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Make your dreams come true. Be who you want to be, Mazda will take you there.

I bought this car with very short notice. I was leary due to not investigating important things about the car. However, we needed a car that very day. I have been nothing but happy with my Mazda. We've had it for about or so now and have had 0 problems with the car. Not only is it a cute little car, sort of sporty looking, it is dependable. The only maintenance the car has needed is its regular oil change and regular tune up. Which everything was fantastic. I also have a little one and needed to ensure the vehicle was safe for her as well. It has child lock doors and windows. It has the seat belt clip for the car seat by the rear headrests. I can rest at ease knowing my daughter is safe. We have had smooth driving on the freeway and for those that like to catch up quickly, this is the car for you. For those that like a slower speed, this is also the car for you. Either fast or slow it is a high performance vehicle. It meets the needs of families, couples or single people. It has a/c in back and front for comfort on hot days. It also has heaters on front and back for chilly days and nights. The seats are built for comfort. Whether you're going on a long road trip or a short jaunt to the local grocery store you will be happy to jump into your Mazda. The Mazda features comforts like cruise control, computerized technology to let you know if your low on oil, getting a flat tire and everything else you would need to know to keep your car driving safe and clean. It also features Bluetooth,Mp3 and all the other commodities to make your drive (or ride) the most comfortable, safe and reliable as it can be. I love my Mazda 3!!

- Carrie H

I love my Mazda 3- it's fun to drive and reliable too.

The 2008 Mazda 3 has been a very reliable vehicle. Mine has the standard 5 speed transmission. This little car has some get up and go when needed, but rides smoothly and is good on gas. Overall maintenance has been routine. Mechanical problems have been limited and well beyond expected timeframe and mileage to occur. This is a well-built, fun car. Being an older car, there are still some things I am able to fix myself which is a real money saver. For things that require a mechanic, costs are average, I think because the parts are not specialty and are fairly common... This helps a lot in terms of saving money and convenience of places having needed parts readily available.

- Stacey S

Copper red mica 2008 Mazda 3 s 2. 3 l 5 speed manual.

My Mazda 3 is a 2. 3l 5 speed manual car with about 150, 000 miles on it. I replaced the clutch last year and it is going strong. It runs and drives everyday and has never let me down. Basic equipment includes power windows and locks, a sunroof and 17" alloy wheels. Overall the performance of the car is excellent especially for what is considered an economy car. It handles very well and has enough power to really get up and go. I have enjoy this car thoroughly for the last couple years I have owned it and would definitely recommend it to somebody looking for an inexpensive, reliable car that is fun to drive.

- Andrew F

Mazda 3, Great functional car for the city

My vehicle has been great for most of the time I have owned it. Recently, I have had some issues with a broken tire sensor. That cost $170 to get fixed. I have also had 3 flat tires which I attribute to my terrible road conditions in my neighborhood. Other than that, I love the car. It is very safe and great on gas. It is comfortable and sporty. I love that it is small and easy to park in any spot, this is great because I live in the city. The car drives very well and has a sport mode, which I usually don't activate. The sound system in the car is great, it has an aux cord adaptor which I use to play music.

- Kelly B

My vehicle is a small, cute car that is able to go fast and maneuver around.

I love my car but I did have some initial problems that weren't due to me messing it up. My automatic transmission used to get stuck and when turning on my car, sometimes the engine wouldn't start but would 'turn on' as far as the lights. I love how small my car is! I'm always inside the lane, even when I don't think I am. The smaller the car, the easier to maneuver. I also just love the cuteness of the car. It reminds me of a dolphin! it's super cute and goes surprisingly very fast! Even while doing the speed limit, my car floats as if I was speeding! I love it, super sporty and cute.

- Blair C

Mazda 2008 really goes Zoom! Zoom!

I really like this cat because of the good gas mileage & minimal maintenance needed. It has really good acceleration for merging onto the highway & roadways. One of things I am experiencing is the drivers window doesn't always roll up. I've spoken to other Mazda drivers and they have experienced the same problem. The braking system is really good also. I live the factory stereo too! In the counsel compartment you can store many things and it also has access to charge your phone and plug your phone into the aux for the stereo. And you can easily store phone and aux cords out of site.

- Tammy T

11-Year Old Mazda 3 Still Runs Like a Dream

For an 11 year old car, it runs smoothly and almost brand new. It does have over 100,000 miles on it and a small gas tank. I purchased this car from its previous owner. It has a few bumps and scratches, but compared to my old car it's nothing. It drives well, the AC kicks on quickly, and the brakes work nicely. The gentleman I purchased the car from went to great lengths to make sure the car was always in pristine condition. I am the second person to own the car after him. Overall, I've had the car for a few months now and have had no issues with it. I'm extremely pleased.

- Emily G

2008 Mazda 3 review: a good first car.

I got my car used with about 100,000 miles on it. I have had very few issues with the vehicle, and none of them have been serious. . The door handle on the driver's side had the interior mechanism break, and I couldn't use it until I got it replaced. But in fairness the cable snapped inside the door in extreme cold (-40 degree winter storm), so that is understandable. Sometimes the lock on the passenger side door does not unlock automatically. My front speakers didn't work when I got the car. I have had no actual issues with the vehicle (breakdowns or anything like that).

- Allen J

The wheel and the pedals are sensitive but are really easy to use and I love it.

My engine sometimes slightly rumbles and gets a little caught and my AC/Heat is a little slow to work cooling or heating the car but other than that there really isn't anything to complain about. Three people have owned this car, my grandfather then my sister and now me and it is still in perfect working condition. I love the flow of the wheel and the pedals and how easily they work. I love it so much and I really would recommend many people to get it.

- Kylie J

Sporty, compact, good feel efficiency, and a great looking car.

I really like the sporty feel of my 2008 Mazda three. It's handling and Exceller ration or just zippy enough for me to be able to drive and have fun while still maintaining a good mile per gallon average. My only complaint would be the grade of paint that Was used from the factory. It chipped very easily and after 100,000 miles needs to be repainted. Overall this car is fun to drive, I love the way it looks, and it's great on gas.

