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Jeep life! Jeeps are for everyday driving or weekend camping and beach trips.

I love my 2012 jeep! It is extremely comfortable and very spacious. The second row of seats go down so it is great for moving things or just packing up for a camping weekend! I love the higher up truck feel.. It makes you feel much safer than driving in a car! I have had my jeep for 3 years now.. I have had only one problem that needed to be fixed which was the gas throttle... And also a recall item! Besides that I haven't had any issues! When I found the jeep of my dreams it didn't have a sunroof.. That is was extremely imports to me.. So they were able to put one in.. The outcome was amazing! I highly recommend jeeps for safety comfort and reliability!

- Betty H

It gets decent gas mileage.

Very reliable. Only issue I have ever had was with the brake system. There was a part that was recalled and I was able to get it fixed for free. Everything else has been in good condition. I really like the backup camera as it allows me to park quickly with little to no maneuvering. The ride is comfortable and with leather seats, I am able to keep the seats clean, especially when my dog jumps in before I get a chance to cover the seat up. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if I could afford to do so.

- Jessica P

Go go Jeep Grand Cherokee!!!!

I had got my Jeep with about 12,000 so it wasn't completely brand new. It was well taken care of for whoever used her in her first year. It has been perfect for reliability, its plenty comfortable for an eight hour trip.(I haven't taken a longer one in this vehicle yet). I have the all leather/premium package so everything is electric. I hope it doesn't have electrical issues later because I could see that being a nightmare. For being a decently sized SUV it gets ok mileage but would always like better.

- Shaun K

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee and all its unique features!!

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee, it is a super reliable car with just the right amount of space for the average sized family. It has plenty of trunk space and leg room so everyone is not crammed in the car. I love how you can control the ac in both the back and front of the car and how there are butt warmers on every seat of the car. The Jeep grand Cherokee also comes with a neat butt cooler feature for the driver as well as actual outlet plug ins so you do not have to use a car charger.

- Serena O

Perks and insight on Jeep Cherokee.

I love the body of it and a lot of the features. I do wish the back seat was a little larger. I did get one that is not fully loaded and I wish I had gotten more features on it but even with the minimal features I love it. One thing I recently encountered is that this specific one has very specific parts. I was somewhat of a headache when I had to get the fuel pump replaced because it is more expensive getting the specific one. Besides that it has been a good car.

- Jan S

Pros and cons of Jeep grand Cherokee.

Pros, I like that I can drive it in all sorts of weather conditions. I feel safe in that respect. The seats are very comfortable and the gas mileage is good. Cons, it is not very old and already needed a new thermostat and now needs a catalytic converter which is 1000 dollars for the part alone. I also find the features hard to understand and adjust. They are not straight forward. I also do not like the blind spots and lack of visibility.

- Sandy M

Why my Jeep has my heart despite it is old age.

The Jeep is a very good car. No matter how old it is, it is still reliable to drive. We have had very few problems with it and it is comfortable to sit in when taking long trips to and from school which is an hour away from where I currently live. Though it does not have fancy technology, it works and drives just fine. I just plug my phone into the AUX cord and I can have music or a GPS or both at the same time.

- Kit B

Jeep for the rocky roads of life.

Our Jeep has been wonderful for us. We live on a very rough dirt road and it has been the only thing that has kept us able to work, especially in the winter. My husband was not keen on the idea of getting a Jeep when I first proposed the idea (I am a Jeep fan), but the more he looked into it, the more he liked what he saw. I strongly recommend this vehicle if you live in an rural area and need a family vehicle!

- Kimberley R

It has held up well to have over 100,000 miles on it.

Too small on interior, I have two kids and they are too close in backseat. Mileage could be better. I get good gas mileage on long distance trips. I do not have the full package so wish I had the Bluetooth phone option. For the most part it is good. There have been quite a few recalls for things. There are sensors that have to be reset a lot. It does take a lot of oil so most oil changes are more expensive.

- Chris S

Camper and parent's best friend!

I have always enjoyed my Jeep. I have had very few problems with it. The vehicle has required mostly routine maintenance. However, after the fourth year, the vehicle had electrical issues, mainly in window operation and doors. Those problems were not an inexpensive fix, and they kept building the older the vehicle became. However, between carting kids and big dogs, all going camping, I still love my Jeep!

- Debra H

My baby, my car is my love and my love is the love of my life.

My vehicle is my love and my love for my vehicle expands its horizons to a greater speed. Rather not what it was given before the lease was under control but within the additions it concluded inside. I was looking for a vehicle that would fit my personal needs and this Jeep meet those requirements that I didn't think a car would meet. Now that I have my baby I will do everything for it, even die for it.

