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My mazda meets all my needs.

My car is small and cute. It handles rally well and is very easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It has excellent gas mileage. It has require very little maintenance in the 8 years since I bought it used at carmax. It is micah Blue laser which is a very attractive color. Mostly oil changed is all that it needs regularly. It has lasted a longitud time and is still in great working condition. It has a pretty good sized backseat even though it's a small car. It fits my twins car seats easily. The trunk is Also a good size as well and I can usually fit all my groceries inside. It is a very attractive car and appeals to both men and women. I love it and would definitely purchase another mazda if I were looking to buy another vehicle.

- Charity I

The Mazda 3 has been dependable and reliable. The most important thing you can ask from a car.

The Mazda 3 has been a very reliable and dependable car. I have not had to get any major work done except for replacing my shocks and replacing the fan for the air conditioning. The interior is very decent. For a car from 2004, it gets great gas mileage. It's a 4 cylinder, so power is not its strongest asset, but one of my number one priorities for a car is dependability. The 2 Mazda's I've owned in my life have been some of the most reliable cars I've owned and the least amount of issues and work to maintain. The only thing is I'm 6'4 and now that I got kids and car seats, I don't have a lot of room anymore, but your average person won't have to worry about that.

- Matthew H

The check engine light in the Mazda 3 series mostly turns out to be more air in the gas tank. Make sure the gas cap is screwed on tight every time you fill up!

I love the look of my vehicle. It's cute and sporty, plus it's a stick shift, so I feel like I'm driving around a small sports car! It drives and handles well, but there are 2 things I dislike about the car. The check engine light likes to come on and go off randomly for no reason. I've had it checked and there's no real reason why it turns on except that there's more oxygen in the gas and that the gas tank cover needs to be screwed on tighter, which it is Everytime. Second is the electrical box malfunctions from time to time, causing my tail lights to not work. I give it a whack and they turn back on though! Other than that, I am happy with my car.

- Melissa M

It has the feel of a sports car with the size and luxury of a sedan.

The engine in this vehicle is amazing. It can get to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. With all that power it still provides a very smooth and controlled ride. The braking system is very punctual and absorbs the force when slowing down. If you can get past the noise when zooming down the highway the sunroof is one my favorite features this coming from a person who just owned a two-door drop-top. It's a excellent way to get some air without cranking the ac or letting down your window blowing things around the car. The location of the gear shift is great giving the car a more sporting feel with the size and luxury of a sedan.

- Ronald H

Great first car. It's a little beat up but with a through mechanical check up, it can run for 100k more miles. Nothing fancy but definitely will get you where you want to go. The mazda3 is a sturdy little car!

It is fine but it's older and has some mechanical problems that are hard to diagnose. I also moved to a place with a harsher winter and I'm not sure I trust it in the snow and ice as it has never been tested. However it is a sturdy car that has held up to all of the miles I've put on it (about 60k) and it's gotten me from point a to point b. But I would like to get a newer "used" car that is more suited to my new location and lifestyle. My vehicle is very much a great college car not adult, commuter car.

- Leah C

More fun to drive than you might think.

I love my Mazda 3 hatchback because it is super fun to drive! It hugs the curves in the road and has more get up and go than you might expect. I have never had a hatchback before, but it didn't take long for me to see the advantages. I can get my new bike in the back, no problem. It is also great for everyday activities like grocery shopping as well. The seats are very comfortable and stylish for those long road trips. All in all, I would recommend Mazda to anyone.

- Sheri C

It's great for a non American vehicle very reliable.

It's a good reliable car and has been steady going even though it should of went out already. It has a good clutch and its comfortable does good in bad weather its a foreign car so the features are great but it's a rare year so it's hard to find parts that need to be fixed for repair but has been easily repaired no big issues yet wrong with it even though has a lot of miles on it.

- Honestly S

Mazda 3 is a great car, you should check into it

I've had my car for 3 years. It's never ran hot on me or died on me . It's great on gas. I put a full tank and last me almost 2 weeks depending on what I have scheduled. It's defined as a sports car. It goes fast, it has different gear changing settings but is automatic. It's all black interior and silver details.

- Sarah G

It�s most likely best used for parts

Well both the back and front bumper is very loose. The back door to the right won't open. The seats are a little turned up and stained, the ac doesn't work so well. Windshield wipers need to be replaced. The e brake isn't the best on this car. And the back window is so blurry even cleaning won't help.

