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Great vehicle for fun and family.

Initially there were no problems with the vehicle, though over the years I experienced problems with various sensors, the crankshaft sensor has been a particular nuisance. And there is now a concern with the AC no longer blowing through and vents save for the top vent by the windshield. But, respect to reliability and comfort, since the vehicle has been in the family for 15 years and it's still running, it just proves how it continues to perform and how comfortable we are in it. The ride, even after so long is smooth and really benefits the old bones of a few family members who are well into their 70's and 80's. Also the nieces and nephews love going on rides up and down the mountains in it. One of the best aspects of the vehicle is the overall view ability at various angles while driving. I can clearly see who is beside me, behind me or in front while driving. This provides a sense of relief when I am concerned about transporting my family and friends around safely, I don't have to worry too much about innate blind spots due to vehicle construction.

- Jennifer M

Very reliable and perfect for road trips!

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any issues other than regular maintenance such as oil changes, replacing brakes, replacing headlights etc. It has all wheel drive all the time which is very important for driving in the snow. With all wheel drive it gives me a sense of comfort that my vehicle can handle the snow. Another thing that is great for the winter time is the heated seats that keep you nice and warm during the winter. With it being an SUV and having a larger motor it also has the capability of towing or hauling a trailer or camper with no issues. Power locks and windows along with a sunroof add to the features I enjoy with this vehicle as my last vehicles did not have either. There is plenty of room in the backseat and trunk area needed for any road trips with the family. The only downside is with it being a larger vehicle the gas mileage is about 18 mpg and would be nice if it was a little better but I cannot complain with all of the other things I enjoy with this vehicle.

- Haley R

My 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee: a great choice for an SUV.

My Jeep is great. I love driving it and feel safe in it. I have owned my vehicle for four years and have yet to experience any major mechanical issues. The only issues that I did experience were electrical. Over time the wiring in the driver door became crimped and as a result my power windows do not work and I have issues with my interior lights remaining on. This may be an issue caused by a previous owner, but is not major at all and is relatively inexpensive to fix According to the mechanic. Other than that I have only had to replace spark plugs. Regular maintenance is all that is really been required. My Jeep is also four wheel drive and handles very well in the snow, so I always feel very safe driving it. All in all I love my Jeep .

- Carina N

Reliable SUV with lots of room

This is a great vehicle to drive. Very comfortable to sit in with various seat positions and lumbar support. Gas mileage is ok considering it's a V6 and has almost 130,000 miles on it. So far no major problems, knock on wood, just normal wear and tear ie. brakes, tires. The only complaint I have is it is too easy for mice to get in the air ducts and build nests thus blocking vents up and my rear passenger window motor quit a few years back. Oh yeah and the throttle position sensor is forever keeping the engine light on even though it runs fine for the most part. I would definitely love to buy another Jeep in the future

- Melissa M

2004 Jeep grand Cherokee review. Decent but old so obviously things to fix.

It is old so has had problems in the past with fuses the worked the driver side window and locks and stuff but once the fuses where replaced it worked fine. And right now working on the brake lights which randomly stopped working. It runs well and not terrible on gas for a vehicle it is size. Runs pretty well. It is roomy, fits all 3 of my car seats and still has the trunk for storage space. We had to change the brakes on all for tires but again because it was old and the brakes were pretty easy to change on our own which ended up saving us some money which was nice. All in all a decent vehicle to own.

- Katie E

Great car if you do not mind keeping it stock.

I love that it is a smaller SUV with a v8 engine that packs more than enough power for what I need it to do. It has 150,000 miles on it, and has had minimal maintenance issues, however I do not like that the back seat does not have a lot of room, and the front seats are very small. Also, the brakes have been an issue with these cars as they are too small with minimal upgrade ability. Brakes are important to me as I live in the mountains. One thing I wish would be possible is more aftermarket support for accessories and performance. Overall, I love this vehicle, and is my second one of the same model.

- Rad B

Great in all seasons, reliable and durable.

I love my jeep because it is a great small family vehicle. It is spacious, has a nice sized hatch, and the wheel can be stored under the hatch. It is reliable in all seasons, having all time 4 wheel, temp 4 wheel, and 2 wheel. It is light enough to not get stuck, but can still handle wind. It has a comfortable and spacious interior and a decent stereo. Heat and ac work well, and it allows me to make a lot of different decisions in my display. I can set my lights to manual or automatic, it has cruise control, I can see my average gas mileage as well as how many miles I have left to empty.

- Hannah S

The suitable vehicle of this century!

I love my car due to how it can move through the snow and eases over potholes. It is gas efficient and just the right size for my son and I. The tires are just right for any occasion whether it's getting thru these tough winters, driving thru a mountain or just riding the street of your city it's suitable. The vehicle tells you how many miles to go before your fuel is too low which is another feature that I love. The vehicle has yet to produce any rust and its 15 years old! It's not too big or too small it is made just right if you're looking for a cross between a truck and a SUV.

- renee J

It needs work, but rides well. Storage space is great!

I love this jeep but there are some issues. It was purchased used and there is a terrible squealing in the steering wheel since he bought it. One of the motors in the rear window went, we had it repaired but now the other one is broken. The rear windshield wiper is a very difficult size to find so that doesn't work either on the other hand I love the storage space available to me and it rides nice. Pretty tough on gas though. For me it's k, but if you're picky you'd need to put some money into it. However I would never go back to driving a car again.

- Tammy O

2004 Jeep grand Cherokee!

I love my Jeep! It sits up high, drives well, and is a great SUV. However, since it is a 2004 there are some issues. I had issues with the water pump and a/c but it was nothing too severe and was easily fixed. Another issues with the car is that there’s no slot for an AUX cord to be inserted, so for someone who likes to listen to music when they drive this might be a problem. Other than those small issues, I love this Jeep. It is comfortable, reliable, and has a ton of space in the trunk which really helped when I moved away for college.

- Lilli C

Jeep most reliable vehicle.

My Jeep Grand Cherokee is a reliable vehicle. I purchased it in 2011 when it was 7 years old. I drive this car every day and have not had many problems with it. I did have to replace the radiator a few years back but I haven't had any major problems. It performs well in town and on the highway which I get about 24 miles to the gallon. It is 4 wheel. Drive which gets me around in the winter time without having to worry about getting stuck. It has cloth seats which are super comfortable. I will. Keep this car forever. I love it.

- Julie P

Although my car has problems the heat is hot and the air is fair.

Well I'll start out by saying I love my car, it's an older car but we have gotten through some tough times. Winter is the time when you need your vehicle the most she (my car) never let me down always started up for me. If I may so run better than some of the newer ones. I do get my oil changed often and when it a problem try to get it fixed. The downside of it is my Transmission fluid leak and I replace my radiator twice. I had the car for about 9 years but other then that it's a reliable source of transportation.

- Felicia R

Good vehicle. Easy to use four wheel drive.

Very comfortable even on long trips. Love the seat heaters and the dual climate control. Easy to adjust the seat. Have had to replace the driver's seat. The tire pressure monitors are no good, can't keep them working. The engine has been fine with regular maintenance. We have the sunroof which is nice. The radio is ok, the passenger vent for heat blows cool and can't seem to be repaired. Once the Jeep warms up it is warm at the passenger feet. I would recommend this vehicle and it's fun to drive too.

- Cindy W

2004 WJ Jeep styling and drivetrain can withstand the test of time.

The 4.0 I6 motor is unbeatable. Bought it used at 118k and have had it for roughly 7 years. Now has about 186k and still runs and drives well. Multiple electrical issues will cause headaches but there is nothing that will take this car off the road. It truly is a 'tank' of a truck. Lifting or nodding the suspension can cause more problems than it is worth. Overall I'd rate this truck at about a 7/10 because like stated previously, 'little' issues may become more of a tedious headache if not remedied quickly.

- William D

2004 jeep grand Cherokee best vehicle I have purchased yet!

I really like the factory settings in the 2004 jeep grand Cherokee special edition. Such as the overhead display that tells exactly which door is open, the direction you are traveling, the outside temperature, how many miles you're getting per gallon (based on your driving not just standard mpg), how many miles to empty, several different lock/unlock settings and more. I also like the factory fog lights they work awesome! I don't like that the factory tint is only on the back two windows and the hatch.


Strong motor but weak body components.

I have had consistent problems with it running hot since I purchased it with only 60, 000 miles on it. No one has been able to identify the problem. The motor in the Jeep is great but have had body issues all along. The brakes, tires, front end, hydraulic fan assembly, and radiator has went out multiple times. The brakes and tires seems to wear out much faster on this vehicle than any other I have owned. Also, the brake lights go out all the time. Other than that I really love my Jeep.

- Wanda S

My fabulous Jeep grand Cherokee.

This vehicle has an extremely comfortable ride almost like a high-priced vehicle. With the 4. 7 v-8 engine excels on highway driving while not draining the wallet for gas. The electric features operate very well power seats, windows, door locks, etc.. And are very easy to operate. The onboard menu features for mileage, gas consumption, etc.. Work very well and are accurate. Even though it is getting up there in age I still prefer to drive it over our other vehicle.

- Jerry D

It has a great amount of space and is incredibly comfortable! 4WD is great.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee! I drive three boys (aged 2, 7, 10) around most everyday and they all fit comfortably in the back! We have not had many issues, if any with this vehicle. I have always felt comfortable in the Jeep. Our gas mileage is about 12 miles to the gallon, so that is not great. However, the four wheel drive on this vehicle is amazing! My husband and I have taken it off-roading several times and it has never let us down or disappointed.

- Hayley F

The back seats fold down making it easy to pack a lot of stuff if needed.