- Danny M

Innovative features and overall comfortable design.

Of all the vehicles I've owned, this one is my favorite. However, I have run into transmission problems, as well as issues with the alternator. I am at 199000 miles though and it's still going strong. Jeep put in a lot of great features into the 2012 grand Cherokee. These include a terminal based battery, rear flashlight, satellite radio and Bluetooth, flex fuel. I get over 20 mpg on average.

- John G

Lots of comfort but motor issue.

Our Jeep is great for traveling. It get good gas mileage, is very comfortable and has a lot of room. The only issue we have had is that we had to replace the motor a few months ago. We bought the vehicle used so we weren't aware of any issues the previous owner may have had. We had a little over 100, 000 miles on it when it was replaced. Since then we haven't had any issues whatsoever.

- Lisa C

Great car, reliable, and comfortable.

The ride is really smooth, easy to steer, and has decent gas mileage. I share this car with one other person and we fill it up about twice to three times a week. The fabric seats are super comfy and easy to clean, the back seat lays flat for easy storage and transportation. The only issue we have is the hinge on the back latch is broken so it does not stay open on its own sometimes.

- Sabrina M

2012 Jeep Cherokee. Paint and finish wow!

This Jeep grand Cherokee has been really reliable, handles well, ride is smooth for a SUV. Has good storage in the rear. Back seat folds down for even more cargo room. Has had several recalls by Jeep for various things, mostly safety. Mpg is as good as the Toyota highlander. Paint and finish has held up real well. I waxed it for the first time in 2018 and it looks brand. New.

- Ron B

Spacious, comfortable, and safe.

My 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee is by far the best thing I have ever driven. Not only is it comfortable but it is very spacious and has great features. It drives great in the winter with the automatic four-wheel drive, and is great in all seasons. The trunk has plenty of space to put groceries and the heat/air conditioning vents in the back seat are great for friends and family.

- Sydney W

Dependable, comfortable and spacious.

I love my jeep. Calling through the car is great, I can accept and call numbers hands free. Heated and cooling seat are great. And I love the heated steering wheel especially in super cold months. Very comfortable small suv. I have had some recall issues, but all have been fixed. I have had issues with xm channels updating and deleting my set channels which is annoying.

- Rachel W

Good performance and gas mileage.

Really happy with my car. There have been a couple of safety recalls that I have had to get checked out, but no major performance problems. I love the interior of the car - it is good for a dog. The only thing that I wish came automatic were weather proof floor liners. The car came with fabric ones, but with the dog and snowy winters, I had to replace them.

- Joanna S

Jeep grand Cherokee - charcoal gray (extremely cool and rare color).

It is very comfortable while at the same time feels extremely safe. Nothing fancy inside but enough to allow me to enjoy the time spent in my vehicle. For example it has cloth seats, not leather which is less luxurious but I think way more comfortable especially in the summer. If it had leather seats the seats become hot and stick in the summertime.

- Kate F

Nice looking, dependable SUV with low maintenance!

I bought it lightly used and other than an air filter change, regular oil changes, tires, etc. The vehicle has been low maintenance. It drives smooth and is excellent in the snow. I have always been a jeep owner. They are pricier than other similar sized SUVs but the quality is high on these vehicles and they run for hundreds of thousands of miles!

- Kate K

2012 jeep grand Cherokee experience.

I think that the performance has really lived up to the high quality company that jeep truly is. I have not really had any major issues with the car and it has been kept in good condition. I have owned the car for now 7 years and have only had small maintenance issues. I would definitely recommend this brand and the grand Cherokee to someone else.

- Katie H

Love it live it drive it. One of the smoothest rides and is loaded with features.

I like the features of the Jeep grand Cherokee overland 4x4, the air ride the park mode which lowers the Jeep for easy exit and entry. The push start, keyless entry you don't even have to get the remote out your pocket to unlock the doors. You just touch the handle and it unlocks itself. Push a button and go. The panoramic sunroof out this world.

- Joseph T

My 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee.

I love my 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee. I have only had it for two months but, thus far, I have not had any problems out of it. My Jeep has a touch screen, backup camera, and sunroof all of which function without a problem. We bought a tow kit for the Jeep and it was very easy to install. There is also plenty of room in the back seat for car seats.

- Ashley N

Love the Jeep grand Cherokee.

Drives excellently in snow. Very solidly built. Sits up high and drives well. Has lots of luxury amenities in cabin. I have gotten into a car accident in my Jeep, the other car was totaled and my Jeep had a small crack on the bumper. Jeeps can be expensive to maintain. Routine maintenance is a must. This is my second grand Cherokee.

