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White 2007 Jeep grand cherokee in good condition.

I have a 2007 Jeep grand cherokee that has over 200, 000 miles on it and it runs okay. The exterior is white and is in good condition. The interior is tan and is in good condition as well. The water coolant part of my engine leaks, but it is manageable. The breaks are a bit squeaky, but that is nothing that cannot be easily fixed. Other than those two problems, there are not any other huge problems. It runs nice and I do drive it a lot for school and work purposes, so it has been through the ringer. I have a back-up camera as well as sensors on my bumper. My driver seat has position memory, which means that every time the car turns on, the seat moves to my preferred position and every time the car is turned off, it moves back to make it easier to get out. The windows for the driver and passenger seats are automatic, so they go down with one push instead of being held down. I have a sunroof that is also automatic. The car is very spacious and is perfect for traveling, going to the drive-in, and driving through harsh conditions since it is four-wheel drive.

- Isabelle V

Comfortable and classy, fills our family needs!

I usually always get compliments from passengers on how comfortable they are riding in the back seat. My vehicle has a centered air system on the back of the console. It is a great location and keeps passengers warm or cool, as needed. My husband and I enjoy traveling in our jeep as it is very comfortable to travel in. Also, plenty of room in the back to bring our dogs along. Even though, our vehicle is not the latest model, it still has a classy look. My husband is 6'2 and he rides in it with plenty of space. We are very happy with it!

- Carey M

The gas on it is not to bad at all it is economic.

I love my Jeep and it is so continent. I need to haul something I can do it with my Jeep. Also it is a small but very spacious vehicle for anything. To be completely honest I have never had a problem with my Jeep as long as it gets its oil change and it is always up to date it never give me much of any problem. It is also very continent for the weather here in Colorado for the winter it rarely slips and I can trust my vehicle in the snowy days. Overall I love my Jeep and I will continue to purchase Jeep’s I love them.

- Vinny C

2007 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

I love the design of this vehicle, the leather seating is wonderful and all the added features of comfort make it a nice and cozy ride, things like heated seats, sunroof, rear back wipers and back up sensors, cruise control, radio controls on the steering wheel, radio functions, and all the details for vehicle maintenance. I love the automatic start feature. I however do find that while all these electrical features are fun and comfortable, having it all connected can be an issue if something malfunctions.

- Wayne C

It has built in roll bars for extra protection in a roll over accident.

This is the second Jeep grand Cherokee I have owed. I absolutely love the brand. First and foremost it is reliable! It is very good on gas. I drive a lot for work and I get about 20-22 miles per gallon highway. I have had no major issues even with the vehicle being 10 years old. I have taken my Jeep off-roading, I have been able to pull trailers and my two jet skis with no problems at all. When it is time for a brand new vehicle I definitely plan to buy another Jeep grand Cherokee!

- Denise D

Automatic 4WD that is handy. Does have starter button on key fob.

Works get have had it for 5 years and the only parts I've had to replace was wheel bearing, alternator, muffler and water pump which are regular maintenance parts. The only issue I have with it is the parts and tires for these Jeeps are s bit pricey but they are well made and last a long time. Very good vehicle. Comfort is good doesn't have anything fancy just power windows, decent radio with 5 disc CD player, moon/sun roof, power seat on driver side only, and adjustable pedals.

- Mariah B

It is a wonderful car for those with a busy lifestyle.

I like how roomy the vehicle is, very spacious and neat. It is also very versatile for different usage. You can flip the back seat to create more space. I like the color of the vehicle. Very subtle and classic. It drives great. It is very reliable and good off-road. By far one of the most favorite vehicle that I have ever own. Very easy to use. Indicate gas level to the number so you can use that to calculate the distance. Over all a very nice Jeep.

- Amy H

Having a Jeep makes it easy to navigate through conditions during the winter.

I really enjoy my Jeep. There are some complications that I have had with it since buying it. I am the second owner. During the summer, I deal with gas burning quite a bit even with a fresh tune-up. It also would've been nice to include Bluetooth devices or even a volume panel on the steering wheel. I feel that this model of Jeep was meant strictly for adventurers who weren't too concerned of luxury features in their vehicle.

- Sabrina P

Every feature about this vehicle receives our high test marks.

