds so nice when you start it up from cold start. The gas mileage is really good on it to it gets about 450 miles on a full tank.

- Amber P

Car review on my infinity.


It would be hard to give a straight forward review because my car is not stock. I have a straight piped exhaust system, fully built engine, upgraded intake, and more. I also have raceland coils on the car because I want it low. The differential is also welded for drifting.

- Jason P

It is a small car with lots of power, picks up quick, but it is foreign so parts/mechanics can be pricey.


The only things I dislike about my infinity is the size or accessibility sometimes, but that's having a sports car. Also it has a automatic windows that would open after I shut off my car, fought with it for months before I figured it out, just with someone told me before.

- Erika M

My cars better than yours.


My Infiniti is very stylish and comfortable. Fully loaded with a light peddle. It is a Japanese car, so a lot of the parts, and labor can be expensive. My personal vehicle is a silver coupe with low profile tires. I would only recommend to a true car lover or gear head.

- Erika V

349,000 miles on 2004 g35 and still going strong.


Original owner, have owned almost 15 years, over 349, 000 miles. About 24 mpg highway. 64 mile round trip commute 4 days a week. Very reliable. Only replaced radiator, bearings in 1 wheel, 1 ignition coil. Have followed recommended maintenance schedule, use premium gas.

- Susan J

Manual car review and a few issues I have with it.


Great car, window motors are known to die, so putting the passenger side up can be a pain. drives great, some gears are hard to find, but can be adjusted, have replaced control arms and bearings in the front, made a big difference, I am not the first owner though.

- Elle S

Very fast and cool looking.


Works great but old car so it has some transmission issues but it is very fast and durable. Easy to drive and heated seats as well. A few scratches on the outside but the inside is very clean it is bright red and I get lots of compliments all the time about it.

- Katy M

The brakes on our Versa are very good it actually has save me from accidents.


OK car to get from point A to B, but sucks in reliability and dependability CD player crapped out, had to replace both lower control arms, window motors die quickly, trunk won't open cause the wires snapped in short I rather drive a Honda than an Infiniti.

- Larry S

This car is compact but feels roomy inside and handles like a sports car.


I love the size of my vehicle and that it handles like a sports car. I also love that it has luxury vehicle features even though it's on the older side. The only dislike currently is that it uses a lot of gas since I drive mostly on local streets.

- Nicole M

Maintaining luxury while feeling sporty


I love how stiff the steering of my car is. It's the perfect balance of luxury and sport, mixed into one car. The only thing I am displeased with, is how technologically it is is lacking due to how old the car is (features are outdated).

- Ani M

It has never broken down on me before.


This vehicle is about to hit 200,000 miles and is still running like an absolute champ. The engine never gives me any problems whatsoever. It accelerates better than any other car I have driven. It is the most reliable car and I love it.

- Ambar G

That it is foreign and needs different care than most American cars.


I love the sleek sporty look, the interior, how quick it picks up, and the huge trunk space to balance out lack of backseat space. The only thing I dislike is how expensive parts are and available mechanics to work on a Japanese car.

- Erika V

Hard to work on but otherwise nice car to drive. I would buy another if the chance came to me.


It seems like a very nicely built car. I don't like how low to the ground it is.hard to work on changing the oil. Changing the belt is near impossible and it is hard to work on a lot of other areas.

- Ron G

For someone who is into customizing cars this is a great choice that has a lot of options.


I love this car! I have had it since 2008. I have only had a few minor repairs that have never gone over 500. Although the regular maintenance is a little more it has been a great good looking car.

- Jose A

It is very fast and fun, be cautious!


The doors are extremely heavy and hurt when they fall back on my body, they never stay open. I've had continuous problems with squeaky brakes. I love the sunroof, it's fun & waterproof!

- Kimberly P

Great buy, great interior


The car runs pretty well, the interior is nice and modern. The controls are pretty easy to understand on the control pad. But the only problem is the milage. I have to constantly get gas

- Lincoln a

It is not good for fuel. For a little car it east gas up.


