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The 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4-door: for the adventurer!

The Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle for "around town". It is a bumpier ride than a sedan or luxury truck, but it is a fun and sporty vehicle. This vehicle has been very reliable and handles above average in the rain and snow. However, I do not like the feel of making turns while in 4 wheel drive. If you have never driven a vehicle that has to be put into 4 wheel drive, you may feel quite uncomfortable making tight turns (such as parking). It "jerks" while turning. I also do not care so much for driving on the highway at higher speeds while hitting bumps or grooves in the pavement. The Jeep does not handle as well in these situations. The 2012 Jeep Wrangler has an average interior, basic features, not too many "bells and whistles". You are driving a Jeep, not a luxury vehicle. If you like to add after market products to your vehicle, the Jeep is definitely for you! There are many different ways to customize your Jeep to fit your needs or personality.

- Patti D

Beautiful & fun to drive!

My 2012 jeep wrangler Sahara unlimited is gorgeous! White exterior and a black and camel brown interior. It is a 4-door, so there is a lot of room in the back seat for others to travel with me. The back hatch area also has enough room to put your groceries and other things. Also has a compartment underneath to store tools for the top, etc. You can remove the hard top completely to put on the soft top, or you can take off two pieces of the hard top in the front. The only downside is that the top is hard to put on and take off. Especially if you are driving with top off and come into some bad weather. It definitely takes more than one person to put it back on. The performance and reliability has been great.

- Krystal P

2012 two door Jeep wrangler, soft top, with rugged ridge sun shades.

No problems, the performance of it is easy to work with when driving off-roading, and is easy to switch from 4 wheel drive back to normal. I really like my two door 2012 Jeep wrangler because I can always look forward to driving it, no matter what the weather is or where I need to go. It always is handy and ready for adventure. It has a touch screen radio which is awesome, makes picking stations more modern and more fun for the kids to see. I really like driving my Jeep wrangler.

- Kimberly D

Jeep wrangler: a must have for winter reliability.

I love owning a Jeep! This vehicle can get you through anything. Snow, sleet and freezing rain cannot stop it. Living in the northeast, we see lots of winter weather and there may be more dirt roads than paved roads where I live. It is why I got a Jeep. Four wheel drive is a necessity and this Jeep is super reliable. It has the winter package which includes heated seats and defrosting side view mirrors not to forget remote starter. My Jeep wrangler always comes through for me.

- Adrien B

I will be a jeep person for life! I love my wrangler!

My wrangler has been absolutely the best car and my dream car! I have been so happy with everything about it and I honestly have no complaints whatsoever. I am a jeep person for life! My wrangler has been an actual lifesaver. I was in a pretty serious accident at one point that was caused by another vehicle and most likely should have destroyed my car but my jeep has nothing but a scratch on it and I love how safe it is!

- Eryn S

There is not really anything that someone would need to know about my vehicle.

Really fun car. The gas mileage is decent. Definitely not as bad as a larger vehicle. However, I wouldn't consider taking on a road trip. Between mileage and size it would be inconvenient and pricey. But for everyday it is great. Meant for off-road driving, I however cannot attest to that aspect of the car. I generally just do some city and highway occasionally. Overall, enjoyable vehicle I would recommend.

- Mel J

A good ride, but not for a long time.

My vehicle is dependable and makes me feel safe no matter what the weather. It is as comfortable as expected from a 4x4 jeep wrangler, but the seats could be slightly more welcoming. It has all the features I need: seat warmers, Bluetooth, power windows, CD player, leather seats... I wish my car was quieter though. While driving, the inside cabin is pretty loud and does not absorb sound well.

- Preston W

Wanda the wrangler never lets me down.

I love my Jeep! I live in Arizona, so being able to take the top off is so nice. I have not had many issues, however one was my battery dying after spending a few weeks in the Arizona heat. Other than that, I have not had many issues. Although gas mileage is not fantastic, its features and reliability make up for it, especially since I do not so a lot of driving.

