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The 2004 PathFinder Never Dies

The pathfinder in terms of reliability has been incredible. We bought it used years ago and it currently has more than 230,000 miles, but it's still working. The performance is also pretty good, we've taken it 5 hours upstate a couple of times and it has never failed us. We've had a couple of our past cars break down on us on the highway, but the pathfinder has never left us stranded. It's also absolutely amazing in the snow. The only problems we have really experienced with it have been a result of just generally having the car for a really long time. For example, the air conditioning broke once, and the brakes have progressively gotten worse over time. But again, it has 230,000 miles on it. The pathfinder is not really all that comfortable, but we bought it for the purpose of being able to last us through our trips upstate, and it has fulfilled that purpose. The newer Nissan Pathfinders are MUCH more comfortable, and are probably just as durable, so I would recommend looking into one of those. Lastly, there aren't many features especially considering the 2004 is so old, but it's good for what it is.

- Ma B

Fun, wobbly little four wheel drive car!

The Nissan Pathfinder is a very cute, and fun, little car. It has had some part recalls and stuff like that, like for example the passenger side airbag has an issue that causes it to be recalled where when the airbag deploys in the event of a crash or something, it does deploy the airbag but also causes shards of metal to fly at your face... as if the crash itself was not bad enough! Another problem that our Pathfinder has had is that when you are driving on the highway/freeway at highway speeds, the car wobbles back and forth like CRAZY and the car becomes more difficult for the driver to control. It's pretty annoying and scary and disconcerting. Other than the time the engine randomly caught on fire for unknown reasons, the car has been pretty reliable in the time that we have had it. The sunroof is super nice to have and so is the extra cargo space.

- Elizabeth E

I hope this car lasts me for years to come because it is WONDERFUL!

I've had the car since 2010. Since then I have had to have the engine and radiator replaced but I've also been involved with two major collisions and I walked away fine. It has been an absolutely wonderful vehicle. It is a little heavy on gas meaning I have to fill up after about 5 hours of driving but reliable and little tear on the actual vehicle. I've moved from SC to NC in the vehicle and I could fit a vast amount of stuff in the trunk and back seat.

- Grace L

Always reliable and plenty of power on the road and towing.

I love the vehicle. Bought it brand new and have only had minor issues. The engine is perfect in size. It has a 3.5 liter engine and is a 5 seater. Very comfortable and plenty of power. It has never broke down on me and has been put to the test a lot . It's a great off road vehicle and is ideal for road trips and camping as well. Plenty of storage room and also has roof racks for more storage.. it is automatic everything inside and is a very nimble SUV.

- Matt H

Comfy, functional, gets the job done.

This is a simple car, but it has held up very nicely up here in Vermont. The gas pedal can be a bit touchy at times, but it is not very surprising considering the car is on the older side. It is an all-around reliable, comfortable car though, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a car for college (like me) or is otherwise just not planning on owning it for too long.

- Jenna D

Real truck for men to feel control over others

generally it's one tough truck. Comfortable drive, powerful, maybe not as reliable as I wish it was, cabin is noisy. Thirsty for gas, but it's ok for truck it is. the platinum edition has all features luxury cars have. All in all it is not a truck for comfort, but luxury horse for tough roads.

- Stan S

It is big blue car that is really good to drive in the snow.

My car doesn't have a lot of problems because it is still in good shape, but I like how it runs in the streets, and a trust that car for some reason, it is really helpful to have a car, you just have to try to take good care of the car and drive carefully and nothing will happen to you.

- Jenny J

My 2004 Nissan Pathfinder has a little personality and talks to me. I love it.

Runs good and drives good. It has had new alternator and belt. It has new battery. It does not have Ac but only due to fan broke and it can be fixed very happy inexpensively and easily. It has 4 good tires and four Wheel drive it had cloth seats and is in the color of grey.

- Cathy W

Pearl white is nice and has stood the test of time in the Arizona climate.

