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Conveniences versus inconveniences of the Toyota corolla (2004).

The Toyota corolla itself is a very convenient vehicle for someone my age who is just now starting out with driving, or has been driving since the age of 16. Although the vehicle we have is used, it still runs perfectly. The engine itself is wonderful. When driving the car, it feels very smooth. Acceleration is good as well. There have never been issues with those. The ac/heating condition is also very good and high powered. It does not take a long time for the car to heat up or cool down like most vehicles. Although the radio in the car is older, it still gets the job done. The bass and sound are wonderful with accommodating settings for the current driver to adjust to suit themselves; however, there is no aux input to match our current generation of newer technologies. Meaning, smartphone plug-ins to play music. In any case, there are other alternatives like cassette tapes or wireless transmitters that do the same exact thing as an aux input. The quality just may not be the best and is a little inconvenience when driving due to the poor connection here and there. Since it is a smaller compact car, there are 5 seats available, including the driver and passenger seats, which is plenty for my family and I. The trunk also holds a lot of weight and is very spacious! The car also has a center console with a plug-in inside for you to use for charging devices or anything that can plug-in to it which is very convenient. The glove box is also nice and has valuable space, same as the console. All in all, for an older vehicle, this type Toyota is perfect & gets the job done while providing conveniences for all your needs.

- Jasmine E

Corolla: An oldie but a goodie

It's an old car, so of course there are some problems, but that's just because of the age of the car. It runs really well for the most part. The gas pedal sticks a little but it is easy to get used to. The breaks are a little touchy, which I prefer over breaking that feels like I have no control over. The steering is smooth. The actual steering wheel can be a problem for shorter people, trying to put it in a place where you can also see your speed, rpm, etc. The radio system, which I think came with the car, is really good; it has crisp sound and is easy to use. The air conditioning system is also one of the best I've seen in any car. It gets cold very quickly and the highest setting is very powerful. The cruise control setting are very intuitive as well. One of the things that I do not like is the windshield wiper settings. It's one of the only things I would change about the car. It either wipes like once every three seconds or goes really fast. An intermediary setting would be nice for lighter rain. The other thing I would change is leg room in the back seats. When trying to drive larger groups, adults have a hard time finding a place to put their feet, especially in the middle seat. The overall look of the car is sleek and modern looking. For a cheap car, old corollas are an awesome choice. Any problems you have with it, you will probably be able to fix for relatively cheap. Mine is at 170k miles and is still running well only needing a new starter since I got it.

- Taylor F

A great and reliable car with few issues.

The Toyota Corolla is a great car for many reasons, including its reliability, attractiveness, good value, and fuel efficiency. Very few drawbacks exist for this car. In my experience, the 2004 s model has front bumper issues, where the front bumper clips break and the bottom of the bumper comes loose. The bumper issue is the most serious because it can fall off at any time, and is significantly expensive to fix. In my research, others have also identified this issue as a common matter, and that it results from general wear and tear. I have also experienced the light in the clock burning out but this may just be a fuse; the car is 14 years old, after all! Overall, I love this car because I feel safe driving it, because it has had no engine trouble, and because it looks much more modern than it actually is! A great value from Toyota, for which I am grateful every time I get behind the wheel.

- Anna G

2004 Toyota Corolla - The optimal economic car choice

The 2004 Toyota corolla that I drive is a good long lasting vehicle. In the winter time, if it gets below freezing, like -40 F, the door may stick shut. Engine does start at cold temperatures though. I bought this car so cheap, it was really a gift. It came with a hole in the gas tank, but that doesn't stop its functionality and reliability. It has had regular oil changes which have helped its longevity. If you have seen the performance ratings of other Toyota vehicles, it would not surprise you that this model is a durable and reliable form of transportation even in its old age. It has good air conditioning and electric controls for the windows. The rubber lining around the doors has started to peel and the CD player no longer works, but these are minor issues.

- Michelle C

The Toyota corolla is a reliable car with great gas mileage.

I love this car because of its reliability. Although it is an older model it has never had any major issues or repairs. The older model does not have a lot of comfort features such as automatic windows or door locks. The comfort is a little compromised because the interior is a little bit on the small side so this would make it difficult for anyone who has car seats to contend with on a daily basis. One of the best assets of the car is the gas mileage. It gets great gas mileage whether you are driving long distances or just around your local area. Coupling that with the reliability of the car greatly improves the rating of the car for me. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is looking to downgrade to a more affordable car.

- Tammy B

All in all I love my vehicle it won't let you down and will not quit on you.

I drive a black four door Honda pilot. It is a reliable car that performs well. It will works reliably in all types of weather and will make your driving experience bearable if not pleasant and most importantly safe. It has 3 rows of seating which is perfect for when our whole family goes out or the third row can be folded down for when we need to load up the car which is ideal for any situation. It hasn't had any problems in the 3 years I've had it and so far had held together well. Car will perform without a hitch in all types of weather it can move when you the speed to get up and go and to brake quickly when in a situation when you need to react quickly. All in all I love this car and am happy I bought it.

- Langston B

Reliable car with great longevity.

At over 220k miles and basic maintenance and repairs, this car has been reliable and mostly worry free. The Takata airbag recall issue was repaired for free by a dealer, with representatives reaching out to me to make me aware of the defect and schedule an appointment. It has had a new alternator, a few leaks repaired, but seriously for a 14 year old car it runs absolutely great. It got me through a 3-hour, 150-mile round trip daily commute for almost 3 years, and it is still going strong. My silly gripe is that it has only radio or a CD player - no tape deck, no AUX - so if you want to use music from your phone, etc. , you've got to get one of those little Bluetooth radio broadcast deals.

- Lynn O

A small but extremely reliable car!

My vehicle is perfect for getting where I need to be. Cosmetically it is nice to look at. Nothing fancy but a very simple easy to drive car. I have never had any issues with the performance. I have had the car for over 6 years and have never needed to have any maintenance done other than oil changes and tires. My only issue is now that my family is growing it is a bit on the small side. It worked while I had one child, but it is crammed with two! Also, I wouldn't recommend it for taller people. I am under five feet and 5 inches and fit very comfortably. However when my six foot six inch husband tries to drive it is definitely a little on the small side for him!

- Taylor D

2004 Toyota Corolla is a charm.

Although it is more than 10 years old, my 2004 Toyota Corolla is still in great condition. It was given to me from my grandfather, who used to drive it in its earlier years. Neither he nor I have ever experienced any major issues with the car. Overall, it is very comfortable to drive, and fits 3 other passengers comfortably. The compact size of the car makes it a breeze to park in smaller spots. The interior features of the car are also pretty good. Both the air conditioner and heater work well still, there are cup holders in the front and the back the of car seats, and the seats are very comfortable themselves. This car is a charm and is very reliable.

- Adele S

Great long lasting motor!

I have not had any mechanical problems with my Toyota Corolla. The car now has high mileage and still runs great! Plenty of room for a comfortable ride. Regular maintenance upkeep which has been pretty basic. Great gas mileage too! I did need a little repair within the car because of the years old it is. The Cadillac converter has been replaced, a wheel bearing and also an oxygen sensor has been replaced. The ride is smooth going down any type of road. Cost of repairs are responsible for this car too. It is starting to rust on the corners of the passengers doors. The car will probably rust out before the engine goes.

- Diane K

My vehicle has great gas mileage and it is comfortable to travel in.

My vehicle is very reliable. It is all manual. It has a five speed transmission. It does not have a lot of horsepower and it takes some time to speed up. This however is just fine with me because it does not use as much gas and it saves me money in the long run. It is a compact car which makes it not super spacious. I am single though and just have a dog. So it works for me but may be harder with someone who has a larger family. I do nanny and drive around with the kids though and I make it work. I love that the back seat has places for car seats to hook in. Over all I love my car!

- Amie A

Toyota corolla: a solid little car under the rust.

The car needed some maintenance when I got it (it was rusty, having sat for several years). There is superficial rust on the undercarriage, which affected the suspension, heat shields, exhaust system, and brakes/brake guards. Some of the rust was hazardous, leading to a flat tire, a loose heat shield, and needing to replace parts of the exhaust system. Now that these issues are (mostly) resolved, it is a pretty reliable little car. It is kind of dinky to look at, but it gets pretty good gas mileage, it is comfortable, and it takes me a long distance.

- Holly D

The Corolla does not have a lot of frills. It is a "sensible" car.

My Corolla is extremely reliable. I have driven it for 11 years and about 120, 000 miles. In that time I have only needs to pay for two major repairs: a rebuilt transmission and new rear struts. Other than that, I have only needs to perform regular maintenance. The car drives well and is relatively comfortable over long distances. Road noise that reaches the interior is a little louder than I would like, but that is a minor issue. I'd recommend a Corolla to anyone looking for a reasonably priced car that performs well and will last a long time.

- Jared G

Comfortable, reliable and great gas mileage!!

I got my car used from my fiance's grandma who was going blind. It was clean inside and out. I find the seats extremely comfortable and the setup of the car very convenient. Open back seat with cup holders. Out of the 3 cars i've had and the many i've rented and drove, the Toyota corolla is the most reliable. I have had my car for 4 years now and I have had no mechanical issues, the shifting of gears is very smooth and even the get up of speed for the highway is decent for a four cylinder car. Highly recommend Toyota corolla.

- Haley H

Love the Toyota Corolla. Has plenty of legroom.

