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It can accommodate two wheelchairs without detracting from passenger space.

I like that our SUV can stow 2 wheelchairs in the back, that's a must for us. The moon roof is nice, and I'm definitely in favor of the dark tint on the windows. The back seat is comfortable enough to nap in, and I like the general shape of the vehicle. The only complaints I can think of off hand is that replacing the headlight bulb is so damnably awkward, you have to take the whole freaking fender out, the fact that there are three different size windshield wipers isn't awesome, and the lumbar support in the driver's side seat is about two inches too low to actually do any good. Otherwise everything is dandy.

- Amanda K

Reliable and efficient Japanese wonder!!

I really love my Mazda CX-7, is a very reliable and efficient car. The interior space is very nice, the fold-able back sits allow for extra cargo space in the back of the car, making it a very useful utility vehicle. Is very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. I haven't had any mechanical issue yet, but I think as long as you service it regularly you shouldn't have any problem. To bad they don't make them anymore, otherwise I would definitely get a newer version of it.

- Alejandro C

This car has the perfect size trunk for my needs.

I love my cx-7!! It is spacious and has a large trunk. My Mazda runs great and I get good gas mileage for what I use my car for (to and from work and school, average 25 miles). The car sits higher like most SUVs but does not look or feel large, I am able to have conversations with the people in the back seat without feeling like they cannot hear me. I love this car so much and recommend it to everyone.

- Kelsey M

Reliable and versatile - excellent value for the small/midsize SUV segment.

It was a very good value in terms of features and cost and has been very reliable. I wish I had opted for the bigger engine. I also am not happy with the headlights - I've had to replace bulbs several times and they're not cheap. After 8 years it's starting to squeak a bit but it's otherwise very reliable. I'd buy another Mazda but perhaps a larger one.

- Even P

You can't go wrong with a Mazda

I really like my car. This is the second Mazda I've owned and I've never had problems with either of them. My car drives extremely well and comfortably both in city and highway. Both the interior and exterior have held up great. My car is spacious inside leaving lots of legroom. I have zero complaints about my vehicle.

- Tory A

Runs and drives smooth. Has been maintenance free.

No problems with this car. Brought it brand new. Still looks brand new. Rides and drives excellent. Keep oil changed regularly. Mazda vehicles are a good choice. I hate they no longer make cx7. Next time I purchase, it will probably be a cx 9. It pays to buy a new vehicle. This one has been maintenance free.

- Kathy S

I love the heated seat feature.

I love the leather seats, the heated seat warmers, the car drives smooth. The comfort is great, lots of space in the back seats and the trunk. I love the Bluetooth feature, very helpful while driving, I like the wide view of my windshield, the small is compact while being both very spaces o n the inside.

- Vivian H

Great gas mileage affordable crossover.

Being a 4 cylinder sometimes it struggles. I would suggest getting the 6 cylinder. Love the gas mileage. Not uncomfortable. Drove from ft Lauderdale to an hour north of Denver never had one problem. Not even $40 to fill up when gas is high. Majority of the time 22 miles in town... I have 115,000 miles.

- Lindsey C

Good car and no problems with it.

I have had no trouble with my car except I just had a blinker replacement. It gets good gas mileage. It is never left me stranded except a blowout. I just get regular oil changes and new tires when I need them. I just got a new battery after three years and it was still under warranty so it was free.

- Sally E

It is a solid automobile that works well.

It is very reliable. It works well I have no issues. I like that it does well on gas and I have never had any breakdowns are car troubles. The car is good on gas the interior is nice I like the Bluetooth I like the drive I like the interior I like the exterior I like the way it rarely breaks down.

- Chris G

The camera save me money by reducing minor accidents.

My car is just great. For the first time I have a car with a back up camera, which helps me a lot when it comes to parking. My car is also comfortable to drive and it is great on gas/mileage. I love SUVs and have been driving this type of car since the very start. I would never change that. .

- Jacqueline S

I like my vehicle - Mazda q7.

I like my car a lot. I feel it's a very reliable vehicle. I drive my car for 6 years now and I have never had any complaints about it. Mazda q7 is a good car for city and the mountains. I also like how big the trunk is. I have done several road trips and I never had any problems with my car.

- Kate H

Mazda cx 7 car performance review car owner.

It drives very nice and smooth . No problems, it runs very well I love it its great for fitting 5 people 3 in back two in the front, trunk is not too big for my jogger stroller. It looks great its a mini SUV it's great to fit in compact parking spots and great size for a first time buyer.

