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Rear door handles are set vertically in the door frame, not below the windows.

Inexpensive used vehicle bought from a major rental company. Therefore, a basic model - nothing extra or luxurious. My Juke is reliable, comfortable, & fun to drive. Gets good mileage in town, very good on the highway. Adequate room in the cabin, front & back. Not a ton of storage in the hatchback, but it's fine for a single woman like me. If I have any complaints about the Juke, it's because my prior vehicle was a Subaru (my 3rd.) I love Subarus, but couldn't afford one post-divorce. The transmission of the Juke is belt-driven, and just doesn't feel too responsive or solid. Still, I've had it for going on two years with zero problems. All in all, I'm pleased with my Juke.

- Sherry H

It has weird curves which make cleaning off snow and ice a hassle.

Nissan stopped making the Juke series after 2017. I would still highly recommend this vehicle. It is very stable and well built. The outside is very sleek and stylish which makes it difficult to clean snow and ice off of, but looks amazing after a wash. The vehicle itself is fairly small, which works well for me. Very easy to park, and especially parallel park. Has a lot of power, but is really easy to drive. Small size makes it very stable. I live in Colorado and have taken it up to the mountains. It easily gets me to the trailhead. I am on my second set of tires and no other maintenance yet. I am the cars only owner, and would highly recommend one to anyone.

- Paul S

Stylish, unique, sporty, reliable.

I love this car. It is very comfortable and quiet. Drives well in all weather. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow, I was surprised how well it drove in winter weather conditions. It is a very attractive and unique style. I get compliments almost every day. Gas mileage is great and it picks up speed quickly. I am five ft two and fit very comfortably, my seat is pretty far forward so a much taller person would easily fit, however my son who is six ft three is uncomfortable when driving my car, so maybe not a good choice for a tall man. My daughter who is five seven is able to drive my car comfortably. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this vehicle.

- Brooke L

The crossover that is so imaginative, even your daydreams didn't see it coming.

My juke is, by far, one of the most fun cars that I have ever owned! Crossing my fingers, but I have had no issues or problems with my juke thus far. It runs extremely smoothly and is incredibly comfortable for short to cross country road trips. As far as its features, it truly has everything you could want or need to accommodate the many technological toys we have today! I couldn't ask for a better and more reliable car!

- Kerri B

Surprising power and speed!

A little loud inside, passenger side wiper is small and does not clean off the entire window, really deep under the wipers/hood so hard to dig snow out. Engine unhappy in extreme cold and difficult to accelerate. We really do love it! It handles well in all weather, zero gravity seats are super comfortable, accommodates my long legs just fine! And easy to reach knobs on dash/shifter. Back seat perfect for our dog!

- Karen C

Juke trunk and back seat space downfall

I have had no problems with my juke although I think the outside is cheaply made and could be improved. There is almost absolutely no trunk space unless you put the back seat down. The back seat ceiling is so low the only people the can fit back there have to be under 5'5. The car itself looks neat and is different from most vehicles which drew me to it but I would not buy it again for space reasons

- Hannah K

Snazzy and safe compact pleasurable ride.

This is a solid small automobile. Compact outside with a roomy, upscale interior. Broad wheelbase gives you the feeling that you are well-footed on the road. Handles well in downpour conditions without hydroplaning off the pavement. Great driver's visibility around the car--no blind spots (driver is 5'7"). Controls are well within easy reach. Sound system is unbelievably rich in tone!

- Suzan W

The Juke is the car to have. It's a SUV and a car all in one.

My car is reliable, easy on gas. For a 16 hour trip to New Orleans, I spend only $100.00 for gas. The performance is excellent, it's very spacious and comfortable to be a small compact car. The style of the car is something to admire. When I first saw a junk I just had to drive it and that's all it took. I love my car. I would not trade it for another car


It's a cute car that is a lot of fun to drive and is practical for all four seasons.

I love the unique lines of my vehicle. Many people tell me it is really cute. I also like that the cloth seats area heated and I like my sunroof. The inside looks really unique in red and black. I wish the car had more cargo space. It is small even with the seats folded down. It also could have a little better pick up at times.

- Melissa K

Economical and fun ride to drive!

Love driving my juke! Great experience and awesome gas mileage! I have found it to be too small especially when traveling or having another couple along. Wish it had an armrest and a few more options in side. It is a great car and fun to drive just smaller than I recognized after owning. Love the tech capabilities as well.

- Becky P

A small but mighty vehicle.

The car is comfortable. Has great gas mileage. The mirage has plenty of trunk space and foot room. It is a small go cart that I can fill to the ceiling. I am not a fan of its display and my Bluetooth was hard to set up. The USB wire comes from the glove box and is far to plug in and always feel like wire may be pinched.

- Kelly B

It is a very nice and speedy car.

