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Great for family SUV. Perfect for outdoors, & where seasons change constantly.

We love our vehicle for where we live. It is incredible dependable in the winter and we love the 4wl & 4wh at the turn of a knob inside (while driving) feature. It is total seating is 7 but the back seats are really only suitable for very short and small people. We love that the seats all fold into the floor to create a flat internal truck bed for lots of hauling ability. The trunk with the seats up could be larger though. The biggest issue is fuel. We get about 17. 4 Mpg on average between se Ohio state routes and interstate (about half and half). It drops fast in the city or if we're on back roads for a while. This is perfect for a family of 5 or less who want a bigger SUV or the option to haul friends every once in a while too. And compared to some similar SUVs I have ridden in it drives pretty smooth. The seats are comfortable though I always have problems with any car's headrest and this is not exception. In the back I wish they popped up a little easier as the seats are short enough the head rest must be pulled up to safely ride.

- Beth G

Reliable! Great for smaller families (3-4) but tight for larger. Perfect for frequent back roads/rougher terrain, and outdoor type families.

This has been a very dependable vehicle. Great to have 4w high and low at the turn of a switch inside. This seats 8 but the back seats are higher and have less room than the rest of the car. Not very suitable for larger children or anyone over 5' 2" to ride for very long. We live that all the rear seats fold into the floor flat to haul larger loads (or even when camping and the tent fails < true story!). This helps make up for the fact that there is very little trunk space. Grocery shopping or traveling means the tear seats HAVE to be folded down. Other than some space issues, however, we love it and it's super reliable! Changes I would make: more rear room, headrests that are easier to get up/down (backs are low so these are a must for safety), we've had a few computer glitches but may be based on the age, better AC in the rear.

- Bethany G

Review on 2008 Nissan Pathfinder

I absolutely love this vehicle. I have the highest package in this model if I'm not mistaken. To start with it has pretty good gas mileage for a sport utility vehicle. On average in town I get about 18-20 mpg. Durable inside and out. I personally love this model better than the 2013 and up. Spacious trunk with third row seating that can be put away or set up for 2 more passengers. Heated front seats are always nice for cold mornings. My package includes DVD entertainment, 6 disc cd changer and backup camera as well. Mine is closing in on 90,000 miles and runs like a champ.

- Sarah E

Great for work, moving/transporting or for families & trips.

The car has nice insulation and cooling, great sound quality. The car is sturdy and tough. Also, roomy and has nice placement of controls. Volume can be controlled on steering wheel. There's a backup camera, comfortable seats, decent storage. 2 glove boxes, pockets in every door. Pouches behind the front seats. There's a 3rd row with 2 seats. The entire back seats can be folded down flatly. The trunk is a hatch and also contains a hidden compartment in the floor and in the sides of the last row.

- Alexa H

The pathfinder gives you the feeling of safety for you and your passengers.

I love the SUV. It is size makes me feel safe. I find that when I am physically looking behind me over my shoulder to change lanes it is difficult to see over the seat because of Its positioning that cannot be adjusted and I am only 5’4 so I have to depend on the mirrors more than I would like. I love that I have the rear view camera but I still like to look like I was taught in drivers ed. I love the pathfinder overall, just a few things I would change simply to fit a shorter driver.

- Goldie C

The Pathfinder is a very stable and solid vehicle and the mechanical components are trustworthy and effective.

My Pathfinder has been rock-solid for over 10 years now. I have never had a major issue with it and the maintenance has been very affordable. I love the older body style on the Pathfinder and it has been an excellent family vehicle. I've driven it all over the country on business and family vacations. I can't think of a single complaint other than it doesn't have all of the newer technology like bluetooth and such, since those didn't really exist when it came out.

- David V

It is 10 years old and has 112k miles.

I like how roomy the back is when you put down the seats, there is plenty of room to haul things from home depot. I also like that there is a climate control unit in the back of the car for when my boxer is traveling with us on trips. The backseat is roomy and comfortable if you have passengers. You also have the flexibility of folding up a third row of seats when you have a lot passengers or are hauling kids around to their activities.

- Donna Y

Overall great if you can afford maintenance and gas

We just got 100,000 miles and have kept up on maintenance but haven't had any real problems just basic stuff. Ours is a V8 so it's really fast which is cool but it's a gas guzzler. Takes like 60 plus dollars to fill the tank and it will suck it down! Besides that runs great very smooth, I love the height not too low not too high. Nice leather seats with warmers and we have plenty of room for kids or camping or whatever :)

- Molly C

Why pick and drive a pathfinder.

I love this vehicle. It was my moms and she gave it to me when I needed it. I also learned to drive in it and thought it was great! I now drive it in a college town and it is great for all my friends and for my sorority. The third row is great, I love being able to put it down if need be. The only problem I have ever had is that the camera in the back will sometimes go out.

