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Safest sedan out there and has the best resale value.

It is sporty. It is fuel efficient. Has the latest safety features and crash tests ratings are extremely high. Comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver while parking. I have 13, 000 city miles on odometer and have not had a maintenance issue or repair yet. The dealer has been great with loaner cars for maintenance items like oil change. That wasn't required until 10, 000 miles. The midnight blue color is beautiful and I have received many positive comments on the overall looks. The engine took some getting used to because it stops at extended idle times like at a stop light. It restarts automatically when foot taken off brake to resume driving. This is for fuel efficiency. Other than that, it has been a breeze and fun to drive. Great pickup as well.

- Mary T

Best interior layout compared to other Benz

I like the interior of the C class, and have come to rely on features such as 4matic, side mirror indicators and land assist. I have owned other Benz models and find this one to be quite adequate if not as flashy as some others. Having previously owned an E class with the entire glass roof, I chose to not order that again as it seemed the car was hot all the time due to constant sun even through the semi see through covering.

- Natalie M

Love my Mercedes Benz c300.

The car is sporty, but not too small. It goes very fast in sport mode. I like that it has eco-mode as well, which cuts the engine and air conditioning when you are sitting in traffic or running low on gas. The car could be better on gas, does not get much mileage compared to other competitors. Love the interior options, I chose amg option with red seats which looks very expensive. The car drives very smooth.

- Sarah S

Nice sedan that is sleazy to drive and safe for the driver and everyone else.

The car I have is nice because it has enough technology that makes driving safer but not too much where it would distract the driver. The car is also very nice because the cameras help with parking and being safe around other cars. Another reason the car I have is really good is because it is simple and not too fancy where it would cost a lot to maintain.

- Jill Y

Well-considered and well-mannered.

It is a elegant reliable car with lots of available features. It is zippy, has great fuel economy, and the advanced electronics package on my car has all the pieces for autonomous operation when Mercedes gets around to a offering. The only complaint I have is that it is a bit on the smaller side; if you are over 6 foot, it will be somewhat cramped.

- David B

Reverse camera White 4 door

My car is great it beeps whenever you are too close to the lines. Good breaks perfect size. And a good family car I love my car I recommend it to anyone. It's white with light interior. Also the lease isn't that expensive and the insurance as well is pretty cheap. It's a lot better than the car I had before it also has a computerized dashboard

- J R

Mercedes�A nice ride, but be prepared to pay for routine maintenance!

Very few issues with the car; 1 flat tire, 1 motor mount issue. Drives smoothly and has a great backup camera and GPS system. I have enjoyed the seat controls and the heat option. The replacement tires are expensive and routine maintenance costs way more than a 'regular' vehicle. Overall the driving experience has been good.

- Susie A

My car is reliable. Starts and stops quickly and easy to drive and park. The camera is very helpful.

It's a convertible which I like very much. It has many features that are easy to use and the vehicle rides smoothly and is stylish. Mercedes is a very reputable company and their cars last a long time and don't usually require a lot of repairs. Maintenance is important to keep it running and always dependable.

- Maria G

white, four door, panoramic sunroof.

During the life of my car lease the car has been completely reliable. It rides smoothly but not great in the snow, it slides at times. Connects to a smart phone easily. I love the Panoramic sunroof. The stick shift is not my favorite, sometimes the car ends up in neutral when trying to put in park.

- Eric A

Overall great car but the interior is a bit compact.

The vehicle drives well. I am not a huge fan of the large screen that displays the navigation, etc. But the heated seats, sunroof and sound system are great. I also feel a bit too tall for the car (I am 5'10') and when I have my nieces it's a little difficult to get them comfortably in their car seats.

- Jessica L

Great small luxury automobile.

Its comfortable, easy to drive, fast, responsive and fun. It looks great. It's not that big so it's easy to park in the city. But I can fit 4 people comfortably. It's a very safe car. I once flipped over in a Mercedes and, the car frame was intact I was not injured at all. I am very loyal to the brand.

