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Perks of a luxury vehicle, at price you can afford and brand you can recognize!

Lexus rx 350 has the benefits of being a luxury vehicle with great functionality and durability but affordable for my budget. The size of the car allows me to haul larger objects when making larger purchases or moving. In addition, I am able to transport 5-6 people at one time. The SUV is not too big but big enough to support my lifestyle and my personal needs to include road trips on occasion with family and friends. Downside is that it is an older model and with new technology, it is not as compatible as a newer version with iPhone or GPS devices and now days this is a “must-have. ” I also have black interior/exterior and it can get very hot during the warmer months. Lastly, I wish that the dealer maintenance were not so expensive. I am a loyal Lexus customer so I get all of my service at the Lexus dealership because I do not want to take it somewhere else and they are notable to replace/fix/service up to warranty standard; however, I wish Lexus would make it more affordable for Lexus loyal customers. Every time I have to get a service, I have to plan it so I can ensure it is within my budget and I have taken the time to competitively shop to see if I am getting the best price. If I were to buy a new car in the future, I would definitely consider Lexus but this would be a contributing factor on whether I buy due to the cost to repair/fix/service the vehicle.

- Jackie R

Summary of vehicle use. : My rx350 has been very reliable and handles very well.

I have had very good service from my vehicle, with very few problems. I have had to replace an o2 sensor, otherwise, I have only had routine service performed regularly. The car is a bit tight on space, especially for a family of 5. I have found it to be uncomfortable for long road trips with my husband, daughter and 2 grandchildren, who are both in car seats. It is extremely tight in the rear with both children in car seats, and it is also difficult to use the child latch for the car seats. As a matter of fact, for some reason we have been unable to secure the seats using the child safety latches and resort to just fastening the seats in to the car with the shoulder harness seat belts.

- Deborah K

Quality luxury car along with top notch service of Lexus is a winner for me.

I enjoy the car very much! I have never had any mechanical issues with the car. It is a comfortable ride especially on long trips and has plenty of room. The only minor thing that I would change is the location of the USB/AUX plug. It is located in the center console underneath the container/bucket it is difficult to find and plug in device quickly even when stopped. Sometime frustrating if my phone is about to lose a charge. Again, this is really the only complaint/inconvenience I have, albeit a very minor one. Lexus continually provides stellar customer service and takes care of all my needs, questions and routine maintenance. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Kimberly A

The Lexus is a high-end vehicle with all the trimmings and great handling.

The car is a wonderful addition to any household. At this point in time the car is dated but it still has the luxury feel that Lexus vehicles are known for. The back facing camera is a welcome feature because it helps with parking. The navigation system is simple to understand though I will mention that I tend to use my cellular phone more often than not because it is faster to set up. My concern is with the mouse that is used to control the control screen. It can be somewhat distracting and a touch screen might be more efficient for future models. Comfort wise, the car is very comfortable, especially with heated seats and adjustable seats and mirrors.

- Amanda N

Lexus rx 350 - great car for comfort and style.

The car is very reliable, the only work it has needed was the result of someone else damaging it (rear ended) or over time needs (new tires). Even at basically ten years old it drives great, and has pretty updated technology. The leather seats (heated and cooled) are great, only downside there is I have light leather and over time they have worn a bit (and picked up some blue coloring from jeans). The back seats are very spacious so we always take my car in a car pool. If something happens and I need to get a new car, I would get the same (newer) model again, or at most the rx 350l (third row!) Because it really does have everything I need.

- Julie S

Comfort as its finest all the bells & whistles for availability extras in 2010.

We have had no problems with our Lexus since we purchased it. We have kept up with all required service our SUV is extremely comfortable both for front seat and back seat passengers. Whenever we do long road trips we choose this hands down because of the comfort level. The driver has access to navigation system, heating and cooling seats in the front, left and right side temperature control for front seat occupants, automatic headlights and auto wipers to name a few. Lexus rx 350 is always the leader in safety which is also extremely important. I highly recommend to anyone considering an rx 350 Lexus.

- JoAnn G

Luxury in tow: how to accept your coolest self.

My Lexus provides a very smooth ride. It has comfortable leather seats with heating and cooling options. While not as updated as later models, the global positioning system and Bluetooth provide helpful, modern touches. There is a large sunroof on the ceiling of the car with automated controls and an easy to use cover. The car has plenty of storage space in the front and on the trunk. The car's sound system is clear with many options, including the capability to hold six compact discs at once. The steering wheel is gorgeous and the look of the car as a whole is stunning.

