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A Jeep Wrangler Willys that's never failed me.

Jeep Wrangler With Willys trim package has been an amazing vehicle. Reliability has been excellent, in the almost 5 years I have had it I have only had to change the oil and rotate tires, oh and had to have it realign. And this was only do to the heavy wheeling on trials I had done. The engine and drivetrains have not failed me. The ride comfort is not the greatest on the road, now this is most likely due to its tires, they are mud tires which will make for a louder and rougher ride on pavement. But when its on the trails, you realize that's what you need. This Jeep is a soft top so zippers and velcro are your fasteners. I use this jeep without the doors and roof whenever weather permits and about 15 to 20 mins is all it takes to get it that way. Some things that fall short are, the back seat is not easy to get into and leg room is not the greatest, there is also no real trunk in this jeep. Also the carpet has a tendency to come undone every time you slide the front seat up. I have taken the jeep on mountain trails, beaches, pulled behind Motorhomes and it has never fail me.

- Ed D

Oscar Mike Jeep Wrangler- Fun in the Sun

We have the Jeep Wrangler Oscar Mike edition. Manual transmission, power windows, power steering, leather seats, hard top, 4 wheel drive. We have had no problems with the vehicle. The Jeep does not provide a luxury ride and is a bit on the rough side but we were aware of this when we purchased. We have a lift kit with mud tires which provides a louder ride. The lift kit took some getting used to with the handling of the steering. The hard top comes in 3 sections and is very easy to remove as are the doors. We have enjoyed that the parts are very easy to change- lights, blinker lights, brake lights. We have the upgraded stereo system and love the sound and speaker setup. The rubber mats provide easy clean up. We do not have the navigation system which was a feature we wanted but have not had problems except that a backup camera would be nice since the tire does block some of the view. We love our Jeep.

- Dara L

Jeep Wrangler is very simple and nice looking.

Very nice look to it. On the outside it looks very big, but on the inside it's not necessarily as big as it looks. In terms of front seats and back seats, not as much leg room as I would like (tall family). But the truck part is definitely big enough to store stuff. Gas mileage is not great and costs much more than the average car to fill up a full tank (usually around $60). Also takes awhile for the air conditioning or heat to get going, sometimes it takes one minute, over times it may take five minutes, which can be difficult during the summer. I like how the radio system is simple, no big screens or buttons you have to press. I can go straight to Bluetooth or straight to radio with one click.

- Sydney S

The 2 flaws I didn't like about my Jeep wrangler unlimited Rubicon.

I have a 2014 Jeep wrangler unlimited Rubicon I love it to death and I have put major upgrades to it for my own fun. The 2 and only 2 things I do not like about the Jeep is I have to pay $1200 because the GPS went out and it cannot be updated. And secondly anyone who drives a wrangler or at least I have asked has said the same thing in regards to the coolant smelling extremely strong especially on a hot summer day. I have caught myself stopping the Jeep and just checking if it is leaking. Just a Jeep thing I guess. But overall I love it. I love what it can do and the power it puts out for a 3. 6l v6 motor.

- Cory P

This car is very safe and nice to look at.

There's really nothing wrong with my vehicle up onto this part. My car drives extremely smooth and has a lot of amenities. I never run out of space and my family loves it. I will say you must be aware of how much gas you'll be putting. It fits my lifestyle but I can see it not fitting others that are on a lower budget. It's not too expensive but it's not too cheap either. I love how comfy it is and how secure I feel. Also, can't forget the looks and compliments I get getting off of that thing. Definitely recommend. Has everything I, and I'm pretty sure anyone else would need.

- Zoe S

Basic model with no extra features but still enjoyable to drive

Overall it is a good and reliable vehicle. It is a very basic model with no extra features included but it still very enjoyable to drive. It is a standard transmission which is what we prefer. The main problem have been with fluids leaking and the dealership has not been very helpful when taking the car in for repairs. They can never identify the problems even though it is obvious they are there. But overall for as much as the car is driven it has not really had any major issues with the engine other than normal wear and tear and usual maintenance.

- Rick Valencia R

Mostly a great vehicle, as long as you. Are willing to keep up on the maintenance.

Positives- appearance, easy access to motor, easy to put in and take out of 4 wheel drive, can drive it anywhere( very versatile in terms of terrain), my husband says it is easy to work on, lots of reasonably priced add-ons, the top is very simple to remove and put back on. Negatives- super loud inside when driving (especially down the freeway) I have constant problems with leaks causing a couple inches of water to puddle in my car, the windshield is constantly getting rock chips and breaks, it's not as spacious as you might think an SUV would be.

- Lindsay W

You are really buying 3 cars in one purchase.

I love my Jeep. It is essentially 3 cars in one. A regular car with the roof on, a convertible with the roof off, and something extremely special with the roof and doors off. It is a great vehicle. The only issue I have had is when I have parked the Jeep on an incline in the rain. For whatever reason when on an incline the water seeps through the joints in the roof and leaks into the car. Other than that small issue that rarely comes up this has been the best vehicle I have ever owned in my life and I am committed to being a Jeep lifer.

- Brian U

Research the product before purchasing.

Jeep Wranglers are the perfect suv in theory. Not so much in reality. The Jeeps are not sealed very tightly therefore when it rains it pours straight in to the inside of the Jeep. I have had more than my fair share of problems with my jeep. So I'll keep it short and simple for you all. I have had to replace the motor in my Jeep along with the radiator, camshaft, and the metal that attaches the seat belt. My Jeep has less than 50,000 miles. Bought brand new. Only 1 owner. So I suggest any and all research the product before purchasing.

- Michael D

Durable structured vehicle with unchanging value.

This is the best vehicle I have purchased so far. It is extremely reliable and gets good gas mileage. It rides well, very smooth. I always feel safe riding in it. I believe that it is a great car for small children. It is durable. I have 3 dogs that ride around in it all the time and the Jeep is still in fabulous condition. One issue I have is that there is always usually water on both front floor mats after it rains. Another issue I have is that the heat does not stay in the car, so I guess there is not enough insulation?