I love my jeep. I have not had many problems with it at all, and I have been driving it for several years now. It drives smoothly. I have not had any problems with the engine or the transmission. The only problem that I have had with my jeep, is that it will run out of power steering fluid quickly, but even when it runs out of power steering fluid, it still drives nicely. Fixing the power steering fluid only requires you to refill it, so it is an easy fix.

- Courtney S

Positive ride but needs work.

The Jeep is very spacious and comfortable. With excellent control features and safety features. Visibility in this vehicle is excellent. It turns on a dime which is impressive for its size. It is great for trips because it can be backed heavily allowing for long road trips and fun adventures. It is a smooth ride. Though something has gear shift issue at 50 mile per our up hill. Has required a fair amount of work as it is a 14 year old car.

- Nathaniel B

Best auto for dog lover that enjoys camping.

Only issue with it is careful of allowing it to overheat. Fires up first time very responsive easy to handle. Excellent sound-system rides well love keeping as two seater thus giving my dogs plenty of space(mattress in back) dog house on wheels. Went camping in it slept like a baby. Nice cool air just remember turn off all electronics when parking thus when starting less drain on battery and making air much colder when turning fan on.

- Deborah S

Extra room in your next ride for Christmas presents and more.

I have a 2004 Jeep grand cherokee that has been one of the most reliable autos I have owned. The leather seats are heated, everything is power,moonroof,4 wheel drive for winter in Columbus Ohio and I also feel safe with the way it is made in case of any accident. Also I have plenty of room for the kids and for when I get carried away with shopping. I would definitely be recommending this vehicle to anyone looking for a SUV.

- Mary M

Review of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The jeep has been great up until now the previous owner didn't take the best of care when it came to the jeep. I've had it for about 5 years now and it's just recently starting to break down more often than usual I think the only major issue is the exhaust manifold not being so great and cracking also the gas mileage on it isn't great either if you're looking for a more gas/wallet friendly vehicle this V8 is not the one.

- Tamara M

2004 Jeep grand Cherokee great ride fun to drive lots of fun in the snow.

My 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee is a comfortable ride, has a 6 cylinder 4. 0 motor which in my opinion is the best motor made by Jeep has plenty of pick up and go easy to maintain, besides normal wear and tear parts that need replacement it is a good vehicle to own, it is the second Jeep I have owned previous was a 1996 grand Cherokee which was awesome vehicle did the upgrade to 2004 but really loved the 1996 better.

- John B

The four-wheel drive is a nice feature, and helps out in snow or rain.

I have always been a fan of jeep, but we couldn't wish for better with my grand Cherokee. We've owned the same one since 2004 and it still gets us there and back with surprisingly little trips to the shop. The gas mileage is pretty good for such a large vehicle, and the engine still runs smoothly, even after all this time. I really have nothing bad to say about this car, I'll be sorry when she finally gives out!

- Sarah S

2004 Jeep Grand-Cherokee special edition

The seats are fabric and are super comfy. It is a bit of a gas guzzler but not too bad. The problems I have with my car are that the blowers for the heat and ac don't switch so it just stays on the blower for the window. Along with that the back window behind the driver gets stuck and you have to pull it up to get it to roll up if it's all the way down. Other than that it rides really nice and takes turns great.

- Clara P

My vehicle was a limited luxury edition so it wouldn't be the standard models.

The seats are very comfortable and can be heated with a button. The radio functions have also been attached to the wheel for easy switching between stations without taking your hands off the wheel. I have over 150, 000 miles on the vehicle and it is only just now starting to have performance issues. It was used from 2004-2018 before needing to be replaced which is quite a good amount of time for a vehicle.

- Sara F

It drives fast & has leather seats. Heated seats are prime for winter.

It is an amazing Jeep to have. Four wheel drive is awesome, radio is amazing and for an older Jeep it really works for someone who’s buying a car to have for a couple years. The only problems I have had is the windshield wipers are a little bad, but simple fix. And my power steering went out last year but I quickly got that fixed. Other than that. I haven't had any big problems with it. I love my Jeep!!

- Julia D

Great all-purpose vehicle for hauling, family, and disasters.

The suspension is a little rough but it gets me around these awful roads with flooding and potholes everywhere. The awesome clearance has been a godsend with all the rain and flooding recently. It has a lot of room for my growing family. It's taken a lot of abuse and kept on ticking. Issues have been minor, mostly cosmetic. I love the power seats and windows. My last vehicle had manual windows and seats.

- Anna C

2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo. Comfortable and good music system.

We love our 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo. Have 110,400 miles to date. Bought it new. One outstanding feature is the music system - great speaker quality. The car is extremely comfortable to drive and ride in. It has been quite maintenance free, as we have been faithful about servicing every three thousand miles. It has been our only car for the past 10 years. We do not miss having a second vehicle.

- Barbara V

Great safe vehicle for family.

This vehicle is a safe driving car. Routine maintenance is always done. Purchasing safe tires for good driving. A car that we can tow. The car speaks for it is self with a new model purchased in 2004 and still drive for 2018 and will keep using for years ahead. Nice looking and has good power for entering traffic. Also addition is 4 wheel driving. Great room for traveling with 5 people and storage.

- Donna P

Comfort and space, good quality and safety on the road. I would recommend it.

The problem uses a lot of gasoline, the performance is good tho but is really comfy for long distances and has a lot of space, you can fit a lot of thing inside and the velocity is good. I would say overall is a good vehicle. It has 4 doors and good quality on the seats the fabric is good and you can clean it easily. I think that is a good option for a family that need a lot of space and comfort.

- Maria J

The alignment problems with the steering the wandering on the road.

I have a 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee limited it has an issue with the electronics. It does not want to work the doors or the power switch without the key fob. Sometimes it will not unlock doors or work windows unless you slam the door. It also has a problem with holding an alignment one day it seems ok and the next it is like skating on ice. I like my Jeep overall but it seems to have gremlins.

- Debbie C

Jeep grand Cherokee. . . Old reliable.

This vehicle has held up well. It has required no major repairs other than routine, scheduled maintenance. It does not have great mileage, but that is not what it is known for. It has been reliable all-weather transportation as my daily driver and on long road trips. It does well on poorly maintained primitive roads, but I wouldn't plan on using it in deep sand or mud without modification.

- Phil K

04' Jeep Grand Cherokee Lovely Family Car

My 04' Jeep Grand Cherokee is awesome. It is great for hauling household items to a boat. It is spacious and comfortable. The downside is the age of the Jeep and the gas mileage is a little harsh. The jeep only gets 14 miles to the gallon. Also all for windows had complications with the motor rolling up and down had to pay a pretty penny to get all four windows fixed but it was worth it.

- King A

Excellent VERY Reliable vehicle. Wonderful first car!

I own a 2004 Jeep Grand-Cherokee Limited. It's an incredibly reliable vehicle, especially when maintained properly. There is only 1 thing that does not work on the vehicle. And that is the motor to one of the back windows. However rarely having anyone in the back seat does not pose an issue. Overall I love how it drives. It's 15 years old now and drives like it's brand new!

- Sarah P

Comfortable ride, fun to own.

There have been some alternator problems, as well as battery cable corrosion. Easily replaceable, but not easily affordable. There have also been rotor problems and are currently being replaced. The ride is very smooth and comfortable, and gets about 16 miles per gallon. I do like the vehicle though, and its roominess. Would recommend purchasing one to any potential buyer.

- Cathy R

Off-road sport utility vehicle.

Problems I have with the vehicle is having to replace all the front end drive train parts with in a month of owning this vehicle. Can't seem to get rid of the death wobble. Vehicle is good on getting through bad weather. Gets me from point A to B with no major problems. Does good on gas mileage. Seats up to 5 people with plenty of room in the back for stuff to be placed.

- Joe W

Old faithful, they do not make them like this anymore!

My Jeep, although 14 years old, is far more reliable than many new cars. I drive it up and down the east coast, from NY to FL several times a year and it has yet to fail me. It is spacious enough for hauling. Rugged on dirt roads, uneven roads and potholes due to construction. It is very affordable to maintain, taking it to the shop for minor fixes does not cost much.

- Aleksandra M

Proud Jeep owner believes that you would be happy in a Jeep grand Cherokee too.

I have a Jeep grand Cherokee and I love it most of all I feel safe and secure in case of an accident and I have never been worried about breaking down and being stranded I have 4 wheel drive for winter heated leather seats and lots of room for the kids shopping and of course my dog I would recommend a Jeep grand Cherokee if you need a vehicle that you can depend on.

- Beth M

Love my jeep!! Best car ever

I love my jeep. Very reliable. Only had 2 minor issues since I've gotten it. Both were minor and super easy to fix. One issue was the ac not working, found a broken vacuum hose behind the passenger headlight (5 minute fix, replace the vacuum hose). My other issue was with my window/ locks, found 2 broken wires in the drivers door jam (just reconnected the wires)

- Chrissy O

Mostly positive besides wiring issues.

Comfortable and room to seat five. Have only made small repairs in the 10+ years I have owned it. Biggest problem are the wiring issues in the back end. My tail lights, brake lights, and back blinkers short out. Besides that, it has been very reliable and has made it through three kids. The CD player stopped ejecting CD's. Wish there was a place for an AUX cord.

- Rachel G

Great for family and farm life.

It hands extremely well on my back country roads. Handles in ice, snow, high winds, mud, slush... Everything! The leather interior and heated seats are a great bonus for winter time. Automatic transmission is great. Lots of room in the back seat for the car seat. Back storage area is abundant, I can fit a stroller and groceries or 200 lbs of feed for the farm.

- Marie A

It does not get much mileage to the gallon and feels like it can tip over, so you need to know your vehicle.

I like the inline V6 engine, the power is there when I need it. However the 4 wheel drives system is a bit wonky to understand, I'm always pulling out the manual to make sure I don't screw up the system. It is top heavy as well so that worries me the way I drive since it has excellent turning control. I can turn on a dime, but if too fast I might tip over ha!