There is no problems with the Nissan Juke SV 2017. It is very reliable and speedy vehicle when traveling long distances. Very excellent on gas and economical. The comfort of the vehicle is spacious and has nice interior design. Also the stereo system is very good as well has Bluetooth, AUX, iPod USB.

- Skye V

Easy to drive and comfortable

My car really picks up on the highway when given premium gas. It also turns very smoothly and is extremely easy to drive. This is a great car for new drivers with great grip and handling. It's look is very unique which I personally love. The seats are extremely comfortable bucket seats in the front.

- Caitlin F

It is the black pearl edition. Very unique.

It is a fun car to drive. Great on gas, and sporty, it scoots!! I get a lot of compliments on it. Handles well in the snow as it can be all wheel drive. It has a moon roof, a rearview camera, tinted windows and so much more. I have climate control and heated seats, both with high and low settings.

- Terry K

Nissan juke s customer quick review.

They are compacted SUV it is really efficient on saving gas which helps the environment in a lot of ways. Great acceleration and braking systems the handling to me is a bit rougher than your average sedans, beneficial 3rd row seating for the family genres and for a little bit of towing room.

- Brandon C

A great car all year around.

The Juke gets great gas mileage, it's also does very well in the snow, I live in northern Indiana and we get at least 80 inches a year. The Juke is the right size for me. I like that's it's a hatchback, so I can put groceries in easily. The only downside is not much leg room in the back.

- Cathleen H

Nissan juke is not a Ford but it’ll get you where you need to go safely!

Not a huge Nissan fan but it is a good vehicle with good gas mileage. It also saved us from a roll-over! Nissan has a few recalls for this vehicle which when you take it in they will try and charge you for other things but at least they stay on the ball with updates and recalls.

- Matthew W

Not Ideal for Families. Great Otherwise.

This car isn't ideal if you have school-aged children. The back seat area is very small. As my son's legs get longer, the more uncomfortable he gets in his booster seat. The performance has been stellar. The all wheel drive is a lifesaver during the winter months.

- Kay C

Sleek, smooth, and efficient.

Very comfortable.. it may be somewhat small but it feels smooth when driving. Haven't had any problems yet. It looks sleek, and I have the red one. It has performed great ever since I bought it. I don't expect to have any problems in the near future.

- Alex G

Great tiny SUV that parks anywhere

Really love my Juke. Very comfortable seating and has seat warmers, which I never thought I would use in Hawaii. Back up camera is awesome and has a lot of room for Costco shopping. I don't use the sunroof.

- NIcole O

It is economical to drive. It gets about 35 mph.

I like the size, the economy and the color. It is very comfortable for a small car. No complaints. I cannot think of anything else to say. It is red, four door and tan leather seats and side panels.

- Patricia C

My Nissan Juke is exactly the vehicle I need.

I recently bought my Juke because I needed a new car with better gas mileage and more room. It's great with gas and it's a small SUV so it's roomier but not so big that it's difficult to drive.

- Abby B

My car has a great price point, it also is mad by a dependable car manufacture.

The gas mileage is great, I like the size because it is easy for me to find a parking space. I love the color black Bourdieu. I do not like the shape of the back it is too short.

- Marcia M

Great car choice! I love it!

I absolutely love my vehicle! It's really roomy for a small car and has lots of space for my luggage. It gets great mileage too!

- MeLessa G

it's not good on gas like they stated. Handles well in the snow

I really love this car. NO issues with it so far. It's very sporty and has a lot of details that make it pleasing to your eye

- Dawn w

Automatically adjusts seat to provide more support during aggressive turning maneuvers

Has advanced engine technologies Shape and design look sporty Seat equipped with lower back massage,Snug at the hip and back

- Joey j

The initial investment. The car has a couple blind spots that take getting used to.

It gets really good gas mileage, it rides great. Perfect for long road trips. Stereo is decent for the money.

- Colton L

the car ride don't take much gas for me and the ride is smooth

the car is great i love it nice looking cool looking too. i don't have very much problem with the car yet

- guadalupe C

It's an all around good car.

I love the way it handles. it looks very sporty. it gets great gas mileage. it does great on the beach.

- kristi k

Great gas mileage I get 35 mpg highway and 29 in the city

The only thing I dislike is the back seat area. It doesn't have enough leg room.

- Cathleen H

Love it really has power and it is up high do not hit bumps or driveways, great on gas and seats are very versatile

I feel safe in it and not scared to drive on freeway because it has power

- Maria B

none. I love it. It is fast. it gets me to point and and be. it is awesome.

love y juke. it is like a mini on steroids. it is fast and great

- vin m

The juke is reliable and fast. Love that it's small but comfortable. It comes turbocharged. Haven't had any problems with it.

Small but FAST! It is a comfortable and head turning car.

- Melanie R