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Great Luxury Vehicle, Drives Smooth

This vehicle drives very smoothly including during winter conditions. . It is an all-wheel drive vehicle. The car feels light and comfortable to drive. I have driven plenty of other vehicles, but this vehicle drives the smoothest for me. It accelerates and brakes very smoothly and you will not feel a 'jump' unlike other cars I have driven. Some good things about this vehicle is that it locks automatically, it has a sunroof, audio is clear, and has bright interior lights. At night, the headlights is also bright, making it easy to drive in darker roads. One disadvantage of it being an older car is the fact that it has no Bluetooth capability to play songs from your phone. It has the capability of receiving calls, but I have not been able to make it work. Every time I have tried, it cannot connect my phone. Maintenance can be expensive for this vehicle since Mercedes parts are on the high-end side. For example, to replace the front and rear brakes costs me $400 for parts and $200 for labor. I have had to change the brakes three times since 2011. With the car being 8 years old, I have come across only a few issues, but the costs of the parts and labor were expensive which is expected because of the luxury brand. I have had to change the front motor which costs $400 for a generic brand and $800 for Mercedes brand. I opted to use the generic brand and it worked fine.

- Ashley E

Vehicle is small. It has a sunroof with a spacey trunk. Overall great car.

I love this vehicle. The car has good brakes and the steering wheel is easy and not to jerky. I have had the battery die on me and the steering wheel connection to the key (since the key is battery powered) has gone out but other than that no problems. It has a sunroof which is nice for those hot summer days. The trunk is spacey so you can fit luggage, boxes, cots, and things of that nature in the back. The car is easy to maneuver and switching lanes is easy. The car does not tell you how many miles you have left when your gas tank gets low but will provide at least 50 miles as I have tested. Also instead of having to reach for the "normal" buttons, right next to the emergency brake is a dial which makes things easier to move between stations.

- Elizabeth P

Mercedes Benz c class car is well worth a test drive and eventually buying one.

This car so far has been riding smoothly with limited issues. The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust to fit you under the steering wheel. I like that it detects when the bulbs are out on the car. I wouldn't suggest putting cheap tires on your car because it doesn't ride as good. To replace items such as bulbs, windshield wipers, battery etc can be rather expensive compared to other cars but that's the price you pay when driving a luxury car. This car also detects when your passenger is not wearing their seatbelt and I like that.

- Valerie W

Mercedes Benz is a very nice, comfortable ride, very reliable, and sport ride.

The only problem I had with the car was the tire and the dealership fix it for me with no charge. It has a good take off speed, very easy to handle, brakes stop very good. The only thing I don't like is it the gas. You have to put premium gas in the car so you can have the best performance. It is a very comfortable ride and it has the dual air, sunroof, good sound system, nice leather seats and enough space for me.

- Morgan B

The sunroof is amazing. The color is awesome as well

I have no problems with my car. It rides very smooth. Good on gas. And is as luxury as possible. They vehicle is very reliable. The only thing is that I live in New Jersey and the pothole do a number on my tires. The washer fluid also goes fast but no other issues or problem with the vehicle. It is literally the best car I have ever purchase and I would not want to drive anything else

- Michelle J

2011 C300 is a gorgeous, comfortable, reliable vehicle

My 2011 C300 is extremely safe, sturdy, and reliable. It is 8 years old and still looks nearly new. It has withstood several long drives, dramatic weather, and poor driving conditions with no issues. The car is fast and drives smooth with no issues. It is also extremely comfortable and has many adjustable features on the interior that can be adjusted to your personal preference.

- Nina M

It is reliable and makes you look good.

I love it! Yes the maintenance is a bit pricey but small things can be day fixed by looking up videos on YouTube. I have only had to fix passengers seat motor. This car will surely get people looking at you when you drive by. I bought mine with tinted windows totally makes it look much cooler. Smooth drive, sports mode just to get a little crazy. Responsive, and classy car.

- Dulce A

The way is handle when I drive it.

I have not had any problem with my car. It is very reliability. It seat four comfortably for long drives and five around city. It handles smooth and easy. I loved the heated seats. All of my controls are in accessible places where I am not looking all over the dashboard to find them. I love my car because when the valet person or when I pull up I make statement.

- Gloria R

The c300 is a great introductory car for first time buyers! Drives great!

Performance overall is good. I do love the car but the maintenance can be very expensive. Just spent several hundreds of dollars having the alternator replaced, new drive belts, new tires, and having the headlights replaced. I purchased the car used and it seems like every week a different light is going out such as the license plate lamp, etc.

- Althea L

I love that it is a sports car. It goes very fast.

It is reliable. Looks good and very fast. It's a great vehicle to have. I have had the vehicle going on 3 years. Has not had any major problems. As long as you keep up the proper maintenance. The car drives smoothly and it is a nice car. Overall, the car is a great vehicle. If I decide to buy another one I would get another Mercedes.

