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high Performance, low capacity

Having always wanted a Mini Cooper, I had very high expectations for the car. As far as performance, reliability and quality, it's been nothing more than amazing. Most of the issues are due to lifestyle. I have a hard time fitting fishing poles, hiking and camping equipment in the car. Other than the issue of space, there's only two other issues. The Bluetooth system in the car can be very irritating. Ita constantly connecting and disconnecting. Sometimes it doesn't want to work at all. The only other problem has been the A/C. It's atrocious. If it's above 80-85 degrees outside, it has a hard time keeping up. Coupled with the black, leather interior, it can get and stay plenty hot, given the temperature is in the 90's, or above.

- Morgan T

I would highly recommend a Mini Cooper. They are so much fun to drive.

I have had very few problems with my mini. The handling is fantastic and it is all-wheel drive so it is wonderful in bad weather. It is much bigger on the inside than one would think and the seats are extremely comfortable. It also has paddle shifters to shift from manual to automatic very effortlessly. It also has a BMW service plan so basic maintenance is covered. The only disadvantage for me is that my dealership he's quite a distance away because many does not have a local dealer. However the one time I did have an issue and I took my car down to them they kept it for the weekend gave me a loaner car free and then drove my car back up here to me so the service is wonderful.

- Lu Ann L

Classic mini super sized for the us.

The performance and comfort is up to mini standards. I miss having a smaller mini though as the countryman is definitely a larger vehicle. The features are also lacking. This is a BMW/mini all around problem though. The technology is dated and newer phones are issues being compatible. I have to listen to podcast and Audio books via AUX settings. It is a pain. The reliability is good if you keep on top of maintenance. Regular oil changes in minis are crucial.

- Flora S

Never let down by my mini cooper country.

This car has exceeded my expectations in performance and reliability. It handles well, is fun to drive and has consistently performed in all types of terrain. The only real issues I have, all revolve around lifestyle. I love to fish, camp and hike. This is an issue, because most of those things do not fit in my car. Given the limited space inside, we generally have to take our other vehicle in a situation where we'll be fishing, backpacking, or camping out.

- Morgan T

Things I have noticed about the mini cooper countryman.

There is some throttle lag when not in sport mode, so even for everyday driving, I turn on sport mode. Basic media screen is eye catching, unique and easy to use. I love that I can change my actual vehicle settings on a screen with options, rather than just trying to figure it out manually. The back seats slide forward, like a standard front seat does. Fits two Graco car seats wonderfully, with adequate room for driver and passenger.

- Jenna R

Mini Cooper-Not so fun to drive. Good on gas but lacks in performance.

The car doesn't have much engine power. Swerves sharply with slight movements. The seats are difficult to adjust. Cooling and heating systems are not effective for back seats. The car is quite uncomfortable all around (front and back seats). The console is very basic. Trunk space very small. The outer body seems to dent easily. Good on gas mileage. Easy to drive. Silver color hides dirt, so less car washes are needed.

- Laura R

Ok, but ready for a change.

I am used to SUVs, and while this model is roomy, it is not as big as I need. In order to fold down the back seats, I have to move both front seats up. In addition, I was unaware that you have to put premium gas in it, otherwise your gas mileage is terrible. Another small issue I have is the auto-sensing windshield wipers. There is no ability to manually set the exact speed you want.

- Sara A

4/5 stars for mini cooper countryman.

My mini cooper countryman has been a huge help in my daily work commute. I drive to San Francisco every morning, and I often am the first to find parking because of the small size. I find my mini to be small, but not tiny. Just large enough to fit my friends in so we can go to the bar after work. Overall I rate the mini cooper countryman a 4/5. Not perfect, but not bad.

- Callum N

The best affordable luxury-ish all wheel drive SUV with the best BMW made engine, and ability to take a sharp curve effortlessly.

I bought my MINI Countryman in Boston because it is an all wheel drive SUV that is spacious enough to sit comfortably in but also compact enough for the city. It takes curves, snow, rain, and steep hills like a boss. I don't like that I feel the bumps on the road too much though. I wish it rides softer on bumps

- narisa k

The mini countryman is fun and reliable. Do not miss out.

The mini is fun to drive and looks great. Love the turbo model, speed and torque. The countryman is roomy for 4. The mini is dependable and service is minimal and comes with a great service plan on a new mini. So easy to modify your mini, such as stripes, lights, interior dash colors and many more by mini.

- Rebecca H

Car is small and sporty. Like the colored accent lights on the interior

I've only had the car a few months but love it. It's fun to drive and easy to park. It has navigation which is great but was disappointed to find out it didn't also have a backup camera. It's roomy for its size and comfortable. I would like the navigation to be touch screen instead of the toggle

- Colleen W

Why I love my mini and more.