I have no problems with this car. It gets about 24 miles to the gallon. It. 's great on hills and in the mountains. It always starts. The battery always turns over. The seats are so comfortable and easy to clean. It has a great radio systems, am/FM, CD player, cassette player and mp3 player. It has air conditioning. The heater works great. It has driver and passenger airbags. I would recommend the Toyota Corolla to anyone looking for a fuel efficient car. I am sure that I will buy a Corolla in the near future as my next car.

- James G

My Toyota Corolla is a very reliable and convenient car.

My Toyota Corolla is a very reliable and convenient car and rarely breaks down. It allows me to be driving it for over ten years already. I can always count on this car, because it takes me to the distance without me ever worrying about breaking down or any mechanical issues while I am driving it. When I drive my Toyota Corolla, I would feel safe and comfortable, because it feels that way. Also, the car has been with over ten years, and I can always count on it being safe to drive, because Toyota is a very reliable brand.

- Gavin Y

Takes a licking, keeps on ticking.

My vehicle has a good repair record. It is about as comfortable as to be expected of a compact car of its age. Minor issues that have occurred are the gasket to one of the rear doors loosened, the clock stopped working, and a door to a plastic compartment below the dashboard and centered above the gear shift broke. It is a workhorse of a car, but like other compact cars, it does not have the best pick up and it does not fare well on icy roadways. I am glad I opted for power windows (easy to get through toll booths).

- Maureen T

2004 Toyota Corolla LE sedan. Great condition.

It's overall pretty new. I own it, I purchased it with 10,000 miles on it. I don't care for it much because it is out of date but it is a car that gets me around. The seats are comfortable and the interior is average. The gas mileage is good, I spend about $25-30 per tank. The brakes are reliable and the windshield wipers work properly. The radio doesn't have aux or Bluetooth so I installed my own. But the A/C unit works fast and well. The original tired are nice and the rims aren't too bad.

- Felicity H

Used car, drives great, good sound system.

While it is a used car, my corolla drives very well! The seats are extremely comfortable, I've driven fairly long distances without needing a break. The radio works great, and the sound system cranks to a loud volume, which I like. There's plenty of room in the backseat and the trunk, which is great for when I need to travel. Overall, it's a great car for being a used one. I'm happy with it, and if it's taken good care of, I'm sure in can last me another ten years.

- Abby E

Reliable Friend- My 2004 Toyota Corolla

Reliable, little car with great gas mileage! Drove it out to the West coast from the Midwest, and it handled well in the different types of terrain and climates. I feel very confident and secure in the harsh Midwest winters. Replaced the breaks in 2017 after owning it for 6 years. The passenger airbag was recalled. Took It to the Toyota dealer and they replaced it free of charge and had a curiosity driver take me home while they were working on it. The paint is be

- Jackie G

It is compact, convenient, and a joy to drive!

I love my 2004 Toyota Corolla. It is easy to maintain. It is very reliable for in town or highway driving. It has a nice sharp turn radius and is the perfect size for usual difficult parallel parking. It has plenty of storage space and you are able to haul certain things with the fold down back seat. It handles well and drives smooth. Automatic locks and windows are a plus in any vehicle. And when gas prices soar it is inexpensive to fill up and gets great mileage.

- Carlie R

Good ol� reliable workhorse

My car is a 2004, it's old by most car standards now. It comes with 'personality and quarks' but it's a workhorse! Hardly have any problems with it until just recently, the AC has stopped working and a check engine light has come on that we thought we fixed but still will not clear. It's decent on gas mileage still even with its age. Have just started to notice that the paint is starting to flake in spots but other than those few problems it's still plugging away

- Kerri H

Great I have already summarized! See previous page.

My Corolla gets great gas mileage! With proper maintenance this car has had no severe mechanical problems. Comfortable seating for 5 with kids or 4 adults. Great in the snow! Has a deep trunk. Fabulous sunroof & spoiler. Heating/ac perfect. Great stock am/FM stereo. Has a plug for charging cell phone. Rear window defrost. Plenty of storage compartments. Airbags for both driver and passenger. Love my Corolla. Toyota is the best in quality for any model they make!

- Shawn M

Perfect car for everything.

One of the things I love most about any Toyota Corolla is that it feels safer than most vehicles I have driven or tested. It has an incredible life span and offers the best balance of everything you'd need in an everyday car, between comfort, safety, and appearance. Altogether it is my favorite make and model. I think it is especially best for younger or newer drivers / college students because gas is cost effective along with the level of comfort and safety.

- Victoria V

Great gas mileage vehicle.

The car itself is really reliable so long as you keep up with maintenance such as oil changes, etc. The gas mileage is great (about 30 miles to the gallon). The tank stays at full for a long time but after it leaves the full mark (typically between 80 and 120 miles depending on if you are primarily driving highway or city) it drops faster but still hangs around empty for about 3 gallons. It is a 13 gallon tank which is about 330 miles to the full tank,

- Samantha M

over a quarter of a million miles and my 15 year old toyota corolla is still going strong!

my car is over 15 years old and i bought It brand new off the lot. i've had only a handful of problems with it, especially since i'm not very auto savvy with maintaining a vehicle. 1 engine, 1 transmission, and very few of the required oil changes and my girl is still running very well. i recommend toyota as a great car because even i couldn't run my car into the ground after 255,000. yes, that's correct, still running a QUARTER of a MILLION MILES

- mary m

Toyota Corolla’s are very reliable cars.

My fiancé and I have had this car for a few years now and it never really has any problems! The check engine light comes on every now and then but it is never really for the engine itself. It just turns in if fluids need to be changed and such. Anything that needs to fixed has always been affordable and it drives great in the snow! It is pretty small but definitely comfortable to be in. Overall, it is s very reliable car to have.

- Gianni L

Reliable Corolla with no hassle.

It is very reliable, no problems in sight. I do regular maintenance myself and honestly it is been no work at all except for the oil changes and a battery replacement. Interior is worn and exterior has a couple dings but I like it that way, not a magnet for car theft. Nothing that would cause rust or mold. The heater and ac work well, radio gets reasonably loud even though the stereo system could use an upgrade. I love my car.

- Julia B

A reliable and high quality bang for your buck.

Toyota is such a reliable car brand. A simple, not very flashy vehicle, but a fuel efficient and known for its high crash test rating. I feel safe driving in this car not only from an accident perspective, but also knowing that it will not be breaking down on the side of the road all of the time. This car is perfect for someone looking to stretch out their budget and get the most bang for their hard earned buck.

- Yen J

Captain Corolla, King of the Asphalt Jungle

This is a very comfortable and reliable car. It is quite powerful for a four cylinder 1.8 liter motor. Although the car is almost 16 years old and has 270,000 miles on it the power windows and sunroof still work perfectly and have never had an malfunctions or leaks. My only complaint about this vehicle is that the clock has never worked. I would purchase this vehicle again and would recommend it to others.

- April B

A quality car that also has longevity.

My car is very reliable. Has had very few repairs. Drives smooth down the road and has endured through many years and miles. It is an economy car and gets great gas mileage which is wonderful for the commuter. The back seats fold down providing a good amount of storage space for a car. I love the fact that the back windows roll all the way down and not half way allowing for full air flow on beautiful days.

- Tim T

The car that keeps on going.

It's a really reliable vehicle has had more than 300k miles on the same engine and has kept going for years passed the odometer limit. It's been more than worth what it cost for sure. No regrets buying it brand new in 2004. It's been mostly a freeway commuter but the passed 6 years its been an around town vehicle and has yet to break down. The only major part replaced has been the catalytic converter.

- Sara S

A reliable and appealing vehicle.

It has a really comfy and appealing interior. It is a bit old but the car still runs really well. It drives smooth and I have little to no problems with this cars performance. A family member of mine owned my Toyota Corolla before me and they also had minimal issues with this car. The only problem I can remember is an issue with the antifreeze tank, but it was easy to fix and did not cost much.

- Rose R

The understated pleasurable comfort ride.

Extremely low maintenance. Basic oil changes every 3, 000 miles. Is an ideal vehicle for any small family or single person. For a compact car the cabin is very spacious with ample leg room. Large trunk great for storage and toting necessary cargo. Very good, clear vision through the large windows. Only downside is leaf collection under the hood near the windshield and back rear windshield.

- Stephanie S

Great car would buy new or used.

Love my Toyota, it is the second one that I have owned great on gas easy to maintain has one hundred and seventy six thousand miles. Great in snow. Only get oil changes, new windshield wipers, tires. Have it checked over and winterized. It has been a great vehicle for me. Large trunk for such a small car. Handles well in snow and rain. Sometimes I have four large dogs with me.

- Shannon C

Never question Toyota's reliability.

I needed a car that could last forever. I didn't pursue a vehicle with horsepower, I went with a car that has credentials for being a high reliable car. The Toyota Corolla, with basic maintenance, has smoothly ran to and beyond the 200, 000 mile mark and showing no sign of failing. A vehicle is an investment; and spending money upon keeping your investment should be minimal.

- Scott S

Toyota Corolla's, Highly reliable and would recommend

I'm the third owner of my car, so there are some cosmetic issues with it. The paint was damaged at some point and now with it sitting in the sun often, is only get further damaged. It runs really well and I feel safe while driving it. I think it is very reliable and would certainly buy this type of car in the future. It is mostly comfortable and the sound system works fine.

- Sidney W

Toyota Corolla: the most reliable vehicle ever

Toyota Corollas are EXTREMELY reliable vehicles. They take you from point A to point B and last an extremely long time which is why I love it. The car was passed onto me from my mom and I recall always riding around on it ever since I was younger. They aren't high maintenance which is why it's a good vehicle to purchase for your children once they're able to drive.

