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The eco detail is probably my favorite, due to cutting costs for gas.

Nothing really wrong, it has made some funny noises, which almost seemed to be some kind of overexertion while attempting to accelerate up hills or steep areas. Aside from that, the car has proved to be quite solid and reliable, offering an eco mode to use less gas, and its regular setting of course. When using the eco setting, the only real difference while actually driving seems to be that while accelerating from a stop it takes just a tad longer to get to whatever speed you want then it would in just the regular setting. The car's interior is both spacious and comfortable and offers Bluetooth wireless connection and a few other dash features to assist the driver, one for example being an alert system. So say your front tire had started to leak air, once you cut the car on it will signal so on the dash letting you know it must be checked out. So, that about wraps it up for my review on the 2015 forte, which has served me well enough so far.

- David C

Reliable, cool, customized for you.

The Kia forte is extremely reliable. I have put a lot of miles on it and haven't had any problems yet. The eco option really helps you save on gas. I love that it keeps track of how many miles you have left in gas tank before feel up is needed. Accelerates lovely, also has 3 different power steering settings, which gives you options based on your driving preference. I personally interchange between all 3 depending on my mood and driving situation. Finally, the cosmetics on the outside, can only be described as, simply but surely, cool. You don't have to spend all your money on a sports car and sacrifice on gas. This car looks cool as hell parked, and on the road. People can't even believe its a Kia sometimes.

- Nicholas L

The important thing to know about the Kia forte is it is very good on gas.

I bought my Kia forte in 2015, brand new. It was the first Kia I have ever bought and I love it. It's a very reliable car. I never had a problem with it in the almost 5 years that I purchased it. My Kia is very good on gas, I fill up and it seems like it lasts forever. It drives very smooth. My Kia forte is also very comfortable to ride in. Some cars you get cramped up being in for a long drive, but the Kia forte is very spacious and comfortable. I take it on long drives almost every weekend and It's a very smooth ride from start to finish. I would recommend a Kia forte to everyone looking to purchase a car!

- Katie V

Really good Kia, would be great with a little more power.

My Kia forte gets great gas mileage, runs and drives very smooth. I love that it has great air conditioning, that is very important where I live. It does not have the most modern equipment, such as a touchscreen, but it does have voice calling, which comes in very handy. There's only a couple of things I would change if I could. I would like it to have cruise control, I actually thought it did when I bought it, and I would like it to have a bit more power when going uphill. It lags quite a bit when going up even small hills. Everything else about it is great.

- Stefanie C

It is reliable and low-maintenance with good fuel economy.

My Kia forte is nothing but reliable! It has almost 55, 000 miles with no work on it apart from the usual maintenance such as oil changes, etc. It gets great gas mileage for a sedan: around 28 in town and upwards to 40 on highway trips. I am just now getting brake service as they are even 5's (half-life wear) all the way around! If you want a dependable, low-maintenance automobile with good fuel economy without having to squeeze into something the size of a shoebox, the Kia forte is the way to go!

- Kenneth L

Fantastic gas mileage very decent car if you get the right company to sell it to you never ever ever buy it brand new

I really like the gas mileage a lot. I usually get 35 to 40 miles per gallon. I feel however, that it was cheaply made it doesn't come with a spare tire the company itself is terrible Liars they sold me tire warranty that doesn't work they sold me Gray fabric conditioner and stain resistant conditioner that resistant conditioner all failed to come through when I need to do by ripping me off and selling me these items they made my car payment almost $400 a month I am disabled I cannot afford this

- Deanna B

Small car but superior storage space

I haven't had any real problems with my car in the 4 years I've had it. It's made multiple cross country trips without an issue. I didn't know that they do not come with spare tires. It came with a flat repair kit and free roadside assistance. Everything about the car is comfortable. There is definitely plenty of room to carry whatever you need. I fit a Christmas tree in it once. But it's definitely not for tall people and larger car seats to occupy at the same time. Hope this helps.

- Haley T

Loving my reliable and efficient Kia Forte!

I love driving my Kia Forte! The ease of hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity for my pandora music, easy to track my miles, this car is great. Having had the Forte for over a year now I feel that it is a really reliable vehicle and perfect for anyone who is looking for an efficient mode of transportation. Little interstate noise especially if you are like I am and enjoy listening to music during your commute. The Forte also has a roomy trunk that will easily fit most items.

- Kelsey H

The mileage that you have left to drive, disappears around 32 miles remaining.

My Kia is a very comfortable car. I love the Bluetooth connection for your phone! It makes playing your own music so easy. There was a manufacturing issue that causes the tire light to always be on, but that was recently fixed at my local Kia dealership. My car drives extremely well and can make long trips easily. The trunk is very spacious, as well as the backseat! The front controls also include a place to charge your phone through a USB port! It is so convenient!

- Kaitlyn F

Small car with big personality.

I have had this vehicle for about six months. I bought it used with 30, 000 miles on it without an issue. I am large man, and this car is small yet is very comfortable for me inside. There is a lot of room in the front as well as the back. It also has a surprising amount of storage space, all while being a compact car. Lastly, the fuel mileage is great. I only get 23 mpg in city, but its close to 37 on the highway without an eco features. It is a great car.

- Nick M

This is a practical, sensible car that will get you where you need to go.

The sound system is good, I like the way the car looks, the ride is very comfortable. I am regularly able to maintain 35+ mpg in my forte. Because of the good gas mileage, I can often go on road trips of 440ish miles (around 7 hrs) without refueling. This is the first car I bought brand new and I have no real complaints. Very different from the car I had before. If I could change anything, I could have waited for a manual transmission to become available.

- Devin S

Comfortable for the family.

Car rides well. Good features. Love the sunroof. The car is very reliable. Back up information as well as seat belt information. Heating and air spreads easily throughout the car. Comfortable seating. The seat belts in front may be tight around the neck for short people. Also sometimes the door has to be pushed open more than once since it tends to swing back. I do not know whether that is a singularity in our car. All in all its very comfortable.

- Robin V

Kia forte 2015: great value.

My car has great features like heated and cooled seats, navigation, backseat heat warmers, lumbar support, saved seat settings, rear camera, Bluetooth and e911. I wish it had a better media console, car play, easier to update the media and map system, lane help and alerts. This car surprisingly has a lot of room in the trunk and backseat. It is a little too low for the ground, there are a lot of opportunities for it to scrape the bottom.

- Marissa S

Luxury vehicle for an affordable price

I purchased my Kia forte brand new and I love it! 2015 Kia was larger than previous models and it is perfect for a family of 3. If you are looking for a car that is great on gas this is it! If I remember correctly I think it gets 36 mpg on the highway. I love that it has heated seats, but I do feel like the back headrest areas is a little small. Overall I feel like this is a great car and I feel I made the right decision to purchase it.

- Ashley J

Forte is a good Corolla alternative that will not break the bank.

I would describe it as sufficient. It is comfortable and reliable, no bells and whistles, affordable, and the warranty is outstanding. I really wanted a Corolla, but the forte is an affordable alternative. The only problem I would say is that the interior is scratched very easily. I had an issue with the a/c once before I hit 50k miles, and it was repaired for free on the warranty. In my next purchase, I plan to stay in the Kia family.

- Karla S

It is a good car for the money, great on gas, but not the ideal car if comfort.

My Kia Forte gets good gas mileage, it has a really nice backup camera, and I like that the rear window has a windshield wiper. But I do wish that the ride was more comfortable and I wish it was a little higher off the ground, also I find the seat and seat belt uncomfortable for say a larger set person. I think it is a good car for going back and forth to work but lacks the comport one would wish for in a long distance road trip.

