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Details about my car:: the performance the comfort of driving a Mercedes.

Love my car, it drives smooth seats are so comfortable great on gas for long distance driving, got it at a great price, love the silver color it has not faded. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a different kind of car in the future this would be the one for less problems better performance and comfortable driving and sitting, you cannot beat the smooth ride this car provides, I love my Mercedes you will too great for long-distance travel and good gas mileage cannot beat it. I wouldn't trade it for the world unless I was getting another one but hopefully this will last a long time.

- Alberta A

I love my 2009 Mercedes Benz C300.

This car runs really smoothly, but always had a light on for something. Whether it's the tire pressure, or a light is out, I need to take it to a shop at least one every other month. Also, I hate the fact you can only put super/premium in it. Overall, it is very expensive but it is a very nice care. I love it though, its my baby.

- Adam F

9 year old car drives like new.

Easy to drive. Handles well in rain & snow. Large trunk. Roomy back seat. Air conditioning & heating system work very well. The heated seats are a plus. The seat adjustment for the driver is located on the door which I find convenient. Except for scheduled maintenance & new tires I haven't had any problems.

- Diane S

This car handles really well and a pleasure to drive.

My car really runs well. Had a few minor problems like having to get a door lock repaired as well as the heating and air conditioning blower being replaced. This car uses performance tires and they are not cheap. The car handles and runs really well and fun to drive and still a great looking car.

- Michael M

There's not a lot of space for multiple car seats and have enough leg room in the front.

The only thing I dislike about my car is that it's small and not really fit for having kids. I like that you can customize the seat, steering wheel and mirrors for different people and you only need to press one button for it to go back to your settings. I also like that it has seat warmers.

- Ashley A

Interesting detail is it handles the road well, it is reliable.

I do not have any problems with the Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes is durable, reliable, and trustworthy. If you get a Mercedes Benz; however, I promise you that you will not be disappointed. The Mercedes Benz are the best made cars out there. My wife and I are looking for a pickup truck now.

- Timothy R

The best car in the world.

This is the best car I ever had reliable classic dependable and economic I would never buy another make. I tried BMW, Lincoln and now of them measure up to the quality of Mercedes Benz they never go out of date the dealership treats my car like a precious jewel.

- Mary B

I recommend it, has heated leather seats.

Drives well and is very comfortable with heated leather seats. Equipped with a lighter as well as front and back cup holders. Premium gas must always be used to fill the tank. It is a Mercedes, so car parts and repairs will always be on the expensive side.

- Nicholas T

The seats are very comfortable, but the biggest thing is how reliable it is.

Very smooth, reliable, comfortable. Had for many years and no major problems. My car now has high mileage, but still drives as if new. Also can reach high speeds and still remains very stable. I would never buy anything other than a Mercedes.

- Jorge S

The most important feature of the car is the visually GPS and screen on the dashboard of the car

I really enjoy my car. The black interior really does get warm in the warm weather but the luxury features are very pleasing to the eye when you take the time to look at the car. The speed is very good when you want to go fast too.

- Jamie C

A + on the class report card.

Reliable, dependable, and safe. The messages as a reminder for maintenance is a very helpful tool. The only thing that I dislike is the non-durable paint for the symbols and icons in the interior.

- Emerald O

Purchasing the warranty is very important.

I love the customer service that we receive at the dealership. The vehicle looks very nice and has been fairly reliable. We have had some issues with the buttons and knobs breaking.

- Renata P

Expensive to maintain if you service to the manufacturer's requirements.

Expensive to maintain Requires special maintenance from the expensive dealer. Having to deal with the secret codes in order to do any simple maintenance yourself.

- Tommy W

It is beautiful and worthy of the price.

I love my vehicle, the drive and ride are excellent. I love the color, maintenance and pretty much everything about it including the gas mileage.

- Amanda E

It's only got a little over 60k miles on it and that is it a 2009 model

I like the look and elegance of the sleek design. I don't like how easily the interior stains and do not think the outer body is very strong

- Ann O

Expensive upkeep. You have a service a and a service b. Both are expensive.

Vehicle is very reliable. The only issue I have is that the maintenance/up keep is very expensive. Probably would not purchase another one.

- Wayne T

Roomy and comfy worth the price.

Leather seats as a standard, heated seats, roomy, placed an air filter that unfortunately needs to be replaced almost yearly.

- Samantha J J

Maintenance is expensive on Mercedes.

I like the style and features of the car. I dislike how expensive maintenance is on the vehicle. Parts are hard to find.

- Kay G

Black 4 door sedan with leather seats and 4matic.

Great car! No problems and I had it for 6 years it rides smooth and is good on the snow. Seat warmer for the winter.

- Donna R

Quality safety reliability dependability I would not Buy a different make

Excellent dependable reliable classic I am a proud Mercedes Benz customer I have owned Mercedes Benz for two decades

- Ofe B

This is the best car ever! Would buy the same car again.

My car is incredible and has had very few issues over the years. Reliable, beautiful, sleek, and fast!

- Courtney C

Mercedes Benz Luxury, fast

2009 c class, it's luxury and comfortable it drives very smooth on any road and also it's pretty fast

- Mckenzie F

Very solid car, safe, smooth.

Knock on wood. Only maintenance required oil is more expensive and it is more expensive for repairs.

- Kerry G

can blow your ass off the road at any time

great performance, very sporty. just chews through tires like crazy. maintenance is super expensive

- Daniel B

Size of engine. Gas mileage. Cost of maintenance.

Very Comfortable ride. Got a great sound system. The bluetooth doesn't work with the newer phone.

- Abel B

It is pure luxury, and you can't even hear the motor.

Love my red Mercedes...only drawback is no cooling seats or heated steering wheel in winter.

- Martha G

this car has a fantastic engine that even after 9 years runs perfect.

great mechanical machine. luxury for not an arm and a leg. could use better acceleration.

- Mike H

It was a replacement because my Camaro was stolen, found, but totaled by insurance co.

It drives smooth. Has great pick up. Great gas mileage pretty color.

- Shea O

It's a reliable vehicle and a safe car to drive an

I love my car because it's very dependable and safe

- L M

An incredible detail about my car is that it is a 4matic.

- Vel S