- David K

Best of all it's great on gas. I Love my Mazda

I have a 2008 Mazda 3i that I use on a daily basis to and from work which is approximately 15 miles each way, it now has over 200,000 miles on it. The body is still in great shape and the upkeep and maintenance on it is in tip top shape. I couldn't be happier with this car, it has served me well all of these years without any major problems. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking to have longevity in a car.

- Lisa H

Since it is a 2005 model it doesn't have automatic locks.

The Mazda I own has been in my family since 2005, the year we got it. Originally purchased for my elder brother it was then passed down to my older sister and then finally to me. It has been worn over the years and I regularly make sure to do maintenance on it so that it could last me longer. So far while it's reliability isn't the best, it still makes up for its performance for getting me through so many years.

- Eric E

Mazda 3 - sporty and reliable.

My Mazda 3 manual shift sedan has been incredibly reliable. There is not too much room in the back for passengers who may be taller or larger, but plenty of legroom in the front. The trunk is also surprisingly a good size for the size of the vehicle. It shifts smoothly and I have not had any significant problems with it since I bought it 2 years ago. It is also very good on gas and maintenance is reasonable.

- Jessica C

Reliable car and decent car, but the car performance is not the best.

I enjoy my Mazda 3, but the performance is starting to decline. The car rattles as soon as I turn it on now. It is pretty loud, and I have a check engine light no one seems to know how to fix. Also, a/c just went out... So, I am on the verge of buying a new car in the next year to two, if not sooner. Overall, it is a comfortable car, but I do not foresee myself buying another Mazda in the future.

- Christopher M

I've never had a better sedan.

The Mazda 3 is extremely reliable. Beware that I have a 2008 so after 10 years the air conditioning compressor needed to be replaced and Mazda parts aren't the cheapest. But, that is the only major issue I've had with it and it has been reliable and gets me where I need to go. It is very comfortable and stylish and gets incredible gas mileage as well. I've never had a better sedan than my Mazda.

- Alex T

Great running car! It drives so smoothly!

It is an extremely reliable car! Never had any issues with it except the check engine light stays on. When I got it checked the guy told me it was the fuel injectors, which is a super common problem with Mazda's but it wouldn't be an issue to drive. The seats are very comfortable. The interior is all black and it looks great. Having four doors makes it easy to clean the back of the car.

- Rachel P

Fast & reliable car, but could use some work

I love that it is a fast and compact car. Drives and runs well, however, I have had the common issue of a sensor going out which causes my engine light to go off and on whenever it wants to, it has given me many scares. Also, the lever to open my trunk from the driver side does not work. I've had problems with some of the power windows getting stuck and not wanting to open/close.

- Stephanie M

I love the uniqueness of this car!

This car is the second car I have ever had and I haven't had a single issue! I think the performance is the thing I am impressed by most. No matter where I am going or howling the drive is, it will get me there with no worries! The gas mileage is ok, but could definitely be a little better. Overall, this car has not given me any issues since I bought it and highly recommend it!

- Sierra D

A sporty economical vehicle.

It is sporty and drives and handles like a sports car. It has a lot of get up and go, even for a small car. I have had this car for 10 years and except for general maintenance have had to do very little repair work. It has been very reliable and never left me on the road. I would definitely buy a Mazda in the future. I am looking at buying the SUV version as my next vehicle.

- Sonya M

Can't recommend this car enough

I really enjoy my Mazda 3. I haven't had too many problems with it and considering it's over ten years old, it's a testament to the skills of the engineers and designers at Mazda. The car drives perfectly, it has a good sound system, looks nice inside, looks nice outside, etc. No complaints. I know my next car will probably be a Mazda. I couldn't recommend this car enough.

- Travis O

Mazda 3 handles the road great.

My Mazda 3 has been very reliable. It is objectified to all 4 seasons and does great in all! Depending on the tired can make a quiet or loud ride. The cabin is not good at blocking out the road noise. Unfortunately we will be trading it in for a larger car for our family has grown. We love this car. The trunk can hold a lot and there's plenty of room for every one inside.

- Jessica L

Mazda 3 best vehicle around

Love my Mazda. Will buy another one after this one. Love the size, interior and the way it handles. Absolutely love the gas mileage. Love that 20.00 fills my tank up. I haven't had any major problems.I have over 152000 miles on my Mazda. It is like having a luxury vehicle without the price. Leather heated seats, Bose stereo system, moonroof, power everything.

- Linda W

Great all-around vehicle for zooming around town.

The mazda3 is a great all-around vehicle. We have had no issues. Living in Arizona, I would like it if the ac worked better. I enjoy that it can go fast so you can make quick maneuvers if needed. The roomy hatch is great for groceries and miscellaneous items when running errands. The back seat is not very comfortable for passengers, but it gets the job done.

- Autumn M

2008 Mazda 3 reliable transportation.

I have driven this car for over 60, 000 miles and have had no major problems from it. The worst part of this car is the shocks/struts. Mine are wore out and past due for replacement. I drive this car back and forth 45 miles each way o and from work 5 days a week, so I must have something that gets good gas mileage (34 mpg) and is reliable. This car is it.

- Dennis D

Great small car for commuter or teenager.

I bought this car used and it has been a great reliable car. It gets great gas mileage and has enough features to keep my simple self happy. My only complaint is it is a little on the smaller side now that I have my niece to haul around. I have done regular maintenance care since owning the car and have had no issues besides the horn going out. Great car!

- Evan F

Issues of owning a manual base model Mazda 3 with no power features.

I had a heat sensor fail a couple years ago, but that is about the only mechanical problem I have encountered. Right now there is a strong rattle that developed around 100, 000 miles, but I haven't gotten a chance to check what the issue is yet. It is a base model, so the manual windows and locks are a problem sometimes, but I have grown accustomed to it.

- Tony R

2008 silver Mazda 3. Dashboard lights up blue and red which I really enjoy.