- Shannon M

Willy�s wrangler: the off-road original.

This car is super comfortable to ride in. It is great in all weather conditions, especially snow. The off road tires make it great for those who love the outdoors and exploring. The car is Bluetooth compatible making phone calls and music streaming easy. Not a car built for speed or gas friendly, but very reliable. The back seats fold up for great storage room and the top comes off for those who love some natural air conditioning. Even the two door models are easy to place car seats in and are very safe for all passengers.

- Morgan G

Easily transform your car to accommodate the season.

We love our jeep. It is extremely versatile. We use the hard top in the winter and switching over to the soft top for summer takes no time at all. Our jeep is engineered to make everything easy, whether that be taking the top off or the doors off, it all takes only minutes. It was the best purchase we have ever made. We are jeep people for life. We love everything about it from the jeep wave to the freedom of the open air on our face. We would recommend a jeep wrangler to anyone who asked.

- Scott S

Have fun and enjoy a Jeep . Top on/off guaranteed to make you feel unstoppable.

I enjoy the ability to drive on any type of terrain, in any type of weather. The Jeep is a 4 wheel drive vehicle with the ability to remove the top making my driving experience enjoyable. What other vehicle can you choose to be a convertible while also having the ability to drive in 2 feet of snow. The Jeep does not ride as smooth as a luxury vehicle but I enjoy the adventurous ride. It could be somewhat difficult for an elderly or disabled person to physically get in to drive or ride.

- Suzette L

I love my Jeep wrangler! Enjoy the Jeep life!

I always wanted a wrangler, my husband got one & debated & finally bought my own. Great size for me love the Jeep life & people I have met. I had a problem, pretty common, with leaking hardtop. Put the soft-top on no issues. For me it has performed as expected, but they aren't for everyone! Reliable starts everyday, gets me anywhere I want to go. Mine is a very basic model so not a lot of bells & whistles. Can't beat being able to take top off, 1/2 off, windows off, doors off!!

- Christina A

2014 Jeep Wrangler pros and cons.

The fold down top leaks after three years for myself. I really like how the steering wheel and accelerator pedal feel natural and not too touchy. I do not like the seats that are in the standard Wrangler. The back seat is very hard to remove alone and so is the fold down top. Changing the oil in the Jeep is near to impossible when changing it the first time. The dealership changing the oil had to cut the bolt out because they stripped the bolt that the manufacturer put in.

- Morgan E

It is fun in the winter and in the summer!

The 2014 Jeep Wrangler is safe in the winter with four wheel drive and fun in the summer since the top can be removed during good weather. As for comfort, it is much more comfortable than previous years and much more quiet but still a bit loud. The 2018 Ford escape is a comfortable ride that seats five passengers comfortably. We moved an entire dresser in the backseat so it is plenty roomy. We enjoy the escape when traveling long distances compared to our other vehicles.

- Cheryl S

Reliable vehicle that makes driving fun.

American made, reliable, holds it is value through the years. The road is not your only terrain, can explore many places in a wrangler that are otherwise left unventured. Maintenance can be expensive, but many things can be done yourself, buy the extended warranty. Has all the essential features and some added bonuses like seat warmers. Can be completely customized with limitless features and add-ons for a daily driver or a lifted 4x4 all terrain vehicle.

- Max N

Lots of fun in a sporty package.

Really no problems with my jeep, I do have an recall on the air bag. I have had my jeep on long and short trips, and just out to the lake for the day of fun. The hardest thing for me is to take the full top off. But hoping to get the stand of this to help. Comfort for the long trips where being able to drop a seat and put the cooler just behind me and not have to stop and buy drinks and food. Good gas mileage and handled the highway just fine.

- Michelle H

Not just a Jeep, join the wrangler waving family.

Drive a manual jeep wrangler with a soft top, absolutely love being able to take the windows out and top down on nice days very reliable vehicle extremely comfortable seats that do not get hot in the sun since they are not leather. Keep brand tires are wonderful and hard working as well and compliment the keep nicely. Being apart of the keep wave community feels like family wherever you go in the wrangler.

- Kelsey J

Jeep Wranglers can reflect who you are as a person.

The Jeep Wrangler is by far one of the best cars I have ever driven. It is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, roomy, and overall filled with perks. The heater turns on quickly ensuring warm mornings, auto start prevents sitting in a cold car at all, it is extremely reliable and has added features like the roof coming off, tons of customization opportunities, and it is overall an extremely useful car.

- Sarah C

Easy to customize to your liking.

I have always been a fan of the ability to customize Jeep Wranglers. There are many ways to personalize the vehicle to your liking. The vehicle itself is rugged and tough and I can see why so many people own Wranglers and never get rid of them. Thus far, I have had no issues with it mechanically and have been only servicing it as needed for oil changes. Rides smooth although it's a tough vehicle.

- Jessica M

Jeep wrangler Sahara 2014 family car.

Right now my vehicle is in pretty good condition considering we purchased it used. The only problem we're having right now is that there seems to be an engine problem with the fuel evap line. We need to have this hose replaced soon but otherwise, the rest of the car is awesome. It is comfortable, great mom car, has lots of room for our dogs and is perfect for the weather we have in our hometown.

- Jordan B

big, white 6-speed jeep. Not your average mom car.

I love my jeep. I love that it fits my personality and is customizable. Its a 6-speed and fun to drive, it's been the best car. No problems at all. Does not ride the best but it's lifted and I prefer the look of the lift versus a smoother ride. I have 3 kids, and though it's a bit tight for them on long rides, they love it. They love that we can take the top back. It's not a typical mom car.

- morgan W

It's an awesome Jeep Wrangler.

I have a Jeep Wrangler and have wanted one since I could drive. So finally after about 4 years I was able to get one and I love it! I love that you can take the top and doors off when its nice and hot outside so you can drive around and feel all the air. The only thing that I don't like is that when you go over a bump it makes it ten times worse than the bump actually is.

- Jordan M

My 2014 Jeep wrangler willys edition.