- Grace G

Lexus rx350 is an awesome car.

My srx 350 is wonderful. It is safe and I feel confident driving it. It is quiet and has a wonderful 6 speaker stereo. The reliability has exceeded my expectations and I would not enjoy another car unless it was a replacement. I service at the dealership. I can work from their lounge, get a manicure and they have complimentary beverages and healthy snacks. It is hard to beat the level of service Lexus provides and the quality of the vehicle. I know it is an older model, but this is the first time I am not itching to buy a new one. It was worth every penny!

- Shelly T

Great family/ road trip car!

There are no problems with this vehicle. It's a great family car, does great on gas! It had heated and cooling seats which make any season comfortable. This car has wireless Bluetooth connection, an aux input, and a place to charge your phones! This would be a great car for road trips, it has lots of space in the back for luggage and any extra stuff that is needed. It also has a small tire kit under the back of the trunk and comes with a first aid kit. I give this vehicle a 10/10.

- Deja G

Loving my 2010 Lexus rx 350.

Lexus makes quality vehicles which I love. The ride is comfortable and the interior is nicely appointed. The heated/cooled front seats make driving in hot or cold weather a pleasure. The sound system is premium and provides options for radio or CD. The back area is roomy with plenty of room for luggage or purchases. The AWD is great for all types of weather. The only problem I have had is that the air conditioning compressor went out and it was expensive to replace.

- Trish J

It is SAFE, This model saved my family's lives. I know I would not be here today if it weren't for us being in a Lexus.

This is my 3rd Lexus SUV. I have had this one for 2 years and it replaces the one that saved my life. My family was in My 2002 Lexus 300 when we were hit by an impaired driver and my neck was broken. I know that the safety features on that Lexus saved my life, and so I definitely want to drive a Lexus from now on. Besides being safe, at 8 years old, I have had no mechanical problems with this vehicle. It drives well, performs and handles well, and looks fantastic!

- Kelly b

Comfort and complete style.

I purchased my Lexus as a brand new vehicle and I have been the primary driver. I have truly enjoyed driving this car and it has been very reliable. It has heated and cooled seats, 4 cup holders within drivers reach if you include the door holder. The seats are electric and help to make a comfortable drive. I also love the memory seats so that when my husband drives it remembers his settings while I can have my own settings.

- Brenda S

A great family car with amazing amenities!

I love my Lexus. It is great for families and putting in car seats. I love all of the amenities and extras that this car has. It is very user friendly and I love the GPS that is built in. I also love the heated and cooled seats which help feel comfortable in the changing seasons. I also like how the front seat can be programmed for individual drivers so that you are not constantly readjusting the seats for each driver.

- Beth H

Most reliable car you will ever own!

We have purchased this car brand new. To date we have only spent money on new tires and oil changes. Interior is still perfect and the car rides just as great as it did when brand new. We have had no breakdowns. We did have an accident and learned more about the Lexus paint job on this car than I ever wanted to know. It is an expensive paint job but overall this is a wonderful car.

- Sharon K

2010 Lexus RX350 - a quality luxury auto

Car has great performance and feels good on the road. Quick acceleration, takes turns very well and has smooth ride. Roomy interior with very comfortable leather seats including rear seats...my 6'5' son sits comfortably in back seat. 2010 Lexus model has good GPS and audio system and just enough bells and whistles. Other than routine maintenance, no major repairs yet.

- Kim B

All around great vehicle no matter what terrain or weather.

The car is extremely comfortable, stylish, and gets pretty good gas mileage as well. It is white, sleek, and drives really well. I have not had any problems with it so far and have driven it for at least 3 years. It is an all around nice car to drive through the city or on the highway. It has plenty of space as well with a back that can hold many bags of groceries.

- Katharine C

Most reliable vehicle I've owned!

I really love this SUV! It is incredibly reliable and comfortable. The car does not seem too outdated even with it being a 2010, it has full navigation and Bluetooth. The gas mileage is not the greatest but that is to be expected with a 6 cylinder vehicle. I don't really have any complaints about the vehicle overall. Definitely will be a Lexus customer for life!

- Sara U

Fun to drive with lots of room.

Very comfortable, loaded with features, fun to drive, handles well, good pickup, responsive, 4 wheel drive but I have had better cars for snow. The gas mileage is not very good. The leather seats have not held up well. The color on the driver and front passenger seat have been rubbed away. The interior color is tan but the seats are now grey.