This vehicle is completely loaded with all features that were available at the time of purchase. We have over 220,000 miles and with exception of the normal maintenance have probably spent no more than $7,000, including three sets of new tires. This vehicle has one of the best rides of any we have owned and we use it for all long trips. The lumbar support is the best and serves well for individuals who experience back issues.

- Kim J

I'm having problems with the fuses so sometimes my lights and blinkers aren't working.

I really like my vehicle because it's a great running car being that it is over 10 years old. It also has a great amount of storage space. I dislike the fact that I'm having some issues with the fuses, which, is what makes my lights and blinkers work and sometimes they don't work. And it's not really a comfortable car to rest in if your traveling. Other than that it's a pretty great car.

- Brittany E

Has all the options and after 10 years they all work perfectly!

Very responsive Hemi v8. All the options and they all still operate as designed, leather interior still flawless. Very low road noise, is 4w. D. And trail rated but ride is like luxury sedan. Heated seats, individual ac comfort controls, electric memory programmable seat positions for 2 drivers. Electrically adjustable pedal positions, it has it all and it all works perfectly.

- Michael H

I like how it warns me that there is a problem.

I bought the car used, I have owned it for about two years. So far I am happy with it. I have had a couple of minor repairs. Lot of times after driving when I get out it smells hot like it is burning oil, I have not yet had it checked out but it does drip oil. Had a sensor replaced and had to get a new wheel hub, besides that just regular maintenance.

- Christy G

Dependable, reliable, is the name Jeep.

I have gotten a new battery, water pump, & brakes & rotors changed. Other then that it is regular oil changes. I use it for long distance travel to visit friends & family. It is super reliable😀built in alarm system plus, great sensors to indicate a problem, smooth drive, very dependable. I would recommend it to anyone. Oh! It is paid for. 😉.

- Margaret P

The performance of it being a 4 wheel drive and feature of the design.

The problem that occur short time ago was the abs module going out, performance the v6 engine is a work horse in terms of power and stability its is reliability because of what Jeep is capable of doing with gas mileage over long distance travel comfort and feature are exceptional overall the Jeep grand Cherokee is a vehicle I would recommend.

- Perry W

Dependable and long lasting.

It is very reliable and durable. Mechanics say I have taken very good care of it. If you keep up with scheduled maintenance and suggested repairs, the car should last. I have over 140k miles on it, and it is still going strong. A downside is that parts are very expensive to replace. I have had good luck for the most part with this vehicle.

- Rachel C

So far this has been the best vehicle I've ever owned.

Runs very well for a used vehicle. Great performance. With all types of weather. Snow wind rain. Has excellent 0 t0 60 speed even for an older vehicle. The only downside is that you can check all the fluids yourself. You have to take it to the shop to gave the transmission fluid checked or changed, you can't do it yourself.

- Patricia D

Great vehicle. Great in the winter with the auto start and heated seats.

Tire pressure goes a lot, and gas mileage is always an issue. With two kids in car seats, it can be a real pain with space. It also lacks the trunk space that you need with two children. The roof rack is a life saver, and the heated seats are fantastic. If it were just for my husband and I would keep it till the day I die.

- Cassandra D

Best thing I ever bought used to have a car will never go back to one.

I have no problems with my jeep it is great on gas has a great ride I am up high and can see everything I have a GPS great sound system and sunroof works well it takes me everywhere also has heated seats with a remote starter that works well I would recommend this vehicle for anyone who is looking to buy a jeep.

- Alfred C

11 year-old, astonishing Carolina bell.

I do not really drive. I am always a passenger, but the ride is normally smooth. It is very roomy and comfortable. As I stated before, it is a 2007 grand Cherokee and the paint job still looks new. Even the interior looks good. I'd have to say for a Jeep that is 11 years old, it is holding up remarkably well.

- Cynthia R

Jeep is pretty good but could use a lot of improvements.

Overall it is a great vehicle. It could be roomier but it is not made for more than 4 people even though it is a 5 seater. The ac in the back could be a lot cooler. The back area is pretty nice. Easily can store luggage. The acceleration though is not all that great. It takes some time for it to get going.

- Lauren K

I love my wheels for my car it is great in any type of weather it treats me good.

My car is runs really smoothly I take it to and from California often and it is amazing my miles are kind of high but it still runs like a champ the only thing that is wrong with it is that it sucks on gas I have to fill up pretty often other than that there's nothing to complain about I love my car.

- Mandy A

My 2007 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo.