It is fun, spacious and adventurous. I am able to take it off-roading at my local beaches and have plenty of room and comfort for everyday driving with two small children in large car seats and have a double stroller in the cargo. It is not terrible on gas and has a nice sporty look. Haven't had any problems with it and look forward to driving it for many more years!

- Christine N

The summer ride you will never forget

I love the features of being able to take the top and doors off, it makes for a fun ride when the weather is nice. It is very reliable in the snow also, I have no problem going anywhere. The gas mileage could be better but I have put bigger tires on it so I knew that would go down. Overall I am very satisfied with my jeep and I will end up buying another one.

- connor Z

Off-roading is an incredible experience in the properly equipped vehicle.

Jeep wrangler us an awesome vehicle to own and drive. I have had very minor issues so far and have had a great experience. This is my 4rh wrangler. There are so many add on accessories that you can buy to really make your Jeep one of a kind and creative. There are also many retailers available online in which to find just what you are looking for!

- Debbie A

Fun and functional mom car.

I was looking for a functional vehicle that is sporty and fun, but can also haul the kids. Removing the top of the jeep has made for some awesome days in good weather. The. The top can be frustrating at times because the panels are heavy, but it is definitely worth it. I have also found that the wrangler is much more quiet than I anticipated.

- Brittany H

Great maneuverability and the unique customization ability.

Jeep wrangler unlimited has great handling for off-road capabilities and has great engine power in its v6. The ability to perform maintenance on the vehicle was a big selling point for me. I would like for a bit more options to be added for instance a sun roof built into the removable panels on the roof and less plastic on the outer vehicle.

- Steve D

Its cheap to maintain this vehicle

Only problems I have had is with the speed sensors other than that it's been very reliable. The performance is absolutely amazing the reliability has been great the comfort is nice wish there was more space but you get use to it. I don't really care for features I have hand roll down windows love the three split hardtop it's great in summer

- James H

2014 wrangler 2 door soft top 6 speed manual. 2.5' lift 35 tires.

I love my jeep. It runs great and is fun to drive with the top and door off. The jeep is a great off road vehicle. The only issues I have had with it are 2 wheel speed sensors and the oil cooler. Both were replaced under warranty. I recommend buying a wrangler for anyone that enjoys driving and offroading. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Michael J

Jeeps are incredible to me.

I'm such a strong Jeep person, I've always loved the brand. Jeeps are so reliable! there's never a condition that I can't drive through with my Jeep. The driver seat is completely accessible-regardless of who's driving. I also love that many models come with a manual transmission, which makes for easier control, especially around hills.

- Nicole T

Not for young families or families with young children.

Ride is more like a truck. Replacement tires are expensive. Very reliable in snowy weather. Not a good vehicle for young families with young children. Yearly maintenance can be expensive and warranty can be voided if using any aftermarket parts, anything not mopar. I would definitely consider buying a newer model when the need arises.

- Sherry S

Love my Jeep Wrangler so much!

I love this car. It drives smoothly and is so fun for the summer/warmer months. It has little maintenance needed and is highly reliable. The radio/sound system was a very important factor for me and it has not let me down. It is loud and clear. The top leaks a little bit but it is never major and never creates big issues for me.

- Sarah K

A Perfect Vehicle for Families and Travel

I love this car. It is very sporty but very reliable as well. We added a lot of cool upgrades to it to enhance the look of the car. We have not had a problem with it. We are even able to attach a hitch to the front and tow it behind our motorhome. We have a two door and it is still plenty of room for 4 people and a little puppy.

- Sarah G

The car is rugged, fun to drive and get decent gas mileage.

I have a manual and the ca can stall very easily in first and reverse but it is never consistent. I like how easily the roof comes off. The sound system is wonderful in the Sahara. The leather seats make it easy to clean and the heated seats are wonderful in the winter. Only wish is that it would have a higher towing capacity.

- Maria F

I go over any bump, big or small, with it.

I love how cozy is inside. It's very smooth to drive, you can barely feel bumps on the road, it's elevated and just overall a fun car. It does great in the snow, and is not too bad on gas. The trunk is big and spacious. My only complaint would be I wish it had vents in the back, but the Wrangler model doesn't come with it.

- Jeane S

I love my Jeep wrangler!!

Love my Jeep! It is so fun to drive and comfortable. It rides like a truck not a luxury car. I love that I can take off just the front part of the roof or the back or the whole thing. It is tough yet classy. It can go anywhere. It has a nice cargo. Area and the seats dolls down to expand when needed. So happy with my Jeep!

- Julie G

Pros and cons of my Jeep - mostly pros! I love my Jeep!

I love my Jeep! I've had it for a few years and have had very little problems. It isn't the most comfortable inside and it does kind of feel like a go cart on the highways. The windshield is easily cracked for some reason, I think because it is so flat up and down. But it is very reliable and I will always drive a Jeep.

- Ashley A

Its sporty and the top can come down.

I love my jeep. It does sit high so getting in and out can be a challenge. There is no trunk space at all. Make sure you pit to top back on right or it can leak when it rains. It's great in bad weather because its 4 wheel drive. Also not a lot of room for more than 4 people and whoever sits in the back has to be small.

- Christina L

2014 Jeep wrangler car review.

Hardly any space when it comes to kids, over all great gas mileage have never had any problems with it runs well on road an off-road. Seats in the back are too small for car seats plenty of space in the very back. Love how you can take the top off however just keep in mind once you take it off it does not seal the same.

- Brenda P

2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

I love my Jeep. It has been my dream vehicle for many years. I love the performance and comfort of driving my Jeep. If I had to say one unfavorable thing though, it would be the difficulty of cooling the interior on a hot day, as there is no insulation etc under the hard top. But that is the only negative I have found.

- Amanda A

It is a Jeep thing, love the Jeep wave. It is like a special group.

I made my Jeep online and took it to the dealership to order. I love that I can go over curbs. I like the t tops in the front seat so I do not have to take the whole top off. Drives great. No problems with anything. The hard top is definitely better than soft top, less outside noise. Love my stereo and many speakers.

- Dawn O

Jeep wrangler for life! Best vehicle around.

