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The Kia optima awesome style and performance that you can count on.

Overall the car is very well-built I have had very few problems other than normal wear and tear that would occur with any vehicle the cost of maintaining the vehicle seems to me to be reasonable the dealership has treated me very well very polite very knowledgeable explained everything upfront and pretty honest in my opinion and let me know before any work was done as far as maintenance and inspections also has plenty of features that the very useful as far as indicator lights on the dashboard etc. Very comfortable and a good looking car I would recommend the Kia friends and family I know that they would be just as satisfied as I am.

- Paul S

Long-lasting and Reliable

I love my Kia Optima. I have driven my car for 11 years and it's been very reliable, comfortable, and has decent features for being 11 years old. I have not had any major problems with my car - just routine maintenance (brakes, oil changes, fluid changes, etc.). The only large work I have had to do to my car is alignments but I drive on rough brick roads to work every day. I bought the car in college and drove 2 hours each direction for 6 years and never had any problems. It is even great on gas mileage! I would recommend the Kia Optima to everyone - the 10 year warranty was also a great perk!

- Amber M

Do not buy 2008 Kia optima.

This car is just ok. It is decent on Gas City and highway miles. It takes about 40 dollars to fill it up with current gas prices. I started having problems with the sunroof within the first three years of buying the car though. Now I am thinking of trades it in. I have so many problems with it from the power steering pump and hose. The fan belt, ball joints and not it keeps cutting off. It is over ten years old and it ran perfectly the first five years. If I am being honest I wouldn't purchase this vehicle again.

- Jasmine H

Low maintenance, reliable go getter.

Our vehicle is mostly maintenance free, we get the oil changed and basic service but have had no mechanical problems. The back seats lay down which gives it the ability to transport longer items. The driver's seat adjusts up and down plus forward and back which is a good feature when driving long distances. The trunk is a good size and easily holds several suitcases. I like the fact that is has some get up and go so entering the freeway is not an issue or going up hills. I wish it came with a car top carrier.

- Sharon B

The 2008 Kia Optima is a great vehicle!

Running over 100,000 miles, great car, good gas mileage, been a real banger! Comfortable enough for my family of three, economical to drive and maintain, would definitely buy another Kia, it's getting to be the time for us to buy another car, have done some preliminary market research, will definitely go with another compact model, safety, of course being a main priority, along with fuel economy and reliability, which the Kia has certainly delivered on.

- Phillip M

I hit on how reliable my car and it�s comfortability.

The problem with my car is that it's missing a sensor which allows the car to run smoke when switch gears. Being that I have a missing part my car will slow down significantly if I push the brake too hard. I'm also 5'9 so my legs are too long for the size of the car. But that's a personal problem. It's seats aren't comfortable because there isn't many control feature. It's great on gas and very reliable. I take care of her so she takes care of me.

- Japonica E

Kia optima lx . Relatively nice dependable vehicle.

It is a wonderful vehicle. Relatively low maintenance and few problems. Unfortunately the problems I have experienced are airbags fail to deploy on impact, windshield and trunk seals decay and let water in, headlights have a relatively short life, placement of an o2 sensor causes it to get wet and register the vehicle in 'limp' mode and plastic pieces like door handles and blinker connectors dry and crumble or break.

- Kim M

I wish I had a bought a Kia sooner!

I really haven't had issues with the car, yet. We have had to replace the brakes already but it was so cheap compared to our BMW. Very reliable vehicle and easy and cheap to fix. I will be trading this one in for a newer model later this year. I wish I had bought a Kia sooner! The stereo system is surprisingly amazing and the electrical features are up to par. I am impressed!

- Nicole S

The ac system works great and has many options.

This car is mostly reliable, although I have had some minor problems with it. I mainly have only had problems with the windows and some issues with transmission but nothing major. It does well on gas mileage and is dependable. The interior is quite comfortable and one thing that I love is the ac system works very well. I have taken it on long trips and never had any issues.

- Jamie S

2008 Kia Optima slight problems.

My car is reliable and has taken me on a few road trips. When it is raining, the esc light will come on and traction will not work for a few seconds before it grabs on. Also when it is raining sometimes the engine light will come on, and the steering will slightly lock up. This is mostly when I am low on gas. Otherwise, I think my car works great.

- Virginia P

My 2008 Kia optima is great. It drives great, is very reliable.

