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Reliable couple car with sunroof.

I bought the car used and had it less than a year when I had to put a new engine in it which was extremely inconvenient. The car is extremely comfortable to ride in especially on long trips. I enjoy the sleekness of the car and how easy it is drive. It sits high so it is easy to get in and out of without problems and has enough interior room in the front that you are not squished. The back seats could use more leg room but can fit a full sized person in. The cargo area fits everyday things but does not have a large amount of room for moving or transporting large items. It is sometimes manageable but not always. The downside of the sleek interior is there are no arm rests in the car in the center. The doors have built in ledges for arms but nowhere to rest your other arm when riding. The car has a tendency for intermittent electrical flickers with the interior lights, the windows occasionally stop rolling down for a couple of days. There are some decent size blind spots that can be decreased with adding extra mirrors. The small windows in the back seat can cause a rider to feel claustrophobic. My car has a sunroof which is great and lets in a large amount of light and decreases the claustrophobia. When the sunroof is closed though you can have the tendency to hit your head on the inside. The car as a whole is extremely reliable and comfortable. It fits all my needs at this time but would not do well for a started family car because car seats are difficult to get in and out.

- Abigail E

The Juke and What You Need to Know

The performance of this small, four door vehicle is great. It's comfortable for a small person but not so much for a tall or heavy set person. The dash is easy to read but some of the controls are a bit confusing at times; for example, the controls to the A/C can be confused as turn controls only instead of a push and turn control. A label on the D-mode portion could be transferred over to help fix this problem. As for reliability, it is an extremely dependable car. It doesn't have any issues taking ice or snow. Long trips are that daunting when you have satellite radio and an Eco Mode to help you stretch your tank out longer. There is a drawback to the car though, and it possible is biggest flaw, the tire pressure sensors. These little guys roll around with your tire and they are supposed to be best buddies, but there days when it's too hot and the sensors will go off. If it gets too cold, they will go off. Now there is an easy fix to it, which is switching to nitrogen instead of using air. Other than that, is a really good car.

- Carina D

Pros and cons, mpg vs utility.

Pros: the juke is a really fun car to drive. The responsive steering and throttle work well with my style of driving and the manual transmission is one of the easiest I have ever used. The eco driving mode is one of the better features. It allows me to save almost $25.00 a month on my day to day driving for work. . Cons: it is small. In addition to the small cabin area there is nearly zero space in the hatch. The hatch area is also waist high which makes it difficult for older dogs to get in and out when you put the back seats down. . Recommendation: if you have a decent daily drive this is a great car for that, especially if you live in warm climates as the ac does not draw too much extra gas. If however you need to move large amounts of anything on a regular basis or have children I would not recommend this car.


Why I l Love My Juke A compact crossover SUV manufactured by Nissan.

I really do love my Juke.. This vehicle definitely has its perks as well as drawbacks. The front seats boast spacious leg room, although the back seats seem a bit cramped. The optional AWD is a definite plus and you can adjust the torque and such via a button on the climate control dash. The push button start is a wonderful attribute to this Juke SV. The engine is wonderful and the 10 gallon gas tank can be a blessing sometimes as well as an irritant. It seems I'm having to fill the tank up quite often. I suppose that would be obvious. I like the automatic/partial manual transmission despite its tendency to get too hot on interstate trips lasting longer than an hour. All in all, I do love my Juke.

- Sarah D

Love my Juke but the Juke might not be right for everyone

Feels like driving a large SUV but drives like a car. Large enough to carry 4 people but not a luxury SUV. Great in bad weather. Lacks power but I rarely need excess power. Has enough space to fit whatever I need to carry providing there's no one sitting in the back seats. I purchased it to replace my Honda Civic after a car accident when I went off the road in a snowstorm. It makes me feel safe being able to switch it from 2 wheel to 4 wheel to all wheel drive. I also love the look of it as it is different than all the other vehicles on the road that look like boxes with 4 wheels.

- Mary P

Loved my car but too many problems, is practically a money pit.