- Janet O

Sharp looking Benz, catches the eye

I love the look of the car. The drive is smooth and really great. I love that the mirrors beep whenever you change lanes. But I've had the tires lose air pressure so many times and have to put air in them because the alarm says they are low. The back seat is also tight especially with a car seat.

- Christina L

Mercedes Benz sedan review.

The tired on this car are very sensitive. I have gotten many flat tires that are expensive to replace, and have to fill the tires to correct the tire pressure frequently. The car drives very smoothly and has a great sound system. The plastic dash interior scratches easily and looks very cheap.

- Ben S

Mercedes Benz C-Class is the way go for Comfort, Performance and Reliable.

Our 2nd Mercedes Leases since 2012. Currently in 2016 Mercedes C class 4matic Sedan Black with cranberry AMG interior. We enjoy the performance and comfort of the Mercedes Class and Gas is well too. Fully Loaded is way to go include heated seats, driver assist and lighting package is a plus.

- Eric T

Navy Mercedes with beige interiors are #1.

I do not like the trackpad. Love how spacious it is. Wish it was shorter (to fit into parking spaces better--it's also a little longer than the old c class). Love the many drive options. Not happy that they got rid of the number keypad. The navy blue color with tan seating is my favorite.

- Hannah B

Mercedes Benz review c-class

It's comfy has break issues. Expensive to fix. Like the features. Needs bigger screen and more technology. The car is super fast and drives nice. Luxury and sporty. Love the sun and moon roof. Is a big car. Has super long front. Like the heated seats wish they stated on longer

- Kelly R

6th Mercedes owned over the years. What else need be said.

Comfortable well engineered car with very few problems. Only 2 recalls. Standard equipment should include heated steering wheel and navigation system. Fine detailing I.e. paint and trim interior and exterior. Should have real spare tire although it comes puncture proof tires.

- Ethan S

U just need hand movement to lock and unlock the vehicle

It needs high maintenance, it has high performance. It has all the latest technology. It's highly safe and reliable. Undoubtedly it's the best comfortable car I had. Sound system is very good. Car has very good heating and cooling features. Option of colors are also very good

- Liza N

Luxury. This car makes you feel like a million bucks driving it.

This is my dream car. I love everything about it. The luxurious feel in all the appointments is top notch. Engine, drivetrain are outstanding. Extras are above and beyond. The only thing I'd consider changing is the automatic shut off when the engine idles for too long.

- William M

Life of driving a Mercedes.

Comfort ride, nice style, reliability car. Car just starting to clear chipping on the top side rails. Battery wear just needing replacement this year. Any repairs are costly however because of name. Seat cover splitting leather wear on drivers side. Trunk space is good.

- Phyllis D

Safe, classy, smooth ride.

Rides smooth, hugs corners excellent, provides a smooth but sharp turn. I love that there are motion sensors that beep when a vehicle is beside you or suddenly slams on breaks in front of you. The safety features are top notch and I just feel classy driving a Benz!

- Allison P

My Mercedes Benz and information.

The car is very sleek, sturdy and fast I have no problems with it so far other than the gas it uses up. Inside the car is very luxurious and as well as the exterior. I would recommend this car to a lot of people. No problems when I got it and now. Mercedes Benz.

- Mike H

Gas pump nozzle keeps clicking off.

Mercedes- Benz 2016 c300 gasoline rushes back up in car's fuel filler tube, instead of into the tank, hits sensor hole on the nozzle and shuts off the pump over and over again. Not fixed at dealership. Given up and it is a lease -cant wait to return it.

- Michele M

Mine has the AMG package which comes with upgraded speakers, mats, and rims.

The vehicle is really reliable and so far has had zero problems or issues. Even though the car is small it is really spacious and comfortable on the inside. The sensors on the mirrors are super helpful when switching lanes on the highway or busy road.

- Tay A




Safety features including alarm system.

Easy to drive with many safety features, nice appearance inside and out. I have no complaints, the wide tires help in control of vehicle and smooth ride on highways. I will buy another when I am ready to get a new car.

- Ray A

The vehicle itself is very safe.