My wrangler unlimited sport is awesome! It is flexibility of style and ruggedness to go off-road, but maintain quality on the highway make it unmatched in my opinion! Plus being able to transform the Jeep into a convertible by removing the top really keeps me loving it I am a Jeep wrangler person for life!

- Timothy H

I like that in the summer you can take the top off and enjoy a nice breeze.

Breaks are not working, but I do enjoy that it's a high car. Drives smooth in the snow. Def would say it's a great snow car. however, you do spend a lot of money on gas. I live in New York and it takes about 50 dollars to fill up the tank. But, I do love my Jeep and would recommend for people to get one.

- Angie A

My 2014 Jeep is white and is two doors. It�s the perfect car for me.

I love my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. I searched everywhere for this Jeep. It's perfect. O purchased it about 6 months ago. Only issue I've noticed recently is my brakes make a funny noise when backing up. It's not a screeching noise as if my brakes need to be tightened but more like a high pitched whisper.

- Courtney B

Outdoor, outgoing drive, and stylish.

I have encountered no problems with the Jeep Wrangler. The seats are comfortable for driver and passengers. It is roomy and it is equipped with the necessary technology. It provides the option of customize it to your own style. You can adapt it to the environment you want by removing doors and roof.

- Laura G

For the love of jeeps, only an owner would understand!

Have had some engine problems repaired easily. Not the most luxurious, it's a Jeep!! Love my Jeep! Economically not the best on the road. Super fun to own especially since I can remove roof and doors in good weather. Jeeps have so many options one can dress up their vehicle however they like.

- Dorothy N

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

Jeep is notorious for leaking roofs. I've had same issues with the hard and soft top. For my year there have been issues with freezing brake calipers and wheel speed sensors going bad with me currently only having 60,000 miles on the vehicle. Over all I am completely satisfied and love my Jeep

- Dan S

Very capable off-road, overkill for everyday driving.

Great vehicle if you like to off-road and do not want to spend the cash to upgrade from the lower models. A bit unnecessary as a dedicated freeway vehicle though. The newest models are pretty expensive for what you are getting, but it seems like that is the same with most vehicles these days.

- Jon T

The amazing Jeep wrangler.

The Jeep wrangler is truly an amazing car. It can be driven on many different types of roads, perfect in any weather, and very stylish. It is noticed wherever you go, the compliments just make you fall in love with it all over again. I highly recommend this car to anyone wanting to buy it.

- Niya E

Love my Jeep. It is so fun to drive!

I love my wrangler!! It does squeak sometime, but I deal with. It's not a luxury vehicle but it is so fun to drive. I love putting the top down and just driving around! I do wish the sound system was a little better though. Overall, I love my Jeep and cannot wait to give it a few updates!

- Kelly S

Tough looking and efficient.

Durable. Great gas mileage. Comfortable for whole family is. off-road driving is safe and fun. Spring and summer months are awesome to drive without whole roof or just the two panels. Plenty of storage space in back. Ideal for bigger people who need space to fit, it is very roomy.

- Sheila A

The best part of this vehicle is the freedom to go wherever you want

The only issue I've had with this vehicle is the radio periodically not working. Other than this issue, the vehicle is always reliable and great in the snow, rain and mud. The freedom panels are great in the summer if you don't have the time to take the whole top off! Highly recommend.

- Bryan D

Fun to drive, sporty and safe vehicle!

I love my Jeep Wrangler. I'm excited every time I get into it, even if it's just to run a quick errand. I have a manual transmission and I really feel like I am driving when I'm behind the wheel. It is rugged and sporty but also comfortable. I also feel very safe while driving it!

- Janet T

Looks great. Handles very well.

GPS system is awful but everything else pertaining to my experience has been pretty good. Haven't had to put any money into it other than maintenance and fuel. I leased this vehicle for 3 1/2 years and decided to purchase about 6 months ago. All in all I am happy with this vehicle.

- Andy J

Jeep wranglers are awesome!

I love my Jeep wrangler! I haven't had any problems with it yet. Mpg is awesome, the comfort is great and I can fit 2 car seats in the back seat. The fold down seats in the back are great and easy to fold and I can fit so many big items into the back. Taking the top off is simple.

- Leah B

Great for all weather conditions.

Jeeps are great. Low maintenance and durable in winter. For the price you get a lot. The ride is comfortable and good in inclement weather conditions. The removable top makes summer fun. This was my sons first vehicle. The manual transmission helped become a more confident driver.

- Josh K

If you want a customizable vehicle that has next to no limits for any and all the places you want to go- get a Jeep Wrangler.

A true Jeep owner is in a relationship with their jeep, we like them that much. Only complaint is it's longevity isn't highly promised. I've already replaced factory given parts like the blinker, drive shaft (boot), and rear gears. Having more durable parts would make me happier.

- Mandy J

I own a white Jeep wrangler four doors.

Love driving my Jeep wrangler! It didn't have any issues yet and hopefully I can enjoy this car for a long time! It makes me feel safe and young. My daughter has a Jeep as well and she loves it too. All family fell in love with this car. My husband still looking for another one.

- Rita S

All out best Jeep you can buy for the durability and performance.

I love my Jeep great riding. All terrains great for good for small family. I love the tops of my Jeep. Very comfortable. Buckets seats seat up and down I am. Back. Great to take to the beach. Or go mudding. Recommend great performances. Very reliable. Great price for this Jeep.

- Kerri K

Tough against Utah drivers!

I love our Jeep. When I bought it I knew I wanted a vehicle that if in an accident would tough. It is a steel frame and I feel safe every time I pack the family in it. Changing out the tires gives us a little better gas mileage. If I traded it in it would be for another Jeep.

- Theresa T

It's an anvil grey limited edition.

I love my Jeep its my favorite vehicle that I've ever owned. I prefer the hard top over the soft top due to the noise. But the ride is smooth and I have no plans of getting rid of it for a long time. I also test drive a 2 door but decided that the 4 door was a smoother ride.

- Kim S

The top and doors are able to be removed.