- Jill E

Great little ride, perfect for an Uber driver!

Great gas mileage, lots of road noise... very comfortable interior, road trips easily accomplished. Excellent stereo system complete with built in Bluetooth, which is nice. Spacious trunk, and back seat has plenty of legroom. The locking latch mechanism on the key fob has started to go out making it somewhat inconvenient when it comes to putting my keys in my pocket. However, the keys functionality remains intact.

- David M

Hands free, it has a aux cord and a USB spot

Have to change breaks frequently. Must keep oil changed. I love my car. It's great on gas and also very cheap for the parts. My insurance is also much Cheaper with this car. I like the Handle of the car. It has a lot of air bags for extra safety which is good because I am a mom. I also like the child locks. The trunk is very big and the car is a nice medium size perfect for smaller people like me

- Reagan B

Fun to drive, sleek Kia Forte

The Kia Forte is fun to drive. It handles well and has surprising power for a 4 cylinder vehicle. The interior is comfortable. It is affordable and feels high end without being so. It is perfect for a small family or a single person. The baseline model has a lot of nice features and one doesn't feel that it is necessary to upgrade to a higher model. The body is very sleek and well designed.

- Emily S

My Kia forte. 4 door sedan.

My Kia forte has great gas mileage on the average I get about 498 miles to a tank which generally I spend 20 - 25 dollars a week. It is roomy ( its a 4 door sedan) I have ridden in the back seat for a 3-4 hour trip with comfort. The trunk is spacious. Room for large cooler and luggage for two people. Ride is smooth, easy to handle. CD player and radio pick up good and have nice sound.

- Carla B

Best car purchase I have ever made.

The Kia forte is a great fuel efficient vehicle that drives well in all weather conditions. I travel for work and my Kia forte has gotten me through snow and storms. It is a great price too for the quality you receive. I think it is a great car for newer drivers too because it drives really easily and smooth and has a high safety rating. Overall the best car I have ever owned.

- Jordan W

My forte is a very reliable car.

My car has been very reliable and have not had any major mechanical work done to it other than normal work and repair due to a minor accident. Compared to my previous vehicle this one has been much more reliable, as I had already put in a lot of money into my old car within the first 3 years of owning it. I would definitely consider purchasing the same vehicle in the future.

- Lindsay S

Very economical vehicle. Smooth ride and great gas mileage.

The Kia Forte has great gas mileage. Currently 35-40 miles per gallon. Interior is nice with ample charger locations including USB. The media offers Sirius and Bluetooth with a linkedin connection alone with am/FM CD. Nice location for media controls located on the steering wheel. Vehicle has a 6 speed automatic or manual shift. Very nice vehicle for a moderate price.

- Edward H

My vehicle has quickly become a headache and less of a valued vehicle.

My car is having issues and the warranty does not cover the maintenance. I have to replace the converter and I haven't even have the care for 2 year. Every time I fix a problem another one comes up. I was so happy when I first got my vehicle now it has just become a headache. I'm already looking for a new vehicle that I feel is dependable and affordable maintenance.

- Shan W

I absolutely love my car. I love all the features it has especially the ones on the steering wheel. The car is comfortable and reliable for those long car trips. What I love the most though is the fantastic gas mileage it gets. I went from driving a truck to this and I spend half as less money on fuel now. I recommend this car to anyone that asks me about it.

- Alex B

It works amazing and you will not regret getting a Kia.

I honestly love my car. It is really reliable, I have had it for over two years now and have had no problems like my other cars in the past. To be honest this is my favorite car I have ever owned and I am so glad I made the decision to get it. The air conditioning works great ( only saying this because all my previous cars had air problems). I love my car:).

- Skye L

Kia may be known for economical vehicles, but my car drives like a luxury vehicle.

It's very sleek on both the exterior and interior. It's also very easy to drive, nearly effortless. The only thing I don't like is that the windshield wiper on the passenger side isn't designed to cover ample real estate on the windshield; when it's raining moderately and the wipers are on it's really difficult to see the right shoulder or lane next to you.

- Jessica M

Smooth drive with peace of mind you will not spend a lot of gas.

The battery does not alert when it is low or dying which is a negative. The car overall drive smooth but the paint on the body has started to chip and rust and it is garage kept. It is very reliable and amazing on gas. The seats can use a little better comfort especially the headguard. Overall I am happy with how little gas it uses and how smooth it drives.

- Dora J

It drives really good with good tires. Don't be cheap on tires its the best investment on a car you can make.

The only problem is that both of the fortes had kumho tires and by 16k miles both cars needed new sets of tires. All cars have maintenance as scheduled and tires rotated and balanced. This is the first time i ever bought a kia but if they keep putting that brand of tire i will never buy a kia again. 3 of the tires blew up on one and i almost flipped over

- Antonio N

Reliable car for a busy mommy

My Kia Forte haven't given me any major problems, I purchased the car in 20-5 because I wanted something reliable and affordable. I've put over 100,000 miles on it and I haven't had and mechanical issues that caused concern. I have two kids, so it's not much extra space, that I wish we had .I've had a couple lights go out, but nothing major ! Thankfully!

- Nisha S

Kia forte ex is a great car and would not trade for another car.

I love my car. They are no current problems with it at all. Still drives nice, rides comfortably. It gets great gas mileage as well. Even though my car is about to be 4 years old it still drives like when I first bought it. One thing I like the most about my car is that it has a rear view camera. Makes backing up real easy when you cannot see behind you.

- Mal D

Overall fantastic car for a great price and great gas mileage

I haven't experienced any problems with it so far. It runs extremely smooth. The shocks are amazing. You can hardly feel any bumps in the road. It's very reliable. The gas mileage is great. It has a gas tank meter to show you how many miles you have left until empty. The backseat passengers have their own arms rest and cup holders separate from the from.

- Montana T

Drives well and has not had any problems with the vehicle.

The car performs well, it has the essentials and is very comfortable. I have never had a problem at all with this car. We started taking the car for camping trips and would have preferred at times to have a vehicle with higher road clearance. This would be a consideration for myself for a new vehicle. Otherwise I love the look and performance of my car.

- Teresa D

Good basic car for everyday use.

The vehicle runs smoothly without problems. The acceleration is good but sometimes it shifts late, the meter will get to 6 before it will shift, but other than that it runs perfectly. Seats are comfy but do stain easily with liquids, even water, and they're difficult to remove. Other than that there are no issues, for an everyday car it is near perfect.

- Amelia L

2015 Kia forte perfect for me.

I have had only 1 issue with my vehicle. There is a little plastic section in the floorboards of the drivers side where you are supposed to put your left foot. But the issue is that the hooks to keep that piece are fragile and the piece comes loose. I have had to replace it 3 times because it could potentially slide over and interfere with my driving.

- Jen P

A good basic car for family use.

It's very reliable and easy to drive. The mileage is very good. It's very comfortable to sit in and the radio is excellent. The dashboard is nicely visible. I don't like how everything is computerized but that's all cars these days. Driving in winter on bad roads is a learning curve and you need to go into semi sport mode to keep from skidding.

- Susan S

I like the sound of the vehicle.

It is a good commuter car, and it gets good gas mileage too. It has a good get up and go type of feel and it feels nice to drive and you do not get too uncomfortable when driving for long distances. As for features it has what any 2015 car has but what's great about it is it tells you your gas mileage and the radio is good looking and operates well.

- Ryan U

The carbon print on the dash.

Things I love: comfort of the seats with the extendable arm rest of the short people who need the seat pushed forward, the roomie back, the heated steering and seats, the overall look on the in and outside. The downfalls are the suspension which when I hit a bump the rear end sways. The fact the most replacement parts must be bought from dealer.