- Holly B

You take care of it, and it will take care of you for a long time!

I really do love my Jeep. It's a nice solid ride, I feel safe. It has the cargo room I need. It isn't a high profile vehicle, so it's easy to get in and out of. I only wish the gas mileage was better. For as old as it is, it does run well, when things are not wearing out. I hope to be able to keep it on the road well past 200,000 miles. I'm at 166,000!

- Michele D

I like the off-road feature.

It has 4x4 for rough terrain, hills, snow, mud and etc. If you have a family it would be good for you because it is a four door and very spacious. The Jeep has standard features, like cruise control, a standard radio system, heating and air conditioning. It also has fog lights. Jeep s also last for a long time then your average vehicles in terms of mileage.

- Ross F

Very roomy, interior can hold up to dog nails, break problems.

My Jeep is great in the snow. The interior holds up to dog and puppy nails and transporting everything. When we put the back seats down the trunk has enough room to fit a air mattress. The trunk sleeps two adults and a medium size dog very comfortably. I have had trouble twice with the brakes warping within the three years that I have owned the vehicle.

- Meghan R

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

It is very reliable. The interior and exterior last a long time and are very durable. 200K miles and it is still in great condition. No major maintenance needed, just routine small maintenance. Interior is comfortable and easy to keep clean. Plenty of trunk space and overall space in back seats, very good for someone who uses their car as a daily driver

- Sarah C

Jeep is a reliable brand of vehicle. You can trust the brand.

I really like my Jeep overall. As any vehicle ages, there are issues. My biggest issue is rust on the hood and the fenders that seem to appear in the same place on the same model and similar age as my Jeep. I love that it is 4-wheel drive. I also like that I have a full size spare tire under a panel in the trunk and a jack under the back seat.

- Jessica F

The ride is smooth and dependable.

It is comfortable for long distance road trips; plenty of leg-room. I like the automatic wiper controls because I don't have to adjust them when there's suddenly heavier or lighter rainfall. The heating and air conditioning run well; there is hardly any wait time when starting the engine until the heating/air conditioning is running strong.

- Tracy A

Small flaws in Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

The car is nice and runs smoothly but it doesn't get very many miles to the gallon. Sometimes the suspension squeaks when you make a u turn but all in all it is a good car. I've had it for a little under a year so far and I bought it used and I've only had one problem with the battery dying. Besides that I don't have any problems with it

- Justin E

Very reliable and spacious enough to fit my family comfortably.

I love my car. It has been very reliable and so far apart from replacing a o2 sensor I have had no problems with it. It is a 2004 sapphire blue with grey cloth interior and has a very spacious trunk area or I can fit a stroller and everything I need I have enough room for me and my husband like three kids and even including a car seat.

- Christy B

Terrible suspension on the jeep grand Cherokee 2004.

The suspension is terrible. It is bouncy and no matter how many repairs it still is terrible. It is comfortable. But very bouncer and bottoms out on every speed bump. We have had multiple repairs to suspension and it only seems improved temporarily. Also there is a problem with the battery contacts. We have replaced them several times.

- Jennifer J

One great vehicle for anybody of all ages.

The vehicle is nice enough to go out in to somewhere nice or you can take of road. Handles in all condition. One major problem seems to be blind spots on both sides of vehicle. Drives well in all conditions. Plenty of room in back seat plus you have big enough to haul things in back if needed. Would highly recommend it to everybody.

- Roberta D

Jeep review. Personal experience

It is very dependable. It is the Best SUV we ever owned. It is Very roomy inside. It has Lots of storage room. The motor is Very powerful and four wheel drive makes me feel in control of the vehicle at all times. The handling of the vehicle is very good as well. I would most likely buy a newer version of this vehicle in the future.

- Chriss W

Fantastic ride with mild reliability issues.

My vehicle drives so smoothly and I have yet to find another vehicle that drives as smoothly as it does, even very new vehicles. It is extremely comfortable. It does not get very good gas mileage. It is reliability could be better. Some mornings I cross my fingers as I go to start my car cause it can be up in the air sometimes.

- Emily H

2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

I love the body, color, and interior of my car. It is older so it does not have many technological features, but that does not bother me. Being an older car, however, it has needed several repairs in the past few years that have really added up. I love my car so it has been worth it, but I am not sure for how many more years.

- Jen T

Very Safe Vehicle, that will get you where you need to go.

It is large enough that its comfortable for 5 people when traveling. Large area for carrying things in the back. Although it is an SUV it rides likes a luxury sedan. It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of power being a 6 cylinder.. It is a sturdy car that I feel safe in. I only wish it had 4 wheel drive like my old jeep.

- Janice F

Jeeps are the most awesome vehicles on the road today.

My 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo is very dependable. I have only recently had to replace the accessory belt tensioner after 165, 000 miles. My mother says the ride is more comfortable than her 2016 Chrysler three hundred. I have never been stuck in the snow or mud. There are a HI and low range for the four wheel drive.

- Thomas R

It's a fun drive. Especially in 4wd

Great vehicle, gets the job done, comfortable, spacious. The 4 wheel drive is works great. I've been stuck but always have been able to get out. Really glad I made this purchase. Haven't had any major issues with it. Gotta keep up with it, and it will last me a while longer

- Mikhail M

This is a great, reliable Jeep .

My Jeep is a great reliable vehicle. I rarely have issues with it and when I do have issues, they are generally cheap and easy fixes. With almost 200, 000 miles, it still seems new to me. It is a very comfortable ride and great for long road trips. This will be a great vehicle to hand down to my child in a couple years.

- Nicole G

Want to drive anywhere anytime. Drive a jeep.

The coolant system has caused some problems. But it is great in the snow and I live the ride. And it runs everyday. I like being above the road. The sound system is excellent. Gas mileage is efficient enough for me highway 23-25. One more downfall is rust especially muffler clamps. 239,000 miles and engine still purrs.

- Mark C

I would say that it is a good family car. It's safe for the whole family.

I feel like the jeep grand Cherokee is a good, reliable, mid size SUV. I feel that it doesn't really have any problems as long as you keep up on the routine maintenance on it. I also like the fact that it has all wheel drive. And plenty of trunk space for when you want to go out on family outings or a big camping trip.

- Natasha G

Perfect family vehicle that performs great in all conditions

It's spacious enough for my family to ride in comfortably with everything we need so it's perfect to take on trips. The gas mileage you get is great for being a bigger vehicle. We haven't had any problems with it. We've taken it off road, in snow and ice, pulled trailers on it and it performs great for those activities

- Sara D

Jeep grand Cherokee review.

The Jeep grand Cherokee is a great vehicle! It can sometimes be a little small for a family but it is a great size for a couple and maybe a pet as well. The seats are very comfortable and the stereo system and sound is pretty good! The only negative thing I have to say about it is the blind spot it has on the sides.

- Rachel D

Reliable SUV vehicle for all weather.

My vehicle is older so it starting to come to the end of its life. It starts every time and the a/c and heater work great. Gas mileage is fine, it is a 4 wheel drive which uses more gas. Handles well in the snow and off road. The hauling capacity is good. The inside can fit a small couch if the seats are laid down.

- Marisa M

I love my Jeep, it has a lot of get up and go.

I really love my car overall. I bought it used from someone. I haven't had any major issues with it since I got it. One small problem is half the lights in the dashboard have gone out, so it's hard to tell how fast your going at night. Most of the lights in the radio and by the air control have also gone out.

- Alexa D

It is a strong vehicle to drive.

Our Jeep is a good vehicle not good for a big family though the wires for the windows sometimes get caught in the door and messes with the windows legroom is good though it is a strong running vehicle definitely would get another one but a newer version of it the older versions have to many issues to deal with.

- Shawn L

Issues with Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo and my current problems.

Needs a lot of maintaining. Repairs expense. However great family car. Have had 2 Jeeps now and if take. Care of will last for years. Not great on gas though. The Jeep I have now has issue with idling too high and someone changed the computer out on it so it cannot clear all the error messages. Kind of a pain.

- Alex E

My only wish, we had gotten the moon roof!

Love the space. Me and my 2 kids have taken it hunting, fishing, camping, and even pull out tent trailer. Our dog rides in the rear area, where there are convenient tie downs, to secure him to, or loose cargo. We live the roomy seating, with the option of folding down part of the rear seat for added cargo area.

- Jay-me A

Good car but has problems.

It has a lot of problems, the electric aspects of the car constantly go in and out. Dashboard sometimes doesn't work. Good gas mileage. Top heavy and blows around a lot in the wind. Overall a good car, but it has its issues. I dislike many parts about it. Windows won't roll down. Air conditioning doesn't work.

- Hannah J

The 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the straight six engine is dependable and is still running strong after almost 14 years and 130,000 miles.

Vehicle is extremely reliable. Except for a defective rear differential discovered shortly after purchasing new in 2004, no major mechanical issues. The vehicle is almost 14 years old and I would not hesitate to drive it across the country. Fuel economy could be better considering it has a six cylinder engine.

- Dan T

It is a super reliable vehicle with very low maintenance. The vehicle is safe.

The Jeep runs very smooth. It however runs 30 miles to a gallon. It is rugged enough to go four wheel driving. It is an automatic with the ability to operate manually. The seats fold down in the back to extend the back of the Jeep. The Jeep is wider than most vehicles and takes extra thought to park straight.

- Jessica T

The best 4 wheel drive, comfortable Jeep around!

I like my vehicle it gets me where I need to go. The only thing I am not a fan of is I get horrible gas mileage but that is probably just the way it is. It is pretty good in the winter, love that it has 4 wheel driver. It is pretty comfortable and reliable. drives nice down the interstate and everywhere else.