The 2014 Jeep Wrangler is the best, most reliable, comfortable, and fun vehicle I have ever owned. The features include being able to take off the roof and the doors for a nice summer day. I would for sure recommend to anyone looking to purchase a car for their young adult.

- Sam V

Great for outdoors especially with the doors and top off. Super safe.

The car is so amazing to drive and it is really smooth on the road. We got bigger tires than what it originally came with and it is great but it uses up more gas which is annoying. Sometimes the tires do not grip great to the road and the car loses a little bit of control.

- Spencer V

Drives smooth, but with a tough exterior

Reliable and fun! Not the greatest on gas however and you can go really fast. You can modify and make yours look unique. It does ride smoother than people think it does. The seats are comfortable. Not much of a trunk, so you use back seat. Top comes off very easy.

- Patty K

Jeep wrangler is pet and family friendly.

I bought the Jeep used and have only had it for a few months so I haven't really had any problems with it. I have two children and also a dog that I travel with regularly. I feel like there is plenty of room for all of us. I like the size and ease of the use of the trunk.

- Angela C

All around awesome vehicle!

This is a great vehicle for all kinds of people! It is great for summer when you can take the top off, great for winter in the snow, and awesome for dirt and mountain climbing! In addition, it looks cool too! I highly suggest getting a jeep wrangler as your next vehicle.

- Emily A

Calling all Jeep people!!

My Jeep is super comfortable, just the right amount of sport, and fun to drive. I love that it can go anywhere from regular driving to off-roading. Love how roomy the back seat is for passengers even though it is only a two door. Could use more room in the trunk though.

- Teresa H

Turns on a dime not the most comfortable.

I love the Jeep. It is not very luxurious. I did get the Sahara package, so it has leather, etc. It is not very comfortable for long road trips. It handles great. The hard top is hard to remove with only 2 people. When the doors are off, I do not have any side mirrors.

- Laurel C

Jeep wrangler: best road trip vehicle.

My jeep performs extremely well. It is very durable. I have only had a few issues with water leaks from the doors. Other than that it is very reliable. It's fun to drive with the top down in the summers and it is perfect for road trips. I plan on always driving a jeep.

- Michael P

It is the perfect road trip and daily commute vehicle.

Love it! Only downfall is for daily commute miles per gallon is about 16, so not very efficient. Other than that, have yet to have any issues with it is performance. Always get compliments on driving such a nice vehicle. Such a great car company to invest in and trust.

- Amanda C

Fun driving a Jeep family friendly and safety a plus.

Safety exciting to drive 4 wheel drive[ family car. Good for vacations. Family enjoys riding it around safety a plus expensive to keep up with we get involved with Jeep groups that help us meet new people and give my kids other kids to play with. It's great and fun.

- Shawn M

perfect on the road and off the road vehicle

has good reliability, has only gave me a few problems with the engine light. Love it because it is a heavy and safe car. Comfortable spacious. Air conditioning takes awhile to apply. Had the car for 6 years and still rides well. High quality car. Great car for anyone

- samantha T

Jeep wrangler Sahara. It is a gorgeous and fun car.

The jeep is a classic car and is so much fun. Easy to maintain and easy to switch out tops. The Sahara trim package is luxurious. I am able to drive off road and it is great in the bad weather. Some minor issues with electrical, but all have been easily fixed..

- Jennifer A

Named pepper. It is white with pink accents. Well recognized when driving.

Love that I can make it my own with modifications. I am apart of several Jeep clubs which allows me to show off the modifications. It is a fun active vehicle that can be take to meets or off-road. Need to jump a curb in traffic to get around someone. No problem!

- Amy M

Jeep wrangler - a great vehicle for anyone.

My Jeep is great except the gas mileage. That is the only thing I would improve on the vehicle. I love the radio on the wheel for easy access. The digital dashboard for speed and other gauges. The battery could be in a better location to remove a little easier.

- Tara W

Fun to drive this Rubicon off-road.

The few problems I have are the air conditioner takes so long to engage and in Arizona you need instant cooling. It is on off-road vehicle so it is not super comfortable to drive long distances. It gets horrible gas mileage. Super easy to flat tow behind an rd.

- Christie L

Jeep Wrangler, enough said!

I love my Wrangler it drives great handles well in the snow and has amazing power. And it's great on gas I drove from Miami to Cleveland Ohio and made three gas stops. On top of all that it looks great. You can customize them to fit your personality. I love it.

- Clancy A

2014 Jeep Wrangler only one complaint

My Jeep Has been very reliable. The only problem is a terrible smell from carpet on passenger side floor carpet. It gets wet in rain and smells terrible. I have occasionally had leaks around tops in very heavy rains. Four wheel drive has been very dependable.

- Susan R

I like how the doors and roof can come off.

The gas is not the greatest. It seems like I am getting gas every other day. The ride is not smooth and can get really bumpy. The check engine light comes on a lot and needs a new alignment almost every month. Kind of dangerous because it can flip very easily.

- Katie M

The best highlight of my vehicle is the look and feel it has.

This vehicle rides smooth. It is ability to ride through rough terrain is spectacular. The miles per gallon is absolutely terrible though. It also is like a box going down the highway which makes it quite loud. I love the make and I finally have my dream car.

- Brock M

Jeep wrangler has more pros than cons.

Bad on gasoline, very good in snow. Good warranty, very reliable, rusting underneath a bit which I do not know why. Only a few minor problems that were under warranty that my dealership fixed for me. Not the smoothest ride but the car is a beast in the snow.

- Alyssa H

How awesome the Jeep Rubicon is.

No problems. Rides great for a Rubicon. No complaints it is my 2nd Rubicon and 4 wrangler. As all the features of a luxury vehicle but the look of an off-road vehicle. My family of 3 fits perfectly in it with lots of room for the dogs. Durable and reliable.

- Miranda P

My Jeep reminds me of a how fun life can be.

I really enjoy driving this vehicle. It's rugged yet fun. It's an all weather vehicle. My Jeep is also interchangeable. It's like having 2 cars in . 1 have a hard top which is the same color as the body of the vehicle. I also have a soft top which is black.