- Andrea G

It is a great family car and vehicle if you are single.

I love it my vehicle it drives great in city or on highway. Great mileage and very reliable. I love my heated seats, sound system by Bose and all other features. I wish that this model had something like OnStar other than that no complaints. It is quite fast so be careful on the gas.

- Bonita F

I love that when I turn it on it says hello & when I turn it off it says goodbye.

I have never had any problems with the vehicle until recently since it is about 8 years old and parts with wear/tear are more difficult and more costly to obtain. The car is super comfortable and spacious. Very reliable, and Mazda dealerships always have great customer service.

- Beatrice F

My Mazda cx-7 is a very reliable ride.

My Mazda cx-7 is a great car and very reliable. This car has seen a lot in my few years owning it and has always been easy to understand and made me feel safe. She has a few scratches and small dents. She has been owned by smokers and used for animal transport at times.

- Kara C

A sleek white. Sport utility vehicle.

minimal to no problems with this vehicle. This Mazda cx-7 has been beyond very reliable. My kids love it, my girlfriend loves it. Drives super smooth. Beautiful design. Very spacious and decent on gas. Without a doubt Mazda is improving. Definitely would buy another!

- Austin M

The benefits of the Mazda cx-7.

I like the reliability of my vehicle and how low maintenance it is and good on gas. I like that it is a comfortable car with pretty good features. I wish that it had a sunroof. The only problem I have with this car is the speed is kind of slow on the highway.

- Denise T

Mazda crossover review 2010.

Like lots of things about the car, Bose speaker system, turbo package, leather seats, relatively reliable, however, only takes premium gasoline which is something I do not like. Make has issues with tire wear due to factory rims which has also been an issue.

- Jason A

The company and reliable Mazda SUV.

The Mazda cx-7 is a wonderful reliable vehicle for any individual and I would highly recommend it to everyone. As long as the oil is changed and brakes you have a vehicle that will last. The only thing that needed to be changed regularly is the tires.

- Mario H

Would not purchase this. Vehicle again.

Touchy gas pedal. Bad breaks. Multiple sensor issues and other repairs needed. Poor handling. Like the appearance, size and rear space. Minimal features. Purchased used in 2012, it is comfortable for driver and passenger. Would not purchase again.

- Amy A

It is very comfortable! I would definitely buy another Mazda!

I love my car! It has a very smooth ride and it is very comfortable. I can easily fit other people in my car and I have a good-sized trunk. I am very sad that my model has been discontinued or I would get another one.

- Elaine F

It looks like an SUV but it handles and drives like a car.

I really like my car because it drives well like a car. It controls really well and the brakes are strong after we tuned it up. A very good quality suv with decent mileage. Feels good to drive.

- Tao K

The handling on the road makes it feel more like a care but because it's an suv you have more visual area.

I like that it is an sub that is manageable in size but very sporty feel. It rides well and handles the road great! If they still made the same model I would consider repurchasing.

- Maricela M

I am surprising happy that I bought this car. I expected more problems at 100k miles. But the car continues to serve above expectations.

The car is: attractive, good driving dynamics, comfortable, good on gas and reliable. I wish it had 30 more hp and the road noise was better. I hope to drive it much longer.

- Kl G

The car is reliable it will last for years.

I like that my vehicle has lasted 8 years without any major issues and is comfortable. I hate that the lights have melted on the plastic and I can not see that well at night.

- Marie R

It's a dependable car, to own and to drive. Easy to maintain.

It's been a dependable car, we've only needed to do minimal maintenance, beyond the basic maintenance. It's comfortable, space is perfect for us. It's reasonable gas mileage.

- Patti B

Very good buy. Wouldn't trade it for another. Zoom zoom.

I get very good gas mileage, especially on the highway. I never had any engine problems. Just the usual maintenance that I have to do, changing, oil, filters, rotating tires,

- Dee B

This car is able to adapt to any situation you have!

I love my vehicle. It has plenty of room for me to tote groceries home or boxes to and from craft fairs. I never get stuck in snow or ice. The sound system is great!

- Liz C

CX-7 Doesn't like headlights being used

Lights are constantly having to be replaced. It is good for long trips with kids. Has good gas mileage. It is big so harder to find parking spot in crowded areas.

- Jeanette d

It's reliable and hand nice pick up for a four cylinder.

She goes zoom, zoom. I've never had any major problems with the vehicle. The only complaint I have is a blind spot between the windshield and right front door.

- michael l

it comfortably fits four people, five if they are kids.