- Kelsey S

Grand Cherokee’s are great for parents.

drives well from point A to point B. Door panel on inside started falling off randomly. Very durable SUV. Eats gas like crazy. Nice & convenient for people with kids. Interior is dark which is great because I have a toddler who makes messes. Trunk is very spacious. Overall, great vehicle. Just a little old.

- Quila R

Many issues with 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

We bought this car used, and so far have had problems with the power windows, sensors and other things staying on, when there is nothing wrong with it. The car tends to be very shaky and loose. Also the belt has come loose and the upper part of the belt something was corroded(I don't know the name of part)

- Emily W

Still the best purchase I ever made.

I rated a 3 because of the comfort. The inside are a bit small and pretty compact, the seats are a bit squished for a passenger and driver. Wished there a bit more room for the back seats but than it is a 2004 grand Cherokee I am sure the newer models has upgraded to something better and much more comfier.

- Tory V

Black 2004 Jeep grand Cherokee with black leather interiors.

Very reliable. Bad mileage. Very comfortable and a great, smooth, easy drive. Only real problem is having to fill up the tank two or three times a week depending on the commute. This was my first car and she still drives like new. No issues with oil changes, smog, etc. All wheel drive is an added plus.

- Michaela D

Jeep Grand Cherokee. Still running after 15 years.

Blown a casket once but other than that just usual maintenance. Change and rotate the tires, oil changes every 3000 miles. Brakes done every year and a half to two years. Wash and keep interior cleaned. Air conditioning went out like two years ago but I live in the North so it's cold most of the year.

- Kevin D

My Jeep is a comfy and reliable car for me in the winter.

Because it is used it has some wear and tear on it but it is reliable. It does not get great gas mileage and that is a main concern for me. Overall it handles well in the winter and that is the main reason I got the Jeep in the first place. I really like the sun roof and it is comfortable to drive.

- Chris G

Grand-grand Cherokee jeep. 4 wheel drive and shine.

Great car. Still runs good after 15 years. Has some trouble with engine but that just comes with wear and age.. Extremely comfortable, large trunk. Older model so there is not a music cord port but there is a CD player. My favorite car I have had and I do not plan on buying a new one anytime soon.

- Abigail S

Jeeps are very reliable vehicles

Barely needs a tune up and runs very well. Runs well on gas in addition it is an all season vehicle. My jeep have never given me any problems and it comes with alert sensors that allows you what services will need to be required. So far Jeeps are number 1 vehicles to have, an all around vehicle.

- James W

Love my jeep, best vehicle I have ever owned.

Absolutely love my cherokee . Normal maintenance, replied starter, ac blower, tires, liftgate pistons, nothing major, 160,000 miles, love my jeep. 4 wheel drive,2nd row of seats lay down completely for full size person can lay comfortably,towing package, inline six, plenty of power and comfort.

- James H

Jeep s can last a long time if you take care of them.

Had to replace the transmission along with some spark plugs. Gas mileage for the SUV is not that bad considering it is older. Has 4 wheel drive that is useful for living on a hill during the winter. Can tell what the temperature is outside, see how many miles in gas you have left, and a compass.

- Lindsey K

If you like 4 wheeling you need a trip in a Jeep.

This is our second Jeep. It is dependable--gets go gas mileage--and the ride is comfortable being a 4 wheel drive. It is trail rated so we go 4 wheeling often. Get good service in the transmission and with spark plugs. We got over 300, 000 miles on our first Jeep and this is over 200, 000 now.

- Nancy S

Great car for snow and Midwest winters.

Very reliable. Comfortable interior, good looking car. Performs amazing in snow and other bad weather. V8 engine doesn't give for best fuel economy, but was fast and powerful. Heated seats are great in the winter, leather is good quality. Plenty of useable space with the trunk and seats down.

- Charlie W

Plenty of legroom in back seat.

The leardo is easy to handle on the road. Very little road noise. I find the vehicle spacious on the inside. It has plenty of cargo space. It is kind of easy to climb into. Meaning it does not sit to high off the ground. I have hip and back problems. So it is not to low to the round either.

- Norma A

Beautiful Jeep grand Cherokee.

This vehicle is 14 years old so there is some wear and tear but it still runs well and continues to get us from point A to point B. We love the comfort and the space in the car. It is ideal for long drives. Although we have an issue with the passenger side front window, it does not stay up.

- Alex F

The Jeep is a great family car and can haul a lot of camping gear or kids stuff.

My car is excellent in the snow. We get lots of snow in MN. The leather interior is very easy to keep clean. The cargo area can haul large loads. The Jeep has good visibility. The Jeep can easily tow a trailer or camper. The dual front heaters keep each passenger at the right temperature.

- Julie B

Jeep really goes the distance!

My Jeep makes me feel safe--it's sturdy, heavy, and sound. It is versatile--I can load and carry just about anything. It is comfortable--cloth seats, roomy, not too noisy. It is been inexpensive to maintain. I would prefer it got better gas mileage but it is a v8 so I do like the power.

- Terry R

Four wheel drive CD player that takes five disk great for all weather.

I haven't had any major issues with my car other than regular routine maintenance I recently had to replace a serpentine belt but other than that my car has been really good to me regular oil checks great on gas and for the winter weather I am purchasing another of the same brand soon.

- Chantelle L

Love my Jeep grand Cherokee.

Heavy and handles well in all weather especially snow. Does not even use that much gas although does cost to fill the tank. Large enough for 3 dogs or 2 kids with booster seats. Good storage space in back. Like all the outlets. I am tall with arthritic knees, easy to get in and out of.

- Dana R

the extended warranty is free also.

I don't like the loose steering wheel & the bouncing that it has while driving down the road. It doesn't get good gas mileage & everything is starting to go wrong with it. It runs hot & water pump is out so I have to keep water put in it because I can't afford to have it fixed really.

- Jena H

Pros outweigh the cons satisfactorily.

I like the comfort of the ride and size of the vehicle. I like the speed of heating and air conditioning - it does not take long for either to be up and running once I turn on the car. The only thing I do not like about the vehicle is the gas consumption - it is too high for my usage.

- Tracy A

Power seats power windows rear defrost and wiper

It's very reliable. Not so good on gas. Excellent 4 wheel drive. Great towing. Good family vehicle. Really good starter vehicle. Power seats power windows. Rear defrost works great helps a lot in the winter. Can fit 3 car seats in the back seat. Back seats fold down for extra storage

- Mary W

Love my Jeep!! Couldn't ask for a better vehicle.

I haven't had an issues with my Jeep at all. Very reliable vehicle. The engine is built tough. It is not terrible on gas. It is great for road trips and vacations as it has tons of leg room and plenty of space for luggage. I plan on buying a newer Jeep within the next couple of years.

- Christopher M

The Grand Cherokee is a very reliable SUV.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been such an amazingly reliable vehicle. I have never had an issue where I have broken down somewhere, other than a dead battery. I always stay up to date on maintenance and in return it seems to have helped. I have not had any major maintenance issues.

- Joshua K

The horn stopped working.

The wiring is messed up so I can't open the sunroof or roll down the driver side window. The car barely makes it over 70 miles an hour. The back hatch does not stay open by itself so I have to get someone to hold it up which is very inconvenient. The paint is chipping on the hood.

- Sydney G

The car gets you where you need to go.

I have had problems with my radiator. The valves are ticking in the motor. Overall, it has been a good car. Since I've had the jeep I have replaced the radiator, pulleys, serpentine belt, gasket, battery, and fuses. For some reason, the fuses all blew and the car wouldn't crank..

- Erica P

For the love of my jeep! Never going to give you up!

I love the feel of how it drives! Makes us shorties feel tall and powerful! LoL. Great for off and on roading. (If you're in pothole city) Plus less blind spots than my car! Love the grocery space and last but not least, the speakers and CD player! I fell in love that first drive!

- Michelle R

That it's a very nice car to have.

I like the size, durability, ease of handling, gas mileage and the fact that it is paid for. I dislike that it is grey in color and is not as fast to respond as it once was. Also, the tires will need to be aligned soon--but that could be that we are driving more on country roads.

- Helen T

Heated seats, sun/moonroof, lift glass, bright lights, reliable

It's old with high miles so not always reliable but I just got it fixed at the dealership. And now it run great. It's super comfortable I love my heated seats and sun/moonroof. I like the space I have in my car. Very roomy. I like that I don't have to worry about getting stuck.

- Sarah K

Unsure what an interesting detail is.

Problems with windows rolling down when cranking car, problems with sensors, problems with alternator. Other than that it runs good. It is reliable around town but not sure that I would drive too far in it. It has a lot of space if you have kids or need to haul work equipment.

- Anna F

A family vehicle for all adventures.

We are the second owners for our jeep. It has over 100,000 miles on it now. We have replaced the basics-starters, tires, air filter, back lift door shocks, absolutely nothing major. The vehicle has been a great family vehicle that we are planning on having for many more years.

- Jaime B

This car makes me feel free.

It has had a few problems over the years, but mostly if I slack on maintenance upkeep. It handles like a truck, which I love. Great amount of space in the car. Very reliable. Love the four wheel drive feature, can drive it in almost any condition and you know you will be safe.

- Mary K

Great features including heated seats, sunroof, and leather seats.

Jeep grand Cherokee is a performance vehicle. The 4 wheel drive is helpful in snow and rain. The heated seats, speakers, and 6 disk CD player are my favorite features. The ignition has been the main problem with the Jeep. Also the ac went out and is very expensive to replace.

- Stephanie S

Slight problems, but worth it.

It takes a lot of gas to have her run. Lots of space though to put stuff in car. Four wheel drive is absolutely amazing. Does not have an AUX cord so I had to buy a Bluetooth thing so I could play music from my phone in the car. Can fit a lot of people in the car comfortably.