Feels so high class and luxurious. It drives so smoothly. It is also pretty decent on gas (unless you have a need for speed like. I do and love driving on the s+ mode) than I feel as if I use up the gas a bit faster.

- Tania B

I think my car is very functional but also very safe.

I like the way my car looks, both interior and exterior. I like the way it drives because it is very smooth. I like the features and technology like the rearview camera. I dislike how expensive replacement parts are.

- Kerri G

The most important thing is that it is meant to be driven for a long time with state of true art safety measures and needs constant maintenance which is very costly.

I love the smooth rides and the sturdy driving response time to the maneuvering of the car. I like the luxurious leather interior. I like the smooth navigation system and i love the gas mileage per gallon.

- James O

Mercedes C class are wonderful cars as long as they are in warranty. I don't know that i would own this car out of warranty.

I absolutely love the comfort and build quality of this vehicle. It has a quiet ride and looks and drives amazing. I don't like the electronic issues that have required to be serviced multiple times.

- norm R

The paint job looks really nice and the wheels do too.

My car hasn't had any real problems since I had it, it drives really smooth and it's a really great car. I'm happy with the decision of buying and I don't think I'll be replacing it any time soon.

- Shileona B

It handles very smoothly and the driver assist feature is a plus.

The car has a driver assist feature that alerts the driver of any internal issues; minor and major. The feature also keeps safe from other drivers swerving. This is my favorite feature.

- Ava L

It gets great gas mileage.

The car is great in design. The ride is smooth and quiet. It has great gas mileage and I really feel safe.. I will keep this car for a long time because of its design and safety..

- Ann W

It's big so it can fit easily fit your whole family inside, along with its large cargo space. Which both makes it great for traveling.

The price for the car was pretty good. The chair feels comfortable. But the controls could be more automated. For example, the door and chair moving forward or backward.

- Oscar L

Somewhat expensive to own, but good blend of luxury/sportiness.(c450 amg sport).

Like appearance, sporty look, performance, electronics. Dislike cost of pay services (xm traffic, Mercedes services), lack of apple carplay. So far no complaints.

- Bern S

It's reliable, and luxurious

I very much enjoy the different driving modes (comfort, Sport, eco, etc.). The car's infotainment system is very much a standard of Its own. No problems at all.

- Navid H

It is a good value for the price.

I like the responsiveness of the car. It is very quick when accelerating and allows me to maneuver quickly when I need to. I wish the ride were a bit smoother.

- Anthony E

The Driver Assist Feature

The driver assist feature is the best feature. It allows the driver to be in tune with the car's needs and allows the car to be in tune with yours as well.

- Miss G

That it is a very reliable car.

I like the interior luxury features. I like the keyless entry. I do not like always having to worry about scratches and dents from parking in parking lots.

- Jill L

Great sports car without the cost.

Great in the snow. There are a lot of air intake issues. The tires are staggered so they wear down after 20000 miles. The electronics are not that I great.

- Gina K




Small and fun to drive ..

It's been a complete joy to own. I wish it were a little larger as I am taller than average, but the seat goes far enough back to make it drivable.

- David B

It's a Mercedes Benz, which is known for superior German Engineering.

I like the brand and everything that it stands for. I like the gas mileage. I like the look. I like the interior. I like the way it hugs the road.

- Jesus G

It can outrun you. It has a very powerful AMG engine in it.

I like the power a lot. I like the ride it provides me a lot. I like the color, black all over outside but with sharp red trim on the inside.

- Dee M

Cost not worth it and body type unattractive.

The plain look. No Mercedes symbol standing on hood. Programming is difficult. Regular maintenance ridiculously expensive for no good reason.

- Gayle R

It is easy to drive, has all the luxuries any person could need in a car..

I like my vehicle because it is easy to drive, it has all of the bells and whistles and is extremely comfortable. There's nothing I dislike.

- Sydney M

My car is super safe. It protected me from getting a huge injury even though my car was totaled.

A problem is sun discoloration on some of the leather. But the positives it that it runs smooth, and has even saved my in a car incident.

- katherine T

enjoying it very much and even though not for everyone I would recommend it as entry level to MB.