I am a person who always loves to have a packed car. The back seating is just way too small for my liking. However, I really do love this car. It is very comfortable and I love the dashboard. It is a great first car and exceptionally reliable. I have put over 100, 000 miles on the car and intend to have it in my possession until it cannot run anymore.

- Nick B

Silver 2008 Mazda 3. Great and reliable first car. Comfortable with a sporty feel.

My vehicle is a great and reliable first car. Only issues I have is the room in the back. I'm one to love a lot of people in my car and there isn't much space. I really love the dashboard. It lights up blue and red and looks really nice. This is a reliable car which has over 100,000 miles on it, and I intend on having it until it doesn't run anymore.

- Nicholas B

My car is great on gas mileage.

My car maybe a little old and outdated but it conserves gas mileage really good. I do not have to worry about the way it drives because it drives smoothly. And it has not caused me any major problems so far. So I love my vehicle because it takes me to point A to B five days a week without having to fill up gas more than twice a week. Saves me money.

- Jess G

Big Mazda3 fans thanks to comfort and price point

We love the variable speeds of the windshield wipers, the sleek look of the car, the hatchback that fits everything we want it to, and the comfortable seats. The car headlights are dimmer than we would like them to be (unless the high beams are on) and the AC doesn't work super well, but we did buy a ten-year-old car, so that's on us.

- Olivia S

Cruising with the amazing Mazda 3.

I really love this car. It reliable, sporty, and smooth. Once you drive it you will love it. The only problem is that it is a 2.0 which everything is manually, which you have to pull up the windows on each door and lock each other and finally open with the key in each other. But overall you could get use it and love driving the car.

- Rebecca S

The car can do many things but it does not have a remote starter.

I love my car, Rhode Island roads are very bad for the tires and struts and shocks. My car is the perfect size for me I am 100 pounds in about 5 foot two I have very little blind spots and when I have other people in the car they're very comfortable. Everyone feels as though they have a good amount of space which is very important.

- Samantha A

Best Standard present ever

My brother gifted it to me for graduation. I fell in love with it from the minute I saw it. The interior is super nice and well kept. While it is standard it still runs very nice and smooth. I would highly recommend getting a car like this. The back seat is extremely roomy too along with a childproof seat belt that comes in handy.

- Angel D

Custom sound system install and half-ass dynamite Norristown wedding men.

It has said all the scheduled maintenance I am about to turn over 190,000 and having been reliable to this point I have had no technical issues except for the ac is that tint on the windows us falling apart and the driver side window is off track other than that works spectacular only thing there is no legroom in the backseat.

- Trevor C

To summarize my car is a quick and speedy reliable vehicle

This car has taken me on a 900 mile road trip one way back and forth to college up to 5 times a year. It is a very reliable and safe car, and I highly recommend it for younger drivers starting out. It is very comfortable for both long and short drives and I feel very safe in it. I rave about my car all the time and love it

- Elise W

A stick shift vehicle, five door, CD player, brand new tires and small mileage.

Very reliable, handling, comfortable, high performance vehicle. Once I drove it through a wash in the middle of the desert and then I needed to crest a hill-no road whatsoever and even I was praying for the vehicle not to get stuck in the soft sand or hit a rock or all of the above. . Came on the other side unscathed.

- Renaldo G

Well built, good running Mazda 3.

We bought it as an r-title. Nothing really wrong with it. Handles well. Manual transmission shifts smooth. Has a good bit of room for a sedan. Has a lot if trunk space. Gas mileage is great. When the time comes to get another car, I would personally purchase another Mazda. It's a well built, good running car.

- Renee K

Very few repairs. Changing tires was difficult.

Easy to drive, comfortable, starts every day. Nice stereo radio and CD player. The back seats are tight if you try 3 people but manageable for 2. Hatchback has helped with small moving things and easy to road my daughters bikes. My youngest 2 daughters learned to drive in this car. It was easy to learn on.

- Paula M

Great realizable little car

This car feels very sturdy in comparison with newer cars that feels so flimsy and weak. Is a fast little car you can reach a good speed in no time, break work good, about 12 gallons to fill it up. Very reliable, mine has leather seats, Leather seats, the trunk is larger. Overall the performance is great.

- Vivian P

It's an extremely sharp looking car for an extremely good price.

I've had problems with rust under the car, other than that I've had to change the o2 sensor at around 120k miles but that's to be expected. The car is extremely reliable, I've never had a problem with starting it or any other major issues. I would recommend buying used. Mine seems like it'll run forever.

- Brett Z

The take off on this car is phenomenal and brakes work great.

AT transmission went bad after some time and if your tires are not perfectly balanced and aligned the car tends to shake a lot. Besides that the car is reliable and rides smoothly. Body of the car is perfect size for an average sized person. If your tall you may want to think about a Mazda 6 instead.

- Ashley M

The Mazda 3 takes me everywhere I need to go with no hassles or worries.

I absolutely love this car. Rarely had any problems with it that weren't my own doing. The sound system is great and all the functions on the car work as they should. This car had held up for 11 years and has always been reliable. Definitely brag about my car to people because of how much I love it.

- Audrey H

Poor car to drive in the winter months.

This is a terrible car for driving in Midwest winters. It's a great car in the summer, however I do not feel safe driving in the winter due to how light the car is. I am planning on getting rid of the car before winter comes due to how unsafe I feel. Even getting new tires did not make a difference,

- Jack F

Good small car for your pocketbook and the environment!

No problems so far. Do not like the seat color because they show everything. Drive it everyday to work. Carries 4 ok but long legs do not always enjoy the back seat. The harsh back has been helpful in transporting small items. My two daughters learned to drive in this car and they are good drivers.

- Paula P

Expensive parts. Fun to drive

Nice compact car. Fun to drive. The only thing I don't like is the parts are expensive. (Ex) I need an O2 sensor and it's over $100. I have a mustang and the sensor was $20 for it. Maybe they need to take the ethanol out of our gasoline. Other than the parts being expensive I really like the car

- Peggy C

08 Mazda 3 Sport Fails and issues

My transmission died after 200,000 miles. There are also a number of electrical failures on dashboard, no radio or lights on center dash, the center lights (radio controls) flash like strobe lights. My model is also manual locks and windows. The gas mileage isn't what the stats say it should be.

