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Safe and reliable wrangler.

I have had my vehicle for three years now and I cannot complain about this Jeep. It is the car we mostly use in the house because it is safe when we travel with our toddler. In the winter and rainy days we always use 4WD and you feel a huge difference the tire and how much control you have on the vehicle. Best part is summer time we always remove the t tops so we enjoy the sun while driving to the beach before we get there and if it rains it is alright because the car is waterproof, your radio does not get damaged neither do the speakers, unless you get leather seats then you really do not want to do that, it'll damage your inside. Only thing I do have a complaint is because we do allow the car to get wet we always have a really hard time folding the back seats because it dries out the oil and we usually fold the back seats when we do furniture shopping or large items that need their space.

- Genesis S

Jeep is a way to go, if you keep up the maintenance.

Its bumpy and there have been transmission issues. Overall the Jeep is reliable, great in the snow and fun in the mountains. I would recommend getting a newer model due to the newest upgrades and features. The Jeep is spacious enough for a family of 4 including 3 dogs. It can drive across the country with no problems, but it is a bumpy ride. If you maintain your Jeep, it will last a lot longer. I do like how we can remove the top and make it a convertible. Your wheels can fit up to a 40 size tire and up to 26 inch rims. Be careful if you lift it because there is a tip factor. We definitely love our Jeep and plan on passing it down to our daughter. It is safe and reliable.

- Courtney T

Daily driver/SUV/family car/rock crawler/eco friendly car, Jeep wrangler (JK).

It is a Jeep. Built to last and last. Change the oil and tires. It drives everywhere. Touchscreen navigation, hard drive to transfer CDs or mp3s to. Hard top comes of in the summer. If you want to save the environment do not buy the latest eco car buy a car that will last 50 years. The biggest environmental impact is making the car. When you consider how long they last, it is so cheap to fix rather buy a new car. Save your money and buy a Jeep, drive it for 50 years.

- Sean M

Great for every occasion and all weather that comes your way!

She has some typical Jeep problems that many get. For example, the heater core needs replaced and there's a small evap leak. Both common and easy fixes. However, she has never let me down in any way. Starts right up and handles great in all weather conditions. It is a Jeep and comes with all the good and bad of Jeeps so if you know what to expect is an awesome fun vehicle that I always feel safe in while driving!

- Alana B

2011 Jeep Wrangler Review

We really love the jeep. Unfortunately, we had a slight oil leak that we just got fixed. The vehicle is very fun to drive and very outdoors. We take it to the beach, fishing, and all around town. The stereo is marginal but that is okay as there is so much else to pay attention to whilst driving the vehicle. It just passed a 100 point inspection at the shop we take it to, so that is good.

- Pete F

A summer vacation everyday!

I love my Jeep Wrangler sport unlimited. It is comfortable and built solid. There are many different modifications you can do to it if you are into working on cars. Not only is it comfortable and built solid, but the ability to take the top and doors off in the summer is such a unique feeling. The only con I see with my vehicle is the gas mileage. With 35” tires I get about 10mpg.

- Anthony H

Not good gas mileage a only 15 mpg.

Love owning a Jeep. I have a 4 door, hardtop and it is very easy to take off the top over just the front seats. I would love to take off the whole top, but I don't have the space to store it and it is a 2 person job. Always get lots of compliments - people seem to love Jeeps. Only downfall is that it does not get as good of gas mileage as I would have thought. Only about 15mpg.

- Marilyn S

black with brown interior

Not a very stable car. Best car for younger people but not made for a family car. It is a little shaky on the road when driving it. I would say that the car is best for off roading and is not so stable on the road. It does not drive as smooth as most cars out there. It is somewhat comfortable but chairs are a little stiff. There is not much cushion.

- Ariel A

The Jeep Wrangler is great for family fun and perfect for those in Montana.

The Jeep Wrangler is spaces and a comfortable ride. There enough cup holders for you and your friends. The seats are perfect for long rides. The back seats fold down so you can fit all you need for when you go on a camping trip up a dirt road in the middle of the mountains. I very much enjoy the space in the back when I stock up on groceries.