I have had my 2008 Kia optima for 10 years and 3 months. I have never really had a problem with my car except for replacing the battery or something like that. Then earlier this year I had to replace the a/c and some other things because of the age of the car. It has been very reliable. I would recommend a Kia optima to anyone!

- Melanie W

Kia optima 2008, black 4 door with spoiler.

I love my car and it has been very reliable. The only thing I wish was different is that the steering wheel shakes if I go over 60 and I wish it was better on gas mileage. As long as I keep up on the oil changes I expect my car to last me at least another 5 years. Its has 10300 miles and it's still going strong.

- Haley C

My Kia for me and my kids.

I have no problem with my car. The car is cool and I like the color of the car. The only thing that I do not like about the car is that the car does not have enough trunk space and the car does not have enough back seat space. I have 2 kids and I am pregnant now and I really need the trunk and back seat space.

- Christopher J

#9 on a scale of one to ten.

This car has been an awesome car for the past 10 years and still counting. The only problem with this car is, the lug nuts tend to stick and sometimes break upon removal. This is great at making those sharp turns, and it is great on gas. This is the first I have owned that has had only one issue in 10+years.

- Brenda B

I've been very happy with my Kia!

I purchased my Kia Optima in 2010, and it has been a great car! I've done all the regular oil changes on time and required maintenance (timing belt, etc.). It has 180,000+ miles on it, I'm car-payment-free and feel I can get a few more good years out of this vehicle. I'd get another Kia in a heartbeat.

- Mary Kay M

2008 Kia Optima still hold up for 10 years.

Very comfortable and runs smooth. Had to replace windshield wiper reservoir and starter. It has a couple of rust spots around wheel wells. Seems to be a reliable car. No issue with the heat or air conditioning. Leather interior is still in very good shape. Stereo system has a very nice sound.

- Cindy C

I like that my cup holder is wide enough to hold my hydro flask.

My Kia has been very reliable for the past 11 years. If you keep up with the maintenance, this car can last a very long time. I'm not too fond about the interior, wish they were leather seats, but still very comfortable. I didn't get any upgrades features, just standard and it works for me.

- Sandy R

My vehicle is a very good car, but I have recently been having issues with it.

I have a 2008 Kia optima. It was preowned when I bought it. It is a really nice car and drives well. But recently I have been having a few problems with it, such as, it is shakes badly, makes a loud noise, when I hit on breaks they scrub and it is cuts off when I stop or put it in reverse.

- Lexis B

2008 Kia, the Kia has been a good in expense dependable form of transportation.

The only problems I have had is replacing the taillights and the brakes. The feature I have a problem with is the outside windows. The are in the way. I have enjoyed driving the car. The windows and windshield are position right for good vision. It has been a good car with little expense.

- Nancy B

Me and my 2008 four door gold color Kia.

Car has a nice smooth ride and car handles itself really well especially on the highway. It is also very good on gas. Has really great pick up. Car also has a really large trunk. Nice and spacious. This model also has a working cigarette lighter that you do not see in vehicles anymore.

- Nadine R

I love the seats. They are super comfy even after long drives.

It is very comfortable and it drives well. It is good on gas. I do have a error with my check engine light which is apparently common for these cars and have had a lot of tire issues and needed to buy specialized tires. Other than that it is great and I drive more than 10 hours a week.

- Sara L

, dependable but just a foreign car not to say American is any better.

Reliable, not comfortable, pay more and just get pretty. Spend 40000 still is not comfortable, good gas mileage, lot of power for a 4 cylinder. Bad paint, loses the clear coat. Plastic is terrible breaks, cracks, falls off. Dealer warranty sucks, wares tires fast, dependably for a car.

- John S

The car is very great on gas.

Broken door handles, visors are broken, back window does not go down. The inside needs to be detailed. The tail lights along with the tail lights need to be cleaned and brighten. It could use an oil change, new brake pads, all new fuses and spark plugs. Need's brand new 4 tires.

- Joy M

It's a nice car for what it is, and still works well despite its age.

It is mostly a comfortable car with good space for people, and the gas mileage is decent enough. Recently took a road trip, though, and hated the headrests. They were designed for taller people or something and very uncomfortable, forcing my head forward at an unnatural angle.

- Jocelyn A

It is has been an economical, reliable vehicle. We have owned Toyota's for years.

I really love how reliable it is, t has pretty good gas mileage and is pretty durable. I also appreciate how long it has lasted without breaking own or needing excessive work. I dislike my car because the speakers are very overused and the auxiliary cord input area is broken.