- Mckenzie B

Great fast family or individual car.

No problems. Quick great on gas. Great look. Amazing fast car. It has a good sound system. 4 doors. Heart family vehicle. To fix not very expensive. Stick shift or manual either one. Looks sporty but it's a family car. Very safe car. Has a way to tell you how good tires are like tire sensors.

- James J

I just really liked that it drives extremely smoothly.

I just purchased this car last week so I haven't really had that much time to figure out what I like and dislike but so far I enjoy the car. It drives really well and is really comfortable to drive. It is also a really stylish car which is one of the main reasons why I purchased the vehicle.

- Kaila T

Good speed I enjoy driving this car it takes me anywhere I want to go.

I don't have problems with my vehicle it's a good car very economic. Its a vehicle I can count on good performance very comfortable and small. I love this car the color is gray I have put new rims and new tires it has 4 cylinder good speed. 4 Doors tinted windows I am happy with my vehicle.

- Elizabeth H

My reliable 2008 Mazda 3!

My Mazda 3 has been a reliable car for the past eleven years. Only recently have I had to start fixing things on it. I drove the car for 10 years before it needed a brake job. It is a manual transmission which is super easy to drive and it has a little scoot to it if you like get up and go!

- Amanda G

I have only had the car for about a year but it has been great

Only had minor issues with the car, nothing far from normal maintenance. It gets good gas mileage and I put drive it about 700 miles a week doing pizza delivery. The inside is roomy but it is still compact as far as taking sharp turns or parking. It also has good trunk space for the size.

- Christian M

Reliable ten-year old Mazda.

Though my care is about 10 years old, I do love that it has been highly reliable. I have had exterior issues from a hit and run (not the cars fault) and issues with the air conditioner. Inside is comfortable enough for 5 passengers and does great with gas mileage. Also great trunk space!

- Cynthia F

A good Mazda it runs like a dream

I've haff few to no problems with my car. Or still runs great I have a little rust but that's due mostly to the weather in Nebraska good mileage never broke down on me the ac works better than average you can't take go wrong with a Mazda on the long run for a vehicle to last a long time

- Mike J

It is fast, it is good on gas, it is affordable.

Nothing is wrong with my car, it rides fine, everything is fine, it is a smooth ride, good on gas, small, comfortable, affordable for oil changes and it is good on mileage, it has four gears, it is automatic, it is grey, it has nice tires. It's everything I look for in a car, I like it.

- Nadia J

The sunroof is the best part of it.

My car is very reliable. The only issues I have right now is the shocks I got to get done and brakes. It's very comfortable to drive in and be in for a long period of time. The power it has is really good. It is a 4 door and the trunk is huge. The job I have it is great and very roomie.

- Jaime K

Roomy and cute! Great for a first car!

The car is very reliable. I haven't had any problems with it the entire time I have had it. I would like it to be better with gas mileage, but it is not too big of a problem! I really enjoy the comfort of this car and the room. It fits 5 comfortably and the trunk is actually really big!

- Sierra D

I love the color of my car

I love my Mazda 3. My only complaint is that the AC seems to burn out fairly quickly. Other than that issue, I haven't had any problems with my car. I MAZDA 3 with the sport package is awesome! It is both sporty and nice looking. I also like the big trunk space you get with the Mazda.

- Renee R

Good for the price, nothing fancy

Had a thermostat issue pretty early on, got it replaced, and that's been the only issue. Very reliable, back seat is a little small for adults, but okay for short rides. Performance is nothing flashy- acceleration is good because it's a light car, but gets a bit shaky at high speeds.

- Rita P

My first and only car, 200k miles and still going.

I absolutely love this car. It is totally reliable. Bought it used 10 years ago and I am approaching 200k miles on it. Still going strong. As long as you maintain it you can keep it for as long as you want. My only problems come from not being able to afford the maintenance it needs.

- Holly G

I have heated seats which are great for winter. A sun roof for the warmer days.

I love this car and do not have many complaints. I wish the trunk was a bit bigger. I had to leave a few things behind when I was moving because they couldn't fit. But it is also not meant to fit that much stuff. It runs smooth, its very comfortable and I feel pretty safe in it.

- Matt E

Good Gas mileage. Roomy. Automatic Windows.

My window switch messed up after I first got it which was inconvenient and expensive to replace. Also my windshield wiper fluid leaks so I never have any. My CD player has also started messing up. However, I love the size of it and it is very roomy. Also, gets good gas mileage.

- Eva G

Mazda hits the mark with appearance, but misses on the details.

Had to replace engine at 75000 miles, interior is hard to keep clean, headlight plastic discolors quickly, sound system is weak and has a lot of distortion at low rpms. A small plastic cap that supports the manual shifter breaks easily and is not able to be purchased by itself.

- Justin H

Great car for someone who commutes to work.

I use my 08 Mazda as my daily driver for work. It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable. I honestly have not had any performance problems since I bought it in 2013. It can be a tight fit if you are hauling a group of people, but that so far would be my only complaint.

- Evan F

Great and reliable car! Sporty but compact!

Love the car. Not too small and not too big. Awesome gas mileage. Never had any problems. Very reliable. Able to fit three car seats in the back seat. No mechanical issues besides just the normal maintenance. Sunroof is nice! Easy to work on when needed. My family loves it.

- Kelly B

Sweet ride all the time! Love this zoomer.

It is a really reliable car. It has a lot of cup holders which are nice and practical for my crew. It has great ac and great music sound. The chairs are really nice and comfortable. I like the speed it can go up to. 120 mph. There is plenty of room inside the trunk as well.

- Ky R

Biggest thing is that my car is a manual

I drive a manual and that's my prefer type of car to drive. It's a 5 speed Don't really have many problems with it. AC works which to me is the biggest thing. It also runs smooth. I like a fast car so being able to control how fast I can take up between gears is big to me.

