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The most important thing would be that this is a very comfortable, easy-riding car. It is a smooth riding car. That's where the luxury feel comes in. It is great!

It is a semi-luxury full-size sedan. There are amenities that I love that many people don't realize that it has: air-conditioned seats; reclining seats in the rear, etc. We have had it for about 5 years and still are not sure we have learned everything it has to offer, but the things we do know, we like a lot. It is very comfortable; can hold 5 adults and possibly 6, depending on their size. It is a great car!

- Veronica S

The Toyota Avalon is great in gas.

The Toyota Avalon is great on gas. It is a good car. It drives fast on the highway and has a smooth ride. I think it looks nice too. Toyotas last many years. My car is a 2011 and it still runs perfectly. It still has the same breaks it had from the manufacturer plant. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is nice, reliable, comfortable, and anyone from any class can enjoy it.

- Ashleigh P

Love sunroof and the electrical work in the car also has a lot of space.

Engine keeps locking up no heater engine locked and you keeps locking the engine keeps locking up engine keeps locking up engine keeps locking up engine keeps locking up and she keeps locking up engine keeps locking up smells like gasoline and oil real bad but the engine keeps locking up second time in three months engine keeps locking up I hate it.

- Christopher R

My Avalon is one of the smoothest rides on the road without paying luxury prices.

I have bought Toyota's all of my life. I love their durability, the driving feel, and the savings on gas. The Avalon has a body similar to the Lexus 400 so I love the room due to my height (6'6). I am confident I can get 250, 000 miles out of this vehicle even though I live in Chicago.

- Stephen B

Very enjoyable to drive. Night time or day.

Very nice vehicle. Drive really smooth. Interstate or highway. Also very quiet in construction areas. It has a sunroof, and hitting and cool seats. The trunk has a lot of space. The leg room in the back of the car is large. Cigarette lighter plugs are in very inconvenient spots.

- Peyton W

The best car every the size of the car is great and it's good for the family trip.

There is no problem at I love it they drive really good and it is very comfort car I look good riding in the car when I set I know I am the man every time I get a car I am going to make sure I am going to get the same car and my family love the car got awhile lot of room in it.

- Ivan A

My Avalon makes me happy!

Quiet ride. Great space. Low maintenance. Classy interior. Excellent leg room. Nice sound system. Comfortable front and back seats. Adequate cabin and trunk space. Easy to operate and park. Reasonable gas mileage. Takes regular gas. Large sunroof. Drives fairly well in snow.

- Judith Y

The style of my car is nice. It is great on gas, and is fast on the highway.

The car is great on gas. It also drives fast on the highway. It is a spacious car and has a lot of legroom. The style of the car is nice as well. I would recommend the car to anyone. It is a good first car or a life long car. Toyotas last for many years. Between the gas m.

- Ashley P

The best feature of this car is the comfortable ride.

Gets good gas mileage, extremely smooth ride, window shade for back window, security system, have had no mechanical problems with the car. I do not like the low level when getting in and out of the vehicle. I do like that it has plenty of room for six to ride comfortably.

- Jo Ellen V

It's a Toyota and will run forever, but I don't intend to keep it that long.

The one thing I dislike the most about my Toyota is that it has car payments. Guess that can't be helped. I love the built-in phone and nav systems. It also has Sirius XM radio which I'm just OK with. It's very pretty and very comfortable. No real complaints.

- Roberta F

Comfortable and economical.

It is roomy and comfortable. The ride is very smooth. It is powerful enough for practical purposes. It has a lot of nice features, although some it does not have that would be nice

- John M

Good full size, luxury type sedan

Car is a good size, reliable, and safe. I just feel that it is too low to get in and out of. When gas light comes on, you better get gas QUICK. Like within 2 miles.

- Terri T

it's extremely reliable and so luxurious

I love how my car drives. I love how my car feels inside (comfortable). I love how quiet my car is when I'm driving. I love that it's a low maintenance vehicle.

- Mary Y

Great looking and roomy vehicle. Could use some improvement on gas mileage.

I really love the roominess of this car. I am a tall person and normally i do not have enough leg room in most sedans. However this car fits me perfectly.

- Rahsaan E

It is a very reliable car and it is very spacious for a car.

I like that my car is reliable and a good running car. I like the color (black) of my car. I do not like how long it is and I would like to have an SUV.

- Madeline R

One of the nicer card I have owned

I love the gas mileage and I love the way the car looks and rides. I don't care for the braking system, or the low profile tires on the car.

- Robert B

Very dependable great gas mileage very comfortable

I like that it is reliable and has never strained me anywhere. I gets great gas mileage. It ha a large trunk and lots of room on the inside.

- Lisa E

Drives very well, powerful, GPS & whole lot more.

All of the features are awesome. Some of the features I have use yet! Awesome car & loaded with all great items! Very powerful vehicle.

- Charlotte H

Too much wind noise on highway. Back window too small.

Feels too cramped in back seat. Windows not big enough. No cup holders in back seat. Too many issues with car, low to ground.

- Marie B

Very dependable and reliable and safe.

Very reliable and safe to drive and trouble free for the most part. Very nice vehicle to own. Best value on the market.

- Lloyd W

Comfortable ride. Handles great. Love the car. Highly recommend it.

Smooth ride. Lots of room. Can hold all 5 of my family comfortably. Sound system great since has Sirius satellite.

- Brian K

I feel very safe and comfortable in my car. It is extremely reliable and I never worry about it starting in cold weather.

I have no complaints. The car has always run smoothly and is very comfortable. It has needed minimal repairs.

- Ellen M

It is the largest sedan that Toyota offers so it is an extremely spacious vehicle.

Love the size of my vehicle and the features of my car. It gets good gas mileage and is good for traveling.

- Rebecca G

My car is great on gas. It only costs about $32 to fill up.

I love the speed of my car. It runs very smoothly. I like the design of the car. It is also great on gas.

- Ashley W

It has a very Quiet smooth ride

Great smooth ride, very quiet. Comfortable leather seats, love that they are heated. No complaints

- Charlie R

lots of interior room and very comfortable.

lots of room. good power, smooth ride, could have better technology and a larger trunk

- mike T

dependability no problems for over 7 years of ownership

it has plenty of room. Great style and engine performance. Great reliability

- Joe P

That it is the most reliable vehicle on the market

It is a very comfortable, reliable vehicle that is good on gas mileage

- John G

I like that the car is very roomy. I also like that the car has a smooth ride, doesn't feel like you feel every bump. I have trouble seeing the front of the car which makes it a little hard to park.

It's a roomy car that has a smooth ride and is very comfortable.

- Jill K

Safe vehical.to drive and maintain road feel.

Reliability is first. Style is second. Comfort driving.

- Alan E

I have no comment to make in this space..But it is very reliable car and never have problems with it

it is a very reliable car and great investment for me

- lloyd w