My car is 11 years old and has over 115,000 miles on it. Some weekends I would drive over 150 miles and I would do that for about 13 weekends in a row and I never had car problems. The two front seats are very comfortable, the back seat is pretty big, and the truck of the car is super spacious.

- Jenna R

The reliability and comfort of my Jeep grand Cherokee keep me coming back.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee because it is reliable. I have had no problems with it since I purchased kit 2 years ago. Its comfortable, drives easy and can hold up to five comfortably. We have taken it on long trips with great success and I love the style of it. Also it can haul lot of cargo.

- Linda. B

Good when it works but have been met with many unexpected & expensive issue.

I have had this car for 5 years and have had to do so much maintenance it is ridiculous. I have had to replace the transmission control module, starter, 2 new batteries, motor in the back windshield wiper. Tons of money spent on this car. When it works it is fine but basically a money pit.

- Rachael E

Jeep (still) grand Cherokee.

The Jeep is sturdy and I feel safe in it. Three people have hit me over the course of the last ten years, and I have never gotten hurt. As far as reliability, as long as I am on top of the monthly maintenance, I have never had a problem with the performance of the Jeep. Still runs great.

- Amy P

Jeep grand Cherokee love!

The Jeep grand Cherokee I drive is my favorite. I love the four wheel drive while living in Wisconsin this feature was used often. Now living in phoenix we probably will not use the four wheel as much. Love that it feels like a car and rides high I feel very safe in it at all times.

- Rebecca L

Very reliable Jeep but small leg room.

The Jeep is reliable. I can count on the 4 wheel drive in the winter to get me through a lot of snow. Also very easy to change the oil personally. I dislike the leg room. If you sit comfortably in the front it is too tight in the back. I also dislike how quickly I go through fuel.

- Mai E

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee laredo

My Jeep is wonderful, it runs great and handles the snow and weather amazing. It is very comfortable and roomy enough to fit myself and 4 children. It does have an issue that I have been having a problem finding out what it is. Just makes a humming sound when I get between 40-60

- Kathryn S

Great, reliable, family adventure vehicle!

I bought this Jeep used in 2010. It has been very reliable with the exception of the transmission failing around 150, 000 miles. I love this vehicle! It is not too large yet holds a lot. It handles well and gets pretty good gas mileage. It is great for vacations and long trips.

- Tina R

Great review guy who thinks highly of his Jeep.

No engine problems ever. I thoroughly enjoy driving this vehicle to work and for play. It is extremely comfortable and extremely spacious in all aspects. The only problem I have had was a recall on the seat heaters. It is a little pricey on gas but all around a great vehicle.

- Bryan S

Loyal jeep owner highly recommends grand Cherokee.

I am a loyal jeep owner and my current grand Cherokee has been a great, reliable vehicle. It is very roomy for road trips and good for hauling large items and transporting my large dogs. The only issue I have was a faulty drive shaft setting off the check engine light.

- Heidi O

It is a very comfortable vehicle.

I truly love this ca. As with any SUV the gas mileage is not great. It does amazing in the snow and would be a great family car. It is also a great car for road trips, very comfortable and is a very reliable car. I would just make sure that you keep good tires on it.

- Sarah L

Cherokee Jeep is a reliable vehicle.

I haven't had any major problems I love Jeeps, it rides good I like sitting up high which it allows you to adjust the seat. It has power windows and automatics locks when the truck in drive plenty of leg room in the back seat and my next Jeep will have a third row.

- Tiffany S

Very reliable family vehicle.

It has been a very reliable vehicle for a couple years. Performance has been great. Have used it for many long trips. It is very comfortable not too luxurious or cheap. It's great for the winter months as well. Features are not the latest but they are convenient.

- Violet M

Reliable and fantastic! Great family vehicle.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee! It rides very smooth, fully loaded, very reliable, and its very comfortable and quite spacious. My only minor issue is that it loves gas but that is to be expected. It is a great vehicle all the way around. It is a great family SUV!

- April M

I have taken it off-roading numerous times and it handles like a dream.

I love the leg and trunk space, the gas mileage is about a 7/10 for me. Handles very well in the snow which is big seeing I am from Minnesota. I don't have much for complaints besides the doors. I've had window motor issues and the door hinges rusted quickly.

- Josh F

Pros and cons of the Jeep Cherokee.

