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Very durable vehicle, only problem is oil burning.

It is an incredibly reliable vehicle. I have made some very dumb mistakes while working on the car and it was able to work for some time with the problem before I realized it and fixed it. The stereo system is as good as any I have ever heard in a car, however the auxiliary input cord is a bit buggy, but this may be due to the age of the car compared to my phone. The gas mileage is about average, and one must check the oil quite often, as at this age the car burns oil quite a lot.

- Jacob S

The power I love my car bro.

I love this car it has power when you want it and sound is also amazing. Before I get into the good things about this car the original engine in it blew at around 180,000 miles but I still love this car. The sound is loud when you want and be quiet when you don't. The inside features are nice the ac never has given me a problem and heated seats still work. With almost 200,000 miles on the car the only feature that doesn't work is the passenger seat doesn't recline.

- Shawn H

What’s good about having my Infiniti g35 and the faults of having the g35.

The car parts are expensive to fix, it is reliable, the seat are comfortable, they have seat warmers that heat up quick in the driver and passenger side. I have two kids and for me it is probably spacious for four-door car. One thing I would say about it is that it is a gas guzzler and it is a six cylinder car that takes premium gas which is expensive. But I do recommend this car for someone that does have one kid and does not use this as an everyday car.

- Stephanie R

Infiniti g35 is an excellent, smooth-driving car with a great reliable engine.

My Infiniti g35 is a very comfortable, smooth, little car. It's great for getting around easily, very spacious inside. Infiniti is known for their excellent engine performance in their cars and mine definitely lives up to that. I've never had a problem with my Infiniti g35 it's always reliable. I drove from AZ to we there and back no problems, I highly recommend car buyers to get an Infiniti.

- Alex R

Infinities are reliable cars.

The car is fun to drive. The seats are very comfortable. The car is very dependable. I have had very little maintenance or repairs done to the vehicle. I would purchase another one. Very pleased with the vehicle as a whole. The car is very reliable. I have never had it break down. When I have had issues with the battery and things like that Infiniti will come and help you at your location.

- Anne L

I drive a black Infiniti g35 coupe. It has tan leather interior with the seats.

My car has no AC, the windows don't roll down, it's leaking oil and it is also burning gas faster than it should. It's expensive to fill up but it gets me from place to place and goes pretty fast when I want it to. The leather on the seats is pulling up and the only the sunroof rolls back. My back seats do not fold down like they are supposed to do I cannot fit barely anything in the back.

- Ella H

Drives very smooth and is the perfect size for a car.

I have a silver 2005 Infiniti G35. We bought it used but it was in amazing condition, practically new. I like everything about it. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the color...I wish it were black on the outside with either tan or red interior. My CD player also doesn't work nor do I have an aux outlet but besides those few things it is a perfect car.

- maddie m

Quirky Alarm is the only problem.

It's a great car. No problems except the alarm goes off randomly when it's locked. I'm not sure why this happens but other owners have reported the same quirk. Other than that, it's a great car - dependable and runs great. The seats are comfortable and there are many adjustments one can make to ensure even more comfort when driving.

- Raven D

Overall good car boost conference with great car body.

Like a lot of Nissan they have electric problems but with work not much to fix if you stay on top of it but overall a great and reliable car when I am in my car I fell can't nobody touch me I totally recommend this car to a first time car owner sometime they are a little prices to keep up but a great car.

- Lea O

Great family vehicle my kids love to ride in my car.

This car is really great however it is no AUX cord but the CD player holds 6 CDs. The door slams so watch out for that and the motor in the driver seats eventually died. But overall it is a great car not so good on gas. But plenty of trunk space it is real spacious in the back seat.

- Sarah J

My infinity car review title.

The only issue I have had since I purchased the vehicle is the fuel gauge does not work. It would cost over $1, 000 to remedy the problem, instead I just track my miles to know when to fill up. Kind of a pain the butt. Regardless a good solid vehicle six speed manual transmission.

- Steve H

I am sure it would be a great carol I had gotten it from a car lot.

I am sure it just my car since I bought it used not from a car lot. We bout it and later realizes that is was a salvaged car. After a month of driving. We replaced the transmission and the battery terminals. The horn no longer works and the paint on the car started to peel.

- Stephanie S

The ac compressor keeps on failing.

The reasons why I dislike my vehicle because the gas sensor does not read my gas meter right. And the second reason is the transmission keeps on failing. The reasons why I like my vehicle because it takes me to point A to point B. And finally it has a strong motor.

- Diana S

My car have no problems just had service.

None at the present. My car does not have any problems at this time, so why do I need to go on if I have no problems. What else do you want me to say. Okay so I can keep rattling on but my car still has no problem. Okay just a few more to meet the requirement.

- Bee S

2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe w/ Sports package - pretty fun car.