- Rhonda F

Awesome off-road vehicle with easy on-and-off freedom top.

The best off-road vehicle for the price. You can take it virtually anywhere. The freedom top system is great for quickly taking a portion of the top off and back on. Obviously not an extremely smooth or quiet ride but you shouldn't expect that from a jeep.

- Ian B

It's a smooth ride and very easy to take care of. It is very customizable.

Smart radio has had frozen a few times while driving, takes a little bit to start to warm up on the inside but once its warm it stays warm. Turns on a dime even when you do not expect it to. Radio is a bit staticy when listening to it at high volumes.

- Josh M

It is wonderful in any weather conditions, however, the gas mileage is not.

My car is very reliable with comfortable seats and just enough cargo space. It is great in any kind of weather, the seats are easy to move and adjust. My only complaint with the vehicle is the gas mileage and the ease of removing the convertible top.

- Marissa F

It holds its value much more than other cars.

Love the look of the car. It is very sporty. I also like that it is a convertible. I do not like the ride of the car. I wish that it drove more smoothly and had the ability to accelerate faster. The gas mileage could also be a lot better.

- Julia M

Not your typical family car

Comfort and noise are issues on the highway, but this vehicle is mainly focused on off-roading and fun. Would make a less than superb family car but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Huge aftermarket for parts and lots of fun to work on.

- Joshua S

Lots of money for gas and heavy doors.

With my Jeep I have a hard time getting around efficiently. The gas prices are high with how low the miles per gallon are for my Jeep. Also would like it to be easier to take the doors and roof off as I am a female and not very strong.

- Tori S

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

I love that it's a rugged convertible and can go almost anywhere. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I love that it has 4 doors so i don't have a problem with getting kids in and out. I can haul all my kids sports equipment with ease.

- Nicole H

If there is anywhere you need to go, it will get you there. Rain, shine, snow, or mud.

My jeep is the most reliable vehicle i have ever owned. It is my first 4 wheel drive and i don't think i would want to try any other. It has out performed in all inclimate weather i have ever driven through and that's bone stock.

- Trevor A


I love jeeps, they are the way to go. There was so much to customize on them and they are super fun, especially in the summer. The only downfall I have really notice was the back gates tend to squeak if you don't grease them.

- Leah P

It's a tough vehicle, one of the best for off roading. Has a great suspension performance and a locking rear differential.

I love the tough look and I really like to travel and explore natural places untouched by civilization. With that in mind, this car has a really good off road performance but lacks a bit behind for city comfort and purposes.

- Carl G

Jeep Wrangler is the all you need SUV... Drives and performs in snow, rain or the most sunny day with the top down!

My Jeep Wrangler is automatic and has 4 wheel drive with off road capabilities. It is comfortable, roomier and has all the bells and whistles. The most fun though is taking the top down and riding down town with friends.

- Mandy S

Great in the snow, super dependable

I love my jeep. It's safe, dependable, fun, and comfortable. It does great in the snow, handles fantastic. The hard top comes off, in the summer time that's fun. The back seats lie down to make it easier to haul things.

- Tara T

Everyone loves riding in a Jeep, especially with the top down.

Jeep wranglers are so fun to drive and have a great turn radius which makes for parking (even parallel) simple. The sunrider soft top makes an easy transition into a convertible. Not the best gas mileage, but worth it.

- Emma H

It is comfortable for a family of 4 outdoor events and great for animals.

I love that I can remove the doors and top when out fishing with the family. I love that I can go trailing and put my 4 wheel drive on. I do not like that my windshield seems to get cracked easy after two replacements.

- Erica M

It's not aerodynamic at all. You will feel the wind big time.

I love that it has 4x4, great for off roading. The body looked great and very good quality. Bad part is it only has a few mpg and because of its boxy body you can feel all the wind. Also it rocks a lot on the road.

- Alma T

Jeep takes you where you want to go in a fun and reliable mode.

The Jeep is a fun and reliable vehicle that is rugged and can go anywhere. It is fun to drive especially when removing the top and letting the weather in. It could be a bit more outfitted with creature comforts.

- Frank P

Customizable and fun - make the car what you want it to be every day!

I absolutely love the Jeep Wrangler. There are so many options to make the car customizable to what you want that day - top on or top off, doors on or doors off. I have fun every day that I get to drive my car.

- Carolyn S

Wrangler review from a regular guy

The Wrangler is a great vehicle for those who want to adventure. There are endless aftermarket upgrades but beware of some design shortcomings that are present from Chrysler. Nothing catastrophic but annoying

- Chris B

Great vehicle, lots of fun, but not the best gas mileage.

Great vehicle. Allows for off road usage and receives decent mileage (22 mpg) on the highway but terrible in the city (16 mpg). Great vehicle and I love taking the top off to enjoy the beautiful weather.

- Kevin B

This vehicle can go anywhere in any kind of weather

I love that my jeep can go anywhere other smaller vehicles cant. I add modifications to suit my needs. What I don't like it the ride is not a smooth ride, as it is an off road vehicle with bigger tires.

- Kim G

It is a great off road vehicle and very dependable.

It is a great off road vehicle. It gets people's attention due to color and graphics we added as well as that of jeep lovers. It is not as comfortable as some other vehicles for long distance driving.

- Pat K

This car is great for almost any terrain, and fun to upgrade.

I like that I am able to off-road and take this on trips around the country. I don't particularly like that Jeeps are so expensive, because I would like a larger one to accommodate my growing family.

- Tina F

It is fun to drive, and a functional work car.

I like the style and functionality of the 4 seater style, but it is not that comfortable and the visibility is poor. The windshield collects bugs quickly. The wind shear at high speed is loud.

- William R

Likes: Drivetrain, transmission, tires, tow package, stereo quality, comfort of seats dislikes: Chrome shifter knob blinds me in the sun, headrests are built backwards. Bad engineering with that one.

Jeep has been around for many many years and I am sure that they will be around for years to come. The body style has not changed much at all and there is a reason for that. People love it.

- shiloh d

It is an amazing vehicle. It can go from a fun car to a car that is great in snow and rain.

