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Nice small car with space inside and handy features.

Very good overall vehicle. Not too big, but still has space inside. For example, I can put 8 foot lumber in it with the hatch closed (it has to go on top of the passenger seat but it works for me). I am fairly tall, so I wish it had an inch or two more leg room for the driver, but it is a minor inconvenience. The back seats are good for kids, but putting four adults in it for a long trip might be a bit of a squeeze, especially if your driver and front passenger are tall. Since I drive alone it works well for me. The back has a good amount of cargo space and the seats fold down easily to give you plenty of space for almost anything. The car is efficient; I almost always get at least 30 miles per gallon. It also handles very well. I live in an area with lots of snow and as long as I have good tires I have never had trouble controlling the vehicle. It is also small enough with a tight turning radius to navigate tight quarters. I went with a manual transmission so I do not have cruise control. That is the main thing I miss. Also the stock entertainment center works directly with my iPod (with a Kia cable and an apple branded adaptor for lightning connection) so I can listen to what I want on the road.

- Zach B

Reliable first time car for high school/college student.

My car has been extremely reliable for me. It got me to and from school my junior and senior year as well as my many trips now between college and home on the weekends. I have had the car now for 6 years and have only had minor problems. One of the biggest problems I had with it was the reverse backup camera going out and having to be replaced with a new camera. Thankfully the warranty for the car covered it and I did not pay anything out of pocket. The next biggest issue I had was replacing all 4 tires about 5 years in from purchasing the car due to them dry rotting. I assume the weather where I live had a lot to do with this. Other than that I have had zero issues with the car. It gets me where I need to go, and on top of that it is a very safe vehicle. I love using the cruise control feature when I am on the interstate because it really helps to get the most out of my gas mileage. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Sophia S

Love them hamsters. Dogs love hamsters?

The 2012 Kia Soul 4 door provides plenty of space for my family of 6, which includes my husband, myself, and our four large (over 60 pound) dogs with their own windows and plenty of leg and tail room. We have a manual transmission, which is a joy to drive, unless you cannot drive such a vehicle.. Ahem.. This car is great on gas mileage. Affordable to say the least. A family car with style and class. My one regret, I bought used and went with a color I did not love.. Silver.. Popular, yes. Next I will branch out and go more girly. No stopping me. I love this car. The Kia Soul is most reliable. Most comfortable. Splurge for Sirius radio. Do not forget undercoating.

- Scott J

2012 Kia Soul. Perfect for single adult living in a city area.

My car has been extremely dependable. I have had one fuse issue that was an easy fix. The battery itself was the manufacture battery which I did have to replace. The comfort level is about 2. 5 out of 5. The seats are a little on the firm size. Space is actually a perk. For such a small car I did not anticipate having as much space as I do. There are some occasions where I wish it was a tad bit longer and wider however I make it work. The performance has been wonderful. Features that I enjoy is the Bluetooth capability. It did take me a few years to realize that it was actually able to do that. I think that was at fault of the dealer however.

- Angela S

Kia soul is an extremely trustworthy and economic giant of a small car.

I totally love my Kia soul. It is very reliable, comfortable to drive and ride in. It is a good looking car with lots of interior room for everything from hauling a bunch of kids and pets to moving furniture. It is small for parking but, again, very roomy inside. It has a fantastic heater that heats up very quickly which I appreciate. The air conditioner is also a good feature and works very well also. I rarely use the air because I am always cold. LoL! This car is very economical on gas and also for maintenance. All I have ever paid is just the maintenance charges. I have never experienced any problems.

- Donna F

The positives of owning a 2012 Kia Soul!

I love this car so much! Although it looks so small and compact on the outside it is very spacious inside and great on gas. The seats are comfy and great for people that cannot reverse with a trunk back because this car has a flat trunk that you can see range of backup and objects around you. The only thing I do not like about this car is that the mirrors are knob mirrors and I cannot adjust them whenever because I would have to reach over the passenger side to fix that mirror. Another plus, is that it also has eco mode. To save more gas and the earth at the same time.

- Mar D

I like the interior says soul all over the inside of the doors!

I have owned my car for 4 years now and I haven't had many problems with it other than it does not come with a spare tire and I seem to go through tires quite quickly I have had to replace them every year and sometimes more than once in a year I love the gas mileage I love my interior the car is comfortable fun-to-drive I have used it for driving uber and Lyft and all of my clients like driving in it the only thing I do not like is when people refer me to the commercial with hamsters are squirrels driving around in it but the Kia soul is a great car to own.

- Cindy E

Spacy and perfect for my family. Neat little SUV.

So people think Souls are tiny, but they are spacy! And they are awesome. I own an! And I love it to pieces, navigation is on point and it can be set to avoid or use tollways, my speaker have colored lights around them you can set to go to the music base or set it to mood and it'll change colors, but that's just neat. The cat itself drives so smooth and perfect. It's the best car I've ever owned. Handling is great steering on point. I have 3 kids ages 8, 2, and 10 months and all car seats fit! It's just such a perfect car for my family. I love it.

- Destiny F

Great value for cute car and gas mileage.

I really enjoy our Kia Soul. My favorite thing about it is the gas mileage. It gets on average 30-32 miles per gallon. It drives smoothly despite being almost 7 years old. Its comfortable and has a decent amount of space for storage. My only complaint is that it's a little cramped for any more than three people. It's pretty tight also having an infant car seat and my eight year old son in the back seat. All of the controls inside are simplistic, but still modern. It's an easy car to care for. I also just think they're really cute!

- Amber H

I would buy another Kia Soul.

Do not regret the purchase of a Kia Soul, it has proven to be a reliable vehicle with excellent gas mileage and so far no mechanical problems. It has had regular oil changes. Have been able to fit large items in the back seat/cargo area without a problem. There are 2 problems that come to mind, there is a blind spot at the left and right rear to the sides of the back window which can make backing out of parking spaces difficult and the vehicle tends to slide under wet or icy road conditions even at slow speeds( below 20 mph).

- karen p

Kia Soul features review!

It is overall a good car. I love driving it and riding in the front is not so bad, however, riding in the back can be really rough. It is a base I think so it does not have any flashy features like back up camera, mood lighting (which I have seen in some vehicles), etc. Even without all of these features it is a great car and I would recommend highly. It does have hands free Bluetooth calling though the voice recognition almost never gets my commands. I still enjoy it though.

- Maggie B

2012 Kia Soul pros and cons.

I bought my car new in 2012. It has been a great vehicle, I have not had any major issues with it. The seats are relatively comfortable, the stereo and music sounds great, I love the Bluetooth connectivity for my phone as well! I do wish for more trunk space now, but only because my family is growing. As a single and married person without babies this car was just what I needed. I also love that the seats in the back fold flat! I wish it came with a spare tire.

- Sara M

The safety is great, with airbags everywhere in the front and back seats.

My 2012 Kia soul was the best purchase I made this year 2018. It is more than reliable rides smoothly, has a comfortable fit for my family of 4. It has cool features like a backup camera, more than 4 speakers surrounding the inside of the vehicle, spacious back seat and trunk. Very great gas mileage takes $25 to fill up my tank. Touch screen Bluetooth radio and also the back seat can recline down for more space. I love my car and wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Audrey S

It's overall a great car. Roomier than it looks, I think it gets pretty good gas mileage, and it has a few cute touches on the inside.