- Jean M

The surprise of liking the Lexus RX.

Very comfortable, takes premium gas which can be a bit costly. Bluetooth is early tech but still workable. Very comfortable on long drives, good pick up for keeping up with traffic. It's a bit larger of a car, so sometimes that makes parking a bit tricky (more of a comparison with my old CR-V), but all in all an enjoyable car to have/drive.

- Regina G

It's a hybrid! Gas mileage for an SUV is strong. It's great.

Even though my vehicle is 8 years old, I still like how it handles. The engine i still strong and i like all the new amenities that include USB port so I can play my music and a built-in navigation system. Of course now there are much more advanced features such as apple carplay, but i am still very satisfied with what i have.

- Jerry Y

Seats can either be heated or air conditioned. Also have a computer.

I bought it used, but it had one owner and was well taken care of. Runs great.. I have only changed the oil twice and had tires rotated that it. I mostly like it because it is a heavy vehicle and good in the snow. It is all wheel drive but can be put into 4x4 if your get stuck. Also comes with all the bells and whistles.

- Janice L

Great vehicle! My 2nd one!

This is the second Lexus rv I have owned and got 250 thousand miles on my last. So when I was looking for a new vehicle, I started looking for the same kind I had before!! Zero problems in the 3 years I have had this one! Gas mileage could be a little better, but otherwise, I have zero complaints! It is a great vehicle!

- Emily B

Lexus SUV, luxury car for moms!

I love my car it is luxurious and still practical for kids. It also has power everything and leather seats which are easy for clean up. It is a smaller SUV so when you put a stroller in the trunk there is not much room. I also love how well it drives. It is very smooth but the seats are uncomfortable for long trips.

- Bridget D

Long, lasting dependable vehicle.

Very reliable. Have kept up with recommended service. Only bought new tires. Pros: comfortable, dependable, nice looking, feels safe, good amount of cargo space. The dealership has great service. Cons are that gas mileage is not good and the charger parts are way down in the console under storage bins.

- Kay C

I have no further comment.

My vehicle is in good condition and I believe I can use it for a couple more years without having major issues. The only thing is the fender needs to be fixed a bit. Also the car is almost a decade old so I can feel the performance is no longer as it used to be. It is still a reliable car overall.

- Enrico E

My Lexus is my favorite car so far!

The performance is amazing. I have had no problems with it so far. It is a comfortable car to ride in. Leather heated seats and lots of legroom make it comfortable. It is able to make car trips enjoyable and there is plenty of room for luggage. The back seats are just as comfortable as the front.

- Dana F

My vehicle is a 2010 Lexus RX 350, and it is quite reliable

It drives really smoothly. It is always reliable and in working condition. It is also always comfortable, especially after a long day of work. There are many features that I personally enjoy. I don't face many problems with my car. The only one that I do face is that it gets hot pretty easily

- Neil P

A reliable car with plenty of extras.

I have had no mechanical issues with my car since it is been out of warranty. It is so comfortable and has a smooth ride. I love some of the features like the auto-sensing wipers and auto-dimming headlights. One thing I wish it had is the ability to electronically retract the side mirrors.

- Sandy C

My luxury Lexus. Has my favorite feature which is the auto hatchback release.

Love my car. It drives well. Love all features except the large console in between the seats and the coin slot that is hard to get coins out of. My car handles well and I do not have to have lots of maintenance. It is a luxury car so repairs can be expensive if something does go wrong.

- Sabrina J

Comfort and ease of driving.

This is by far the easiest to drive vehicle I have ever driven. Turning is a dream. I feel safe and secure in my car. I like the simplicity of the dash implements. The telephone options are the best with hands free Bluetooth dialing and speaking. I like the safety features.

- Pam P

Lexus 2010 (before the ugly remake)

I love everything except the Eddie Bauer leather which is thin and prone to cracking. GPS, air conditioned, Bluetooth, 5 disk CD changer. Eco mode saves gas. It's rugged in that it can handle rough roads and serious bumps, lifetime warranty for drivetrain and transmission.

- Edward L

I'd buy the same car again.

I have had no mechanical issues with my car since it went out of warranty. I love the comfort and the automatic features (auto bright lights, auto mirror dimming, auto rain sensors, etc. ). I with the side mirrors could be retracted electrically instead of just manually.

- Sandra C

Lexus rx 350 in bright red. Everyone comments on the wonder color.