After almost a year of purchasing my juke, I had to replace the engine because the timing belt was going out and when I took it to Nissan to fix they said nothing was wrong with it. The engine and the timing belt did not fall under warranty. The electrical in the car is bad and goes out all the time and is also not under warranty. It is good for a first time car if you do not have a family. The extras are nice and it has good pick up and go. I love the all wheel drive, but unfortunately the mechanical and electrical issues weight out more than everything else.

- Candice D

Make sure you have enough room in your backseat!

I love the juke! It accelerates very fast on the highway and gets great mileage even with city driving. I do get a lot of complaints about not having enough room in the backseat, but I didn't buy the car with the intention of sitting in the back. I am the driver! My juke has black and red leather interior and it is plush! I have a connector that hooks up to my iPhone so that I can charge my phone and play music at the same time! It does also have Bluetooth so I can access hands free calling while I am driving. I absolutely love my car!

- Jessie D

Sporty Compact Vehicle that is fun to drive!

The Nissan Juke is a fun vehicle to drive. It really has some zip on the highway with Turbo Boost, and eco-mode saves about 2 miles a gallon in the city, about 3 miles a gallon when we drive locally which is a very rural area. On average we get 24.5-26 miles per gallon. The compact size makes it easy to maneuver and the AWD has been very helpful driving in the snow during the winter months. The only thing that we weren't happy with was the material of the interior seats. We have black cloth and it does not clean well.

- Kristi G

Love it, would buy another one if they were still being made.

Amazing in the snow, I have never gotten stuck in it. The backseat is a bit small for passengers but if you are driving alone usually it is the perfect size for a car. I absolutely love it and will be driving it until I cannot anymore. The side mirrors are huge, which is nice when using them but they do give you a bit of a blind spot in combination with the frame between the door and the front windshield, which caused an issue for me before. Now that I have noticed it is easy to work around.

- Jessica S

Good acceleration and fun to drive.

Love the handling, responsiveness, and maneuverability of this car. It is comfortable, roomy, and relatively quiet. Quick acceleration and the manual transmission makes it fun to zip around town. Lots of cargo room, so it functions more like an SUV. There have been several recalls' an annoyance to me and I did have to replace the turbo so very glad I purchased the extended warranty. My first Nissan and at about 86000 miles I think it is going to last a while! Overall very happy with it.

- Linda M

I love my Nissan Juke quirkiness.

Love my Juke overall. Good on gas, has great pick up getting on the highway and the perfect amount of storage space when the back seats are down and a comfortable front seats. It has had major a/c problems. Been fixed 3 times and spent over $2, 000 and it is still not working. In general, wish the headlight were automatic and wish turn signal had louder sound. But i’d buy another one - sadly they stopped making them in 2018.

- Kate F

It has a futuristic design, roomy and comfortable!

It's a great car to run errands or travel. My husband and I were able to go on a vacation which included camping and than hotel stay. We had plenty of room for everything! Great gas mileage and it's a cool looking car! No problems encountered except a part connected to my exhaust system needed to be replaced. Otherwise it's a solid car. Keep up the oil change and other monthly and yearly maintenance and this car is worth it!

- Diane F

unreliable transmission and electrical system

Good options for the price, and fun to drive. However, the mechanical and electrical systems are unreliable. We have replaced the transmission twice (in less than 90,000 miles) and have had to have major repairs done to the electrical system that was preventing the car from starting. Has left me stranded more times than it should have given Its age and regular maintenance

- Jonathan D

Nissan Juke- drives nice but has no space

I primarily drive the Nissan Juke as my everyday vehicle. It's a small SUV that packs a good punch, 4-cylinder turbo engine. I love how it drives. Downfall is space, being a mom it's important to be able to fit the kids needs and this car is lacking in trunk space and back seat space. Can't fit a carseat in the back without having the front seat all the way up

- Bren M

Sound system. Charging usb port near steering wheel. Turbo mode on the car.