I love the style of my car. It's small and I like small cars. I like the interior because I have houndstooth seats and speakers that light up. I also like that I have Bluetooth capabilities. I like my sunroof. The only things that I dislike are that my car doesn't speed up well or do well when driving I'm elevated areas like mountain towns. And I only have vents in the front of the car so it takes a while for air or heat to reach people in the back.

- Ariel G

Excellent cargo space that fits in a "compact" parking place.

I love my Soul because it's an excellent size for me, gets good gas mileage, and is comfortable and easy to drive. The shape of the Soul (boxy) is great for maximizing cargo space, and the hatchback design is useful both for loading and for transporting my pets. I bought my Soul new, and it has been an excellent value. The warranty is also excellent; I had powertrain work done after having the car for five years, and it didn't cost me anything.

- Kathryn M

The vehicle gets great gas mileage.

I drive a standard vehicle and it gets excellent gas mileage and has never had any issues. The only complaint I have is that the USB port has never worked. I bought the car brand new and plan to drive it as my main vehicle so long as it lasts. The air conditioning is still in great condition as is the heat. It has never overheated or not started up. It is surprisingly spacious and has plenary of room for a family of four.

- Toni L

It is compact, needs tlc and upkeep in order to stay running good.

My Kia soul is very reliable, I have had to take multiple trips over 300 miles and haven't had any issues and it is very easy on gas. Small but has more room inside then expected. It always tells your when something is needed like air in the tires, oil change etc. I have three kids and they love the backseat because there's enough room for them to be stretched out and not on top of one another.

- Jessica B

My 2011 Kia Soul is the best car I have ever owned.

My 2011 Kia Soul is literally the best car I have ever owned. It is durable, quick, and cute. My seats are leather and the car is very comfortable. My husband is 6'4"tall and he can get in and out with ease. I bought the car new and I have never had any breakdowns. I had the timing chain replaced one, but it was maintenance. The gas mileage is really good. I cannot think of any negatives.

- Mary T

It has a great sound system for what I paid for it.

It is a compact car but very roomy inside. Leg room in all areas of the vehicle and the trunk space is very spacious. I get great gas mileage and have great luck with the engine, interior, exterior and the working bits as a whole. I am currently at 106,000 miles and I think I can get another 106,000. I wish it was a more comfortable ride and that it would have been in a different color.

- Debra B

Overall a good vehicle for non- gravel road travel.

I have only had this vehicle for a few months and so far it runs really well. For the type of vehicle that it is, it is very comfortable. I do wish that it had an armrest/center console. Sometimes I don't feel as though I have a very good view of what’s behind me. I offer have to turn around to get a better look and even than my view is obstructed by the structure of the vehicle.

- Lana V

I love filling up the gas tank with little money.

It has been a good car so far. It is small but yet not that small. It does not waste a lot of gas and you can fill up the tank with little money. One of the things that I did not really like is the back. There is not much space to put your things on. So if you have the car full of people and you need space to put things like bags, suitcases, etc.. You may find yourself struggling.

- Silvia S

Would recommend the Kia Soul.

It gets great gas mileage averaging 25-30 mpg. There's so much room with the added height of the roof. Plenty of legroom in the back seat. It is extremely reliable, we take it on long road trips. The only issue I have is it not coming with a spare tire. It has the air pump that seals the hole. The one time I had a flat tire, it was shredded so there was no fixing it on site.

- Terri S

This a very reliable and cute car.

The Kia soul is a very comfortable family car. Ideal for commuting, road trips, college students and families alike. Does not use too much gas and even though it looks small, it is actually very spacious. Very reliable and great performance. I have used this car for anything from going on trips, to moving to different cities. It is a spacious, comfortable car and very cute.

- Gabriela R

My Kia Soul, is the Soul in me!

Ride great, good on gas. I take care of elderly people. And it's easy for them to get in and out of the Soul. It is not to low to the ground and not too high off the ground. It has a lot of room for traveling as well. It take 30 dollars to full it up. And I really got good mileage. Never had a problem and had it for 4yrs its still under 60, 000 miles. Eco, fully load it.

- Connie D

2012 Kia Soul has lots to offer.

There is lots of room, very peppy in traffic, it connects to android well, though it does not support android auto. Gets around 28-30 miles per gallon highway. Handling is good in traffic. Small turn radius. Rear leg room is quite generous for a small vehicle. Head room is exceptional, my 6'6" neighbor was stunned that he had plenty of headroom when he sat in it.

- Bruce J

Fully rely on, good. It is a great green testimony and fun.

We have only had to do routine maintenance to date we travel 1200 miles south each year and have been able to pack anything we want to take. Would recommend. Would buy another without hesitation. It is comfortable and reliable. We love the color of the one we have but would be open to any others available. Even old people like us use the mood lights a nice touch.

- Brenda W

Blake griffin loves Kia cars.

Dents very easily but is good on gas. No breakdowns. Very reliable but I do not think it would well in a crash. Material car was made from is very thin and unrealizable. The price was right. The side could have been a little bigger. It seats five people but not comfortably. So if comfort for five people is what you are looking for, this is not the car for you.

- Connie H

Kia Soul: not too shabby, but has some flaws; not great in heavy weather.

It has a fantastic gas mileage and a great heater. It sits really low, which makes it difficult to drive in the winter. The space that we have is great for its size and price. It is not quite as "zippy" as we thought it would be--it's a bit slow compared to other, smaller cars. It is also very susceptible to being blown around in heavy wind or rain.

- Abby B

2012 Kia Soul is a dream!

I love my Kia. It is much roomier than you would think. Great gas mileage. Sleek design inside and out. And built very well. My car has been hit twice while parked and had far less damage than the vehicle that hit it. The only thing I dislike is the back hatch. The way the tail lights are makes it hard for a large opening to fit things in the back.

- Rachel E

7 year old Kia Soul still works great even with random sound.

I bought my Kia Soul as a used car with 15, 000 miles on it. I haven't really had issues in the almost 6 years I have had it, and it was only a year old when I got it. The main problem I have right now though is that there’s a hollow shaking sound coming from the engine when I accelerate. Mechanic says it is nothing, but it is still worrisome.

- Sarah B

How great Kia Soul's are for new drivers.

The car I own is a Kia Soul. It is a wonderful car because it has just the right amount of space. I packed for college and I could fit everything I needed into it easily. The fabric on the sheets are very well made and do not tear or fade. The gas mileage is great. I can fill up my tank of gas and still stay under budget for the month.

- Jackie H

Soul believer: how your view of a brand of car can change pretty much overnight.

Drives comfortably! Gets great gas mileage! Power windows and locks! Great trunk space! Easy maneuver into parking spaces as well! Not a bad purchase for lease price! Car has great engine for speeding! I wasn't too keen on Kias but after having this car a while, I would definitely recommend it! Great steering column as well.

- Angelina D

The vehicle ever young man needs.

It is a great car for young people who need to haul stuff or people. The fun to drive and touch screen are good but it glitches sometimes. I expect to have this car for quite some time. I have a unique color and it has colored speakers they even go with the beat of the music. Maintain is good and is easy to keep up with.