- Terry J

2011 Mercedes Benz c300 sport.

Overall I love the 228 hp the v6 puts out. One of the best things about the c300 sport 4matic is how quiet the cabin is. On the highway going over 90 mph it does not seem loud at all. The large windows and sunroof are a major plus. My only complaint is the rear seat does not fold down unless a separate package was purchased.

- James R

My Mercedes Benz is excellent.

My vehicle is very reliable and extremely comfortable and easy to drive. It looks beautiful and I haven't had any problems with it at all. I would highly recommend it to anyone. My vehicle performs very well, drives well in any weather conditions. It has an automatic sunroof which I love. I feel confident driving my car.

- Susan M

Mercedes, riding in class

The seats are not very comfortable and have limited mobility to adjust to your needs. Reliability is very good. I'm missing newer features such on screen navigation. Plenty of room and in back seat. Good gas mileage. Tires don't have the ability to be rotated so you'll purchase new tires more frequently

- Laura D

The Mercedes line of cars are reliable and efficient vehicles.

I haven't had any problems out of the car within the 3 years that I have owned it. The car is easy to drive and efficient with gas. Least amount of yearly repairs. The only times I have had to take it in to the repair shop is for scheduled maintenance. Leather interior is comfy and easy to clean.

- Candice N

The C300 is a fun car to drive. The sunroof allows the wind to come in and helps you feel that you are outdoors. The 4Matic means that all roads are accessible. Last, the faux manual shifting feature gives the feeling of control when accelerating.

It is a small, six-cylinder sedan. It is built like a tank. It is a 4Matic, meaning 4 wheel drive, and has the ability to switch into a "manual transmission" mode. It is the sport model. It has all of the bells and whistles that one expects of a luxury vehicle. And it is fun to drive!

- Debra M

One thing that's interesting about my vehicle is its very reliable.

My vehicle is very minimal but still feels like a luxury car. It also seats 5. The only major problems I've had were the taillights and headlights. But for the most part it's been reliable, at least compared to previous cars I've owned. The trunk space has a nice amount of room too.

- Rick E

I love being a Mercedes Benz owner.

It is a fun car to drive. Comfortable and quiet. Great gas mileage and handles well. Sound system is great. Repairs are expensive but it is a luxury car. However the parts are extremely high quality and last. 40,000+ miles before I had to worry about brakes. Service is excellent.

- Joe O

Smooth, reliable and runs great. Would highly recommend.

I love this car! It is smooth, comfortable and I feel safe in it. My only complaint is there are so many sensors that the light for the tire goes on often if pressure is low. Also a few too many warnings for little things. Other than that it is my favorite car that I have owned.

- Sara K

Luxury car with excellence performance.

Only problem is I have to change tires every year, apart of that is a very reliable car. I loved it. Very comfortable with a lot of feature. Very smooth driving and great performance. High quality interior and exterior. Extremely good looking. Highly recommended.

- Vivian S

Love my car! Only minor problems and I've owned it 5 years

The only problem I've had is the steering lock went out not allowing my car to start. Quick fix but very spendy due to the whole dash and steering column having to be taken out. Other than that it's not a very expensive car and it's so beautiful and luxurious.

- Bree C

The only version of the c-class to not have folding mirrors for some reason. Model before and after have it. But not mine! Really wish I had that feature.

I have a 2011 c-350. It sometimes has issues with the multimedia screen getting stuck. I recently had to get both the fuel pump and the fuel filter replaced due to a fuel leak. Other than that no major issues. Been driving well for 7 years. No complaints.

- Tammy I

My Mercedes is a 2011 but looks brand new.

I love it. Only issue for me is I wish it had a bit more performance. It is not gutless just would like to see a little more power. Has a lot of bells and whistles. Great sound system. Beautiful car. Mine is that unique Mercedes red.

- Ron S

It drives extremely well in snow.

It is a great car. Comfortable, reliable, and I am great shape. It does not have any issues at all. Other than getting new tires, oil changes and services, I have not had an problems. I really live this car.

- Cindy M

The car is luxurious and drives exceptionally well. You feel a sense of power driving it

I like the way my car drives smoothly, accelerates easily and looks nice. I do not like the costly maintenance and gas. The car is dependable and will last for many years, all while retaining luxury

- David L

It handles the drive exceptionally well even without the high end tech.

I like that it is relatively powerful. Mpg is decent and pretty good on the highway. I do not like that the air conditioning is weak and makes a loud humming sound when accelerating with a/c on.

- William W

Owning a Mercedes. Mechanically, this car is reliable except 4 the maintenance.

I have had several tires replaced for various reasons. When I go in for a check up the cost is at least $1000. Nothing is cheap when you drive a Mercedes. They are nice cars but very expensive.

- Virginia W

Reliability at its finest. If you take good care of the car it takes even better care of you.

