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A great van for the family!

The Mazda MPV has been a reliable car for my family for almost 16 years. I love the leather seats, which are easy to clean and have stood the test of time with three boys and a dog. The windows in the automatic sliding doors roll down so the backseat passengers can enjoy the wind in their faces. The highlight of the MPV is the sunroof. When we ordered our van we had to decide between a built-in DVD system and the sunroof, and boy am I glad we choose the sunroof. We've not had any major issues with the van and my husband has been able to do all of the repairs and upkeep himself.

- Robin B

Mazda mpv after 200, 000 miles.

My mpv is very reliable for a 16 year old car. It is had the normal older car problems that most cars will have after 150k miles. I have had to replace the radiator and transmission once. Other than small oil leaks and door sensor problems I am very pleased with it is performance. I do not hesitate to jump in my car and take a road trip.

- Dawn G

Love our Mazda so much! Great family car.

I love the gas mileage. We are on the road a lot so this helps. Not too many cars these days are good on gas. And with the rising gas prices... love it. I also love how faithful it has been. Previously owned, AND at 100,000 mi when we got it..and still running pretty smooth. Normal wear and tear. Great vehicle.

- Rey K

Mazda MPV is a good minivan, roomy cargo area, mostly smooth ride but noisy.

Water gets in the coils and requires fuel injection cleaner. Can't tell if the AC indicator is lit when car is in gear because gearshift blocks view. Can't open the rear hatch from inside vehicle. Stock stereo sounds good. Roomy cargo area. Road noise is loud.

- Elizabeth F

it is super comfortable and big enough to fit just about anything with seats removed.

It's a great car. Very reliable and still running great, with some maintenance, after almost 15 years. I want a car with better gas mileage, but it's pretty good for a van. Not ready to get rid of it because it's great for moving and camping.

- Sam S

Its roomy and has lots of space. The seats can fold down in back and one out in the middle.

It has problems with overheating. It also has to sometimes be put into neutral to start. The gas mileage is horrible. It is roomy for 7 people. It has seats that fold down and make lots of room for luggage and other essentials.

- Rockie H

Great and reliable van for families

Purchased used, however this van has been very reliable for our family. We have traveled up and down the east coast with no issues. As long as you keep up with maintenance, oil changes and etc. this is a great van for a family.

- Crystal M

Make sure you get one with a good engine. My engine went out on me.

I love the way my van drives. The interior and exterior has a great design. But it has given me a lot of problems. I had to get a new engine, replace my front driver and passenger window rotor.

- Zer V

It seems to be a safe car.

Drives good, rides great, sunroof is a plus. I like the interior. I love the dash and the lights. It's very good on gas.

- Melissa S

Decent car for the family but wIll require more upkeep than some aND not good for hot weather at all.

Too small. Lot of maintenance issues. Terrible airflow from air conditioning.

- Amber C

like it because I can see to drive, easy to get in and out of

easy to drive and easy to get in and out and easy to see

- Lois W