- Kanon R

2012 green Kia Soul with backup camera, udo,

Zippy, both the accelerator and the brakes are very responsive. Great turn radius. Super easy to park and parallel park. Great for getting around towns/cities. Not too great for long-distance travel. Feels safe, although I am not sure it would hold up too well in an accident. Love hands free calling and the undo feature.

- Jo M

2012 Kia Soul review by a mother of two. Who likes the backup camera and radio.

Great small car. We love the backup camera. It also has a nice radio and speakers that light up and change colors! Amazing. It is very good on gas. Which is my favorite. It has a USB port for charging my phone. Or connecting it to the radio. I do wish the backseat was bigger. But other than that it's a great small car.

- Robin E

Pros and cons of my vehicle.

Vehicle has been fairly reliable. Some computer issues have forced me to take the car to dealership versus somewhere I prefer. I appreciate that Kia owned up to misleading the mpg. The mpg card I can redeem for the gas is very helpful. I simply go to dealership they verify my miles and in a few weeks I have the card.

- Kelly H

Got me from point a to point b. I like all the hidden compartments.

I had the car for a year and the back up camera kept malfunctioning. Worst car to drive in the winter always getting stuck in snow. It is like a hamster built the car not a human. The car is cheaply made and would never buy this car again. The driver and passenger seat are comfortable but the back is very cramped.

- Amanda D

It's a great value and is a good, long lasting car that is dependable.

I like the overall value of the car when I purchased it new. The engine has been very reliable overall. I have been disappointed with how the radio and other non-essential features have stopped working right once the warranty expired. I have also been disappointed with the loopholes in the warranty contract.

- Kaylee J

The Kia Soul is a car to be reckoned with.

My car has good gas mileage but has a small tank. It has many great features and performs very well on the highway or just driving in the city. The car is also very spacious allowing room for guests, although the trunk area is small. I can trust it to get me from point A to point B and everywhere in between.

- Melissa M

The Kia Soul is a great car!

No issues so far. Runs and performs well. I have the eco option for my gas so it increases my gas mileage. I get average about 32-33 mpg but have gone up to 41 mpg. It drives very smooth and is still roomy enough for my family. My only complaint is the back end can block my view when I am trying to back up.

- Rachael N

Fun and dependable vehicle to drive.

I have only had 1 problem with my car. It the door locks quit working and I was very concerned about the repair, but I repaired it myself it was only a blown fuse. It has been very dependable and fun to drive. I have taken it on multiple trips and it has done well. It is roomy and we get great gas mileage.

- Debi N

Small car with lots of room.

Very reliable small SUV type car with a hatchback. Plenty of head and leg space for 4-5 people and lots of groceries. Great gas mileage. The hatchback is really convenient for groceries and shopping and holds a lot of cargo. My seats are cloth and very cool and comfortable in the summer when it is hot.

- Dee W

It has been pretty reliable during driving and the interior design is nice.

Its was second hand and I bought it used. Maybe due to the previous owners not taking much care of it but the radio doesn't work. The windows roll down on passenger side but don't roll up. Catalytic converter is going bad and starter went out all around 1 year of having it. And it's only 7 years old.

- Zachary D

It's a good car for young drivers.

The Kia soul is very easy to drive it turns well has a good engine and brakes etc. But its a Japanese car and once got backed into and it didn't hurt the other car but shift my whole front back and have to replace the whole front parts that was expensive and made me feel like my car was not sturdy.

- Shane L

Kia soul is perfect for me.

My car has 82,000 miles, and I have never had a maintenance problem. It is roomy enough for my 6'2' husband but small enough for me to handle. I take my coonhound hiking, and we frequently drive on narrow mountain roads with no problem. I love the anti-skid feature--it handles great in bad weather.

- Alice S

Great vehicle for a college student or parent with one child.

It has great features such as backup camera, Bluetooth, very great for someone with a child. Handles great while driving. Spacious interior to be a compact vehicle. The only thing I do no like is it is a 4 cylinder vehicle. Does have the get up and go but just not enough power for the way I drive.

- Haley O

Had a lot of interior and exterior accessories.

Very reliable and safe. Stylish and is economic. Great warranty of ten years and 100 thousand miles. My husband and I both drive it. We go on vacations with it. Go to Disney world magic kingdom epcot animal kingdom. Busch gardens SeaWorld old town Kissimmee fun spot Orlando and Kissimmee Florida.

- Mary K

Kia Soul- black 2012 Kia Soul.

My vehicle is great. I have kept up on routine maintenance and it has had no problems. It currently has 115,345 miles. I have replaced the breaks as well as all four tires. It can travel far and in the mountains so it is versatile. Also very roomy on the inside and a great sound system with bass.

- Lorenzo C

I have the soul that has fun interior lights connected to stereo.

This vehicle is not great in the snow. It has been very reliable in dry weather. It is easy to park. It has a lot of space for carrying things. The seats go down in the back so you can carry more than you think in this smaller vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and does not cost much to maintain.

- Renee S

Groovy little car, attention getter.

I have 120, 000 miles on this car, it has been absolutely trouble free, and is very comfortable on long trips. The air conditioning always blows cold, and consistently gets 30 plus miles to the gallon on the highway. If I were to have any complaints, it would be that it is short on cargo space.

- George B

Lots of space in a small footprint.

Very comfortable, even for a tall family. Excellent cargo space for the size; we fit suitcases and pets, etc. Into the car all the time. And it still fits into a compact car space! Good gas mileage. Price (base model) and warranty (10 year, 100, 000 miles powertrain) also cannot be beaten.

- Kat M

Kia soul is my ride - 2013 and still no problems and still looks nearly. New.

So far, no problems. Gets about 25 miles to the gallon. Smooth ride. A bit difficult to look back over your shoulder. Has not failed yet. Small but not tight. Driver's seat is comfortable, no complaints from passengers. Take it to the car wash, looks new again, I enjoy driving my soul!

- Francesca J

2012 Kia Soul aka my go kart.

Great little car for small family or someone who wants a gas efficient vehicle. Only issue I've had is the climate control unit went out and needed to be replaced. Great sound system and ac works great. Also car seat friendly with the latch system. Only downside is no latch in middle.

- Carla W

It is much more spacious on the inside than it appears on the outside.

The Kia soul is much more spacious on the inside than it looks on the outside. I love the turn radius and the way it drives. Overall the 2012 Kia soul is a great car and I haven't had any real issues with it, even after getting rear-ended and having to replace the back panel/bumper.

- Sydney K

2012 Kia soul review 2019.

Love the car. Has given me absolutely no problems. I have 170k miles on it and it is still going strong. Engine is plenty powerful. Very comfortable interior. Room for golf clubs and whatnot. Overall extremely happy with the vehicle. Would buy a new one if I was ready to trade in.

- Stephen P

It's reliable (so far) and is repairable according to my non-dealer mechanic.

It's a very comfortable to drive. It handles really well. Last car was a saab 9.5 And the Kia out performs it. Only small concern is a lag between stepping on it and the response. It's easy to get in and out, and cargo space is adequately such a small car. Mileage is over 25 mpg.

- Fred M

I love the cars options. I love the neon lights that goes around the speakers and brat to the music.