I have had no problem. I love my car. It is good looking and reliable. I have only done regular maintenance and had no other problems. The only thing I do not love is that it needs synthetic oil and it is expensive. However I realize that makes the car last longer.

- Sue B

It drives extremely well, a very smooth and quiet ride even in the interstate.

I like most things about my car. My favorite thing is the heated and cooled seats, I use that feature frequently. I wish it had more leg room in the back, with 2 car seats it is hard to get the kids in and out especially in our garage. I like how the car drives.

- Tiffany F

It is a reliable, comfortable vehicle to drive.

My Lexus rx 350 is an excellent SUV. It is reliable. Easy to drive. The design and features are great. Lexus is an excellent brand to purchase if shopping for a vehicle. This is my second Lexus vehicle. And plan to purchase another Lexus car within 2 years.

- Andrew B

It is a midsize SUV that is silver.

It has a comfortable ride, it is roomy, and has good cargo space. The back seats fold down for extra cargo space. The gas mileage is average, but it's better on the highway. This particular model does not have built in GPS or other technological features.

- Christina G

The automatic headlights and windshield wipers are a great added feature.

It drives incredibly smooth with plenty of room for my two kids and their booster seats. Trunk space is surprisingly large and I almost forget what it is like to unlock my car doors with keys. The automatic door opener and locking feature is very nice.

- Jennifer H

Quality sound and driver friendly extras.

It has a very smooth ride, quiet, lots of little "extra" features like the drivers automatic seating and steering wheel presets for up to 4 members of the family. The radio and speaker quality is very good. It is easy to park, even in a compact space.

- Diane H

Very reliable, comfortable, great in all weather.

My vehicles performance is great, good in all kinds of weather- snow, rain, etc. The vehicle is extremely comfortable, seats are soft and fits your body. I feel the car is very reliable, haven't had any issues with it the whole 8 years I have had it.

- Kim C

It is a very reliable car and I never have to worry about it breaking down.

It is very reliable and I never have to worry about it breaking down. It drives really smooth. It's the perfect size for what I need, not too big and not too small. The only complaint is that I have to use premium gas and it's more expensive.

- Taylor H

The Lexus RX is reliable and stylish.

I love my car because it is reliable and stylish. If I cannot take it to Lexus to be serviced, I can take it to the parent company, Toyota. Toyota typically has more locations which makes it convenient to go to and longer service hours.

- Jane K

It is dependable and decent looking car.

The Lexus ax is a great car for individuals and families. It is sporty for individuals but also good for family car seats and sport equipment. There should be a bit more power for pick up, example when going on a freeway.

- Sandy C

It works exceptionally well, with no mechanical problems. Just have to do regular maintenance on this vehicle.

I was forced to purchase a car due to an accident which totaled my car. It was suggested by a relative that I buy this car from them as they were buying a new vehicle. It was and is the best car that I have ever owned.

- Joe L

It is a comfortable ride and gas mileage is good. It was a good price for the condition it is in

I like that it was a good price and was used but doesn't look used. I also like the heated & AC seats. The gas mileage is good so I only fill up once a week. I wish the trunk was bigger but it is still a decent size.

- Christine D

It has always been dependable because of the company stands behind Its cars and keeps the customer always first

It drives very smooth and easy and easy to handle. Made well and dependable for 8 years now. Service at the dealership is wonderful, helpful but a little expensive. Road noise on the highway is a little high.

- sally c

That is handles well. It has a really smooth ride and is easy to drive.

I love the way that it looks - sporty yet luxurious. It is a safe care as well. It has great features such a heated/cooled seats and a sunroof. The only kind of downside is not great gas mileage.

- stacey r

Reliable. Good car to own.

The lexus has very comfortable seats, a good a/c and is very has lot of room. I even hauled a motorbike in the back.. It gets good gas mileage for it is size.. This lexus handles very well.

- Bob N

Reliable and Long-living vehicle

I like the longevity of my car. It has required minimal repairs over the last 8 years. I do find it to be uncomfortable and it does not have enough trunk storage for our growing family.

- Sam F

The most important thing to know is that having a nice car cost a nice penny.

I like that my vehicle is a luxury vehicle and is pretty spacious. What i don't like about it is that since it is a luxury vehicle the parts are expensive when needed to be replaced.

- Deanna G

It is a well made car that will last for many years, but it is not inexpensive to repair.

My Lexus is dependable and solidly built. It has many of the conveniences that I appreciate. I know it will last for many years. The only thing I don't like is the cost of repairs.