- Lisa S

Jeep wrangler - amazing for just about everything. . Except racing.

I enjoy my Jeep wrangler very much. It performs well on the highway and off-road. The interior is nice and well fitted and very comfortable for long trips. The only downside to the wrangler is that rarely when something needs to be fixed or replaced the parts can be expensive. Other than that I am very satisfied and would never get rid of it.

- Josh S

Compact, fun to drive vehicle that is safe and sporty.

Driving a wrangler is comfortable and makes me feel safe. Quick stop time, great turning radius, easy to drive and maneuver, small enough to park in compact spots. I like that I can remove the front half of the roof by myself with no help, as well as the doors. Plenty of space when the rear seat is folded down to move things and store things.

- Camilla R

Fun to ride, and very durable!

I love driving this Jeep! It's lots of fun with the ability to remove some pieces, or all of the top. I like the height, turning ability (I have to make some tight 3 point turns), and durability. Only drawbacks would be that after taking off the doors a couple of times, the drivers side door tends to very slightly leak when it rains badly.

- Stephanie O

It is a four-wheel drive vehicle that is great for off-roading.

Overall it is a very good vehicle. It is very easy to drive, and there is a lot of room in the back. The only problem is that the roof sometimes leaks, which can be annoying. I have tried to get it fixed several times, but they cannot seem to find the source of the leak. It is likely due to the fact that the roof is able to be removed.

- Sarah C

Jeep Wrangler 2 door sport V6 4 wheel drive 18 inch rims

No problems good on gas mileage, performance is outstanding. Jeeps are reliable on and off road with the most comfort and awesome legroom for tall people. Features are big tires, 4 inch lift, all doors come off, soft top and 4x4 drive. Mileage reads 62,670. The color Royal blue was the only year '2011' Jeep Wrangler where painted.

- Lori T

It is a white 2011 Jeep Wrangler. It is a great off-road vehicle.

For the most part the vehicle drives really well. It is certainly my favorite car that I have ever owned; however, there are a few problems. For one, the roof leaks occasionally. There are also several sensors (engine, breaks, airbag, etc. ) That light up and, when they are checked, turn out to have just gone off accidentally.

- Sarah C

Great value is all you need for your Jeep.

The only concern would be how it shakes when the wind is blowing hard. Other than the "death wobble" it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It gets me to and from and if the oil is changed regularly you have no issues. It also has many interchangeable parts to be added to the Jeep in order to make its value better.

- Erica C

My 2011 Jeep wrangler was extremely reliable during the extremely cold winters.

My 2011 Jeep wrangler is the ideal vehicle for off road and driving on rough terrain like snow in the winter. It has heated mirrors for the cold, very reliable for getting to and from work. Is not the best for driving long road trips for gas mileage, but it is one of the smoothest rides you will ever drive. 10/10

- Paul H

Jeep. It is for your everyday adventure.

I love my vehicle. It is a 4 door jeep wrangler. I can take out my four doors and put different doors on it when I want to go off-roading and to the beach. It is easy to clean. Easy to maintain. I can change the look of my jeep depending on what it is I am going to do. It is great for a growing family and safe.

- Ashley P

The keep wrangler has by far one of the highest resale value in the market if properly taken care of.

Jeep wrangler 3.8 liter v6 with 6 speed manual overdrive, 4 wheel drive. Cruise control, fog lights. This vehicle is equipped with a soft top for easy removal. Gas mileage is average at best, but can be increased with minor modifications. Overall a safe comfortable vehicle suitable for almost any walk of life.

- Mike H

The Jeep Wrangler Sport is a fun and reliable vehicle perfect for an adventurer!

Being that the Jeep Wrangler has always been my dream car it does not disappoint! Mine is a black 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Easy to drive and very reliable I have never had any issues! I have driven it in the snow, rain, dirt, gravel, you name it! The gas mileage is the only thing I have ever struggled with.

