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2011 Lincoln is an Amazing Car fully loaded

I have had few problems with the Lincoln until recently. The car is very comfortable, with air conditioner for both driver and passenger, electric seats, sun roof, great navigation system, sirius radio, you can talk to the radio and navigation system. hands free. Hands free phone as well. Leather seats. For the size of the car the trunk is not huge. Low air in tires has been very helpful since I have had this issue many times. Currently having engine problems. Mechanic is still trying to smooth out the engine. I have about 118,000 miles. Once that is cleared up, the car will be in great shape. Note. Ire car is very big. My will not drive it because of its size. One other amazing feature, the car will park itself when it finds an empty space on the street. Hands free. Blows people away

- Henry W

Comfort and safety as well as performance. I spend a lot of time in the car, and these are the most important things I look for.

It is the perfect car for my daily commute. Plenty of legroom and comfortable seating. I drive at least 2 hours a day, and more for my job. I feel safe as my car has been hit twice with minor damage to the car. I live in the Midwest where changing weather conditions are the norm. I have never had a problem with snow or rain. The car now has 140,000 miles and I don't want to replace it. It is the first 6 cylinder car I have owned and can't believe the power it has on the road.

- Bill K

My car is a hybrid that regularly gets about 35 miles to the gallon, which means that I spend a lot less time at the gas station.

I bought a hybrid vehicle, and that is what I like most about it. I travel about 40+ miles each day and having a hybrid is very handy, mostly because I dislike having to stop for fuel. The vehicle has most of the features that I would want. If I had bought it new, I might have explored blind-spot alert or a rear-view camera display (it does have a rear-view camera, but it only causes a beeping - no computer screen to see behind).

- Kristen B

The hybrid engine works efficiently and quietly to give you both a quiet and fuel efficient ride.

The features of the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid are top of the line. I have been able to get higher than the standard MPG. It has a moonroof, heated and cooled leather seats, back up camera, cruise control, navigation, SiriusXM radio and the back is spacious enough in the back to fit my kids comfortably. It does not waste space; it doesn't feel like driving a boat despite the interior spaciousness.

- Megan W

It is a Ford Fusion underneath everything, but the upgrades in the Lincoln package make the car feel much more robust.

I find my car very comfortable, and it handles very well in many types of conditions. The features in the car are reasonable for the technology integrated. I have had what seem like a greater number of issues than usual with the car, like both led brake lights failing, at different times, suspension issues, and the passenger side power window motor failing.

- Brad S

My current vehicle is a tuxedo black color.

This vehicle has not given me any problems, has been a high performance vehicle and extremely dependable. It is comfortable and has many fine features. I previously had a 2001 Lincoln ls which was very similar to my current vehicle. I drove it over 100, 000 miles and my current vehicle has just over 60, 000 miles and I expect to drive it to 100, 000 also.

- Bobbie B

The compressor is out on the mustang and also the Lincoln.

The Lincoln maze 2011 is luxury vehicle and very nice. And runs great. 2011 Ford mustang 5. 0 sporty and when we drive it we are out to have fun in it. Its very nice also and inside is nice. The compressor is out in both the mustang and also the Lincoln. How crazy only heat works in both until I get it fixed.

- Barry L

It has both heated and cooled seats.

I love the heated and cooled seats. The navigation system is great stays current etc. It is easy to drive, I have had no problems at all. I always do normal maintenance. I really love the phone and computer access. My car has a sunroof and leather seats. This car has a large trunk.

- Rebecca B

Lincoln mkz is reliable and dependable.

The mkz is a great family vehicle has lots of room. Also has great fuel economy. The 3. 5l v6 gives a good amount of power and the handling is also very tight it rides very comfortably. I would highly recommend purchasing one if you are looking for a new vehicle.

- John R

2011 mkz. Still gives the newer models a run for their money!

Idles rough while not in park (common I guess). Seats have cooling feature I love in the summer! Spacious, comfortable seats. Smooth ride. Stereo sounds nice. No performance issues, keeps up with the new cars. Has been reliable since the day I got it.

- Tiffany M

Looks good, drives good and feels good

I have a 2011 Lincoln MKZ and I love it. Performance is great and a very comfortable car. The features in the car are also very nice like the sunroof which is great for an evening drive. The gas mileage is good alas as I get about 23 miles per gallon.

- Ray G

The safety features are a plus.

I like the dependability of not having to worry about the car breaking down. I love the luxury features making for a good driving experience. I especially love the safety features.

- Flavia B

It surprises others that it is a hybrid ... both because of the year of manufacture and the manufacturer itself.

As a hybrid, it combines both luxury and economy. It has been a solid vehicle for over seven years. And, it was one of the best purchase decisions we have made.

- Richard S

It gets good gas mileage especially on the highway

I like it is awd, sunroof, heated and cooling seats, It is comfortable. I don't like the navigation system. It sometimes takes me on non highway roads.

- diane h

I love how comfortable my car is and how nice it is on the inside.

I love everything about my car but if there was one thing I disliked about it is probably all the money I have to put in for the little details.

- Jessica D

It is very reliable. I have never had any issues with my car working.

I love my Lincoln.It drives wonderfully. The heater and AC work very well. It is a stylish car that gets me where I need to go.

- Cynthia S

Lincoln Quality - comfortable ride and great looking car

Great for comfort and performance. Reliable and decent gas mileage. Paint chipping on front of vehicle, don't like that

- Danielle M

Love car,change heated seat option

Overall I love my car.I wish I could change the heated seat so that I could just heat the back part and not the seat.

- Virginia F

My MKZ has been reliable, with only minimal service on normal wear parts, and very few failures

It is reliable, has good safety features, even though it is 7 years old. It is not as comfortable as it could be.

- Stu R

Really good on gas. Nice radio display.

More uncomfortable features when trying to drive and change station. The way it's set up is hard to reach.

- Danielle W

It has all wheel drive, and its ideal for people who live in snowy locations.

I love the heated and air conditioned seats, the only thing I dislike is the black leather in the hot sun.

- Mark M

That it is reliable and I have had very little car trouble.

Ilke that it is the color red. It has a lot of people. I wish that it had more technology such as a GPS.

- Sara B

Dependable and comfortable.

I love the comfort and how smoothly it rides and drives. It is great on gas and extremely dependable.

- Dawn W

It is easy to maintain and my husband takes care of all of that.

My vehicle is easy to maintain. It is easy to drive and operate. It is not a gas drinker.

- De'Borah B

Even though it is a SUV it is very comfortable to ride in.

It is a very comfortable car. I enjoy driving it., but it is a gas guzzler.

- Paula A

great gas mileage and very smooth easy riding and looks nice

It is great on gas mileage very easy riding nice looking car

- kathy w

We bought it from an insurance auction. It has a salvage title.

My car is very comfortable, drives well, and looks great!

- Lisa J

Good gas mileage and drives smoothly. Like mid size.

Love way it drives. Good on gas. Undercarriage noisy

- Patricia T