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This car saves at the pump and pulls at the line.

2013 Scion xD Base

In all honesty at first I hated this car because I had came from something with three times the power and more room. But then over time I realized that if it was taking care of me better than my older one was I should treat it just as good. This car unlike my older car has never left me stranded, never needed anything major fixed, and it has all the features that my old one did but they actually work and they work well. The biggest thing for me is the gas mileage that you can get from this car. I average around 28 mpg compared to the old car that's 12 mpg more than what I used to get and I love it. Although it's a good car, it's far from perfect. My biggest pet peeves are the seats and size of it. The seats are pretty uncomfortable if you're in the car for too long and the size is just too small for me but I can see it being way better for someone smaller than me.

- Luis D

Reliable compact car with plenty of room.

2013 Scion xD Base

My scion has been very reliable. I bought it used and have had it for two years with no issues. The only time I take it in is when it needs the oil changed, and we have never had a problem. I love that it is compact, but still fits a lot of stuff when I travel. In addition, I like that I can connect the Bluetooth on my phone to the sound system, but it also has a CD drive and aux cord space if I want to use those too. There is also a USB so I can charge my phone. The only complaint I have is that the headrests in the back are very tall, which took some getting used to when I first got the car.

- Anne T

Excellent little car for modern living

2013 Scion xD Base

Problems - It can take a bit getting used to because it handles very responsively. The automatic gear shift can confuse because shifting into drive and shifting into 3 is easy to mix up. The car can be a bit slow getting up to speed on a highway with no onramp. Performance - This is an excellent car around town and gas mileage is 30 MPG. This car also does excellent mileage long distance. Turning radius is very tight. Comfort - seats are very comfortable even with long distance drive. The interior is impressively roomy for such a small car.

- Pete P

There's more room than you think. Backseats easily converted into more storage space.

2013 Scion xD

If you're a girl and wear your hair in a bun it might hit the ceiling of the car. There is only one armrest between the driver seat and passenger seat which can be annoying and it would be nice if it had more cup holders. However, I think for the size of the car it is very nice. The seats in the back and be folded down to create more room in the "trunk". You can actually fit more inside than you would expect. Overall I really love this car and think it is much better than the other choices I had.

- Kristine Z

Easy to drive - low cost scion xd.

2013 Scion xD

This is a great car. I have yet to experience any issues with the car. I routinely get oil changes and inspections to keep the car in tip top shape. It typically only costs about $25 to fill up the gas tank and that provides me with about 315 miles to drive. Great trunk space for a small car. I like everything about the car except for the body of the front of the car - it is not very pretty.

- Catherine R

Magic Box Car Fits Most Anything

2013 Scion xD Base

There is a ton of room with the box shape. I can fit 2 full sized saddles and a wheelbarrow with the seats down. I have moved at least once a year in this car and it's never let me down. Minor repairs have included fixing the windows as it is a smaller car and susceptible to rock chips. I absolutely love my 5 speed transmission which is super handy when driving in poor weather conditions.

- Melissa C

Scion- the best car they stopped making

2013 Scion xD Base

I love my car. It's made for short people, tall people can ride/drive comfortably as well. It handles great. Only problems I have had is the front driver side tire gets a little low if it gets too cold and there are a couple of blind spots. Also the Jack is under the driver side door, it's a pain to get too. I didn't even know it was there for the first 5 years I had the car.

- Cilla M

Zippy car with not a lot of fluff.

2013 Scion xD

Great car if you want simple. Nothing too over-the-top about the car. Comes with power windows and locks. Bluetooth capabilities and an AUX port. Good transmission, in 3 years of owning it and buying it used, there have been no major issues. It's comfortable and small. Good for shorter people and those who do not need/want a lot of legroom.

- Jordan J

The scion xd is the bulldog of cars. Short and stout, but kind of cute.

2013 Scion xD

My car is easily maneuverable, especially easy to park in tight spaces. It has lots of nice features like Bluetooth and remote entry, a touch screen, and auxiliary port, but no center console. It does not have the greatest gas mileage. You have to get synthetic or synthetic blend oil, which can be expensive as well.

- Jessica B

Pros and cons of scion xd.

2013 Scion xD

No performance or reliability issues with proper routine maintenance. The seats are not very comfortable but are not the worst. Great trunk space. The car is ugly from the front while the back of the car is not too bad. After filling up the gas tank I get about 315 miles to drive (highway/around town driving).