- Jessie P

No limitations with the Jeep wrangler.

I have had no problems with this vehicle, it handles terrain well and is so Versatile! It is simple and there are no limitation as to where I can travel! The doors and top come off and you can even put the windshield down for crazy off-road driving. It is fun to dress up and they're lots of options to do so!

- Shawn M

My Jeep Wrangler is an amazing car, especially that the tops come off.

I love driving my jeep. The only thing is that it cost a lot of money to fill up my tank and as an 18 year old it's difficult. The car itself is pretty reliable, just a little difficult for me to see out the back I enjoy the fact that it has an aux cortisones inside so I can listen to songs while I'm diving

- Jordan A

Doorless Fun Ride in the Summer

I absolutely love my jeep wrangler. In the summer it's awesome with the doors off. It's very nice inside which is also good. In the winter it heats up very fast which is a good quality to have when it's freezing outside. I highly recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a fun but reasonable car.

- Kay H

Jeep do good in mud puddles.

This car is great and very comfortable. It is reliable, however when issues do arise it is costly to get it resolved. Gas mileage is not great, however I love my Jeep and the community that owning a Jeep provides me. Additionally, I have fun driving my Jeep around and splashing in big mud puddles.

- Elizabeth J

Durable Jeep Wrangler with great features for a vehicle that is a 2011.

Overall, it is a great vehicle. It has held up very well and the quality of the material on the seats still looks great even though it is a 2011. I love the way it drives and the fact that I can off road and hop a curb if need be. I will say it's not the best for road trips as it is pretty loud.

- Lindsay B

I love to take the doors off when the weather permits

love the car, smooth ride. The exterior is for off roading and is convertible but the interior is pretty dark and needs updating in my opinion. The interior, however, is very comfortable and overall, it's a very reliable car. I would recommend this car for anyone in the field who wants a jeep.

- Stew L

Roomy interior, great for camping/moving.

I love my Jeep! It is perfect for long drives and is very comfortable to handle. The height is perfect and rides very smooth. It also has a pretty decent towing capacity, and rides the highway as nice as it does off road. Front mounted sound system is great when you have the doors off as well!

- Jane B

The removable top is awesome.

Its versatile, comfortable, 4x4 capabilities allows it go pretty much anywhere. Removable top, and endless customizations make it a vehicle that we plan to keep for a very long time. Always wanted this vehicle so plan on keeping it in great condition, keeping up with tune ups and maintenance.

- Posh F

Get a wrangler! Excellent vehicle!

I am driving my second wrangler! I love them! Their performance has been exceptional! I have had absolutely no issues with either of my wranglers! I be added aftermarket 4x4 items with no issues! I have driven long distance, short distance, 4 wheel trails and the performance has been great.

- Chris M

Jeep is trail rated for off-roads. Easy to maneuver.

I have a Jeep wrangler 2011 very reliable trail rated excellent after eggs. Comfort little bumpy otherwise seats are comfy has heated seats look electronic. Start hard and soft top easy to get on and off. Has 52, 000 miles on it have I have had only minor issues with the gas cap, the radio.

- Carol G

Jeep wrangler - great for winter!

It is very reliable and has decent power for what it is. I am happy with the off-road performance and also the highway mpg. Overall it is a great vehicle, especially if you live in the north where it snows. In the winter it is nice knowing I have a vehicle that will not get stuck easily.

- Josh S

Is a vehicle very well and nice.

Nothing, is very good, because like to me, is the vehicle very well, in a Jeep nice and cool, my vehicle has not had any problem other than at your address although once, I fail the start that sends it to mechanic to repair, and that is my vehicle has had many failures since I always.

- Nevada N

Jeep Wrangler are lots of fun

4 door Jeep is hard to get in and out of the back doors to narrow. Easy top to put on and take off. Not a smooth ride but lots of fun. New jeeps ride smoother than older jeeps. Back seats fold down for lots of storage. I usually throw my bike in the back to head out to the bike path.