The performance is really great, always made sure to listen to the car to make sure it is running well. The con is space in the back for passengers. Storage is on par, but it is great that is has under storage. Driver and passenger seats took a while to get used to until I realized I had to adjust some things. Front seating area is very spacey and comforting.

- Linn L

This car will last well over 100,000 miles.

My main complaint about my car would be the need for premium blend gas which tends to run 30 cents more per gallon than standard fuel. This issue is made worse by the size of the gas tank which has me filling up more often than other cars I have owned. I like the size of the interior as compared to other cars with similar size and gas mileages.

- Kyle B

Juke lover as long as minor issues are not acting up

What I love about the car is that it has a turbo engine, which makes it powerful and reliable when it's long distance drive. It looks small from the outside but when you are inside it's spacious and comfortable. The only issues that I have had with it is that I had to take it a couple of times to the shop for different issues with it.

- Gabriela A

Fun car but unreliable mechanically

I like the unique styling and the four wheel drive. The available options were a good deal for the price. The car has unfortunately been very unreliable. We are on the third transmission with less than 90,000 miles on the car. There have also been major failures of the electrical system that prevented the car from starting.

- Jonathan S

Unique, quirky vehicle for young adults

The Nissan Juke is a wonderful vehicle. It is a great driving vehicle. I have used it for many road trips and commuting to college 45 minutes away. It truly is a wonderful vehicle and the perfect size for a young adult. It does have a blind spot, but it has a large trunk and lots of space for carrying things around.

- Abbie R

Black leather interior with red stitching.

When I bought my 2011 Nissan juke I never really thought I'd like it. however, the juke is by far one of the best cars I have ever owned. The speaker system in it and the turbo is honestly a plus. The black leather interior with red stitching is to die for! Absolutely would recommend Nissan to anyone!

- Kelsey W

2011 Nissan juke review: a family car with a sports car feel.

My car acts like a sports car but is a 4 Dr hatchback. It is great for hauling small things and for driving in all different weather conditions and circumstances. It handles well in rain and snow and is fun to drive. I drive for Lyft and the gas mileage is awesome and works well in cities or suburbs.

- Kate A

This is a great first car. It has served me well in my commutes to work.

It is fun to drive and very easy to find parking. It did very well in snow for being only a front wheel drive. Some of the downfalls are that it only has a 11 gal tank, so fill ups are frequent. Unfortunately it only gets 17 mpg. Also, it is not made to carry 4 full adults long distance.

- Robyn L

Nissan juke - my dream car on a budget!

I love the style and functioning of the juke overall - although I have encountered unusual glitches in the electrical system, they always resolve themselves and occur rarely. I adore the heated seats and the cabin feels much bigger than it appears. It also gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Kat B

It has really Good gas mileage

The car gets really good gas mileage but could be a little bigger. Its to small and crowded. It shifts kind of hard when the AC is running and doesn't have any get up and go when it's on as well. Love the heated seats during the winter, and could be better if it had a remote start

- Kim P

Compact and easy for one but not for many.

Smaller, tight spaces, passengers cannot fit easily in back seat. Windows take getting used to visually. Easy to park, easy to drive. Good for two people, decent in snow with AWD feature. Trunk space not great, but better with back seats down. Would recommend for city areas only.

- Emily B

Love my Nissan juke! Fun to drive, great mileage!

I love that my Nissan juke handles really well taking tight corners. It gets great gas mileage even when I really floor it. It is reliable, the turbo keeps it fun to drive & mine came fully loaded with a sunroof, auto dimming rear view mirror, fog lights & red interior.

- Krystal E

Not quite an SUV, but not a car.

I love the size and the height off the ground; there's a lot legroom in the front, but not so much in the back. Decent amount of space in the trunk, sunroof is nice. Heated seats are amazing in the winter. . . The hood bounces a bit when driving on the highway, though.

- Heather C

-Nissan Juke for the Win-

The car is excellent and performs like a champ. It is perfect for a small family or for a single bachelor. A couple functionality issues is that it does not have a center console and the cargo hold is smaller than I would like, but the seats do fold down to create room.

- Joey N

The compact car is great on gas!