- Mariana U

My favorite thing about my car is it has a worldwide known name as zoom zoom.

I love my car! Its little and moves fast but I can also fit anything in it! Seats are comfy and it's easy to drive. Inside isn't complicated to work. The only thing is when the ac is on it doesn't pick up very fast. Sometimes it stalls if I've been in park for a long time. The sound system is great.

- Tori A

Mazda 3, great performance

I have not had any performance, reliability, comfort or feature issues. For the year 2004, there weren't a lot of electronic features as with the new cars of today. With regular maintenance, vehicle rides very well and with the speed limits in Texas being 70+ mph the performance is great.

- Diane Y

She Gets Me Where I'm Going

Well, she's a really old car in this day and age so she's developed a few issues. The engine lights is always on, no matter what I do. But aside from that I love the flow of air and heat, it can go from breezy to warm in a snap. The sunroof is another bonus, even though I don't use it much.

- Ayanna Y

Sticking to Mazda for a while.

I currently drive the Mazda 3 and the year of the car is 2004. I have had the car for 4 years now and have not had any major issues. It is always drives smooth and has held up through all the miles I put on it. I always wanted to get a reliable Honda but I think I may stick with Mazda’s.

- Bradley D

Good car not a sports car or family car.

Mine is a manual, engine has no torque whatsoever. The transmission grinds in 3rd and 1-2 gears are so far apart you have to stop to downshift to 1st. It is not a family car, no room for two car seats in the back. The radio went out shortly after getting the car, which is a common problem.

- Amber P

Mazda 3: great car for anyone.

My vehicle is thankfully very good. I haven't had any major issues with it, just tire replacements, oil changes, the usual. The gas mileage is also really good on my car. It is very comfortable, I am to control the temperature and everything easily. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Elizabeth T

Good reliable vehicle that gets you where you need to go.

My car has held up really good, no major problems. It is kind of small so if you have kids or pets it is not very good. The power steering had a recall but was taken care of right away. Mazda is really good about taking care of their customers. All in all it is a good reliable vehicle.

- Olivia M

Mazda 3 Mechanical Issues

For the past few years I have had a few mechanical issues. I have had to replace the alternator multiple times(the first time it was defective). The lights are also getting really dim when I am driving at night & probably have to be replaced now. Other then that it runs smooth.

- Karen E

Very light and quick car which is easy to take care of and parts are abundant

Can rust very easily if you live in the rust belt and may include a lot of suspension and brake problems but engine transmission and fuel performance is great also very economical when it comes to purchasing parts and basic maintenance. The manual transmission is also very well

- Alex M

Great gas mileage getting around town car.

The car gets great gas mileage. It's a very dependable car. It also has a comfortable ride to it. I like the radio which has nice speakers and the interior is in excellent shape. Only thing I would say negative about 2004 model is paint oxidation on hood and top of the car.

- Angela L

Basic functioning car, no extras.

It was actually purchased by my employer for me to use because I just had an accident. The car functions, but is very basic. The stereo system does not pick up radio stations very well. The seating space is very limited. The gas mileage is not particularly great, either.

- Amanda N

Leather seats that wear very well.

Never have had anything but normal maintenance on the car. Always reliable. Mazda has great cars and service. It is comfortable. Great gas mileage, good in the snow, rain and slippery roads. Good stereo system. Comfortable seating for four people. Would purchase again.

- Lynn G

My super cute, super accurate Mazda review.

I love my Mazda!! It is so cute and comfortable! The only problem I have had is the air conditioning shutting off. I have gotten the air conditioning fixed three times and it keeps shutting down. I still love my Mazda though, it just gets really hot. Cutest cat ever!

- Alexis P

Great gas mileage and has lots of space for a small sports car.

Best car ever no problems most reliable car I have ever had still gets great gas mileage even being 14 years old has great storage because you can put all the seats down since it is a hatchback. I can fit 3 car seats in which is super convenient I love it.

- Elise E

The mpg is great and it is very quick. Makes driving fun and is very reliable

My vehicle has always done me good and never bad. Never broke down and has completed many long road trips. I maybe dislike the size a little but that's okay no biggie. It is very reliable and will make me consider mazdas in the future

- Chris F

It gets great miles per gallon.

I like my car a lot but it has a lot of issues and I am looking to get a new car as soon as I can afFord one. I like the Mazda brand and think the cars are affordable and nice. I dislike that my front bumper is coming disconnected.

- Lauren P

It's name is Zoomie, it's beautiful and a great car!

