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Great smaller family minivan.

Overall the car has been a wonderful addition to our family. It is smaller than the minivan I have had in the past so that takes a little getting used to, but it is been a blessing. Even heading out on vacation we can fit everything we need, even the dog. The gas mileage is pretty decent for a minivan. I have had a few issues with batteries, it is been replaced once and there were a few times with the new one it was hard for it to start, but we live in a cold climate so that might be why. As far as the cold climate, it does not handle like my old minivan which was heavy and had 4 wheel drive, but if you know how to drive in the snow it works fine. If you are taller or larger, I probably wouldn't recommend it as it is more compact, but it works great for my 5'3' stature and my children.

- Melissa W

Lots of space, yet not a lot of legroom.

The Mazda5 includes four backseats and can be put down for a flat back providing lots of space! It drives smoothly, like a car, yet has enough space like a minivan, for my harp. It is not made for tall drivers/passengers. Lots of space for carrying things but little legroom. It requires a different than normal oil, which I am thankful my mechanic caught before changing my oil. Sometimes the gas tank overflows and the pump does not catch it in time to click off. Not sure why this happens, as it is not consistent to the pump. I love the vehicle and would highly recommend it.

- Beth M

Mazda 5, 2014. Reliable family vehicle.

So far the car has been very reliable and nice. It can transform between a 'minivan' or a larger trunk by folding down the 3rd row seating. Sliding outdoors make it easy for parking and getting children in an out of the vehicle. This is a solid family car. Not a whole lot of fancy features, for example, my car is not Bluetooth enabled (though I believe it can be an added feature for more money). I would prefer if the car had a bit more horsepower. It can be hard to accelerate at a reasonable pace on the freeway if you need to merge.

- Susan C

Smoothly reliable and family friendly.

The Mazda5 is pretty reliable. It is a smooth riding car and I haven't had any performance issues with it so far. The comfort could be a little better in terms of the seating. It is a bit cramped in the third row without allowing that much foot room. And if the third row is up then there is also not much room for groceries or anything in the very back. I think it'll be more difficult as my children get older. Right now, they fit pretty well because they are small but I think it'll be really cramped in a few years.

- Nikki L

Sliding doors, 6 seats, but does not really look like a minivan.

Great vehicle for urban living, less desirable with large families and further out (holds 6 people). Small size makes for easy parking and able to use tight spaces. Hold a fair amount of cargo and easy to load/unload. Front seats get a bit tight for people over 6'. Road noise/tire roar is prevalent. Fuel economy falls to low 20's when driving at western state highway speeds (I. E. 70 mph cruising). Great handling, just adequate power. Good alternative to family vehicle and touring groups.

- Kc D

Best car for a family of four or five!

We have loved our Mazda 5! Haven't had any problems with it at all. The only complaint we have is that my husband is 6'4' and has a hard time sitting comfortably in any of the seats. He could use a little more leg room up front, especially while driving. It drives very smooth and the seats are really easy to fold down and put back up. Plenty of room in the back when the back row of seats is folded down.

- Catherine S

It is a good car that handles well, but it is a little cramped for five people.

It handles well, but it is pretty cramped even when only two of us are in it. With three kids, grocery trips can be quite crowded. A little more interior room would be welcome. I would also love it if it sat a little higher off the road, for when we have to drive before roads/parking lots have been plowed. I guess I really just want either a full minivan or an SUV, or something in between.

- Marcella H

The 2015 Mazda5 is spacious without giving up the compact or subcompact feel!

I love my mazda5 primarily for the space it provides. When you fold down the back row and the middle seats the cargo space seems endless! I've done two household moves with my mazda5 and feel like it compares to a pickup truck when moving furniture :) The only thing I wish was different is the height of the vehicle, my knees are getting bad and it's hard to push myself out of this car.

- Barbara J

Summarize of a great family car. A car for families and a compact car.

I love the fact that the seats have warmers so when the weather gets cold you can get warmed up quicker. Con is that the seat are leather so the summer days the seats get really hot when the sun hits it. Love the sunroom so on a nice warm day you can have more sun but con is the sunroof does not have open all the way. Big spacious back seat and trunk to haul a lot of things.

- Rita C

Mazda 5 Great Family car.

My Mazda 5 is very easy to drive, it's great on gas mileage, guests ride comfortably and is great value for my money. My only issue with this vehicle is that the steering wheel blocks the view of part of the dashboard (I.e. gas meter) and the windshield wiper lever. So I have to lean forward to find them, which temporarily takes my eyes off the road.

- Chef T

The flaws of the Mazda 5 and what make me rethink my purchase

There is a Severe lack of trunk space and leg space in the back seat. Also it doesn't fit a rear facing car seat well. Also every time I have any work done on it the temp changes to Celsius so I never know what the temperature is outside. There are a lot of buttons on the dashboard that do absolutely nothing and are simply in the way.

- Kristen W

My Mazda is the perfect vehicle for my day to day travels.

I am very pleased with my Mazda. It runs smoothly and I have never had a problem with the car. I also quite like the way it looks. The silver car looks sleek with the pure black interior. My Mazda is the perfect size for me and my family or for me and my friends. I am happy that I chose the Mazda 5 for my main vehicle.

