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High mileage, it is reliable. Comfortable, rides smooth. The heating works great.

The problems I have with my 2001 Toyota Solara vehicle is there is a lot of mileage on it already, but it makes sense really because it is almost 20 years old. So that is to be expected. My 2001 Toyota Solara is extremely reliable because I have never had any problems with my car not starting, it always starts. This vehicle is very comfortable to drive in and it rides very smooth. The heating works great.

- Katherine A

2001 Toyota solara v6 convertible. Great dependable car with a lot of go.

My car has not had many mechanical problems since I bought it in 2013. Overall this car has been good to me for being a 2001. It handles the road pretty well, goes fast if needed, and of course is always fun to put the convertible top down. Only downfall I'd give is that the seats could be more comfortable.

- Megan H

My Camry Solara works well and comfortable. Its lasted a long time.

I think my 2001 Camry Solara has great performance. It is comfortable, air conditioned, roomy and it lasts very long. I bought my car has lasted for 5 years without having any problems. It keeps in gas very well as well. It has a lot of trunk space too. My car is a two doored and it is nice as well.

- Crista R

An affordable and efficient car. An excellent and reliable starter car.

It has a surprising amount of space inside. Our exhaust has acquired some build up so it is a bit loud. Overall though I enjoy it. I do wish the sound system was a bit louder however that's a personal preference. The sunroof is a nice feature as well; something I am not usually accustomed to.

- William R

Top doesn't leak and I've not had any problems letting the top down.

I love my car. It's great on gas and drives so good. My top doesn't leak and I ain't had no problems with the top letting down. I would most definitely buy another car like this. It's really beautifully colored. It don't ride rough because its low to the ground it actually is a smooth rider.

- Tammie B

Unfortunately, it needs a right rear turn signal. It needs new tires and the front brakes fixed before winter sets in.

I don't own the vehicle, but I pay the insurance for it. It needs a lot of work and my daughter picks me up and takes me shopping. It matters not whether I like or dislike it. I appreciate the time that is taken to go places because neither I nor my husband are able to drive anymore.

- Ellisa D

Good gas mileage, but only two doors.

Good gas mileage, but there’s only two doors which is hard and annoying because I have twin 2 year old's that I have to get in their car seats. Wish it was four doors. Kind of an old car and I would prefer something much newer. The interior is not the color I like at all.

- Ariel G

Convertible always fun. Will buy another.

Great reliability and performance. Convertible is fun. Great gas mileage and room for passengers. Comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver. Can always rely on it performing as expected. Good looking, has not gone out of style. Would buy another only newer for sportiness.

- Guy M

It drives my family around . I pick up and drop of my daughter from work everyday and I love that. It's great on gas and goes kinda fast too.

The brakes need work, I have dents all over, the driver side mirror is broken, but it's great on gas and seems to have a great engine. I don't like how the seats are though. I would love a 4 door vehicle instead. But beggars can't be choosers.

- Alicia L

Very reliable and well built, I always recommend Toyotas!.

Even though it is an older model, it still runs very well. Any problem I've had with this car has luckily been minor and has always treated me well. Unfortunately being an old car it is starting to develop issues.

- April H

Very reliable good looking car.

Very reliable car with decent gas mileage. Good looking car. Minimal upkeep and repairs. Comfortable for two up front, occasional passengers in back usually children fit best. Two doors. Good size trunk.

- Georgia V

Comfortable and worth the price.

I like the car but it is old and does not have an aux cord which is disappointing. I do love the convertible look but wish it had four doors to make getting passengers in easier.

- Marissa T

Two doors are annoying; go for the foot door Camry.

Reliable and dependable car; have chipped some paint, changed radiator, transmission fluid, and regular oil changes. Big trunk. Don't like the head restaurant.

- Laura A

most important things others should know about the car is because the car is dependable. and good on gas

i dislike the vehicle because it does not handle well around the curves. Does Not handle well in the rain. That's the only reasons why i don't like the car

- april s

That it is very reliable.

It is a very nice looking car. This car rides good, and has never broken down. The inside and outside looks and smells nice. Everything works on it.

- Morgan P

My little trooper of a car.

my car has a few problems with the Cadillac converter. It's red and is a two-door car. we just fixed the electric fan and put in a new windshield.

- Priscilla M

It is a slick ride. I clean it with pride.

Performance is amazing. 200 horsepower will really keep the ball rolling. It goes 0-60 in approximately 7 seconds and is not afraid of going fast.

- Clayton H

It runs well, has good gas mileage, and is reliable.

It is a wonderful vehicle that runs well. A+ in all categories. The age of the vehicle can cause some small problems, but that is to be expected.

- Ross L

Handles great at all speeds steering smoothly.

None. Great vehicle. Convertible for the summer, good mileage, has everything I need. Stereo has great sound and air works perfectly.

- Tom W

The most important thing others should know is that even though it is a coupe it is spacious.

I like the size and features of my car. I do wish it was a sedan instead of a coupe some days. Overall I am happy with it.

- Kendra A

Toyota puts out a good product, all our cars have over 175,000 and my friends Toyota has 350,000 on it

The car has been wonderful in all aspects including price, power, longevity. One thing it sits kinda low for older adults.

- Dob S

It is a Toyota so it will last a long time providing you take care of it.

Runs great and is a lot of fun to put the top down and enjoy a cool drive. Does not use any oil. Gets great gas mileage.

- Robert M

It is fun to drive, fun to ride in, gets great gas mileage, and it needs very little to keep it up.

I love everything about my convertible! It is the best car I have ever owned. Why else would I have it almost 18 years?!

- Teresa D

Love the car, like no one should.

Love it!!! Don't want anything else. It's great for the family. Convertible is bangin. No I will not sale.

- Gigi H

Well It's honestly your regular car. You can play music in it, there's air conditioning, not much out of the ordinary

It's not a gas guzzler, it gets me where I need to go. I've had this car for 4 years now, has barely failed me

- Mark L

It has power and a lot of get-up-and-go.

No complaints. I love everything about my car. It fits me like a glove. I have always loved Toyotas.

- Tamara C

Toyotas are very Reliable

Easy to drive. Easy dashboard. Comfy. Good visibility.

- Erin K

Where the gas goes in and how to change a tire

Great gas mileage. Easy to park. Tires last forever

- ro H

The car is 17 years old and has had no major problems.

Car is 17 years old and has had no major problems.

- S P

I love this car it works great I never have any issues.

- Stephanie K