- Bryan E

Mazda 3 is excellent! Highly recommend!

I have had my Mazda3 for 11 years and have not any problems. I love it! I don't ever want to get rid of it. If I ever get another car, it will definitely be a Mazda. I highly recommend a Mazda, especially for a first time vehicle for a teenager. I have not be disappointed.

- Allison S

Decent car, very low clearance.

Gets me around. There are not any bells and whistles with the vehicle, but it goes from a to b fairly easily. As long as you keep up with maintenance, should be a good thing. An issue I have is not a very high clearance. You will bottom out on a speed bump if not careful.

- David K

Mazda 3 car summary: love this car and review this great vehicle!

This vehicle has no issues. The performance is great it is very reliability and comfortable. I love the automatic locks and automatic windows. The four door is accessible better than two doors. I have had this car for years and it is durable and still in great condition.

- Kelly A

Mazda 3, 2008... Nice little sports car.

I am the second owner. I love my Mazda 3. Its quick, sporty and stylish. Not so good in snow. The only problems I've had are pretty much routine maintenance. Rear shocks, right front wheel (bearing)sp* front brake pads. It performs better when going over 60mph.

- Corinne C

The Mazda3 is a nice sporty vehicle. Inside my Mazda3, I love the comfortable interior and the smooth feel while in drive mode.

Hi. My vehicle, Mazda3 from year 2008 is still in pretty good shape. However, it hasn't been without a few issues here and there. I have had problems rolling down a window and even issues with the door locking mechanism at one point. Hope this helps you on your journey!

- Meghan K

Great car at first, but over time it fell apart.

Have had multiple issues with the suspension on the vehicle. The rims on the tires always get bent out, therefore causing loss of tire pressure. Driver side window stopped working unexpectedly. Breaks go out very fast. The sound system in my vehicle blew extremely fast.

- Daniel B

the Mazda experience for me.

I car isn't that fast but it runs good. I like the style. It's small but cozy. I have tire pressure alerts. It has an aux cord. It has a radio. The back seat pulls back to get to the trunk. The body details are nice. It doesn't really deal with bumps and cracks so well

- Elijah G

There is a ton of stores room in the trunk and it's a very reliable vehicle.

I've had this car for almost 10 years and it's been super reliable would just oil changes and the brake maintenance. I would recommend this car for traveling I've traveled across the country and back and I've never had to question if it was going to get me to work.

- Kristin C

Excellent car for a student.

I bought my car used from a nice family man who was looking to upgrade to a bigger car. He took really good care of it, both on the interior and exterior. It runs extremely well and only has 100, 000 miles on it. I plan on keeping this car for another 2 or so years!

- Shay G

effective gas, good windows, great breaks, comfortable steering wheel

This car is a very good size, good on gas for someone that drives around 40 miles everyday, the car has a couple problems in the interior of the car and breaks down a bit but other than that it is very comfortable. Driving the car is simple and the seats are great,

- Valentina C

Adorable and could be better lighting.

My car is amazing. Other than I need to get the alignment tires and ball joints fixed. My passenger side lights have an issue where they are getting to hot and melting the plastic and burning the lights out. But it is super roomy. And you feel safe driving the car.

- Aurora N

It is a reliable car that has plenty of room to haul things and plenty of room in the back seat for car seats.

It has always been a reliable car. I love the way it looks and that it has plenty of room. The only issues I've ever had with it are the wires to the rear view mirror went bad and it kept draining my battery. But, all in all i do not regret my decision to buy it.

- Megan D

Mazda is great, I had my car for 3 years now. Look great for the age of the car.

My car runs great but it's old so the body of my car need repairs. So I would repair something each year I have it. It's happen if you have a old car. It's cheap but the repairs bills can be costly. I was fortunate to have a friend who can repair my car for less.

- Jade R

Mazda 3 sedan - great first car.

I have had my car since I was a junior in high school. I am now 27. It has over 200, 000 miles on it and still works great. It is a very reliable car. No major issues whatsoever. I have never had to have anything replaced or worked on, just the usual maintenance.

- Taylor F

2008 Mazda 3 is completely awesome!

My Mazda 3 is a stick-shift. I absolutely love the gas mileage and performance of the car. The cloth seats are easy to clean and very comfortable. The trunk is a great size for a few suitcases. Back seat is very comfortable and has a lot of room for passengers.

- Jen W

My car looks nice and is the perfect size for my needs.

I love the size and ability to move around a tight parking garage at work. The gas mileage is not wonderful but is good enough. It's too old to be able to connect with my smartphone. My husband doesn't like how little it's worth now that it's 10 years old.

- Lynette B

It has fast pick up and go acceleration. It's nice to drive on country roads when no other traffic is around. I've owned it for ten years and despite a few repairs it currently needs it has been well worth the money.

I have enjoyed the way it drives for most of the years I've owned it but it needs repairs now. It does get great gas mileage. I would buy another mazda in the future. Maybe a different model or one with a roomier backseat or more modern in car technology.

- Morgan H

Comfortable and Reliable Vehicle

I have the lower end model and I do wish it had a few more of the perks of the higher end models, but performance wise I've never really had a problem with the car. I might have a leak in my AC line but everything else has just been maintenance

- Chelsea J

I think the most important is how reliable the Mazda 3 is. After 10 years, It is till smooth and low maintenance.

I like it because it is a small car great to park in a urban environment. However with the Hatch, it is also a car big enough to carry large items like a Christmas tree. I also like the drive. It is sporty even for a 10 year old car.

- Fran C

My car is a badass and is more dependable than your boyfriend probably is.

I love my vehicle because my last one didn't have air conditioning. My car goes fast and it actually works. It is red and has really nice interior. I don't have any complaints right now rather than the floorboard mat moves around.

- Megan Y

Be aware of the fairly large blind spot on the driver side.

I have had my vehicle for about ten years, and I have for the most part loved it. Within five years of having the vehicle I had to replace the brakes and the windshield due to a crack. Also the thermostat has been replaced.