- Melissa G

it has a lot of space for my family while also not being too big of a car

there is a blind spot on the sides of the front windows. You can't see well if you are driving on the highway for cars directly in front of you on either side. On the local streets sometimes you can't see people crossing if they are behind the blind spot, which can be dangerous if you don't realize you need to look.

- Paloma V

Pretty nice car with lots of seating

The car is pretty nice. It has two rows of seats in the back, both can fold down for a larger trunk area, which is nice. There is really no trunk space when all seats are up. Sliding side doors. Wish there was better air conditioning in the back, and wish ours had automatic door locking

- Kari H

Good speed and good miles.

It had good miles run good refill gas very good also. It had two seats in the back and also two seats in the very back. But also we can make it into a trunk also well if you have a lot after a shopping spree. But you have to fold the back seat down to put all your stuff in the car.

- Tyrone H

Affordable family vehicle you can customize to meet the needs of your family.

Great vehicle for large family that doesn't break the bank. The last row of seats is split in half so you can collapse the bench on one side or the other or both. Plenty of room for my stroller and groceries still. The car doors do tend to break easily.

- Heather M

It looks small but it seats 6! The back two rows of seats flatten to allow for lots of cargo space.

I love that it's not too big but still has room for 6 when I need it. I love the space to transport kids and all of their gear to practices. The sliding side doors are really helpful getting kids in and out of the car. It's safe, reliable and practical.

- Kellie V

Decent Car, If you need one right away and affordable

Transmission is no good. It's a car that will last a good 5 to 7 years if bought brand new and taken care of. The car is spacious, it doesn't feel like you're driving a van. Drives smoothly. A/C is good. The engine had to be changed just after 3 years.

- Mary C

Don't be fooled this car has a powerful engine.

My only complaint is the braking system warped the rotors. This car is great, good gas mileage, seats 6 comfortably. It is a minivan but does not look like one. Only has four cylinders but has great power.

- James S

It only has 2 wheel drive, and is not the most powerful vehicle, but it handles well for its size.

I very much like the roominess and storage spaces in the car. It maneuvers and handles very well, and it provides good visibility of my surroundings on the road. I have no real complaints.

- Melanie K

It has good gas mileage and handles real well.

I like the camera for the back. I like that it comes with a touchscreen and Bluetooth. The interior is spacious and the outside is luxurious. I would prefer the vehicle came raised higher.

- angel Y

It's a great car if you want something to drive around with little kids, not really a good fit for bigger people though - the back seats are tight

love that it is not too big but can fit 3 car seats with a little storage space. there are few extra features, such as a place to put sunglasses. It's a little bare bones in that respect

- gil s

It is a good value and is reliable.

It is practical and reliable. But it is not cool. It holds a lot in the back and the seats are comfortable. It isn't fast but it gets good gas mileage.

- Beth S

Reliable, family friendly car

This is a great family car but also good for just anyone. The back has seats that you can fold down for more storage space or gave up to fit more people.

- Anastacia P

Solid as a rock vehicle with plenty of space for the family

No problems with the vehicle and we have had it for 3 years. The only upgrade we have done is a new radio and new tires. It has been a great vehicle

- Lindsay M

if you have mobility issues check this car out.

i love how easy it is to get in and out of this vehicle. it is the most accessible vehicle. dislike how dirty the back of the vehicle gets.

- sally H

The backup feature is my favorite.

It is comfortable, easy to drive and park. I like backup feature and side mirrors showing upcoming vehicles. I like my car very much.

- Yolanda H

It is no longer available except in Canada

Mazda 5 is essentially a mini - minivan. It is 4 cylinders and gets good mileage. It has a lot of storage. It is very reliable.

- Russell R

It seats 6, but it is not comfortably. The last row is only works for children.

I like the way it drives. I like that it is bigger than a car, but not as big as a regular minivan. I like the way it looks.

- Stephanie J

It has a third row of seats. It also has a heated drivers seat and climate control.

I like the driver's seat, the high up view of the road, the stable, smooth ride, the great gas mileage, and the storage room.

- Robert w

I love the color and the space!

I wish the backseat was not so close to the front seat. But I love how big it is and the color as well as the backup camera.

- Jessica H

the seats are comfortable and fit my size for comfort

my vehicle is very comfortable, it is easy to drive it has all the comforts, it is economical and it is very beautiful

- victor A

The fact that it has a touch screen navigation and radio system. It is also a very soft ride.

i like that it is small and easy to park. I also like the leather seats and the touch screen navigation system.

- Evangelia F

Best mini mom mobile you can buy.

I love my car It is very reliable and safe. Plenty of room for the family. It's very quiet and easy to drive .

- Theresa F

Price was good for the space it has.

Gas mileage is great. I like the 3 row seating. The riding is very ruff. Cheap made radio and speaker system.

- Peggy W

My vehicle has had no problems since I've had it. My Mazda is great on power and it has Bluetooth option for my phone.

Heated seats, Bluetooth, great on power, all around great car, and free warranty on everything

- Rachelle S

Gas is really good and last

Dislike is the seats are tan and get dirty real easy. The like is the maintenance is easy

- Margaret E

It's not for everyone, it is a great and reliable car though.

Like the design of the car, good gas mileage, perhaps could have more sleek interior.

- John D

The gas mikes are good. And the car runs very smoothly

I like the navigation system. The way the car handles. The size of the car

- Chris D