- Jackie T

Great gas mileage not great family car.

My car is a great asset. It gets good gas mileage it does well in most terrain. I am not the genteless person on cars and it has held up great. Tires and brakes last a long time so does the little changes. There is not much room in backseat and hard to hitch a car seat up to it but rather than that the trunk is great size along with front seat.

- Heather C

Reliable and economical, but ugly and outdated.

It sits too low to the ground and doesn't look very cool. It's gas mileage is great though, and it's definitely better than my last car. Repairs are cheap, and it's been pretty reliable. But 2015 is very outdated now compared to the technological features of newer cars. I see 2019 Toyota Tacoma on the road and wish I had one of those instead.

- Joseph R

the best part of owning a Kia is the 10 year warranty.

the Kia forte xl has a touch screen and is Bluetooth accessible. My real one complaint is the issues with back windows (recalls). the gas mileage is great, no complaints there. The trunk is a lot bigger than it looks which is great since I work at a warehouse and need to pack up my car often. The seat are roomy and comfortable in every seat.

- suzanne P

This a fun sporty car to drive but is made cheaply.

Interior is cheap and seat store. I had to have the steering wheel replaced in the first year. The fake carbon fiber accents on the exterior fade in the sun after a year. Gas mileage drops dramatically after 3 years even with all maintenance done. The paint does not hold up to Florida sun and has faded along with the headlights are peeling.

- Andrew B

Spacious comfortable a family would love the car.

Just don't like the stereo or seats recliner too far from head. The Dodge has a good stereo the speakers are great. The space is great and saves a lot of gas when you go on a trip. I like the lights on the door too. We went to Dallas and Florida and it is still like new. I don't like the shell anything that hits it will dent it right away.

- Patricia M

Easy automatic drive, good for beginners, good for short drivers.

I wish the brake pads and wheel alignment would not be messed up so easily. Gas mileage is pretty good. Automatic drive shifts between gears easily and quickly. Body perfect for short people and seats comfortable for long drives. Cheap parts and easy to buy used. I am buying one with about 50, 000 miles on it for 9, 000 from a dealership.

- Emily G

"My forte is my forte", it gets me from point "a" to point "b" very well.

On the whole, I really like my Kia forte. I find the car to be dependable and has "get up and go". I am not real crazy about the seats because of the way they're designed, not real comfortable. It is easy on gas and handles really well. I like the idea I can open my gas cap lid and trunk from the inside of the car. I feel safe in my Kia.

- Sophie N

Luxurious Dragster Race Car

The only vehicle problems to me would be the brake. I find when driving over the manholes/service inspection cover it's hard to brake on it. The car tends to slide over them more so when it rains. It feels under your foot as if you're about to crash into the next car or shifting gears. My suggestion brake 10 feet away from the car.

- Tierra B

UVO helps you find your car, check the health and set speed and curfew alerts.

My car is very reliable and good on gas mileage. The Eco option helps to preserve had as well especially on the highway. The car looks small but there's plenty room for multiple people and the car comes fully loaded. The only downfall is that it's so low to the ground and living in the city it's easy to pop a tire with the potholes

- Jasmine H

It is a fun to drive Kia forte.

I have had no issues. The car is fun and sporty with adequate acceleration. It is a beautiful car with a sporty trim. It appears to have metal components inside the car which is much better than plastic components which tend to break. A 100,000 mile warranty. It also does not dent easily which is conducive to an active lifestyle.

- Daniel C

Check out Kia they really do have great cars.

This is an amazing car. Really smooth driving and handling. It also has great acceleration and it is very comfortable all around. I highly recommend this vehicle. It was very cheap and still great quality. Kia has really stepped their game up. With a slick new look the forte is amazing with its new features and sleek black look.

- Sean V

My vehicle is a 4 door sedan with cloth seats.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage, it is comfortable and very reliable. We love the Bluetooth capabilities as well as the USB plug in. My only complaint is it locks on its own. I have been locked out on 2 occasions. I have just learned to keep my keys in my pocket. . . Not to sit them in the seat of the car.

- Christie R

I have a Black 2015 Kia Forte -4 Door- with tinted windows.

Kia Forte is the best car I have owned. It is compact, great on gas and reliable ! There is an ECO feature that you press in the car to help save even more on gas. I love the built in Bluetooth feature and the sound system. I can also go many miles before having to schedule an oil change with my local dealership.

- Renee W

2015 beautiful grey Kia forte EX

It's a great car. The wipers don't seem to last too long. it's very comfy and there is plenty of room in the car for a family. It is an amazing car. I love the back up camera and the remote key is pretty handy. The main thing I like about the car is the power windows (came from a car that was manual everything)

- Marina P

Dark grey gas efficient Kia forte.

The vehicle works very well and it is a gas saver. I love the size of the vehicle. It is very easy to drive and park in tight spaces. The brakes are very excellent on the car. The only problem with the car is the way it picks up speed. But other than that it is a very reliable car. I have received no problems.

- Kaya G

Kias are the best cars for college students.

Very reliable, comfortable and cute! The features are really cool for someone like me who goes on long drives often and loves to blast music while doing so. I have never had any mechanical issues with my car and have found it easy to keep up with maintenance. The gas is good on the car and I can go a long way.

- Cecilia C

This car is sleek and quiet with get up and go to boot.

I've had my car for 4 years now and I haven't had many problems at all and I am over 100,000 miles now. It's very quiet as well. It is easy to forget it is running. Brand new you have to watch how you give it gas because it is so sensitive to touch. It even has a little get up and go to it. Nice car overall.

- April H

Its blue, with comfy grey seats, and new lights that turn when you signal.

My vehicle doesn't have any problems and it has only had one previous owner. The people who own my car are very helpful with the payment and making sure everything is in great shape in my vehicle. My first oil change was free and they even offer to refinance my vehicle so that it could be a lower payment.

- Mike D

It�s a great family car, for a small family

It is great on gas! However the seats stain very easily and are hard to clean. Great size for a small family. Also wish the cars original floor mats were more like weathertech instead of like carpet. Great trunk storage space. Nice body style. Easy to clean. Easy to get my daughter's car seat in and out

- Nicole L

Great car. Reliable, good on gas, and super cute. Highly recommend.

I bought my car is April and my experience has been great so far. It is very reliable and good on gas. I love it! Due to the fact that the car is black, it gets to be very hot during the summer but the air conditioning is wonderful, so it doesn't take long for the car to cool down. It's a great vehicle.

- Jazz S

Reliable, comfortable, affordable and the best decision I have made.

My car is simply amazing. When my seat is adjusted properly, I am totally comfortable in it. When I am driving it rides so smooth, and the speed is pretty amazing for a smaller car. I have had my car since June of 2018 and I could honestly say I have had no problems whatsoever since I have had my car.

- Vanessa J

Reliable basic car does what it needs

So far the car has been really reliable. I haven't had any issues with it. It's easy to drive and gets okay gas mileage. I noticed gas mileage seems to have gone down since I got it however. It's comfortable. I have the basic model and wish I would have known it didn't come standard with keyless entry

- Sarah B

2015 Kia forte. Cool feature is Bluetooth in the car. Very good on gas.

The car overall is a very reliable machine. It's great on gas mileage, the interior design is basic but not bad. It has Bluetooth and that's pretty much all the cool things it has. The only thing is it does not have a spare available for you. That is the only thing that really does not make me a fan.

- Kristina A

Decent amount of trunk space

Brakes must be replaced often. Check engine light always on. Otherwise the car runs absolutely great. Some cosmetic damages as well. Reliable, has a lot of miles, but gets me around very well. Even in long distance situations. Very comfortable, although a/c could circulate a lot better to that back.