I love how reliable the car is. It takes me everywhere without any problems whatsoever. The one and only thing I do not like about my car is that I have no idea on how to update the GPS system.

- Raul D

The color is striking. It's a very dark blue, in dim light, it looks black, and in sunlight, it sparkles.

i have had no problems with my car, One time a year, I take it in for regular maintenance. It looks good on the road and people like to see the car. I keep it in excellent condition.

- Greg D

Mercedes top of class and luxury

Firm safe and smooth vehicle. Good leather seats and good audio and navigation system. Fuel efficient for sedan and less maintenance for oil change every 10,000 miles.

- Phillip S

This car is a Great Ride.

Recently got it so still deciding about the vehicle. So far It's rides nice, like sunroof, don't like that it's so low to the ground. Wish it came with rear camera

- Tiffany k

It is great on fuel and easy to drive.

My car is safe in the snow. Handles well on wet roads. Always looks extremely classy. It is easy to drive and let’s you know when you are drifting over the lane.

- Gail R

She's my baby. I am not afraid to take her anywhere..

Like the size and dependable, very comfortable and smooth riding too.. Dislike no backup camera and garage doors opener, tan interior shows the dirt easily.

- Debi G

The quality of the car. It's high standard. The comfort of the leather seats.

It's a Mercedes. It's high quality and integral detail of everything it contains. The powerful engine, the luxurious interior design, and the sporty look.

- Carlos C

I really love the Benz and I feel like I am in a black bear song.

This car is very nice and still looks very modern. It is difficult to service sometimes. Also it only have an AUX cord and not Bluetooth connectivity.

- Alan T

The technology that's incorporated into the car is not state-of-the-art. Some of these issues have been rectified in later models however Mercedes is not leading the pack in the rapid adaptation of advanced technology.

The car is very small and cramped. The engine is not very powerful and requires high test fuel. Finally, the maintenance costs are high.

- Don P

The Benz gets great gas mileage and does not give any mechanical problems.

I do not have any complaints. I love the prestige that the Benz. The value of the Benz does not depreciate in value. Good gas mileage.

- Linda H

It's used but still good! I appreciate how sturdy it is and yet so elegant.

I love the solid feel of this car, it's fun to drive, had great get up and go and looks pretty. I feel very proud to drive this car.

- Carolyn H

It sits really low so you have to be careful not to hit curb.

It drives really good. It sits too low. It's a good color but shows every little scratch. Inside is beautiful. Gets okay mileage.

- Carol J

The Mercedes-Benz C300 is a great compact car.

The vehicle is great, but parts and maintenance are really expensive. Also the tires lose air because they are low profile tires

- Stephanie D

I think that people should know that it's a smooth ride and still going strong after 60k miles, but it is expensive as heck to service. Get a Lexus.

I wish that my car had a backup camera and that it was able to play music from my phone through the radio via bluetooth.

- amanda a

It is a 2011 C300 silver with gray interior

The vehicle has given me no problems, It has cold A/c, And I am pleased with the engine performance for a 6 cylinder.

- William l

It rides all my kids so it is big enough for a big family.

Excellent performance. Good gas mileage.. Dislike maintenance costs parts.. Like comfort safety quality smooth drive.

- Maria S

It is luxury and really dependable. I have never drove a car that was at this level of luxury and dependably.

After 60,000 miles things start to really show up on the vehicle. I wish the warranty lasted a little longer.

- Marilia P

All wheel drive, fast, and very safe.

My car has wonderful features. It accelerates quickly, it handles well, and it is beautiful inside and out.

- Nesha E

Make sure you go to a dealership that offers a great service department.

This is a very good car. Very dependable. They have a great service department. This car gets good mileage.

- Joy F

It rides and drives great.

It is reliable and safe. Good looking. Good gas mileage. Responsive. Have gotten a lot of compliments.

- Eleanor M

Luxury car for sure but with luxury comes dollars.

Mileage is horrible and gas costs an arm and a leg, also have had the transmission break on this car.

- Victoria S

A good family car reliable high. Performance

2011 Mercedes c300 4matic sports sedan power everything leather seats v6 engine good on gas sunroof

- David M

2011, bought in 2015, low mileage when bought, CPO.

Smooth drive, very quiet. However has broken on several occasions which has necessitated repairs.


It runs very well - no problems in the years I've owned it.

Bought used but it looks good and runs well. No complaints at all. Would buy one again.

- jane s

It is robust, strong, and I have driven it for a long time and love all of its features

I love how strong it is I love how easy it is to drive I love all it's features

- Natasha R

Reliable luxury brand with a smooth ride

Luxury car that has over 100,000 miles on it. Comfortable driving

- Harry U

Ride Comfortable Drives good Seat tearing Buttons chipped Price

Performance is awesome and lasts with high mileage

- Tiffany P