- Debbie M

2011 Jeep Wrangler is a mom's dream!

4x4 is great, doors and roof come off, low visibility. Comfortable, deep leg wells, power windows are nice. Adequate back seat space. Trunk space minimal but doable. Traction is good. Torque is good. Windshield visibility good. Radio not the best, but always can install aftermarket.

- Blair G

Jeep wrangler the ultimate off-road vehicle.

My vehicle is amazing! The jeep wrangler is so capable when it comes to off-roading and trailing. The leather seats are easy to clean and are a great tan color. It is a durable vehicle and is able to tackle major obstacles even when it is stuck. It is reliable in all weather types.

- Kylie H

Keep the Jeep. Tops off to enjoy the sun .

Great first car for teenagers, safe with luxury. Top can be taken off to enjoy the beautiful weather . I've had this car for about 8 years and it has never given us a problem or gave up on us. Runs smoothly, good on snowy roads. It also has a lot of space , on 4 door category .

- Evelyn R

Emission problems in Jeep wranglers.

Emission system problems are very common in Jeep wranglers. Off-roading can cause many issues with the emissions system - typically involving faulty sensors, that is on the lower cost end of what the problem can potentially be. Axle leaking is another issue I have encountered.

- Kayla T

The Jeep Wrangler is a fun, safe car to drive.

I love the car. It is great for summer and winter time. In summer I can take off the top and make it a convertible and winter I can put the hardtop on and it won't be cold. The only thing I feel that is bad is gas. It goes through has fast and I have to constantly fill it up.

- Alyssa M

It is burnt orange in color. I dislike the color but it turns heads.

I have a 2011 Jeep wrangler four door. It has a hard top on with but can take the T-tops off during the pretty sunny weather. It is orange with black cloth interior. I dislike the color of it. I guess you would say it is the basic edition because it does not have any extra.

- Jenny W

The look of this Jeep is classic.

This Jeep is so much fun to drive. The suspension on it make it feel like it's floating. All of the controls are right at your fingertips and very easy to maneuver. Does not have great gas mileage though, it does however have amazing air condition and the heat is great too.

- Michelle H

The Jeep Wrangler - a reliable vehicle.

Overall a very durable and reliable vehicle. Suitable for any conditions or occasions. Once took my top off overnight and it rained, soaking the inside of my Jeep - did not cause much damage at all. Currently facing issues with the heat shield causing a rattle while driving.

- Brandon J

My rugged silver, soft-top jeep.

The back window of the soft top broke so moisture gets inside. The electronics have some issues. It floats a little but not bad. It is an awesome car, though. It is great to be able to take the top down on a hot day. It does not get too cold in winter once the heat is going.

- Morgan P

Fun for adventures. Remove the top and enjoy the weather while driving.

Jeep is a fun vehicle to drive with average gas miles. Problem - windshield seems to attract rock chips quite often because of the non angle of the windshield. The vehicle is fun for adventures off road and great in rain with puddles. A must have if you love the outdoor.

- Karen G

Love my cosmic blue Jeep wrangler!

Whether on the freeway or Jeep trail, I love driving my Jeep wrangler. The ride is comfortable and the car very reliable. The only issue I have is there are blind spots when backing up or when on the freeway changing lanes. I do not think I will ever be without a Jeep.

- Patrick L

The Jeep adventure, the difference between a Jeep and other vehicles.

It is a tough thing, not very fast but it can take you anywhere. My model has the upgraded stereo and matching hard top. It took some time to get used to driving as it sways a bit different then most vehicles. But the drive is comfy and it has a lot of great features.

- Jessica J

I love being able to drive top down!

I really love driving my Jeep. The only problems I have are with the soft top stretching and zippers not working well on windows. Then the connector for the door and body has torn on both doors and is expensive to replace. The vehicle drives great and is fun to have.