- Laura H

This vehicle has a larger engine than some pick up trucks, making it great for towing. Due to the large v8 engine it does use a lot of gas.

I love the winter package and luxury upgrades. Some upgrades my vehicle has are the leather heated seats, heated steering wheel and dual temperature control. One of my favorite options is the adjustable foot pedals because I am shorter in height. I also love that I can use 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, or all wheel drive.

- Jennifer S

To tall, head room is tight getting in.

Great reliable 4 wheel drive vehicle only thing is to stiff shocks hits bumps and holes very hard. But drives on highway excellent. Good control in bad weather rain and snow, gas mileage is good on highway, better around town. Rear hatch is sometime difficult to open, feeling around for button to push.

- Michael C

The most useful car and the largest car.

This car is very nice to drive around in and the large size makes so that when you drive around you do not really feel so large and a lot of size can be very helpful even in the hardest of things when you break down it can be useful because there is a tire in the back of the car.

- Sebastian C

SUV that is great on gas!

Nissan pathfinder is a great SUV, its sleek in design, easy to drive compared to other SUVs not big &amp; bulky! Has a nice smooth ride &amp; is great on gas for an SUV! It has only been in service for routine maintenance, never had any major issues, extremely well made vehicle!

- Joy M

Nissan does not stand behind cars.

Transmission should have been recalled. It was faulty design and class action suit which we were never informed of. I like size, feel and design. But would not buy another Nissan because of the way they deceived public. The dealership lied to and I could have died.

- Be B

Excellent comfort vehicle.

I bought this car to tow my travel trailer and I now drive it all of the time. It is comfortable, roomy and has many extras. I wish it had mirror defrost, but other than that, it is the perfect get around town vehicle. I love the back up camera and the DVD player.

- Beth E

2008 Nissan Pathfinder : Love the leather interior, the Bose stereo, the back up camera and the tinted windows in this vehicle

My 2008 Nissan Pathfinder is a great and reliable plus comfortable vehicle. I have had it since 2008 and have had no issues with it. I feel safe and sound in this vehicle , on long trips or in town. I would definitely buy again or upgrade to another newer Nissan.

- cherie p

It is a very dependable vehicle.

3 row capable, great legroom, spacious. Great vehicle for large families. Great for travel but when 3rd row is up small trunk space. Love that it is not a bully vehicle even though it is a SUV. Great mileage and really great on gas. Great style and smooth drive.

- Erica L

Great car! Reliable and strong.

Very reliable but have had multiple issues with the blower motor and blower resistor. I also have had an issue with the radiator which needs to be replaced. The engine is solid and have never had an issue with power, performance or leaking of any kind.

- Brian A

The Pathfinder is reliable, safe and the perfect size for a family.

I love the leather seats and the fact that it is a dependable vehicle. It really hasn't given me any problems in the last four years that I've had it. I wish it had bluetooth capability for music, but I'm sure the newer models probably have that

- Melissa F

The car looks great, and has been very reliable for my family.

I love the Nissan Pathfinder. I got it after owning a 1998 Ford Explorer, and I was looking for an SUV with a 3rd row. I found it difficult to find an SUV with large enough windows to limit the blind spots. The Pathfinder does just that.

- Colleen P

Use a lot of gas. And the upkeep can be costly.

I like the fact that my vehicle is dependable, and has plenty of space for my grandchild, friends, and carries small loads... I dislike that the gas mileage is not the best, and that it does not have a backup camera..

- Morgan C

This car is a very nice luxury type automobile that is underrated.

The Nisson is a well built automobile, very sound. It has a navigation system that I use regularly. It also came equipped with XM radio,which my family and I love. It came with pretty much all of the premium options.

- Ric S

Powerful package in a not so big car. Great for a small family.

Very comfortable but not for a family with more than 1 child, as it gets a bit cramped. Wish it came with a navigation system and had bluetooth. Other than that it is reliable and gets me from point a to b.

- Evelyn L

Third row holds many and enough power for towing and good storage.

I love that we have a third row to transport many passengers. It can also tow 6400 pounds. I don't like that our tire pressure gauge light always comes on even when there is no actual problem.

- Dani B

It can haul a lot of people and items if you work. Overhaul I like the truck but it's a lot of maintenance too keep it up

It's very comfortable. It reliability is very good, but performance it's has a lot of issues with enigmatic problems likes to come on a lot. Other then that it's a pretty good truck

- Billie S

Loving my Nissan pathfinder.

I love my pathfinder. It has been a very reliable car. It has had some electrical issues such as sensors and the clock consistently losing time. Had issues with door locks as well.

- Karen T

It's a really dependable vehicle. I haven't had any issues with it.

I love the leather seats in the back up camera. I do wish that it had more than just the auxiliary input. Bluetooth would be really nice, but I realize that it's an older vehicle.

- Melissa F

The most important thing that people should know about my car is that it handles very well for being larger. It still moves at a good rate of speed as well. I think it is also important to know that the car has a lot of room for people and things.

