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Comfortable and Reliable Service

We got our Mercedes used and we have had almost no problems with it and any problems that we have had the dealership has fixed easily. The only complaint about the car is that the door on the front drivers side will not open unless you roll down the window but it can be fixed when taken to the dealership. It is a very reliable car and the lost comfortable car my husband and I have ever owned. One feature that I really enjoy is that the trunk on this car is much larger than any other car I test drove and is capable of holding a lot of objects. The leather seats are also very durable as they have withstood my dogs nails scratching them and have not yet shown a mark.

- Rachel H

The Mercedes is a wonderful car.

My car is very luxurious. The makers of Mercedes want people to be very comfortable in their car. I have not came across any problems in my car. In my car there is a lot of cool features. There is a big screen which shows the music selection, the air/heat, a map for when you use the navigation, etc. To control the screen there is a little circle mouse thing right in front of the center console and it is very easy to use. Another thing the Mercedes has is voice control so you don't get distracted from the road while driving.

- Abby M

Seat belts adjust custom to the driver and passenger.

Very reliable and fuel efficient! Have many nice features inside, one of my favorites are the seat adjustments and seatbelt sensor. There are no cup holders in the doors which kind of sucks. I'm able to connect my phone via Bluetooth and be alerted when the car is not in motion of any text messages I may have received. I'm able to make and receive calls and read my messages. Comes with a nice sunroof and a guide/manual for any questions or concerns you may have with the car.

- Sunny B

Sleek, affordable luxury vehicle.

This car is reliable, the dash notifies you whenever it needs to be serviced. I like that it shows you tire pressure, as I have gone over a few potholes and popped some tires. There are so many features, to name a few: heated seats, seat cooling, Bluetooth calling and music, and USB charging. The inside is sleek, albeit a tad small. I think the thing I enjoy most about this car is that after 5 years of driving, there are no rattles or annoying noises inside of the car.

- Caroline R

Mercedes Benz c-250. Has helpful technology.

This car is a very cool and fun car to drive! It is very fast when it comes to being on sport mode, and when on regular, you can expect to have a smooth ride! The car contains four comfortable seats that you can fall asleep in easily, and it has very good AC and heater controls. The technology in the car informs you whenever you go over the speed limit and when you are running low on gas. Overall, this is an amazing car!

- David R

Mercedes-benz C-300 sport 2015 sleek black exterior with a red leather interior

I drive a Mercedes Benz C300 sport in black with a red leather interior, I love everything about my vehicle. Good gas mileage, reliable, when service is needed I am given a notification on the vehicle itself. My speakers are outstanding, I also love the seat warmer and cooler features. It is extremely comfortable for long trips for the driver and all passengers, plenty of legroom for all and trunk space for luggage.

- Sarah A

An interesting detail about this vehicle is that it does not come with a spare

Great daily driver car, great gas mileage considering the size of engine and having two turbochargers. Only thing I would complaint about is the leather. Breaks easy and very low quality as it will tear for no reason. Maintenance of this vehicle is on the average side considering that it Is a German car. Overall is a great car to own if you like a quality ride and enough power for when you need it.

- Jorge C

Very expensive to maintain and repair.

The car looks nice and rides well, but I have had multiple problems. We have an extended warranty but it hasn't covered everything. It's really expensive to maintain and repair. The expenses have included outrageous oil changers, very expensive windshield replacement, and an interior battery needed to be replaced. It seems that when one thing malfunctions, it affects a multitude of other things.

- Christi R

Mercedes Benz c300 4matic.

I have not come across any issues with my vehicle. I purchased it with 30, 000 miles and in pristine condition. The car has been amazing since I bought it with non issues. The pros would outlay any cons. The only con I can think of would be the price to fix the vehicle if repairs are needed but that should have been taken into consideration prior to following through with the purchase.

- Cc C

Awesome and highly recommended.

My c300 sport is an fun car to drive and is very comfortable. The craftsmanship inside and out is very high quality and very aesthetically pleasing. The retractable roof is a really nice feature along with the ability to switch between sport modes. I don't like that I have to change my key battery every 6m and sometimes the front collision sensor alerts when there is no threat.

- Reed S

It drives well and it has a very reasonable gas mileage,

This vehicle has proven to be very luxurious while also being nothing shy of exceptional performance. This vehicle is loaded with absolutely everything needed in a vehicle. This car looks sharp and many people feel comfortable riding in the car with me. I have not been struck by any problems and the car runs amazingly. Definitely a recommended buy to anybody.