I love the price of the car. It's loaded with tons of options. It even has lights that beats with the music. I have had a ton of issues with the radio going out 3 times in the first 6 months. They ended up replacing with the radio from the 2013 model and all has been well since

- Amber C

Great gas mileage, small form factor yet spacious

The Kia Soul is a great little car. While it may seem small, the inside doesn't feel cramped in any way. It is front wheel drive, which isn't the best, but for casual, city driving it works perfectly fine. The gas mileage is amazing and I only fill up a tank maybe once a month.

- Philip F

My Kia soul, safe, dependable, reliable and cost effective.

I truly love my Kia soul it is the second soul I have owned. I love the size, love the room, love my gas mileage. The price for the vehicle and warranty was fair. I would buy this car again, in a heartbeat, if it comes out in a convertible style. Kia has always been good to me.

- Kim S

It has comfortable seating. The speakers are ok. The windows are nice.

I think the car handles good. It has a lot of room. You can 33 miles to the gallon. It could have better brakes and more trunk space. It sounds like it is dying if you try to speed up too fast. I wish the inside had more options for the radio. It has no mirrors on the visors.

- Corey C

You can do stick or automatic.

This car is very roomy! Comfortable seats, easy to drive. On my personal car, you can even pick if you want to drive automatic or stick. I really like that this car is not huge, but it still has plenty of room. The 2012 model comes with Bluetooth, which is very convenient.

- Kayla R

Kia Soul is a nice roomy car.

The Kia Soul is a very small, but roomy automobile. Gas mileage is excellent. Comfortable to ride and or drive. I am able to fit quite a bit of my supplies in the car and still have room for 2 people to ride comfortably. No negatives as far as I can tell up to this point.

- Betty G

Pleasantly surprised by my used Kia Soul.

My vehicle has minimal problems. Does not show its age. It is reliable, but not the most reliable. I have had problems with bad gas mileage, oil leaking, air conditioner not working. It is comfortable and simple, I love the shape of the trunk and the space it provides.

- Leah B

Great fun reliable car for all driving ages.

It is a great little car to get around town. When traveling out of town it does great on hills. Lots of room for 4 adults. Great gas. Has updated gadgets. Great car for a older retired couple that travels or a student. If your a new family great car. Overall great car.

- Sara S

Good gas mileage for SUV style car.

The car has been reliable in a sense that you travel frequently visiting family members. The gas mileage is decent for an SUV style car. I am a tall person but I fit well in the car so it is comfortable for all heights. The stereo system is nice too with quality sound.

- Ashley M

This is the best compact car ever.

No problem. Everything is going good and up to date. It is the best car dealership ever. This was the greatest decision I ever made in my life. The reason why I wanted to go get my car is to get my money up and keep succeeding. I will continue to strive for greatness.

- John A

Cute and compact yet spacious!

Is magically compact yet fits everything you would ever need! Took it on a road trip from phoenix to san Diego up to Portland and back to phoenix last summer and it was amazing. I love the Kia Soul, and the people always take such good care of it at the dealership.

- Victoria C

Kia Soul is a great car, very reliable!

The windshield washer has quit, and the power windows are about to go out, but the vehicle is 6 years old, some things are going to go wrong. It gets great gas mileage, but does not have much pick up. The car has been very reliable, it always starts and runs great!

- Win W

Great car for anyone wanting freedom and space!

Super reliable, I have driven it all over the United States. Great gas mileage and actually has a lot of space. The side panels on the exterior near the front windows is falling off and I wish the hub caps weren't plastic. Overall great car for the price you pay.

- Tracy E

Kia Soul - roomy but great on gas.

The Kia Soul is a very reliable car. I have had this car for almost six years with no issues whatsoever. It is great on gas but very roomy inside. The hatchback is a great feature and can fit a lot in it. I have one car seat in the back which fits very nicely.

- Emily E

Reliable, dependable and fun to drive.

Have not had any issues or problems since I bought this car brand new 6 years ago other than needing to purchase new tires. It is very reliable and dependable no matter what the weather or road conditions. My daughter loves it so much she bought the same car.

- Pat E

Reliable vehicle good gas mileage.

Overall very reliable car. Not high maintenance and drives well. I bought the car brand new in 2012. It now has over 132,000 miles on it. The most expensive repair I have had to do is get my cv joints replaced. Would highly recommend Kia as a car for anyone.

- Randy M

Super comfortable and spacious.

Do not have any complaints it is a good car super comfortable and good performance never gave me any problem mine it's with stick shift it is run perfect nice car spacious look that it is small but no super economic I fill it out with jus 23 $ approximately.

- shirley C

The vehicle is extremely reliable and comfortable for the front seat passengers.

Very reliable car. A bit small for long trips. Love that the seats fold down and can have a large trunk space. Great gas mileage. Small back seat for passengers. Have had no problems that would make me not recommend this vehicle. Even great for tall people.

- Heather K

2012 Kia Soul received very good ratings and that is why I chose it.

I purchased my 2012 Kia Soul as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. It has been a great vehicle with no issues. It came with Bluetooth, MP4 and Sirius Radio. I love how much room it has. Plenty of room for 2 pet crates. Great sound system. Very pleased with it.

- Pri D

It is on great condition and I love the way it drives.

I have no problem it is in good condition it drives very well the only thing is the lights are expensive and I had to put 4 bulbs in Other than that the car is in great condition O got it used but still in great condition it is white and gets dirty fast.

- Elizabeth G

I love the boxy shape and the way the front window wraps and love the quick heat and air temp changes

I love the way the speed picks up, the ability to park and turn easily, gas savings. I don't like the fact that it's hard to see looking over your shoulder in traffic as their is a thick section of car rather than window and have to rely only on mirror.

- jeff H

My Kia Soul has great gas mileage! Great for in town drinking and then highway driving as well! I have so much room in my car also that I just love!

I didn't know if I would like my car when I first bought it. However, since driving it, I really do enjoy it! I love how great of gas millage that my car gets! I have had it for over 5 years now and I still haven't had anything serious wrong with it.

- Jennifer T

Moves efficiently. Not a big gas tank, so filling up the car does not cost a lot.

Easy to drive, good turn radius. Enjoyable to drive from a-b. The only problem that others may feel is the steering wheel feels a little loose, but it has not bothered me. Also, the Soul is a fairly "trunkless" car, but you know this when you purchase.

- Meredith L

Driving high in my little Kia soul.

Great ergonomics. Reliable performance. Comfortable. Easily seats four adults and the heater and air-conditioner are excellent. One issue: the wheels ate very small and the car has not good traction. The soul handles easily and the hatchback is a plus.

- Ellen O

it still gets me to and from where i need to go ...even 6 years later.

all in all the Kia SOUL i own performs well, although in the 6 years I've owned it i have had to take it in for an unusually high amount of check ups and fine tuning ...this could be a matter of the manufacturer or that I'm just too hard on my cars?

- matthew s

Don't let it's compact design fool you; It's surprisingly roomy for tall people, people that want enough leg room and has just enough space for day trips.

What I like most is that because of the Soul's size, I can navigate, accelerate, and break sooner/faster; You get a better sense of control and safety. I think because of it's boxy design that it has a lot of head room for my tall 6 foot + friends.

- Jon f

I love the backup system and the Bluetooth.

I love my car. I had it 3 years and the motor went. Well because I still owe on it I put a motor in it instead of buying a new car. Comes with no spare tire. Found that out the hard way. Would I buy another one probably not. Mileage is pretty good.