I really love driving this car! The car is very reliable, and is great on gas. Since it is such a small car, it's not very spacious/ comfortable, especially in the back seat. But, if you're someone like me, a single college student, the lack space won't be an issue.

- Makayla L

Great little car for a good price.

I have problems with the air conditioner other than that no problem at all. It runs great, drives great, gets good gas mileage too. I bought it used so I've had to replace the tires and windshield wipers once. There was one recall I took it in for but that's it

- Tracy D

Nissan juke is the best car!

Stands out from the rest of the cars appearance wise. The car is petty easy and smooth to drive. Gas mileage is a pretty poor. The ac is refreshing. The car stereo is awesome with boosted bass sound. Nice leather interior. Yes, I love my car extremely very much so!

- Vivian T

It is a blast to drive, with great handling and a manual transmission.

It has an unusual style, a hard-to-find-these-days manual transmission, very responsive handling, and is just a ton of fun to drive. The gas mileage is decent but could be better. The front seats feel roomy and comfortable but the back seats are small and cramped.

- Megan W

It's compact, fun but does have a huge blind spot.

I love the compact fun design. Reminds me of a little pit bull. I got the sport version with all the bells and whistles. I do wish it had more cargo room. It's a hybrid as far as performance with an option for turbo. Though turbo uses a bit more gas than I'd like.

- Tammy o

Love my futuristic and cute car

My car gets really great gas mileage and has excellent handling. The seats can be just a little uncomfortable while on long trips, but nothing to worry too much about. I love the interior, it is futuristic, yet still navigable. The exterior looks really great.

- Page F

Snow handling is great! Not what you would expect.

It is very reliable. I haven't had a problem with it at all although gas mileage could be a little better for how small it is. It works great in the snow. I do have to put a new set of tires on each year. Inferior noise is also a little loud for my liking.

- Ashley G

My juke does not have 4 wheel drive is automatic transmission.

I love that it feels like a big car on the inside, handles like a comfort car, greats great gas mileage, is wonderful in deep snow. Love the leaver seats, sound system, GPS & map. Rear camera, skylight, minimal repairs, no breakdowns. Holds a lot of stuff.

- Nancy N

Perfect me car for a 73 year old road warrior.

I purchased the 2011 used in 2012 from a dealer, he had it loaded with all the extras. I love the gas mileage I get from this car, especially on long trips using cruise control. I just drove 2300 miles from Arizona to North Carolina with no complaints.

- Merry S

Crossover with gray exterior, black interior, cold ac, dependable.

I chose my vehicle based on my knowledge of Nissans. My car don't use much gas on the highway. It's somewhat small for my size. But I make it work. It runs good. Cold air, electric windows, cloth seats, tilt steering wheel and nice gray exterior color.

- Patsy C

Nissan Juke Amazing and Durable

The Nissan Juke is a great car for traveling and can easily get you across the country. I do not recommend it for tall people it is made for shorter people. Also great for taking on camping and road trips. I've had it years and has rarely failed me

- Travis O

It has the sport drive option, which I enjoy. It has an awesome stereo system.

Too small for our family, is very rough riding, lots of road noise unless the stereo is up. The backseat doesn't get as much heat/air as the front does. They should have put vents in the back as well. Cup holders should also have been added.

- Cynthia P

It only holds 11 gallons of gas and only gets about 26 miles to the gallon.

My Juke looks great. Just like a frog. Love the headlights. Love the red and black interior. Wish the backup camera was displayed on a bigger monitor. Wish it held more than 11 gallons of gas. Wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- Melissa S

It definitely took some getting used to, but we absolutely love that it's a compact car!

I love that our car runs! My favorite feature is the ability to switch to "eco" mode. It's a great way to save on gas. My only complaint is coming from a full size sedan to this, it's hard to get used to the size.

- Kathryn R

It is very small, the trunk can hold up to 10-15 grocery bags, and there's no ac.

Constantly needs it is breaks to be fixed. There is only one light source which is in the from off the car. The are heated seats, and it takes a little while for it to start up. There is an AUX and CD port.

