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The rainbow interior lighting is the coolest, weirdest feature!

It drives really smooth, and really quiet! The interior is a lot more spacious than you'd expect from a car that small. All my passengers comment on how comfortable the seats are. All the little details are really nice, like the little light that comes on under your door when you open it, and the rainbow colors you can select for your interior lighting. The warning chime is also a pleasant reminder, not a nerve-grinding bell. The sound system is also very nice. It has a wide range for volume and the bass sounds great! I like the on-wheel controls too, which is very helpful because mine is a manual transmission. The air conditioning system is also very quiet, and very efficient. You can only set it in 2 degree increments, which is a little strange, but works great otherwise. I have had some early issues with the fuel pump, and fuel sensor. I have also had to have the transfer case replace at ~60k miles, which my mechanic said is "pretty normal" on the Mini Cooper countryman all-4 models. My primary complaint is the lack of cupholders! The two cupholders in the driver's center console are not a normal size, so most cups will not fit. None of my travel mugs will fit, and forget about fast food or coffee cups. They are also very "stiff" and have these spring loaded fins that guarantee your cup will get crushed trying to put it in. There are no cupholders in the back seat which passengers complain about a lot.

- Elizabeth G

My mini cooper in a nutshell.

It is fun to drive. It is quick. It has been very reliable. I have had to change my tire once but it has run flat tires so I never had to worry that I would get stuck anywhere. It is very comfortable. I have a small build and this car is a perfect size for me. I also love its seat warmers. I have an interior light package. It has many options for colors and can also slowly change colors. The colors appear in all 4 doors and in the front and back consoles. The cup holder in the back is attached to the middle console and sometimes gets knocked around and pops off. I wish there were more solid cup holders in the back. I love my car!

- Marcy-gale H

The prettiest brown colored car you'll ever see.

It did have a part that was recalled when I bought it, got that replaced and found out there was a coolant leak, which was fixed by the dealer, carmax. Since then the car has been wonderful, the check engine light comes on and turns off every so often, but I love the car it is super fun to drive.

- Brittany M

Watch the odometer. 100, 000 miles is the breaking point.

Great car up until 100, 000 miles. Oil leaks started, but then again it is a BMW engine. It does creak and rattle a lot but the interior is not anything to write home about either. However the driving experience the car gives is amazing. Handles very well and is a lot of fun.

- Andrew H

Minis have faulty computer systems.

Minis are very high maintenance, the computer system often needs reset as it keeps showing vehicle maintenance signals for things that are just fine. Repairs are extremely expensive. The features and general performance are good, but yeah, the computer is way too glitchy.

- Rhiannon G

2011 mini countryman has issues as fun as it is to drive.

This car to be truthful has one engine issue after another. I wouldn't buy it again as fun as it is to drive. I have been told it is the year the engine was changed in 2012. Either way, I do not see myself buying another one.

- De S

Supercharger, 4 cylinder engine, AWD system Bluetooth Manual transmission.

Have the S model. So being able to step on the gas and go is a huge performance booster. AWD system that will withstand all types of weather. Overall everything is awesome in the mini.

- Scott Z

the miles per gallon i get on the car and the way it handles the road

I like the power for a small car and the gas mileage i get on it, the way it handles on the road, the sound system is great there is nothing i don't like about it

- James M

It is unfailing reliability, comfort and style.

The only thing I dislike is how expensive the repairs are. Other than that, I love the car. It is comfortable, cute, and I enjoy having the turbo.

- Stephanie B

it's a very dependable vehicle. The computer is in a bad location and it can get wet causing what seems to be electrical issues.

smooth ride, fuel efficient, fun to drive, economical, affordable, sporty. Electrical issues and brake issues would be only complaint.

- Julianne A

It economic on gas and it fun to drive!

I love everything about it!!! There is a glitch in the electric windows, expensive to fix so I live with it. Parts too expensive

- Kim H

It is little but it is useful.

It is little. It is easy to park. It is not the smoothest driving vehicle. It is good on gas. It is a city car.

- Dawn S

Minis are super customizable

Minis are amazing cars that allow you to customize almost every feature, down to the smallest detail.

- Andrew T

It's turbocharged and stick shift. It also gets great gas mileage

It's super small and easy to drive. It's also really cute and turns super quick

- Madison S