- Jasmine J

Mazda 3 interior and performance.

The car itself drives great it gets great gas mileage even in the reserve the interior is nice but seat do not push back far have problem with driver's side window the car is very roomy and the driving performance is great.

- Christopher L

The engine is super powerful and has a great gas mileage

This was the first time I have bought a Mazda 3 and I'm very satisfied with my decision. I love it performance and how comfortable is to drive. I haven't had any mechanical issues of any kind. I'm very happy with this car

- Jaime R

This car is very good on gas, comfortable, and runs very well with routine maintenance.

I like that my car is small and great on gas. It rides and drives well. My only dislike is that it's so low to the ground without any modifications. A slightly flooded street or puddle can get scary while driving.

- Cynthia M

It is a small car. A lot of people may need more space than this car has to offer.

I have had my car, a 2008 mazda3 for about 10 years and have put around 150,000 miles on it. In this time I have had nothing but satisfaction form this vehicle, and plan to buy a Mazda again in the future.

- Neil B

Last a long time. I am past 10 years with this car and it still runs well.

I like the reliability in the company. I have not had any major issues with the car. I have noticed that the car itself holds up nicely. Only routine maintenance has been needed. No real complaints noted.

- Bianca G

It's sturdy, sporty and fun to drive

I love my car because it is sporty, comfortable and sturdy. Although it is ten years old it is still stylish and current looking. I dislike the lack of space in the front console section and backseat.

- Kristen Smith K

It's a car with a lot of power without the huge price tag.

I like that it's a quality vehicle that didn't break the bank. It's a smaller car but fit like a glove when I got in it. It's a sporty car with a lot of power as well. I don't have any complaints.

- John H

The Mazda3 has exceptional handling

I Like the car's handling. In addition, I like the car's pick up. The Mazda gets around 22 to 23 miles per gallon. My only complaint regards the car's a/c system as the computer has gone out twice.

- James K

It's a very solid and dependable little car and it performs consistently well.

I love the look and feel on my car. The steering is especially nice. I'd like some updates from newer vehicles like Bluetooth phone connections, heated/air conditioned seats, and automatic start.

- Miranda C

I got what I paid for. Sometimes the affordable option isn't the smartest option.

I don't like the age of it. I also don't like the wear and tear to the body. I worry with having one baby and another on the way how safe and convenient it is. I do like how cheap it was though.

- Andrew H

Its reliable. You're very rarely going to be on the side of the road broken down. That's the single most important thing to me.

The car is nice and sporty. I love it, gets great gas mileage and is reliable. I just wish it handled bumps and potholes a bit better. Aside from that I would recommend this car to others.

- Patrick H

Review of silver Mazda 3 (2008).

A really great and reliable car. I have had it for years now, with minimal issues. Very sporty and agile feel to its drive. My favorite feature of the car would probably be its sound system.

- Cameron T

A spacious, reliable and fun car to drive!

The Mazda 3 has great gas mileage, decent space inside and very little maintenance has been needed (since my car has gone over the 150,000 mile mark). The trunk space is phenomenal as well!

- Brandon K

I would recommend purchasing a Mazda 3 to anyone who is looking to get a small, reliable vehicle.

It has been a reliable and economic vehicle. It is enjoyable to drive and has all the features I need. I have had to get repairs done to the front end of the car in recent months, though.

- Jon B

It has really good pick up. Great speed on the highway.

I bought it off my brother, and he had taken really good care of it. somehow the problems started a few months after i got it. still trying to figure out the electrical problem it has

- robyn z

For what I paid it's a great value

My Mazda 3 gets great gas mileage. It's smaller but big enough to meet my needs. It also has over 200,000 miles besides a few dings it still looks pretty good and runs pretty good

- Shelley t

Runs nice for 150000 miles. Has good air-conditioning after I fixed it over a year ago.

Not much of a problem. Sometimes have issue going up hills. That may just be my car. Also one time I had a problem with the air-conditioning. It cost five hundred dollars to fix.

- Peyton S

Good gas mileage, crisp, sensitive brakes, comfy seats

The gas mileage is great, breaks are sensitive and crisp. The interior is pretty basic, with a CD player and a place to plug in MP3 player or phone. Seats are pretty comfortable.

- Amber B

An interesting detail about this car is that it is a tank.

This car is truly the best car for a high school or college student. I myself live far away from where I go to school and the gas mileage allows me to go home every other month.

- Seth B

The gas mileage is amazing.

I like the gas mileage and storage room of my vehicle, but it dislike the way the center console pushes against my leg when I drive. It makes driving it slightly uncomfortable.

- Eve T

It has a great look that is sporty but practical.

I like the size and sporty look of my vehicle. I have had some mechanical issues that happened sooner than they should have. There have also been a lot of recalls on my car.

- Kathryn M

It is an awesome sporty car.

I like that it drives smooth and is good on gas mileage. I do not like that it is not very spacious, there’s hardly enough room in the back seat for an infant car seat.

- Jenna G

I've owned this car for 11 years and it still works great

Electrical issues with the power steering assistant, driver seat is a little uncomfortable. However, the car handles great, has a sporty feel, and gets great gas mileage.

- Bryan T

Sporty and fast and reliable.

My vehicle is great overall but I have had issues with it stalling out while in traffic if the air conditioner is on. The mechanic can not find any issues with the car.

- Mary W

It is a very reliable car. Mazda makes their cars to last with regular maintenance.

i like the gas mileage of the car. I have had it for over 10 years at this point with little to no problems . Lastly I have been about to put over 160,000 miles into it

- Lee M

I've take my car on 3 different 6-12 hour road trips and it never broke down once.

My vehicle is a Mazda 3 2008. I love my car very much it's dependable and very economic. I have put my car through a lot and has 100k + miles and it still runs great.

- Gustavo P

It is very reliable and can drive forever.

My Mazda3 is a great little car. Definitely on the small side but luckily I am not a large person. It is very reliable and it accelerates quickly which is fun.