- Lara E

What a Jeep Girl Needs! Go Topless

I can't say enough good things about my jeep. It is reliable, fun to drive, and easy on the eye. The wrangler is easy to handle and easy to drive anywhere. I would recommend buying a jeep to anyone. You can even take the doors and top off so it is perfect for summer

- Ken S

Jeeps are great but be prepared to pay.

Gas mileage could be better. Needs upgrades to feel like you are not riding in a plastic car. Jeeps are great fun, but I am surprised by how much always needs to be fixed. It is not too expensive, but things just do not have a long life if driven often and far.

- Melissa R

I have added a lot of add -ons to the Jeep. New soft top, off-roading tired, lights.

The only problem I have had is my rooftop. The water leaks in even though I bought a new soft top. This created my floors to smell bad. I removed my floors and just drain my car whenever it pours. Gas is also terrible on the Jeep. Good car other than that.

- Alex H

Your car is only as good as where you buy it from.

We love our Jeep. Great summer and winter vehicle. The only thing we hate is where we bought it from. We have had nothing but problems from the company. With that said it makes us hate Jeep now cause they did nothing to fix the problems.

- Steven S

If you remove the hardtop, make sure you have a secure soft top.

The Jeep wrangler is a really reliable vehicle. I had it for 2 years without having to replace any parts. Seating in the back can be a little roomier. Drives well in all terrains and convertible option for those warmer days.

- Stephanie P

Jeeps are perfect for the country life

I absolutely love my Jeep Wrangler. The only downfall of driving a Jeep, is going on yee freeway. Going too fast make the car shake sometimes. But i love my Jeep, it is a great car for living in the country.

- Morgan A

It is it fun to drive and work very well during the winter.

I like that it is easy to drive, has a lot of space, good in the snow, and that I can take the roof off. I do not like that the windshield wipers do not work very well, and the wiper fluid placement sucks.

- Sue G

Being able to take the top off!

I have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler sport. It currently has 27, 000 miles on it. I have had it for 9 months and haven't had any issues with it as of now! It is comfortable to drive. Not to big but not to small!

- Sarah K

Makes all your senses go WOW! You see things you don't with a traditional vehicle, you hear more, you smell nature and feel the air. Nothing better!

Love the freedom I feel while driving. Has some slight electronic issues. Has had gas cap problems but it is still the best automobile on the road. Nothing feels as free as a jeep with the top down.

- Suzanne P

Very reliable and safe. The freedom top panels are very easy to remove

I recently purchased vehicle and absolutely love it! I feel a lot safer being higher up vs when driving in a car. Being able to take the top off the jeep is my most favorite part of owning a jeep

- krystal l

It wastes gas and when you are accelerating it only goes up to 100mph.

It is great for adventurous/outdoor people. Best if you are used to driving big cars. It has plastic windows which are very inconvenient, also the gas tank locks and sometimes gets stuck.

- Alexandra A

The windshield really does break, at least once a year.

I love the versatility of the wrangler for outdoor events. Its gas mileage leaves room for improvement. The only thing I don't like is that I bought the 2 door rather than the unlimited.

- Robert M

LOVE WRANGLERS!! Will never go have anything else.

I have always wanted a wrangler and I am not disappointed. This vehicle is very reliable as long as you take care of it properly. It is comfortable, decent on gas and very customizable.

- Diana W

Versatile - A fun and family vehicle

The jeep is an amazing and versatile vehicle. With a family of 4, we still have room for comfort but also the option to go anywhere we want. Offroads, on the beach or even to the mall.

- Shirley M

It's not meant to go fast.

I love my vehicle! It's my second jeep and I will never purchase any other car. It's perfect for both summer and winter living in Jersey. The only disadvantage is the gas mileage.

- Alex F

I actually just learned that Jeeps are made to be able to get completely soaked! As in, no kold will form under the "carpet" if that's what you want to call it.

I have an Orange Jeep Wrangler Sahara. I love everything about it! I had bought it to be a family car, and it's perfect for Western Washington since it can basically go anywhere!