- Christine T

The Nissan Juke may look small, but it has tons of room! We have used it to carry many large loads of musical equipment with room to spare!

The Nissan Juke has to be one of the finest cars we have ever purchased! We have never had any issues with this car since we bought it brand new in 2011. I would highly recommend this car to anyone!

- Julie D

Inexpensive, stylish and strong performing vehicle!

I like the looks - it's quite distinctive. I like the turbocharged engine which is economical on gas, but has power nu reserve when needed. I dislike the lack of cargo space - it's quite limited.

- Kevin T

Small 4 wheel drive car that packs a lot in a smaller space

It has 4 wheel drive which is great in the winter, and also heated seats for those cold days. The display for gps is huge and easy to read. Get leg room and space for putting a lot in the car.

- Melissa M

NISSAN JUKE: Much larger than it seems on the inside

I love the height and unique style. It's perfect for those who like SUVs but not too much bulk. For being a crossover, the gas efficiency is decent. I just wish it had more room in the trunk.

- Karina V

I love my Juke. Couldn't of picked a better car

Bought used, but it was kept up to date and former owner kept good care of it. Its fast, its environment friendly. Good on gas, kind of small but good for couples or a single person family.

- Jessica P

If you are looking to purchase a cute little Juke.

It is a cute little car. Not much room inside but enough for me. Plenty of truck space. I love the color. I think the car is good on gas. The car is very low on maintenance.

- Dominique B

The rear doors have a hidden handle and the hatchback is not as big as it appears.

I like the size of my car. It is fairly compact but still big enough for big shopping trips and travel. Maintenance is also affordable and the car is stylish in my opinion.

- Kaitlyn V

Nissan Juke: the good, the bad and the ugly

The juke is a decent little car for the price fun to drive, but not much power with just a 4-cylinder. It also does not like to be driven long distances as it overheats.

- Mandy H

Not made for a very tall person.

Excellent car very comfortable and roomy but parts are expensive the navigation is hard to work and you have to reset the drive mode every time you turn the car back on.

- Dixie M

That this car is very reliable. I rust it to take me anywhere.

No issues except a Recall on Timing Belt. I love my Nissan Juke. Gets great gas mileage and I really love the option of having both a manual and no manual transmission.

- Teresa B

Tough handling in windy conditions.

It is nice and zippy. The handling is a little tough in windy conditions. Repairs have been challenging to pinpoint what is wrong. Inexpensive repairs overall.

- Kurt G

If traveling to the airport, this vehicle is only good for two people and their bags. No more will fit inside.

I like it has good performance with turbo-charging. I like it is small but I sit higher off the road than most vehicles. I dislike the amount of cargo space.

- Ross D

It's a small but roomy, fuel efficient, and easy to drive car

Love the size, features, and comfort of the vehicle. Very easy to drive, small and compact. Nice features like back up cam, heated seats, navigation system

- Peter L

Has the power to move fast.

We always wanted a Juke because we liked the way it looked. It's an okay car, but it could be a little more comfortable. Gas mileage could be better.

- Michael U

Cool and unusual. Somewhat rate automobile.

Gas mileage is not as good as I'd like. Rear view mirrors are huge. Quick acceleration is excellent. Vehicle is cute, distinctive and different.

- Deb W

I love my car because it is the perfect size for me. It's big enough to fit the things I need, but small enough that it's easy to navigate and park. I also get compliments about how cute it is.

The most important thing you should know about the Nissan Juke is that it has a turbo engine, so you can take off after red lights turn green.

- Elizabeth S

fun to drive and it goes well in the snow

I Love my juke have had not issues with it, the turbo did go on it but my guess is due to age, dealership fixed it with a reasonable price

- Carolyn h

It's good for using around town, but not for long trips.

I like the way my car handles and that it is economical; however, it is way too small to carry back seat passengers and groceries, etc.

- Alice M

It's a good small SUV that gets good gas mileage and does well in the snow.