- Clara B

Excellent gas mileage in the city as well as on the highway.

I love the gas mileage of my Kia soul and I love that it has a little get up and go. I dislike the narrow backseat, not much leg room for everyone to sit comfortably, but I have never we had any mechanical issues with it at almost 94,000 miles!

- Trisha S

We've never had problems with it. This includes 2 cross country trips from TX to CA & TX to CO then back to TX after going thru KS & AR. Again the overall gas mileage was decent (low 30s MPG) but could have been better.

The car has performed well over the six years we have had it. In addition, there has been minimal maintenance needed. We would consider buying a new model, however it does not get the best MPG. So we are looking at a Kia Niro as our next car.

- Jay B

Has room to haul things. We have hauled two refrigerators and two stoves amongst other things

The Kia soul Handel's winter's very well considering it is a smaller vehicle. It has lots of space to haul things such as refrigerator and stoves. the only dislike is we could of done without the interior changing lights for power mirrors.

- Clarence D

It is spacious yet compact. It has the ease of driving a compact car with greater space.

I like the size of the vehicle. I also like the size of the trunk. I like the fuel economy and that I am a bit higher up in the vehicle as compared to a compact car or sedan. One thing I dislike is that the ride is not real smooth.

- Marian B

It is great on gas mileage.

I love my car because it looks small on the outside but big on the inside. It is easy to drive my German shepherd around in. I love that it is not an SUV yet not a sedan. I hate that it has cloth seats. Dog hair is hard to get out.

- Heather M

It's awesome and a very fun car to drive

I like it's funky shape It gets decent- though not great gas mileage It is roomy enough for 4 people comfortably and has a good amount of storage. I put a tie dye wrap on vehicle to advertise my business and everyone knows it's me

- Frank J

2012 Kia Soul fantastic fuel efficient vehicle.

Purchased used. Have had no problems at all with our Kia Soul. It is very fuel efficient, which is great for travel. Comfortable to ride in for long distances. Has a great factory installed radio system. Would recommend to anyone.

- Dawn D

Two bigger people fit good and I want another for my next car!

I was pleasantly surprised when I first sat in my car my now fiancé and myself are both bigger and fit fine in the car. Over all I have had a great experience with this car and would not mind getting a newer one for my next car.

- Cindy M

My Soul is a fun car to drive and a dependable car. My next new car will be the latest KIA Soul.

I love my KIA Soul. It is one of the best cars I have ever owned. she is now more than six years old and other than regular oil changes my Soul has never been back to the dealer for any repairs. I have no complaints at all. .

- Lou G

Adorable Kia soul with a surprising amount of backseat legroom.

Love my little car, it's fuel efficient, drives smooth, has lots of backseat space but fits in tiny parking spaces. I've driven It all around the country and it has 93k+miles on it and I've never had to do any major repairs.

- Megan S

Great car overall, not gas mileage.

I really like the exterior style of my car. It looks modern and compact. The interior is spacious. It is comfortable to drive. The only thing is the gas mileage. It isn't very good on gas and that's why I gave it 4 stars.

- Sara F




Not the hippest car, but good daily functional transportation

I like that it has a lot of room inside for a small car. Taller Adults have no problems fitting comfortably in the car. It would be better if the from passenger seat folded all the way down to increase storage space.

- Michael C

It's fun to drive and has really good gas mileage. I really enjoy it.

I love the small size but high ceilings. It feels very spacious inside and the hatchback is great for loading. I wish it had a power open hatchback where you can open it by tapping your foot when your hands are full.

- Rebecca W

That its reliable and great on gas.

The Kia soul I drive has a lot of room inside, it drives very nice and it's very reliable. Kia's are great on gas and the radio and speakers have amazing sound. I have hands free calling and that is very easy to use.

- Moe U

It handles wonderfully even long distances to.

I love my Kia Soul there are a few downfalls of the 2012 model such as It's not the best in the wind due to the square back in. . than when driving there are two blind spots 1 on each side the corners of the car. .

- Cory S

Its great on gas, small but spacious.

I love my Soul, from the radio and speaker lights to how smooth it drives. . . Maintenance is kind of pricey but to be honest I love my truck even though I had doubts about the size due to me having 3 children.

- Tee R

Other should know that it is a nice car that is pretty roomy on the inside.

I love it, it's so smooth and small and modern on the outside and roomy on the inside! I love the design of the inside! I like how everything is set up inside. I wish the cup holders were not so weirdly placed.

- Cheyenne H

Soul - Perfect for a Small Family

I've had lots of tire and brake issues which my dealer says aren't a real issue, just an "annoyance." Otherwise I love my car. Perfect size for running a few errands and occasionally going out with friends.

- chelsea m

Red Cheetos firing through the freeway.

Comfort wise it is great to nap in. It is really reliable at least up to this point. No many problems. Only like a popped tire but only because I ran over a nail. So it made a hole. Performance is great.

- Cheryl J

Wonderful gas mileage and enough cargo space for larger loads.

I love the gas mileage in my car! In the city and on the highway the mileage is great. It has enough trunk space and barely any blind spots. You can fold the seats down for more space for larger loads.

- Trish S

It's very economical. Not the best or fastest, but it does the job and that's all i really need.

It has very little power so it's a worry when I need to accelerate quickly. It's surprisingly comfortable to sit in. It doesn't feel that small. The ride is bumpy and not as smooth as other cars.

- Kelly S

It is very good on gas mileage and has lots of room for a small car.

I like the fuel economy. I like the dealer perks and warranty. I hate the shape and the road noise. I like that it has more room than you think. I don't like it is so small and low to the ground.

- Mary R

It is reliable and cost effective mode of transportation.

The vehicle is a good, solid, basic form of transportation. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but is very reliable. I have had no major problems in the 6 years I have owned the vehicle.

- Deborah B

It's reliable but it doesn't get great gas mileage compared to other compact cars in Its class.

I like that it is fun to drive and is very reliable. It's also much roomier than it looks from the outside and is a very useful vehicle. My only complaint is I wish it had more power and pick up.

- Luke T

The most important thing is that it is a very safe vehicle.

I like the gas mileage. I like how easy it is drive. I like how small the gas tank is. My only complaint is that it does not have better gas mileage as it was advertised when I first purchased it.

- Ashley D

The Price was Right. Gets great gas mileage. Seats 5 and has great storage.

This little vehicle is very comfortable. It drives smoothly. Got the big motor, so for a little car, it has pick me up. Gets great gas mileage. Would buy again when it's time to get a new vehicle.

- Kathy A

the price was good and it is very dependable the gas mileage is great and it is small enough to park easily loads onto and off of the ferries very smoothly

I get good gas mileage and it is a great rug hauler very dependable so far i can load my whole business in my soul and get back and forth to the farmers market every Saturday I have no complaints

- diane f

I love my car because it's very unique. The thing I love The most about it is its unique shape which is almost a box

Gas mileage is great, the car itself looks small but is actually roomy. Rides smooth. Oil changes can be a bit difficult because the car rides so low, but other than that the car is great

- Katelynn S

The Kia Soul is a great car. Just normal wear and tear.