- Steve K

Reliable and comfortable handles well and can see well out of it.

I love the size and reliability of this vehicle it is very comfortable and has great features the only feature I don't like is the heat and air conditioning is not very responsive.

- Connie H

The balance it possesses of style, performance and reliability.

Our Lexus rx-350 has been extremely reliable. It has tremendous comfort features, such as heated and cooled seating. The Lexus drives great, very smooth ride with plenty of power.

- Greg L

A great car for any working family.

I love my Lexus. It's incredibly roomy and fits our family comfortably. It is great on gas mileage also and gets us from point a to point b without breaking the bank.

- Ashley E

It is very useful. It can be used as a family car or as a utility vehicle.

It is big and has a lot of cargo space which is perfect for the volunteer work that I do. It is easy to drive and requires no maintenance. No complaints .

- Gary M

It has over 115,000 miles and still runs the same as when I first got it.

Super reliable. Good performance. Not very powerful 4 wheel drive, though. Dependable. Expensive to maintain, though. Could have better or more storage.

- Christopher C

Lexus Rx 350 is an overall great vehicle

After nearly 130,000 miles there has been no issues with the engine or transmission at all. The vehicle has several features that are very convenient.

- Chad B

Best SUV on the market, great gas mileage and comfortable. Ride.

Best car I ever own, never any problem for 5 years beside oil changed and brake pads. Very reliable and comfortable. Also very good on regular gas.

- Gene L

If you buy a lexus RX, it's hard to ever buy/switch to another car.

Even though my car is a 2010 model, it has multiple gadgets that new cars now are just getting. It's a super practical car, stylish, and safe.

- Logan G

It has heated seats and leather interior.

It is too big and eats the gas. I don't really like the light blue color seems people cannot see the car when it is bright and sunny outside.

- Chris C

It holds Its value. Completely with the investment.

It is a trustworthy car. Never breaks. Very reliable. Lexus builds comfortable dependable high quality. It is worth the initial investment!!

- Jennifer J

It's very comfortable when traveling in both the front and back seat.

Good reliable car no maintenance issues in 6 years. Very comfortable when on a long trip. Good visibility when traveling in traffic.

- Dan S

It is very reliable and runs great!

This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever had. I have only had to replace the tires and battery. It has been a great car!

- Tamara H

It is very safe and runs very efficiently in terms of fuel economy.

I love the fuel efficiency and the space for both passengers and driver. I love the trunk space and the luxury features it entails.

- James B

The comfortably of the seats.

Love the style and color. Very comfortable and makes traveling easier. Very classy and last a long time in regards to maintenance.

- Rachel M

It is reliable and will last for 10 plus years and is very good in gas.

Recently, the car needed a new water pump and the battery died. Other than that, the car has been very reliable and useful for me

- Mercedes A

This car is very reliable.

I love the keyless entry/lock option. The car is a super smooth ride. I love hands free system in my car. It is very safe car.

- Natalie K

It is very reliable. Very few problems.

I like the interior design of the car. I like the added features. I like how it drives. I like the space inside the vehicle.

- Rachael P

It's a great car, with low maintenance and high reliability.

I love the ride. It's very smooth. I also love the dash, nav system, and the way it just feels like a nice car in general.

- Mike G

Luxury car comfortable ride expensive repairs Better than most other suns arena this class

Comfortable ride luxury interior. Things were going good for the first few years but as time goes in more things are failing

- Paula S

I like the size of the car It fits me well.

Performance has been excellent. Kept up routine maintenance per the manual and had no issues other than wear and tear

- Cheryl P

Great Luxury crossover to fit many needs for all kinds of families.

It's a good and reliable car. I wish it had more cargo space and maybe a third row. It is very tight for our family.

- Stacy W

It very seldom breaks down.

I love the style of it. I also like that it is very dependable. It is very comfortable for traveling. No complaints.

- Karen D

Air Bags all around. Very dependable. Easy to see out of.

Quite, Lasting motor if you service it . Soft leather seats. Almost everything is automatic. Rides a little Ruff.

- Bill w

Luxurious, Comfortable, and Safe and I hardly need to fill my vehicle

The car is really comfortable with lots of room to store all the stuff you need to carry with two young children.

- Dawn N

Smooth ride and handles well on snow.

Comfortable drive. Lots of pockets for purse and essentials. No complaints. Handles well on snow. Heated seats.

- Doree K

Saves on gas. It is an SUV,however, because it is a hybrid, it is very good in gas money wise.