- Sophie D

My first Jeep in 45 years of car buying.

My Jeep is an excellent ride. I have had it for 4 months with no performance issues. I got a great deal on it due to its lack of features. It is only a 2 wheel drive which may be an issue come winter as I am in the New York snow belt. Additionally, I will be looking for remote start, heated seats, and power seats on my next vehicle.

- John B

Jeep grand Cherokee is an awesome vehicle great investment for sure.

I love my Jeep very reliable, it is easy on gas, has a lot of room inside of vehicle. Goes great in the winter with the four wheel drive system. Has power locks, windows. The door will unlock when key fob is in hand beside car. Heating system is great and a/c in summer. Back seat folds down for more space for loading bigger items.

- Kelly K

Family car - gets mom to work in the snow and the family to the beach.

My car has 114,750 miles on it and it is still running great! The moonroof does not work anymore. I'd definitely would buy another Jeep, this our 4th grand Cherokee. It rides great on the beach and in the snow. We have two children under the age of four and it has enough room for car seats and a family trip to the beach.

- Melissa W

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Great ride but will it last?

I love driving my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's very comfortable and has lots of great features. The ride is smooth and quiet. The only thing I have been disappointed with is the amount of recalls. It makes me question the quality and reliability of my Jeep. I am also now doubting whether I would buy another one or not.

- Jamie J

Excellent travel vehicle. Comfortable and reliable.

Bought used with 32, 000 miles on it. Drives smooth around town and on interstate. We have maintained regular maintenance schedule and as a result, have only had a few times with minor issues from time to time. The back seats fold down and I can transport furniture and other large items. Would definitely buy again.

- Tammy W

Jeep changed my mind and I am thankful for that.

First time Jeep owner, was skeptical at first but have been very impressed with the car's reliability. I will definitely purchase another one for my daughter. I have had the car for 3 years and have not had a problem with it. I bought the warranty and feel that it was a good idea but not really necessary.

- Juan S

Daily obligations needing to be addressed.

Well I would love to tell you about my car, if I had one. Luckily I have an amazing mom that allows me to use her vehicle most times to do what I need. We have the car taking us, or getting us to every priority to take care of all obligations. It's fairly new and nothing is wrong with it as of right now.

- Crystal S

High number of recalls. While JCD has paid for most of them the time and inconvenience have cost me. I have also had a lot of 4 digit repairs that I've never experienced with another vehicle.

My car's name is Lola. Together we like to travel the US - especially on the Interstate. What I don't like is the very high number of JCD recalls that have occured. I've wanted a Grand Cherokee for over 20 years and while, overall, the car is great the constant recalls and breakdowns are disappointing.

- Buny S

Comfortable ride and love the backup camera and remote start.

Car had several minor incidents that had to take several trips to the garage and it also had several recalls with another set of trips to the garage. Comfortable ride nice leather and heated seats with remote start. Not great on gas. Love the backup camera and the Sirius satellite radio as well.

- Sur S

Power seats/pedals, leather interior, 18 inch wheels, good horsepower.

For the most part it's a great car. Power, steering, braking and suspension are fine. It tends to have a slight problem in the throttle body sensor and could develop a disastrous coolant leak issue. My advice is yes it's worth the initial purchase but you must maintain it and keep an eye on it.

- rob V

Jeep Grand Cherokee with problems.

Problems with my Jeep started from the start when I bought back in 2012. Electrical problems for the most part. Others would include radiator, and gas cap breaking. Performance wise, I haven't had any problems. The comfort of the Jeep is good. I opted for the cheapest option with no upgrades.

- Lauren D

Comfortable, practical and fun!

This is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have owned. It has all the features you could possibly want built in Bluetooth, large sunroof, heated seats and remote start. Just wish it had a bit more "get up and go" but I may be biased since my previous vehicle had a 5. 7l v8 hemi engine.

- Toni M

The fact the it has sport, trac, tow, auto modes.

I love my Jeep because it is very spacious. I have two kids and they are babies so it helps me get around. The trunk space is really good with size. I can fit a double stroller and sometimes my extra stroller. So just imagine how much space it has. I would def. Recommend this car.

- Valeria P

Amazing Jeep grand Cherokee!

I love my grand Cherokee! I do believe it is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. I recommend going for a 2014 or newer model to avoid the recalls that mine has had. It drives great. I love my sun and moon roof as well as the keyless entry. (it beats digging for your keys).

- Jackie A

Jeep grand Cherokee, one of the best.

