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My vehicle looks has a touch screen, heated seats, and a modern interior.

One problem I have with my car is that the tire pressure light is always on, even when my tire pressure is normal. Other than that the car runs perfectly and smoothly. I love the touch screen it has. It makes it easy to use the radio and to use the navigation. Having a built in navigation is a plus. This way I do not have to use my phone as navigation and waste the battery and data. There are two spots to plug in your phone to charge it which is a plus. I do wish that it came with a built in auxiliary input so that I could plug my phone in and play my music. Other than that the touch screen and radio system is great. The seating in the car is very comfortable. The drivers seat moves automatically and the passengers moves manually. The passenger seat also has a lever to push the seat forward for easy access to the back, given it is a two door. This car has been very reliable to me and my favorite car that I have ever had.

- Amelia B

Solera is a steal of a deal.

My car has a lot of get up and go acceleration capabilities. I have no problem getting in front of any car I have ever tried to beat to a spot. One thing I do not feel like is the best it could be are the headlights. They are not bright enough for me. I am not sure if it is the glass or what makes the lights seem too dim. It handles like a dream and is sporty enough to make you feel like a cool driver per say. It get pretty good gas mileage and I drive a little bit like a maniac at least that is what a few people have mentioned in my life. I really do not think so but there is power in numbers so I give it slight merit. The front seats are super comfortable and will adjust to many different positions. I love the sun roof and it opens and closes very easy but it seems like it should tilt up easier than it does. The trunk has plenty of room but the back seat is hard to get to.

- Elizabeth S

2004 Toyota Solara Review by Owner

My Solara has been a fantastic vehicle. I am approaching 250 thousand miles and the only issue I have came across is having to replace the thermostat. Still has the same smooth ride as it did when I got it brand new. Although it is only a two door, the back seat is not only large for a two door, it is easy to get in and out of. The trunk is large and has room for many things. I would recommend purchasing a Solara to anyone, and really a Toyota in general. I have never came across better made vehicles than Toyota and believe that most Toyota owners would say the same thing.

- Nick B

White with a spacious trunk and a lot of space in the car. Leather seats.

I love my car. There are many features I love including my leather seats and my radio. It doesn't have seat warmers and I wish it did but overall the car runs well and fits everything I need. The trunk is very spacious and the back seat has a lot of space as well. The steering wheel fits my hands very well. I did have some issues with it but that is just because the car is very old and has had a lot of use.

- Tori E

Toyota solara coupe. Ahead of its year.

It is a wonderful car and in my opinion is ahead of its year. It has an amazing sound system, heated seats, sunroof, power seats and I love how powerful the engine is. It has a huge trunk for its size which is nice but it makes the car look a little funky. The paint chips off easily but it is still a great car all and all. You do need to have specific taste to like the way this car looks tho.

- Sky R

Solara by Toyota the best coupe you can buy that not a lot of money.

This Toyota Solara is the best car I have owned. No major problems, reliable, comfortable with all the options to make it so. Would buy it again bought it new in 2004 may keep it for many more years. I would say if anyone was interested in a good two door coupe this is what you may be looking for. The one problem is Toyota stopped making them in 2008 but even so I think is a great vehicle.

- Ron D

Great gas mileage is definitely a huge plus.

Sporty with very comfortable seats. Lots of legroom and still able to see out easily. All the bells and whistles everywhere. Great stereo with 2 major extras stereo wise. Roomy with the ability to lay backseat down. Infiniti motor and this car can really get up and go. Hugs the road well. Tires are extra sporty looking and my car guy tells me it is extra easy to work on.

- Beth S

2004 Toyota convertible with 163,000 miles.

This is my first Toyota and I love it! It is a convertible with a real back seat and a real trunk. The only negative is visibility when the top is up. The later model addressed the problem by creating a cut out in the back seat headrests to see through. I have never had any mechanical issues other than regular wear and tear. The car has 163,000 miles on it.

- katherine E

Nice comfortable ride. Nice sound system. Smooth ride.

The Toyota Solara is very dependable ride. It does need the doors to be resealed. The biggest thing I've had to do is replace the Ball bearings in the front. Other than just regular maintenance it runs like a champ. It currently has 222000 miles on it. I am getting around 28 mpg which is a few miles down from when I first bought it.

- Nick L

Convertible that is a comfortable, stylish and very quiet ride!

