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Great First Car for Millenials

I love my car's size, especially for parallel parking in the city. I have not had any problems with it. The only thing I will say is that it does not have good handle once it goes faster than about 55 mph so you have to slow down or you could lose control when turning. The pick up is a little delayed and makes a vroom sound when you press too hard on the gas. I like the built in AUX and USB ports, and the extra glove compartment.

- ZsaZsa M

Scion xd: a reliable car that is fun to drive.

The xd is a reliable car which is fun to drive. I sincerely wish it had not been discontinued because I would definitely buy a new model when the time comes for me to replace my current one. I haven't had any problems with the vehicle and I feel that it will last me another 5-8 years with proper care.

- Brenda T

Have only ever needed regular oil changes as maintenance, no major problems.

Very easy handling, take some very little effort to drive. Seats are comfortable, and pull really far forward, which is great for short people like me. Hatchback, surprising amount of space. Has gone over 100,000 with no issues. Gas mileage is really good for an older car.

- Catherine S

My car is very reliable and drives well.

I have no complaints. My Scion has proved to be very reliable. I have only had to do routine maintenance. I like a small car and it is the right size for me. The only thing I didn't like at first was the color (Espresso) but I have gotten used to it.

- Kat A

Great car but not for a growing family.

I love that it gets up and goes. It is got a lot of zip. I dislike that it is not wider and slightly longer now that I need a car seat in it. The car seat has to go behind the passenger seat with it scooted forward quite a bit.

- Jessica L

It's compact, for finding parking, especially around here it is very convenient.

It's small and fuel efficient, perfectly fits my needs. Got it for a good price. My one complaint would be that the air conditioning seems to shift from too hot or too cold. It's difficult to find a balance.

- Carlos G

It's very reliable. I've never had any issues with it.

It's compact, but roomie enough to fit luggage, groceries, etc. It has good gas mileage and is very reliable.The engine is small but still has enough power to accelerate nicely when needed.

- Sean C

The car will last for ten years and never break down.

This car has never had any problems. I did update the stereo to have Bluetooth in my car. The size is perfect for parking in a busy city. Plenty of cup holders.

- Karen S

It has good gas mileage and looks cool.

I like the sporty look and the low gas mileage. It is comfortable to sit in and drive. I like the hatchback and it's easy to get stuff in and out of.

- Sarah K

Gas mileage is great car gets filled up once every 2 weeks.

Gas mileage is great. Small compact car makes it easy to fit in small spaces and can put back seats down to pack lots of things if you had to move.

- Melissa W

It's a great value and the type of car you can always rely on.

The scion xd is very reliable and has great mileage and is affordable. I never have any problems with it and is great to drive.

- Alex M

It gets really great gas Mileage and has an excellent gps

It has problems on a pretty regular basis and the dealer charges a lot for tires that they are the only carriers of

- Christopher G

The gas mileage and cost to maintain is low.

Great gas mileage get about 33 mpg. Seats 4 people comfortably. Good sound system with multiple speakers.

- Rae Anne L

It's reliable & has good gas mileage

It's a cute car but doesn't really have a big trunk. It's smaller than what I initially thought

- Tracey T