- Melissa W

Value. I think people spend way too much money on cars. My car is cheap, gets me everywhere I need including road trips, and has a full warranty so I have no surprises.

My Kia forte is small, inexpensive and gets good gas mileage. I like the look of the car and mostly like the way it handles. I like the features and love the extended bumper to bumper warranty from Kia. My only problems would be that I've had more comfortable cars and it has weak power/acceleration.

- Dominic I

I've used my Kia Forte for personal and business use.

The Kia Forte is good on gas. Parts are affordable, and labor isn't as harsh as with an luxury car. It's durable, reliable, and affordable. Its with the times, it also comes with ecoboost so you can save on some gas. I can drive 5 hours without stopping for gas, from Houston, TX to Gonzales, LA.

- Eli J

For a reasonable compact the Kia Forte is well-appointed.

It is an EX model. It shows me the average mpg and has a gauge for current mpg as your driving from 0 - 50. It is white with chrome trim and six-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. It has an infotainment center, AC, AT, and cruise center. What I dislike is its speedometer is dial rather than digital.

- Jeffery H

It sits very low to the ground do not recommended for uneven driving surfaces.

My vehicle is good on gas . I downsized from and SUV and I miss the extra room. It also sits very low to the ground which has been a huge adjustment. Even though it is a newer vehicle I am starting to have a lot of usage items needing to be replaced with just a little over 60,000 miles on it .

- Rosalind A

It is a 4 cylinder so you have to drive it gently for it to last you a long time.

For the money you are paying for this car I would say it is worth it. You get good mileage for city driving as well as highway driving. You can find parts for this car pretty easily online if you ever need to repair. It is a 4 cylinder so if you treat it nice, it will last you a long time.

- Will R

Kia forte 2015 low mileage, good gas mileage.

I like my car, it get good gas mileage. But it is low to ground and hard to get into. It is plain car, electric windows, radio, DVD player. Rear heater, good air conditioning system and heating. I like Kia products, this makes my second Kia. It has a large trunk. Cream color cloths seats.

- Sandy S

Very fuel efficient and spacious

My vehicle is very reliable, had issues with the a/c, had to take it at least 3 times to the warranty. They said it was something to do with a hose. Love the way it rides. Very good on fuel, economy. It's a very dependable car. It has a spacious trunk and roomy seating. Recommend it

- Janice G

Kia Forte: Not All Small Packages Are Dynamite

The size of the car suits me but it is too low to the ground for either my mother or my father, both senior citizens. We have had difficulty with a warning light that never goes off, and service can't determine why. The car does not ride smoothly and sometimes seems to jolt and stutter.

- Ann-Marie A

Safe, reliable ride - thumbs up Kia Forte

I've had my Kia Forte for 3 years and have yet to take it in for any issues other than routine. Great gas mileage and fun little car to drive. My only complaint is it's a little rough driving in the winter. I had good tires put on but I should probably invest in snow tires next winter

- Tracy V

Nice peppy ride at an affordable price.

My forte is the forte 5 hatchback with the turbo. Nice, peppy little car. Comfortable, stylish, easy on gas. Has a lot of features that go well with the design of the car. Especially like the option of the steering from normal, comfort or sport. Along with the sport shifting feature.

- Jeremy S

This is just a quick little description of what I love about my car.

I absolutely love this car. It's very good with gas. We fill it up with only $35 and it gives us an average of 355 miles/ hour. It's a very pretty color and everything works properly. We take the car every six to seven of months to have the oil changed. So it's very low maintenance.

- Summer S

Having Bluetooth is amazing!

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle and I've been having it for almost three years. It's very comfortable and roomy for me and my two kids that I have. It rides very well and I love being able to call someone without using my phone or also listening to music from my phone!

- Malori G

It goes above and beyond what you've paid for it.

The car gets good mileage so i'm happy about that. One thing I do have to complain about though is that the paint is in the early stages of becoming discolored, but i'm not sure if that's more my fault since i leave it out in the heat. Other than that the car has served me well.

- andrew c

Black Kia forte that is perfect for being economical. Little maintenance needed.

My car is pretty reliable and drives pretty well. There has been little to no issues. There is a good turn radius. The mileage on gas is great. Maintenance is affordable. Perfect size for passengers and the leg space is great. The trunk is spacious and holds a lot of groceries.

- Nathalie M

Love my Kia forte- millennial chosen.

Great gas mileage- stylish- large trunk- low maintenance costs. If you have a family this would be a great car! We take ours on road trips to Florida often and it has everything we need. It is easy to drive and gets great gas mileage! It is affordable and comes in great colors.

- Carmen T

It's a great car for the price! It's significantly cheaper than Honda and Toyota but has a better warranty and just as nice (if not nicer) car.

My Kia Forte gets great gas mileage. It averages about 25 mpg in the city and about 30 mpg on the freeway. There have been times on a road trip where it's gotten up to 38-40 mpg. It's got great pick up too! The one thing that's a bummer is the seats in the car stain so easily.

- Sophia W

The backup monitor is a new feature for me, and I absolutely love it.

I went from a cadillac to a Kia and there is so much more room. I haven't had it a year yet,but I love the way it drives an haven't had any issues at all.I would recommend a Kia to my friends and family.Road trips are very comfortable for my family and that means a lot to me.

- Sandy C

The gas mileage is amazing!!

Rides smooth, perfect for travel, has great gas mileage. The space is perfect for a single buyer or a small family. Big windshield for seeing out of. The perfect size car for a college student or one that has to travel a lot for work. The backseat is very spacious as well

- Breanna B

The Kia Forte is compact and spacious!

Perfect compact car for a small family with stylish features and spacious room in both front and back seat. I enjoy the Bluetooth features and the many compartments that are available in the car and in the trunk. Buttons on car are easy to use no need to view the manual.

- Brittany S

The safety and technology available in the car.

The vehicle gives you way more amenities than you would usually get for the cost. The car drives comfortably. While the car does not have fast acceleration it maintains it is speed once it get there. The technology is the top of the line with mostly handsfree Bluetooth.

- Christian H

Sporty, fun and a good buy

Reliable, fun car. Starts in the super cold and cools off quickly in the winter. Good pickup and gas mileage. Kia warranty is awesome if you ever need anything fixed-however I have not had issues in four years. Roomy inside, good trunk space, comfortable on long trips.

- Stacie G

Great compact car. Low maintenance and great gas mileage.

My Forte is a small but reliable car. I have not had any issues with it and have only had to do routine maintenance. It has great gas mileage and travels well in all kinds of weather conditions. It also travels long distances well. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle.

- Linda M

This is a great, good looking car!

I very much enjoy my vehicle. It is a great size, and I like the color. The seats are very comfortable. My biggest complaint about my vehicle is that I wish it had cruise control. It is a newer model, so I assumed that it did when I purchased it. Overall a great car!

- Ashley M

My car that I am happy with.

I like my car. It rides well, has not broken down, gives a smooth drive, it is a good size for me. The dealership is very nice and also very honest. My car unfortunately is very basic but the side mirrors fold in which makes it easier for me to pull into my driveway.

- Donna B

2015 Kia Forte is reliable, and up to date

Air conditioning doesn't blow that cold of air especially when it's hot outside. It is very reliable I've had absolutely no problems with it. The comfort could be better. The seats could be more comfortable. The features are good has Bluetooth, and hands off calling.

- Shelby P

The good and alright of Kias.

This car is good on gas mileage and has eco settings. Very roomy and has a big trunk. No spare tire just fix a flat. Kia does offer good roadside assistance. I have not found it great with hills, snow or ice. My model does not have cruise control or an alarm system.

- Alexa B

Safe roomy and many functions.