- Niya P

The car that does not miss a turn and last a lifetime.

This car is great. I have only one issue with this car. The lug nuts stick and break when removing them. Other than that, this car has not had any other issues in over 10 years. Another great fact is that this car can make those sharp turns like a pro. It can turn on a dime.

- Brenda K

It is a comfortable and safe vehicle.

I like the seats in the vehicle, they are very comfortable. I also like the stereo controls on the steering wheel. I do not like that the CD player no longer works and I also do not like how frequently I have had to replace brakes and rotors in the car since owning it.

- Helen O

Kia optima is a reliable car.

The car is reliable after having more than 80000 and traveling cross country. I have not had any big problems with it after getting it used. The cruise is not working as well as it should at 80000 miles. The car has a big trunk but the seats do not go down in the back.

- Allison K

Quality vehicle for a small starting family

Works well. Very roomy. But very hard to fix. The lights are faulty and you'll have to get brand new ones if you want to replace them. The trunk is quite large and houses the spare tire and jack. The car has cruise control, aux input and two charge ports and a lighter.

- Annie M

Car has a good amount of seeds enough room in the back for children

It's a good car to drive nothing special about the car, doesn't feel like your driving fast when you really are. Got to be careful taken off it can tend to skid when pressing on the grass as first but other than that it's a good car. Haven't have any mechanic problems

- Lisa F

The poor man's Mercedes: lots of electronic/power perks, but poorly made.

Major sensor issues with age. Looks like a Mercedes and has many common conveniences you'd expect today like aux, seat warmers, power everything pretty much. I call this the poor man's Mercedes. I think it is a great car for 100, 000 miles or so but does not age well.

- Amy M

Fits 5 people comfortably. Excellent gas mileage.

Low miles on car when purchased. It has been very reliable and still reliable. The vehicle was purchased 6 years ago and have had no major repairs and still very reliable. The only repair was replacing the co2 sensor. Excellent gas mileage in town and on the road.

- Kathie P

This is a very safe vehicle.

This was a used car that I had bought for a high school graduation gift to myself. I like this car a lot and have not experienced anything wrong with it other than it shakes on the highway but that is due to me driving on the muddy dirt roads all of the time.

- Kylie P

Adequate vehicle. Small inconvenient problems.

Problems: Sunscreen above the passenger and drivers seat breaks very easily. Cruise control and audio controls on steering wheel tend to fail. Uncomfortable seats. Positives: reliable, dependable, good gas mileage. Overall an adequate vehicle.

- Darren M

That I haven't had to spend a lot of money getting it fixed. It's very dependable

I have no complaints about my car. Its very easy to maintain. I haven't had any major problems with it in the 10 years that I've owned it. I like the size of the car, it's not too small or not to big. I gets really good gas mileage

- Carole P

Very reliable car, great value.

I really love my car. It has about 105k miles on it, and I have had no major mechanical issues (just regular maintenance stuff). It handles very well, is very easy to drive, and has a lot of pick-up for a small car.

- Jude J

The car has one of the best warranties.

Pretty satisfied. No real problems until this year. The engine began to burn oil and Kia replaced it with a new short block engine. Now have over 100, 000 miles and I expect to keep it for another year or two.

- Karen C

It is a solid vehicle and not as expensive as other brands on the market.

The car is mechanically sound. In the almost 10 years I've driven it o have only had to perform routine maintenance. However the little things bother me. The door handles broke off and blinds are messed up.

- Rebecca M

Very dependable and fun to drive car. Even if it's not great to look at.

Love the dependability. Nice, fun car to drive. Maintenance has been easy, and inexpensive. Never been crazy about the color, or it's looks, I prefer a sportier look, but that's not too important.

- Erica P

It runs well, and serves as an excellent commuter car.

It's a reasonable vehicle that accomplishes the main goal of being a commuter car. I wish it had slightly more gadgets, but not enough to go purchase them. Overall, it fits the bill.

- Derek B

My car, with regular maintenance has been running well for over the past 10 years.

I have had the car since 2008 and the only major problem i have had was the CV joint it has made my brakes always go faster than they should :( otherwise it has been a very good car

- michelle o

It's just an average car. There's nothing anyone needs to know about it.

All I look for in a vehicle is that it gets me place to place and doesn't look absolutely trashy. My vehicle is decent looking and does a great job at getting me where I need to go.

