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The brand is built to last and is worth every penny.

I have an extremely reliable vehicle. I absolutely love the Mercedes brand. The customer service is outstanding! Mercedes finance makes it easy as well, they offer an app for easy fingertip access to your loan information and making payments. Some of the things to know would be that the oil change is required once annually. I schedule that thru the local Mercedes dealership. It is about $160, but they sometimes offer specials for $100. They always provide me with a loaner car to use when I drop my car off for the annual maintenance. I have high performance tires and it is about $1000 for a full set including install. I found out a the last maintenance visit that the led headlight bulbs should be from Mercedes, otherwise the owner will continue to get a notification about checking a headlamps. The notification will not go away if you replace with an aftermarket or other brand of led headlamp. I love this brand, and I am a loyal customer for life.

- Brooke H

Loving riding with my music loud, with sunroof and windows down.

I love the tinted sunroof, the adjustable steering wheel and the seats! Do not work well with voice activated navigation. Love sound system and red seat belts. Enjoy keyless start and door opening. Like the cloth and leather interior. Love the pick up on acceleration. Heated seats, gas mileage, blinkers on side mirrors. On a sunny day, using backup camera the glare makes it difficult to see. I live in Arizona where it is hot, but the steering wheel is not. The individual side cooling and heating is very convenient. Comfortable for 4 passengers.

- Aqua A

Built with integrity- Mercedes Benz.

A first time buyer of a Mercedes Benz c class 4matic sport. I absolutely love my car and my number one vehicle model of choice. Its reliable when you maintain its required service maintenance. I got the upgraded sound system, as I love music and the sunroof is fun on a gorgeous day. I appreciate the sport mode for windy roads and needed to speed out of a stuff spot. I highly recommend this car. I am not a huge fan of paddle shifters on the new models or the panoramic sunroof. Glad I got my car when I did!!

- Angel D

I will always buy a Mercedes Benz.

I have had my car for 6 years and fortunate only to have one repair. I take it every year for dealer maintenance. And my only complaint is that it is expensive, but I understand if I want to drive a luxury car it will cost me. I have enjoyed driving it and know it is a reliable vehicle. The interior is all leather and the seats are very comfortable.Especially on long trips. Also on long trips the. Gas mileage is terrific at 29 mpg. There is a large trunk too.

- Joann S

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a great car to own and to drive in.

I have the Mercedes Benz C-Class car. It is a really good car as cars made in Germany have some sort of luxurious taste. My vehicle has no problems as it has repairs every 5 months. It performs really well and the engine is good (not AMG engine). It is reliable so you won't fall down Incase if a problem happens. There are many features that cars didn't have at the time (Honda didn't have safety mirrors and touch-interface)

- Yuvraj C

I wish they would use quality products.

I have owned previous Mercedes in the past and it seems to me that they're not making them with quality materials any. I have noticed that some of the features have rubbed off such as the window decals in the radio buttons. My cup holder has broken as well as some of the seat functions underneath the seat when trying to clean because of the quality.

- Carrie W

My love for luxury: luxury sports car with clean lines and an amazing interior.

My vehicle is a sports model which cause repairs to be much higher than the standard model. I always shop around for repair shops that have great reviews for luxury vehicles. The performance is amazing and it is a very reliable car. My black interior and wood grain touches make the elegance reach an all time high. I love my Mercedes!

- Sill S

Best car ever, I would recommend it.

What I love about my vehicle is that everything is electric. Drives smooth, also the sound for music is great. Love that I can change my position on the seat because its electrical. Its a sports car which means that driving in far distance really helps a lot. Never had a Mercedes before and I am very happy with my purchase.

- Nancy G

I love the interior the leather seats are soft and comfortable.

I love how smooth it drives and the comfortable sits. I also love the looks of it. It is classy yet sporty. I will continue buying Mercedes Benz cars in the future. I hadn't have any problems with it and it was a used car when I bought it. Oil change is a little pricey but that is to expect for a luxury car.

- Maria M

Mercedes c250 4 door white sedan.

My Mercedes c250 is a nice little ride. It has black leather seats with heating and cooling features. Though it is a compact version the inside is spacious enough for a family. It is safety features are my favorite part of the car. The windshield is equipped with sensors to detect the road and other drivers.

- Emily G

Mercedes c250 is a great car!