When I got the car was missing a middle seat belt. They fixed it as soon as I called them. My windshield and air just went out a couple weeks ago. But for the most part it's a good car.

- Tara M

Great except for gas mileage and winter driving.

It does not get the gas mileage it advertised, and does not do well in the winter on snowy or slippery roads. It will slide quite a bit when breaking; I have to drive slow and careful.

- Jackie P

Others should know that maintenance is very low on the car. No timing belt, fuel filter etc that needs to be changed.

My vehicle just rolled 100k miles and I have had zero problems with it. Everyone says it's roomier inside than they thought it would be and it drives great. I get good gas mileage too.

- Lisa L

It is a fun easy car to drive.easy to drive it handles well.not much more I can elaborate on as you are asking for one thing but it is a fun car to drive

I like the shape the height of it. It is a car that is easy to get in and out of. The car is easy to drive. The car is good on gas. It is easy to carry large items in. I just love it.

- Cindy W

Proud of my purchase inexpensive and attractive.

I wish the seat could be raised a little higher since I am short and like to look over the steering wheel more than now. I love the speed of the car and how inexpensive it is on gas.

- Tiffany B

Great car and a good value

It has more room than it looks. It is very efficient and easy to drive. It also has lots of great features. Comfortable and versatile. I have found it to be reliable and drives well.

- Amber T

That it runs, appears to be ok for safety and is not too expensive for a car.

It is a base model. It is a good car, nothing wrong with it. It gets up and scoots! Great on fuel and gets us where we're going, and has some amenities many base models do not have.

- Dee C

The car is inexpensive to purchase but to maintain the vehicle seems to be more. I was told I had to use the more expensive gas

It is roomy inside. I don't like the black seats, they always look dirty. Had some issues with the injection system that should of been covered by the warranty but of course was not

- Vicki M

I didn't expect to love it as much as I do now that I own it.

I like how well I can parallel park in it with its size and backup camera. I love the interiors and features. I think I'm ready to start looking at trading it in for a newer model.

- Ashley H

Souls are tough little cars. If you follow the maintenance they'll run for a long time. And look great!

My Soul has over 143,000 miles and all I've had go wrong is the starter. It gets amazing gas mileage...33-34. It's cute too. People always comment. Plus for a small car it's roomy.

- Mary W

Very good on fuel. It is comfortable and looks good.

I like how spacious the car is. Drives well, and has bluetooth and other media option. Only dislike is leg room in the back seat is a bit tight but not enough to hate the vehicle.

- Carrie S

Not many blind spots to worry about. Perfect for short people that may have problems seeing around other areas.

It has extra safety features. Perfect size for a short person, not many blind spots. Comfortable seating, good gas mileage. Great value for the price. No dislikes or complaints.

- Jodi H

It's fun to drive and reliable.

I love my Soul. It's the perfect size for me, it gets great gas mileage, and it's reliable. The standard model came with lots of features that you usually have to pay extra for.

- Doddie D

It feels safe due to Its box like structure.

I love my Kia soul. I feel extremely safe in it. There is also plenty of space in it. I used my car to move from state to state and it was able to fit a lot of my belongings.

- Flavia B

The safety devices are wonderful.

It is a great car. Good bad mileage. And had a lot more room that you would expect. And has a lot of safety airbags that I am comfortable with driving my kids around in it.

- Faith T

That is is wonderful and a great size for what we need in our lives.

It is wonderful because it has plenty of room and it's still small in size. It's wonderful to take with us to Walt Disney World. Plenty of room for my tuba in the back.

- Jmes G

It really does have soul and personality and will become part of the family.

I love how stylish and unique my car is. I like it's speed and design and trunk space. I don't like the poor gas mileage and need for more expensive gas and oil changes.

- Kristen W

It is nice and small and fits into spaces

I love my car, i've never really had any problems with it, at least not that the car had caused the problems. But it's nice and small so it fits into any parking space

- Asher L

Very reliable vehicle & excellent gas mileage

I've experienced no major problems or performance issues with my 2012 Kia Soul. Very good gas mileage. Comfortable for daily commute to work & long distance driving.

- Brandy C

This car is easily identifiable and easy to find in a parking lot.

This car has been completely reliable. It is perfect for day to day shopping and short and medium trips. For a long distance road trip I would prefer a larger car.

- Patricia W

I highly recommend the Kia Soul!

This vehicle has been great. No major problems or repairs. I love the look and feel of this vehicle. I would definitely recommend it to friends or buy another.

- Stephen W

Despite being a small car, the mileage is good but not great.

Good mileage but no space. AC is weak and does not blow very hard. It has two spots in the back that completely block your view and make backing up difficult.

- Thomas D

The Kia Soul is very Dependable. It's also is fun to drive and has a nice sound system.

I love the size of the vehicle and the color. I also love that it is easy to insure. It is also very dependable. I'm sad that is is getting up there in age.

- Heather P

Has a lot of room inside for a small car.

The Kia soul gets good gas mileage, has room for 4 and is easy to drive. I do not like the blind spots that are in the car. Hard to change lanes sometimes.

- John H

The 3.1 engine is a great dependable engine I haven't had any issues.

Like that gets good gas mileage. Do not have any complaints. It is easy to drive & easy to park. Has enough room for four or five adults to be comfortable.

- Linda W

Reliable and there has not been much that has needed repair

Over 100,000 miles and very reliable no issues except a small battery problem. There are some issues with the door sensors at this point but very minor.

- mela k

It has space like an SUV but the size of a car.

Its small and it's very easy to maneuver. Its gets great gas mileage. It's a very reliable vehicle. Have not had to take it in and have work done on it.

- Donna L

The car handles wonderfully in traffic.

My Kia soul handles great, is good on gas, has great features like Bluetooth, and Siriusxm. And a great sound system. I also like the USB ports as well.

- Carl C

Please send money. Because I'd love a. Toyota RAV4.

It is dependable I appreciate it. It is paid for and that is great. If I could afford a blue Toyota RAV4 I'd prefer that. Please send money. Thank you.

- Aaa M

It is reliable and the perfect size. The hatchback is great.

My car is reliable, cute, and has good gas mileage. It is also the first car I bought myself. It is larger than a 4 door but compact to park anywhere.

- Angela S

I really enjoy the light up speakers.

This car is not great in snow. It does not have all wheel drive, making it very slippery in winter. I do, however, love everything else about the car.

- Madeleine L

It is comfortable to drive.

Would rather it be an automatic... Wish it had more horsepower... Blind spot is too big... Good gas mileage... Like turn ratio... Holds all my stuff..

- Judy C

It's a nice size vehicle, not too small and not too large, but tons of storage space.

Very good on gas mileage, gets around great in the Winter, very reliable vehicle. It was affordable, and I haven't had any problems since I've had it.

- Erin K

Very reliable and good gas mileage.

It is very reliable and roomy enough for me. It gets really good gas mileage too. The only complaint is that the seatbelts do not retract very well.

- Kimberly B

Very smooth ride. Everyone fits comfortably and I have great fuel efficiency.

Love the color of my car since it's a dark purple. I always know where my car is. Fuel efficiency is one of the best and I have room for my friends.

- Alma S

It connects to your phone automatically, but doesn't give you the option to skip. It also is a little tricky using the Bluetooth for making calls

I love the mileage I get! It also automatically connects to my phone which I LOVE, but I'm not able to skip through my music unless I use my phone

- Abigail D

Great, reliable and trustworthy car!