I wish the car had more mileage per gallon, as it currently averages only about 13 mpg. I also wish it were less jumpy when slowing down and going around curves. Otherwise, it drives well and I haven't had any major complaints with it since I bought it.

- Madeleine G

Jeep grand Cherokee 2007 blue.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee. We have always owned Jeeps we lived in the north and had all kinds of weather. Being able to use the four wheel drive has helped us many times. I like the height of the seating. All of the bells and whistles make it fun.

- Rebecca L

There’s is nothing like a Jeep for comfort and reliability!

Love the Jeep, has been extremely reliable. Have only had the normal maintenance, would definitely buy another one. It has premium speakers, heated seats, leather seats, premium wheels, smooth ride, and fairly decent gas mileage.

- Mary S

Do not get if you have a rear facing car seat.

The backseat is small. We have a rear facing car seat and have to have the passenger seat almost all the way forward. It does really awesome with towing and in the snow though. Plan to turn it into a hunting ride when we upgrade.

- Megan W

It is lifted and the tires are slightly larger than stock.

The reliability is great. I do wish it was more off-road capable. The sunroof is problematic. I have not had any other issues. I think I am am in the range where I will have to replace ball joints and some bushings.

- James K

That it is my second grand Cherokee. I love grand cherokees and I only drive American cars

My vehicle is on its second engine. It has 190,000 miles. I like it in that it is comfortable and has a lot of legroom (I'm 6'8). My only dislike was that the 3.7 L engine went after just 120,000 miles.

- Joseph S

It rides very well in poor weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

Overall it is a great car. It rides smoothly and has a sunroof, which is a plus. It is an older model (2007) so there is some wear and tear on it. And I had an issue with water leaking in when it rains.

- Kelly C

If you keep up with all maintenance it will last a long time.

I love my car because it is paid off. I also love it because it is reliable and I keep all maintenance up to date. I also love it because I get compliments on it all the time. I have no complaints.

- lil K

They are great vehicles over all but as they age the electrical system seems to not hold up to the miles.

I like the vehicle it is powerful and comfortable to drive. The hemi engine is great but gets terrible gas mileage. The electrical issues that he truck is developing make it difficult to maintain.

- Will P

If you are looking for a great vehicle at an affordable price, go for a Jeep

A jeep is a great every day, multi use vehicle. They are reliable and strong. I am an avid outdoorsman when I am not working or studying. My jeep has been everywhere. Sand, snow, you name it.

- Dean T

The gas mileage isn't great. It is a reliable vehicle though.

The thing I dislike the most is the gas mileage! It is terrible! We got the car in 2010 and since then have had only a few serious problems which is very nice that it is a reliable vehicle.

- Court R

The most important thing is that the car has not needed much work done to it even after 105,000 miles.

My Jeep has been very dependable for the last 11 years. I like the size of the vehicle and enjoy sitting up higher than a car. I wish it had come equipped with a back up camera and a gps.

- Donna D

I absolutely love the power of the hemi engine.

The performance of my Jeep grand Cherokee is excellent! I have only had to perform routine maintenance thus far. The only thing I had to replace mechanically was the starter since purchase.

- Brian O

This car drives really well.

I have a diesel jeep so I don't like having to pay the higher price for diesel. I have trouble finding a repair shop that will repair diesel. I do like the ride of the car it is smooth .

- Greg B

My Jeep is very reliable!

I have had virtually zero problems with my Jeep since I bought it used about 4 years ago. It came with quite a few miles, but still works well at getting me from place to place.

- Alex V

I feel safe in my Jeep due to its sturdiness.

We've had issues with starting. Have never found the issue. Intermittent. We've had transmission problems. But love my Jeep for its smooth ride and comfort. It is very roomy.

- Marie T

Holds its resale value very well. Is very durable and maintenance free.

Completely dependable, comfortable, very roomy and stable. Gas mileage is not good though. Has very good acceleration and stability on the road. Interior is very luxurious.

- Michael N

It is a reliable vehicle and gets me where I need to go.

I like that the vehicle runs and gets me where I need to go. I don't like that it has rust and rattles but I do like that it gets okay gas mileage and can pull my boat.

- Alan K

My 07 grand Cherokee can be a bit expensive when it comes to gas.

Jeeps are the best to drive and hold their value! Very comfortable and great features. I love how reliable it is and it has only given me minor maintenance issues.