My Mercedes runs smoothly, has great pickup and power, even up mountain roads, and feels comfortable to drive and ride in. I have about 70, 000 miles on it and I am sure it will go for years to come. The only complaint is that a Mercedes is expensive for routine maintenance, but no serious issues so far.

- Renee G

Sporty and luxury all in one.

Car is very sporty yet still has that luxury aspect. The only issues I have encountered is high maintenance which I guess is to be expected. It is extremely compact so if you are looking for something where you need a lot of space this car is not it. Handles the road very nicely, an overall great car.

- Whitney M

Reliable, with the caveat of durability and quality.

The reliability is good, however, the consistency of the quality of the trim, the mechanical issues that continue to pop up despite regular service, and the durability of the interior and exterior re frustrating. These issues far exceed the positives of what should be the quality of a luxury vehicle.

- Taylor B

Sunroof. Heated seats. Mercedes. Lots of space. Big trunk. Navigation. Bluetooth.

My car has not given me any problems, and is very reliable. It's a very comfortable, smooth ride. Its features include: sunroof, heated seats, Bluetooth radio and phone connection, and it has plenty of space. This has been my favorite car that I have owned. It has leather seats and is easy to clean.

- Lily O

Sports and luxury in one package.

I love this car. It is both luxurious and sporty. It you some get up and go in sport mode, but is quite fuel efficient in economy mode. The interior is all leather and the displays are easy to read. The navigation is a nice feature as well. The only thing I do not like is the cost of maintenance.

- Nathan E

Likes and dislikes of my Mercedes.

Love the way it drives and ability to switch drive from e (efficiency) to s (sport). Good sound system, mileage and I love the look of the vehicle, especially the front grill. I do have some problems with screechy brakes and there’s a noise coming when I turn that I need to get checked out.

- Shelly S

More maintenance than usual.

There are several issues including but not limited to tire pressure issues where the tire pressure constantly goes low, broken clasps on the storage compartments, air conditioning filter causing the air to smell bad and costly maintenances that have to be performed at the dealer.

- Michelle W

Mercedes Benz car, perfect for everyone.

My vehicle is a Mercedes Benz, it is a really nice car and I like how silver and beautiful it is. It is most reliable and very comfortable and also, it has excellent performance when I am driving. I love my car. I recommend this car to anyone who loves driving in a nice car.

- Kim C

Mercedes-Benz is the most reliable, comfortable car ever.

I love my car, the keyless-go is an amazing feature. The car drives smooth and with the colder weather coming in the heated seats make the drive so comfy. It gets great gas mileage so I really only fill up once a week. It is reliable and safe for me and my family.

- Vanessa H

The safety features are probably the most important items

Great acceleration, sound system and luxury interior. Very smooth ride and exceptional handling. Back up camera, lane assist, keyless entry and remote start are great features as well. Maintenance is minimal but quite expensive and it does not have good fuel economy.

- David G

Luxury driving designed with the driver in mind.

Strong sturdy hefty car. Well built. I haven't had any problems with it. The seating is comfortable it's designed with the driver in mind. Performance wise the car drives well. I feel safe in this vehicle. The gas mileage is great and I believe it's quite reliable.

- Lorena T

My car and why I like it so much.

I really like the fact my car is technically savvy. I like that I do not have to get the oil changed often. I think it drives beautiful. It has a sunroof to enjoy the weather. I like that it has leather seats. The seats also are heated which helps in the morning.

- Maggie M

Ladies are going to have a hard time noticing you driving this car.

Enjoy the feel of the drive from start to finish. I can either cruse take my time to get where I am heading or turn the car into sport mode a make a bee line to my destination fast. No complaints, besides the cost of maintenance it is really expensive for a car.

- Juan D

A great white class Benz car.

I like the car because its all wheel drive and has a moonroof and I love the color and its a pretty new car which has Bluetooth so you can make phone calls hands free and the stereo system is nice and loud. And it has voice everything in the car which is great.

- Mark Z

A totally beyond pleasant ride.

I absolutely adore my c250 Mercedes Benz. I love the quick speed pick up. It is beyond excellent on giving more mileage per gallon. I love the comfort of the exquisite interior that offers a very generous amount of legroom. I love the sleek body styles.

- Veronica M

Best car on the road with solid quality.