Great car! Reliable, affordable and great on gas. Never really had problems with it other than my clutch but that was me being too rough on it..

- Alma B

It is good on gas mileage.

I do not like the tires, interior is cheap, do not like the rims. Keys are cheaply made. Burns oil, can turn over easily. Good on gas mileage.

- Deborah C

It is a great inexpensive car.

It is great on gas mileage. It is very easy to drive and easy to park. It has plenty of space for traveling. It is very comfortable and roomy.

- Theresa A

It does have Bluetooth which I love.

I do not like the model we bought, it is base and didn't notice the way you have to adjust the side mirrors. It is a huge problem. Its manual.

- Angelica G

The safety since I was in a bad car accident.

The jerking it does is ridiculous and Kia will not do anything. Other than that it is a perfect. It got me across country without any issues.

- Marissa N

Kia Soul-A reliable car with a great warranty.

Reliable car. Great warranty. Hardly any problems except for a chip sensor on a tire. Runs greats, never a problem with the actual motor.

- Ricky G

It's bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside!

I love the size of it, it's compact to drive, but it's roomy on the inside. It also gets great gas mileage. I love it's maneuvering as well.

- Victoria W

Reliable transportation, but nothing that anyone will consider memorable.

I like the fact that it accelerates well. I like that it gets decent gas mileage. I don't like at how cheap the quality of materials seems.

- Clark S

It has a great safety rating

I really like the overall size of this car, it has plenty of room on the inside for my grandchildren. Easy to drive and very comfortable

- Robert d

My car doesn't have carplay.

I like that it is a square shaped. I like that it sits up higher. I love the sound system. I wish that the technology was more up to date.

- Corey M

KIA Soul 2012 ECO review for car dealers.

I bought my KIA Soul in 2012 and have not had any problems with it. I am about ready to replace the tires other than that nothing major.

- Cynthia F

It is very reliable and hasn't had any issues and has been a great car

I love the vehicle because it's reliable and a great size for me. It has a lot of cargo space for a compact size. It is cute and stylish.

- Emily N

It's honestly a great for a family.

I like that it is easy on gas. I like how the back seats have plenty of room. Nothing that I dislike, it's a great vehicle for a family.

- Vernon M

Best car and features for the price. Great performance.

SUV style without the price tag of an SUV. Spacious and a lots of head room. It's easy to get in and out of. Great on gas mileage still.

- Rita S

I love how small it is and how amazing it drives

Very safe and compact. Also super cute. The radio system is simple and easy to understand. It is very small so fits in any parking spot

- Brook U

Awesome Lean Riding Machine

The car is very spacious with nice detailing. Is good on gas and not too expensive to fill up. Runs smoothly and has been very durable.

- Telah S

It has great mileage and has an eco friendly option that helps to save gas.

I love my car but the paint chips too easily. The car Bluetooth doesn't work well. It doesn't understand me when I try to make a call.

- Clara C

Small but surprisingly roomy! You sit nice and high in the driver's seat.

It's a sporty little stick shift. It's great b/c it fits bigger people (weight and height) comfortably. Everyone loves when I drive!

- Billie M

I love the fact that it comes with satellite radio

I absolutely love my car. It's one of the best purchases I have made. The performance is outstanding. It handles exceptionally well.

- Justin M

2012 Kia Soul plus is a nice car.

I have had my car about 2 years now. It has been a good car. My air just went out in it. But for the most part has been a good car.

- Tara M

That you don't have to be a hamster to enjoy this car!

I love the speakers and size of vehicle! I feel cool in my soul! There is more storage than appears and the air quality is amazing!

- Heather T

It is a safe, reliable car and has great gas mileage.

My Kia Soul is an incredibly reliable and comfortable car. It gets good gas mileage, I don't have to spend too much when I fill up.

- katie f

The Kia Soul is Reliable, Practical, Cost Effective and Fun

My Kia Soul.is more than five years old, very reliable and quite fun to drive. I definitely plan to buy another one when it's time

- Patty P

Fantastic sound system with satellite radio and hands free phone

Great for long trips, super roomy, great sound system, low maintenance vehicle, small trunk but enough space for a family of four

- Amanda G

Love our Kia Soul, you will love it too.

This has been a reliable car so far with no major issues. The A/C has needed repair, but it was an inexpensive electrical issue.

- Michael U

It's a good vehicle for a single person. Not really a family vehicle because of limited space inside

I like that it's a compact suv. Good mileage. Quiet while i'm on the highway. The only thing I dislike is that there is no awd

- Joshua H

It an standard transmission.

I have wanted a Kia Soul since they come out on the market. Kia is an awesome brand of vehicle. And I plan to get a Kia SUV.

- Staci R

Kia Soul! My car is amazing

I love this vehicle, very roomy and has a good get up and go. The gas mileage is amazing as well. This was my first choice.

- Kendra J

Good value 2012 Kia Soul.

Nice reliable car good for starting family. Good on gas city and interstate. Only thing I wish it had was more cargo space.

- Josh B

Inside space bigger than it looks!

Great gas mileage. Bigger on the inside than it looks! Not much leg room for passengers on the back seat. Easy to maneuver.

- Katharine Y

It is great on gas. Smooth drive on the highway.

The Kia soul is great on gas and is reliable. There is little maintenance that has to be done. Parts are easy to replace.

- Sonja B

Economical ride. Plenty of room.

Cannot open all doors at once. Other than that love everything about it. Economical, reliable, fits 5 people. Dependable.

- Courtney R

It is dependable. Low maintenance.

I have no complaints. My car is reliable. It gets good gas mileage, is comfortable for short trips and it carries a lot.

- Terrie L

That it has eco mode which is for driving around the city to get better gas mileage

It is top quality it gets great gas mileage and has a lot of room. I really like the car. It is the best no complaints.

- Ben B

The Soul is roomy but isn't a huge gas guzzler. Runs well

Comfort is great, I had hip replacement and in and out was easy. I have a few recall notices but all were handled well

- Sue R

30 miles per gallon average

Love the styling, Gas mileage and reliability Would like more comfort, but this is an economy vehicle. No complaints.

- Mike k

Very reliable. Have had it 6 years without a breakdown.

The car is perfect size for wife and I, has good capacity for groceries, etc. very reliable and good ride quality.

- Gary W

It is reliable, and fairly comfortable seating.

Too small. Very loud inside car. Gets good gas mileage. Has been very reliable. I buy kea's for their long warranty.

- Pauls M

It has extremely good gas mileage.

I like the size. Dependability has been great. The warranty is 10 years, 100,000 miles. The mileage could be better.

- Stephanie T

Despite is low cost to purchase, it has been a great car

The Kia has been a very reliable car to get around in, but due to it's she it is starting to cost more to maintain.

- Janet B

Great little car...small outside, big inside.

This is the first car I have loved in 25 years. It turns on a dime, really easy to park and is very roomy inside.

- Roxanne R

Good car, isn't very fast and feels slightly unsturdy but reliable.

It feels a bit sluggish to drive but it is reliable. I use the "eco" feature to save on gas and it really helps.

- Barbara B

I don't think there is anything they need to know.