- Cat R

Reliable and comfortable car.

2013 Scion xD

So far, my car does not have or I have not encountered any issues. I think my car is very reliable and mpg is reasonable. It looks small from outside, but it is very spacious and trunk space is reasonably large. You can make the back seats flat so it fits a large furniture or equipment as well.

- Kristin I

The perfect utility vehicle.

2013 Scion xD Base

My car is awesome. It is spacious, gets good gas mileage and has a great sound system. The car is low maintenance and not expensive to take to the mechanic. I take it camping and on road trips and to grocery shop, it is great for any user. I would recommend this make of car to most people.

- Kat B

Scion ad - one interesting car!

2013 Scion xD

With regular maintenance I have never experienced any issues with the car. A very reliable car. The car has basic comforts. The only thing that needs to change on the car is the front end - the style is not attractive. The car also gets good gas mileage- around 315 miles for a full tank.

- Cat C

She is a great reliable car. Sleek and small good for my everyday needs.

2013 Scion xD

Currently having issues with the window motor not rolling down the driver window. drives pretty smooth and clean. Has had it for a couple years now. Have taken it on trips with no issues. Window was the only issue I have had. Small dependable car. Good for students.

- Krystal M

Small and fun to drive but gutless

2013 Scion xD Base

I like it because it is small and gets great gas mileage without being a hybrid. The only drawback is that the car has less acceleration than I'd like. It is fun to drive, like a little go cart. I can flatten the seats and carry a large amount in such a small car!

- Will C

Small car but lots of space!

2013 Scion xD

This car has great gas mileage, nice seats, and way more cup holders than I am used to. Also the back seats fold down easily for more storage room. There are all sorts of extra compartments and such for storage. It is a pretty good use of a small space I think.

- Sarah P

Love the hatchback, great on gas

2013 Scion xD Base

I really love the hatchback. You can really fit a lot when you put the back seats down. Great car. Only complaints are the wiper setting speeds are very limited, doesn't have remote start, and no heated seats. It has been very reliable and good on gas

- Vanessa H

Low maintenance lets you know when maintenance is required.

2013 Scion xD

The scion ad is really cute and compact. It has really good gas mileage and is the perfect size for me. The seats in the back come down so the trunk can be expanded which is very useful. I have no complaints with my car.

- Kier S

The most important thing that I could think of to tell someone is that if something breaks on it, fix it yourself if you can. Not major things, but the smaller things like brake lights and all.

2013 Scion xD

I don't really have any complains about the car. It's a compact car, which I prefer to drive because it's a bit easier for me. But it's not so small that you can't do anything with it. It's a great little car.

- Angel H

Scion Hatchback Great For Hauling, Travel

2013 Scion xD

It is a hatchback, which I love. I use it to haul all kinds of stuff all over the place, which comes in very handy. It also is relatively small, so I can park it on a dime when parking spaces are scarce.

- judy B

scion XD review 2013 toyota

2013 Scion xD

car is super reliable, i've already gone on a 17 hour road trip with it absolutely no problems whatsoever super comfortable with was 5 of us in the car. & it's also super affordable on gas!

- vanessa g

It's a relatively short car, so it's easy to get into parking spots. However, it's as thick as a regular car so its not as convenient as a mini car. It's pretty reliable.

2013 Scion xD

Its acceleration has trouble going up hills and the breaks have always made a bit of sound. Other than that, it's a pretty reliable car. Its Bluetooth capabilities are definitely a plus.

- Nicole P

it's very cute and looks like a small eggplant

2013 Scion xD

I like the color (purple) and that it is compact. I do not like that the rear windshield is small, and I wish it had a backup camera.

- Ana K

Great gas mileage. I can get 34 miles to a gallon.

2013 Scion xD

My Scion is great on gas mileage. It is also a smooth ride. What I do not like is how easily it is to dent the body of the car.

- Virginia B

Gas mileage is fantastic! I love that I rarely have to go to a gas station

2013 Scion xD

I love the gas mileage. It has a log of room for a compact car. I don't like how small it is, not big enough for a family.

- Mia K

It is a hatchback but it is a regular cabin inside.

2013 Scion xD

I like that my car is small and cute. I like the color of it being white and I like the touch screen radio set I have.

- Lulu B

funny car to drive with grands

2013 Scion xD

Gas mileage is great ever in the city, comfort for long ride, easy to make runs around town and easy to park.

- Ruth M