With my Jeep it is comfortable and really good on fuel mileage. Has plenty of room in the back seat for my daughter and plenty of room in the back for storage. Its versatile and very useful. It has cold ac and warm heater. I would recommend to any family man looking for a good SUV.

- John D

Very comfortable and very dependable.

Jeep is a very dependable and sturdy vehicle. It provides high performance and can take your any through rugged terrain. For its size, it is pretty economical in terms of gas mileage and is a very smooth drive. It is also very spacious allowing for a lot of room for suitcases.

- Ron Y

Reliable and energy efficient.

Vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage and been very reliable. Not very practical with children. Takes the energy efficient fuel which is less expensive. I do love the Jeep model. It is sleek and nice to drive and not so bulky when you have an SUV and do not want a boat.

- Kay M

Beautiful 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee limited edition with blacked out wheels.

I have not had any problems with my Jeep. This Jeep is very comfortable to be in and drive. Manages great in all weather. The heated seats and starter are great when it cold. It has a ton of room for the family or moving things around. Great on gas. Very nice looking.

- Nicole D

It is a very awesome car.

It is an excellent car. Very gas efficient. It is very smooth. I never have car problems. It is awesome for long road trips. I love the leather seats that keep me warm or cold. The technology works great. Jeeps are my favorite so I recommend everyone to have a Jeep.

- Thomas W

My amazing Jeep grand Cherokee review.

My Jeep is amazing and I love the features of the touchscreen radio to the sunroof and vehicle rides smoothly! The vehicle is very reliable and the performance is absolutely amazing and the vehicle is also good on gas perfect for fun summer road trips with friends.

- Terri F

My hero, my grand Cherokee!

I love my 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee because it drives very smoothly. It feels like I am floating when I am driving. This vehicle has never gave me any problems, it is very reliable. I take my family on long road trips with it all the time and it never gave up on me.

- Jasmin S

This vehicle is dependable, drives great and runs great!

Our 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee has run extremely well for over 100,000 miles. The vehicle came with many features such as a backup camera, navigation, and leather seats just to name a few. The Jeep handles well and has a smooth ride. This is our third Jeep to own.

- Simon L

Nice vehicle for a family and nice ride as well.

It rides beautifully for its size and power. Great on long drives and gas mileage is not too bad considering. Will buy another some day. Wish it had heated seat and sunroof. Very roomy. I can pull things with it. Great sound system and satellite radio is included.

- Kurt S

Love my Jeep grand Cherokee!

I fell in love with my Jeep the second I drove it. I have only had to replace a battery and tires since 2012. This has been my best vehicle so far and I loved the new body style, which has not changed much since 2012. I get compliments on my Jeep all of the time.

- Nikki D

My family car-ride or die.

Had for over 6 years with minimal maintenance, great for travel, comfortable family car, handles well in winter weather and drives great on the beach. I'll drive it forever if I can. We have traveled in it many times and always had a nice ride. Held value nicely.

- Kelly H

An amazing Jeep grand Cherokee.

My Jeep grand Cherokee is American made. It is dependable. Maintenance is minimal. It has a smooth ride. It has Bluetooth so I can talk hands-free on my phone. It is comfortable. It has plenty of room since the back seat lays down. It is high enough I feel safe.

- Cynthia M

Great family fun car, love my Jeep.

Great car! Rides smoothly and quite. Fits my three kids comfortably. Pretty good gas mileage. Taken on many road trips and is very easy to take on long trips. Really love the back up camera and the heated steering wheel. The full roof sunroof is also so great.

- Katie W

Jeep grand Cherokee review.

Several issues, many recalls (alternator, visor, fuel, etc.) Additional parts are usually more expensive such as there is an additional required part for every oil change. Is comfortable Features can be expensive but does have a lot of options for features.

- Michelle H

Great SUV. Love the Jeep brand.

Had alternator problem it was a recall. Had a fuel pump issue and now windshield fluid is not working on drivers side. I love the size and extras on it though. Love personalized cooling and heat. Love that seat moves when entering and exiting the vehicle.

- Melissa W

Jeep grand Cherokee review.

Overall, my car has been a very good experience. In fact, it is my second Jeep grand Cherokee. The only issue I continue to encounter is that the esm has some issues, which is a common Jeep issue. Besides that, the car is very comfortable and reliable.

- Stephanie S

Good looking, Reliable and hassle-free!

I absolutely love my car. I have had it for 6 years now and I havent really had to do much maintenance on it other than standard oil changes. It is mainly used for city driving and shorter distances and every now and then taken on longer road trips.

- Sarah C

It is really trustworthy and Reliable, great in any kind of weather.