- A M

My car is very sturdy but has its flaws. You need to be gentle with it.

I dislike that it needs to be fixed all the time. I enjoy that it is up high and an SUV. It has made me make the decision I no longer want to drive a car anymore.

- Jenna I

I value a car that has great gas mileage and for an SUV this car does.

I enjoy driving my Jeep Grand Cherokee because it gives myself and my kids plenty of space and is decent on gas as I travel about an hour to and from work daily

- Jasmine H

It rides nice and smooth as long as you take care of it !

I love my Jeep Cherokee Laredo. I like that it is a nice size not too big or too small. The only thing I would change is a little more room in the back seat.

- DaVonna W

They last, had my last one for 12 yrs. North east winter salting killed it.

I love my Jeep, I have owned 3 to be exact. I have never had an issue with any of them. Living in NE I need something that starts. They have never failed me.

- Mary M

With the HEMI, don't expect to get real good gas mileage. I get 19 on the road.

I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland. It has the HEMI motor that I love, the only problem that I have had is the sunroof leaking. I love the Jeep.

- carl c

The most important thing is that it's reliable. I have never had problems with it.

I love my Jeep because I have had no problems with it. It is very nice looking and is reliable. I don't like how old it is and how many miles are on it.

- Kati S

Well the car is fully loaded so it's got easy access seats that automatically move back when you pulled the key out so you can get out easy when you put the key in the seat goes back to your list physician that you were driving all of their interior easy to clean and handles and drive very well

Handles very well as great suspension tune up very easy to do I only had 2 recalls for something simple other than that the car is been very dependable

- Michael T

it's a safe vehicle to drive that's important

safe - always trusting reliable - rarely a problem, mostly flat tires from nails attractive, silver color great deal, I haggled the hell outta this one

- Daniela D

My jeep is very dependable

I love my Jeep It is the second that I have owned. it drives and rides great. I have had no problems. Almost 200,000 miles and still going strong

- Debbie L

It's a Jeep but it has a Mercedes diesel engine, very unique .

It has a lot of room inside, also towing capacity ,,,as we have a boat, trailer, etc. Diesel fuel. The dislike is when something breaks, It's costly .

- Robin M

Reliable, has lots of space.

All was great at first with my car. I bought it used. Loved how it handled and loved the nice views out the windows. Started having electrical issues.

- Jordyn S

Tires go on it quick if you drive a lot like i do.

It a perfect size SUV for what i need. It is perfect for a small family. Great on gas. Has great room for everyone and is great for healing anything.

- January M

Keep the oil changed on the car it will run better.

I love how high it sits, I hate how much gas it takes. I love the room, I love the fact it's durable, I hate the fact I always have to get new tires.

- Caprice J

Its American made, if you like American made cars you should consider a Jeep.

I like that the vehicle is very durable. It also has a lot of space for storing groceries. The height of the vehicle is something I like the most.

- Tony L

simple fun..easy ride the value

a great easy ride and nice for a SUV and not to big so you can maneuver just like a car. the space on the inside is great for family and friends

- tariq s

it's all wheel drive so its not great on gas mileage. too small for 4-5 adults. good cargo space.

it's wonderful for zipping around town, running errands. easy to park. it's not a family car because its too small. no terrible concerns with it.

- Hope C

It is the first car thought I've purchased myself and that I have actually been able to take care of

The engine in the jeep is very powerful as it is a V8. It doesn't have any problems besides it bogging down sometimes. Otherwise it is a nice car

- Jessica M

The most important thing is that it is strong and vehicle.

It's very comfortable to drive long trips. It has an efficient engine. It has plenty of room in the trunk area. Expensive regular maintenance.

- Julio J

This Jeep has been reliable for 9 years.

Jeep has been reliable for 9 years now. It can fit a lot of stuff in it. I did have a problem with the power steering leaking and the cooler.

- melissa H

It is a very safe vehicle.

Likes: perfect size. Reliable. Safe (have been in two accidents and never hurt).... Dislikes: the trunk will not stay open; bad gas mileage.

- Emily E

It is an older model and for not have the features of the newer models.

Got ground clearance. Only two wheel drive. Decent gas mileage. Reliable and easy to fix. Very spacious for transporting family and friends.

- Richard W

that it is durable in all weather.

it has quite a bit of mileage and still runs like new. It is great in various degrees of weather. Dislike the gas mileage but it is average.