Handles well, quality of interior and comfort of seats. Leather. Prestige while understated. Safety. Few repairs or maintenance. Great radio sound. Lasts for years with minimum maintenance or repair. Techs great. Bluetooth and satellite TV available.

- Natalie K

It has great gas mileage for being an SUV.

Not enough updated technology. I wish I had a back up camera. Further, it costs a lot of money for upkeep and repairs..... I love the brand and the seats are comfortable. I also love my heated seats..

- Steph H

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It does take premium gas.

I like the fact that it doesn't give me any mechanical problems and is reliable. The window controls and the door handle are peeling off. I feel like my vehicle quality should be better than that.

- Lisa A

It is expensive, especially after warranties expire.

I like that it is paid for; that it gives good gas mileage; that it looks sporty. I dislike the uncomfortable seats; lack of trunk space; back seats don't fold down to extend trunk/hauling space.

- James W

It is a great car to drive around town and is very good in the snow.

I love that it is a Mercedes-Benz I love the way it drives and I love the navigation. While I love the c class the 2013 model is small and it is low to the ground. Also it is very expensive to fix.

- Andrea P

The front is very low, it is easy to catch on curb.

I like the red seat belts and sunroof. I really enjoy the quick take off. I like the comfortable seats. The backup camera, is difficult to use, , cannot see very well, too much glare.

- Aqua W

With over 100k miles, still drives like new

Overall comfortable great suspension, acceleration and control easy to use and well designed driver controls. Seat has worn poorly and will need replaced or reupholstered. Great vehicle

- Todd H

That despite the price they are worth it. Features that other brands offer as options are usually standard on a Mercedes.

I love that it's rear wheel drive! I love the way it handles in the curves! It has seat warmers which I love in the winters. The only thing I don't like is the cost to own a Mercedes

- Melissa m

A car that drives with style, smooth and sleek inside and out.

It has a very nice acceleration and drives very smooth. The interior is a good quality and it is a durable car. Sometimes repair costs can be expensive, but they are not to often.

- Erin A

It is small can park in the smallest places, cheap on gas and very cute!

I have a smart car fortwo made by Mercedes. I love the size and gas is really cheap since I get so many miles per gallon. I have air conditioning and a convertible top. Love it!

- Susan K

The driver's seat gives you messages which is pretty neat.

There is nothing wrong with the car. It drives smoothly and the drivers seat even gives you massages. I just want a new car because my mother has completely overtaken the car.

- Martha B

I feel that the car is safe to drive.

I like the conveniences of this car. There are numerous ways to interact with the features built into this car. I feel safe driving the car. I have no dislikes about this car.

- Patricia L

I've had many problems, most are still covered under warranty. 6 tires in 2 years. 2 new windshields.

Ridiculously expensive to own and maintain. Warranties and pre paid packages are not enough. Simple oil change-$200, new battery $400, regular biannual service is $600.

- Bec W

I think people should know that the maintenance and repairs are very expensive, including gas, which costs more than other cars, as it only uses the highest grade

I like the size of my car. I also like the ease of driving it. What I don't like is that it's too low to sit in and not as comfortable as I thought it would be.

- Phyllis F

Others should know that it is a very safe car to be inside, in the unfortunate chance of being in an accident.

It is very safe. The brake & hold function is very helpful, making driving in traffic much less tiring. I dislike that my car does not have ventilated seats.

- David V

It's a beautiful car and anyone should be privileged to get in it!

I love how it drives. Very smooth and luxurious. It handles well and has a great engine. I always feel safe and prideful to be in it! No complaints from me.

- Randi K

Always be sure to warm up your vehicle. Be sure your transmission is worked on in the summer.

I love my heated seats, turbo, and sound system. I don't like the cost for maintenance. I also dislike the fact that there are two recalls on my vehicle.

- rachel m

Comfortable and fun to drive! All the luxuries of a nice car!

I drive alot for work and my car is comfortable and fun to drive. I love the luxury of it. I don't like that it's expensive to have work done to it.

- Mary C

It's reliable and very well built, the car is solid, the sound of the doors shutting are like a bank safe, car is sturdy and sexy

I love almost everything about this car, except that the turbo has a 2 seconds lag to kick in, and that the car started smoking for no good reason

- Paulo R

The most important thing others should know is that the car is reliable and is of a good quality.