I like the way it drives and looks. I feel safe in it. At times it feels a little too much like a bubble with some weird blind spots but I've learned how to deal with that. I like that it's roomy and comfortable even when we're hauling stuff.

- Angela R

The gas mileage is better than most would expect and the auto-features are great.

I love the features, including the remote start and heated seats. The gas mileage isn't terrible. It's fairly comfortable (though not as much as my 2001 Grand Cherokee). I love how it looks. I love the auto-features (high been dim, wipers).

- Lorie J

It provides all of the bells and whistles and looks just as good as some of the more upscale SUVs but at half the sticker price.

I like that my vehicle requires little maintenance to maintain. I enjoy the space that the vehicle provides without being an overly sized SUV. I also really enjoy the turn radius that my Jeep offers it makes impossible turns possible.

- Michael L

Luxury vehicle with power to get you through any weather

I like the power that the engine has and the comforts in the car like the climate controlled seats and steering wheel. I don't like that it has had many recalls during its life. Also, it has a history of needing a lot of service.

- Sara O

It is a v8 hemi. Gas will be expensive.

I love the fact that snow is not hard for me to drive in. I feel safe in my vehicle. I can travel and haul. I do not like the gas consumption. I also do not like that there is a malfunction that the dealership can't figure out.

- Shannon R

That besides all the accidents, it still functioning pretty well.

I like that there is a lot of space, especially because I have a big family. It usually doesn't cost a lot of money to fill up the tank. There is nothing I particularly dislike except for the fact that it is not my dream car.

- Mari S

that it's stylish and sleek look with excellent performance

I bought my vehicle in 2012 used what I like about it is the roomy interior and stylish look and the way it drives with a v6 that puts out more than enough power to drive off-road or on the road with good miles to the gallon.

- Dennis Y

The Jeep is very reliable if you maintenance the throughout the year.

Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 2012 had over 100 recalls that kept my Jeep at the dealership almost whole day for repairs and replacement parts. I can definitely say even with all recalls I would buy another Jeep.

- Donald C

Due to the v8 engine it uses quite a bit of gas.

The only thing I dislike it there is a large blind spot in the front. Love the large sunroof, v8 engine, heated steering wheel, smooth ride, and all the control adjustments for the driver and passenger seats.

- Kara S

Reliable The Jeep Grand Cherokee has never left me stranded but much of that is due to proper maintenance.

It's great for traveling on the back country. I get good gas mileage. The cruise control has not been good and the radiator fan went out at 100,000 miles. Overall I have been satisfied with the smooth ride.

- Doug R

It gets its best mileage about 65 mph and the cruise control works great.

I like the easy entry for me, don't have to climb up or stoop down. Also like the room in back where I can lay down the back seat and have room enough to sleep. Don't like the design of the center console.

- Richard l

It is the nicest thing I own and treat it very well.

My vehicle has everything I need. It has a v8 hemi, navigation, backup camera, leather seats, a/c heard and heated steering wheel. I live in an area with lots of terrain and my vehicle can get me anywhere.

- Brandon M

It is reliable and safe! I'd highly recommend.

I like the safety of the vehicle as well as the horsepower of the engine. The appearance of the vehicle is important. It is very comfortable even on long trips. It has plenty of space and storage.

- Kat C

How I like my Jeep with its roomy interior and 4-wheel drive.

Four wheel drive makes it very good for snow or other bad driving conditions. It can carry 5 people so it's good for carpooling. It has enough room for groceries or even something like furniture.

- robert e

Great family car. Plenty of space and great on mileage.

The Jeep has plenty of space for my family. It's great on gas and I like the fact that has a e85 option. Its very reliable and hadn't had any real bad issues with the Jeep, just minor things.

- Manuel E

It is easy to maintain and take care of this vehicle.

I love the size of my vehicle because i can store a lot inside my car. I feel safe in my vehicle because it is bigger. I used to live on the east coast and it was excellent in the snow.

- Lexie H

The Jeep is a practical car with a fun side to it.

I am tall so I love that the Jeep has a lot of room inside. I feel safe in the car as I can see above most vehicles. Also, I feel the Jeep can keep me safe in most types of weather.

- Brenda M

Family friendly and trunk is huge and it is a good vacation driving car.

Huge. Spacious we just had a child so it makes us feel safe there is a car audio system that is going into it and it is disgustingly loud and it can make it look good. Perfect size.

- Brittany H

I believe that it's safe and sturdy - I feel comfortable driving it.

I love my vehicle. It's modern, a great size, comfortable and sporty all at the same time. The only thing I wish it had was a Navigation system, but it doesn't which is annoying.