I like the size of my vehicle. It has three rows of seating without feeling too big, but also has enough room to carry everything I would ever need. I also like the color.

- melissa w

Nissan pathfinder 2008 great vehicle.

It is big and runs great. It has the third row and the third row can fold down for more trunk space. The seats are comfortable. Nice space and runs smooth. Nice turns.

- Danielle G

That it is mostly reliable but all of them have mechanical issues at a certain mileage.

I like the vehicle but there were some serious issues with it's transmission. These were covered under warranty, but it is hard to have such serious mechanical issues.

- Jeff W

The Nissan Pathfinder is a very reliable vehicle that will get you through raising kids.

My pathfinder has been through 2 kids & many road trips! Very roomy interior makes it easier to travel with kids and everything that goes along with them.

- Brandi D

How comfortable the car is lots of room.

Love how it maneuvers. Love the size it is roomy. Have always owned Nissan cars. Love the color and I love how comfortable I feel while I am driving.

- Maria P

That is roomy and it is sturdy

Suv with good features that has aged well. Seats comfortable and car is durable. Wish gas mileage was better and sometimes the AC works too well

- Jeff K

Decent car when its not in the shop.

Pros- plenty of interior room, not too crazy on gas consumption, foldable seats make carrying large things easy. Cons- constant mechanical issues.

- Rich N

The car is very reliable and very spacious. The car can travel long distance with no difficulty and can save a bit on gas.

my vehicle is pretty standard, i can depend on it being very reliable. The vehicle is an older model and i would like to upgrade to a newer model.

- ivanna S

Great car, too boxy for me

No problems, just too boxy for me, Third row seating is great as it can hold 8 people rather than the normal 7 passengers. Overall great car

- Kendall B

It's a dependable car, and runs smooth.

I have had no problems with my Nissan pathfinder. I do wish the back seats were a bit more spacious. I love this car but hate the gas mileage.

- Katie H

Long lasting and reliable.

Love the car. For an old vehicle its really good. It has all the extras I need. It is low maintenance and easy to drive for an older car.

- Edin L

New safety features are very helpful.

I have no complaints on my vehicle. I like it a lot because of the style of it and comfort. There is nothing about it that I do not like.

- Alice R

19 miles per gallon is costly especially when gas is so expensive now.

I like the size to transport my dogs. I dislike the miles per gallon that a larger vehicle comes with. It is also durable and reliable.

- Ashley B

A/c isn't that good doesn't cool whole suv

I like all the room fits 7 . I do not like the a/c I've had it repaired 3 time and my kids in the very back don't really get any air

- Billie B

I Love it The sunroof is the best. 4 wheel drive.

I love that SUV it got me through a lot of snow. I had a few issues but it was because the person before me didn't take care of it

- Dashara P

Great SUV for someone who frequently hauls lots of cargo.

Comfortable ride, good mileage for SUV, ample cargo room, good pickup for large SUV with 6 cylinder engine, plenty of storage.

- Nicole J

Like the plugs in hatch back area for phones, coolers and etc..

Love my pathfinder. Reliable with lots of space and compartments of storage. When it rains I like the comfort of the height.

- Lisa D

It is very reliable, dependable with lots of room.

I like the power it has. It also has lots of room for cargo and people. I don't like that it doesn't have automatic locks.

- Iliana Q

It's super safe! It's a nice drive too

My car is very safe, but it is not at all fuel efficient. That's a huge problem for a broke college student like me!

- Olivia M

It is a great car to go on trips

It is dependable. I've taken it on many family trips. I haven't done any major work on it except for what's needed

- Ruben C

Its fast and very reliable.

It's in great condition has 84400 miles. No mechanical issues. V8 5.6 liter engine, remote start, third row seats.

- Nydra A

Jeep is a great model. Very reliable and great riding.

It does not have a runner to get into the SUV. I like the shape and style of the car. I like the feel of luxury.

- Beth S

The vehicle is expensive to own.

The vehicle good in bad weather. Everything is to expensive. Bad on gas. Very uncomfortable to ride in.

- Amy P

Other people should know how comfortable my car is to drive

It is a very reliable car that has served my and my family well. Easy to drive, and plenty of space

- Lauren M

I have a basic package on my car. I love how well it drives and how well it tows. It has automatic windows

It is a great family vehicle. With 3 rows of seating it can fit up to 8 people

- Rachael R

It is reliable and trustworthy.

I like the reliability and look of my vehicle. I do not like lack of legroom.

- Andrea B

it's good on gas and great on the highway i like when we go on trips

i like everything about my car , but i wish it had a phone capable

- pamela w

That the alternator goes out frequently in those vehicles. I love the style and body

Nissan is a very dependable reliable vehicle to purchase.

- Naquisha B

That is was made in Tennessee by a Japanese auto manufacturer

Very comfortable and reliable a lot of room, decent power

- B K