- Natalia D

Gas mileage is great for not being an electric car which helps me on hour long commutes

compact, speedy, attractive car. great gas mileage. comfortable and great sound system. have had a lot of issues with transmission and computer in the car.

- Marissa M

It a great value for the price I paid for it and it runs well.

It drives well and does not have any problems. It has good gas mileage and its a cute shape. It is getting a bit old, but that is the only thing I dislike.

- Danielle F

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has excellent gas mileage

I love my Mazda 3 because it is a good size for just me and my daughter. It has good gas mileage and we haven't ran into any problems with our vehicle yet.

- Brianna N

Mazda 3 2008 dark grey tinted back door windows and back windshield

My Mazda is a really great car and is good for traveling to work but it does make a very annoying rattling sound that nobody can figure out what it is.

- Nikki P

It's reliable! I've had my car for 11 years, 200k miles. I know I made the right choice when I was car shopping over a decade ago.

My car has a lot of pickup to it. I also like the manual/automatic option and use it when needed. It's also been very good to me for over 200k miles.

- Ryan J

The car gets decent gas mileage if you are looking for an economical car to use.

The car gets decent gas mileage. We have over 100,000 miles on it and have not had any major engine problems.A good car for back and forth to work.

- Holly S

It's been reliable since I've owned it for 10 years now

it's cute and good sized however it does not get very good mileage. The newer Mazda3's get much better mileage and next car needs to have that.

- Debra R

Mazda 3 red 4 door trunk space.

Good car just not enough space to hold a family of 4 in. No problems. Bought it used so have to change tires already. Change oil every 3 months.

- Jasmine S

2008 Mazda 3 sport Sedan

The Car is a sporty looking car It has AC stereo HID headlights good on gas it's not that fast very reliable I haven't had any issues with it

- Jordan O

My car does hydroplane when it is raining.

I like my car. The only thing I do not like that it is an automatic transmission. It has great mileage and I love that it is a small hatchback.

- Christine D

It gets great mileage and steers very easily and smoothly.

This vehicle runs very smoothly. My one complaint about it would be that it's low to the ground. I'm short, but I can reach the pedals easily.

- Amanda T

Mazda lives up to the name Zoom zoom

I have only had one big problem with this car in 10 years. They hold their value very well, and the performance is amazing at the price point.

- Kevin O

Not good in rain. Not good in snow. Gas tank is small and bad gas mileage.

It is not the best in the rain nor in the snow. I am not happy about how little the gas tank is, I think I would like to find a different car.

- Emily D

That the safety belts don't snap in and lock at times.

I hate that it sits to low on the ground. The seat belts don't stayed locked at time. I love the miles I've gotten its dam good running car.

- Cindy D

There is room to sit and room to haul items.

It is fun to drive, gets good gas mileage, is kind of sporty without the heavy price tag. I really do not have any complaints about my car.

- Jacob C

Love my Mazda. Wish it was bigger.

Problem with sensors. Electronic systems usually die in Mazdas. My tires have an issue with keeping air. Not enough room in the back seat.

- Catherine G

Great on gas mileage. Does not use too much on long trips.

It is good on gas. It is smooth driving. It has lots of space for a small car. My only complaint is it is a little too low to the ground.

- Regina I

Get your oil changed every 3000 miles.

I wish it had tinted windows. I also would like a multi disc player instead of single disc. It would be nice if the interior was lighter.

- Cheryl P

My car drives like a dream and is now an extension of myself.

It is my favorite car of all time. I hope to one day drive it for 20 years. No major complaints. Just some minor issues along the way.

- John G

A very reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

No major issues. Excellent condition. Runs great. Exterior paint is still like new. Recently changed front brakes only after 179k miles.

- Julius B

It is a manual transmission.

I like that it is a manual. It is very reliable, good on gas and looks decent. I don't like how it is a kind of average and boring car.

- Don T

Fun to drive while still being safe! Easy to handle.

The Mazda3 has good safety ratings while still being sporty and fun to drive. It has a great turning radius and handles really well.

- Annie L

Not all wheel drive which can make driving on tougher roads hard.

I like the power that it seems to have. It is small and has a tight turning radius which is nice. Would prefer better fuel economy.

- Sean D

Mazda gets me to point A to B. It provides me adequate transportation.

It's a great commuter car. It get me to work just fine. It handles really well. It's a little dated and doesn't have Bluetooth.

- Brett D

My Mazda3 is dependable and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is small and easy to drive. It gets decent gas mileage. It has lasted a long time with not a lot of rep a ir work.

- Diana B

It's a great car and doesn't require much maintenance.

The Bluetooth feature that came in the car is the best I've ever seen/used. The gas mileage is fantastic. All around a great car

- Bryan K

Others should know that my car is safe and reliable.

I like that it is quick and easy to part in small spaces. I like that it is a manual. I do not like how it does in poor weather.

- Laurie B

The car is dependable and runs well.

I love manual transmission. It has been a dependable car. I had to replace the transmission and clutch in the life of the car.

- Alicia B

It is super reliable and just the right size!.

I love my vehicle it gets me where I need to be but I dislike the seats because they are stained and need to be really clean.

- Devin R

High Gas Mileage so you pay less at the pump

I like the gas mileage. I like that it is an easy drive and the brake works well. I like that the air conditioning is strong.

- Ryan R

That you know it will never fail on you and can rely on it

As far as I have had the vehicle I had no major problems with it other than basic wear and tear so you can rely on it to last

- Raul J

That it has really nice wheels.

I don't like that it breaks down on me multiple times but other than that it is a good car. It has a great miles per gallon.

- Marvin S

Mazda 3: reliable every day driver

Great gas mileage, 5 speed, smooth clutch, sunroof is a great perk, handles long distance travel very well, spacious trunk.

- Lila L

It will get you from point A to point B.

The car works great. Reliable and only issue is passenger door window gets stuck sometimes. Air conditioning works well

- Brandon G

It's a solid beast. At over 9 years old it still rocks

I drive a Pontiac Vibe but that was not an option :( My car actually deserves 5 stars because it's freaking phenomenal.

