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Get this car if you want a stylish sporty vehicle that gets good gas mileage and is a fun drive!

The juke is an amazing car. It is perfect for city driving and provides a smooth easy drive. I was interested in the car at first by it's unique style. The seats are comfortable and the gas mileage is superb. I like "juking" in and out of traffic but not in a dangerous reckless way. I have 2 dogs and they fit just great in the back. I would not recommend this car for large families as the backseat legroom is not the largest. The trunk space is adequate for normal living standards but I am looking at a larger vehicle for camping and road trips. I have not had any major issues with the car other than some recalls which were fixed for free by Nissan. I would have preferred it to have a center console for arm rests but you get used to the racing seats. It does provide an eco and sport mode but I rarely use those features. The usb input is very nice as it charges and also plays music through the car. I love the steering wheels grip and shape. There is also a nice hidden compartment in the trunk that holds car items that could be needed but are out of the way.

- Kyle B

2012 Manual Nissan Juke Review

The main problem I have had with this car is the clutch. I had to replace the clutch and the flywheel after about a year in a half of having the car. This was due to letting someone else drive the car that did not know how to properly change gears. So this was obviously on me, but about five years later the clutch went out yet again. This time the symptoms were completely different. The car started sounding like the turbo was going out and would slowly accelerate when the gas was pressed. Once we replaced the clutch it worked like new, but we did replace it with a dual clutch instead of the factory built. I have very much enjoyed this car other than the clutch issues. It has been a great car for traveling with my dogs and when it's come time to move; I was able to fit quite a bit in the vehicle. The seats are extremely comfortable and durable as well.

- Shayla H

The car is built with nearly no blind spots!

The Nissan juke is the most reliable car you could choose as maybe a first car owner or someone who likes to travel. I haven't had very many problems with my car, the only thing I have had issues with was my key fob batteries do not last very long. The mileage on my car is great, I travel a lot for sports and even with that I only fill up once every other week. This car also has a lot of space with the hatchback, the back row of seats fold down and give you even more room. Along with that, there’s a storage compartment in the trunk that lifts up; I keep a generator back here in case of any emergencies.

- Peter F

Nissan Juke: College Dream Car I Never Knew I Wanted

I have had minimal problems with my vehicle. She travels incredibly smooth and gets great gas mileage. The interior of the car is bigger than one would think at first glance for a smaller car. She is very easy to travel in, and she handles high speeds and quick breaking with ease. Very comfortable to drive in and carry passengers. My only complaint is that due to the year it was made, the connection to cell phones in order to play music must be done through the aux cord, instead of a Bluetooth system. Besides that, my Juke is a fantastic car, perfect for someone who travels often to college and back home.

- Danielle F

Nissan innovative juke. Stylish, affordable, compact.

No vehicle problems so far. The car is crossover is very small, very little cargo space. The back seats do fold down and that's a plus. I think the cabin space could be a touch bigger. . The outside mirrors are very big. I am 5'3 and trying to see over the passenger side while driving is a issue. . I love the turbo engine and the heated seats a plus in the winter. I love the backup camera and push to start. The gas mileage is excellent but the downside I have to buy premium. . I was a bit shocked on its features but it's a very innovative style in which nissan is not afraid to think outside the box!

- Vivian M

This is car is dependable, economic, sleek, and overall sporty.

It is a sleek car. Pretty small from the inside but quite comfortable for the driver. It has built in seat warmers as well as the options to switch the car to sport mode or eco mode. The car is so easy to control and drive. This car contains a built in GPS which is so helpful because it stops you from getting on your phone to find an address. It has a built in Bluetooth and on the steering wheel it has buttons to help you answer or hang-up calls without having to take your hands off the wheel. Overall it is a beautiful sporty car that I wouldn't give up just yet.

- Diana G

Love my 2012 Nissan Juke!

This is the fifth car I have owned in 15 years and is by far the best. My Juke has given me no trouble whatsoever. Besides routine maintenance, I have had no trouble with it. It is very fun to drive and handles all kinds weather and road conditions. My one and only complaint is has very little storage or cargo area. I am able to cram three kids in the backseat including one infant car seat, a convertible car seat, and booster seat. If the cargo area was bigger, I'd give the Juke 5 stars! It will be a sad day when I trade it in for a minivan.