Purchased this vehicle used and although there have been a few issues; the Nissan pathfinder is one of the best cars I have owned. The car is very comfortable and the Bose stereo system is great sounding. I also love the sunroof and is a must have in future car purchases.

- Richard F

Pathfinder great body style. The vehicle is very nice looking, & with the seats that recline you can haul many things in it if you desire to.

This Pathfinder was one of the best ones built. They have changed the body style several times since & this one in my opinion was the best. They got bigger & lost the good looks that I like. It has been the most reliable vehicle you could ask for. Zero problems or issues!

- Cheryl C

My trucks interest is it has cruise control with controls on the steering wheel.

No problems. Vehicle runs great. Good on gas mileage. Hand truck for several years & no major repairs other than catalytic converter, Engine is very strong and durable. Burns regular gas. Heated leathers seats with power windows & rear defrost. Great family truck

- Robin L

Pathfinder is a great family car and is amazing buy for your kids. Lots of room.

None. This vehicle is amazing and a great family car. Spacious, decent on gas and a lot of horsepower. Perfect for long trips and the heater works amazing. Speakers are okay but could be better. I would change nothing about this car other than I wish they were leather.

- Gabrielle K

The car that lived forever.

The car has been great. It is developed a few rattles over the years, but mechanically it is been fantastic. After driving it for 15 years, I wish it would die already. I am ready for a new adventure. My husband, on the other hand, wishes it would last forever!

- Roseanne Y

The most important thing is that it's a reliable car.

I like my car because it has a lot of space. I also like that it drives well and has been very reliable even though it's old. My only complaint is that it old and therefore doesn't have the same kind of technology that newer cars have.

- Marissa B

Reliable but an older model

My vehicle has over 177,000 miles on it. It has been in a few accidents, however, nothing serious. Though it is still reliable, there are some engine issues and general aging to the vehicle.

- Jaclyn O

It doesn't get very good gas mileage which takes money out of your pocket.

I like the size and that it is higher off the ground. The gas mileage is terrible though and costs a lot of money. It has lasted a long time.

- Bonnie W

Lots of room in the back hatch and for holding 3 car seats

After 10 years had to put in new air conditioner but runs well for being over 10 years old. Great for traveling with all the space in back

- Yvonne P

It runs well and it's good on gas.

I like comfiness. Just really old and does not work well. Its ok to drive. Not to work really. But it is a car. Nothing fancy.

- Johnny W

Drives smooth, runs great, love it. The perfect family vehicle

I love driving this vehicle. It's a great car, especially for the winter time. I would definitely recommend a pathfinder.

- Kayla W

It's well made and reliable.

It is very well made and continues to have good performance. It is also relatively cheap to fix when it does break down.

- Deb E

Black Nissan Pathfinder 4 door

I love my Nissan Pathfinder. Very reliable. Very comfortable. Never had any issues with my care in the year I've owned it

- Rebecca C

Spacious, great family vehicle.

Very comfortable, mechanically sound. The radio buttons are poorly designed but that's the greatest complaint I have.

- Erica W

It runs good but need to know how to manage it.

I like that it's durable and I don't like that it awful sometimes sadly but its been very helpful and useful for me.

- Christina C

It has issues such as shocks keep breaking.

It is a gas guzzler but it gets the job done of going up mountains and hauling the dogs around when we go on trips.

- Sara S

Comfortable, fuel efficient, Stylish. This was definitely an upgrade from the last car I had.

I just got it last week and so far I love it. I'm still interested in getting a newer car in a year.

- Joe C

It's older with a lot of body damage. Bought it used. Works relatively well considering.

It has a lot of body damage but it runs fine and has exceeded my expectations.

- Ana S

they should know i have no air or radio. The heater does work

my air stopped working, I love how big it is. it has a lot of space

- megan M

it's a good car,good for roads, never breaks good space in the trunk

Never breaks Good for winter uncomfortable in the back seat

- Ana D