I love my car, it has a moon roof, electric heated seats, and bluetooth. It's not big enough for my family anymore. I need something with 3 rows of seats now.

- Crystal K

It has been a great vehicle with no major issues since I have purchased it

It has been great. I needed a vehicle that had good storage room, that I fit in (I am 6'5") and that was not low to the ground. I really enjoy this vehicle.

- Brian H

It's very reliable and cost you less.

I love my car, because even it's 8 years old, nevertheless it runs very fine. No major problem and run perfect. It's well built and roomy. It was big hit.

- miyuki s

It is a reliable car with no frills. Simple and easy to use.

I like the good gas mileage and the fact that it is easy to drive. It is very comfortable to me, but my husband has a hard time getting in and out.

- Michelle O

It has given me excellent service.

Bought the car new dec 2009. Had excellent service from it. Very few problems only minor ones normal wear and tear. Would buy another one if needed.

- Bette L

This vehicle has leather interior and a great sound system.

I like the space this vehicle has. It has good gas mileage and is perfect for my family size. It also has a lot of airbags to keep my family safer.

- Tania H

There times when it has slow pick up on the highway and check the oil levels often.

There is a problem of having to replace the bulbs for the headlights almost every 6 mos. Replacing those bulbs could be difficult to reach as well.

- Teffin C

it gets great gas mileage

It is a little smaller than what I am used to. It runs great and gives me good gas mileage. It is a comfortable car and maneuvers great

- Art g

a first it did have engine issues and there are several recalls on it.

It is a great car it tends to have engine issues though it has a Bose surround sound system leather seats and easily maintained.

- Lynn E

I will drive it until it is not worth fixing.

I like the way my cx-7 drives and turns. The dynamics are excellent. The engine is somewhat underpowered but not excessively.

- Keyl M

It is not very comfortable to ride in.

It is a little smaller in the trunk than I would like. Also I wish it had a better radio. The radio is hard to get service.

- Brandon G

The most important thing to know about my car is that its low maintenance.

I like that my vehicle is low maintenance.. I dislike that it is not a four wheel drive. I like it is inexpensive on gas..

- Carolyn T

It takes a few drives to get used to the gas and brake sensitivity.

I like that it feels secure and safe. I dislike that the gas and breaks are very sensitive. I like the space and storage.

- Nina H

It's a fun car to drive. It handles well in bad weather conditions.

The car gets very good gas mileage. I have had only a few issues with it but when it needs to be fixed it can be costly.

- Greg M

It is suitable to our needs. So in finding a car, find something that's suits you.

I love our Mazda. Its an SUV type. Works great with my family. Only that the gas is a bit expensive. 48$ full tank.

- Cherry Ann M

The features that you access from steering wheel.

I like the drive its smooth. Plenty of features easily accessible. There is a lot of room. I have plenty of space.

- John F

Bluetooth feature is nice. I like being hands free.

I rides nice on long trips. Roomy. Reliable. Handles well around curves. Fits 4-5 comfortably. Easy to maintain.

- Rita D

Mazda brand is one of the most beautiful and comfortable car, I recommend it.

Nothing wrong with my car, I love it is a good car full loaded and comfortable, this is a good gas saver too.

- Hicham M

It has 80,000 miles so it's not worth taking the time to steal.

It's comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. It's taller than a sedan, but still small enough to easily park.

- Heather D

It is good on gas and has leather seats.

I do not think that is rides comfortably, and the back seat is small, it is not ideal for someone with kids.

- Brandon G

reliable and very good looking

very reliable and good looking car with normal fuel consumption. also it provides security for my family

- Kursad O

That the vehicle has good mileage and works really well

The vehicle is really comfortable, there are very minimal problems, and its performance is really good.

- Brandon G

It is smooth to drive and handles very well. It is also good in rain and snow.

I wish the low beam headlights were brighter. I also wish the back up cam screen were a little larger.

- Jessie H

We had one recall on our car. But already fixed. Something small if i remember right.

I love our vehicle, small enough so it's great on gas,, but big enough to haul things around.

- Sheila M

I purchased car in 2010 and it has been so reliable and have not had any major issues with it.

I like the color I like the Crossover model Its very dependable Interior is OK

- Martie J

Mazda makes quality and reliable cars. Their cars have good designs.

I like the color and size of my vehicle. It's easy to drive.

- sireeta t

It is paid for and it is in great mechanical condition.

It is paid for. It is dependable. It still looks good.

- Cedric L

Instead of the lower model get the one with climate control.

It is a good car but the air conditioning is weak.

- Allyson L