- Diana L

It's very reliable... I can easily put quite a few more miles on her and keep driving it for years to come...

My car is 5 overdrive vehicle that has a new paint job and body work on which drives very good through the city. I have no complaints except that for a while the car would speed up at times due to being driven in number four gear for so long that cause a constant build up of gases trying to relieve itself... Nobody's fault but mine 's for not handling it better...

- Jimmy C

A old but very reliable everyday vehicle.

My 2004 Toyota Corolla S is an old but reliable vehicle. It's roomie and runs great. The mileage of this vehicle is outstanding. This is coming from someone that lives in Southern California. I've had this vehicle for about 10 years and has never given me a problem. I do give it, its proper maintenance but I have never done anything that involves major changes.

- Chris P

Cosmetically sensitive, but old faithful!

Toyota has always been a reliable make for consumers but the Corolla by far has been the most reliable car I've owned. The inflating gasoline prices don't worry me much, the MPG is GREAT! A good car for commuting to work. The only thing I was not fond of was the paint. Chips easily. Cosmetically not a beauty but it's definitely old faithful!!

- Valerie W

2004 Toyota Corolla - great car.

Car is very reliable. The only thing the check engine light comes on for is an o2 sensor, so nothing detrimental to the car. I drive it everyday about 120 miles and it holds up well. Gas mileage is also great for being an older car. I get about 30 miles per gallon. Only have to take it to get the oil changed about every two or three months.

- Shannon D

The car is surprisingly roomy for how small it seems from the outside.

I enjoy my 2004 Toyota corolla because it has great leg room and a lot more trunk space than you'd assume. It is a good size and has really great gas mileage. It is a reliable make that, if you take care of it, will last you for years. I have had my car for about a year and a half (I bought it used) and it has not had a problem since.

- Alejandra N

It is very well made. It's a good quality vehicle that has not nickel & dimed me as it's gotten older.

Very good quality- I've had my car almost 15 years & have never needed any major repairs (just the usual maintenance). It may be old & not flashy, but it's cute, still gets good gas mileage, & was not expensive. Some of the features are outdated (such as, I have a cassette & cd player, but no phone jack), but it is an older vehicle.

- Jana B

Toyota’s last for many miles.

I love my Corolla. It has not had many issues however it has many miles. It has about 220, 000 miles to this day but I am going to drive it for many more miles! Toyota’s are said to be very reliable and long lasting cars. Hopefully it lasts 300, 000 miles! I would recommend a Toyota to anyone look for a low cost yet reliable car.

- Kayla W

2004 Toyota after a few repairs, costly, still runs like new.

My 2004 Toyota Corolla that I bought used from my mother is finning fine. I've had to do some work like new tires, parts, etc but it runs fine at 25000 miles. I've had to replace a battery, tension, timer, replaced a lot of parts when the check engine came on, but it runs smooth now. There aren't any fancy tech features though.

- Flo S

I would like them to know that my personal car has roll down windows, which is a huge disadvantage

My car is very old and I would like if it were newer or updated. I have my grandparents old car, and they took out all the technology (ie radio, lights, installed roll down windows) because they believed technology is the devil and did not want that in their car. So now I have an old car with no lights and with roll down windows.

- sophia r

Reliable trustworthy vehicle gets me anywhere I need to go

It's a older car but it still runs like a champ, the battery life has lasted me years now and rarely needs maintenance . I've had the car for about 3 years now. I love it. I live in Michigan City and drive to Indiana regularly to visit family and the car trucks right along. Great on gas to $5 gets me to work and back for a week.

- Snow B

The highlights are it�s pretty good car to handle

The steering could be more fluid and better gas mpg but overall it is a great car for all ages pretty spacious vehicle. Not the most expensive car affordable bang for your buck. Very hard to hard to replace built in radio by the way. Lights are automatic which is my biggest pet peeve because you can not turn them off manually

- Kendall S

Hardly any problems with this car.

I love my car it is 15 yrs old now it's starting to have break problems buts that normal wear and tear... Performance is great and it reliable I find it comfortable and awesome trunk space... I don't have special feature but the car is old and I am okay with it.. The car hardly breaks down and that the most I important thing.

- Stephanie B

I drive a 4-door Toyota Corolla that has excellent gas mileage.

I love my Toyota Corolla! I have had a 2004 for several years now and even though it has over 150, 000 miles on it, I haven't had any problems. It does not have all the newest bells, but its reliable and safe. Its gas mileage is a perk. On average, it gets 32 mpg and around 28 in town. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Alyssa S

It just keeps on going, and going

Air conditioning has given some problems, but only after several years. The paint on the hood started fading after about four years. Now, as it is 15 years old, the hood looks horrible and needs a full repainting. It has been largely mechanically sound and has lasted for a long time. I intend to keep it for a while longer.

- Alan H

I have had zero issues with my car since I bought it. Just like the Toyota Corolla I drove prior to this one, it's been incredibly dependable and low-maintenance.

I drove a 1997 Toyota Corolla. It was basic with no power windows, click button lock, or cd player. My 2004 Corolla is quite a welcome upgrade. It gets better gas mileage, has power windows and click button locking, and is simply newer with less wear and tear. I appreciate this upgrade and I currently have zero complaint.

- Brad H

Its has held up for all these years with is being 15 years old.

The air went out last year but it was just a small fuse. Everything else on the car has been wonderful and no problems, it was previously owned by my aunt and she never had any problems come out of it and still to this day it does well ac and heat all work and all I've done is put tires on it and gotten oil changes.

- Brittany B

Even though it is 15 years old, our car is safe and comfortable.

Our corolla gives us a smooth drive with enough get-up-and-go to easily get up to speed for entering the highway. The only real complaint I have is that the seat belts are hard to adjust once on. They tend to get stuck in such a way that I end up having to take it off, letting it retract, and then put it back on.

- jamy d

If you want a car that is great on gas, this is the one for you.

My car is great on gas mileage! It gets me were I need to go without sucking my wallet dry. On top of that, the air conditioning is ice cold. I think the only thing that I don't like is the fact that there is no auxiliary input thing, but it is an older model and I can always change out the radio to something else.

- Alexis I

Reliable Toyota corolla type s.

Absolutely love this car. It is very reliable, over 200,000 miles and still running strong. Obviously needs maintenance from time to time. But even then, the parts are cheap since it is Toyota. Way cheaper to maintenance than some other brands of cars. It is a 2004 but the interior is still nice and pretty modern.

- Noelle B

Reliable compact car - even when maintenance is neglected.

My Toyota Corolla has been very reliable. Other than standard maintenance, I have had no mechanical failures or problems, even though my car is 14 years old. The early versions had only standard features, but newer models have many modern- day upgrades. I will more than likely buy a newer version when I am ready.

- Stacy C

I love my car because is durable and do not give a lot of trouble.

My vehicle has the comfort, capacity and the performance of mile per gallons. Also, like the sport style and how you fill when was driven because is serenity. I do not have not more to say about my car because I do not understand much about the car; however, my car is a regular do not have any advance technology.

- Yvonne R

Good car with great mileage and good size

It's good and good on gas. Just small but a good size. Last a long time and had good mileage. I have to fill the tank up about once a week because I drive so much but if you don't drive that much then you'll be good. The wheel has gotten stuck on me but I think it was just a fluke. The car is good and good money

- Emily W

It's a good reliable car low maintenance user friendly and good on gas.

Comfortable easy to drive good on gas durable good mileage have received good service on the vehicle. Good value low maintenance. Good interior love the features it comes with like the color. Good used car or new car. Haven't had a lot of problems with it and have had it for several years after buying it used.

- Natasha R

Teeny tiny troopers. Excellent to park

The best thing about my car is that she's little and I have lots of room on the road and almost never have to worry about fitting in a parking space. The only negative I'll give her is that the plastic cover on the underside of the vehicle is constantly falling down against the tires and makes a scraping sound

- Tara H

Economic, affordable price, affordable parts.

I bought a used one but I am really satisfied about it performance. I travelled long distances with the car and it rarely breaks down. It drives really good, very economic, reliable.Also,I bought it at an affordable price like most of Toyota makes. I would definitely recommend it to by friends and my family.

- Edouard B

Corolla for reliability, safety and longevity

The 2004 Toyota Corolla is a Very reliable car. I have had this car for 10 plus years. There has not been any major repairs necessary aside from wear and tear such as brakes, suspenders, batteries, tires and regular maintenance. It is cheaper to get this car repaired and maintenance compared to other models

- Jane M

Sports Casual Corolla: Not your Mother's Moonshine Mobile

This vehicle has been up and running for more than 10 years. It's comfortable and pretty good on gas mileage/usage. I've had little to no problems with it. My only complaint would probably be that there is no cassette system or Bluetooth or Aux system. But that's the cons of having a slightly older model.

- Al L

I love that my Toyota has lasted me so long with very little issues.

My brakes need replaced often, also my radio will stop working on occasion. It does need its oil changed a lot which is a downside. Other than those things I love my Toyota Corolla it's reliable and easy to drive. I love that's it's small and easy to park and I also just love how it looks, it's a fun car.

- Annie K

one of the back seats folds down, so you can put longer things in the trunk

very nice car, only thing I don't like it's small on the driver side, I have long legs. Otherwise it's been running great no engine problems, I bought it from my brother-in-law and he had taken good care of the car before me. Good on gas nice size trunk, I like that one of the back seats folds down.