- Amber G

Jeep Wrangler great fun car, can be loud and gas hog

My Wrangler is very reliable. Performs very well in the winter bad weather. Road noise can be loud with the soft top and it's not the best on gas mileage but it's a very fun car.

- Christopher S

The most important thing that others should know about your car is that taking the doors off is necessary to enjoying it to the fullest.

It's a jeep wrangler with two doors. I like it because you can take the entire roof and both doors off. I don't like that there's no room for fancy technology on the dashboard.

- Bruno M

Off-road and summer fun with doors and top off!

I love my JEEP. I have made many modifications to take it off-road & it is awesome. Even if I took it back down to stock, the performance would still be amazing. Fun vehicle!

- Steven T

It is important to me. I love my Jeep.

I my Jeep is very reliable. I like that I can take the top off. It is great on many different terrains. I like to play in the mud in my Jeep. It is great to take camping.

- Betty R

I don't like other people to drive it. Overall, Jeeps are great fun and I highly recommend them.

I like that it is a manual transmission with a tight turning radius and ability to go anywhere. Wish it got better gas mileage, but that's really my only dislike.

- Stephanie L

That it's safe, it is fun to drive, its utilitarian and good as a family vehicle.

I like the comfort. I like the safety. I like the size and look. I dislike the gas mileage. I like the brand because all dealerships from Jeep have good service.

- Heather C

Love my Jeep. Very fun vehicle

It does not handle well in the rain. For wheel drive works great in snow. Great features are being able to take the top and doors off. It's a comfortable car.

- Brooks N

It is a lot of fun to drive. Great for off-roading.

Vehicle is very off road capable, and is great for going on trip in. Not the best on gas. Have had to replace the exhaust gas relief valve several times.

- Riley C

It is a fantastic vehicle and it is a classic vehicle.

In general it is a fantastic vehicle, has a great force and anything. I dislike that is not a vehicle for a family with a newborn, its so complicated.

- Zuleyka R

The poor gas mileage makes this not the best choice for standard in city driving.

It's a fun vehicle to drive and is unique as a convertible SUV. It's very practical to tow trailers while moving. I hate the poor gas mileage though.

- Ron Ron C

It is a very dependable vehicle, the second one I have owned and the next vehicle I purchase will be a Jeep Wrangler.

I like the styling, 4 wheel drive, removable top, resale value. I hate the gas mileage and limited room in the back seat and the limited storage.

- Mitchell R

4-door Jeep Wrangler, hard top.

I have a 4-door Jeep Wrangler, hard top. Absolutely love it. The top is a little hard to remove. I have never have had a problem with the vehicle.

- Madison G

The Jeep is reasonably priced in comparison to other small truck size vehicles.

I love how it rides. Especially, enjoy having the roof off on sunny days to take in the fresh air. The car is easy to manage off and on the road.

- Jackie D

Jeep Wrangler is fun to drive which more than makes up for the lack of space.

I love my Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep has run perfectly for 7 years. Smooth riding and reliable. It's my second one and I would purchase another.

- Marlene L

2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited

I really like my Jeep Wrangler. Jeep Wranglers are very trusty and reliable cars. Never had an issue with it and can drive through anything.

- Nick S

Jeep Wranglers are fun for the whole family!!!

I love my Jeep Wrangler. It is very reliable. I love the hard removable top. It does sometimes leak after a bad storm, not a lot though.

- Autumn M

Handles well in the snow.

Love my Jeep! I love that it allows me to off road in the mountains every weekend. The only thing I do not like is the cost of repairs.

- Bailey H

Great and dependable SUV!

I have had no issues except replacing the battery and breaks which is normal wear on a vehicle. It has low miles and is running great.

- Jess P

Very sturdy, low maintenance and large enough for big puppies.

It is 4 wheel drive. It is big enough and sturdy enough for transporting my large puppy. It is not that comfortable for long drives.

- Mary C

Great to take off roading.