I love the heated seats in the winter. It's small but still enough like an SUV to deal with the winter. It gets good gas mileage.

- Elizabeth Z

That the transmission?s are defective.

I like the sporty feeling. Engine has plenty of power. I do not like the transmission I have had it repaired under warranty.

- Michael B

My vehicle is very fun to drive. I love my vehicle and would not trade it in.

There have been three different parts on my vehicle that have been recalled. Other than that it is a very reliable vehicle.

- Sabina G

Small and very easy to drive

I really like my Nissan Juke. It's small but roomy and comfortable It has all wheel drive which is good in our winters here

- Patty S

it is small and big at the same time, perfect size

i really like the size, it is a mini SUV. i am able to see well without blind spots. it has a good running engine as well.

- madyson s

It is very compact. It is very easy to maneuver in tight places.

My care has great gas mileage. It is equipped with navigation, heated seats, and media plugins. The car is very compact.

- Victoria T

It looks a little different.

I like the gas mileage of the car. I wish it were a little bigger. I like the start up, does not take long to take off.

- Mary Lynn H

The blue bug looking juke

My car is blue and it is in great condition. The only thing is maintenances, but of course that happens with every car.

- Christine K

the most important thing others should know is that it is great on gas!



The heated seats are awesome especially in the winter time and love the navigation system it helps me if I get lost

It's a nice car but too small for my family love the design and color love the navigation system and the heated seats

- Joe W

Fun and Practical for a family

I love the cute body design, quick pick up, surprising storage space and amazing gas mileage my Nissan Juke offers!

- Jolene P

The Nissan Juke is great on gas, runs well when taken care of, and is perfect for a small family.

It has great gas mileage and runs very well. However, it is very small and compact. It is great for a small family.

- Ashley L

It's fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage. I like it very much.

It's fun to drive. I like the look and gas mileage it gets. I don't care for the size. It could be a little bigger

- Mandy L

Cute Juke is a must have!

I love the handling, the drive options and the size. The hatchback is useful and it's 4 wheel drive option rocks.

- Koneta H

Luxury and gorgeous plus fast.

It is efficient, drives smooth, great gas mileage and easy to navigate around. Do not have any dislikes about it.

- Kim W

I want people to know that you can use Bluetooth devices on the vehicle's radio.

Love the gas mileage and the funky look. Nothing that I really hate about it. The turbo feature is pretty cool.

- Laura T

Exceptional fantastic car.

I really do not have any issues with my car. The car is really great on gas. I recommend this car to anyone.

- Melissa Luna L

The look kind of looks like a beetle

It runs great,i enjoy it and wouldn't change it. It's great running car and good on gas 35 miles per gallon

- Latonia B

It is a very nice dependable car.

It is fuel efficient. It handles going around curves very easily. It is super cute. It has a turbo engine.

- Tracy S

My vehicle is a Nissan Juke and it is very unique.

My vehicle is small, but it can hold 5 people in it. It is white in color, and it has gray cloth seats.

- MaryLynn H

This car has several complaints on the transmission.

I started having transmission problems. Back seat is very small. Expensive to fix computerized parts.

- Lisa M

The fact that it is good on gas is most important.

I like how the car handles and that it is good on gas. My only complaint is that it could be bigger.

- Jordan T

Not an ideal family car. But is perfect for a single couple, or younger college student.

I love the design. My only major dislike is the ability to fit a car seat into it comfortably.

- Jodie M

It doesn't have much storage space.

It's cool and sport and fun to drive. I don't like that it takes premium gas. Too expensive

- Jill P

Do not buy it. The transmission is not strong enough.

It's not reliable. It is cheaply made. You can't drive long distances with it.

- Kimberly K

The variable transmission fluid needs to be changed every 30,000 miles.

It is a fun car to drive. The only complaint is the variable transmission.

- brad c

It's fun and comfortable to drive

My only complaint is the small gas tank. I'm constantly filling up

- Jennifer H

it gets great gas mileage. it is neat and innovative.

Love it but wish it had more leg room in the back seat

- Jane D