- beth M

2004 Toyota Corolla brief review.

This car is in great shape for its age. When my dad purchased it, there were only 64, 000 miles on it, and the car was 12 years old when we purchased it. I do not know extensively what has been replaced, but I believe that the only thing that has been replaced due to a mechanical issue was the brakes.

- Rachel S

Very reliable, safe, and affordable

Barley any problems, very comfortable, very safe and reliable, one time I got hit by a car and I blanked out and woke up to see my car saved my life, I received no damage to my body at all. I am happy to say that my car is great, I been having this car for about 3 years now and I can say I love it.

- India W

Toyota Corollas are a great investment and have great room for such a small car.

It is a great vehicles. Maintenance is normal, oil changes and routine upkeep. It has rear and forward window defrosters. A tall person fits comfortably in the front. The fold down backseat provides additional access to the trunk. A front console between the seats provided additional storage.

- Melissa F

Most reliable car I have ever owned!

My 2004 Toyota Corolla is the most reliable car I have ever owned. It has a 5 speed manual transmission. It doesn't have anything electric on it, no electric windows or doors. It gets good gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. It can only hold 5 people max so that is the only drawback.

- Cindy K

I love my 2004 Toyota Corolla.

I love my Corolla. It is been so reliable for the past 7 years. I haven't had any major issues with and the maintenance is reasonably priced. It is not the most luxurious vehicle. It is a smaller car. They really do last! I think that they are worth the cost because they will last you years.

- Julie R

My car is small and easy to drive and can fit into tight spaces.

My car is small and it allows me to drive it with ease. My car is pretty old and losing its color but it still runs great. My car has cloth seats but I prefer leather seats cause they look and feel nicer. Also the radio is pretty old in my car and I think a good stereo is important in a car.

- Shelby K

Toyota Corolla 2004 great gas mileage.

2004 Toyota Corolla, bought it used. I find out immediately that there are 2 recalls. Toyota fixed it no problem no charge. Gets good gas mileage. The paint quality could be better. Inside could be made not so cheaply (easily breakable) like console and center drawer front hinges and such!

- Char U

My car is great I couldn't be happier with my car.

I love everything about my car except for the paint used for this make and model. The paint is chipping and y my e car is rusting because of it. Other than that I absolutely love my car. It has been very reliable. And even the gas mileage has been great. Even with the vehicle being so old.

- Patricia T

My car has lasted me a long time, and looks like it will continue to last me.

My car has over 200, 000 miles on it and still runs great. I have been keeping it well. It withstood two 17 hour drives. It sometimes has it is check engine light come on for no reason, and my clock has never worked. But other than those things I could not ask for a more reliable car.

- Emily F

Good running car and I want to upgrade

I love my car its reliable dependable and it has a lot of miles on it. I had it for four years. The windshield cracks easy. Had to buy a new one. Now my new one is cracked. And the automatic start has a short and my car will start automatically and sometimes I have trouble turning it off

- Kristina B

Toyota Corolla 2004. - reliable despite age.

Occasional issues brought on by the age of the car. Overall performance and reliability is still very good. Oftentimes, issues are minor and very infrequent. The most recent issue was fixed using minor engine maintenance and there have been no major issues. Most often there is no issue.

- Toby Y

Mrs. Ol' reliable Toyota Corolla.

I love my car I just wish it had an AUX input. It is an older car but it is reliable, never really had any problems with it, despite a few recalls. Toyota is famous for that. If you are looking for a used car, Toyota’s are great. But if you are skeptical I guess stay away from Toyota.

- Lauren H

Fun Toyota Corolla. For work and family.

Its a Toyota Corolla it very reliable car and fuel efficient. haven't had no major problems with it. Good car for family and work. Has not lost power 28mpg. Its good looking and has a reasonable amount of space and trunk is large. Easy to find parts for it and really cheap replacements.

- Juan A

That Toyota has mechanical problems like all other vehicles, but that it's a very dependable car overall.

I find I've needed a lot of work on it lately (ie. brake job, exhaust). It doesn't have a lot of modern amenities like GPS, bluetooth, etc.). The one thing I like is that it's holding up well throughout the years and that's it's a Toyota, which I find to be a very dependable car brand.

- Amanda M

Corolla: definitely worth it.

Car is reliable, I have always enjoyed driving it. Never had too many issues. Keep up with inspections and oil changes and nothing else has ever really been an issue. Great car for the winter, I put a new set of winter tires on two years ago and this thing takes the snow like a champ.

- Madison M

The ever-reliable 2004 Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car. This is my family's second one and the first one lasted twenty years. The 2004 model doesn't have an AUX cord, but these days you don't need one to play your music. It may not have a GPS or heated seats like these new cars, but its reliable.

- Athena H

Reliable stick shift Toyota.

I love my car, it is mine and reliable. I wish I had grammar on my cell phone so I would be able to type out a professional review for my 2004 Toyota Corolla. It is a standard shift and sometimes it gets tight putting it into the reverse gear. It really gets from point A to point B.

- Ebony H

Toyota Corollas: money in the bank!

Toyota Corolla vehicles are virtually maintenance free. You just change the oil on time, keep the fluids up. That is it. I have really only ever had to do routine maintenance on my car with the exception of it needing new tires. It is possible I have had a new battery added as well.

- Leah D

It's safe and dependable, and will not break down! It has the ability to get us wherever we need to go

My car is extremely dependable! I have done all the work on it myself including body work, tire swaps, catalytic converters, exhaust system. It has less than 100,000 miles on it and gets me wherever I need to be, I have never had a serious issue with the car in 4 years of ownership

- Richie G

Toyota is amazing! I love them so much.

Reliability is the biggest thing I like about my car. I have owned it for probably 10 years and it is never in the shop or anything like that. My friends have bad cars and Toyota has always been good to me. I'd hate to buy anything other than another Toyota car. It is a great car.

- Alex G

My Toyota safe and family friendly. . Must have.

My car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I am able to fit my whole family in this car. No problems. Its front wheel drive which is a plus when it snows. All around very safe and drives great. Standard which is something I make a priority in my vehicles. I love this car.

- Brook H

Great running car with good gas mileage. Good size also/.

This vehicle has had many recall issues but my local dealer never seems to have the parts to correct the problem. I still love this car because of it is size and the very good gas mileage it gets. It also was given to me by my deceased mother. Who also enjoyed this car very much.

- Lori S

Old reliable. It has never let me down on the road of life.

Super reliable it is a great car has not really given me any problems. I had a small accident and had to repair but the car is still in great condition, ac works great even though its an older model. It is extremely comfortable with great trunk space for a relatively compact car.

- Jose V

It's a regular black Toyota Corolla. Works great has never had an issue

I have never had an issue with my car. I've only owned it for a few months but I've gotten my oil changed. It runs amazingly and always gets me where I need to go. It runs super smooth and doesn't go through gas like crazy. It is a little small but for what I need it is perfect.

- Megan B

Review of a red 2004 Toyota corolla

I love my car a lot but it uses a lot of gas. I have not had a lot of mechanical problems and when I do it has been easy to fix. It is kinds of small for me but I manage. It has plenty of trunk space. Overall I am very satisfied with my corolla and would recommend it to anyone.

- David H

It�s amazing and super reliable

It's really a good car and great on gas. It definitely is a reliable car for anyone to have. I would definitely suggest this car to anyone because it's a good brand I've haven't had any trouble with this car like I have with my other car. So people should try getting a Toyota.

- Kimberly J

Always be loyal to Toyota!

I have had this car since I was 16! We bought it brand new and it is been great ever since. It is very reliable. I have had few problems with it and the gas mileage is great. Even though it is my primary vehicle I still have great mileage on it. I will always buy from Toyota.

- Kay K

15 Years later, still a great purchase.

I have had my car for almost 15 years and with regular routine maintenance, it remains reliable. It has over 220k miles and is still going strong. When the time comes to purchase another vehicle, I will definitely get another Toyota. Nothing comes close to quality and price.

- Ashley N

Toyotas last forever with little to no problems. Corolla is the perfect size.

This car is great. It is 14 years old and still doesn't burn oil or have any apparently issues. I have problems with my alignment from time to time but I'm pretty sure it's because of bad tires. It's roomy enough to fit what I need and small enough to park in a crowded city

- Edithrose F

It seems that any Toyota Corolla I see is missing a hubcap (so is ours).

It has lots of miles as we travel often to visit family, but it bounces back well from any issues. It has transmission issues, but it is still hanging in there despite being driven for 50 miles with no transmission fluid. Easy to drive, but could have better lumbar support.

- Cassie D

It is a very good car. It gives a good service.

It gives very good service. It is performance is very good. I sometimes, face problems with it. But those are very minor problems. Anyways, it is very good vehicle with good service. It brought it in 2005. Since then, it has given me very good service. It is Toyota corolla.

- Terry P

Review of 2004 Toyota Corolla.

I've had a lot of problems with it. Problem after problem. But it gets good gas mileage and rides smooth. Parts are easy to find and not to pricey. When it's working right it has good performance and is very reliable. Just in the past week I've had to put on 6 new parts.

- Justin C

Good reliable vehicle for the money

Good reliable vehicle never had any problems out of it whatsoever. Would definitely buy another Toyota again. Good gas mileage and cheap to maintain. A couple recalls but Toyota quickly fixed free of charge. Best vehicle I've ever owned. Well worth the money spent on it

- Lyndon H

It's great on gas! I've saved more money than I did with my old vehicle.

My car is fantastic with gas mileage. I'll fill it and it'll last me about two weeks with my regular schedule. I had to get some work on it when I first bought it (I bought it used), but it has never given me any major problems. It's reliable and I'm very happy with it.