- jackie r

It has Its quirks but it is comfortable and reliable

I love the fact that it is the first car that I have bought myself. It is large and comfortable with leather and heated seats. I do not like the problems that I have with the A/C

- Lauren M

I think the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a lemon. Do not buy that year and model used.

There have been many recalls on this vehicle. There also have been many other repairs made that are not covered by a recall. Some things have been left unrepaired due to costs.

- Cassi C

Keep your oil changes up to date.

Really comfortable ride, okay gas mileage and love the sunroof. Love the touch screen stereo and features are great. Really would recommend to people to get a Jeep any day.

- Robert J

Dependable the 4 wheel drive has never let ma down in either mud or snow

Grand cherokee drives more like a car than what you expect from a jeep. The features are very nice ac heated seats steering wheel as well a cooled seat for the warm months

- Darrell S

It drives smoothly for a jeep.

I love the way my car drives. I really like the interior features my car came with i. e. rear view camera Bluetooth heated seats. And I feel very safe driving the car.

- Colleen D

Great in the snow and all types of weather

The vehicle has been running great and i havent had any problems with it. I routinely change the oil and keep up with maintenance. It is comfortable and fully loaded

- Kevin M

Jeep was a great vehicle to own

Too many recalls to count on the Grand Cherokee the prior model I had was perfect no issues nothing this spends more time at the car dealership then in my driveway

- Jeffrey B

It has a lot of electrical features.

I like that it has a back up camera to help me back out of places. I dislike that it has a push button to start the vehicle instead of a traditional key ignition.

- A L

Jeeps are great choice if you have kids. The size is perfect.

I like the size of it, the trunk space, and the comfort level. There are also so many great features like heated seats, cooling seats, and a Bluetooth connection.

- Melinda S

It is very reliable. It is also easy and fun to drive.

I love the capabilities, I can go anywhere I want. The vehicle has plenty of room. I dislike that it rides so rough and that Jeep does not make a 3rd row vehicle.

- Andrew H

It's the basic laredo jeep, not as cool as the limited

I like that's it's 4x4. I like that I can fold the seats down for extra room. I'm used to driving a Honda though..so the gas mileage is not what I'm used to! :(

- Sharon H

It's a safe vehicle that can be taken off road. It sits on a truck chassis.

I like that my Jeep sits on a truck chassis. It has heated seats that I love and use all year round. I like that I have 4-wheel drive. It does use too much gas.

- Kristen B

It has never broken down or left me stranded.

I like the way it handles. With 4 wheel drive does well in snow. Has U connect for hands free driving. A good midsize SUV. I dislike the many factory recalls.

- Ron N

That the Jeep Grand Cherokee is not only safe and strong but stylish as well

My Jeep is tough and very stylish. It is black with black leather and four wheel drive I can drive in all weather and feel safe I just feel so good in my Jeep

- Patricia A

It is really good in the snow and the turning radius is amazing.

I like that it is good in the snow and the terrain in Colorado. I do not like the size (too big for me) and the ride is not as smooth as my previous vehicle.

- Leslie S

It is a great family vehicle and wonderful for travel.

The Jeep that I used to have was enjoyable to drive. I had the vehicle for 5 years and it handled very week. Maintenance on the vehicle was very reasonable.

- Carmen B

My Jeep Cherokee complete review!

I love my Jeep cause it rides real smooth and great on the gas. I haven't had no problems with it.To me my Jeep is the most reliable suv I have ever had.

- Marvin J

Jeep Grand Cherokee, wonderful 4 wheel drive vehicle that not only is functional but stylish.

I love Jeep Grand Cherokee, this is the 2nd one I have owned. Wonderful in the MI winter roads. So far I have not found anything I don't like about it.

- Tracy W

That it has a lot of space. Even when you put the front seats back all of the way it still leaves plenty of legroom for backseat passengers.

I love all of the features. Moon roof, electric everything, outlets, navigation. The only thing I dislike is it has a strip of wood paneling on the dash

- Jennifer L

That the ball bearings are bad and they desperately need to be replaced, which will happen soon.

I like that it is black and looks very nice. It also matches my personality very well. I don't like that it seems like I always have to do work on it.

- Destiny O

This vehicle is Extremely reliable. It handles superbly in all kinds of weather

I love my Jeep. It is black with black leather sunroof gps and it makes me feel I have a top of the line suv. I feel extremely safe in this vehicle .

- Patricia Aversa A

Smooth ride but can be tough when needed to get over rough terrain.

I like the size, look and feel of the vehicle. It is my 3rd Jeep vehicle and I love them. I can't think of any dislikes or complaints that I have.