- Haley B

I love how flexible my Jeep is and how much fun it is to drive!

I love the fun that I can have in my Wrangler. I also love how easy it is to perform routine maintenance on the Jeep myself. The flexibility for the ways the jeep can be used has made it a nice addition to my garage. Fuel economy is as expected for a vehicle with these capabilities. The back seats of the jeep are easy to get into and out of, even with a family.

- Brad J

Jeep wrangler pros vs cons.

My car is manual, so I had to learn how to drive it, which was a challenge at first, but now I really enjoy driving stick. The seats in my Jeep are comfortable, and I love that I sit high up as I am driving. I wish personally I got a 4 door wrangler instead of a 2 door because it would be more spacious and easier for people to come in and out of my car.

- Jill C

It is not intended to be a comfortable ride, so much as practical and efficient.

I have a 2012 Jeep wrangler unlimited Sahara. It has a 6 speed manual transmission and a 3. 6 liter motor. I use the Jeep on a daily basis for construction work, off-road driving and highway driving. The vehicle performs exceptionally on all 3. I maintain everything mechanically on a regular basis. And drive 2000 miles a week. I have no complaints.

- John C

It is the jeep that just will not quit.

Add a 130,000 miles, cylinder 1 will not fire due to an issue with the head. Lacking power and causing a rough shake. Soft top leaks and holds water until turns. Back seat will not stay flipped up. Very durable vehicle while has issues, this jeep is better the most vehicles I have ever had. Probably the most dependable even with the issues.

- Zane F

Jeep Rubicon. It will go where other vehicles wont.

I have 2012 Rubicon Jeep. Performance is great. Gas mileage not to bad on the highway in 6th gear, in town not so good. 25 miles on highway about 15 in town driving. Other than normal maintenance have spent very little, in fact at 40, 000 mileage I have had no problems. Great winter vehicle in the snow and take top off in summer for fun.

- Johnny J

This is the perfect vehicle.

The only problem I have encountered was actually warranty work; I had a warped cylinder head that was causing my engine light to turn on. Other than that - I cannot ask for a better vehicle. I have my convertible in the summer and my 4x4 in the winter. This is the ultimate vehicle, and there are so many options to customize it too!

- Megan Z

I will always own a Jeep !! Cannot wait to buy a new one!

Love my Jeep . This is the 2nd one I have owned. Completely feel at ease driving it in the snow to work. I have owned several SUV’s and this is the only one that I am not afraid to drive on bad roads. My 1997 Jeep has been rolled and all new parts and it is still on the road today (my ex-husband) kept it in the divorce.

- Rhonda M

I love my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara!

I love my Jeep Wrangler Sahara! It gets me everywhere I need to go and I feel safe driving it. I was hit by a drunk driver. His car was totaled, my Jeep sustained very little damage. I have over 100, 000 miles and have no problems. Regular oil changes & regular wear and tear are the only expenses I have encountered.

- Jodi P

Small vehicle with a great look but no conformity.

It is not as comfortable because the back seats are too small. I also do not like the fact that I have to put in about $40 of gas every 3 to 4 days. But I do love the way the vehicle looks from the outside. It also is very comfortable from the first seats. But I hate the back space for any thing I need to put it.

- Stephanie D

It's a decent vehicle but not efficient.

It's not very efficient and it is extremely loud on the interstate. The hard top also leaks terribly when it rains. Not comfortable either. It has a lot of blind spots too. What I like about it: it looks cool, you can rig it up with add-ons and make it unique, it turns into a convertible and it's easy to drive.

- Lily R

I'll never have a car again.

I love my 2012 Jeep wrangler! I will not be going back to having a car again. It is the perfect all-weather vehicle: I have a convertible for the summer and 4WD for the winter. The only issue I have had ended up being warranty work, when I had a warped cylinder head. The gas mileage is pretty great too.

- Megan Z

The engine in this car is reliable.