It drives nice. If I need to quickly speed up; it does so. The steering is nice in it as well. It is not overly touchy. I dislike the cup holders and there is not an AUX input option.

- Brittany R

Watch transmission fluid, and it burns oil like crazy.


Transmission started going, other than that it is been driving well. Other than the speakers going out cause it is connected with the a/c. 200, 000 miles later it runs well.

- Terrence N

Car has over 140000 and has minimal issues. All issues are normal for a car over 10 years


Car is great for someone who enjoys driving fast. 04 coupe has issues with the radio not working properly and sometimes affects ac. Window motors are prone of going out.

- Crystal R

It seats seven people keyless entry is a significant feature and auto start.


I like the extras like the sun roof, and dual cassette and CD player.. I also like the power the car has.. I like the sleek design.. There is really nothing I dislike.

- Thomas J

It's one of a kind. I've put my own touches into the car to make it stand out.


I have had a lot of work done on the car. I've got tons of aftermarket parts installed. Interior is used. Its my everyday driver so it has Its normal wear and tear.

- Jack G

If you have the cassette player, get a cassette adapter.


It is a beautiful car. It has leather interior. It gets great gas mileage. It is not too expensive to fix when things go wrong. It also has a great sound system.

- Jayden P

Overall it is a reliable vehicle.


I like the turbo and the bose sound system. It drives great in inclement weather. It more of a gas hog than I thought it would be but not unreasonable.

- Jacob B

It's an enjoyable car to drive.


I've had this car since I've graduated college. It has over 160k miles on it and has been pretty reliable. I don't like the gas mileage on it though.

- David S

Great vehicle with great features.


The car is a pretty good deal, it has a nice sleek exterior and a nice modern interior. The performance is great but the only problem is the mileage.

- Lincoln A

The gas mileage is awesome.


It is a nicest car I have ever owned it is fast it is nice it is stylish it is comfortable there's lots of legroom and it is very sporty.

- Joe T

that the parts are really expensive to replace and the car does not run as good


i regret buying this car from a honda dealership, they basically screwed me over and now i'm paying for repairs and a broken car.

- daniel G

It's one of the best cars you could own I really recommend it!


I love my car it runs really smooth. Its powerful. But I'm going to sell it because it needs work and the parts are to expensive

- Crystal S

Great sleek and stylish car


My Infiniti G35 is a great car. It really gets people's attention. It is sleek and fast and sexy, even if it's an older car now.

- Jeanne N

It takes premium gas, as they didn't let me know this when I bought it.


I like the style of the car. I like the reliability of the car. I dislike the quality of leather used on the seats.

- Christine L

This car is not the most fuel efficient car out there.


Like the extras, like the sun roof and dual cassette and tape player. Like the sleek style. there are no dislikes.

- Thomas R

Love the car, hate the issues.


The radio randomly stopped working, the window motor died, and randomly says it "slip" then wont change gears.

- Ashley M

Reliable. High performance.


Car is very reliable. Great performance. Love manual trans & rear wheel drive. Comfortable seats. Good stereo.

- Douglas S

Amazing g35 and fast! It gets up and goes!


It has been such an awesome car. No problems whatsoever!! I have had it for about two years now. I love it!

- Valerie P

It runs and is a reliable car.


I like that it drives smoothly. it's a nice car. I don't like that it's an older model. We bought it used.

- Vanessa S

How reliable is and how well it works.


I like how fast it goes. I don't like that if a sensor stops working the car stalls while driving.

- oscarina d

It's a comfortable ride + must be careful about it overheating.


Like its a sedan and a v6. Hate that it has overheated 2 times. Like other things work on it.

- Hector V

The safety rating are very good. The drive is amazing even after 15 years


I have had this vehicle for 15 years. No complaints. This is the best car i have ever had

- Denice C

It's a nice vehicle that's good for a small family.


Like how it drives and the comfort inside. Don t like that it needs premium gas in.

- Blake m

It's not too great to drive in winter conditions


I like the body and style of it, great design overall

- A S

Very fast car and luxurious and also comfortable and reliable.

2004 INFINITI G35 Base Coupe

- Ivan M