- Bailey M

The Corolla has great serviceability.

The Corolla gets great gas mileage, and aside from the shift linkage breaking after more than a decade of use, there have only been routine maintenance items done on it, the visibility is great and the seats are comfortable when we took several trips of 6 hrs. Or more.

- Steve M

Extremely cheap and reliable vehicle.

It is a very good gas efficient car. Very reliable without much issues. However, the car does not have a lot of power and it can be very slow to speed up. I had it for 14 years and it is still going strong without having to take it to the mechanic for any big repairs.

- Mike P

2004 Toyota corolla review.

It's a really good car has 250,000 miles and still runs like a champ. It is small and compact just like I like but it is also very comfortable. I have had this car for going on 6 years and it's been great. Regular maintenance has helped keep the car running smoothly.

- Amber C

It has been extremely reliable! Minimal maintenance for 3 years now!

I have been leasing this vehicle for the past 3 or so years, it's required minimal maintenance which I love. My only complaint is I wish the steering wheel had a wider range of adjustment, and that you could pull down the back seat to enter the trunk from the inside.

- Abigail L

Ins and outs of Toyota corolla.

It has held up amazing considering the owners do not do maintenance. Although it is a smaller sedan then I would personally ever buy, it is actually a pretty comfortable drive. The stereo system is not all that great. The trunk is surprisingly roomy for a small car.

- Dawn P

It gets me where I want to go. It has over 125,000 miles and is reliable.

It is a very dependable, and comfortable. It has air conditioner and a radio with cd player. I can put things in the trunk that if necessary because of length can put the seats down and put into the car. I can put down one or both seats. This is a fantastic feature.

- Joseph V

It is the most reliable car we have ever owned, hands down, none better.

Except for regular maintenance we have never had any problems or work done on this car and it still gets 40 mpg on the highway and it has over 350,000 miles on it and is still going strong! Best car we have ever owned. Will probably get another one when its time!

- Tracy M

Love this car, reliable and good gas mileage.

It gets very good gas mileage. It's very reliable. In the 15 years I have had it, it's only had 2 serious issues, the air conditioner went out once, and the alternator also went out. But considering the amount of miles I put on it I feel like it is a very good car.

- Amy W

It gets between 26-30 mpg all the time.

This car is very dependable. It has a good design and is roomy on the inside for a compact care. The engine and drivetrain are very reliable. The body has some rust but that is to be expected because of my location. I have only had to do routine maintenance on it.

- Michael C

2004 Toyota Corolla in great shape!

2004 Toyota Corolla in good condition. Great car, good gas mileage. Well maintained over the years. Regular oil changes and maintenance. 215k miles. 4 door, electric windows, CD/am-FM radio. It is missing one hubcap but it makes the car look unique and adds flair.

- Jackie C

We bought it for super cheap and has been reliable

It's very reliable. Just doesn't have a lot of features I would like. Plus it isn't very stylish. In addition there has been more problems as time goes on. Battery issues, clock issues and it's starting to make lots of noises. In addition check engine light is on

- Benjamin H

My 2004 Corolla has been a solid car throughout the years we have owned it. We have never had any major problems to this date. It may fail to satisfy a thrillseeker, but as far as dependability goes, it delivers.

Overall it's actually a great vehicle. We have never had any major issues and it has been very reliable. The car isn't the most exciting to drive though, so the driving experience itself is rather bland and boring, however as said before it is a very reliable car

- Blake S

Plus and minuses of my car.

I love my car. The only problem I have is my gas gauge is off and when I am traveling and use the ac, the water makes my passenger floor wet. This is my first time owning a foreign car, and I am very happy. I highly recommend buying a Toyota. Very dependable car.

- Jennifer W

Great vehicle, looks great and very economical.

Always reliable, only thing I have not figured out is whether or not it can go through a car wash because of the antenna. I loved my first Corolla and this one is also great. You get between 30-35 miles per gallon of gas. Which makes this car economical as well.

- Cam B

Why I love my 2004 Toyota

The car is great it saves on gas, I like this car because even though it's old, it still drives great and handles the road really well. The thing I could say that I don't like about it is the engine takes a while to rev up, other than that it was a great buy !

- Connie G

The best car I have ever owned.

I do not have any problems with this car, just the tires are low and need to be changed. The car is very easy to drive and it holds, and takes gas really well. I have never had to spend more $50 dollars on this car. It's in good condition and runs amazing.

- Maria S

The most important thing is the Corolla is a very reliable car. Second is its spent low amount of gas

The car is in perfect conditions. Low maintenance, spent very little of gas. This is the type of car that if you make regularly the change of oil and check the balance you can have the car for a very long time. Is very, very easy to maintain is a reliable car

- Carlos S

Consistent single driver habits will also ensure a car's life period.

With my car being made by Toyota, I have been more than satisfied with the reliability of the car in an entirety. It has not given me any problems since I first purchased the vehicle. It currently runs extremely well though the mileage has just broke 200,000.

- Scott S

About my Toyota Corolla le.

The car is very comfortable and has all the features that one would need in a basic car -- air conditioning, heating, and radio. I have had this car for two years, it was in excellent shape when I bought it, and all of the parts have been reliable since then!

- Rachel S

Toyota Corolla has been a very reliable car.

My Toyota Corolla has been very reliable over the 14 years I have owned it. Lately I had oil leak I had to get fixed. Also I have to watch my water pump to make sure it does not leak. The car drives nice. Does not have a lot of horsepower to pass other cars.

- John C

Toyota Corolla was the best purchase ever. No regrets! Great ride!

Such a great car! Good mileage, comfortable ride, and interior space. Trunk space is good too. No major repairs so far. No blind spots while driving. Air conditioning system is good, I like the interior and the leather steering wheel. Heat is good in winter.

- Sheryl F

Decent car, could be better in some ways.

It's an all around decent vehicle. Comfortable seats and reliable. The airbag had a call back though so that's a little frightening. The trunk could be more spacious and it would be nice if there was a Bluetooth option. The car runs well and is dependable.

- Hannah R

The 2004 grey Toyota corolla.

I haven't had too much wrong with it while owning it. Recently I had a oil leak that had to be fixed. The performance is good. I wish it had little more horsepower though. It is reliable. It has cloth seats. Comfort is good. The steering is a little stiff.

- Jeff G

It's definitely sturdy and reliable. An excellent make and model of car.

I like how it's a reliable make and model. And with a few exceptions due to driving mishaps it has never given me trouble. It's compact but can hold five adults comfortably and even though it's old I have no doubts about how sturdy it is. Very dependable.

- Jennifer E

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the fuel efficiency of my car. It gets great mileage and I have had only minor issues with it in the 15 years I have owned it. There are only some cosmetic paint issues that need to be fixed. Other than that, I love my car! Plus, it's all paid off!

- Patty R

2004 Toyota Corolla review.

It has a few dents and high miles. Do not really like the body type, and it could have more features. I’d love if it had an AUX cord and told me how many miles until out of gas. It is dated as far as looks, and I wish the seats were more comfortable. .

- A P

My 2004 Toyota Corolla and I love it.

I got my car when it was new, and I love my Toyota. It seats 5 comfortably and gets excellent gas mileage. I could not have asked for a better car. It has 180, 000 miles on it and but it is a Toyota and so it should be able to go another 180, 000 miles.

- Julie D

Quality car with a few issues.

Car can be a little slow, problems with the brakes once in a while. Very comfortable up front but a little small for taller and heavier individuals. Backseat is very tight fitting without any leg room. Truck is very spacious. Overall a very quality car.

- Stephanie S

Very reliable car and easy to maintain.

My vehicle has never had problems. I help maintain it very well, change its oil, replace things that are wearing out, replace its tires. I like the stereo system and how it is not all high tech with Bluetooth. My car is super reliable and great on gas.

- Shant N

I love Toyota! Cars! Great!

I have a reliable car. It drives excellent and handles well. Keeping up with the maintenance is easy because I am remanded by dealer. The features in my car I love that makes my ride comfortable. I love Toyota because of its consistency in endurance.

- Patricia A

Repairs have been minimal.

This car is a workhorse. It starts up even on the coldest of morning, runs fairly quietly, is roomy for 4-5 people. The windshield offers a full view and the side mirrors are just right. My car has 149, 000 miles on it and is still going strong.

- Marie B

Gets great mileage both in city and on road.

Great mileage. As long as I keep maintenance up it runs smoothly. Gets me to work, comfortable and good size for a sort person. I would recommend this car to anyone. Hopefully in the near future I will be buying a newer model of this vehicle.

- Sharon W

My vehicle is old but still valuable.

It is an old car, so it's obviously not the best. However, compared to many other makes and models it has lasted longer than most. It has over 300,000 miles on it but is still in good shape. So, I am very thankful for having this vehicle.

- Alexandria D

Not only is my Toyota dependable and reliable, but it is durable. It has been with me as I have explored the country and taken care of me during heartbreaks when I need an emergency pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

I love that my car is dependable. I love that I haven't had to have any major work done to my car given its age and the number of miles that are on it, especially while others around me spend hundreds of dollars a year on car repairs.

- Laura O

IT looks a little rough but it has been a great car.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is very reliable and requires very little maintenance. We have not had to fix hardly anything in it. The only thing I am getting a little tired of is it is a 5 speed and that is a lot of shifting.

- Marcia M

It is the most reliable car that I have ever owned, even with it being almost 15 years old I think it could still last another 5 years with care and maintenance

I like that it is small and can maneuver around easily. I like that it is fuel efficient. I don't like that the paint job on my car is not the best, I always see Toyota Corolla with paint chipping off so I know it's not just mine.