- james G

That is very reliable and dependable on long road trips.

I love it. Very reliable and beautiful. I would also like to send a special shout out to the maker of the vehicle and who ever promotes it.

- Brian F

My car is very good for city driving.

It is mechanically sound, easy to maintain and is a capable 4 wheel drive. It also has a really nice ergonomic design. I hate the mileage.

- James D

It is overall a dependable car, but not worth the poor gas mileage

Electrical problems (lights don't work, windows get stuck), reliable (hasn't ever broken down), poor gas mileage (16-17 MPG), overall Ok

- Kelsey D

It is very reliable, has over 100, 000 miles and still runs great.

It is really reliable, comfortable, great for a family with active kids and who like the outdoors. Lots of room for gear and passengers.

- Erin B

Reliable; drives well in winter and summer alike.

My Jeep is great; with over 100,000 miles, it is comfortable to drive, still reliable. I have absolutely no complaints about this car.

- karen M

The seats are really nice.

Like the size and convenience. The vehicle seems well built and reliable.. Dislike the gas mileage. The vehicle could be more durable..

- Bernard P

I keep it nice, stay away from it. I have had 2 jeeps and both were great cars.

I can carry large items in it. I can travel with my large dogs. It drives great. Dislike the head room for getting in and out of it.

- Debbie G

Very reliable vehicle and would recommend to anyone!

Very durable car with over 130,000 miles. I've had it for many years with few problems. Excellent for camping or outdoors activities.

- Charles T

Had a bike rack put on at dealers and it is so easy to use.

Jeep was new, I have never had any major problems. Regular maintenance only. comfortable seating and lots of storage room in back.

- Vicki F

runs great, my favorite car i have ever owned.

i have owned my jeep for 6 years and it has not broken down once yet, only problem is rough turns and brake light burns out quickly

- shawn a

That it is rugged and reliable.

No complaints about my Jeep grand Cherokee. I like it because it is reliable, higher off the ground than a car and 4 wheel drive.

- Colleen A

It is just really comfortable.

Lots of room and easy to we over the good when I drive because I am short. I love the Wi-Fi and physical features of the vehicle.

- Gary M

Jeep grand Cherokee has been a great vehicle thus far!

I have had a very good experience with my Jeep. Only one recall and that was it thus far, and so I will keep my fingers crossed.

- Katy G

Don't try to pass it at a light. It takes off like a rocket.

It's an SRT8. Love the power and handling. It does have a few issues that should have been properly addressed when it was made.

- Michael A

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is awesome

I enjoy driving the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is 4x4, so it handles great in any situation. The Jeep is a reliable vehicle.

- Courtney R

At the end of the day it is very reliable.

I love that I have four wheel drive and room for lots of things in my car. I dislike the gas mileage and that it breaks often.

- Breanna P

It's a really convenient truck.

I like my vehicle. It feels great when driving it. Also great during winter season. I don't have trouble driving on the snow.

- Gloria D

That it is a very reliable vehicle.

The year is a little old, but it's a very reliable vehicle. It's all wheel-drive. The gas mileage is only 18 miles a gallon.

- Brittany V

It rides very nicely. It's perfect for kids. This car has great mileage

I love the four wheel drive and how it rides. My air conditioner recently stopped working so that's what I dislike right now

- Allison B

I'm lucky to say it's 100% paid off and mine. I don't have to worry about any car payments

I like the heated seats and the easy steering controls. Four wheel drive comes in handy. Nice coast and no real complaints

- Chelsea K

It is pretty reliable and gets me to where I need to go safely.

Like the amount of space it is good for long rides. Hate how much gas it takes and a lot of its parts are quite expensive.

- Crystal H

It has amazing traction in the snow. Very safe.

I like the 4x4 wheel drive. Great in snow. Overall is a great SUV to drive. The back hatch gets stuck and is an annoyance.

- James L

It keeps my kids safe. The gas is terrible.

I love how it makes you feel secure. I dislike the fact that it takes forever to find a part. I love the extra features.

- Nico K

Gas mileage is good and it is comfortable.

No complaints, love this car. It is big enough for what we need in a vehicle. It drives well and is good on gas mileage.

- Sharon O

I love my jeep it is terrific

I use my jeep for a lot of things. Towing a camper . Transporting large and small items. It is reliable and I love it.