Love the Jeep but the interior broken down very quickly. The emergency break has never worked & has been fixed several times. Also the back gate does not work either & has been repaired easy 4 times. Can not hold the weight of the spare tire. When it swings out the hinge breaks & crushes tail light.

- Nicole B

Handles well in snow and rain.

Love my jeep, wonderful in the snow, it is a 4 door hardtop which gives plenty of room inside. It also handles well in the rain. I love my heated seats for the Maryland rough winters. We have taken it on the beach as well, love that also. The only thing I would have changed is the black interior.

- Terrie S

2012 Wrangler unlimited🤗🤗.

Only major issue, well two. In 115, 000 miles the seals on the rear axle went and the cylinder head cracked. That is a known issue with the pentastarch engine and was covered. It is gone everywhere I have wanted to take it. Held up real well. I am looking forward to them making a pick-up version.

- Jc P

SUV 2012 Jeep wrangler Sahara - my favorite vehicle yet.

I bought a used 2012 jk Sahara 7 months ago, and I have not had a single issue with it since. It is much smoother than the older models, and as long as you keep up with it is maintenance, it will last you forever! I will never drive another vehicle other than a Jeep wrangler! I highly recommend.

- Lauren B

Great vehicle for the past 7 years.

I love the vehicle. I have had no major problems in the last 7 years. The canvas top has just starting to leak (which is expected at its age). The leather interior still looks perfect. The paint is still perfect. No issues with the motor. Minor wiring issues with the 'creature comfort stuff'.

- Ashley S

My Jeep makes me feel safe, which is important with having children.

I love the room and driving in the winter. However, my engine light is always coming off and on, I think it's a sensor. I have talked to others, and from my knowledge, this is a common occurrence. If it is just a sensor, that is not a major issue, just annoying and makes one paranoid.

- Lisa K

140K miles and still going strong!

My 4 door Jeep wrangler is 6 years old. I have over 140,000 miles on it. Within the first 2 years, I have to have headers replaced due to an awful ticking sound it was making. It's spacious with enough seating for 5, but it is difficult for an adult to get into the back seat easily.

- Heather B

It's fun to drive and I feel like it is an expression of myself and my personality and style.

Love my vehicle, my only issue is for a 4 wheel drive SUV I wish it were a little better in the rail. Overall it is dependable and fun to drive. I also love the look of it and the options available. Also, the fuel economy could be better but you can't expect much with an sUv.

- Jill O

2012 Jeep wrangler review and perks.

It has had a recalls but it is reliable. It is comfortable and drives well. Easy to take the top off for a fun ride. I wish it had more room in the back. The back seats are easy to put up to make space. It does take more oil than a normal vehicle so it can be expensive.

- Maddie M

My 2012 black ragtop jeep wrangler.

Runs great for a 2012. Really like the ability to take the top off with easy. Not great on gas. The back seat is a little tight. Manual drive makes it fun to drive and has good pick up. Like the black exterior color. Do not like the cloth seats. Speakers are good.

- Rich R

Fun, more room than expected, and reliable Jeep Wrangler.

I have a silver Jeep Wrangler that I love. It has a hard top. It has more room in it than I thought it would have. It has been very reliable. We have taken it on several trips. We love being able to take the doors off or the top. It's definitely a fun car to have.

- Kim H

The best part about having a jeep is being able to go anywhere..

My check engine light comes on frequently but most of the time it is an easy fix. I love my car so much and I think it is worth every dollar I have to spend on it. I love that I have a hard and soft top. It is such a fun car to drive. I would recommend it 100%.

- Samantha L

Great outdoorsy car. Fun look fun feel.

Overall I am happy with my vehicle. My main complaint would be that the gas mileage is not great. Also it gets loud when driving on highways and busy city roads. I love the look and that it has four wheel drive. Good car for camping and for the winter months.

- Mara G

Overall magnificent vehicle in every way very happy with my purchase.

The vehicle drives very smooth, great on and off-road and also great up hill. Although the vehicle could have a lot more space and because it is convertible it's hard to drive in the rain. Overall it is a magnificent Jeep and I am very thankful for the model.