- Marco D

It has a lot of computer issues. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at the dealers service station. Hopefully it is still under warranty so you don't get stuck with constant high breviary bills.

I love the way the vehicle drives and handles the road. The auto assist brake nag has saved me from getting into an accident on two separate occasions. It is a fun car to drive! I dislike the dealership that I bought it from and all of the random electrical issues. Each update that has been sent to my cars computer has caused systems to crash. Annoying!

- Kerry S

My Mercedes has awesome features that really accentuate the luxury car feeling.

I absolutely love my Mercedes c250. It is a reliable car that I have only had one minor issue with, and that is the coolant started leaking recently, however upon inspection it was an easy and cheap repair. Other than that I have had no problems and enjoy driving my car. I love all of the features, specifically the heated seats and Bluetooth connection.

- Samantha C

Love my Mercedes Benz. It�s a great reliable car.

I love my Mercedes. This is the sports model turbo. I love the sunroof. I have not have any issues. This car is very reliable and safe. You do need to be careful when you park too close to the parking stop because the front is too low. You are able to take your Mercedes to Jiffy Lube for a oil change instead of Taking it to the Mercedes Dealer.

- Maria M

It is well worth the price tag. This is my first Mercedes and I will drive this brand for the rest of my life.

I love how my car drives. It looks fabulous. It gets great gas mileage and has a very comfortable interior. I do not like the option that turns the car off when it is stopped for a few seconds. It comes back on when the gas is pressed but this takes a few seconds. Otherwise it is an excellent car. It has great acceleration when passing also.

- Stacy P

Great car for a small family of three.

Battery has it is up and downs during the first couple of years. Enough space for four people comfortably. Keeps shape and style through the years. Family calls it the "road runner". Computer system has a hard time connecting to newer phone models. Seats are comfortable for long distance and space in trunk for multiple bags.

- Emma G

Happy and Pleased. The ride is very smooth and relaxing.

My Mercedes C-Class has a very smooth and comfortable ride. I have had it for about five years, and I have yet to have difficulties with it. The Audio stereo system is most enjoyable. Though it requires a premium grade of fuel, I find it necessary to accommodate it, in order to maintain a quality running engine.

- Chuck H

Mercedes customer for life

I have had almost zero problems ever since purchasing my car. It drives like a dream, the service and customer service at Mercedes is unlike no other! I love my Benz and I will be their customer for life. If given the opportunity to switch cars, I would just upgrade to a newer version of my car

- Leigh G

Drives very Smooth and accelerates quick

No problems so far but the car itself is very sensitive... for instance the tire went flat drove it a few feet to the gas station for air and it cracked the tire pressure sensor which cost $400 to get fixed. On top of that the car comes with run flat tires so I'm still puzzled how that happened

- Nikki D

The car is very roomy for its sleek appearance and has a large trunk

It's an amazing car! We get 40 miles per gallons and with the car at its height, you aren't at risk of tipping over and you feel confident and safe in it. Also, it's extremely roomy and comfortable and fit for family or just to feel sporty as you drive around, it's a car made for everyone

- Abigail K

Good. Good overall all around very satisfied.

Good car good ride good gas mileage fast comfortable and confident. Expensive yes but good and reliable efficient. Well maintenance durable good motor comfortable ride good protection against accidents with airbags good safety reviews. Good looks well retains its value for years to come.

- Lou S

My car is a diesel, you would never know it. It�s very quiet.

I fill the vehicle up every 650 miles. It's very comfortable, I have had no problems with it. I do not like the way the steering wheel is positioned. I feel like it's laying on my stomach. It is a little hard to get into and out of. However once you get in it is a comfortable, safe ride.

- Vanessa H

White Mercedes 2015 C-Class 250

I enjoy this vehicle. It ride nice and not rough. The look is sporty and classy. The interior is nice but it is small. It is a coupe. The leather and suede seats are nice and the sound system is nice as well. The paint job is nice and the pick up is good. I get good gas mileage as well.

- Danielle A

Love everything minus the navigation.

Love everything about the car except for the GPS/ navigation. It has gotten me lost many times, for a luxury car such as Mercedes, I really hope they will change the navigation system in it. Other than that, love the look, the way it drives, and have not had any other problems when it.