- Cherri H

Reliable and very safe, very roomy for all the kids stuff!.

I like how much room my car has, and how it runs on high miles. I dislike the cloth interior, and the bad gas mileage.

- Abby L

It has low gas per miles.

I like that it is better for driving in winter. I like that it is an SUV. I dislike that the gas per miles is so low.

- Michelle M

It is easy to operate. It has a very good range for site.

I like how high it rides. It makes seeing ahead easier. The air conditioner has stopped working 3 times. Very costly

- Juanita L

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee- best ever

Great performance, quality, and reliability. Very roomy for 2 kids and all their sporting equipment. Low maintenance

- Angela M

It's a great running vehicle in the winter with four-wheel drive

There is nothing to dislike about this vehicle. It's dependable and reliable. Love the electric start. It's a gem!

- bonnie l

I take care of it and it gets me to every place I want to go.

I have no complaints I love my vehicle. It is reliable. It is a 4x4. I have no issues. It does everything I like.

- Iris B

Shows which direction you're traveling in.

Well it's an older car so you have all the basic necessities, standard radio, power locks and windows. V6 engine.

- Derrick G

That it shakes and pulls a lot when you hit bumps.

I like that it has cruise control. I dislike that it shakes so much when I hit bumps. It is also very roomie.

- Brett K

its reliable and great in the winter time snow, has good gas mileage

I love it set up high. It has no extra distracting features, It is a 4 wheel drive don't dislike anything

- amy m

I feel safe in it. It is easy to maintain I felt safe teaching my children to drive in it

it is big,sturdy and dependable. It doesn't have a lot of fancy stuff I don't need. It is easy to service

- lindsay a

It is good on gas and runs good.

I like it because it is a jeep & it runs great. It is fully loaded with crash bars. It good on gas too.

- Jennifer M

it's sturdy and safe, it can be put through a lot and won't break down

it's high up, powerful, sturdy, has nav sat, assisted power steering, electric everything, large trunk

- anne d

How to take care of their vehicles.

I like my vehicle but, the gas mileage isn't the best and there is a constant problem with the engine.

- Elizabeth P

That it's spacious and will take you anywhere you need to.

I like how spacious it is. I like that the car seats have leather. The gas consumption is decent too.

- Daryl i

It drives like a dream and is really good on gas.

Dislike the dings in the paint and wish it had a hitch. Mostly things I could add or cosmetic fixes.

- Melody S

I have owned it for 10 years and have only had to make 2-3 major fixes.

I like the appearance and its maintenance and its functionality. I don't like its limited mileage.

- Kayla P

My jeep grand Cherokee is very rugged and drives very smoothly on the road.

My jeep grand cherokee is very rugged. My jeep grand Cherokee drives very smoothly on the highway.

- Steve S

My car is a Reliable and safe vehicle, they can feel safe in.

Comfortable inside and out. Height, feels safe. durability of the vehicle. Brand name, legacy.

- Kerry M

I like it clean and up to date performance wise.

I like the size of my jeep. I like the performance of my jeep. I like the color of my jeep

- Josh S

The back seat is roomy, and very easy to transport my kids.

It's needed a lot of repairs. Overall, it's been a great car for me. Lots of space.

- Kate A

Jeeps are the best for off reading and for drive in movies. Good for families and easy to fix.

Four wheel drive is awesome. Not many problems with the engine. Runs smooth.

- Mariah J

It's 4 wheel drive and it does well in bad weather

Love the size. Dislike the fuel efficiency. Wish it was more reliable.

- Chase M

That it is 4 wheel drive.

I like the spacing inside of the vehicle but I hate the gas mileage.

- Brittany V

smooth handling around corners, and sublime breaks.

it runs smoothly no problems to speak of, i would recommend it.

- shawn a

It's great in all weather.

I love almost everything about my Jeep just takes to much gas

- Robert Z

it never breaks down, seriously it has never broken down in 5 years and it is used.

runs great, has no problems, i would recommend it to anyone.

- briget a

It rides smooth and you can load a bunch of stuff in it.

I just love it. Its compact. I don't have any complaints.

- Karen T

It's good looking and dependable all the time. very sporty

I love the room. It handles well. I like the looks

- judy s

high mileage and great condition..like new

love the smooth ride and style. interior nice

- willem C

This car handles well on the road.

No complaints. This is a great vehicle.

- Ann c