My Mazda3 is "Winning Blue" and I can always pick it out in parking lots because it's so pretty. I love the responsiveness and quick pickup, especially going on the freeway. I have no complaints, it's a wonderful car.

- Barbara E

Buy a Mazda! It will serve you well.

My car is pretty old. But, it works very very well. I never have problems with it, never have to pay anything other than routine maintenance. The only issue is that the AC doesn't work. I would recommend this car.

- Ellie A

It's an amazing car that anyone could afford

It has damage on the passenger side of the vehicle on both quarter panels. The vehicle has a built in navigation system along with a sunroof and brand new tires all the way around. It's color is electric blue

- Finn N

Fantastic car that has a few weird fixes to simple problems

The Mazda 3 is a very reliable car, the only problems is simple diy car fixes can be incredibly complicated. For example taking the passenger headlight out requires taking the whole front bumper off

- Connor D

04 Mazda 3 2.3 L not the best bit gets me from place to place.

The car runs great, but I have had a lot of problems with the trans, the problems that come with this car is mot cheap. I have had a lot of problems with the car running hot in the past

- Danielle H

As long as proper maintenance is done, this car will last a long time.

I like the size of the car, it's compact. I like how it gets up and goes. I do wish it had more bells and whistles but it is a 2004 so it was top of the line for that year.

- Porsha P

It's reliable and runs smoothly.

I love my vehicle because it has been so reliable. It is low maintenance and has been running for 14 years now. I dislike that it has lost Its power due to age.

- Rachel I

Good Used Car (Mazda 3 )

It rattles, good on gas, could use I fix up in the inside, has heat and air. It run well for me. I don't have any problems with my car.

- Diamond S

Decent vehicle that has great gas mileage, but can have many mechanical issues.

The transmission has not been good. Easily breaks down. Although the vehicle does have great gas mileage. Besides they, very smooth.

- Rodrigo A

Great for a single person or couple.

Starter problems. Engine problems. Kept getting notes from dealer that parts were faulty. Needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

- Tanya C

Very sporty. Drives well on dirt roads including the mountains.

Replaced transmission at 110, 000 miles. Runs very smooth. Gas mileage could be better. Only 23 mpg at best. Worse in the city.

- Jordan S

It is a hybrid. It also has really comfy seats

It is a nice car that is very reliable and that never has to be black to the mechanic. It's miles per gas is really good.

- Icva U

I like the variety of colors to choose from.

It is amazing!! I really love how it drives, the interior is great, and comes with many options! Also many colors!

- Brandy B

My car is reliable. I can count on it to get me around.

It is old but reliable. I have had almost no repairs needed in 14 years. I wish it had better options for music.

- Suzanne I

It's my first car and I will drive her until she dies

The brakes failed within the first year of ownership. Dealership could not explain what had occurred with the car

- Christina V

It is all manual. The gears can be automatic or manual.

Easy to drive. My model does not have clicker to unlock, is manual with key, I'd prefer a clicker for locks.

- Jani K

Maxine the Mazda gets me around!

I enjoy my car. It is my first car and it is old. I’d like something newer one day but it gets me around.

- Crystal D

It is reliable for the most part

It has lasted a long time however certain mechanical things went wrong with it shortly after it was new

- Mark B

It is a hatchback and everyone calls it a clown car because it's small but the seats let down and I can carry things most people can't.

No problems, very good car, has 248,000 miles and only have had to do regular maintenance on the car,

- Tammy G

It is very reliable, but is getting old now. It was a good value

It is reliable. It was a good value at the time, but is getting old now.

- Duane C

Goes wherever I want and need to go safely and very comfortably

Very safe and solid Excellent steering and brakes.Excellent gas mileage

- Dan H

It is reliable. It is tan. It has windows that roll down manually.

It is reliable. It does not have cruise control. It is very rusty.

- Julz F

It's awesome. It's a great car. I would highly recommend it.

It has lasted a long time. It is comfortable. It is easy to drive.

- Ashley T

I like that my car is good on gas, I can go a couple weeks without having to fill it again. I don't like how old it is because I don't have an aux jack or Bluetooth. I don't like the interior because it is tan cloth and stains very easily.

Although my car is very old it runs well on gas and drives well.

- Keriann R

not sure but it saves gas

gas saver dependable needs working ac needs some work

- jackie f

The value is great and the car is durable

it is affordable It is durable It is great on gas

- Duane H