- Leah M

Fun ride, bad gas mileage.

Fun vehicle, however, poor gas per mileage. Drop top seems to have not lasted as long as expected. Verticals windshield catches road debris/rocks and cracks easily. Taking the top down and the doors off is a real bonus! Only vehicle you can easily do this to!

- Gavin D

Soft top takes 2 minutes to completely fold out.

Not a smooth ride. Low maintenance. Easy to do yourself. Easy to find a mechanic if needed. Easy to go from hard to soft top. Skinny interior, so not great for car seats. Fits stroller in trunk easily, but not much else. Easy to get ready to go on the beach!

- Jackie G

Jeep jku. Awesome vehicle.

My only complaint is the engine design. Very difficult to do minor maintenance like changing spark plugs. $300+ at the dealer to install. For spark plugs! Other than that, I love my Jeep . Decent gas mileage. Great in the snow and rain. I highly recommend!

- Brad B

It can handle anything and go anywhere.

The Jeep Wrangler is an incredibly reliable. I love that every single thing on the Jeep can be replaced/modified/ customized. The biggest downside is the gas mileage. It blows through a lot of gas. It would also be nice if it had a higher towing capacity.

- Stephanie T

Versatility, in town or in the mountains and it does a great job.

It feels like an adventure every time you drive it. The seats are very comfortable. Even the backseat. You would assume road noise would be bad but it is not bad at all. I have had zero problems with reliability. It gets you where you need to go.

- Ash C

It is my Jeep and I love it.It is not necessarily for everyone.

My Jeep is a red four door wrangler. It has a soft top and a hard top. I love that I can take it off-roading and muddling. Not too many dislikes that cannot be fixed with modifications. ThAt is also what I love. You can build it to your liking.

- Tarap P

The Jeep Wrangler is a very reliable vehicle with a classic style.

I love my vehicle. I find it very reliable, and I have had no issues involving major repair or service yet. The only thing I wish could be better is fuel efficiency, but I suppose I signed on for that with the very non-aerodynamic design.

- Edd T

Jeeps are fun, comfortable, and versatile. You can do almost anything in a Wrangler.

I am a loyal Jeep Wrangler driver. You can do just about anything in a Jeep. Driving around in the summer worth the top back is incredibly freeing and fun, but the versatility of the vehicle also allows for a smooth comfortable ride.

- Dayna L

It's durable and fun to drive. Jeeps never go out of style.

I love my Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. It has heated seats, remote start, built in navigation, XM, voice control, with control buttons on the steering wheel, for easy access. Leather seats are durable and love to take the top off!

- Lori R

It does not get really good fuel mileage.

My Jeep Wrangler is a really good and sturdy vehicle. I have not had too many problems with it just yet. The only problems so far was the ball joints eventually wearing out due to age and also had to replace my steering stabilizer.

- Stephanie L

It is a very reliable car that has not broken down yet.

I love that the car is lifted and feels safe. I love that the windows are very big. I don't like that it's very bumpy because it's lifted and has huge tires. I also don't like that everything is not automatic, like the windows.

- Julia V

It's not just a Jeep and not just an SUV. It is used for everything from hauling children to going crazy in the desert.

I love the capabilities of my Jeep to go off-roading when I want to, but the interior is still comfortable and modern compared to most off road vehicles. It also had built in Bluetooth and gps which I use almost every day.

- Kelli C

It's not very good on gas. MPG averages around 14 with mostly city driving.

I love the capabilities of the Jeep. It's very good during the winter and have been through lots of snowy days that would keep other vehicles off the streets. It's also fun to drive in nice weather with the top off.

- Peter G

This is a very dependable SUV that will last for many years if the owner takes care of it.