- leilani a

It is a good car especially for gas mileage.

I like that the car is good on gas mileage on the highway. I would like the car to be a newer model. I don't like that I cannot reduce the speed when I am using cruise.

- Allison K

It is a good value for the money. Initially, I feared that the vehicle would brake often, since Kia was not a popular brand back in 2008. However, so far I have had only a few minor repairs to deal with.

Powerful V6 engine. Enough room to travel comfortably. The ride is smooth. However, the car is 10 year old now. I will probably replace it within the next year or two.

- yuri c

Runs smoothly and quickly. Handles corners very well.

It zips around comfortably. It has a super air conditioner. I don't like the radio as it doesn't pick up a lot of the stations I listened to in my old car.


It is a manual and I love the fact that most people nowadays do not know how to drive it

It has been a pretty good vehicle for the most part. I have driven it almost every day since I bought it in 2008 and have only really had small issues.

- Joseph B

Excellent gas mileage and low maintenance costs.

Very high reliability, it has only broken down once in the past 10 years. Other than routine maintenance I have had to invest very little money in it.

- P B

It is reliable and cheap to fix.

It is low maintenance and has good gas mileage. It also performs well. It does not have a lot of technology and the speakers are not super good.

- Neal H

It is very reliable and will last a long time for me.

It is a nice car that hasn't good gas mileage. It is very reliable and easy to maintain. It's performs well and has the basic features I need.

- Neal H

Dependable and reliable in and out. Great air conditioning.

It is really got power to take off it very reliable good gas mileage. Seats and size are very comfortable great features cruise control CD.

- Johanna G

My car did not cost a lot and as long as I keep up with maintaining it will last me a long time.

I like that my car is gas efficient. I have not had to do a lot of mechanic work to it. My car is very reliable. It is low maintenance.

- Mayra C

Although a compact car, there is plenty of space inside of it. It can easily hold 5 people without being to squishy.

My car is supper reliable. It always starts and runs well. I love driving my car, it's really smooth and does not have any problems.

- Macy S

Good gas mileage, very reliable and well made vehicle.

Thing I like:.. Roomy interior;.. Powerful engine;.. Comfortable ride.. Things I dislike:.. The car is getting old.

- Yuriy C

It is very reliable. It gets good mileage.

No complaints! Comfortable ride. Pick up is very good. I like the navy blue color exterior and grey interior.

- Judith C

car gets fantastic gas mileage - overall 26-29 mpg

Has been almost problem free. It gets good gas mileage. Has a sleek exterior design. Very comfortable ride.

- Lawrence G

Lots of great space, specially if your kids are still in car seats.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. She runs like a champ, great on gas and has never let me down.

- Isabella G

It is a solid reliable vehicle that I enjoy driving

I like my Kia. It is reliable and easy to drive, I hope to purchase another Kia for my next car

- Mike S

Dependable sedan and good family size car with roomy interior and trunk

Roomy car for traveling, few repairs needed, dependable, comfortable seats, sunroof/moonroof

- Rachael R

She has a spoiler and she is a smooth ride.

I love her. She's a great drive. She is comfortable, and she is golden.

- Alex L

I really like my car quite a bit. I've owned it for almost 10 years now and it has been a great vehicle. It is very reliable and fun to drive. I feel it gets very good gas mileage but still doesn't sacrifice engine capacity or performance. It is highly rated as one of the safest vehicles from the year it was made. I also find it to be pretty comfortable and the cargo capacity is not bad at all. A few small things have broken or needed replacing, but no major issues to speak of. All in all, I don't really have any complaints.

Great, reliable car that gets good gas mileage and still performs well

- Jen M

It's very comfortable and reliable, fair gas mileage.

I love my kia. It has been very reliable. Dislikes are no trunk light

- Es B

It surprisingly roomy and holds four people comfortably.

It gets good gas mileage in city streets. Dislike lack of sunroof.

- Michael M

I love my Kia because it feels safe. It runs good. Takes me wherever I need to go.

It runs great and goes wherever i need to go. It's a great car.

- Amy C

You can change the radio station or volume on my steering wheel.

The only thing I truly dislike about my car is that it is white.

- Charlene G

Good car, never had any problems with it

Like the power, dislike the cruise control not working well

- Joyce M

My car has been reliable for me, it's paid for and it's comfortable.

I wish it was more modern with bluetooth and a rear camera

- Kathy D