I love how I can take off the roof and doors. Go 4-wheeling, trail riding and like the off-road handling. No dislikes, jeeps rule.

- Christina M

Be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on gas.

The only problem with my wrangler is the gas consumption. I enjoy being able to take the top off whenever I feel like it.

- Luke L

It is a jeep and it can go pretty much anywhere I might ever need it to go

I love the look and functionality of it. I did not necessarily like the lower gas mileage compared to other vehicles.

- Joshua E

It is small and turns very well.

Subwoofer broke, it is design does not look as good as the old wranglers, it breaks often and so do other people's.

- Brandon W

It is fun to drive and great in the snow.

It is not a luxury vehicle but more for fun. It is bouncy and bad on gas. Transmission went at exactly 60000 miles.

- Melissa A

How family friendly and active friendly my car is.

I love the interior design of my car. I love the color of my car. I love the amount of cargo space my car has.

- Kate A

Can take the top off and the doors free AC

Very well driven, ok in gas, but it will do for now. Has a good 4x4, with good tires it will take you anywhere

- Anthony S

It goes anywhere you might want to go with no problems.

I love, love, love my jeep except for the shorter wheelbase. Love the soft top and powerful heater when needed

- Dee F

Fun to drive in all seasons.

Dependable, always starts.. Fun to drive, take the top and doors off.. Last forever mileage does not matter.

- Lori L

You get good mileage to a gal. Of gas.

I love the sporty look. Along with the many things you can do and add to the vehicle. I also love the room!

- Miranda M

Made in the USA. Goes anywhere.

No dislikes. Like the freedom of four wheel drive and ability to be open (i.e.. Removable top and doors).

- Derrick C

It is fun to drive in the summer.

The engine light is always on. It is fun in the summer. The radio quit on me. Wheel shakes quite a bit.

- Clark H

Versatile, winter the hard top is on, summer doors come off.

Year round vehicle, take doors off for summertime enjoyment, kids love riding in it, carefree vehicle.

- Barbara T

The gas mileage on the vehicle is poor compared to other options of the same size.

It is good for country roads, especially in the winter. It is a convertible. It has spacious cargo.

- Robert B

I like that my Jeep is able to go off-road and 4wd. I like that the back seats can move/fold down as needed. I like that the doors and top can come off for fun. I don't like that it takes more gas than my previous car.

It is a very versatile vehicle because I can take it off road as easily as I can drive it to work.

- Anna D

It has an excellent turning radius and is awesome in parking lots

It is easy to park and drive. It is fun. It is currently in the shop needing $2,000 worth of work

- Chris R

Its headlights are led and the body color only comes in 2011

Its 4x4 and top could be removed along with the doors. Largest convertible SUV in the market

- Luis R

That it is unique and easy to personalize and it is a blast to drive.

You can take the top off and go off roading. It is fun to drive around and turns heads.

- Jessica H

Jeep Wranglers are the greatest vehicles in the world.

I love my Jeep Wrangler. It has 4WD and is the coolest looking vehicle in the world.

- Jennifer K

it is a fun, cool looking way to cruise around on fall nights.

it is fun to drive. but it is not big enough or comfortable enough for traveling.

- Cheryl C

Built to last for years to come.

I love my jeep. It is fun to drive and I like that it can go almost anywhere.

- Kelly A

Very versatile. You can take it anywhere. Its very sexy.

It's a very sexy vehicle. My boyfriend loves its. I love I can go anywhere.

- melissa m

Great in the snow and off road. Needed a new engine when purchased off the lot. Piston rings installed upside down at factory.

This vehicle has dangerous blind spots once a lift kit is installed.

- Jessica B

I love the way it handles the road. I love the ride. I love being able to take the top off.

This will be the last car I ever own. It's my baby. I love this car!

- Michael P

It's American made and fun to drive

Great in snow and roof off in summertime it's not very economical

- Ryan S

It's great and I love it but it uses a lot of gas

It's rugged and masculine. It's large. It's reliable

- David E