I love that my Jeep is tough and dependable. I know it will get me through snow in the winter or I like to take the doors off in the summer. The storage is good but I can also tow with ease if i have a larger load

- Andrea R

i would never buy another nor recommend it to a friend

it's a piece of junk. the only thing i like about it is the ability to tow it flat behind my motorhome and that i dislike it so much that i don't care about how scratched up and crappy it gets if i take it off road

- robertw b

The only thing I can think of that may affect how one would like it is that every once in a while when the pressure changes outside the check engine light comes on

I enjoy the jeep so much that my husband and I are thinking of getting a second older one for me. It's very comfortable and easy to drive. I also like how high I sit and it's been reliable for us since we got it

- Karley A

Dependable, tough, handles great, and is capable of conquering all terrains.

My Jeep Wrangler has been extremely dependable. I have had very little issues with it (if any, really) and, with maintenance, I've been told that it can last for years to come. The handling is second to none.

- David S

Gas mileage could be better, but if you take care of the inside of your jeep it can go a long way.

I am able to drive my jeep on the road, then on the beach without any problems. I can get out of tight spaces by driving over stuff if need to. I love that I can tow another vehicle out of trouble if needed.

- Jennifer L

Features of my Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep drives well, but I wish it had better gas mileage. Also getting into the Jeep can be difficult for women who are either petite in size. I do love the navigation system and heated seats in the jeep.

- Kim M

Wrangler Jeeps are reliable and fun to drive in all seasons.

The Wrangler has been a reliable vehicle with zero problems so far. Not the smoothest ride, but it is a Jeep. Has a great heater for the winter, so even with a soft top the Jeep stays comfortably warm.

- Rod M

My vehicle is a right hand drive. Perfect for delivering mail

It drives really well on snow and ice. I rely on it so much for my job, and it hasn't disappointed me yet! Every day I work, I drive 40+ miles of dirt roads (even worse when it is wet, icy, or snowy).

- Kim R

The Jeep Wrangler can go on or off the road, and still be one amazing car.

I really like the model of the Jeep. It can really navigate anywhere. It can go off road, and is a beast of a car. I don't really like the radio, since is isn't as updated as I would like it to be.

- Kira Z

They are wonderful vehicles if you like to have the tops down in nice weather.

I have a 2012 2-Door Jeep Wrangler. I love that the doors and windows can come off. Only complaints would be that the hard tops are extremely heavy, and jeep wranglers are outrageously expensive.

- Destiny W

Owning a Jeep is not just owning a car, it's a way of life.

I love my Jeep. It's fun, very customizable, and great in bad weather. My only complaint is that the windshield frequently gets chips from rocks and other road debris because it's not angled.

- Nancy T

It is bright orange and easy to notice.

I like that it sits up high, making it easy to see. It is easy to slide in and out. Because of Its size, it has a small turning radius and easy to park. I wish it got better fuel economy.

- Judith R

it is a safe and comfortable ride and great in the snow

I have no complaints about my Jeep. It is comfortable to ride in. I feel safe in especially when their is snow on the ground. I love the look and style and it is great for long trips

- Mel B

Jeeps are great quality cars with great customer service if you do need to take it in.

I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler that has leather/heated seats, Bose stereo system and is a hard top. I love my Jeep it's so much fun to drive and I haven't had any major problems with it.

- Ashley A

It's our family's main vehicle.

I have had some electrical issues but overall I love my Jeep. It's not the best on the highway but it's great for driving the kids around with enough space for their sports gear

- Jessica A

4 x 4 and goes most anywhere

I love that it rides high, is 4 wheel drive & can go most anywhere. It is comfortable but since I'm tall it would be nice if the seats went back further. It's very reliable.

- Amy W

That it's a hardy vehicle with some flimsy stock parts. That it is fun to drive, but expensive to gas up.

I love the soft top. I love the Wrangler community. I don't like how a Jeep can't stand up to the day to day riggers of my drive unless aftermarket parts are purchased.

- Melissa S

You can go anywhere in a Jeep. It will take you places you can't see in your car.

My Jeep is awesome. Not only can it go anywhere, it's comfortable as well. I love that I can take the doors and top off. I do, however, wish it was more fuel efficient.