I love my Jeep. It's a white, 2 door, hardtop Jeep Wrangler rubicon. The only problem I have with it is it gets out of alignment very quickly and the tires, which are big, go bald quickly.

- Heather R

It's just a nice ride being above other cars to see what's going on get you through the snow get you through the rain. The best part is taken off the top and just riding.

Had an issue with my jeep. At least for a year on the driver side took him he tries to fix it! Now I have a slight hole in my radiator which needs to be repaired. But I still love my jeep!

- Jen N

It is fun to drive most of the time but isn't the most comfortable for a longer drive.

It is an iconic American vehicle. My jeep is fun to drive with or without the top on. Having the ability to take off the top provides versatility to enjoy the weather when I choose to.

- Frank S

Jeep a vehicle for every season of the year.

There has been no problems with jeep performance. Love the ability to have a vehicle that is great for the summer with the top down and can also drive (perform) well in a winter storm.

- Kayla A

It's a good car with several options to personalize and make it your own. It's fun and reliable.

I love that I can go off-roading while taking the doors and top off if I do desire. It's a comfortable car to drive to and from work. The only thing I dislike is the poor gas mileage.

- Cheyenne W

I love my Jeep. It is a right-hand drive vehicle.

My vehicle is standard, as far as, problems. Routine maintenance has to be implemented. Oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups have to be regular, within the required mileage caps.

- Quincy T

Fun to drive, safe and reliable. Nice car to cruise in.

Gas hog, fun to drive in the summer. Reliable. Good family car. Great for road trips and just to drive through the country. Family enjoys riding in it. 5 speed and removable top.

- Lisa M

Security it is very important to me. Having space to carry my luggage and my friends

Great car, with a lot of space for passengers and to carry my camping gear when going away for a weekend. It is great for any terrain. For the city and for the muddy places

- Ian I

One thing people should know about my car is that I hold it very close to me.

One thing I really like about my Jeep is that I can take the doors and tops off. It is really convenient, especially if I am with friends. I also like how sporty it looks.

- Amanda P

It is extremely reliable and I would recommend it.

My Jeep has been the most reliable vehicle I have owned to date. It handles well in all weather conditions. It has meet my expectations more than I ever imagined it would.

- Patty R

Jeep is an adventure!!! Fun group to be in!

Fun car to drive..... it's a Jeep so it's not a smooth ride but that's what makes it fun! So if you want a fun ride buy a Jeep if you want a smooth ride it's not for you

- Tawny N

The Jeep keeps Its value for many years.

The gas is pretty bad on it, but prepare to spend a lot of city miles. The car shakes a lot when driving fast. New tires are a must, the stock tires are not big enough.

- Vincent D

It's a SUV, has low mileage, and nice stereo system.

It's the best SUV I've ever had. The four-wheel drive with ease. Nice stereo system. Can also watch DVD's in it. Also the doors and top come off for those warm days.

- Mike M

The ability to take off the top.

The Jeep wrangler is an amazing vehicle to purchase! It is a very fun vehicle to adventure with and you know that you will never run into any issues in the long run!

- Travis K

Jeep Wrangler are very reliable and a great car to last a lifetime

The performance has been great. No issues with my car. Very reliable and comfortable. Only issue is not a lot of features besides the screen and uconnect ability

- Chelsea R

It has plenty of power. Good gas mileage.

Likes. It maneuvers well. It rides good for a 4x4. Good gas mileage. Plenty of power. Dislikes. You cannot lower the tailgate for a seat. Radio speaker rattles.

- James D

I feel like jeep wranglers are the best utility vehicle on the market today.

I have a black four door wrangler. I have had no major issues with it since buying it new. It has far exceeded my expectations. I service it as recommended.

- Airacha G

It will drive and last a very long time if you take care of it

I love my Jeep, I really like the fact I can take off the top and doors. Gas can get expensive if you drive it often. They also hold their value very good.

- Zachary M

The Sunroof is a great addition

I bought the jeep unsure of how I would like it, after getting used to it, I was very pleased. It rides much better than I thought and is very dependable

- sue d

That it is the best car to have fun but is not practical with children.

I love being able to have the roof open. It is a great car for off roading. Having a 2 door is the only real one. 4 door jeeps aren't real wranglers.

- Allison H

It is the best off roading fun car around, just not the best for storage.

I love being able to put the roof back. It is also great to be able to fit into small parking spots. I also love being able to have such a light car.

- Allison O

Offroad driving machine!!

Great vehicle. No problems with it whatsoever. It's not as bad on fuel as I expected. If you like jeeps consider buying one. Well worth the money.

- Dusty H

the jeep wrangler is a good looking car that i feel safe in

the jeep wrangler is a great car. its reliable, it barely ever has any issues, its relatively good on gas and I feel it is very safe for my family

- elana k

2014 Jeep Wrangler best in class!

It's been perfect since I bought it used. I've had no issues mexhanicallynonly Cosmetically. I think whoever had it before me used it pretty rough

- Jeneca S

Good all terrain vehicle.

I love having a Jeep. It rides great on road and off. I can make modifications to the look and function of it. It's a great all-around vehicle.

- Sherry H

A very fun car that everyone will love.

I love my jeep and always receive compliments on it. The jeep is fun and reliable. I have no complaints at all, except I want a new one!

- Priscilla B




It is great in all terrains.

I like that the car is sturdy and compact. I feel safe driving it. I do not like that it cost so much to fill the car up with gas.

- Bryan R

That it can go off road with ease.

It allows me to explore the beautiful countryside where I live. It is rugged and great looking. I am proud to be seen driving it.

- Clifford L

It is the most customizable car you can buy.

Love the all-weather ability and the different tops i have. Do not like the gas mileage and not the most comfort for long trips.

- Courtney P

Jeep Wrangler is the best all around vehicle for any occasion.

My jeep goes anywhere. The Wrangler is a well built vehicle. There is a great Jeep community. My jeep loves to go topless.

- Gary L

It's expensive but it holds its value.

I like the size, comfortable, very reliable, many upgrade and easy ways to personalize. Dislike that it is noise on freeway.