- Kelly M

the gas mileage is for sure a big perk in my book!

my car gets amazing gas mileage. and I love the way it turns into tight places. The sport mode is really nice for the city or curves in the country. I use the ecosystem in town it helps me save so much. The trunk space in unreal for just one person. It is comfortable for one child but if you are planning on having more than two kids in the back I don't recommend it. Also an infant seat does not fit very well in the back you can make it work but it will not be copy for the person in the front

- Abby S

My 2012 Nissan Juke: Pros and Cons.

It doesn't get the calculated miles per gallon; it has a small fuel tank and I normally have to fill up once a week. In my old car, it was only once every two weeks. The driver side window motor has died and needs repair. It contains a lot of road noise which makes driving with the windows or moon roof down/open to be impossible due to noise. The backseat isn't comfortable for adults and there is limited space in trunk. Otherwise, it has been pretty reliable and no major problems with it.

- Megan C

Sporty Nissan juke, fast little car.

The Nissan juke is a great car. I love the speed and absolutely love the look. I have a sunroof as well so I recommend that if purchasing. It is a great car for someone without a family or someone with a small family as there is not great leg room in the back. If weather is an issue I would also recommend the AWD model as juke's tend to sit low to the ground as I have not had too many experiences getting stuck in the snow with my juke.

- Terra J

Reasons to purchase a Nissan Juke...

My car is loaded with sunroof, navigation, Bluetooth, backup camera, push to start. It's a super fun car to drive. Very reliable vehicle. Small enough to fit in tiny spots. I only had it in the shop once for a big job. Just remember that if you take care of your car, it will take care of you and not have you on the side of the road needing assistance. My juke is very reliable in the snow which is the reason I bought it!!


Heated seats are a lifesaver in the winter.

This has been such a great vehicle. It drives smooth, has AWD option, heated seats, aux cord and charger plug in. It only connects to iPhones and iPods though, good sound system for it being stock speakers. it's only problem has proven to be its size, both passenger and loading space is very small. My husband claims he cannot drive the car at all because he can't fit comfortably in the driver's seat.

- Bliss B

The Nissan Juke, a vehicle for all ages!

My Juke is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have not had any problems with it. The seats are comfortable and are heated. Both seats in the back fold down if you need more room for storage. The outside of the vehicle is unique which I always look for. The navigation system and satellite radio are just an added bonus. I would recommend this vehicle to all ages.

- Christy H

Good mileage, 33 mpg on the highway when I use the "eco" setting.

I love that I can use "eco" "normal" or "turbo" settings to either conserve fuel, or bump up my power. I wish the gas tank were larger. I get good mileage but seem to have to fill up a lot. I am 5'4" and this vehicle is the perfect height. I can slide in and out without having to step up or down to get in and out. My 135 lb. Dog can also fit nicely in the back.

- Cynthia S

Nissan juke is a vehicle that has everything.

Very reliable in every way. Lots of legroom and space for storage in the hatchback. Back seats also have good legroom. Turbo so performs well and picks up quickly. Looks great too, I get lots of compliments! Gets great mileage and there has been minimal need for maintenance. The fact that it is compact makes it great for zipping around town and easy to park.

- Lynne T

Sporty but economical crossover!

Great car! Love it! Gets great mileage. Small and cute, one of a kind, not many out there like it. Only thing I would change, I would add a backseat light since mine does not have one. Love the surround systems and the eco feature where we change it to economy to save gas and get more mileage. Also has the sport feature where you can go faster than normal.

- Luis B

Great first care, the Juke!

For one my Juke as a unique look on the outside with I adore. Wide windshield to have a view over all. It also has a sunroof with a nice feature! It drives great, not as smooth as other models outside of Jokes but I wouldn't trade it for another car. The back seats are pretty small but tons of space when the seats are down in the back. Overall a great car!

- Michelle A

Smaller SUV with a very small gas tank.

Gas tank is too small, bad fuel mileage and the electric problems! The inside of the car is too small and the trunk area is too small and if you put things in the trunk area it is really easy to broke the glass out of the back area. The front seats are too close the middle area and it makes it hard to get into the area to clean!

- Laurie S

Smoke ’em in a Nissan juke!!

I love my juke. It gets up and goes. I love the leather interior, heated seats, sunroof, and the color red. It still looks good after six years. No problems whatsoever with it other than replacing the battery, tires, and brakes, etc. I would highly recommend the Nissan juke to anyone looking for a fast and efficient little car.

