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Comfortable, stylish, reliable, vehicle, but can be costly repair wise.

My 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a great vehicle. It's stylish, and has many features that make me comfortable. It has seat and steering wheel warmers for the cold winter months, and seat coolers for the hot summers. The seat position memory makes it easy to just jump in and go, and the seat adjust on it's own based on your programmed preferences. The audio system has a great sound. My favorite safety feature is when an object is in the range of the backup camera, it makes a beeping sound to alert you. The AWD makes for a very smooth, and comfortable drive. The only con I've experienced with my car is that repairs can be costly. The system is mostly electrical, and when one thing isn't working properly, it affects a lot of other things.

- Sierra N

2013 Lincoln MKZ beautiful car!

I love this car! I love the comfort, the speed, the gas mileage and all the features. It easily seats 4 people of average size and height. My husband is very tall so whoever sits behind him does not have much leg room. It has all the features you would expect from a Lincoln. Leather seats that are heated and cooled although I do not love the cool feature. Kinda feels weird. Backup camera and large screen if you use that. It includes navigation which is a nice feature, voice control for just about anything you can think of throughout the car. Electric seats on both driver and passenger front seat. All in all it is a very nice car. I love it.

- Laura N

My 2013 Lincoln MKZ, an amazing vehicle.

I really like my car. It handles really well and the assisted driving feature is probably one I my favorite things about the vehicle. The gas mileage is great and the sound system is amazing. The warranty is the best I have ever received and ford has always honored the terms of it even helping me with a rental car. Everything is electronic in the vehicle and another thing I like is the windshield has a rain sensor so that when it starts to rain or gets too wet your windshield wipers automatically come on to help with visibility on the road. The sensors help with parking and making sure that everyone is safe and there are no wrecks.

- Jordan S

My 2013 Lincoln car, best car ever

I love my 2013 MKZ, everywhere I go the car turns heads, plus the smooth black leather interior with the push button start is amazing. I have had this vehicle for over 4 years and the car has ran pretty good with routine maintenance. I did noticed that during the second year of owning this vehicle we did have to get the turbo replaced which cost me close to 2000 dollars but this was covered under the warranty at the time, other than that the car has been amazing and I would recommend the 2013 Lincoln MKZ to anyone wanting to drive a unbelievably beautiful machine.


The amazing power of the Lincoln.

I haven't had any problems with my Lincoln. It's a wonderful vehicle. It has heat and massage in the front and back seats. It has a heated steering wheel and heated mirrors. It has Wifi and Bluetooth. It has a backup camera and lets you know if there's something behind you. It has blind spot detection. It also has lots of power. It can go from 0 to 100 in 30 seconds. And the control is unbelievable. It get 28 to 32 miles to the gallon.

- Susie W

Best semi-luxury vehicle of 2013

I love my Lincoln MKZ. Problems with my vehicle are unsynced Bluetooth occasionally, and wrong gas remaining indicator. The performance is smooth and super quiet. It has been a completely reliable car for almost 3 years of ownership and I definitely recommend it. Comfort is off the charts with the leather and AC cooled seats, as well as heated seats. And the amazing factory radio has incredible sound

- William N

Comfort, style, and technology.

I love this car. The seats are comfortable. They are heated and cooled and completely adjustable. It has a heated steering wheel. It has a backup camera and blind spot detection. It gets 28 to 32 miles to the gallon. Has lots of legroom in the front and in the back. It also has a huge truck. The back seats let down so you can haul large items. And it has four wheel drive.

- Susan W

I love my Lincoln and the Lincoln brand! The best car I've own so far.

I love everything about my vehicle and it is very comfortable to drive. The push buttons were very easy to get used to, the blind spot alert is great, the back-up camera is a big plus to help see what is behind me. The only issue I have is that the front end of the car is low, so it may scrub on the pavement when driving out of a steep driveway.

- Carol L

Mkz love the heated cooled seats

2013 Lincoln mkz rides beautifully. Many people compliment the vehicle and it is 5 yrs old. Comfortable for long trips. Plenty of room for luggage and all the other stuff you carry on vacation. Car handles very well and has great pick up. Love the heated/cooled seats and blind spot detector in mirrors. Also heated steering wheel.

- Cindy F

I am happy with my vehicle

I haven't had major issues yet. I actually like the car and how well it performs. I have put a lot of miles on it due to it being my primary vehicle. I would recommend the vehicle and give a positive review to anyone who asked about it. The seats could be a little bit more comfortable, but that is about it.

- Bailey S

Color and window tint combo really matches the rims.

Nice ride with good pick up and looks sharp. Handles like a sports car with 4 doors. All wheel drive really helps in bad weather and I really like the back up camera, voice commands controls for the phone radio and temperature. Full moon roof that opens all the way.

- Salvatore B

Comfortable and easy-to-use.

The battery died recently. This was about after about four years of driving the vehicle. The battery was very expensive to replace, and it lasted an average amount of time. The performance of the car is great. Very comfortably and has easy-to-use features.

- Matthew P

Great details about Lincoln sedan.

My Lincoln maze has not given me any problems I have had to take it in for recalls, it has been a great car I have no complaints with it. Lincolns are great family vehicles their safe ride very good you need to keep them maintenance like oil changed etc.

- Ashley F

I think I get great gas mileage. On highway traffic, I can get up to 30 miles per gallon.

I have no complaints. This ride is smooth. I get twenty four miles a gallon with stop and go traffic. I use regular gas with a V6 engine. The seats and steering wheel are heat and air-conditioned. I also have a sunroof.

- Donna P

It is worth the expense. and I will pay for these extras on the next car or truck I buy.

I enjoy the backup camera because it makes parking easier. The sensor in front bumper when in cruise control auto brakes when you get too close to cars in front of you. The fuel economy is good .

- russell g

It is really comfortable. I love it.

I like the comfort. I love the look of the vehicle. I love the technology in the vehicle. I love how the vehicle communicates via Wi-Fi to let me know how the vehicle is running.

- Jose V

I love my Lincoln mkz. Great detailing on interior. Classic Lincoln comfort.

No problems! Love the design and comfort. My first hybrid and will not be my last. I would recommend the Lincoln mkz hybrid.

- Jennie W

Gas mileage is 24 mpg. It has a turbo and is 4 cylinders. The car rides smoothly with little noise.

I love that it is comfy. I like that is has good gas mileage. I love the color and the seats that cool. No dislikes yet.

- Jason H

It is not a good car on gas so city driving is bad but also long distance sometimes is still bad.

I constantly have it in the shop for issues. The car is made my Ford which sucks. The dealership doesn't respect me.

- Brittany C

It drives very well on the highway and in traffic, even in rainy weather.

I like it because even though it is a 2013 it is a modern enough design to still look newer than some 2018 models.

- Elizabeth K

Lane change light and backup camera.

It has all the options that anyone would want. Love the lane change light and backup camera. Comfortable to drive.

- Carol J

It has a smooth ride and can take off very quickly.

I enjoy my Lincoln mkz it has a very smooth ride and accelerates very quickly, is good on gas, has a moonroof.

- donna p

To take care of it because it is the nicest car out there.

Love the radio. Love the feel. I do not dislike anything. It's a great car. The seats are so nice. Love it.

- Kayla M

Affordable and good on gas mileage for the type of car.

I like the color. I like the gas mileage. Lastly I like the options.

- Richard D

Best car I've ever owned. Great styling, power, electronics and comfort.

I love the styling, the power, the comfort and the electronics

- Douglas S

no complaints. comfortable ride. looks good. good mileage

no complaints. looks good. nice ride.very comfortable

- iya d