I really like this car. It is very comfortable with three kids. SInce it is a hybrid, it is a very quiet drive.

- Bina H

It is a solid car and reliable.

My only complaint is the expense of upkeep. I do like the reliability and the safety features that are offered.

- Tracy H

It is a hybrid, takes a while to get up to speed.

I love the way it drives. It also has very good steering. Good safety ratings overall. Great car in my opinion.

- Tyler S

Only car available when we were shopping with cooling seats.

It has cooling in the front seats as well as warming! Great for the heat in the south. Very comfortable ride.

- MC S

I love how the sunroof is big and the nice leather seats

It does not have an auxiliary cord which is very frustrating for me because i like to listen to my own music

- Nikki R

You get what you pay for. My car is expensive but it runs great and is high quality

My car is big and spacious. It's comfortable but also stylish. It gets me where I need to go. It runs good

- Anna W

Hybrids are great cars. You should research them and don't believe the naysayers.

It has a simple yet distinctive design. It has a lot of power and handles well. It is excellent on gas.

- Jess R

Nice features inside. I like the way your operate the gps/screen.

I like the size - easy to maneuver and park. I do not like the seats. They are not very comfortable.

- Ronnie K

Best car to Buy is a Lexus.

My car is so reliable, sound and still runs like a million bucks. I love my car forever and forever.

- nancy C

It is sturdy in an accident especially if you are rear ended.

I like the size. I don't like the front bumper; It is hard to put a license plate on. I like the GPS.

- Helen B

I absolutely love it! I love the style , the features and the comfort

It handles beautifully. Also has many safety features. Since she is Ruby Red ,I call her Ruby.

- Joan L

it is environmentally friendly, it's a safe vehicle, i feel safe in it

I like that it's Hybrid, i get good gas mileage, it has satellite radio for now, looks good

- Paula W

The Lexus RX350 represents affordable and reliable luxury,

I like everything about my vehicle. It provides a very smooth ride. It "feels" luxurious.

- Mike r

very reliable and everyone is impressed. I like the color of black also

it has been great to drive RX350 lexus. I like the handling and how it can go on snow. :)

- Helen V

It's worth the price you pay for the comfort and safety offered by a Lexus.

I love the ride. It makes me feel safe. It's the most comfortable car I've ever owned.

- deb s

Sound vehicle and very reliable. Feel safe and has style

I like the reliability and style of the Lexus SUV. I don't like the poor gas Mileage

- Mike C

Reliable and luxurious and you get what you pay for.

It is smooth to drive. It is roomy and saves gas. I like the reliability of Lexus.

- Ngoc B

Only complaints are premium gasoline and had to replace fuel pump at 49,000 miles

Love the size and the fact that it is a hybrid and it gets 25 miles per gallon

- Karen H

It is reliable and gets me where I want tongon

It takes regular gas. It is reliable and I love the smooth ride that it has

- Joe S

My car is dependable and modern and very quiet to drive.

I love how smooth it drives and how luxurious it makes me feel driving it.

- Era K

rides comfortable gets good gas mileage quiet ride looks good

comfortable seating good gas mileage quiet windows good air conditioning

- pat a

It keeps my family and myself safe.

It drives well. It sits high up. I feel safe and I like the look of it.

- Jessica W

I love that it has a built in navigation system and backup camera. I don't think I will ever be satisfied with something other than a Lexus because it rides so smooth. The only thing that drives me crazy sometimes is the automatic windshield wipers when they don't work like I feel like they should.

It is the most comfortable and smooth riding vehicle I have ever owned!

- Heather T

it's safe and and never has any major mechanical issues.

the only complaint is the charge connection is in the middle console

- angela c

Comfortable drive, reliable, well made car. Great customer service.

Good gas mileage, Good driving vehicle, Radio skips at times.

- Kim S

It's hybrid, very comfortable to drive, but doesn't have online navigation

Very comfortable, but not good mileage and online navigation

- Madhulika S

There is little maintenance required other than oil changes.

It is easy to handle. It hugs the road. It is comfortable.

- Donna G

Comfortable beautiful and good going I like it very much

Great car i like it it's very comfortable and beautiful

- Sonia M

It is a very reliable and safe car

I have no complaints. Very reliable car. I love my car

- Charlene L

Comfortable and dependable.

I have been very happy. Uses a lot of gas though.

- Lori B

excellent Quality and good style

Driving smooth Low noise Excellent quality

- elane W