- Jessica B

Very reliable car and great gas mileage

I really like it because it is reliable. it has no problems and gets good gas mileage. i also like the look of the car.

- Neil K

My car is just a transportation device.

I like It's responsive handling appearance, and reliability. I do not like the road noise and the poor gas mileage.

- William B

Comfort car with sunroof and lots of trunk space

I love it! It has never given me any major grief and I would totally recommend a Mazda to anyone looking for a car.

- Gin M

Mazda 3 is very Reliable.

My vehicle runs great even with over 200,000 miles on it. Compared to other cars I have had it is top of the line.

- Lisa J

Air conditioner is so cold.

Mazdas are amazing. Really reliable, good on gas. Parts Are Easy to find and economic. Insurance is good with them

- Tairie S

This my car is very small, good for park anywhere.

My car is too Small every economic no spend a lot money for input gas in my car and i am very happy with this car.

- Tony H

You can shift the car on your own.

I do not like that the car didn't come with a sunroof. The inside is comfy. That is pretty much all I have to say.

- Jess P

They should know that cara need.to have their tune up every two months.

What i like about my car it's the look of it. The horsepower the car has and the good amount of time gas duration.

- Jose M

It is very good on gas and it is a better engine than most of them.

It runs good but lot of problems happen a lot and it is really good on gas but I would like to get a better one.

- Alex M

It's a fun smooth drive, Sporty.

I have a mazda 3 sporti. i has great turning an runs well. I wish the it had a quieter interior when driving.

- kat W

Such a Reliable car! I love it

I love my mazda! I have had it for 10 years with minimal issues! Very reliable and would recommend to anyone!

- Samantha N

It is good for a young driver. Sporty little car. Not really good for older drivers.

Ok car. Not very comfortable, but gets me where I need to go. It's reliable. Has is horrible. Small tank.

- Michelle Y

The Mazda 3 is a safe car to drive/ride in.

I love pretty much everything about my car except that it is very uncomfortable to travel long distances in.

- Candice M

Its automatic and white.

Not very great, lots of problems, no a/c, brakes failed, pain to repair. Not very satisfied. Broken buttons.

- Matt L

It has lasted a long time with little maintenance.

Drives and handles like a sports car.. Very little maintenance on my ten year old car.. Price was very good.

- Sonya M

It's safe, has good gas mileage and has been very low maintenance.

I love my Mazda. It is very safe and have lasted for a good long time. It's fun to drive with a good engine.

- Lisa W

Very dependable and reliable!

Very dependable. No serious problems to date. Smooth and easy ride. Good gas mileage. Nice and sporty look.

- Janice R

I love my Mazda3! Never thought I'd actually like a Mazda!

I like the size, the way it handles, very reliable, not too big, not too small, just the right size for me.

- Barbara G

Lots of fun to drive, it handles awesome and has great acceleration.

Looks sporty. Nice interior. Zoom zoom :) Plus it holds its value well and it's reliable and great on gas.

- Nicholas O

It's great in the snow, handles well, small but has plenty of room.

It is a beast in the snow! Compact but yet, has room. Great on gas. 10 years old and still working great.

- Kaitlynn Z

Nothing. It is a great car that handles well and drives smooth.

I like the size, reliability, and gas mileage on it. I do not like that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Elizabeth N

The gas mileage is great and it is super fun to drive!

It is fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage. It is really cute. It fits all of my friends in it too.

- Izzy P

That is good on gas around town.

I like my sunny roof. My car is good on gas around town. I like the color and this is like sport car.

- Marie B

It has excellent gas mileage and has tons of room to store stuff.

Great car to get me around. Owned it for almost 10 years now and only have about 82,500 miles on it.

- Linda S

The back seats fold down for a lot of room in the back to carry things

I love the hatchback much better than a trunk. It has a lot of power for a smaller car.

- sandi k

It's reliable and easy to get around

It's reliable and safe. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. I have no complaints

- Lindsay D

It is reliable. It just needs routine things done. It is fuel efficient.

No complaints. Have had a Mazda since 1987. I have never had any issues with them.

- Lou W

it is very versatile and dependable for most driving conditions.

It has been a great car. Very useful. Don't like that the shocks just can break.

- splendi f

Its pretty cute and perky,,looks sporty and gas usage is very good

I really like most of it,,I wish I had opted for automatic transmission however

- Linda T

Reliable and dependable. I'll keep running and running.

Great gas mileage. Runs strong. Reliable. Has over 220k miles and runs great.

- Jared S

It may look small and weak, but it's fast and can hold its own.

I like that it is small and compact. It's easy to drive. It's very durable.

- Mercedes O

The car is very stylish and has good fuel efficiency.

I like the style. i like the fuel efficiency. The ride is a little rough.

- angela w

I still find it harder to parallel park than prior cars, it is difficult to determine where the rear of the car is. The gas mileage is not as good as I had hoped. Easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Good quality, moderate miles per gallon, a little noisy on the highway.

- David O

Very dependable and safe. Needs little maintenance and very spacious.

My car is dependable and works great and I haven't had many issues.

- Joseph G

My car is great in gas which is the main reason I purchased it, however now that I have had it for sometime I wish I could update it to something I also enjoy driving as well is cost efficient on gas.

Great for saving on gas and traveling. Perfect for a small family.

- Estefany Q

it is reliable and runs well

the right size for 2 people we are tired of shifting it works well

- Dorothy P

It's a reliable car and fun to drive for a good value.

It a 5 speed manual excellent steering control. No complaints.

- Joe M

Has great mileage, it's very comfortable, it's very reliable and very dependable

It's great for family trips. Very comfortable. Really reliable

- Kristen D

I like the style of my vehicle and that it has a hatchback with ideal storage space. I haven't had much trouble with the car except that I feel it is a little too bumpy of a ride. I've had a few flat tires, but that was me hitting something. Overall, the car has been pretty great.

It is reliable and fun to drive, with attractive styling.

- Michelle D

great mileage, great safety rating

reliable, good mileage, low maintenance, dependable

- Pat F