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This is a really bad review sorry.

Nothing, really, it is great! I am very satisfied with my car. Only problem is the radio, does not have Bluetooth, but I don't really mind, I just listen to whatever is on the radio of I just turn it off. So with that said, again, nothing really bothers me about the car. Thanks for asking though.

- Rei S

Love my Mazda 5. You will love a Mazda 5 too. It's great on gas.

I have no problems with my car. Love it. May be night get a newer version of my car. It has plenty of room for my grand kids. It also looks great. It is cheaper on gas. I love that the seats go down for moving purposes. Every six to a year I give my car a tune-up and she's good to go.

- Maria E

A sort of ok family car. Roomy with decent fuel economy, but some design flaws.

Suspension is not good at all. Have had to have it fixed at least three times. Terrible shock absorption. It has good cargo room and is a six seater, which is good for families and the reason I bought the car in the first place. The fuel economy is decent as well.

- Ann H

Great for small families.

We bought it when the kids were little and it was great. Sliding doors on both sides and up to six people can sit in it. Lots of storage when the kids aren't in it and easy to put the seats down. Good MPG. Cons are it wears out tires and rotors too easily.

- kevin M

It has the ability to seat 6 persons as there are 2 extra seats in the rear, 2 in the middle and the 2 front seats. Fold down all the seats behind the driver's seat and one has 6+ feet of storage for hauling.

I like It's pickup of speed when necessary. What I don't like is that it's not really designed for short people. I can't see over the nose of the vehicle an the head rest is way to high for me. In an accident it would most likely break my neck.

- Gail K

I love my Mazda 5 and would buy another.

My Mazda 5 is a great car. It gets good gas mileage, is dependable and reliable. It had one major repair needed, but it was covered under the warranty. So the very expensive repair cost me nothing. Great car. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

- Lisa B

very economical; I love that it gets great gas mileage but fits the kids and their stuff!

Love that it is small but still seats 6. So all 3 kids fit as well as stuff. no bells and whistles. Newer cars have so many options. four wheel drive would be nice. great gas mileage.

- Julie G

It's available as a manual transmission, which is important to me.

It's serviceable. It's a nice car if you have things or people to transport, and yet it's not too big. It drives like a regular car rather than a big, boat-like minivan.

- Anna D

It's been a good car for many years but is past its prime now.

I like the seating and ability to haul. I like the drivability. I don't like how fast it goes through tires. And it's getting old and less reliable now.

- Candy P

Mazda 5: the best small family vehicle

It is very versatile has lots of storage and very reliable. It averages 20 miles per gallon and is best when you have little kids in your family.

- Patrick L

It's clean and it's very easy to maneuver but the size is not compromised.

I like that it looks like a car but is actually a minivan. And it goes 'zoom zoom' like the mazda tagline says. I have no complaints as of yet

- Denise D

Even though it is a four cylinder, it has power when you need it.

The gas mileage is great! It has sliding side doors so kids are not banging up other cars with the doors. Great pick up.

- Charmaine E

It has good gas mileage and it is easy to maintain.

It's a steady performer that is reliable. Is a little on the small size so it's not good for families.

- john h

I like the size and the load capacity. I still feel like it larger than a car when I am on the highway. I love the rear setting.

It handles the highway extremely well. Passengers have a sufficient amount of legroom when traveling.

- Tia D

It actually handles really well on icy roads

I like that it was affordable for what I needed. But it's kinda ugly. I would rather have an SUV

- Brett B

It takes a beating from my kids but still keeps on running

I like that is a minivan but can carry a lot

- ronald D