- Glenn W

My Nissan juke in a few words is just very convenient and efficient to drive.

The Nissan juke I own is very reliable. It very comfortable to ride in, but does seem to ride more like a Jeep when hit bumps in the road. It is pretty decent on gas mileage as well and seems very efficient. I would suggest the for those that are looking for a small vehicle. It can be seen as a small SUV or car in my opinion.

- Tina W

Nissan juke multi drive modes.

The 2012 Nissan juke is a really great car. I love the d-mode feature that gives you the option of driving in normal, sport or eco mode. Normal mode is the everyday mode but with the turbo it makes driving so fun. The sport mode really put the turbo to use and makes the car faster to start. Eco mode is great for road trips.

- Katy P

it's fun to drive but not a family car

Love the power (turbo engine) and the way it handles (super tight turning radius, sporty feel; different power modes and CVT transmission). Like the way it looks in the deep cayenne red and like the way the inside is designed; well designed and manufactured)...but it is small and I wish it had more space inside.

- Carey O

Breaks for life! Great features like turbo. And great gas mileage.

My juke had only 2 recalls. Not bad for being the 2nd generation. The performance is amazing. It is highly durable and wonderful on gas. It has so many safety features. Great breaks. For factory breaks they lasted 5 years without a squeal. This particular model has a turbo engine, and eco friendly.

- Lindsey R

Jukes are quick and look cool.

The side view mirrors are big, which makes helps with vision, but sometimes they get in the way. Love the hard piece below the bumper. I would tell you why but that wouldn't make sense to. Also love that the back doors appear hidden. I like that is it is different. There are not many on the road.

- Deb A

It has 2-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and all wheel drive variable.

Nissan installed a new engine because of a recall item. Nissan paid for 60% of a new transmission because of a flaw in their transmission system. They stood behind their product. My car fits its purpose. It has been reliable other than the two major problems. I have a 113000 miles on it.

- Cat B

Awesome impressive automobile.

Not for tall or large people as headroom is limited. Great pickup, drive, maneuverability. Runs quiet ac ice cold good sound system navigation comes in handy. Hands free system worked great for quite a while but no longer understands requests overall I would def buy again and recommend.

- Joy J

It gets great gas mileage and it is the perfect small sized car that is not super tiny and low to the ground.

I love the size of the car, despite being small and compact the seat in both the front and back are very roomy. I love the interior of the car, the cloth seats are great. I wish the trunk were a bit larger, and I am not a big fan of the windows, they seem loose when you roll them down.

- April R

My dune buggy. Rides well and has get up and go.

Drinks oil, often makes rattling sounds on highway. Would like a taller console option. Very comfortable. More room than appears. Trunk space adequate. Painted chipped quickly after buying. Gets decent gas mileage. Would be nice if the driver seat lifted up higher for shorter drivers.

- Gretchen L

The shape of the car is unique. The headlights are my favorite part.

In the six years I own it I have not had any problems other than typical maintenance. The ride is smooth and I have revisited many compliments on the ride. The trunk is small but the seats fold down to make it one big trunk. The only thing missing inside the car is an armrest.

- Melissa M

Small car that packs a punch...

I have only had a few months so far I have not complaints. Gas mileage is great and drives smoothly. It has been great in snowy, icy conditions. I like that you can use in AWD or switch to 2 wheel drive. Though it is a smaller car than I am used to it does have a lot of room.

- Tanya R

My Juke is a great little car!

This car is a reliable little workhorse - I can fit just about anything I need to inside - gets good gas mileage. The ac works great - which is important in Florida. The car has great pick up - I can enter the highway without turning off the ac. The car has get up and go!

- Suzanne G

My vehicle is a unique style and different than any other vehicle

I love my vehicle. I love the design of it; it is very unique and doesn't resemble any other model vehicle. It is sporty but still girly for my taste. The interior is leather and has held up amazingly, it is fully loaded with a backup camera, sun roof, nav system etc.

- Morgan P

Overall good quality family car.

Good quality, runs well, bad gas mileage and small gas tank. Very reasonable room in the car and I enjoy driving it. Has Bluetooth and AUX cord. Easy to clean and has a good look to the body and engine. If you drive a ton I would avoid have to fill up every 250 miles.

- Tori W

Compact and quick. Great sound system, AWD is fun. Not mechanically sound.

Car itself looks and feels great. However at 4 years old, the transmission was replaced. The check engine light comes on constantly due to faulty sensors. There are no lights the back seats or hatch area. In addition to the sun visors being to small to block the sun.