- Brooke G

Dependable vehicle Comfortable vehicle Nice looking.

My Jeep has been very dependable, I did Have issues with the radiator a few times, But when you take of your vehicle it should last a while, the ac on my car had to be fixed, but it is roomy and has plenty of space, esp. If you go on a trip. I have had my car for 10 years.

- Tammy F

Very reliable and sturdy.

I love this vehicle. It is very sturdy and reliable. There have been problems with the wiring in the taillights and the windows that have caused problems but overall it is a great reliable vehicle. It is very good with gas mileage and the CD player has always worked for me.

- Tracy H

Perfect for all roads but be careful with the trunk.

The paint in the windshield is weak I see several Jeep s with these problem and is not good because look ugly, the trunk do not stay up you need take it with your hands because hit your head when fall, this are all the problems with the Jeep , other things are for the use.

- Liz R

Good vehicle but does require some work

I had to replace the cylinder head and head gasket twice. I've also had the radiator crack two times in 3 years. The gas mileage is decent. I am getting about 15 or 16 miles city and close to 20 highway. The seats are extremely comfortable and there is plenty of legs room.

- Victor G

Last of the real Jeep Grand cherokees

It is the last year of the solid axles in the Grand Cherokee. It rides wonderfully with a soft but not too soft ride. The v8 provides enough power to drive through the mountains without feeling like the vehicle is straining on hills. Gas mileage is around the 20 mpg mark.

- Michael G

Grand Cherokee jeep buyers guide.

I have the 4.7l v8 and it is not very reliable. My entire steering (tie rods, ball joints, etc) needs to be done. Great community surrounding the car though. Not very expensive and resell will be even worse. Look for the 4.0 straight 6.Wjjeeps.Com has a lot of great info.

- jeff C

Fun off-road, handles great in the snow.

2004 Jeep grand Cherokee limited. Like the car, bought it used. Like all used cars it had a ton of issues. Everything is rusted, needs to be replaced, but it's a good car. Handles amazing in the snow. Great on gas. When the time comes I will check out a newer model.

- Danielle C

I love my Jeep. I would not want to have any other car to drive.

Very comfortable. Superior visibility. Great ride. Not so great on fuel economy. It has over 200K miles and is still running fantastic. I feel very safe in this car. Another vehicle ran into my Jeep and there was no damage to the Jeep. The other car was not so fortunate.

- Patricia E

Long-lasting vehicle but sunroof leaks.

My vehicle has 135, 000 miles on it and is only now having transmission issues. It is been a good car and is great for short people as you can reach the pedals - difficult with the newer vehicles out there. I recommend not getting one with a sunroof though as it leaks.

- Sara F

Jeeps always work well for me.

I enjoy the ability to go where I want, when I want without worrying if I'll get stuck, if the road is not just smooth sailing. I like sitting up high enough to see farther down the road. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the gas mileage could be much better.

- Debra B

Unmatched reliability and dependability.

2004 Was the last year for solid axle suspension, which offers killer traction, and unbreakable reliability. My grand Cherokee has nearly 250k miles, and other than basic service, has had almost no parts fail/need replacing. If reliability is what you want, think Jeep.

- John S

Longevity has been an asset with this Jeep. It has been a pleasure to own.

This Jeep has been very reliable. I have had minimal issues with it. It is been in the garage about once a year for the last 5 years for things like brakes, temperature gauge, belt. Just normal wear and tear issues. It is comfortable still to drive. Love the interior!

- Valerie S

Sun roof. It has a nice one.

I like my car because I have had very few problems with it and have had it for over 5 years. I will be looking at another Jeep perhaps to buy in the future. I like the features in the newer models if Jeep. I can't think of much more to say about the car at this time.

- Susanne H

My Jeep grand cherokee is an overland model.

My Jeep was purchased new in 2004. It has been a very reliable vehicle that has been well maintained and I drive happily to this day. It is a good vehicle in the winter in New England which can sometimes get many inches of snow. I would definitely buy another Jeep .

- Cheryl T

Runs well very dependable.

Love my jeep. Runs well. Had a few normal repairs all the normal wear and tear on it. Tires, battery, motor on window. Wiper blades, sensor. Brakes. I do regular oil change. Rotate tires. Keep it clean & washed. Garage kept watch for any leaks it doing real well.


2004 Jeep Cherokee still living 15 years later!

Reliability is great. Very roomy. As all Jeeps, it gets bumpy on the highway but I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have not had very many issues other than normal maintenance. I feel the gas mileage is fair. It is very safe. I love the comfort of the Jeep all in all.

- Tracy P

Grand Cherokee the sunroof is fun when it's cool. Our.

Great car power steering pump went out brakes, ac a little weak fun car great sunroof heated leather seats lots of room to haul stuff tires are expensive but it has plenty of leg room and looks nice interior is nice exterior is nice lots of room and fun to ride in.

- Paula W

My car has heated seats and amazing base and it goes fast.

I love my car it has heated seats. The leather seats are very comfortable and it heats up very quickly. It is fast and reliable. It has a v8 and amazing base. I love my car so much. My car is extremely reliable and everyone is envious of it because it is amazing.

- Samantha M

Perfect family midsize SUV.

My Jeep is very reliable, and have had very few problems with it. As long as you keep up with maintenance. It is the perfect midsize SUV for people with families or dogs that like to go for a ride. The only negative quality is that it is a bit of a gas guzzler.

- Samantha H

It is a comfortable vehicle and a good looking vehicle.

My car is mostly reliable. We have a tail light that keeps burning and an a check engine light that keeps coming on. The seats are really comfortable. There is no air in the back so that is not good. Passengers get hot because of that and the seats are black.

- Laurie G

The jeep grand cherokee is a great vehicle to have and It's good when you have kids.

I love my jeep grand cherokee it is comfortable and it is good for the whole family. The jeep rides smooth but we also own a cadillac and nothing compares to the acceleration and smooth ride of the cadillac The jeep grand cherokee is more practical and roomy.

- lynn H

Reliable. My truck rarely gives me any problems

My truck is very reliable and I rarely have problems with it. The oil is changed when needed to be every so often so that helps with engine performance. I've had to change the water pump and radiator during the cold freezing temperatures in the winter months

- Nike W

Great family sport utility vehicle.

It sits up high, it runs great, the inside has lots of room, very comfortable interior, it is very reliable, it has a really great stereo, it has a great engine, air conditioner is very cold, wish it got better gas mileage, very clean, very smooth to drive.

- Ma P

Luxury jeep. Which has all the bells and whistles.

I love the heated seats, heated mirrors. I also love that it has 4 doors. A lot of extras. It is a very comfortable ride. Right now it is in the service garage, because it is leaking what I think is transmission fluid. I sure hope it does not cost too much.

- Jeanie B

My vehicle is very spacious and it is an easy car to learn to drive.

My car is great but it eats way to much gas. If it could be a hybrid that would be great. Also the engine is finicky but we somehow manage to use it. It is a good car for short trips but we cannot take it on the road because the gas would kill our budget.

- Brandy F

It is a big SUV. It takes some time to learn how to handle it.

I like the heavy feeling of the vehicle. It requires some effort to get it to go fast, it's not super touchy like some other cars I've driven. It is very reliable. In the beginning, it had some mechanical issues, but since then it has been ultra reliable.

- jake d

A car can roll just as easily as a SUV.

I love the Jeep grand Cherokee. . . I have own several and just keep upgrading as needs. I have owned other SUVs but just am not as comfortable driving them as I am the Jeep. I love the fact if you get stuck, you can flip it in 4 wheel drive and get out.

- Cheryl F

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004.

Great goes in snow. Comfortable ride and last forever. Plenty of room for a family and all the stuff that goes with it. Seats are very comfortable and slide to adjust for height. Fan needs to be replaced often as it quits and makes the car overheat.

- Valerie G

It's comfortable riding and decent fuel mileage.It has lots of cargo room in the back.

I like the fact it has 4 doors which allows easy access in or out. Also like the height of it which allows ease of getting in or out without jumping down out or pulling up into it. My only complaint is the driver's seat is messed up and needs replaced.

- Lynn G

what a beast, goes through anything

dependable, comfortable to drive. Easy to maintain and has proven itself to be an asset. The only real complaints I have about is that it goes through brakes quite often. They only last about 6 months of normal driving. The other is gas mileage is low

- john S

Great everyday family car

Drives great. Comfortable for long distance driving. Lots of cargo room. The select a trac automatic 4 wheel drive transmission feature is excellent because you no longer have to go outside of your vehicle in bad weather to manually lock the hubs in.

- Courtney A

A solid, reliable SUV for a single person or family.

My Jeep grand Cherokee is consistently reliable, even in tough terrain. It has required minimal maintenance and it still runs smooth. It is spacious, easy to drive, and comfortable. I feel like I can take it anywhere and I love the dark green color.

- Jenna V

Drives great in the snow. Jeep is comfortable to drive.

The only issue I have had with the jeep is that I am constantly having problems with keeping air in my tires. The mechanic finally figured out the rims need replaced because there is a coating on the factory trims that isn't allowing a good seal.

- Pam S

the 4.7 liter engine is great, but since it is aluminum heads all it takes is one overheat and you can end up with head gasket leaks.

last year that they included a solid front axle, now they make them with independent front suspension which limits the lift options for extreme off road driving. The aluminum dana 4 is a bad thing, wish they used a more common rear differential.

- shane b

Go anywhere in a Jeep! Take your friends, parents, spouse, or boss. Anywhere, with anyone, whenever you want to go.

I love the size and carrying capacity ratio of my Jeep. I can fit most camping trip groups, and have even slept in it. While driving, it feels small despite Its size and handles very well. The seating in the backseat is a bit short though.