- Laura E

It is a basic but reliable vehicle. I would purchase again.

The car was purchased used for my daughter to drive to school. I now drive as my primary vehicle. It has been reliable and gets great gas mileage. The features are basic but it has good pickup for its size and I enjoy driving it.

- Christopher E

reliable but not fancy. Affordable and easy to maintain

The car is old and the body is beginning to rust. It has no automatic locks or windows. I have done regular maintenance on the car and it runs fine. I will say this is the 2nd toyota I have owned and they seem to last forever

- James G

Long lasting car of the decade. It has lasted me more than 15 years and both me and my sister learned how to drive on it and it lasted fine. I have taken it far and it has been great.

I like how long it has lasted. I mean my mom keeps crashing it and so the bumpers are broken and at this point it might not work anymore. But it is still a smooth car with good acceleration and drives well whenever you need it.

- Driane S

My car is a stable, sturdy vehicle, that does need some care and attention to. But it is good overall.

The whole vehicle in general is very good and has stood the test of time. However, it is a older car, so there are problems with how easily the gears change and how sometimes the steering wheel vibrates rapidly on the highway.

- JoJo N

It now makes "old car noises".

I love the size and how it drives. It is been rear-ended twice and held up nicely both times. I take care of it and it is taking care of me! Only complaints are the number of recall notices I have rec'd in the last few years.

- Jackie C

It is a semi-compact car. It is small but will fit someone over 6' inside.

So far the vehicle has been pretty reliable. There are not many complaints other than just not my type of car. I prefer a bit more sporty cars or something with a little more under the hood. Good car, just not my preference.

- Erika M

It's been fantastic and very reliable with great fuel mileage.

It was purchase from my family after my mother passed away. It's been great and has been a blessing. Little continuous maintenance to maintain its reliability. I do all the basics and bring it once a year for overall upkeep.

- Stephan D

The fuel economy is a dream

What the Toyota Corolla CE lacks in luxury, it more than makes up in reliability and fuel economy. I can always rely on it to get me where I need to go. Even after over 150,000 miles, it still runs like a well-oiled engine.

- Clara L

It is very reliable, safe, and it will run for years in perfect condition.

I like that it is very reliable. I like that it does not take a lot of money to fill my gas tank. I do not like that the ac does not work very well. I would love a newer, nicer car but the one I have is a perfect nice car.

- Kylie A

Headliner is made from cheap fabric that DISINTEGRATES over time. It doesn't just get rips and tears; it falls apart into tiny grains of cloth like sand when touched.

LIKE: Great engine. DISLIKE: Low-quality interior (plastic door handles, headliner, etc.); unacceptable combo windshield washer fluid container/motor that requires costly replacement when the container cracks and leaks.

- lindse d

It's a good family vehicle. Reliable.

I like the gas mileage, the solid build, very low maintenance, and the size... I dislike the high mileage and age... I have no complaints about this vehicle as it has over 220,000 miles on it and still runs very well..

- Sara T

My car is reliable and that is very important to have when owning a car

This car is my first car. My parents bought it for me brand new when I got my license and I've had it for 15 years and it still works fine. I love that it is reliable. The only thing I dislike is that it's small

- V C

Silver Toyota Corolla S 2004

I have had my car for almost 15 years and it has over 220k miles on it. With regular maintenance, I have never had any issues with performance. I would definitely purchase another Toyota when I need another car.

- Ashley N

No AUX port. Only radio, CD, or cassette tapes.

It is an older car, so it has its issues. No AUX plug, but that hadn't been an option back then. It is really reliable. I only drive in town and the gas lasts me a couple weeks. It is a small car and I like it.

- Amanda E

Toyota Corolla 2004 comfort all around.

Comfortable, reliable, rides really nicely. Very small but does not feel too small. Acceleration is not that great but once you are going it does not feel like you are going as fast as you are. Love this car.

- Lizzy C

The most important thing about my car is that it a smooth, comfortable ride in a safe car.

I like that my car is a reliable car for my family. The air conditioning and heat work well. There are some rust spots that bother me and paint is fading in spots because I am unable to park it in a garage.

- Natalie K

Lasts a long time and good value for money

It has 270,000 miles and is still going. Cosmetic add-ons make it look better, and it's great for Its age! I admire that these cars last this long without exhaustive repairs. That's good quality for me.

- stacy B

The most important thing that people should know about my car is it takes a while for it to accelerate.

It is a perfect little car for my purposes. It take me to work, school, the gym, and church activities. The only thing I don't like about it is it's old and doesn't come with a place for a real aux cord.

- Sarah H

It's built to last forever!

I love it because it is reliable. I only have to have regular maintenance done on it. It gets great gas mileage even now. I do wish it were more technologically updated, like with power locks & windows.

- J b

Highly reliable and well-performed

I haven't had any major problems with my vehicle - has been maintained. It's been very reliable, and has performed well. It has basic features, and has been my main vehicles, even for vacation trips.

- Steve B

It runs great! Other then a new battery I've had no major issues with it.

I like the gas mileage, it saves me money. I don't like the way the paint is peeling off and rusting pretty terribly. And I've had a lot of trouble with my muffler but otherwise a great reliable car!

- Samantha H

Safe and reliable car, runs smoothly and I feel good about having my family in the car.

I like my car because it is a smooth ride. It is roomy and big enough for me to take my son to soccer. I've just had so many issues with the brakes for this car that is the only drawback I've had.

- Rose S

It is extremely reliable.

Toyota’s are the best car for liability. It lasts a long time with normal wear and tear. With my car I have not had any issues a all. If you want a reliable simple car, the. Toyota is the best.

- Celine E

It stopped clocking miles 3 years ago at 299k. And still goes.

Gas mileage is good, but its slow and old. It is roomy for a compact size. A/c works good and the car has over 300k miles and it's still running. So in my opinion Toyotas are a very reliable car.

- Sarah S

It is a very reliable, got a good deal on price and is fuel efficient.

for its age it is a very good reliable car. It has some minor issues, rust etc but a newer car was out of my price range. I plan on buying a toyota again when it is time to purchase another car.

- val h

My very reliable 2004 Toyota Corolla.

My Toyota Corolla is excellent! Aside from regular maintenance, the car has held up very well for it is age and has not had significant problems. The car is very comfortable for shorter people.

- Suzanne P

Awesome compact car with plenty of room. I am very happy with it.

My Corolla is very dependable. Has never broken down. I take care of it with regular maintenance. It is great on gas and very comfortable. Even the trunk is roomy for a compact car. Love it!

- Susan M

Best little big car ever! Do not hesitate to own a Toyota Corolla!

This is the best car I have ever owned. It has lasted me 14 years. It is compact enough to get into any spot, yet large enough for a small family. The trunk is huge! I just love my car!

- Lisa B

Good for putting miles on, bad for short city trips

I love the gas mileage and reliability of the vehicle, however, I do not like the esthetics of the vehicle. It is also very wide, something that does not help parking in major cities.

- Briana W

Great long lasting, basic Car

The car is sturdy, reliable and basic. Given its age, its missing some of the key features that newer cars have today but knowing that I would still still highly recommend this car.

- Sayra B

All seats are very comfortable.

I like how dependable and well-kept it is. It does have some internal flaws like a crack on the driver's side plastic and stains on the seats, but those were there when I bought it.

- Julia P

It's reliable transportation.

It's a bit larger than my old (1994) Corolla which is a negative. But Toyota's are so well built they last forever, which is a good thing. And they're inexpensive to run/maintain.

- Deb H

I've had this car for 3 years and have tracked the gas mileage for all that time... it is used for around town (almost never on the highway) and gets 25.5 MPG during the summer and 27.5 MPG during the winter.

It is good on gas. Reliable, doesn't take me to the car repair shop too often :) I should have gotten the model with power windows but, other than that, no complaints ;)

- John T

I've been very impressed with how reliable this car is.

I love the reliability of this car. It has needed almost no extra repairs in 14 years. I do wish I had some of the more modern features that more recent models include.

- Leanna S

2004 Toyota Corolla good and bad

The 2004 Toyota Corolla is very comfortable, even for a large man like me (250+ lbs). The car runs smooth and easy. The only downside I see is there is not much storage.

- Nicholas S

Definitely would purchase another.

I love it. I feel that it is trustworthy as a vehicle to get me where I need to go. Even though this make doesn't have an aux port, I would definitely purchase another.

- Elizabeth R

Its sporty and its comfortable

My car is a cheap non luxury luxury car. Its engine has 1.9l engine. Its peppy enough to zip up to speed, and small enough to maneuver through tight spots in traffic.

- Morgan G

It's very dependable and has been very cost effective for me over the years!

I love the dependability and gas mileage of my car! I dislike that it does have power windows or Bluetooth capabilities. I also love that I don't have a car payment!

- Molly J

That the car is a major gas saver and needs little maintenance on it.

My vehicle is a major gas saver for me. It is light on the road and now has over 200,000 miles and I have not had any trouble with it with only maintenance on it.

- Rhonda W

It will last a long, long time before you must replace it.

I love how gas efficient it is. It also requires low maintenance, and when it does, it's not expensive. It's the perfect size for me. Honestly - no complaints.

- Zayd A

Very durable, dependable, smooth, spacious for a small car.

Is over 10 years old and it's still great to drive, strong, durable, dependable. Even as old as it is, it still has value in the market because of its quality.