Enjoy the hands free the Bluetooth. This is the first net model car I have had. Has so much room. I feel safe driving it. Handles wonderfully. Quiet engine tells you when tire pressure is getting low. A lot is compartments to store items. I truly recommend this car.

- Marie C

My forte is the Kia. I dare you

My only issues are that this car didn't come with a standard spare tire. The only emergency tire kit provided was a small can of fix-a-flat. Was a bit disappointed. Then there is the small gap between the seats and the console that require detailing tools to clean.

- Patricia G

Gas mileage is phenom and many airbags.

I get fantastic gas mileage I absolutely hate the overcharges I got for the coverings the what they call it the extra spray on coatings. My car payment is far too much but if I would have bought it at one-year-old I would have absolutely loved everything about it.

- De O

Fun, reliable car that is easy and sporty to drive.

Easy to drive, love the back up camera, heated front seats and cooling seat on driver side, heated steering wheel, good size trunk space. Back seat is not very comfortable with 3 passengers. Front has good legroom, the side mirrors tuck in when car is turned off.

- Rebecca K

Good looking good driving car with backup camera.

Great car starts right up, drives very good smooth running 4 cylinder. Good looking car inside and out. Bluetooth Sirius radio CD player auto headlights room for 5 { can put 2 car seats in rear seat} with room to spare, large trunk, back- up camera is very nice.

- Barbara R

Kia forte. Four doors. The best is that I cannot lock my keys in the car.

I am not person that is all in to cars. All I want is something that will get me from point A to point B. I like this care because has all the things I need like power windows, a updated radio, and it rides smoothly. But most importantly the price was right. I.

- Barbara S

Good transportation for one or two.

Good car but difficult to see out of the back. Cannot see the hood of the car so hard to judge distance. Back seat is uncomfortable for all but kids ac works great difficult to get out of. Seat does not adjust enough. Lays back to far and no adjust up and down.

- Diane H

Just do regular maintenance and you will not have a problem.

It is good on gas. The performance is excellent. It has all the features you could ever want on a car. Haven't had any problems and this is the second Kia that I have owned. Had a spectra before and now I have a forte. A great dependable car and easy to drive.

- Connie B

Comfortable and smooth ride

I enjoy the smooth way the car drives. It is roomy and comfortable. I'm short and this car doesn't feel too big for me. I can see above the steering wheel. I like the power locks and windows. It doesn't have a GPS or extra features which would be nice to have.

- Beth R

The things you need to know before buying.

Theirs not really a problem just do not get cotton seats get leather because cotton stains bad. Other wise I love the car its the best family car. Fit four you and your kids it has 2 passenger seats and 3 seats in the back it also has good space in the trunk.

- That F

Great on gas, makes weird noises.

It is really great on gas and gets around 320 miles when completely full. It makes a really wacky noise which is concerning and annoying but was told not to worry about it by my mechanic. Overall it is a fine car just not in amazing condition for a 2015 car.

- Kelly S

Love the low gas mileage.

The gas mileage is excellent. One of the problems I have found is the windshield wipers need to be tightened about every 2 to 3 months because they become loose. Not sure why. I have found that it is not a very good car for winter months. Slides very easily.

- Cherie G

Great car for a family, for a first car. Good gas good price.

Very smooth, gets up to speed fast, very comfortable. Good gas mileage. Sits 5 people comfortably. Has cruise control. Good tires, Bluetooth, USB and 2 chargers. Gets about 30 miles to the gallon. Good tract on the road, no matter the weather. Perfect size.

- Shea B

4 year Black 2015 Kia Forte LX

I have had my car for 4 years and haven't had any major issues. Although, one of the back seat windows does not roll down. Other than that it's a reliable car that is good on gas. I normally go 2 weeks or a week and a half without having to fill up my tank.

- Judy K

Great looking car; great gas mileage

We have had no mechanical or Drivability issues with our car. We haven't even needed to use the generous factory warranty because the car has been running smoothly and comfortably since we bought it. It's spacious, looks great, and gets great gas mileage.

- Dionna R

Pretty red and dependable.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable and dependable. It is good on gas and easy to handle. I like how I can hook my phone up to the car to talk on the phone and listen to my music as well. Does not take much to fill up the tank. Drives great on highway.

- Paris B

Before buying a Kia forte.

Although cute it is not comfortable for long drives but great for short trips. It has great gas mileage. The paint has already started chipping so a bi yearly wax is necessary. Although the engine is small it gets the job done nicely for in town driving.

- Lisa J

It's a fun and easy for to maintain and drive.

My 2015 Kia forte has not had any problems. It's a very reliable and safe car. Everyone at my Kia location is friendly and willing to help. I work and drive around a lot so it's nice to have such a reliable car. I definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Mackenzie C

The value is the car, makes it not worth to have

The value of the car is horrible. I wouldn't advance anyone to purchase a Kia. The gas mileage is okay. Watch out for recalls on the tire pressure light. Had to replace tail lights twice in 2017. The drive of the Kia is smooth, just the values is worse

- Cassandra S

Forte - 2015 car living in the past.

This car is missing many basic features, such as cruise control, automatic headlights, and a key fob to open the car doors without a key. When attempting to set up an aftermarket key fob, it appears like the car is not set up to use that as an option.

- Ryan P

Kia Forte - Great bargain car

The 2015 Kia Forte drives really well. It feels really smooth on the road. It has a great turning radius. I think it is a very affordable, well made vehicle. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is the acceleration is a little delayed at times.

- Ashley W

Kia forte lx 2015 automatic.

This has been a very dependable vehicle. I have driven it from Tn to Nv and back twice. I would suggest that Kia improve the shift points on the automatic transmission. It tends to downshift to quickly and not upshift quickly enough when accelerating.

- Tyler M

Nice car but upgrades needed

No problems since I have owned this car. Good head and leg room and enough power for the rolling hills and mountains. Good braking and acceleration, although being a 2015 it really doesn't have the navigation or video capabilities that I would like..

- Bill K

2015 Kia forte review for you

Good performance, always reliable, great mileage. Everything in car is electrical including the windows. 2nd Kia I've had and had electrical issues in both. This on the tire sensor is broken. AC also leaks on passenger seat floor but overall reliable

- Stephen M

the ac noise and i forgot to mention the seats don't have any lumbar support.. very uncomfortable ride for long trips

I dislike the maker. I did not choose the car for me my ex did. i dislike how the car rides, the engine noise and the ac noise in maximum is horrible i can't set the ac in 5 and listen to the radio at the same time bc of the noise! it's ridiculous

- jani m

I think the most important thing about my vehicle is that it feels safe and secure when driving

I like the vehicle because it is very room and spacious. I like that I have leg room plus I also have a daughter who can sit comfortably. Also like the sound system. It drives very smoothly and I feel safe when driving with my child

- Shamus A

it has no mileage for the year it is & it's costing me money for every inspection.

only thing i like is it gets me from 1 place to another. i hate: the mileage, ride, transmission & power of the engine. battery already died. had to replace rear rotors & brakes with only 15,000 miles on the car. terrible vehicle!

- george M

It's very trustworthy. I know it's limits and it's very easy to see that.

I like that my car has really good control. It's very accurate in turns and acceleration. I dislike that my car seems older when it's a 2015. It doesn't have a built in navigation system and isn't very customizable.

- Josh K

Kia Forte Perfect For Young Adults

I have not had any problems with my Kia Forte in the 4 years that I have owned it. The seats are very comfortable and do not sit too low to the ground. The trunk has plenty of room in it and so does the back seat.