- John A

It has all the power and space that you could ever need.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive. This makes it easier to get around in the winter. It has plenty of space inside. It is easier for me to get in and out of , than a car. The only thing I kinda don't like is that it uses a lot of gas.


The one most important thing others should know about my Jeep Grand Cherokee is that it is a great brand but the gas mileage is still not ideal.

I like my Jeep Grand Cherokee and I think it's a good brand of vehicle. It has a space for carrying loads and I think it's held up pretty well considering its age. I dislike how much maintenance costs but every car has its issues.

- Courtney F

It is a smooth ride and very roomy.

I like that it is not low to the ground and I can see better, by not being blocked by taller vehicles in my path. I like the roominess and smooth ride.... The only thing I dislike about it, are the cost of parts for any repairs..

- Cathy R




Reliable and cost-effective. When problems arise, the ease of access to parts of this model make fixes cheap and easy.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an innumerably reliable vehicle, running smoothly from the first day it came into my possession until now. The windows easily get stuck, a common problem on this model, but it's a cheap and easy fix.

- Joseph S

That Its an awesome car and Its very reliable.

It's a great car. It has the 4x4, which is great if you live where it snows. My air conditioner and the heat works very well, which I love. It's just very reliable I've only had a few problems with it, which were not to bad.

- Bianca B

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

I love my Grand Cherokee! I've had it for 3 years and it's the perfect SUV for my needs. Spacious enough to fit most items and comfortable enough for long rides. The only complaint I have is mine didn't come with a sunroof.

- Jabrielle R

This car is great and will last a long time. My Jeep is 14 years old and is still super reliable.

I love my Jeep, I really do. It's 14 years old and has over 213,000 miles on it and it still runs great! We've had it for about 4 years now, and never had any major issues with it. It's a very reliable and durable vehicle.

- Tanya S

It is dependable and and has had no major repair issues. It is a four wheel drive vehicle in case of bad weather and also has partial four wheel capacity..

My Jeep is dependable and comfortable. It has had very few problems over the time I have had it. The upkeep is reasonable. My only complaint is the miles per gallon but since I do not drive a lot, it does not bother me.

- Gloria M

it's a very comfortable vehicle to travel in and it's very easy on gas.

I like the comfort of the ride. I like that it has 4 wheel drive and will go in any weather. I like the interior comfort also. I like the style of the body and I like that I can put down the seats and haul lumber with it.

- Lori O

Drives and handles wonderfully.

I love the style of my Jeep both inside and outside; it drives very smoothly; it's very dependable; only thing I dislike is that it could get a bit better gas mileage, but it is an 8 cylinder so that's kind of my fault.

- Kay P

It needs shocks and brakes. Drive with care.

I love my Jeep. I like how I feel and how comfortable it makes me feel. I like size, it's not too big or too small. The only complaints I have is that it currently needs a LOT of work that I cannot afford to have done.


Reliable for family outings and spacious.

Third Jeep and wont be the last. Drives great for long trips and spacious for family and pets. Overtime some gauges (needle, digital lights, etc. ) Become unreliable but it's said to be a common issue with Jeeps.

- Prince H

I feel very safe in this vehicle. It is a very good size. Not too big not too small. Very comfortable.

I love my vehicle. It runs great. It is very comfortable. It's not too small not too big. It sits up high. I own it and it gets pretty good gas mileage. I really like the color. It has a very nice stereo in it.

- Mark P

Jeeps are luxurious yet sturdy. Love the way it handles & it hasn't really given me any problems.

Never had many problems with my Jeep until recently. Now that it's getting old everything is beginning to break. I guess it's kind of like the human body...it all breaks down with age but it's still running.

- Patricia C

The best features of an SUV without feeling like you are driving a beast!

With the back seats down and a sleeping bag, I can sleep in a rest area on a long trip without having to drive an enormous vehicle. It shakes at 65mph but other than that has been very reliable and versatile.

- Chris R

My Jeep goes anywhere and everywhere in comfort and style.

My vehicle is great. It goes everywhere and always starts right up. I can go anywhere off-road and not get stuck. It has all the bells and whistles. My only problem is the v8 and all the gas I go through.

- Amy L

It has bad gas mileage which gets very expensive.

My vehicle has very bad gas mileage as I often how to fill up my tank weekly for $50. It also struggles to accelerate quickly and does not feel sturdy if I were to get into a crash. The comfort is good.

- Mary D

It has been very dependable and a quality made vehicle

It is dependable. It rides well and requires no more than normal maintenance usually. I like the way it looks. It is built well and is not falling apart inside like some vehicles I have had in the past

- Jesse H

It's engine is young and doesn't have as many miles as you would expect for It's age. It is a very sturdy and dependable vehicle.

It's very underused for It's age leading it to be a very young dependable car. It's been in an accident once and it holds just fine. It tends to be loud but I attribute that to sitting for a long time

- Cody M

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a great vehicle!

I love the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I love the AWD. I love the short wheel base and good turning radius. I love the power. I don't love the bad gas mileage and the rust around the bottom of the vehicle.

- Tim W

It gets horrible gas mileage.

Well some problems I had and do have is the gas mileage is bad, but it gets me from point A to point B. It's a old model so the seats are kind of worn but not too bad. Overall it's pretty reliable,

- Jeremy A

It is sporty but plenty of room for a family.

I like the feel and the look of the car even after having it 14 years. I like sitting higher in a SUV and having 4 wheel drive. I have never had any problems with it and still looks as good as new.

- Denise B

It has a purple sparkle paint job that changes different hues and it just sparkles.

When we bought this vehicle it needed brakes. We looked over everything else and, it all looked good. We've had it for 3 years now and is doing good. So we expect to have it for awhile long time.


Tow package included, four wheel drive

Air conditioner went out, dead battery, driver window needed fixed to roll down, just regular things. Decent on gas, great in snow. Has nice features, drives well. Big enough to haul things in

- Sheri L

Its a 4 wheel drive. We pull the boat with ease. Awesome vehicle.

My Jeep grand Cherokee is a very nice vehicle. Has automatic window and door locks. Seats adjust to just my fit. Air conditioning is freezing cold. A nice ride all the way around. I love it.

- Sandy B

Never been stuck in the mud or snow.

It is been extremely reliable never left me stranded. Does very well off-road and decent towing. Gas mileage is my only complaint. Would definitely buy another grand Cherokee in the future.

- Justin W

This vehicle can handle most 4-wheel trails without any modifications, yet also provides comfort driving in the city.

I love how my Jeep is both luxurious and rugged. It can handle 4-wheel trails and the city. It's a comfortable, high quality vehicle. It's dependable and durable and easy to do diy repairs.

- Christine S

It is very reliable.All though it is an older jeep, i have had very little problems out of it.

My vehicle has adjustable seats, adequate leg room. I can haul stuff in it, because my back seats lay down opening the trunk up even bigger. I sit up higher then any car that i have owned.

- Lena K

My Jeep provides an incredibly smooth ride. It is a wonderful car to drive and very comfortable on long rides.

I love my vehicle. It is 14 years old and still going strong. The only thing I dislike about it is that it is starting to rust out and I know that I won't be able to keep it forever.

- Tracy M

It's very cost efficient in that it gets good mileage and seldom needs repairs.

Dislike that its only 2 wheel drive and set up to be towed but not tow. Like the fuel economy. Do not like that it has hydraulic arms that are supposed to hold open the hood and hatch.

- Ray J

More truck than other SUVs.

I dislike how truckish it is. How bumpy the ride is compared to other SUVs or cars. I also dislike the gas mileage. I do like how big and roomy it is, though, and it seems very safe.

- Tara G

It gets poor gas mileage if driving in the city, and a little better on the freeway.

Bought it used and have had it for 13 years. It's been very reliable with no complaints. Not many accessories but that's okay. Love to be able to haul stuff in the spacious interior.

- Verlee T

Sturdy, Reliable, and Low Maintenance! I trust this vehicle to keep my family safe.

My Jeep is great in general, but I need to get it serviced. The air conditioning doesn't work, the ABS light is on, and it needs an oil change. But it's a sturdy, reliable vehicle.

- Kim G

It's a Jeep thing! I Love my Jeep! Best vehicle I've ever owned!

I love my Jeep because I can haul things and there's plenty of room to be comfortable. If I had a choice, I would only purchase another Jeep. I've had great service from my Jeep!

- Dolores K

it has great gas mileage and very low maintenance my jeep may not go where the 4x4 go but it does stand Its ground i bought this jeep in 2006 and i still own it today 2018

my first jeep was a 4x4 and i loved it i sold that one and now have a newer model still jeep is my favorite plus It's a chrysler product and somehow i have always stuck to that

- glenda s

Driving my Jeep gives me confidence in that it gets reasonable gas mileage as well as dependable in varying season conditions.

It is a joy to drive my Jeep. It has luxury features, such as adjustable, heated seats, which make my back pain very comfortable on long trips. I feel confident driving my Jeep.

- Laura F

They should know that it is a great car to drive

The car is provides an extremely smooth ride considering it is an suv. I love the look of the vehicle both inside and out. It is also relatively fuel efficient for an suv.

- jeff J

It is a great vehicle that brings me joy. It has been with me 10 years and hopefully 10 more!

My ride is black and has lots of room in it to fit camping gear. I love taking it to the mountains. No mechanical problems and it will be with me until it stops running.

- Matthew G

Seats are very comfy! So it is been a great vehicle for road trips.

Recently it has been leaking what appears to be oil or water. Not a significant amount, luckily, but enough to keep a consistent wet spot underneath the engine everyday.

- Mac L

The gas mileage on is fantastic.