- Ashlee S

Compact and easy. off-road features.

Loud road noise. Top is heavy to take off. Bad gas mileage. Not a lot of room on the inside. No other issues or complaints.

- Ellie K

It is fun. I can go 4 wheeling, mudding, ot just take the grandkids for a ride. It's sporty. If I need to haul something, I can put the back seats down for extra space.

I love the look. I love to go 4 wheeling in it. It is dependable. I don't like the lack of passenger space of the interior.

- Sharon B

My Life with my Jeep has been a blast!

The car has been very reliable. It's been the best car for camping off road, picking up girls. It's been a great first car.

- Danny L

Jeep Wrangler is a fun but also practical car in all seasons.

Heated leather seats. Removable roof and doors. Four wheel drive. Air conditioning works great. Sound system sounds good.

- Ben H

That it is very versatile. The suspension is as good in the city as it is off road.

I have owned jeeps since 1989. I have always found them very reliable. They fit my lifestyle as I ski and mountain bike.

- trip g

No room for groceries unless you fold the back seat all the way up.

I like the off-road capabilities. The fact I can take the top off. I do not like the storage room. There is very little.

- Jim P

There is a lot of time and money involved in customizing your jeep.

I love the off-roading capabilities and I hate that there are only 2 doors (my fault for choosing that-it was cheaper).

- Kyle F

It is fun to drive. The top and doors come off!

My Jeep is a Sahara Wrangler. I like that the doors and top come off. It is fun to drive. The gas mileage is not good.

- Jennifer R

It is very dependable and I low cost to operate.

I like the body shape and amenities in the vehicle. Great gas mileage. Wish the tires were bigger and it was lifted.

- Christine C

This vehicle is a real head turner!

My vehicle is extremely customizable. From wheels to woods to doors. Dislike would be the gas mileage that I get.

- Jeff S

You will need to replace the windshield at least once!

I don't like the noise. The jeep seems to be made completely out of plastic. It's a rougher ride than i expected.

- bonnie b

It is very durable but does not get very good gas mileage.

We love the versatility of the Jeep and that we can tow it with our rv. It is also rugged and very simple to drive.

- Jennifer T

When the wind is bad, it does a death wobble.

I love my Jeep. I am able to pull trailers and go on dirt roads. I wish it wasn't as shaky when it is windy though.

- Erica C

I can go anywhere off road and can go through just about any total of snow.

Jeep can go anywhere. I put a lift kit on it and big 35 inch tires. it is a electric blue with matching hardtop.

- Ned R

It's fun to drive but gets hot during the summer months, so crack the windows.

I do not like that it contains a computer system and needs to be updated by the Jeep manufacturer of vendor only

- Mary C

They are fun to drive and can go almost anywhere and they are easy to modify

fun to drive but has had some problems such as check light coming on and little bits falling of here and there.

- craig b

The suspension, and the ability to go off road is an awesome feature.

Durable, reliable, fun, powerful, exciting, attractive. I hate changing out the roof-top from soft to hard top.

- Paul A

My Jeep is a little more rough riding than I would like.

I love my Jeep wrangler other than the interior is not pet friendly for those of us that have dogs that shed.

- Davenport K




It is an amazing car, that I take very good care of.

I love the way it drives. I love the way it looks. My only complaint is I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Dawn G

Go anywhere in a Jeep Wrangler!

My vehicle is very reliable. It can truly go anywhere. Great for off roading as well as highway cruising.

- Dave K

That it's a car that can last a long time with proper maintenance.

What i love about my car is that it is fun to drive. However I feel like the gas mileage could be better.

- Teresa P

It is not a comfortable ride.

This is my second Jeep wrangler and I have been very impressed with Its' performance and dependability.

- Chad M

Anything can be altered. It can look however you want it to.

Love the look and ease of driving. Love the 4 wheel drive. Hate switching out the soft and hard tops.

- Ashley T

My Jeep is great for adventure

Well we had bought it used so came already with minor problem also it does have some wiring issues..

- Karen S

It's the most fun car available

i love my jeep it is so versatile and fun i love taking the top and doors off in the summer.

- haley H

It's not good on gas mileage. It's a good trail riding vehicle

I love the color and the look. It drives great. The interior is top of the line.

- Shannan P

Great four-wheel drive vehicle that will go in just about anything.

I love my Jeep. It goes great in the snow and I plan on getting another one.

- Chandra H

It is 4 wheel drive and can get me through any kind of weather.

The Jeep is comfortable. I am able to see over the hood and sit up high.

- Cathy L

It's paid for and i's mine. It's good in the snow and I don't worry too much . .

four wheel drive. Good in the snow Gas mileage. Rear vision isn't good.

- pete k

that it stays its value no matter how long you have it for.

I have no complaints as of right now. I like that it fits all my needs

- kiley s

I absolutely love it, it's my dream car. Plenty of room for all of my shopping. Great in the snow! And no complaints, might waste more gas than others but definitely worth it, for sure!

It's a great investment. I recommend it for families and non families

- liz v

It is rugged and tough. Well built and a classic. It owns the road.

I like the quality, the stamina of it. I dislike the gas it takes.

- Ann W

How fun it is to go off roading in when your out in the country

THe car looks really good and drives you in all kinds of terrains.

- Brian R

The windows and locks on my car have to be manually set.

I like that it is 4x4. I dislike gas mileage and cloth seats.

- Miguel P

it's fun to drive, it handles great

love how fun it is to drive. gas consumption could be better

- Iggy S

Gas mileage is poor on the highway. Make sure to use correct motor oil

My transmission sticks. I do like that I can take top off.

- Denver T

It's a Jeep not a car! And driving it makes me happy!

Decent on fuel. Goes anywhere. Wish I had a remote start.

- Amy O

That it loves to go off roading and mudding with friends and family

It drives very well and takes you where you need to go.

- Brian M

It's the best in It's bracket

It's a boss hog I love I can take my doors off

- Ciera B

Leather seats, roomy, great family fun

4 wheel drive, off road fun, can go topless,

- Jessica D