I love how it handles and the size and shape. I love the roomy trunk. I wish it had rear cameras or a NAV system.

- Maria M

The most important thing about the Kia Soul is how deceptively small it looks, yet how much room there actually is in it!

I love my Kia Soul! It's roomy, yet still compact. It's a zippy little car but still practical and economical.

- Marlie G

It was affordable, works well, and has minimal technology incorporated.

I like it has minimal technology. It was very affordable. It was a manual transmission for being more efficient.

- Jason H

Box car on the outside, luxury car on the inside.

I have never had a problem with my car the entire time I have had it (6 years). It is sturdy and easy to drive.

- Sage B

Well built car. Love the way it looks and drives.

Good gas mileage, holds up well. No complaints. It is a comfortable ride. I love everything about the Kia soul.

- Patsy W

Great gas mileage. I can drive a long time in between filling up.

It is perfect for 2 people. It carries quite a lot considering it is small size. We really love it! Thank you.

- Betty G

It does not have very good gas mileage.

Hate how it turns, hard to explain. . It is too sudden compared to the car we used to have (Honda civic 2017).

- Sara D

It is a great all-around vehicle.

My car handles well. It is very sturdy. It's also quite fast, roomy and it has a great stereo. It's also cute.

- Cathy G

It drives great and I love the color.

I enjoy its appearance, size and its pep. The only poor thing is the mpg is fairly low for a smaller vehicle.

- Patricia W

Its small but has a lot of power. The back up camera is spot on.

Backup camera, sunroof and the speakers change colors. It's also very comfy and the design is simple and fun.

- Kristen B

It is very accommodating for 8 people.

I like the size for the money. Have trouble finding parts as my car ages. Hope to have it for 4 more years.

- Kelly H

That it is a great little car.

I like the gas mileage, I dislike the interior finishes and I dislike the ride comfort. Too bumpy and loud.

- Kathryn D

The good gas mileage the car gets.

I love the gas mileage. I love the room when I the seats are down. I like how it handles and easy to park.

- Sharon B

i love the look of it....i like the gas mileage that it gets....i like the roominess of it when you fold down the back seats there's a lot of carrying space my only complaint is there seems to be a chronic check engine light problem

it's like having a small SUV....for a small hatchback it has a lot of carrying space and great gas mileage

- jude m

Best vehicle that I have owned

Cluster panel went bad and was under warranty that was the only issue that I've had in the past 6.5 years

- Marsha B

That. even though it is small - I feel safe it in. Plenty of room and great gas mileage

Small but enough room to put two dog cages in back seat. Great gas mileage. Would buy another one again.

- Gretchen S

Motor is no good in the souls!

Motor has been replaced but still valves chatter. My vehicle does get great gas mileage. It drives well.

- A S


great vehicle,had it for years,now has 90,000 miles on odometer.don't plan on trading bit in right now.

- david b

It has a lot of storage and I can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk.

It is compact but has a lot of storage. It handles well. It can be noisy when driving on the highway.

- Lisa S

It is very comfortable and easy to drive and you are able to control it well.

I like how small and zippy it is. I do not like that I can't see and it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Allison F

2012 Kia Soul Great little car for all ages

I love the car, only had one problem with the starter, but otherwise it's been a great vehicle for me.

- Shirlene J

Directional signal should make a louder noise. . Good on mileage. .

Difficult to see speedometer, gas, whatever else is in that area. Love the sunroof and the visibility.

- Tania B

very Dependable Great on Gas lots of room very economical

My Kia is so dependable. It gets Great Gas mileage. Has Lots of room for 5 with a large hatchback.

- vincent f

High quality without a huge price. Saves money on gas. Plenty of room without being bulky.

Love gas mileage. Love size because it is not too big yet offers lots of room. Very comfortable.

- Lyndie M

It gets amazing mileage for a full tank, and the price of a full tank is a lot less than expected.

I absolutely love the gas mileage that I get. I also enjoy the price for filling up my tank.

- Emma Q

It is what it is. Nothing special, just economical.

The engine is not powerful enough. The ride is rough. It's economical and easy to drive.

- Kelly S

It is a low maintenance vehicle.

I dislike the interior fabric. I love that my car is dependable, safe, and fun to drive.

- Anne S

It's well designed, smooth ride good mileage

My vehicle is well designed, It's easy to drive and has plenty of room, I enjoy the ride.

- Gary M

The pedals are more responsive than most other cars, it's a very zippy car.

It's reliable, gets good gas mileage, and the pedals are very responsive. No complaints.

- Cameron R

The car drives great. The seats are very comfortable. I think the suspension could be better.

The car handles well and is so roomy. I'm able to fit a lot in the back of this wagon.

- Dee K



- BOB e

it has more space in it than it looks like it does. the inside is very surprising.

bad gas mileage but it has adequate space and is functional for what i need it for.

- shannon o

It's compact but has lots of room inside, small enough to park easily and gets good gas mileage.

I love the Kia Soul. It is sporty, yet safe. It's the perfect compact SUV for me.

- Pat L

It's affordable and yet fashionable.it is great for a family or just for a couple, all around vehicle

I love the room it has for being a small vehicle and it handles great in the snow

- Sharon S

It gets great highway miles and it is cost effective to fill up

I like that it gets good gas mileage and is cheap to fill up. It's a smooth ride.

- cody m

It is very good for the whole family

It is very dependable. Good to fit the family in. My car is very good safety wise

- Mary M

The gas mileage is kind 9f slack. However it's still overall a good value

I don't like the mpg. The color is nice and it has a surprising amount of room

- Ben D

it's affordable can be used for traveling long distances

it's has a great fuel economy cheap repairs and can go 30 miles to the gallon.

- jaron c

The important thing is that it doesn't burn a lot of gas and can go about 300 mph.

The car is small. It's easy to drive on. And it doesn't burn a lot of gas.

- Perla M

equipped with everything: sunroof, NAV system, backup camera

It's easy drive, with everything; good gas mileage; but not enough room.

- Anita H

Reliable commuting vehicle

Nice roomy interior, good gas mileage. But not a lot of get up and go.

- Anna B

Brakes are touchy everything is expensive to replace can't take out the seats not a lot of trunk space

Good sound system and nice style can be upgraded to different package

- Correy M

It's small and won't be able to see it in a full parking lot, good for what it is though

It is a little small. It also is kinda old and would like a new one

- bob m




Lots of back seat space and legroom in back and front. Front leg space is open and roomy

Roomy lots of leg run Trunk area is to small Not organized

- Mary R

It gets good gas miles. It runs great and very cheap to maintain.

I love my car because it is cheap on gas. It runs good.

- Tiffany J

Super comfortable fun to drive. Quick and flashy and Sporty

It's fun and cute and colorful. Fun to drive and quick

- Jillian G

It is a very nice car to have for your daily commute.

I like the space. Drives real nice. It is good on gas.

- Manuel F

I love the size and the way it handles. I think it drives a bit out of alignment

Perfect size for a single individual or small family

- Katie S

Very durable despite it's cost .

Very economic car. It goes me to point a to point b.

- Janet V

It runs--every time. It starts--every time.

It's reliable and doesn't break down. I love it.

- Diane B

It has decent gas mileage and is a good city car.

It's small. Not too stylish. Doesn't have power.

- Matt W