- Nicole P

Enjoyable and reliable vehicle.

Good year round vehicle. Reliable in the winter, fun in the summer. Not the most comfortable ride, drives like a truck. Have never had any major performance problems.

- Kimberly L

It is completely modified for off roading. It can go through ponds and over rocks with ease.

It is completely modified. It has 37 inch tires, a six inch lift kit, metal bumpers, fenders and rock rails. It has a snorkel. It is a beast when off roading with it.

- Melissa M

4 Door with 17" wheels and a hard top.

The car has been reliable and dependable. Things that are great: turning radius, 4x4, comfort, and spacious. Sahara is not overloaded with unnecessary electronics.

- Karen T

Jeeps are a girl's best friend.

I love my Jeep. It is so much fun to drive and it gets good mileage. I am about 58,000 miles and the only problem I've had is small tears in the driver's seat.

- Deborah K

It is incredibly versatile. You can use it for work and play.

It's is a pretty rough ride, but that is made up for in its versatility. It is great for outdoor adventures. It would be better if it had a nav system though.

- Shelli G

Reliable. Perfect for the beach or snow.

I love it is 6 speed transmission, speed and strong motor. The interior is amazing with heated leather seats. I love it can be ridden without a top and doors.

- Jacqueline R

That it has lots of space and you can drive it most anywhere.

My Jeep is a right hand drive Jeep that I use to deliver mail. I love it. It can go most places, has a lot of space for packages and I feel safe driving it.

- Lisa C

It is not a typical SUV. It is a fairly rough ride compared to most SUV's. This is a vehicle designed as an SV (sports vehicle). It is not a utility vehicle. Get a pickup truck for transporting hay bales.

I like its price, looks, driving capabilities, and room for sleeping in the back (camping). The vehicle is under-powered, which is a major dislike for me.

- Stephen A

It is fun to drive. !!!!!!

Sporty , fun, youthful. You can use it for multiple purposes. Good gas mileage considering it is an SUV. Holds Its resale value. Last for a long time.

- Chris S

Stick shift. Drives well for a Jeep.

Tire pressure light is always on even though we know the pressure is correct and had it serviced for the light. Takes a lot of time to remove the top.

- Sherry D

If you don't like something about the Jeep, you can always change it.

I love my car mainly because of how smooth and easy it is to run. Additionally, you can customize it in several different ways making it fun as well.

- Connor L

It is great on gas and roomy.

I can drive it in the snow.. It has 4 wheel drive so I can climb up mountains.. It is sporty. I can take the top and even doors off if I choose to..

- Sharon K

Great company to purchase from, reliable, and affordable.

I love how its drives but it's not easy to clean. It's not my jeep so I can't really say. But it is a pretty color and can go in heavy wooded arias.

- Emily L

It is more affordable than people think.

It is the perfect vehicle for where I live. It has 4wd in the winter and is a convertible in the summer. There is not anything I dislike about it.

- Brooks B

The vehicle is a jeep and is one of the most safe cars I have owned.

My vehicle is completely reliable and takes me where I need to go anywhere. The gas mileage is good and I would definitely recommend anyone this.

- Tanner G

Price is worth it. It is a fun Jeep you can go anywhere on terrains.

I love my Jeep it is good for all weather and a small family. Enjoy taking the roof off on beautiful days. Not good on gas but it is my play toy.

- Kerri K

It is a really safe car to drive.

Drives smooth, steering wheel is a little touchy, seats are super comfortable, AUX adapter/plug in, no problems- brake system was just replaced.

- Cam S

Handles great in all weather conditions and on dirt roads and trails. Not as comfy to ride in as most cars though.

Four wheel drive manual transmission hard top Wrangler. No complaints at all. The car has been reliable and fun to drive especially off road.

- Anthony W

The engine life is amazing.

I love my wrangler because it is durable, reliable and fun to drive. The drive can most definitely be bumpy however it is perfect in the snow.

