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My Toyota Solara gets me through almost anything.

The Toyota Camry solara 2006 is a coupe style vehicle with two doors, but with a large amount of space on the inside and a big trunk. This car is very strong and powerful which makes me feel very safe and secure. The car is long like a boat and has gotten me through many blizzards, rainstorms and steep mountainsides. I have had a few problems with the car but the most prominent and reoccurring issue is the brakes. Two separate times I've had to take this car to the shop to get the brake pads, calipers and rotors all changed. Other than that, this car is very reliable, strong and comfortable to drive anywhere. The biggest plus is the room that I have on the inside of the car in the back seat. There is plenty of room for two or even three people to comfortably sit and have enough leg/shoulder room.

- Jessica P

Review on our Toyota Solara

Me and my family have had our Toyota Solara for years and honestly we have never had any problems with it at all. It has high mileage and still going strong. The performance has been wonderful we have never had to jump start our car due to a dead battery or anything. It's very reliable and dependable. I honestly have nothing at all bad to say about it. It doesn't have a lot of features but it gets the job done. It has a sunroof that we absolutely love as well.

- Metrica R

Toyota Camry Solara functional review.

It is pretty comfortable but having only 2 doors is inconvenient when you are driving with more than one person. It is a bit of a hassle to get in and out of the car when you are sitting in the back seat. It is also easy to get fingerprints on the windows since there is no frame on the top and sides of the window for you to hold on to when you get in and out of the car.

- Kris U

The car I just settled for.

My middle compartment will not stay closed, the accelerator needs to be pushed down all the way. It is a good car with minor issues I suppose. It does what it needs to and it is my very first car so I have nothing to complain about really. It has ports for a radio converter and is a great car if you are not planning to drive people around.

- Mary L

Toyota Camry Solara by far my favorite car!!

This is actually my favorite vehicle so far. It is an amazing car. There is plenty of room for passengers to be comfortable. The truck is very spacious. I can fit 2 bicycles into my trunk. It is great on gas. I can fill up and drive for an entire week probably around 300-350 miles. It rides very smooth and has comfortable seats.

- Lisa W

Its utilitarian at best. It gets the job done, but its uncomfortable, frustrating and squished. On the bright side, the MPG is higher than other cars so I appreciate that, I would trade more comfort for a lower MPG.

The comfort is terrible. The seat sits low, and the shifter is in the way of the controls. Also, the gas tank is on the drivers side, and it's a coupe with long doors, so every time I buy gas, Im always banging the door into the gas pump. Stupid. All Gas tanks should be on the passenger side of the car, period.

- Benjamin A

It is always a blast to drive!

I have not had any issues with this car! It has over 125,000 miles on it. I have regular maintenance completed on it and it is a gem to drive. I had the drivetrain changed out as required. The cup holder plastic part broke but I ad lib with it. Fits 4 adults comfortably even when the convertible top is down.

- Sandra L

It is very reliable. I haven't had any issues with it.

I like how roomy that the car is. A dislike is that the car only has 2 doors, which makes it hard for getting car seats in and out. The other dislike is that due to the age, my car is not Bluetooth capable. I like how my car has a 6 disc CD player, so for long road trips I can use that instead of the radio.

- Rachel P

It still looks new on the outside!

Well, since the vehicle is about 14 years old at this point, the muffler started acting up several months ago. Although, I don't see it as a need to be switched out yet, as the vehicle runs smoothly. I haven't had too many issues, aside from issues with specific mechanics not doing their job correctly.

- Donna B

Great car. . . I love it. Nothing better than a convertible.

Very dependable. Regular oil changes and general care keeps it in top shape. Love the convertible. Great for road trips and short drives. Classic style, over the new styles. Plenty of room, both front and back seat. Large truck space. Great gas mileage. If Toyota made another convertible I would buy it.

- Wes E

My car is a fighter, a trooper, always goes and goes without an issue. This is my first Toyota, and has honestly been the best brand of car that I've had in my 10 years of owning various brands of cars which have always failed.

I have never had any serious issues with this car. The only issues to ever stem were only with the tires, which are technically not part of the heart of the car. I just need to buy good tires in the future. Other than that, my car is pretty stellar, and never fails me.

- Ashlee S

Affordable, has a nice interior.