- Tim T

It is very big and will win in most accidents and collisions with other cars, very tough.

I like the handling and breaks of the vehicle. But the blind spots are somewhat extreme. And as a relatively tall person it is the perfect height.

- Giuliana S

Durability of the Jeep-our third Grand Cherokee and will continue to purchase Jeeps..

Jeep is very durable, smooth ride on our Cooper tires, and comfortable seating. only complaint is the odor of poor quality gas when accelerating.

- Suzanne H

Ok to good gas mileage. Very comfortable ride and many available options

I love the look of my Jeep. The style is great and gas mileage is better than the Jeep Wrangler. I don't like how much more parts are to fix it.

- Mandi T

Love this Jeep! Amazing features.

Love my Jeep. Love the features. Panoramic sunroof, navigation, touch screen radio, power seats, and a second row that can fold down if needed.

- Meghan D

Small things keep breaking but overall appearance and engine performance is good.

I like the outward appearance. I dislike that small things keep breaking: lift gate 2 times, passenger side ac, push button start, turn signal.

- Kristin S

I absolutely love my Jeep Grand Cherokee! It does amazing in the snow which is a huge perk. I feel extremely safe driving it around with my kids in it. The Jeep has every add-on that I could hope for. It has been the most reliable vehicle we own.

The most important thing you should know about the Jeep Grand Cherokee is that it is reliable and it will get you through absolutely anything.

- Jill G

It has great 4 wheel drive and great on gas.I love that the seats are heated and very comfortable seats and its a 5 seater

I like my vehicle because its great on gas.It has some blind spots but i can deal with it.It has great 4 wheel drive and the seats are heated.

- Shayne P

I love the look of my Jeep

I like the look of the Jeep. The front end and back are very sharp looking. It's good decent pickup for a Jeep. The features are wonderful.

- Dave P

great reliability and great value for a midsize suv

It has over 200k miles on it, very little problems. Keep up with routine maintenance. Luxury vehicle features without the luxury price tag.

- season k

Great vehicle for those with children

It's a great vehicle for those with children it is spacious and can fit multiple car seats. I wish mine had an updated entertainment system

- Christina C




Reliable, drives smooth, great stereo.

Love it, rides great, love all the extra bells and whistles. Love the interior, and the look of the car. Double sunroof and great stereo.

- A M

It is a great car for a family.

I do not dislike anything about my car. I like my car because it is very strong and a great car. It is great to drive while its raining.

- Angela Y

It has a powerful towing package and I am able to pull my camper without issue.

It has a powerful engine, V8 Hemi. This allows me to pull almost anything I need. It is a comfortable ride and I like the aesthetics.

- Tod C

great gas mileage, good for the long run have had no mechanical problems @ over 100,000 miles on it

have over 100,00 miles on it & no mechanical issues ever. gas mileage averages 23-25 mpg. lots of hauling room can put 3 bales of hay

- natalie m

Jeep Grand Cherokee review

It is a very well made vehicle. Has average gas mileage. Very durable and reliable. It has most of the latest technology features.

- Vince a

My Jeep is very reliable and I have had no major issues.

It has been very reliable, no major mechanics issues. It rides like a luxury vehicle. I can drive through deep snow with no issues.

- Melissa E

It is great for a family vehicle.

I love everything about my Jeep. It is a great family car. No complaints here. I would like to be able to purchase a newer model.

- Courtney G

That it is absolutely amazing.

I like the size. I like its comfort. I like the look. I wish it got better gas mileage but other than that I have no complaints.

- Barbara W

That I love it and that it is a SUV and is safe.

I love that it is 4 wheel drive and that it has a lot of space. And it feels bigger than other cars. Also it is fast for a SUV.

- Brittany W

That it rides great and is fairly quiet.

Love the size. Rides very nice. Great for travel. Gas mileage could be a little better. Had to replace the motor 3 months ago.

- Lisa C

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

My vehicle has been absolutely great. The only thing I could complain about is the fact that it doesn't have 4 wheel drive!!

- Lindsey M

That it's been fairly reliable since I got it. It's a solid car.

I like that it's roomy. I also like the features it can equipped with. The only thing I don't like is the maintenance cost.

- Darcie N

It is a reliable sturdy road beast. It is well maintained and I love it.

It is a beautiful black grand Cherokee Laredo. It was a birthday present from my wife. I love it, it is an extension of me.

- Gary M

Easy to drive! Love the backup camera!.

I like that is large. It is family safe. I have never had an issue with reliability. Gas and maintenance is expensive.

- Britt M

It gets great gas mileage.