- Nicole K

My car is fast and reliable.

Door handle broke on door and only way to fix it is to replace the entire door. Expensive to fix! Not great on gas but is very reliable. I love the sport package that I have and features on high end cars are great. My car is great in snow and being in New England this is a major plus.

- Nicole R

Nicest car I have ever had. Will stick with the brand for the near future.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. This is my 2nd Mercedes-Benz c-class. I plan on sticking with the brand for at least one more iteration. I do not have the functions of the newer models like the phone control where you can unlock the doors or locate the car in a parking lot.

- Christopher H

I truly love my Mercedes C300

The car is built in such a way where everything is easily accessible and easy to use. This way you are not distracted trying to do things in the car. It's reliable, it comes with all the bells and whistles and is smooth to drive. I love it and believe it was a good investment.

- Cecilia A

This vehicle is luxurious and exceeds the quality.

I love how comfortable are the seats. They hug you. Love that I could connect my Bluetooth easily. I like the luxury from the interior and exterior. Super smooth when I drive it. I like luxury cars over all and it is not that bad with gas. Super reliable has never let me down.

- Alma M

Great car, very reliable.

Car rides awesome. I have the base audio system, I would recommend upgrading to a premium system. Seat are comfortable for long drives. I do not like that there is not spare tire. You will need roadside assistance plan in case of a flat tire. This car has been very reliable.

- Donnell C

It has had several manufacturer defects which reflects in the quality of the car.

I lease the vehicle and it is used mostly for commuting. It has sufficient power. It is a bit low to the ground and the has had defects which needed correction such as the engine dying. I am not that impressed with the quality and most likely won't renew or get a new lease.

- Claire W

Issues letting the back window down.

It seems to be a problem with the back passenger window switch in the back. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. I often do not put that window down in the back because sometimes it does come back up. The car runs good besides that little issue. I love it.

- Dominique W

Mercedes is a good car although it lacks some of the latest features.

Exhaust comes out when I start the car. Not up to date features, drives well comfortable but not very luxurious for a Mercedes but overall a good quality automobile small but roomy enough for four people expensive to maintain needs more and better technologies.

- Ann B

Bad choice. Expensive to maintain.

When you come to a stop the engine shuts down. This is a expensive vehicle and I didn't think the ride was great. Will not buy another vehicle like this. Tires had to be replaced at around 22,000 miles. The told he because of the model I picked. Not pleased.

- Cynthia H

C class is a really great car

Awesome car! It handles great, no crazy blind spots, feels heavy like a tank, sound system is awesome. Very responsive steering. Performance tires look really nice. The interior is very sleek looking, spacious and comfortable. Trunk space is great too.

- Paul G

Beautiful sleek luxury c class Mercedes-Benz.

I haven't had any problems with my car it is extremely comfortable and it is heated seating with a tinted windows and it looks great. While driving down the street it is smooth to ride with the music on and it has been working perfectly for awhile.

- Christopher R

It drives very smoothly and is great on gas.

I like that it drives very smoothly and doesn't need to services until every 10,000 miles. It also has great features. There is technical computer issue from time to time and the cap on the side of the driver side pops off all the time.

- Aniva Z

The Ford focus is an American car so if anything needs fixed its not expensive.

It drives really good. I love the look of the car. The seats are very comfortable. It's very roomy. The rims look good. The heated seats are amazing. The sound system is awesome. I love the sunroof and the buttons are easy to operate.

- Felicia H

safety and protection of this car is extreme and you will feel well protected against falling asleep at the wheel and an accident.

I own an incredible car with safety features I not only enjoy but saves lives. The only dislike I have is the directional signal switch on the side of the steering wheel and the "distronic" switch are too close and can be mixed up.


I feel My Mercedes 300 is a great value for the features and functionality

I purchase the vehicle due to Its reputation. We travel a lot with my daughter for sports and my Mercedes is very reliable. It performs great and is comfortable on long rides. We feel safe while traveling.

- Lori F

safety feature that indicates if a care is beside me

No problems. I just take it in once a year for my annual checkup. I especially like the indicator on the mirror that tells me a car is on either side of me. Also, when I put on my turn signals, it beeps.

- Carol M

It is safe considering all of the technological advancements there were in 2015.

Technical and creature comforts. Side view mirrors, flashing warning when in traffic. Also there is a beep that lets you know when there is an area approaching of recent accident trouble.