I love my 2004 Solara convertible. It is the most quiet car I have ever driven. It is extremely comfortable it even has seat warmers. The convertible top is easy to operate and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I bought it used even though it is an older vehicle It runs like a dream and I have 112,000 miles on it. I would buy another one

- Juliana C

I enjoy the sound system.

I have owned my Toyota solara for about 8 years now. Toyota sent out a recall letter to allow a free installation of a sun damaged dashboard and they took great care of me! I am happy to say Toyota is a great car to have. It will lasts you longer than you think. I have driven it from houston to california with no problems.

- Brandy Y

Toyota Solara is reliable transportation.

It is a very comfortably seated car in all seats. It drives smoothly and has no mechanical issues with regular maintenance. My dislikes are that it is only a 2 door, is low to the ground and difficult to see around other cars, and panel over glove box has cracked in several places looking very bad.

- Susan L

My car has been Hands-Down the BEST car I have ever had..

My car has been SUPER reliable as just general maintenance pretty much for 15 years. The has over 200,000 miles and still rides like it is BRAND NEW. It has been the Most Reliable, comfortable, get-up-and-go when I ask her to GIDDY UP... I am BLESSED to have bought this car with 83 miles on it

- Daniel H

An old 2 door Toyota solara

It is an old car so there are problems from time to time. But even though the car is old it still runs good for the most part and gets me where I need to go. It's not great in gas but it could be worse. And since it's old the air conditioner doesn't really work which isn't great in the summer

- Tab S

I Miss My Toyota Camry Solara convertible

The Toyota Camry Solara 2004 convertible I own is one of the best cars I've ever driven. It gets good gas mileage, it picks up and goes, and it rides so smooth on the roads. Only negative fault I had was it was high on insurance. Especially because it was red. But over all terrific car

- Kristen M

Toyota Camry solara coupe v6.

Powerful engine, sunroof is a necessity, avoid black paint, twenty nine miles per gallon on the freeway, has two hundred thirty thousand miles on the engine with no problems, the car is a coupe and would highly recommend getting a four door sedan for ease of access into the back seat.

- Jim F

In love with my Toyota solara

Great on gas no problems at all minor issues typical oil changes filters fuses. Very comfy for long distance trips gas is amazing on the highway. Great speed. Awesome radio. Paint job has lasted these years sunroof still opens and closes very smooth ride even with tons of bumps

- Sonia S

Solara Camry is a gem vehicle.

Got a decent mileage per gallon. This car got good power as well. Length of the car is bit long for a coupe but its design is sleek enough. I have 150k miles on it and it still runs like a beast. Figures it will go for another 100k mile easily. Easy and low maintenance car.

- KT N

Very nice and comfortable ride.

I haven't had any problems with the car. The vehicle gets pretty good mileage for the size of vehicle it is. My vehicle has been very reliable vehicle. The back seats fold down if you need to pick up long items. Also the front seats do fold down if you need to take a nap.

- David G

The car drives really smooth. You can put a mini-fridge inside of the car.

The car drives very well on the highway. Like the style of the coupe edition. It great on gas. The only problem I have is that cover for the gas is broken sometimes I have use a knife to prop it open. The radio and GPS system is old but not complaining about it.

- Malik C

Very well put together for a 2004

I have to admit this car has been through a lot with me. It has very good features. I believe it was made very nice good gas mileage and all of that. The trunk space is very nice as well it's huge. Rides extremely good. Really good car altogether. I like it

- Cayla V

It has very high mileage as Toyota is known for and has been very reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable and has almost 300k miles on it. It is has a lot of cabin room for a two door. I dislike that since it is older it does not have all of the new safety gadgets like backup camera and blind spot detection.

- Crystal B

The one most important feature is my car is dependable.

My 2004 soars has been dependable, and the reason we bought another Toyota. I also have a 2018 Avalon. Love all the safety features. I drive the old car for daily errands and will drive the new car more once my grandson is born.

- Pam K

Attention getting, pretty fun to drive car.

Seating could be more comfortable, stereo system is good, no problems to date, hard to find seat covers for it, gas mileage is average, fun to drive, needs a tonneau cover, minor wind noises.

- ClAudia C

It's a good model, Camry's are a good choice if you're looking to buy a decent sized, nice car.

It's comfortable and it gets me where I need to go. However, it isn't the newest car and not one that I chose for myself. It's not in good condition but there are a few noticeable flaws.

- Tracey N

Toyota are great cars I would tell people what good of a car they are.