- Rebekah M

When I bought the car in 2012, there were not that many on the road, however that has changed. Now, six years later, there are a lot of Jukes on the road. The most important thing about the Juke is that it is easy to get in a small parking space and easy to maneuver.

I love the "look" of my Juke and I actually get a lot of complements on it, even from strangers. I dislike that it is white, but that is all they had when I bought it. It runs nicely, and my only complaint is that it has a lot of cabin noise when on the highway.

- Linda G

Really great all around car for everyday use!

It has three different driving modes, normal, eco, and sport that are really fun to drive. Very smooth driving, do not feel any bumps while driving. Audio quality in the car is great and extremely to maintain all the normal work that is needed on every car.

- Sean H

It is very cool. Sorry they no longer make or I'd have a new one by now.

It went in for a recall service and when I got it back there were intermittent problems with it starting in the cold. It took 2 winters for the dealership to figure out the problem. Outside of that, I have had zero problems with it. Really love the vehicle.

- Debra M

Its a cute little car with lots of personality. I love it

I like that it is a small car, easy to park. It doesn't cost too much to fill the tank. It accelerates very quickly and gets around 30 mpg. I don't like that I don't have much of a trunk, and its not good for hauling things. also the brakes squeak loudly.

- Rose A

It is very maneuverable, accelerates quickly, turns sharply and stops quickly.

Love that it is different. Love that its push button start. Dislike, a lot, the huge rear view mirrors that placed such that they obscure normal vision, especially when turning. Dislike the antenna is not very strong.

- DA W

It is a great car for a first car. I got the car when I was 16 and it has saved me from accidents.

I dislike the looks of the car. After having for just a few months the AC began to make strange sounds, the horn went out, and I had to replace the battery. I have not had many issues since.

- Madison C

Dependable, safe, good mileage.

I like the fact that it gets such great gas mileage. I like how small it is. The only thing that I really dislike about it is it doesn't have much room when moving from one place to another.

- Lauren K

Overall a really solid car super safe!

I love my juke, but my transmission starting going out/slipping. There was also a recall on the car in early April of 2018. I appreciate the notice but it was just a little inconvenient.

- Emma B

Pros and cons of Nissan Juke

While I do like my car, gas mileage mainly, it is a very small car. It does not have electric seats bUT has cold ac. I like the height of the car as it doesn't sit low to the ground.

- Mick M

Can go in most road conditions.

I like the physical look. I like the way it drives. I like all wheel drive feature. I don't like the way it cranks. Keyless is crazy especially if the battery in the fin gets low.

- Julia G

It's a good compact size and with the back seats folded down, you can fit a lot in the back trunk area

It's a good size for me. it is comfortable. it doesn't get great gas mileage. it doesn't have enough leg room in the back seat. It broke down on me recently and cost me 800 to fix

- Alyce R

It is reliable and sporty looking.

The body is fun looking. The size is large enough to make me feel safe but small enough to make me comfortable in small spots. I have had no issues with it since i bought it.

- Amy S

2012 Nissan Juke, purchased new, now at 55, 000 miles.

I have had no major issues with my vehicle. It is comfortable, has AWD so drives well in the snow. The only downside is that it has a small cargo area and a small gas tank.

- Shawn S

This car is perfect for a teenager who loves go drive around d with his friends.

Gas is cheap only $25 every 2 weeks. It is a very reliable car. The engine is perfect. It has very good breaks. The seats however could be a little more comfortable.

- Brian E

It is in the middle between gas mileage and space. Gets ok gas mileage, not a large enough tank for road trips. Also doesn't have enough space.

It rides well and is a blast to drive around. Downside is gas mileage is just ok compared to newer much larger sedans. It also does not have much room for much.

- John B

I think the car's most important factor is the miles per gallon you receive. The Juke is very economically friendly.

The 2012 Juke has great gas mileage and maneuvers beautifully. It has the technology you would expect from a 2012 car, so it's limited. Great car overall though.

- Cecilia D

If you do not use premium gas you void the engine warranty.

I love the way it looks and it drives very well. It has gps and I like that being part of the car package - I do not like that it requires premium gas.

- Alma G

great traction in difficult weather

I love it because it is a crossover suv, I get the advantages of an suv with 4 wheel drive but it is great for parking in an urban setting

- mary m

It is the perfect size with good gas mileage. It has adequate storage and seats will fold down.