I like this vehicle. I have had it for a long time and I have experienced very few problems with it. The interior and exterior are also very nice, even after so many years of wear and tear. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a cheap car.

- Hunter W

It is a good investment for a long term quality vehicle.

My 2005 Camry is the best car I have ever had. I bought it used with 50k miles on it in 2012 and now it has 140k. I have not had any major problems with it and will be keeping it for along time. It is comfortable to drive, roomy, nice ride and good gas mileage.

- Karen r

My sun roof and seat covers.

It is a silver 2 door Toyota Solara it is very comfortable and I have a sunroof in which I love. It does not have a lot of up to date features but it has been a very dependable car all around. I have soft cozy seat covers on my seats to make seating more soft.

- Missy R

The car is still great after 200,000 miles

Just normal wear and tear. Brakes and tires. Also wheel bearings. Otherwise car is great. No other major problems. Did need to replace windshield due to hood latch coming undone during driving and hood flying up and breaking windshield and damage to the hops

- Kim B

This is a great car for someone young that's looking for something sporty.

Great vehicle, has over 250,000 miles on it and still runs great. Love the convertible top and is nice for a Sunday drive. I wouldn't recommend this car for someone with kids as it is a 2 door vehicle.

- Sarah S

This car is very well made. It never has any engine problems and starts right away every day, even in the winter.

I bought my car used from family. It has never had any problems. The only thing that I have had to fix has been maintenance such as brakes and oil changes and i have had the car for 2 years.

- Raylen D

Very spacious for a 2 door car, with a roomy trunk for moving/traveling.

I like the Toyota company. My car has been very reliable and is trustworthy. It is a very roomy 2 door car and it helps with moving and traveling. I wish they never discontinued the Solara!

- Haylee S

The model of this car is no longer in production. Being a convertible, it will soon become a classic, due to its age.

I like my car because it is a sporty red convertible. It is great in the summer being able to drive with the top down. It gets good gas mileage and has needed only minimal repairs.

- Eleanor J

It is dependable and accelerates well when I need it to.

It has worked well over the 13 plus years I have owned it. I have just needed to spend money on normal repair items that wear out like tires, batteries and struts.

- Michael G

they should know how old my car is yet how perfectly it works

I like the size of my car and the AC system along with the heating. I don't like that my car is so old. I want to update my car. other than that my car is great!

- Natalie M

It's a great car and it has been very dependable.

My Solara is good looking, comfortable and reliable. I like having a convertible that's fun to drive and dependable. I hope to drive it for many more years!!!

- Margaret D

It's a convertible and it is affordable. It is luxurious but it is not a luxury price tag.

My vehicle is a convertible solara. It gets really good gas mileage. It's great for the summer. I am very pleased with it

- Alyssa F

It's safe, reliable, great gas mileage, smooth ride, lots of room and has a huge trunk.

My Camry is completely reliable. Never breaks down. It has great gas Mileage. I have never had any complains.

- Emily K

toyota a safe Ride at a safe price

very reliable clean and trusting vehicle gets great mileage and have had no problems drives smoothly and safely

- dave l

Its an automatic. It is easy and fun to drive. Its reliable. It's nice looking.

Love 2 door, sunroof, color pearl white. The only complaint is that I wish it had better stereo and speakers.

- Mary Ann L

My car is silver and it is kind of a long body car.

The car drives good for the most part. It jerks a little when trying to increase speed, and I always have to.

- Ayana W

I love my car. It's roomy and I can fit all kinds of beach stuff or pack my laundry to take home to my parents house. The car drives great and it's reliable.

The car makes you feel safe and even though it's a larger coupe it's still easy to handle

- Alexis H

Very little trouble with attractive long lasting car.

I bought it new and no problems with it. Pretty color and style. Drives smoothly.

- Donna F

It's a very dependable car. Gas mileage is also great

I love that it's great on gas. It's very dependable and I love how it drives.

- Maryanne R

It has been a lifesaver for gain last few years

I would like a new car with updated radio, alarm safety features etc

- Vanessa B

I have absolutely no clue???? Uhm it's a working car y'all

No complaints, it gets me to and from where I need to go safely :)

- Bri M

It's reliable and still runs very well even though it is old

Only car I've ever had and I absolutely love! Very few problems!

- Suzy H

It is mighty dependable for an old vehicle and trustworthy.. .

It is easy to drive. It has good power. It is comfortable.

- Lee F