I like that my vehicle is reliable and it can go 4 miles upon miles without needing me and your maintenance it will last forever and the gas mileage on it is fantastic.

- Marissa A

Jeeps are reliable vehicles.

I love my car, it has lasted a long time and is in pretty good shape. I dislike the wiring of the steering wheel. It has caused my problems on more than one occasion.

- Travis T

Reliable and cheap to own.

It's very reliable and easy to drive. It's great for all scenarios, large enough to carry family, haul stuff and all Wheel drive for bad weather. Comfortable To drive

- Dave D

Dependable vehicle that is great in all types weather.

Jeep has a fantastic ride with great towing capabilities. Also spacious cargo area. Downfall is the vehicle does not have very good gas mileage. Very low maintenance.

- John M

There is a lot of room and is comfortable.

I like that it is a SUV. I like that it is AWD. I dislike that the radio (original) does not have an audio input to plug in my phone. I dislike the gas inefficiency.

- Jennifer P

It is very spacious and can hold an entire dorm room inside with room to spare.

It is very reliable and comfortably sits 4 average sized adults or 5 with less room. There has been some problems with the oil gauge as well as the computer system.

- Beth T

My car is perfect for someone who wants a smaller SUV that can still carry around a few kids.

I love my Jeep because it is a part of who I am. It is getting to the point that it is older and breaking down a lot now. We are constantly putting it in the shop.

- Ginna B

There is a lot of gas to the mile. Plus the seats are so comfortable to sit in.

The one thing that i don't like about my jeep is that when i use the brakes it shakes my car. I like that there is a lot of space for my friends to sit in the back

- Brooke D

Great vehicle! Very dependable

I love my Jeep! Had it for many years and it has high mileage. And still runs like a champ. It's very reliable. Only had to replace the cooling system. And tires.

- Chandra E

It's a V4 inline all wheel drive SUV

I love that's it's all wheel drive and can handle any weather well. It's roomy, comfortable, and built sturdy. The one thing I don't like is the poor gas mileage.

- Mimi T

Jeeps always hold their value.

I love the all wheel drive. I love that it has been a great vehicle to me. I do not like that she's old. I do not like that she is starting to have major issues.

- Christina B

No issues at all!! Best vehicle I have ever owned!

I have loved this vehicle since I bought it! It has lasted for a long time and hasn't had any major issues except needing new brakes! I will be sad when it dies.

- Casey H

A Jeep is an excellent, long lasting vehicle. It is dependable and easily maintained

I like the fact that it's dependable. It's 14 years old and still looks good. It still runs good. And there is nothing I dislike about it. In fact I love it.

- Vicki B

The car is a 2005 it is old.

I love the comfort of the drive. The seats go to the perfect selection. The mirrors go to the perfect selection. I do not have any complaints about my vehicle.

- Judi C

Jeep Grand Cherokee has all the power you will ever need.

My vehicle is a SUV, Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has 4 wheel drive. I like that because it helps in the winter time. My SUV has lots of room and is fun to drive.

- Daryl A

4wd handles the best great features

I love the handling with the4wd with our winters is almost a must the panel keys me know my fuel p miles any service that needs done and the temp outside

- Myra N

The vehicle does great in about any weather condition and is fun to drive.

Dependable, great in snow, great for work and heavy loads, rugged, comfortable. Vehicle is spacious and can accommodate heavy loads and passengers well.

- Mel B

Good in snow, four wheel drive, safe first car for a teen

Rides nice, good winter vehicle good family vehicle Wish had better had mileage, made to last longer like in the old days. Less computerized parts

- Debra R

Jeep provides a great value, they are a solid vehicle for the price.

Good car, comfortable and great bells and whistles, would prefer to get better gas mileage. The car is getting old. Would buy a new Jeep in the future.

- Stephanie B

It is a Jeep, and it only has 55, 000 miles.

Car is reliable, drives really well, not many problems, it has terrible gas mileage though, so not recommended if you put a lot of miles on your car.

- Joanna R

It last a long time and you get little to no repairs.

I like it has not caused me to repair it every year. I like that it has a inch lift and it is a smooth ride. I don't like the radio it cuts out a lot

- Jeremiah I

It is reliable, with plenty of room.

Speedometer has stopped working, brakes are a little touchy, but overall it is a great car that I really love. It is the perfect fit for our family.

- Jennifer P

It is very dependable and good quality.

I like the way it looks and the way it handles. It has very few mechanical problems and I have been very satisfied with it. I would buy another one.

- Jesse K

It can go anywhere. It is amazing.

I love everything about my car. There are a few things I would like to change, like I would enjoy a sunroof. I?d also like to have more cup holders.

- Sheryl P

It is a very safe vehicle to drive.

Handles weather conditions well. Paint, interior and drive. Train did not hold up well and would have liked to have gotten longer with the vehicle.

- Ivy E

How much mileage it has so that I know.

I like that it is of this century. It also has a sun roof for the summers. The only thing I dislike is the learner's wear and tear over the years.

- Juan C

It is very good in snow. Your able to set it at 3 different drive settings.

I like it because it is good in snow. I dislike it because it is not very good on gas. My only complaint is the widow control wires keep breaking.

- Kurt B

Great Jeep awesome for a little family.

It is a good car I love it a/c works mileage is good its gas it is okay last longer on the freeway but when your in town it runs out kind of fast.

- Jessica A

It has lasted a long time and offers a nice solid ride if you were to drive it.

I love the space that a Jeep has to offer. It is older so it has some issues. I would love an updated radio system. But I love having the sunroof.

- Emily R

Dependable and looks great

I like my Jeep a lot it has been the most comfortable and easy to drive. The dislike are when the back window is down the wind makes a loud noise

- Krissy A

I would buy another one, when this one ever goes to crap. I wouldn't buy anything else.

We have had our Jeep and had little problems but it seems to be a strong vehicle. I love the color it has on it. A purple black tint color to it.

- jason B

Pros and cons of the Jeep grand-Cherokee.

Poor ac vents. Very well built. Sturdy, and reliable. Not the most comfortable seats. Back row should have more room and perhaps ac in the back.

- Anthony L

That it's my car and only my car.

I love my Jeep, it works great. I drive everywhere with my Jeep. I will have it for a couple more years hopefully because it will save me money.

- Cameron C

Everything works the way it is supposed to work

The Jeep Grand Cherokee that I have does everything that I need it to do in Wyoming. If it got a bit better gas mileage I would like it better.

- Jay M

It's tough and dependable

I love the size and dependability. I wish it was more roomy. The things that break are easily fixed. I don't care for the tire pressure alerts

- Nikki H

Sturdy solid vehicle with

It is a pretty reliable vehicle. Well built with mostly standard features for that time frame. Only complaint is gas mileage could be better

- Daniel W

Runs smooth and lasts a long time

Driving it is very smooth. I have 150,000 miles on it so far and the only issue I've had is a fuel injector sensor which is about to go bad.

- Daniel L

The transmission slips when shifting to second gear In drive. Not If you manually shift it tho

Overall I do like my Jeep. I got it for cheap and it runs but hardly drives. Needs a new transmission. 2nd year slips. Not jeeps fault tho.

- Joe H

The 4x4 for these mountain roads and snowy winters

I love the fact it can tow and handle any kind of terrain, I hate the fact the battery terminals tend to short out and need to be replaced

- Lora B

Recommend for a family vehicle

I really love the simplicity. I do believe that it doesn't burn gas well, constantly have to fill the tank. It serves its purpose for me

- Sashya C

I love it!!!! You can't kill the v6 engine safe family car

It is awesome in the snow. Handles great. Fuel mileage is pretty good considering the size. Big enough to haul anything and everything

- Susan M

It's the greatest in the snow and hasn't let me down.

I love that it is roomy inside. I love the way it handles in the snow. I hate the gas mileage. It has not given me any problems so far.

- Samantha F

Lg. Item packing hard front seat does not fold down 2" drop back seat fold down.

I like my jeep because it has 4 wheel drive, it rides higher than car giving me better visibility, however I wish it was better on gas.

- Barbara B

It has a nice huge push bar on the front.

Needs some minor work. Has some dents and scrapes on drivers side front and drivers side passenger. . Needs rear air shocks as well.

- Lisa M

The room love the hatch back room for a lot of items.

There is nothing wrong except I [guess because of certain tires it rides bumpy other then that very pleased would recommend a Jeep.

- Sandra M

We go places exploring and the ride is still easy.

This is our second jeep.It rides very good, does not use any oil or transmission oil. It is very comfortable and good gas mileage.

- nan s

It's old but reliable and gets me where I need to go.

It's an old jeep that keeps on going. I never worry when I drive it. It gets me from point a to point b in all kinds of weather.

- Marilyn K

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Rocky Mountain Edition

Extremely dependable. Bulletproof 4.0 liter inline six cylinder engine. Full time and part time 4wd with low range transfer case.

- Joe F

Many electrical problems. Becoming more numerous.

No need for a hemi. Has many electrical problems and becomes more and more issues. Because of hemi, gas mileage isn't that great.

- Laurie M

Reliable and dependable car

It is a reliable car that I can depend on to get to point A to point B. The four wheel drive is important to me and works well.

- Lee M

I like the shape and headlights

It is a good car I am not happy with the sound system and the radio. And the compartment I feel the truck area could be bigger

- Kristen H

I would definitely buy another jeep.

It is very dependable & large enough without being too large. It also gets very good gas mileage. It is also very comfortable.

- Lynda B

The jeep that never gets stuck

Four wheel drive is very easy to use. Engineered to be both family friendly as well as off road capable. Could use more power.

- George F

That it slips and needs a new transmission.

Second gear slips when in drive. Does not skip if you manually shift from 1st to 2nd. Heat shield rattle on exhaust manifold.