Classy and stylish and well made with a comfortable ride. The integrated info system could be much better and maintenance cost is high.

- Dee W

that it keeps you safe no matter where or how you drive, and some drive different than others

i think it is amongst the best out of all the cars that have been created and has the best technology of anything i've ever used

- mike m

It is a Mercedes, best car on the road.

Very quick, good gas mileage, good safety features such as lane warnings economy drive. Backup camera is great. Free car washes.

- Michael D

It is a high-end car. It fits me well

My car fits me very well. I love how it handles the road and highway. However, I'm not looking forward to the maintenance. .

- Sharhonda H

Luxurious interior but feels overpriced and unreliable

I have had a few problems with the car not starting properly. No one seems to be able to figure out what's wrong with it.

- Gina C

It has a lot of modern technological features.

The vehicle is very reliable and I like the driver assist features that make the driver aware of issues the car senses.

- She G

My vehicle is one of the most technologically advanced on the streets.

I enjoy the drivability and handling of my Mercedes. It has all of the amenities I enjoy. It has good fuel economy.

- Scott M

My car is dependable and gets good mileage w/turbo engine.

I like the ride, performance, and dependability of this vehicle. I dislike the cost of maintenance at the dealership.

- Allan P

Mercedes c class. As stated, nice car, but difficult seat in the back

Rides nice. audio system hard to navigate while driving. Back seat is a bit uncomfortable, but the front is great.

- jan r

Its smooth and fun to drive and good mileage.

Smooth ride good mileage. Looks nice lots of room. Big trunk. Oil changes free. Limited warranty. Nice sunroof.

- Nanci S

Good, nothing happen to my car.

It is nothing problem to my car. And it is really good, I love my car. I will take care of it as good as I can.

- Boss N

That it is very comfortable.

I like the warning mirrors for blind spots and also sound system. I wish it was a bit larger inside though.

- Scott R

luxury and comfortable in a way that you can't imagine

luxury and comfortable for long rides, daily and road trips and fast. you will not regret buying this car

- hind D

It's mine. I do love it I just wish it had more leg room in the back.

Status is great but the sport shocks are bumpy. It's feeling smaller now that my kids are getting older.

- Chris M

comfortable, clean, it has an excellent quality in the sits, there's no complains

i love everything about my car, its very comfortable to me and to my family. best choice i've ever make

- austin j

It is comfortable and makes driving easy. It has some convenient features.

It has a high cost for maintenance. My brake pads needed replacement under 15000 miles.

- al t

It has very good safety features and I like the way the navigation system works.

I like to drive it. I like the way it looks, The maintenance costs are very high.

- Rhonda T

It is a wonderful car and it should serve me well.

No complaints. I like it. It is nice. The car is fabulous and it is fun to drive.

- Gregg W

See me on the track son. I got this. Easy. No question.

It's a great car. I got it in black because it looks best in black. It's fast.

- james s

I like the value, it seems to be quite a bit if luxury for a good price.

I like the comfort in the front. The lag room in the back is a little tight.

- Kris R

It is an extremely reliable car

I love that its sporty and has all the latest upgrades. No complaints

- Ilana S

Good car, reliable performance, comfortable. Drives well and gets reasonable mileage. Long time MB fan

Good car, reliable and durable. Low maintenance. Comfortable

- Kat C

It's in an impeccable condition

Excellent vehicle, I love it. Would buy again in an instant.

- Jon M

Engine quality, and aerodynamic displacement and perfect finish

No complaint, it's a excellent car, from great company

- Lloyd B

It's fun to drive and comfortable to ride in. Styling is a major perk

Styling.performance, gas mileage. Dislike premium gas

- Landon C

the quality of the car they have since this gives more security when using it

nothing in my car displeases me, it's perfect for my

- James J

Is important they are pensen is the a calited for you car

A good car for you stability at drive in the street

- Mark M

Dependable performance in all types of weather.

The comfortable ride, fuel economy, appearance

- Allan H

Nice looks and color. Never a problem.

Good acceleration Good looking Comfortable

- Gene C