- Emily E

It's mine I didn't buy it to please others, people need to stop criticizing it

I love the look of my Kia, I love all the options it has, I'm not to crazy about its being so low to the ground, it also has low profile tires a little worried about the cost of them, got the best warranty ever.

- Laverne W

Reliable sturdy little car. Great gas mileage.

I largely drive long distances, so my car has gain most of its mileage via highway. I have not had even one issue crop up with my vehicles performance in the almost 4 years I have had it. Highly recommended.

- Kate C

The car is very reliable. I have driven it many miles without a single problem.

Very reliable, many features that other vehicles in its class do not have, built well, and economical. Light on power, somewhat rigid suspension, too compact, not enough features that I would like to have.

- Gary D

The tires wear out faster than normal.

The car is the perfect size for me! What I dislike is that there is no alarm or automatic locks. The inside car light can not be turned off. What I like about the car is the ease of working the radio.

- Ashley K

it's a good car, great for a small family. four doors

it is good on gas, reliable, and we have taken it up and down the east coast mult times. the tires were lousy though, had to replace all four early on after purchase and it didn't come with a spare

- kim q

Kia gives a 10-year warranty.

Love the mileage per gallon of gas. Dislike that it doesn't have cruise control. Dislike how low the vehicle is to the ground and how poorly it drives in snow. But do like the 10-year warranty.

- Dana F

Kias have a decent bang-for-your-buck when it comes to included features.

I like that I was able to get a lot of bells and whistles on this car, such as a moon roof, for less than it would have been in another brand. Gas mileage is decent. Too much road noise, though.

- Michael D

It is reliable and low maintenance.

I like the design and that its comfortable. I like that it's quiet and it has a good sound system. I do not like that its 4 cylinders because it sometimes has trouble going up steep hills.

- Cat T

It's a good car with great safety features and a lot of room for traveling or anything else.

It drives very smooth, it's comfortable and safe. It's pearly white and it's got a lot of room. The only negative about it is it doesn't have the best gas mileage of the cars I've owned.

- Sophia F

that it is very fuel efficient if your looking for a car to save gas this is the ones

I like the fuel efficient It's great gets great mileage to the gallon. I also like the bluetooth tech knowledge it makes it easy to connect my devices. I also like the appearance of it

- jeremy b

2015 Kia forte family vehicle.

This car has a back up camera. It also has Bluetooth and sirius radio. It gets 26 miles per gallon. I have had no problems with this car. Only downfall to this car is the small trunk.

- Haley S

It is dependable and very good on gas.

It is very good on gas. It is a smooth quiet ride. It could stand to be a little higher off the ground to make it easier to get in and out. I would like to have had cruise control.

- Faye S

A great economical car that's great on the economy and on your pocketbooks.

This is a great stable car that is very affordable, very good on gas, very comfortable to drive and ride in, and more spacious on the inside than what it looks like on the outside.

- Loretta W

Kia Forte is a good and reliable car

My car get great gas mileage. It is a 2015 so we have not really had any problems with it. It is not that smooth as I would prefer on the roads as bumps and such are felt to much.

- kevin t

There is no cruise control for this model.

It drives smoothly but the downside to it, is that there is no cruise control. It is really nice on the inside. That is one of the main reasons why I got it. Looks sharp.

- Samantha M

Good on gas. Performs very well and very comfortable.

Very comfortable for both driver and passenger. Plenty of trunk space. Good on gas. No major problems with it since purchasing it new. This is our 3rd one in 10 years.

- Nancy B

It's a great car to commute or drive around town in. It's a great car for couples of a family of three.

It is simple and easy to use. I like that it is compact, so it is great on gas mileage. It also has plenty of space in the trunk and to seat passengers comfortably.

- Shana P

My car has a backup camera, so it helps with my blind spots while backing up.

I love the color of the car, and I like how smoothly the car drives. There is a lot more space in there than my old car. However I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Rachel B

Nothing goes wrong with it. It gets great gas mileage also.

I bought this car new and it has been the best car I have ever owned. I have 88 thousand miles on it now and I have not had any problems with it. It is great!!

- Phil J

It's a great size for a family of 3-4, not really 5 though.

I really like the size of it. For a family of 4 it's a great size. It handles well on the road and I enjoy driving it on longer trips as well as around town.

- Anna W

The Kia Forte has great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage and ease of use. The only thing I do not like is lack of space. My family has grown so the size of the Forte is a little too small now.

- Kerri C

It's a reliable car that will get you where you need to go

The Kia Forte is a comfortable car to drive. It's reliable. I've have not had any problems with it. It's pretty basic. I did not purchase any extra features.

- Paula O

Very responsive as far as steering and pickup and performs as expected.

I love its sporty look and the pick up is adequate. I love the interior room. It is very roomy for a small car. I love the space to haul items in the hatch.

- Kathy W

My car is great on gas mileage.

I love that it drives smoothly. You can barely hear the engine while it is running. The one thing I do not like about it is it does not have cruise control.

- Penny W

The reliability. I haven't had to take the car in for mechanical issues.

My vehicle is reliable. It is the perfect size for me and it is a pretty car. The features are perfect: Bluetooth, radio, cd, phone, and satellite radio.

- Debra B

My car gets me where I need to go and that is all that I ask for.

Car is reliable throughout most weather conditions. I am not a big fan of how the main console of the car is organized though. Color choices are limited.

- Emily S

Overall I love my vehicle gets me to where I need to go every day and I really enjoy the gas mileage

I personally love my vehicle, it's wonderful on gas and drives great. It's got a sporty Interior and exterior. It is sort of a cheap exterior on the car.

- Marissa K

Keyless entry and start. Heated steering wheel. Great gas mileage.

Great on gas. Rides well. Fun gadgets. Heated steering wheel and hot cold seats. Comfortable seating. Sporty look. Keyless unlock and touch finger start.

- Dianne L

That it is great on gas and has plenty of space for a car.

It has great features such as sunroof and heated seats. The design and style is great and very eye catching. It drives very smoothly and is great on gas.

- Jennifer F

It is high quality with a great warranty at an amazing price.

I love my speedy car! It has the fun and excitement of a sporty car but the price, gas mileage, and warranty of an old dad car. Definitely a Kia guy!

- Jason K

It is from a trusted car manufacturer and highly rated on overall performance

I like how it drives and handles. It is a compact sedan and gets good gas mileage. Only thing I don't like is the slanted small windows in the side.

- Brian J

That its drives really well and that it is not too small.

I really like the color of my car and the way that my car drives. I don't like to drive it far out of town often but when I do it drives incredible.

- DD D

That a tank of gas takes me a long way.

It's not an expensive car. It is a stable, dependable and gas saving car that doesn't cost much to maintain. I can afford the car insurance on it.

- Loretta C

It has great gas mileage.

I love that it is smaller than my last vehicle. It also has working air and great gas mileage. I wish the air would reach the backseat for the kids.

- Deana S

It gets good gas mileage on highway.

It is very dependable. The ac works great. good headlights, and comfortable seats. Trunk is fair sized for the size of the car. Color is pleasant

- Diane D

It has a security lock & eco.

My coupe is perfect for me. I am little and the car is just perfect. Not too big and not too little. It has Bluetooth so I can play my own music.

- Cindy N

It has a bad blind spot but I don't have problems with it. It's a smooth ride.

I love this car! The only thing I wish it had was a touch screen radio/rear view camera. Other than that I really enjoy it. It's a smooth ride.

- Michaela M

Kia forte has some quirks.

Random power failures with no explanation. Some engine lights come on when there is no problem. Does not drive as well in snow as I would like.

- Barbara G

It is good quality for the money.

My kia forte is reliable, and it is comfortable. It has many quality features for the low price. It handles well, and it gets good gas mileage.

