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Base model includes Pioneer radio, stereo speakers, arm rest, automatic windows.

My Scion xD is an awesome car! Of course it is made by Toyota so we know that it will have reliability and Longevity. It is currently at 110,000 miles. I took it in to have maintenance work done on it including flushing the transmission and making sure the brakes were good for a long road trip I was doing this summer for vacation, and not a lot of work had to be done because they said it was almost like new still! This car is treated me well through the years. One of the reasons I got it was because it was a manual transmission. It is really hard to find those still. The value for the money for this car was amazing and it's paid off and I'm hoping to keep it for the next several years. I do feel safe in it, and it also has Bluetooth radio and a Pioneer radio which was a huge factor in my decision to buy the car at the time. I love my music, podcasts, and listen to it while I drive!

- Ruby G

How gas friendly it is and to keep in mind it used synthetic oil.

My vehicle is gas efficient and easy to maneuver into that spaces. I appreciate the music player and easy to access dashboard lights that turn on if my car tires have low air or anything to do with maintenance. What I dislike is how many new cars have a rear view mirror safety feature to dim the sun light or high beams of other cars and mines doesn't have it. Also I highly dislike the amount of plastic on my dashboard because of the cancer causing properties labeled on my Manual. I also with my sun visor could extend with a retractable piece that comes out of it because mine are tiny. Hardly covering anything.

- Jessica S

Scion 4d hatchback a good fit for single driver.

I have a charcoal scion 4d hatchback, perfect for me to haul groceries with the back seats up, or even furniture with the seats folded down. My car was purchased with only 24, 000 miles on it less than 1 year ago. I have almost put 10, 000 on it, driving all over southeast Texas. I enjoy the strong air conditioning system, the Bluetooth and Panasonic sound system, the comfortable bucket seats and ample leg room even for my 5’ 10” size. It is surprisingly roomy for such a small compact car, but it is diminutive size makes it easy to navigate even in traffic. I really feel that I was lucky to find it.

- Betty M

Scion xd - great little car.

I really love my scion xd. It is compact and looks cute. It is great for parking since it is small. I never have to worry about fitting into those small spaces. It also is great for parallel parking. The only thing I do not like about it, is the gas mileage. For such a small car You would think you would get great gas mileage, but that is not the case. The gas mileage is poor and I find myself having to get gas a lot.

- Donna C

Very reliable with low gas mileage and plenty of room for such a small car

My xD is the perfect size and has some of the most comfortable seats I've ever had in a vehicle. I love the versatility and added space of the back seats and the hatch, too. It runs great and we've never had a problem with it, but I don't like the console space. I can't seem to find good places to stash things temporarily as the driver or the passenger. That's really the only drawback, though.

- Michelle C

Up to date with many technological advancements

Very reliable, great driving long distance or short, great for driving big cities or around the countryside. Saves on gas. Can handle driving through the mountains and can maintain speed when gaining altitude. Is small but very roomy on the inside. Great for a first car. Can park it anywhere. Can fit a lot in the trunk as well.

- Joanna D

Very easy to control and drive. The size helps with sharp turns or tight spaces.

I like that it is compact, it is very easy to park. I also like that it has a different look and shape, while still having good gas mileage and being roomy inside. I do not like how noisy it is to drive. It also scratches and dings too easily.

- Sarah S

Seats 4 people (2 in car seats) comfortably.

The size of the vehicle is perfect. The spacious hatchback/rear opening makes it very versatile. The color is a maroon color which I do not see often. Driving it is very comfortable and does not wear me out. I do wish it had more tech.

- Diane B

It is economical and comfortable. They stopped making them.

Good on gas and comfortable. Can carry 4 people in the vehicle. Has electric windows that I like, comfortable on long trips and can carry a lot in the trunk. The one thing I do not like about it is nothing.

- Teresa B

Petunya is a very pretty purple color and runs like a champ.

It's a nice sized mid size vehicle with plenty of space to haul somethings. It has problems with gas milage due to the smaller gas tank, but is a very reliable car nonetheless.

- Taryn T

the exact things i typed out in the what do you like about your car is; gas mileage, handling

it handles well, i was able to keep my payment under $250 with only a small down payment, the body style is suitable to my tastes, and it gets great gas mileage

- jason m

It is mine and it is fully paid for.

I like the hatchback features, alloy rims, tinted windows, and overall look. I do not like the shifter, esp. From park to first gear, and fuel indicator gauge.

- Sue F

Lots of space both in the front and the back.

I love this car. Used to have a manual and this is not. Very easy to drive. The height of the seat for me is perfect. Lots of room in the back to put things.

- Mary E

My car is safe plus fun to drive.

I do not like the blind spots.. I like the gas mileage.. I like the space inside.. I do not like that it didn't come with a back-up camera.

- Vera S

My car zips around. It is a cute dual color, with light blue body and a silver top. It looks a bit like a Mini Cooper but it is bigger and roomier. The hatch isn't huge but it fits probably 8 grocery bags and one suitcase and some bags. I like my Scion because it zips around, goes fast, and it is cute.

It gets good gas mileage and drives very well. I usually get around 30-32 MPG and it takes about $34 to fill up with California prices.

- Melanie H

It is made by Toyota. It is great for one person and for driving around town.

It is a great little car. Easy to drive, easy to get in and out of. You feel the road a little much.

- John L