I like that it drives very well. It has also been very reliable. I have not had to do any major work on it. It is also luxurious and very nice.

- Jon S

My vehicle is a two door coupe, grey exterior, white interior.

I currently do not have any problems with my car, I am very satisfied with the performance and reliability of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

- Danielle P

The safety and reliability of a Mercedes Benz is why I bought mine.

My car so far has been very reliable. When driving it, I feel very safe. I like it more than I have any other vehicle I have owned.

- Jill M

Good services from the dealer ships.

Drives well. No problems with gas consumption. it's a smart car. It tells me when things goes wrong and when it needs checking on.

- Kris A

Roomy, compact and dependable.

Very reliable. I've never had any major issues. Doesn't have the get-up and go I prefer to have but once it's rolling it's fine.

- Sonja B

It's a Mercedes, the best car ever

It's the greatest car I've ever had. It goes so fast, but everyone always wants to crash into it. Sometimes I wish I had a truck

- David K

Sporty but classy car, good for women.

The car has been reliable and I've had no problems with it. It has a sporty appearance and looks to be more than its value.

- Kylie C

Good prep up speed and easy to handle.

No real problems just need required maintenance on a regular basis, tires, oil changes and all other preventive maintenance.

- Judith B

It is got great visibility and comfort.

Safety recall on parts in steering column that took over a year for parts to be available to fix it, fuel tank pump repairs,

- Colette G

It is a regular car among luxury cars.

The Mercedes-Benz class is a sleek, fast, elegant car which has a lot of bells and whistles but it is expensive to maintain.

- Maria F

that the car it has all wheel drive and it has a great moonroof

i like that the car is all wheel drive. I like that it has a moonroof. and i like that it has auto stop and start

- mark z

It is really zippy! Acceleration and maneuverability are great!

No issues. Looking forward to purchasing the next generation of the same vehicle. Cpo has proved to be the best.

- Michael J

The car is easy to maintain and not too expensive.

Drives well, sharp looking, reliable.... Has not kept value, different size tires do not allow a full rotation.

- Diane M

expensive to fix if anything goes wrong with the vehicle

very reliable vehicle and drives great. expensive to fix and have to replace the expensive tires every 2 years

- danielle m

It is luxurious and it is worth the money. If something is going wrong with the vehicle, it will immediately alert you.

I love the features my car has. I love that it gets good mileage to the gallon. I love how smooth it drives.

- Undria p

The Buick is sound proof and it is great to drive.

My car drives smooth. Love the style.. The only thing I dislike is that have no car service on Saturday..

- Jan M

It is a quality well made car.

It is a very smooth ride. It looks beautiful and it get great gas mileage. It is expensive to maintain.

- Jeannie M

The car is pretty expensive and might be a little over the top for some.

I love the smooth ride. It is very good on gas mileage. It is a beautiful car. The car runs very well.

- Mark K

Great value for the money spent.. Has all the features of a more expensive car.

I like the body style. It gets good gas mileage. It is very fast. I would like to have a back camera.

- Barbara A

It's very fast and it has great control

My vehicle is great it looks sexy and the paint is great the shape is awesome and the tires are good

- Nance P

Easy to drive, maneuver, and park. Oil changes required each 10,000 miles.

Very easy to steer and handle. Smooth and comfortable riding. Stylish interior and exterior.

- Milt A

brand name and history of their brand

love my car, the style, brand, etc. Perfect size car, love the color, and its reliability

- steven M

My car represents my personality; it expresses who i am

luxury sport mercedes. I like the performance and styling. I wish it was more comfortable

- thomas w

it is not as expensive as most people think, it is definitely affordable family car

I like It's luxurious design. it has enough horsepower to deal with all road conditions.

- tobby t

I love how it handles the road! I love that it is rear wheel drive and I adore the heated seats

It may be pricey but it is worth the investment! You can't put a price on safety

- Melissa H

The most important thing about any car is the service they offer and demonstrate.

Great drive, small and compact. Have it serviced regularly. Great service.

- Jean F

It is easy to drive with good speed and good control.

It is a great car. I like it. Good car so far so good.

- zhao C

Car is excellent condition. Regular routine maintenance performed

Overall love the vehicle. Dislike cost of maintenance

- Krystal D

It is well maintained and insured.

It is roomy, runs well and is a nice basic black.

- gee d