It's old but it still drives smooth and gets me there and back its motor is good it is been taken care of has a oil change every 50000 miles do not use one drop of oil interior is good.

- Joy M

Toyota makes a good reliable vehicle.

It is reliable and had good features, but it is getting old. The convertible is really nice when the weather is good. It is not bad with the top up in cold weather.

- Brady M

It gets fairly good gas mileage.

I just prefer my cars not so low to the ground. Also only having two doors is pretty inconvenient. Also the light display is not as bright as I wish.

- Corey M

Looks great and drives well.

I love my Toyota because it is comfortable, smooth and quiet. I dislike that it rides so low, only has two doors and the dashboard is full of cracks.

- Susanne L

The most important thing about this car is its reliable, Toyota is a good brand.

I like that it gets me from a to b. I like the moon roof. I like how it is a 2 door. I like that its reliable. I dislike its year, wish it was newer.

- Tania K

The motor is durable and good. It doesn't use oil and has great gas mileage

I like my Toyota because it is roomy and has all of the features of a luxury car.The motor has a lot of horsepower and hasn't given me any trouble

- William R

Toyota car is extremely reliable because it is made with quality parts and built by a company that prides itself on quality vehicles.

My vehicle is reliable, runs great, and holds its resale value. It is stylish and has quality parts. I wish it had 4 doors and was 4 wheel drive.

- diane j

It is very well constructed, and do, handles well.

Very comfortable. It holds up well. Very few trips to the shop. I would replace with another Toyota. So far, I have no complaints with the auto.

- Thomas T

My vehicle has over 175,000 miles on it and still drives great.

My vehicle is perfect. It has lasted many years and still drives and looks great. I have received multiple compliments and I enjoy driving it.

- pat o

Toyota Camry, a reliable choice

Reliable, comfortable, and performs well even with over 120,000 miles on it. Standard maintenance like battery and radiator replacement.

- Melissa A

The styling is so 21st century.

It has over 135, 000 miles and never has a problem other than normal maintenance, it rides absolutely beautifully. Is beautiful, nice.

- Shayla A

It is a reliable car and to maintain the car is really cheap.

I love the vehicle. I love it because it requires low maintenance. I love it because it's reliable. It had no major recalls at all.

- Andre H

The safety devices, there location and how they function.

Not enough power to climb up hill and mountain sides. The interior is a bit too small for my family so looking for a minivan.

- Richard L

I still love it because I can fit a lot of my friends and it still is a car.

It room well but has little trust space hard to fit a lot of. Groceries it also makes a funny noise when we drive sometimes.

- Zac B

It is been very dependable.

It is a good car. . Being a Toyota means it should be reliable. It is not what I was really wanting when I bought it.

- Mary K

Great gas mileage, so I do not have to fill up that much at all.

I love that despite its age it has held up to great wear and tear. I wish the brake calipers weren't so problematic.

- Ana N

Good fuel pressure, very fast.

Drives smoothly so far. Haven't had any major issues. The oxygen sensor failing is about the worst problem to date.

- Amanda B

This vehicle has a clean sleek look to it and it a coop style with only two doors.

This car is extremely reliable. Hardly ever needs work done on it. The Gas mileage is at least 27 miles per gallon.

- Jeffrey D

It seems to be a very safe vehicle.It has all of the air bags and other safety features.

This vehicle has been very dependable. The body has held up extremely well. We would purchase a Toyota again.

- Ron W

Low and inexpensive maintenance.

Bought it new still runs fabulously with basic maintenance. No major repairs at almost 170000 miles.

- Pat M

Its really cute and convertibles are fun. It has a lot of power for the freeways.

I love it. Convertible. But after 100,000 miles I've had a lot of issues.. check engine repairs.

- Patsy G

It's a coupe and low maintenance car

It is sporty, very sturdy, and low maintenance. It is not fuel efficient. It's a coupe.

- S M

It is luxury but practical. Looks nice and fast but is also good on gas mileage.

It is big and bulky. It is fast. Has a good sound system and navigation system.

- Elizabeth A

I love that my car is very dependable. It has a very roomy trunk. Both my children fit comfortably in the back seat.

This car is worth every penny. I would highly recommend this car to anyone.

- Catrice D

Toyota Camry will last you for years. The body will wear out before the drive train does.

Car is very stylish. Has power to spare. Has never failed my family.

- Darrell P

It is a convertible that seats 4 comfortable with plenty of room.

It is a convertible. It rides smooth. It is low Maintenance.

- Carl G