- Tawny U

Adventure soon ride convertible audio stereo leather interior. Silver in color.

My car is fun very good condition good on gas economical sensible. Only complaints it is a stick shift low mileage engine in good condition.

- Tamara D

It's always a project or a fixer upper

Its overall reliability isn't very good. I have to take it into the shop almost every other week and it needs some sort of care every week.

- Day W

Fun but not good for an every day driver.

Heat goes out. Had to change radiator because there is a plastic trim that breaks when heated. Very noisy when driving. Soft top leaks.

- Jen L

Great for difficult road conditions on or off road

Great for on and off road. Typical jeep product. However with this particular jeep i have had to replace a head, motor, and rear end.

- Shawn S

It really looks good when it is detailed.

Four wheel drive for snowy winter and driving in the mountains. The soft top comes off for summer and so do the doors. It looks good.

- Todd G

Great for moving things. Whenever I need to carry or transport large items I can depend on my car to do it.

I don't like that it can tip over easily. If I don't seal the top well water leaks through. The top sometimes is too heavy to handle.

- Stephanie V

They are flawed and can develop something called Death Wobble which makes the vehicle vibrate violently at times.

It's a Jeep Wrangler. It is fun to drive but gets poor gas mileage. It also has a flaw called death wobble that is very frustrating.

- Emiaj M

It is a soft top so can take the top off

I love that it is high off the ground, it is real bouncy ride. I like being able to go off road and not worry about getting stuck

- Penny T

Drives good with no issues.

Goes anywhere I need it to including in inclement weather. Comfortable. . Not quite enough room for car seats in the back seat.

- Jacqueline S

It's low mileage and it handles very well when being driven also great for one passenger

You can use it on road and off road for different types of experiences with the vehicle I don't like that it only has two doors

- Carla W

Jeep people wave at other Jeep people when the meet each other on the road.

Vehicle sits up high. It is fun to drive. Not enough storage space. Love the ability to take off different pieces of the top.

- kim b

The mileage on the car is ideal.

I like the gas capability and the added features,.. I like the roof and the height on the car, with the purchase of new tires.

- Maria M

A brief overview of my Jeep

My Jeep is an ongoing project. I'm always adding or improving to it. It gets a lot of comments whenever people look at it.

- Gordon D

If your concerned about gas mileage this may not be the vehicle you should get

Has been a great vehicle to own and drive. Haven't had any major is with it. And faults have been covered by the warranty.

- Michael S

Toyota's last the longest of any car I have ever had. Extremely reliable.

It is a jeep. Love the versatility. 4 wheel drive. Customizable. Great in the summer and great in the winter. All seasons.

- Scott T

It is an all seasons vehicle.

It is an all season vehicle. It is very dependable. It has all the stuff I want in a vehicle. It has four wheel drive.

- Joseph W

Arctic special edition Jeep

It's great, off road capabilities, heated seats, easy to climb in and out of, love riding with the doors and top off

- Leigh R

It is fun and easy to drive. More comfy than you would think.

Fun and good looking vehicle. It is a lifestyle vehicle. Love taking roof off and cruising the beach or mountains.

- Leslie N

It is poor gas mileage and handling.

I dislike that it is falling apart at the joints/brakes/electrical. The brakes fall apart quickly. Poor quality.

- Stephanie C

Considering it was a used vehicle, it's a decent get around town transportation

Bought it used. So far it is okay, takes me where I need to go, mainly back & forth to work & running errands.

- Harold W

How to drive 6 speed stick shift couples with two 4 wheel drive modes

love the off road & bad weather capability. Love the ruggedness. could use more storage & better cargo racks

- Tom H

It's fun but not luxury. Very loud. Hard to hear on the phone when moving

I love having the top off in the summer. It's fun to drive. I don't like how loud it is with a soft top on.

- Kendall B

Our Jeep wrangler review.

It is reliable we have had almost no problems with ours and it is comfortable for a small amount of people.