Wow, the Mini Cooper countryman s has it all. Fun, speed and good looks. Love to drive this car, feels like a sport car with room. There are so many ways to customize a mini. This car is everything and more. Will never look at much else. Mini service is top notch. Free oil changes.

- Rebecca Hill H

Trustworthy, performance its in the nines.

Love my mini for many reasons, it saves gas, reliable, perfect size for myself not to big or too small and customer service is exceptional they bend backwards for their customers. The only thing I don't like is the tires, I have to change them every 25000 miles major money expense.

- Janet R

Very fun and reliable vehicle.

My mini cooper countryman is very reliable vehicle. Great overall quality. I have no issues in the snow with AWD. The interior is very stylish and the exterior is very slick. The gas mileage is very good. Overall a great vehicle that is fun to drive on a daily basis.

- Tina B

Great car - fun to drive - very reliable!

I love the AWD - the car is great in the snow. This car is fun to drive and handles well. It is very "zippy". The only complaint I have is with the tires - they are the run-flat type and I have had to replace them 4 times and they are very expensive to replace.

- Bonnie G

The amazing JCW All4 Countryman

Fun to drive. Comfortable, good on gas, has plenty of room. Sporty 6 speed manual transmission. Good in snow As yet no mechanical problems. Love the zinon package. Panoramic roofs. Front and rear. Summer and winter mats, great stereo. Has been very reliable.

- Rachel S

Plenty of space in the back, can fit furniture.

Perfect size car, it fits all my needs. The interior is very well designed and has all the features that I need in a car. It is big enough but compact enough for parking. I would recommend this car to young families with one or two children. Great gas mileage.

- Veronica S

Go out and get yourself a Mini! You won't regret it!

The performance of the Mini Cooper Countryman is awesome! Gas mileage is remarkable and it handles extremely well. It's a very comfortable ride. With the low clearance, drivers must be aware. There have been no issues! . I will drive my Mini any chance I get!

- Heidi T

2016 MINI Countryman AWD fun wagon

I had a 2005 Cooper and was looking to upgrade in 2016. I loved that car, but wanted AWD, so I knew the Countryman was for me. Both my Mini's have been very reliable and super fun to drive. I love how customizable they are...you can really express yourself!!

- Lib K

Easy to drive. Has the power of a BMW in a tiny mini.

The countryman fits my lifestyle to a t. It easy to drive in the city where parking is hard to find and I can squeeze my mini into tiny spots. As well as in the mountains when I like to go camping or on hikes. It's a perfect small sports utility car for me.

- Sovanna P

It is small on the outside but very roomy on the inside.

I love the roominess inside. I really enjoy small size outside when I'm driving and parking in the city. I love the pick up. The gas mileage is okay, but not great. The car can be very loud. Overall, I would definitely buy this car again.

- Denise H

Awesome mini.. Vehicle for all kinds of purposes.

I love this car! It runs great in all kinds of weather. It is sporty, yet functional. I love the feature where you can unlock the car at a push of a button on the door handle. It is trendy and just awesome!

- Angela T

my wonderful mini countryman

My car is very stylish, because it is all wheel drive i can handle any terrain. My headlights are great and i get great gas mileage. While it is spacious, i wish it had a larger trunk.

- sasha a

It gets wonderful gas mileage.

No complaints I love my car it awesome and great on mileage it is comfortable the seats are wonderful for my body size and every day I drive it what my trip to take longer.

- Debra W

It has great handling ability.

It's fun to drive, especially on high speed highways (80+ MPH). It handles well, It's comfortable to sit in, though as I age, It's sometimes tougher to get into.

- Ken B

It is a chev!! They are reliable and easy to work. Inexpensive to repair.

Very good handling. Love the look. Good on gas. Just a great car. The inside is beautiful with some lights that you can change to different colors.

- Maria S

It is very unique, it's not just a standard mini cooper, but rather one that is limited to a certain number made

I love my car. It is very unique and I feel it is an expression of who I am. It fits me perfectly, suits my needs and feel confident driving it.

- Brady S

Love my Mini Countryman so much

I love this car! I have owned this car for almost two years and have had very few problems, outside of routine maintenance.

- Denise B

It is not too big and not too small. It is unique.

It is the perfect size. Like the color. It is comfortable. Some useless feature but it is not a big deal.

- Uki L

Like the drive. The handling. I like the look of it , sporty. I like the gas mileage I don't like the dash, no back up camera.

It's fun to drive and has great pickup. Handles well in AWD in the snow

- Christa H

I like that it is small, gets good gas mileage, have never had difficulty in our winter weather (I have even passed trucks that were stuck!), and it definitely has get up and go. I wish that it were a little more roomy inside and had Sirius radio and a spare tire.

It will go when you need it to, and the gas mileage is phenomenal.

- Amy S

Love the design, the space. It is sturdy, well made and reliable. Great gas mileage. Powerful and great in snow.

It is an extremely well made car designed by BMW and very safe.

- Lorraine d