- John G

That it will save money on gas. It is also a quick little car. Good engine

I like the decent gas mileage. The shape of the vehicle is cool. I would prefer a better more advanced interior. The truck is a decent size.

- David G

It looks and may feel small at first but you can easily fit 3 average sized adults in the backseat.

I like the size and most everything else about the car. One thing I don't like is when going up hill it takes a while for the car to shift.

- Faith H

Great gas mileage and how well it handles in adverse weather conditions.

No problems whatsoever. Very good gas mileage and performs well in difficult weather conditions. Fits the needs of my busy family lifestyle.

- Robert H

Solid/reliable all-around vehicle with a modest price. Great alternative to the major domestic and import players.

Great gas mileage. Plenty of room in the cabin and trunk areas. Reasonable price. Stiff ride. Wish it had s few more accessories/options.

- Christopher S

It's great on gas per mileage ratio.

I do not have any complaints about my kia forte. I love my car. It drives great, has good gas mileage, is comfortable and looks good too

- Laurel C

It's a great car for the price. You don't need to pay top dollar for a comfortable reliable attractive car

I love the size of it. It's a very smooth ride. I love that it comes in blue and I love the price. I have never had any problems with it

- Jacqueline M

Great car if you can see where it is going.

Great car but blind spots everywhere. You cannot see the hood at all. Ridiculous very nerve racking when trying to park between 2 cars.

- Diane H

That it is a really good car and it rides like a dream.

My car is a 2015 Kia the only problem I have had is with the AC unit The car rides very comfortably and the sound system is remarkable.

- jada A

The most important thing is they should know that my car gets great gas mileage in the city and also when we do long road trips on the highway.

I like that the gas mileage that it gets and I also like the vehicle warranty and free services such as oil changes and tire rotations.

- Michelle S

It's most important to note that the rims of my car have gotten rusty since I moved to Michigan.

I love the size of my car. I hate tiny cars! It's a cute red shade. It just really fits my personality. And it gets great gas mileage.

- Jamie K

It gets great fuel mileage.

I love how roomy and spacious it is. The color silver really stands out. It gets great gas mileage. Very dependable and reliable car.

- Elizabeth H

It gets good gas mileage and has been very dependable.

Like everything dislike nothing no complaints everything is good the people at the dealership are very friendly if I need anything.

- Connie B

It has the eco mode and saves on gas. It is a nice size economy car. It has a nice roomy truck.

I really like my car. I like that is has the economy mode to save on gas. I can't think of anything that I don't like at this time.

- Bertha H

It has a 10 year 100,000 mile warranty.

I really like how sporty it is. It handles really well and gets good gas mileage. It does not have a lot of cool tech stuff though.

- Larry k

It is a standard manual transmission! And has a turbo

Well at 50 thousand miles the motor and turbo blew and I had to have it all redone with new parts so I'm not impressed with the car

- Leah W

It is a very reliable car that looks nice. It is also pretty fast.

I like that it's not too big or small. It has good gas mileage. I dislike that my boyfriend put an exhaust on it so it's loud now.

- Angie Y

Needs good all weather tires for snowy weather and or bad weather

Only problem we have had with the car is its tires. But other than that it's an amazing car! It has served us well with 2 children

- Malia H

The car has excellent fuel economy especially with it's "eco-boost" button.

The Kia Forte is extremely reliable. It gets excellent fuel economy with "ecoboost". There are a lot of great bonus features.

- Jillian J

It is such a good price for what you get

I love that I feel safe when I am driving it especially since I regularly drive my 2 kids around. I just wish I had more space.

- Alyson K

Kia forte. Overall, great vehicle. Drives smooth and never had electrical or mechanical problems.

The only problem is the tires only lasted 15k miles even though rotated as scheduled and almost flipped over when tire blew out

- Antonio N

Fuel efficiency is great.

Kia Forte is fun, sporty and fuel efficient. Excellent handling and control. Plenty of trunk space and room for 4 plus driver.

- Lori D

It very fun to drive and has lots of room and is very nice.

Make sure to keep. Up. With maintenance. Kia has the bet warranty. Any problems I have had Kia has fixed and has been minimal.

- Michael O

That it is really a performance car and a lot of fun to drive.

It is sporty and stylish. It has good power and acceleration. It is a really fun car to drive and look forward to driving it.

- Jeff B

When to change your oil tires lining etc. checked.

Likes great handling, good on gas, reliable, inexpensive, built for traveling, starter/mom car. Dislike seats radio set up.

- Stevens L

That it is not a sports car. To preserve it, you cannot drive it like a maniac.

My vehicle is very dependable. I have driven it all over Texas and it is still going strong! I do wish it was a tad bigger.

- Amber G

Not a totally smooth ride.

I like the 4 doors. I dislike the roughness of the ride. I like the size. I like the gas mileage. I like the silver color.

- Sylvia A

It has very good reviews. It is considered a safe reliable car.

It is good on gas. I like the way it rides. I like the style. I just wish the middle seat in the back was a little bigger.

- Terri S

Maneuvers & accelerates well - good gas mileage - fits short & tall drivers.

This is a comfortable, economic car to drive to workshop, and haul items to craft shows. I would consider buying another.

- Rebecca J

Good safety rating for cost.

I like the compact yet comfortable, color, sunroof, ease of driving.. Dislike - back seat is uncomfortable for 3 people.

- Rachel K

It's a good durable car that will outlast the rest

High comfort and smooth driving capability. There is no cruise control which can be an inconvenience during long drives.

- Taylor T

It has a great warranty with 10 year 100k miles. It gets good gas mileage and is pretty quick for the size of the engine.

I like that it is pretty sporty. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. It does not have the latest technology is all.

- Larry b

The Kia Forte offers a fun driving experience at an affordable price.

My Kia Forte is fun to drive. Its gas mileage ranges between 30 and 40 mpg. I have had no major problems with this car.

- Holly J

Smooth Ride that you must experience at least once as it's comparable to a mercedes.

no issues with it whatsoever. smooth ride, dependable, great gas mileage, love the satellite radio, very happy with it.

- Michael F

Good, affordable medium size car with multiple features

It has four doors, medium size car. Very affordable and good on gas mileage. Has back up mirror , tire pressure light.

- Jennifer K

That it is very fast and is great.

It is good on gas mileage, very comfortable to ride in, mechanically sound..... It is terrible on ice, snow and rain..

- Octavia M

Good for the price and worth it

I have had my Kia for a year and no issues, very reliable. The only thing is mine is the basic model with no features.

- Diamond D

It is a bit small for a family of 4 or more.

Love our Kia Forte! Gets great gas mileage. And I love all the features like Bluetooth connectivity and backup camera!

- Ben W

Nice but I would rather have a optima.

I don't like that it doesn't have cruise control. I like how it saves gas. Wish the vehicle was longer and more room.

- Edith S

Back up Camera, Comfortable

Kia never has parts for my vehicle. And charge extremely expensive for repair. Other than that I love my Kia vehicle

- Gio W

My car provides the guarantee safety I need as it is spacious on the inside, trustworthy brakes, and has not had many prior issues at all.

Had to replace the battery within 6 months of me purchasing it "barely used" but otherwise it's a wonderful vehicle.

- Madison W

Super car and fun to drive.

Its compact, but has a lot of room. Engine has get up and go. Fun to drive. Great gas mileage. Fun to take trips in.

- James G

It's very safe and reliable.

I love my Kia forte. . Besides the occasional oil change and new tires. . . I have not had any problems with my car.

- Pamela R

That it is a nice car to drive and saves you on gas

I like that it is good on gas and is a quiet and smooth ride. My only complaint is it does not have cruise control

- Faye S

Handles the road well. Great on gas.