- Lilly J

It's never been in the shop for anything but tires and oil changes

Love my wrangler. The only problem is with the cruise control. It doesn't work when it is damp outside.

- Linda Z

If you do not drive a Camaro you will never understand! And it's my baby.

It's a jeep! And it is a convertible.. It gets crappy gas mileage and has too wide of a turning radius.

- Gavin A

It is a fun vehicle to drive and own. It is extremely safe and great on gas.

Love everything about it except for the windshield. The windshield is prone to stone chips and cracks.

- ben r

Its expensive. Its horrible on gas, it has horrible blind spots, .

Horrible gas mileage, slow, great for road trips, detachable doors and roof, great for moving things,

- Vincent J

You will have major problem...

Not trustworthy. Leaked, constant issue and is poor customer service via dealerships and jeep itself.

- Mike L

Not for families (too small) but so much fun to drive!

It is the car i've wanted all my life. very maneuverable. off road capable. it's noisy and perfect!

- michelle p

Jeep Wrangler Soft Review

Handles nice, soft top makes the interior loud. Soft top is easy to remove, but can be awkward. Nice

- Kathy R

I like the look of a jeep and the ability to take the top off easily. I don't like how it creaks and the back door gets jiggled loose easily. I can feel every bump and it gets blown all over the road when the wind is blowing.

I like the looks of it and it is fun. The only down part is how bouncy it is on the highway.

- Melissa S

It is fun to drive and looks great.

I like the sportiness of it. It is very fun to drive. I like the ability to take the top off.

- Susan D

How much power it has for a small car

I love how much power the car has. Very good at traversing terrain. Nothing I hate about it.

- Sharon U

The safety features it offers in the event of a roll over

I love that I can take it offroad. But it also gets good gas mileage for highway driving.

- john M

The car is very Functional and is great in many scenarios

I love my vehicle overall. Great for recreational purposes and gas mileage isn't too bad.

- Jack W

That the transmission has given problems since a year after I got it. Transmission has been changed 4 times under warranty.

Love that it's big, with 4x4. Dislike that the transmission has been faulty for so long.

- Ashley T

With this vehicle you can drive thru floods and sugar sand

I like durability and dependability. It os made in America (mostly). It is lots of FUN!

- Demetra R

Vehicle built and designed for adventure with all the features you need.

I love the look and design. Sometimes it can be a bit rocky. It's great for parking.

- Rachael H

Sporty looking and can go anywhere.

Love the fact it can go anywhere. On road or off road. Love the sporty look.

- Jody P

JEEP - just empty every pocket. It's fun to modify and there are a lot of add-ons available.

It's versatile. It's fun. It has lots of room for storage. No complaints.

- cris D

This vehicle is considered one of the least expensive to insure for a young driver

Love the style. Love the look. Gas mileage is just ok but good on highway

- Angela K

Good utility vehicle, tows my boat without any issues

No complaints. Love it in the snow and bad weather handles very well

- Theresa S

gets around in the snow really well, travels well on gravel hills.

compact, easy to navigate, would be nice to have a backup camera.

- leesa p

It is a jeep. There is not much better than a jeep.

It is a 4x4 and is the only vehicle I trust to have living in PA

- Drew M

It holds its resale value and lasts for a long time

I Love everything about it. It is fun to drive and is versatile.

- Chris E

It needs good tires for off-road and a good suspension

There is nothing that I dislike about the Jeep. I love it

- Brenda E

Typical uncomfortable ride for Jeeps. Death wobble as well. ready to get rid of the Jeep. Same interior as all Jeeps and rides rough

Same old issues just like every other Jeep on the market

- John K

Jeeps hold their value well for a long time. Good equity

Love the sporty feel It's red my favorite Fun to drive

- Samantha D

It's very important that mechanics know how to fix it.

It's a Jeep. It goes Jerping. Jumping is fun. Yep

- Robert I

Brotherhood of jeep. Jeep owners wave to each other while passing on the road!

- Thomas M