- Joe L

Mercedes Benz C Class Love

I just purchased my Mercedes Benz C Class all wheel drive last week. The technology is great and the ride is very smooth. I feel like it's a safe cafe, but also so fun and beautiful.

- Genie K

The fantastic engineering and the level of safety that this car entails.

My Mercedes c-class is at the top of the chart for safety and it drives beautifully. I also love the technology and it is user friendly. The car also holds it is trade in value.

- Christine C

Sensors that help you drive safely.

I love this car, especially the way the seat belts hug you when you first put them on. The sensors in the care and rearview camera make me feel safe while driving.

- genesis f

Overall the car is great for all weathers.

Excellent five seat sedan with a nice cabins in the class. It has a solid all around performance, powerful engine, a smooth ride. Love the front wheel drive. .

- Monica M

Perfect for its intended purpose

My car is perfect for commuting to and from work, driving my toddler in his car seat in the back, it is four wheel drive so safe for rainy/winter conditions.


The C300 is a quality car with lots of features and easy to drive.

The 2015 C300 with the brown exterior and cream interior looks great. The steering is very responsive and the handling is adjustable (comfort, sport, etc)

- Patrick K

That it is well worth the money.

I have no complaints I really like how it drives and handles on the highway. After a long day at work it is comforting to go to my car and drive home.

- Margaret C

do not buy this car buy 2 honda accords for the same money and have better vehicles

had to replace 2 tires in under 20000 miles and car makes ticking engine noise that can't be fixed by deal it's a piece of crap

- john J

Sporty and classy and a lot of fun.

It's great this car is a lot if fun and looks awesome. I love the retracting roof and sport modes. Paddle shifters are fun too.

- Reed S

Reliability gas mileage and comfort.

Comfortable and smooth. The only problem is the back seats are too small. But overall it is a reliable and beautiful car.

- Sheri S

That the car is very good on gas.

I like that is it is reliable. It is good on gas. I love the style and model of the 2015 model. No complaints on the car.

- Lisa N

Not a luxury car for sure.

Engine makes a lot of noise and 2 tires had to be replaced with less than 15, 000 miles. Not a luxury vehicle for sure.

- Howard G

The make of the car and the economical situation.

I like my interior. I love the monitor inside. I hate the navigation system. I hate the no key entry on the outside.

- Tina R

Mercedes C-Class Sports edition

Repair and maintenance is pricey. Once the warranty runs out your out of luck unless you can afford the upkeep

- Tami A

Awesome and fun car to own

It's a great car to drive and looks great too. I like the retractable roof and all the sport modes. Great car

- Reee S

Just do the proper maintenance on or before due date.

Drives good. Love the interior and the exterior. Never giving me any problem runs like a charm, good on gas.

- John B

That it is made in a way that has your safety in mind in case of an accident.

I like the style and drive of the vehicle. I don't like that the repairs and maintenance is so expensive.

- Cece E

Easy to drive. Lots of safety features like lane assist and light for vehicles in blind spot.

Awesome. As with a lot of features. Nice safety features and perks that many cars don't have. Nice ride.

- Kathy L

Good pick up and roomy great gas mileage will.

Fancy big comfortable that what I like. And there's nothing that I dislike about it and no complaints.

- Lina S

I have no maintenance problems.

I like the gas mileage of my vehicle. I dislike not having navigation, a backup camera, and a sunroof.

- Bryan H

Costs more than the average 2015 4-cylinder automobile.

Good on gas mileage. No maintenance problems. Nice interior and smells clean. Nice looking car.

- Craig P

It's only amg look, not amg performance

Love the way it look inside and out. Stiff ride because if the run floats, and it's slow.

- Jon b

Mercedes Benz cars in general are very safe and reliable.

Very reliable. Nice and luxurious. Drives smoothly. Expensive maintenance.

- Bhavesh B

It's very smooth to drive. It is good on gas.

It gets really hot on the inside. Sometimes the AC takes too long to cool.

- Anait G

it is well built and is definitely a quality vehicle

I like the comfort. I like the dependability. I feel safe driving it

- Paul T

It is quite pricey but it is definitely worth the price

It is absolutely amazing and has gave me astonishing experiences.

- Toma H

It uses premium gas. I have had no issues/unexpected repairs.

I dislike not having a Sunroof. I dislike not having XM radio.

- C.O. H