- Joe H

Jeep life! My Jeep gets me through anything! It's a very reliable vehicle!

We love our Jeep! Its roomy and comfortable. We have even done some off-roading with it. It's a sturdy and reliable vehicle!

- Michelle T

The manufacturer had put a lot of thought into the design.

The vehicle makes strange noises and has a short life span. What I do like about it is that it is safe and reliable for now.

- Richard P

The ride itself is very uncomfortable. You can feel every bump. The gas consumption is very high. I do feel it is reliable, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The ac sometimes will cut on,but mostly does not blow. There is a problem with the oil, not sure if it is a leak o the oil is burning, but we run out of oil monthly. And gauges do not work properly at all

The jeep uses A LOT of gas. If you want a vehicle that does not use a lot of gas this is definitely not the choice for you.

- Margarita M

The gas mileage sucks but is such a versatile vehicle.

I love the size of the vehicle and the trunk space. It's not too big or too small. I just hate the gas mileage i get on it.

- Lacey M

It is in great condition for it is age.

Love it is dependability, look, ride and sturdiness.. Dislike the low mileage that it gets on highway and in town driving..

- Cindy C

It's paid for no payments. I'm the proud owner. It gets me where I need to go.

I love my keep. Keep keeps it's value even when accumulating high miles. It's good for winter weather. My jeep is stylish.

- Shell B

2004 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

Capable SUV. Reliable on and off-road operation. Average maintenance costs and fuel economy. Average features for comfort.

- Phil K

Great 4 wheel drive! I get out of things that other SUVs cannot!

Love it in snow! Has a great engine. It has given me few problems. Will buy another one. It is still running beautifully!

- Angelo G

haven't had a car payment in years since it has lasted so long

best vehicle i have ever owned. very dependable, rides well on highway even with 190,000 miles....4wd and very powerful

- jerry s

4 wheel drive. Has been driven many safe miles. Easy routine maintenance.

I like the safety, handles well, and storage. I like that it has last many years. It is a tow vehicle. No complaints.

- Donna P

It has testicles when speed is needed.

Very dependable. . . 8 cylinder has lasted forever. . . 4wd lo is very powerful when needed very fast highway pickup.

- Joe R

I like to keep it trash free.

I like the space in my vehicle. I also like all the features that it came with. I love that it's not too bad on gas.

- Deja P

My car is very cute and I've had it paid off for over 2 years.

I love how my Jeep is reliable, I feel safe in it and I really love how it drives and that I'm higher up than a car.

- Amanda s

Great running Jeep. Low miles

In recently bought a Jeep Cherokee. The mileage is extremely low for the year and make. Clean and well taken care of

- Tina D

It is very well built. It is a car that drives good and the seats are comfortable and has plenty of room.

My Jeep sometimes makes noises. The lock on the door makes noises when I lock the door. Gas mileage could be better

- kortnee s

Well built and dependable!

Roomy interior and large cargo area. Room for extra persons and luggage on trips. Jeep vehicles are built to last!

- Ellen G

Heavy duty vehicle that is dependable and sturdy for all uses.

Jeeps are very dependable and can go anywhere. I could count on my vehicle in any circumstance. I have no issues.

- B F

Its lasts a very long time. Has over 250000 miles and still going strong.

I like the size with my kids. Works perfectly for the outdoor activities I do. Great for pulling my fishing boat

- Nicm V

The heat that goes down your back.

Love how it rides. The bad this is that when parts go bad it's not so easy to fix lot of the stuff by yourself.

- Kristin S

It is a tank and my daughter feel safe in it.

It shakes when I am breaking. Otherwise it is my favorite car. I wish I had a newer and better one. Eventually.

- Melissa B

Reliable and able to last a long time if taken care of.

Reliable, honestly the only thing that worries me is that I've got 250, 000 miles on it but it still runs fine.

- Nate S

It is a fun vehicle to drive.

It is fun to drive. It is known for it is leaks with high mileage. It is not great on gas mileage in the city.

- Judith T

It is a very well made vehicle.

I love the comfort. It is a well made vehicle. It was designed to give a comfortable ride. I dislike the age.

- Lana W

It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is roomy and comfortable.. I like that I have no payments on it. I wish it was better on gas..

- Lisa C

It has a lot of room to carry things. It is a safe vehicle

It is a durable vehicle. it is very long lasting. however, it does have some problems with the undercarriage

- Jennifer M

It is a great family vehicle in my opinion.

Air conditioning broke but I do like the fact that it can hold a lotto stuff. It is very dependable as well.

- Susanne H

My JEEP is an excellent vehicle

I love my jeep, always will love my jeep. I have had a number of jeeps and plan on a new jeep in the future

- mario G

It is very safe so you can feel comfortable on the highway.

Great acceleration. Very comfortable. Very powerful to tow. Very good driver visibility. Poor gas mileage.

- Jerry Z

It is a good car I like it so much. You cannot travel a lot with that.

It is very reliable and comfortable. I feel safe driving in bad weather. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Joan L

How good the gas mileage is.

Handles well in snow. Can enter it easily since its higher. No complaints really. Plenty of hauling room.

- Dana R

It is very reliable and well built.

4x4 works great-gets good mileage-it's comfortable-it's dependable-it is a nice color-it has a nice ride.

- Larry B



- Jessica P

space for kids and room to move around very fast strong motor

very good good on gas very dependable off road capacity very roomy good towing lifted fast tough quality

- tom s

Dome problems, but I love my Jeep

Oil and power steering leak. Heater don't work, and back passenger window does not work. Out runs great

- Lucas B

It is very reliable. Always starts and runs well. Also good in bad conditions.

Bought new in 04. Never had a problem with it. Continues to run well. Look forward to many more years.

- Alan p

Dependable and very few problems..needs better gas mileage

Have Had my jeep for almost a year. Had no problems until recently with the ecm and battery connection

- Kelly S

The most important thing is that it's great on gas.

I like is a strong and powerful don' t need to much maintenance but dislike the amount of gas need it.

- L R

The vehicle has computer issues. New computer installed approx. 4 yrs. ago.

Dislike vehicle due to breakdowns. I like the vehicle because it gets me from a to b most of the time.

- Cynthia R

It is a long lasting vehicle and can get through snow and ice easily!

It has been a very reliable car for as old as it is. wish it was better on gas. It is a safe vehicle.

- Ashley U

I've had to replace the computer for the car back in like 2014

i love my car its very good car. it has the best heat during the winter. great air during the summer

- Christian B

It's been a very reliable and easy maintainable vehicle.

This has been my best vehicle so far, It is getting older so i will be shopping for a new one soon.

- amber t

Dependable and very reliable. Looks nice and sleek.

It is an AWD and I need it for the area I live. It is good to drive. The gas mileage is not great.

- Sharon S



- Malinda P

It is a really great car. I've had no problems with it even though it's quite old now.

I like the color. I like that it has a sunroof. I wish it had remote start and heated seats.

- Andrea P

It has four wheel drive, a lot of cockpit room, and is very responsive, however you are paying for it in gas and parts

It is very versatile and reliable, however it is expensive to upkeep and is heavy on the gas

- Derek M

constantly requires repairs, so many little things that we just live with

I like the SUV concept but I do not like the way the jeep handles & vibrates during diving

- jon d

I love it! What more is there to know?

I love my Jeep. I thank the Lord that it has been so reliable for me all of these years.

- Kelli d

It has been reliable with very few problems and quite good gas mileage.

This model has good gas mileage. It is reliable. It is comfortable and drives well.

- Diane H

Pay close attention on big curves.

I like the performance. It is very fast and dependable. I don't like how it handles.

- Tom G

Jeep/Damen Chrysler is known for their vehicles safety record.

It's reliable, safe and offers plenty of room for both passengers and storage items.

- Zanne W

It is owned outright with no mechanical problems.

Interior room is generous. All systems are functional. Gas mileage is not great.

- Rob S

my family and kids is the most important thing to me

the jeep always seems to have something mechanically broken with it at all times

- jim w

It' reliable. It's great for winter driving. I've never gotten stuck.

Although old, it is still going. I like sitting high up. It's 4 wheel drive.

- rene s

although its old and things are breaking it still looks nice and drives decent for being 14 years old

old breaking down and needs to be replaced. Costing me too much money to keep

- Kris L

It is more reliable than it looks from the outside. Overall, it's a great vehicle.

I love the quadra drive on it. It is roomy, and gets us where we need to go.

- Jo C

It's modified and i love the power

i love the ruggedness of the vehicle. you can go off road. parts are cheap.

- larry M

I love it, It is a great vehicle and only requires basic maintenance. I have never had any major issues in 210k miles.

That it is amazing and can take you where you need to go with no worries.

- Dan C

poor gasoline mileage , expensive to operate., low miles per gallon.

works effectively in winter weather. cramped conditions for passengers

- George N

It's a jeep. What else is there to say. Its reliable, capable and and an all around great vehicle

My jeep is very capable. Great road trip vehicle. Prone to overheating.

- Paul A

I really love my Jeep. I wish she would last forever. Everything is comfortable and perfect space for me.

I love how she drives. She is perfect for me and my dog for traveling.

- Gina W

it is old. it runs. I love it. It is just the right size. Wish it was new.

It is my favorite color. And it runs very good. And I wish it was new.

- Joan A

There is a jack under the back seats which was not obvious and not brought to my attention when I bought it.

I like having an SUV which I didn't have before. I like the space

- Lynette D

As my Jeep gets older, and I've seen it with other Jeeps too, it is rusting really badly and jeep won't recall the gas tank flaws.

Jeep needs to recall this model for safety reasons and they won't.

- Jessica S

It's a great suv to have, just nice and roomy and safe.

It's sporty, it's 4wd, it's decent on gas, it's zippy, it's safe.

- Richelle C