It has tons of room and cargo space. It is very comfortable to drive for long distances and fits 5 people comfortably.

- Brian S

It will last along time and is good for a family. safe to drive.

It's a good and reliable car. It has lots of storage space and plenty of seats. And lastly it still runs like newish.

- trinton f

The amount of gas that it uses

I love the way it drives and the comfort. The way you are higher than other cars and all the extras that come stock.

- Melissa H

The backup camera is great.

Has had many recalls and small problems for the amount of miles it has, but it is nice to drive and we'll priced.

- Emily H

The safety features are great.

Dry reliable and drives very well. There have been very few issues with this vehicle and was affordable as well.

- Annie S

It is fun to drive on and off-road terrain.

It is versatile on and off-road terrain, it is fun to drive. No problems engine wise does require a lot of gas.

- Darlene C

Nice car and fun to drive.

No problems with performance a all. It is a great vehicle to have in general. Glad to report that. Information.

- Marc G

Jeep's are my family's car!

This is an awesome car to have. My whole family has switched to driving Grand Cherokees! We love the Jeeps!

- Jonathan S

Good on gas. Lots of room. Great features.

Rear camera for parking. Heated seats. Plenty of room for groceries or other passengers. Four wheel drive.

- Tara C

That you can drive it in any weather and you can be comfortable.

It is reliable in any weather. It is comfortable to drive. I feel good about myself when I drive it.


It is very spacious. It rides rough. It has great gas mileage

i love the look of my vehicle. i love the space inside of my vehicle. i don't like how rough it rides

- brittany h

It is a roomy vehicle that has plenty of cargo space

It is a suv that is comfortable to ride in and also drive. We have plenty of room for carrying items.

- Catherine S

It gets around great. Very strong. Holds up for a long time.

I love my vehicle. It's four wheeled. It gets around great all year long. I want another one someday.

- billy M

I really enjoy driving it.

Like the way it drives. I like the space in the backseat. Dislike lack of arm rests in drivers seat.

- Samantha S

It is reliable and it holds its value well which was very important to me in buying a car.

I like that I am higher up - I like the technology in the car. I also feel very safe in my car.

- Kay R

That all the features that it comes with most other cars don't

I love all the features, GPS, the rear has a Screen for DVD movies. There is nothing I dislike

- Barbara T

VERY reliable and have had very little trouble with it

I love that it has been so reliable and dependable. Drives great and love all the amenities

- Leslie F

It has plenty of room the seats are comfortable the stereo sound good

I like the way it drives. I do not like that it has 4 recalls and the seats block your view

- Anthony B

My car is fantastic in the snow.

I love my vehicle. It is great in the snow. The gas mileage is good. It is very versatile.

- Todd c

It gets me where I need to go, it runs well and it is well taken care of

I like the size and comfort. I would like more convalescences for kids like a minivan has

- Joy R

T is always in the shop. I think it's a lemon and they will waste their time with going t the shop

There are so many recalls and it really wastes my time from my duties. The style is great

- Nancy S

Like height, how it handles, larger sized interior, wish it handled a little better in snow.

Has a nice ride and is enjoyable to drive. Better gas mileage than they might expect.

- Julie R

Great quality, great style

This is my 6th Jeep. I love the styling, the feel, the way it drives, the amenities.

- Erikka G




Comfortable. Stylish. Wonderful accessories. Love my car!

Love. my Jeep! Reliable, safe, looks great. MPG could be a little better

- Judy K

It's a very reliable vehicle that's had no major issues.

I like the technology featured in my vehicle and I like the smooth ride.

- Michelle Y

Rides smooth on the road. Cloth seats are easy to clean.

Great size for having kids. Plenty of room in the back. Great features.

- Bethany L

Nothing really. It's a grand Cherokee and it's black.

I don't have any complaints. I like my jeep well. I wish it was newer.

- Lori S

easy and reasonable price to maintain my vehicle.if you only ask for one important thing i don't have enough words to explain the easy maintenance

love the color , the seating and the way it handles . no complaints

- joyce b

Reliable, looks great, with 4x4 gets me where I want to go

Versatile, great in snow. Looks great.love the extended moonroof.

- Dawn G

It is a 4 door suv. I like that it has plenty of cargo space and is roomy for passengers

That you can get more cargo space by lowering a row of seats

- Catherine S

it has electrical problems. There car tends to. break down

It burns through gas. It costs a lot. It has many problems

- Joe H

Mpg fuel, squeaky noises, poor suspension, loud road noise

Bad suspension, noisy, lower than expected gas mileage

- Po T

I really like the remote start and the heated front and back seats.

- Marie H