The car is cute, peppy and perfect for me in size and ability to get in and out of traffic. The thing I hate is the lack of power seats.

- Pat B

Gas mileage is fairly good.

Like everything but air conditioner and too small sometimes. Air conditioner did not last long and need to fill refrigerant frequently.

- Patti W

It handles great and had a lot of puck up.

I love the body style and handling. Great gas mileage. Very little inside storage vehicle. Back seat is only comfortable for children.

- Liz C

Great commuter car, compact,and cute!

Compact, low maintenance vehicle. Low maintenance, not so great on gas for a small car. I use it to commute about 70 miles per day.

- Tammy W

Gets great gas mileage, good storage and still rides like a sedan.

10 gallon gas tank is way too small but gas mileage is great. It has ample storage space with back seats down. Love the sporty ride.

- Persio L

It is a very reliable car.

Like the quickness, compact, quirkiness of the car. It stands out when driving. Do not like that there is no armrest in the middle.

- Bridget B

It is a great little car. Very reliable and fun to drive.

It is fun to drive but it has a small gas tank. It is also small which is convenient sometimes but on long drives it is annoying.

- Christopher C

The Nissan Juke gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

No complaints. I love that it is a small and sporty SUV. Great for getting around in the city and comfortable for road trips too.

- Amy Z

It is very reliable and fun to drive.

Our juke has been a very reliable car and it is fun to drive. With 6 manual transmission and sunroof the car is very enjoyable.

- Terry V

That it isn't for very tall people. There isn't much leg room available.

It has been a very dependable vehicle. Fun to drive but a little cramped in the interior. Handles well gets good gas mileage.

- Mike H

It's a good size car for a small family. The backseat doesn't have a lot of legroom.

I love this car. I love that is small but is still 4 doors. It drives great, has bluetooth for the phone which is awesome.

- Laura M

I love the sunroof. It's great for when I am at the beach

I do love my vehicle but I do find it small. It also doesn't have as good gas mileage as I wanted. It's a good car though

- Emily F

That is it is extremely uncomfortable. This vehicle was not designed for long trip.

It is an uncomfortable ride. Bad seating. Shocks have never worked well. Riding in the back seat is worse than a truck.

- Heidi C

The car has four wheel drive.

I like the size of my car. I like how well it drives. I like the interior, black leather. I also like the gas mileage.

- Ashley L

It allows you to choose between sport mode and ECO.

I really like the size of the vehicle and also the engine power. The door panel could be made of sturdier material.

- orlando s

It has more room than you think.

I like that is different from other cars. It looks smaller that what it actually it. It is a fun car to drive.

- Maria D

Great first car, smooth ride and excellent control.

The car moves well! it fits more people than you would expect, and it has enough trunk space to hold luggage.

- Justin n

It's hard to move larger objects inside the vehicle. The back opening is surprisingly small.

I like the way it handles. It's a fun car to drive. I don't like the size. There's not enough room inside.

- Rick C

Dependable car that can hold a lot. Gets good gas mileage and has plenty of horsepower.

Nice vehicle handles well, no major issues. Good gas mileage. Only dislike is that it takes premium fuel.

- Douglas Y

Folding seats for maximum storage.

Fun. Versatile. Space for a lot of items to pack. Fit a 7ft Christmas tree in cab. Great turning radius.

- Terri V

It's been a great little car. It gets up and goes. No mechanical issues at all. Fold down seats in back make for a lot of extra room.

I love my turbo Juke and it's all black leather interior, heated seats, and sunroof.

- Glenna W

It is great on gas. I have never had a problem out of it.

I love the style. I love the gas mileage I love the size. I love how it has lasted

- Mary v

Great little suv with great power n gas mileage. It also has great safety features.

LOVE the style. Love the gas mileage. Love the turbo. Not keen on color.

- Kim R

it is having major engine problems at 6 years old and is rusting out on the undercarriage

it looks cute and drives well in the snow. it is having engine problems

- tina s

It is reliable, good on gas and fun to drive.

Cute and fun to drive. Get compliments all the time. Good on gas.,

- Steve M

It's AWD system works very well in snowy conditions.

The short wheel base is rather "bouncy" on the interstate.

- James B

dependable, comfortable ride, spacious, fully loaded, leather seats

like: comfortable ride, good gas mileage, heated seats,

- kim l