- cesary c

It's a 2004, that is still running really well. Haven't had any major issues with it, so it's highly reliable

the corolla has very little power, but is highly reliable. It's relatively comfortable, and is not recommended for tall people. The features are pretty crappy.

- tom a

It is fun to drive and it comes in blue.

I have no complaints, I like my car. I like the color, I like the way it drives. I like my car. Sometimes it takes too long to stop and it needs an oil change.

- Rachel W

You have you have your feet on the breaks and then push the button to start it.

I like it because it is reliable. It is lasted a long time and still going strong. I do not like that it is so old with the body style an a few blemishes.

- Michelle A

It has great gas mileage.

I like that it is reliable! This car has never let me down when I have needed it. I dislike how old this car is and how it looks because it is aged a bit.

- A P

Despite the fact that it's rusting in places, and doesn't have a door on the gas tank, it probably still gets better gas mileage than your car.

It's a beige 2004 Toyota Corolla. The odometer stopped counting at 299999, it drives well enough. The AC doesn't work though, that's somewhat bothersome.

- Steven D

Toyota is the best reliable car

It has average scratches and faded paint for having so many years but it is very reliable. It has regular maintenance problems but it works really good.

- Maria L

My car has been reliable and easy to maintain. Regular maintenance has kept it running well

Since it's getting older, it needs a paint job. Car has been reliable. Not many regular repairs, but there were several recalls that needed to be done

- Jonathan R

It is a great compact car that is great on gas. It gets me where i need to go even if it is long distance.

My vehicle has lasted a long time, and still runs really well. It is great on gas. I have not had to spend a lot of money keeping the car in great shape

- Nicole H

My car is the perfect size.

This is a very smooth car to drive. It is always very reliable. It has great gas mileage and is the perfect car for a high school or college student.

- Sarah B

Headline: The car is great on gas mileage. It drives great as well.

I love that it is good on gas but it is too small. There are too many big vehicles on the road that dwarf me. Other than that the car has been great.

- Cindy D

The fact that it is very practical.

I like that it is reliable and has lasted for years. I do not like how I have to keep it updated due to some issues that arise as the years go on.

- Elana K

It has been reliable and has required little car maintenance and repair.

It is low mileage and for the most part has had little major repairs. It's engine is lacking of power with hills. It gets me where I need to go.

- Glen P

I actually love my car. It's reliable and has not required expense repair work, especially when it is regularly maintained. The only thing I dislike, and it's not really a dislike, is that I want a newer car. More than likely it would be a Toyota

The Toyota Corolla is a great car. It is reliable and just keeps on going. My car has been with me through several moves cross country and back.

- Laura O

This car gets awesome gas mileage.

I love how good this car does with gas mileage. It has been very reliable and good to count on. Recently I had to change out the starter though.

- Sven A

It is a class car, reliable and built in Detroit.

I'M comfortable with this car because I have had corollas in the past. They are reliable but often have problems burning oil when they get old.

- Molly T

it is reliable. I use it for mainly city driving. Easy to get in and out of parking places.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It gets wonderful gas mileage. Easy for me to handle, comfortable. No unnecessary bells or whistles.

- janet s

There is an recall on the passenger airbag.

It's a nice car plenty of room big trunk. Also nice on gas. Some problems are is Its hard on tires and on brakes. Lights are not that bright.

- Amber M

It's the best economy car for commuters.

The Corolla has been the best car, lasting me since 2004, with next to no problems at all. Now, the only issue is wear and tear on the paint.

- Elissa E

The seats of my vehicle are comfortable.

My vehicle has been running strong since I bought it used in 2013. I have been in 2 minor car accidents and the car kept me safe both times.

- Morgan E

It has lasted a long time, and it has sustained four previous drivers- one of whom drove it very hard.

I bought it off of my dad. It has problems with the engine, and it won't last very long. Everything else is running well. The car is silver.

- Katie H

My 2004 corolla - it runs well, but its not a modern car

I like the cars turning radius, its compact. Its runs well. Good car But its 14 years old. There's no built in navigation. Old radio ....

- John S

They should know that it is easy to drive and has a lot of room.

The air conditioning doesn't work but everything else works fine. It drives good and it is very easy to drive. It also has a lot of space.

- Meagan V

reliability and lower maintenance cost. good drive and performance.

so far the car runs well. speeds up fast, nice engine, only thing is, after 10+ years, paint start to peel off. that's the only complain.

- YaYu t

It is a good car with great gas mileage and reliable

It has great gas mileage and perfect for me. 3 windshield wiper settings, rarely have problems with the car, it's comfortable to drive in

- Brian A

It has good air conditioning which is great since the windows don't go down anymore.

I've had this car for a while now. I got it from my sister when she got a new car. It is blue but I had it painted, it used to be white.

- Gabriel M

The SE sports addition is a super good size and price

I love the Toyota Corolla. I've had it for two months and I bought it used but it rides great breaks are good and it's is very durable.

- Aniya T

My car is 14 years old and only has 130,000 miles on it.

My car is in good condition. My husband has put new brakes and rotors on my car. I have the oil changed and tires rotated regularly.


Dependability, economical.

I like how it is economical, very dependable. Also parking is easy due to it is size. I dislike how the paint is chipping and fading.

- Linda P

That it is reliable and of very high quality. I have never had huge problems.

I like that it is reliable and never gives me any problems at all. I don't dislike anything about this car. It has given me such joy.

- Robert C

It has never broken down before

Very reliable. Have had it for 14yrs and it's still going very strong. Never broke down. Gas efficient. Relatively cheap to maintain.

- Yibing S

It has great gas mileage and it runs well.

It runs really well, and it is 14 years old. The gas mileage is great. It has been a great car for my daughter to learn how to drive.

- Mary M

The Toyota is a good car with few repairs and good mileage.

I like that my car gets a lot of mileage. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like the paint because it is peeling off.

- Linda B

great gas mileage and noisy on the highway. very dependable.

Very reliable, noisy on highway, good gas mileage, a little small. Seats are comfortable. Glad we got wheels since hubcaps fall off.

- debb o

How reliable and maintenance free the car is.

Owned this car for 14 years and it has been virtually maintenance free with almost no problems at all. Very reliable transportation.

- Ed H

It might be small gray, and simple looking but it runs great .

I love my vehicle because it's a very reliable car, it takes me from place to place and i don't ever have a problem with it al all.

- Samuel C

That it is a very reliable vehicle.

I like my vehicle because it does not eat up a lot of gas. It is also fairly cheap to fill up. I have never had any issues with it.

- Daniel B

That it is reliable. I love it.

I love my car. It gets me back and forth to where I need to go. It is great on gas. I would recommend it to anyone. No complaints

- Bojangles B

It is a very economical car!

I have no complaints with my vehicle. It has done me well for 14 years with just the normal repairs.It is also economical on gas.

- betty s

My car runs great never breaks down. With proper maintained it will last long without messing up

I love the car because corollas usually last many many years without major breakdowns which I love i wouldn't buy any other car

- Jackie S

A work in reliability with constant maintenance.

There are a lot of issues with it mechanically. Sometimes parts and stuff need to be replaced, but overall, a reliable vehicle.

- Vanessa L

That even though it doesn't look like much, it's a good car!

I hate that it's older, but it runs great for its age. I love not having a car payment and insuring it cheaper because of age.

- Stephanie W

A machine seemingly impervious to the passing of time.

Extremely reliable. Runs extremely smooth for an older model. It has excellent gas mileage and has never left me stranded.

- Gabriel V

It handles good going around corners.

It is a good fit for me. I am only 5'0" so it fits me.... Difficult to lower back seat to gain additional access to trunk.

- Marie B

That it is a stick shift so do not drive so close behind me.

I like my vehicle because it gets me and my family around. I also do not like my vehicle because it has a lot of issues.

- Tia S

Toyota corolla sunroof, automatic

My toyota corolla is the most dependable car i've ever owned. I absolutely love it. I've never had a problem with my car

- Robynn O

That it runs very smoothly for a 2004.

My driver door opens widely every time i open it. My emergency brake is not as great. I love that my windows are tinted.

- Karen M

It lasts for a very long time.

My car has been running for so long. It has always been able to get me to where I need to be. It gets good gas mileage.

- Ricardo D

Its safe and reliable. All the seatbelts and airbags work.

I like how good it is on gas. I don't like that it is small. I don't like that it's getting old and needs work done it.

- Amber M

It is old and it's time to move on to another one.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like that it is a reliable car. I am a little disappointed in the performance.

- ed H

The radio needs to be changed because who listen to taps cassettes.

The only thing I do not like is the radio but has great ac and drive good the gas is good you do not worst to much gas.

- Denise R

It is one of the most economical cars out there.

It has been very reliable and gets good fuel economy. Toyota makes safe cars that are affordable and last a long time.

- Ryan S

My Toyota Corolla is very economical on gas. It has been a good, reliable car for me for 14 years.

My Toyota has been an excellent car for 14 years with only minor repairs. There is nothing I dislike except it is old.

- betty z

Toyota Corolla's are great reliable vehicles. If maintained well it will last you forever!

I like that it is reliable. I really like the gas mileage. I don't like the lack of an auxiliary port on the stereo.

- Enrique G

It doesn't run good and company dragged out repairs until warranty expired

It's not worth buying you should find a different company to buy from. If could I would sell and get a different car.

- Rita A

My car is very reliable, it never leaves you on foot. You can always trust her

My car is very sturdy, reliable, always works and is also beautiful It has a silent engine, snout and consumes little

- federico m

In the long run, it is one of the most efficient and economically cars in the market

High efficient car that is durable. I have never had a major problem with it and parts are very easy and cheap to get

- Diego P

It does get pretty good gas mileage.