Great on gas. Easy upkeep. Perfect for me to commute back and forth to work. I am very pleased with the Kia forte.

- Mary M

Great gas mileage! Very roomie, just an overall great car!

Great car! Super reliable for the price. It's pretty spacious for my husband, daughter, and I! Great gas mileage!!

- Alniecia D

Best warranty on the market! I will be buying another Kia.

It's a great car for someone who loves the resale and reliability of a Honda or Toyota but without the price tag.

- Channing W

Love my Kia Forte so much!!!

It's great, spacious for its size and fuel efficient. Has enough additional features to qualify for a luxury car.

- Lidisis C

It has a 20 year 200,000 mile warranty!

I like my Kia! It's the 4th Kia i've Owned! It is dependable, gets great gas mileage & has a great warranty!

- Tammie S

It is easy to maneuver and drive.

I love that it is great on gas. Small enough to fit everywhere and big enough for me and anyone I take along!.

- Gladys L

great gas mileage and a smooth and comfortable ride.Has very comfortable seats

the kia forte is a great mid size car. She has wonderful gas mileage and is very roomy. Has a great interior.

- Shirley H

Great on gas, fun car rides nice.

Great on gas. Nice driving, lots of extras, can be manual or automatic. Different drives for driving on roads.

- Dianne R

It's a quarter million miles on the engine and still chooches like a champ.

I bought it new and have had no complaints. It gets good gas mileage. It drives well and is very comfortable.

- Sharon F

That it saves gas and that the trunk space is big enough to fit plenty of things. I moved and was able to fit most of my stuff in my room all in my car

I like that it saves gas, it was plenty of space and I'm not too picky about cars. Useful for what I need it

- Sarah O

Great car. Looks great inside and out.

I have no had any problems with this car. I absolutely love everything about it. It's been very reliable.

- Jessica E

You get what you pay for! Great gas mileage for the price

Doesn't have any pickup. Lightweight and gets blown around a lot on the freeway. Gets good gas mileage.

- Jenn G

It is black, it does not have on its old tires and we love it.

I like how spacey it is inside the car and the color but I do not like how fast things need to be fixed.

- Kae C

It is Slow but it is a good car.

It's very good on gas. But is not comfortable for long drives. Also very slow. It has a large trunk.

- Chris H

It has been in 2 small fender benders.

I like that it has good gas mileage, it is small and easy to maneuver. I dislike the slow acceleration.

- Melanie Y

Ride and handling is better than a minivan.

It breaks down entirely too often. Maintenance is horribly expensive. But it has wonderful gas mileage.

- Dakota R

I loved the value and the Great price.

I love the gas mileage and dependability. No complaints whatsoever. It is small but it is all I need.

- Carole Z

Great gas mileage. Love not stopping for gas on long road trips.

I like that gas mileage. I do not like the passenger seat people say it is uncomfortable. It is roomy.

- Arlene M

They notice the color, the shape, and how much room it has.

Love the style. Very roomy and spacious. Love the color silver. Great gas mileage. Best purchase ever.

- Elizabeth H

The seats stain easily, from just water. Use seat covers.

I love the nice interior and the slick, sport-like exterior. I love the back-up camera. No complaints.

- Carli M

It is wonderful fully loaded!

My car is wonderful there has been no problem that weren't inflicted by me! I love this car so much!

- Madison S

Easy access to car seat anchors.

I like the gas mileage. The stock stereo is great. Just wish the car accelerated faster in eco mode.

- Brad M

This is a fun and fast 2 door turbo. Solid car

Fun 2 door car and fast for a Kia. Solid car and great on gas. Only issue is it's easy to speed. Lol

- John D

I love the looks and how it runs.

It runs well. Has a lot of things my other car did. My favor is it gets me from point a to point b.

- Barbara S

It's not for a family with children. This car is too small

It is very small and uncomfortable. Takes a while to get up in speed. The seats stain very easily.

- Deidre M

It has a great warranty. It is a very reliable vehicle.

I like the warranty. I like most of the features. But dislike the overall price for this model.

- Terri L

It's affordable luxury on wheels. I couldn't ask for more in a vehicle.

It's sleek, inside and out. It handles like a dream. It's very roomy inside for a compact car.

- Pat M

The Optima has much more space than the forte. Better model honestly.

It has great gas mileage. Has enough space for passengers. Acceleration is pretty slow though.

- Ben M

Great on gas. Drives smooth. Comfortable for a compact car.

Love it. Drives well. Has leather heated seats in the front and back. And a back up camera.

- Crystal S

It has great gasoline mileage and is a dependable car.

I haven't had problems with it Breaking down. It get great gas mileage. It drives smoothly.

- Amber B

I had a 10,000 mile warranty on it. That's awesome.

It has great gas mileage, runs smooth, and is small enough for me, yet has plenty of room.

- Aulani W

underpowered for its size. Should have gotten bigger engine

like the gas mileage. Dislike the handling and the way it rides over bumps at high speed.

- Patrick B

It is very reliable And comfortable

It's very good on gas. It's very comfortable. It's very reliable. I have no complaints

- Ann K

Fun to drive with ease of handling and good looking!

I love the size-inside and out. Love the gas mileage I get. It's a fun car to drive.

- Judy C

Great value for what you pay. I love everything about it.

Best car ever I love the features. Car is just the right size. Great gas mileage.

- Mike B

Basic model car with no outstanding features about it.

Very basic model car. Does not have a lot of horsepower and no special features

- Jes W

Good gas mileage and very comfortable..also was a great deal

Compact 4 door that gets very good mileage, and still has plenty of cargo room

- Jonathan G

Has great gas mileage, smooth and quiet ride, you don't hear road noise.

Love the gas mileage and a good fit for me but doesn't have auto door locks


Very reliable cars at a good value love kia. Great features for the price.

Love the size and value on the car. Kia is a great brand. Awesome millage.

- Mike B

Forte has Great gas mileage

It is comfortable. it has great gas mileage. And it has great trunk space.

- Edward J

Comes standard with a fantastic warranty.

I like the gas mileage. It has a good safety rating and solid warranty.


I like the trunk space. I don't like the base model. There aren't heated seats.

It's mileage is really good. It is eco friendly. It has 4 wheel drive

- Christin G

Like the hatchback feature, decent mileage

No space for legs in back seat. Passenger front seat uncomfortable

- fran R

Transmission and handling and s really nice

No complain. I really like the vehicle, handling is really nice.

- Anirban P

It's great in gas mileage and it's a tad sporty and It's lasts

Wish I Had gotten cruise control and a key fob to lock the doors

- Lynne w

Good gas mileage. I get 24 in the city and around 35 to 36 on the highway.

Love the gas mileage it gets. Easy to drive and comfortable.

- Sabrina J

it has good gas mileage. wish it had cruise. compact. comfortable

affordable and dependable. has great gas mileage and is safe

- Saundra J

Dependable and easy to maintain

My Kia is sleek and dependable. Very comfortable seating.

- Andrea C

Kia is not a safe car in winter if you live in the Midwest.

I love the look. It does not handle well with snow or ice.

- Amanda A

I love my little peppy car. Its safety rating is good and it is cute.

My car is the cutest car in town. I love my Kia Forte!

- Holly B




it is very safe to drive and i love driving it very much

i love everything i have no complaints about my car

- carey w

the car has slow and, jerky pickup

good gas mileage, don't like headrest, slow pickup

- Kristen F

It's awesome!! Nothing goes wrong with it

I love my car. Just hate i wrecked ot 2yrs ago.

- Melissa H

It is tiny and hard in the winter

It runs good. Easy to drive. Good goad message

- Jordan K