Cam sensors have gone out several times, drivers side window motor went out, fuel sensor is now bad. It handles well, wonderful lux feeling interior, fairly fast, great traction control. It's a pretty fun car - it will last a long time if you take care of it.

- Michelle C

Great sports car! Heated seats! Fast!

Great sports car. 0 To 60 in no time. It handles well too. Driver and passenger heated seats that are great for the winter. Reliable car, but repairs are expensive at times. Comfort is good and there is good space but definitely not meant for taller people.

- Erika G

Beautiful and sporty Infiniti.

My head gallery blew and I had to replace the whole engine. As well as the radiator leaked. The radiator fan busted and had to replace the wiring. The spark plugs were bad, tires worn out differently on each axle. The gauge for the mileage stopped working.

- Sav A

It is a great car that is amazing and a show stealer.

Infiniti g35 is a good it has a tank engine very strong and reliable car. It will last for a long time it is rated for a least 300, 000 miles if not more. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a solid, luxury driving machine.

- Shannon A

It's a nice body style and sporty sedan.

I love the style of my car. Its a cute sedan. It is light blue. I also like the wheels. It has 180k miles and I haven't had many repairs since I bought its a few years ago. The trunk is spacious but limited space in the backseat.

- Kristen B

acceleration great, low maintenance, speed booster, easy to drive

its having great accelerating, sports car. comfortable and spacious. its a old model so does not have in built navigation system or current new features but performance wise great with minimum maintenance

- kavita K

My car is g35 infiniti car comfortable from the inside runs really smooth .

I have a g35 white pearl infinity car 6 cylinder, love it so much so comfortable from the inside, runs pretty fast gas saver really recommended if you are purchasing one of these vehicles

- Jesenia A

It is black on black with leather

Well my car is unique it is not stock anymore I put lot of work into it I got full ground effects on it o got nice 18 inch rims on it and the motor is souped up with 500 horses

- Huzeir H

It's a very reliable car for It's age and it has hidden features that some would love.

I love the performance aspect of my car it drives great but dislike the fact that i can only use premium has it gets costly and for a 2005 model it's annoying at times.

- Javon W



- Patricia R

Sports like performance but luxury brand. Reliable and practical

A very sports like car which i love. I hate that the dashboard is hard plastic instead of leather. Overall i love my car cause it's reliable and fun to daily drive.

- Bryan S

Keep up on regular maintenance and this car will last.

Very reliable have had for 10 year changed oil and tires and has run great. As it is now 13 years old thing are break like the window and door handle.

- Kenyata H

Powerful engine that provide excellent acceleration when getting on the highway

I love the reliability and power of the engine. I hate the side mirrors. Horrible blind spots. Seats are very comfortable, especially for my husband.

- Rachel P

The car has great power and rides smoothly.

The g35 is a nice sporty car. The sunroof and heated seats are a plus. I have had very little maintenance to do other than oil changes.

- Frances G

The car will last long if taken care of properly. It get good gas mileage.

Common problem that are associated with it is what i dislike. I like the car is good on gas, and still runs well for high mileage.

- Dan T

I can honestly say, it is probably one of the nicest cars I've ever had.

I don't dislike anything about it I love the car it's fast it's roomy it's sporty-looking it's perfect for what I need it for.

- Joseph T

It is very safe and secure to drive in.

I love how classy it looks. It is a unique body style. I dislike how small it is. I dislike that it has no Bluetooth.

- Jacqueline F

It is very roomy inside, and it is sporty.

Transmission is poor, was brand new and already slipping. , loved the speed of it and the look though.

- Emily A

it is affordable and nice

i love the overall model of it It's blue which i also love and has worked for so many years

- maria g

the most important thing people should know is that it's my car

It's a coupe. The color is amazing. Dislike how easy it is to pop a tire. Love the speed

- Jessica R

It is a smooth ride and really enjoyable to drive.

It rides so smooth and is small just the way I like it. I have no problems with it.

- Maria E

That it has many repair problems and is expensive to repair.

Gets Poor gas mileage. Has high costs to repair. It has many items to repair..

- James B

It runs well and didn't have many mechanical issues

Fast and reliable . Expensive to maintain , great dealership service

- Nguvi R

it drives like a dream and It's amazing

I love how sporty my car is and how comfortable the seats are

- stacey V

It's very comfortable and reliable. It's had minimal issues. I do wish it was a bit roomier but other than that I love it.

It's a very safe vehicle that you will feel secure driving

- Jackie F

Its mine and not for sale.that it is for me and my family no one needs to know anything about it

Has a great air conditioner. Needs vents in the back tho

- Aundrea W

It is high maintenance. The cost to keep up with the vehicle is Costly

It an coupe. I like the color. And it handles well.

- Janette M