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My amazing 2007 Mercedes c-class.

This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. It costs more for fuel and oil, but I have never needed anything else (besides windshield washer fluid). I love the controls for the radio on the steering wheel and the heated seats are awesome. It also has dual heat and air conditioning controls for the driver and the passenger. It has a memory for where you like your seat and adjusts automatically for you. All in all I have never been happier with a car.

- Linda P

Going on 10+ Years with a Mercedes

The car has lasted me well over ten years with minor problems that have been fixed with no problem. I like that maintenance is usually once a year since I don't drive that much and that it is a reliable vehicle. It's a bit cramped in the back for some passengers but overall it has been a great vehicle for traveling and running errands.

- Maria M

My Mercedes Benz automobile. I love!

My Mercedes is a luxury car. Very comfortable and easy to drive. So far I have not have any major problems with it. Maintenance is a little expensive if you take it to the dealer but is worth it I do some maintenance as changed of oil and filter that is very easy to do. I will keep buying the Mercedes line of cars as long as I live.

- German J

Love my Mercedes-Benz and you will too!

Extremely reliable. Maintenance is pricey, but worth it. If you keep the car maintained, it will literally never break down on you. Very safe and sturdy. Have totaled this model before and had no injuries. Looks sleek and nice, even though its an older model. Highly recommend if you can afford to maintain it.

- Kirstie S

Sports nice body style - it drives very smoothly and has been very dependable.

It is 10!Years old but drives very good - it is great on gas mileage and still has a very nice body style. I change the oil regularly and keep up with it. The seats are very comfortable and have no tears in them- the ride is smooth. However the tires are low to the ground because it is a sports model.

- Gina D

Review of Mercedes-Benz model c. It has the manual in the bloody trunk.

All the Mercedes I have driven seem to have a stiff suspension and lousy ride. I plan to trade it in on a new Chevrolet Malibu I order from the factory. The gas mileage on the Mercedes-Benz is not impressive at 27 mph on the highway, especially originating in Europe with their high gas prices.

- Richard B

My vehicle is a 2007 Mercedes c230. This is a very reliable car.

This vehicle is a very reliable car, and it has never let me down. I purchased this car specifically for not putting a lot of miles on my newer car, but I enjoy this car just as much as my newer car. The car drives very smoothly and gets me to my destination and back without any hassle.

- Walker H

Very sport and can go fast gets good gas mileage and the engine is powerful.

I love the performance of Mercedes, the inside is very nice and luxurious, and even though not new the car has held up through the years, the only thing is it can be costly owning one when it comes to maintenance like oil changes but other than that it is very reliable.

- Carlos M

The interesting detail is the three rows that give you a lot of room.

The car has three rows of seats and this is very good to have we use it to get groceries it drives very well we only has a few problems with it so far. It is power steering which make it easier for me to drive it has a lot of room when to want carry large items also.

- Jean J

Comfortable and stable ride

I am very comfortable driving my car because I trust it's dependability and I feel safe. The performance is remarkable has great pickup. You get a smooth ride and it's quiet. My only problem is there's a short in the wiring g system on the left brake light.

- Farah M

This car is very tech savvy it tells you if there are any problems with the car or when it's time for services which is very helpful.

Even tho my car was made in 2007 it drives like it was made in 2018. I'd you take care of the car properly it drives very smooth. I wish it a more up to date radio, I had to replace mine because it didn't have Aux cord input or Bluetooth.

- Mercedee G

A reliable ride. This car has never disappointed me in any way.

Never had a problem with my car. Am shopping for a newer Mercedes SUV. My current car is easy on gas, comfortable, and reliable. It is the best car I have ever owned.

- Jane F

Reliability for this car in its class is far superior than its competition.

Ride is great. Mechanically sound. V6, 6 speed manual, RWD. White leather interior. A/C blows ice cold. All recommended maintenance performed.

- Mitch B

That it can seat more people.

The car is easy to drive and has low miles.. This car is good to drive in the winter months.. I like it because it seats 7 people.

- Barbara J

Comfortable reliable car for those desiring affordable luxury.

It is well equipped to make for a very comfortable vehicle for traveling in. It is very reliable with numerous safety features.

- Eric J

Keep up is expensive. It cost $100 for a oil change.

Even though my vehicle has over 100 miles it is still very reliable and runs smoothly. I keep up with maintenance.

- monica C

Its insured and safe and very reliable.

I love my vehicle have had only two or three months. So far there's nothing I don't like about it at this time.

- Deborah C

Good looking, well built and great performing auto.

I've had vehicle over 10 years and very few major problems. MZB is reliable and a great performing automobile.

- Mamie C

Fun to drive, sporty...rear wheel drive, good, but stiff ride.

This car seems reasonable to me, gas mileage is ok, the ride is sporty, the options are a little limited.

- Tim B

Cost for repairs are not cheap. Other than that it drives great.

I love my car. It looks good. I like that it is compact . what i don't like is the cost for repairs

- dusti C

It is expensive to maintain.

I like the way it drives. I like how it looks. I don't the cost of the maintenance.

- sarah G