The car is getting good gas mileage, but everything else about it is cheap, inside and out, right down to the paint.

- Char U

Will always drive a Toyota

I enjoy my car but as it gets older, the drive gets rougher. I keep maintenance up regularly but it still is rough.

- Heather W

A great on gas family car.

It saves on gas and it a nice car. . It has a body kit on it to plus it very reliable and has a lot of trunk room.

- Brittany N

The car may be ugly on the outside, but on the inside it is a very reliable car.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like the parts I have to replace. I will be needing to replace a ball joint soon.

- Sam A

Toyota Corollas get excellent gas mileage. And are very reliable cars.

It is very reliable. Very few things go wrong with it and when they do I can fix them. It gets great gas mileage.

- Brandi D

Simple yet super beautiful.

The interior is bland but simple in my opinion is good I also enjoy being in control of the lighting in the back.

- Giovanni R

Very reliable to drive for long time and surely over hundred thousand miles without any problems

It's a very reliable vehicle with regular maintenance I love it. Never give any problems on road. No complaints

- Jayshree K

It is a very dependable car.

My car did not have many miles on it when I bought it. The car had a nice color, I have gotten good gas mileage.

- Penelope J

TO me this one of the safes car out there and it doesn't need much gas

I actually love this car it really safe and it doesnt use too much gas. Also you don't need much space to park.

- Yuriana G

Reliable with great gas mileage.

The Toyota Corolla is very reliable with good gas mileage. I have driven it across the country with no issues.

- Alec B

Reliable car with great gas mileage

very reliable car, has had some issues with steering but easy fixes. Gets great gas mileage for how old it is.

- Chad V

It is very reliable, a car that you can count on with low gas intake.

It is a reliable car, comfortable seats and large space. Very cheap on gas and barely has mechanical problems.

- Charisma Y

S Sport edition makes it look newer.

I love my car, it's older but has no problems. It is a perfect small sedan. I get amazingly good gas mileage.

- Brandon P

Good value. Easy to drive.

Solid and handles well. Good gas mileage no complaints good space in trunk. Fell safe and secure driving it.

- Kenneth L. W

Toyota corolla is an awesome brand. Even after many years of use it is still very functionable

A very compact and easy to drive car. Has great mileage per gallon and it takes me everywhere i want to go.

- Xavier C

Extremely reliable not expensive to repair.

Likes reliable good gas mileage. Interior room color of car good ride. Dislikes. Boring, slightly cramped.

- Rick E

It's the best kind of car to own so they should own one we drive it around to places,

The ad doesn't work anymore but I love the car. I always enjoy owning a toyota. It is cheap to maintain.

- Dominicm B

I have had my car for 15 years. I have had no major problems with it. I've had normal maintenance such as: oil changes, new batteries, new tires and new brakes. It's reliable, has a great heater and air conditioner. I don't sit as high as in an SUV, but my gas mileage is better. If I were to need a new car today, I would buy another Corolla.

It's economical. It gets over 30 mpg and there has been very little repair work needed beyond the basics.

- Debbie M

the engine runs OK. it gets good gas mileage

It does not have power windows. It does not have a powerful engine It is paid off. It is too small for me.

- Christopher H

It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable to drive.

I like it because someone gave it to me. I don't like that the paint is peeling and car needs a paint job.

- Lorraine H

It is fuel efficient and is very easy to maintain.

I love the fuel economy. I love the sound system. I also really love the custom tint work. No complaints.

- Jason S

Why should they know about my car when it's not for sale?

The Toyota Corolla is a compact. It belongs to my Partner. It is supremely reliable, never guzzling gas.

- frank e

It is very reliable and affordable. It looks plain and simple but it runs excellent and is exceptional on gas.

It was bought in nevada. It drove from vegas to new hampshire. It has 210,500 miles. It is a great car.

- Cory S

Regular oil changes are a must!

I like that it is affordable and is to fix. The gas mileage is nice. It is nothing extravagant though.

- Zachary R

It runs even though it's old and has very few miles

Too expensive. The car runs but recently had to spend over 5000 because of the engine light coming on

- Flo S

Very economic, reliable and inexpensive.

Great car for the price I payed. Reliable and economical. Never have any problems except in the snow,

- Kat M

It's reliable. It has good features and is a comfortable ride.

Very reliable. Comfortable in most ways. Seat is a little hard. Nice features. No real complaints.

- Jeff O

They should know that toyotas are a very reliable brand that my whole family depends on.

I like the size of the vehicle. It is a very dependable car, good on gas. I wish it had bluetooth.

- Raquel T

Do not get one with a sunroof.

It's a Pontiac Vibe and I love it! I have no complaints. I wish GM still made them. It rocks.

- Beth P

I love this vehicle and will likely buy another when it finally stops working (which I don't expect soon!) It's powerful and reliable, even without cruise control or power windows. No problems at all.

Toyota Corollas are built to last! Don't expect to have to get rid of them anytime soon!

- John W

It is very dependable. It gets a checkup every 3000 Miles. It loves her machinists who takes. Wry good care of her. She has 182.000 Miles

I love my car. I go everywhere with. We went El Cajon Ca every year for Christmas.

- Diane B

The parts are affordable.

My car is very reliable. I've had to have some minor fixes but I can't complain.

- Tatiana s




Very reliable from day to day for almost all purposes

Corolla S Would rather have a hybrid. Small with decent power, not gas-guzzling.

- mia w

I like pretty much everything about my car. It's running fine at well over 200,000 miles. I haven't had to put much into it other than normal maintenance like oil changes and tire rotation. My only complaint is that sometimes things feel a little too loose (like the doors).

Toyotas are great, and they run forever! I will probably always buy from Toyota.

- Taylor B

Sometimes it vibrates alot when you first start it and it feels like an engine problem and sometimes the ignition gets stuck but no glaring problems.

It's cozy and does the job! I like the small size which makes it easier to park!

- Kimberly H

One of the most important thing others should know about my car is Reliable and Safe.

Excellent machine to drive and enjoy. Great savings on gas. Easy to maintenance.

- B U

Most reliable, cost effective, low maintenance car available

It is very reliable. It has good mileage. It doesn't require much maintenance.

- Heidi k

Long lasting and reliable. Low maintenance if you service regularly

This car is very dependable. Repairs have been very minimal. Good gas mileage.

- Donald C

reliable and good gas mileage

it is reliable, durable. very low maintenance on it. suitable with high mileage

- fabian t

Performance is really outstanding but the brakes could use a tune up. The mileage is very good and it's very fuel efficient

One important thing is that the brake pads need to be replaced here and there

- Vanessa S

It gets me where I need to go, works my family. I'm pleased with it.

It gets good gas mileage. It's comfortable, economical. Has good truck space.

- Jaime S

I choose the car based on size, cost and looks. I don't have any complaints about it.

Runs great! Still gets good gas mileage and I love not having a car payment.

- Sharon E

It is a fuel efficient car

My Corolla is reliable and fuel efficient. It is easy to maintain and drive.

- Peter B

The Corolla really is a great little car that drives smoothly and beautifully. It is great for both short and long commutes and travel. The cargo space is great and can hold a lot. My only issue is about the air conditioner hose that is under the passenger side mat. It can easily be disconnected with their foot and cause fluid to leak.

The Corolla is a great commute and travel car that is good on gas mileage.

- Penny P

It is very fuel efficient. Works great and I am happy

I love my car. the color,the size, everything about it makes me happy!

- Riche G

low maintenance and last for very long time. Have over 130K on it and still running great.

It's reliable and have good mileage. Seldom have to pay for repair.

- Cindy S

I like the car and it gets me from point A to point B.

The vehicle is just getting old and this has created some problems.

- Lindsay V

The Corolla Verso is very convenient for people who sometimes have to travel with lots of kids, and sometimes with a large loads. A trip to Ikea or carpooling with a family of 5 is no problem with the Verso.

More 7 seat cars should be available. The versatility is unmatched.

- Elizabeth E

the engine is very silent and the replacement parts are very affordable.

i like the design and the efficient engine. no complaints at all.

- adrian m

Cost effective. No frills. Gets you from point A to B.

I love how fuel efficient it is. I dislike how it lacks power.

- Tiffany V

Not too roomy, but definitely enough. Gas saving. Great trunk.

Can't complain. Love everything. 4 door ,spacious, gas saver.

- Cidney G

It drives really smooth and is extremely reliable. Has over 200K miles and have had very few issues. It's small though and not the best vehicle for winter weather

It is extremely reliable and has outlasted many other vehicles

- Breanna K

It is reliable because I'm the only owner and I've had it for 15 years

It doesn't handle well in the snow and slides around often

- Ven B

That it is reliable and gets me to my job.

I like that it runs and i have no complaints about it.

- Brandon H

the most important thing others should know about my car is it still runs.

i wish i had a brand new car.my car is falling apart.

- Brian H

It has had a lot of work done

I like mileage and compact. I don't like that to old.

- Justin S

good make/model. I would recommend this car for anyone.

it has been very dependable but is not wearing down

- lind m

It has served me well for 14 years, I have driven it gently.

Reliable and economical. Beginning to show its age.

- Janess D

reliable vehicle with low maintenance

car is reliable. it is safe. it has good mileage

- fabian B

Low maintenance and durable

Very reliable Low maintenance Fuel efficiency

- a F

It's a Toyota, which is a reliable car!

It is a reliable car and low maintenance

- a W

Toyota and it is long-last game power.

- Lei L