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At first having a lot of doubts & worries, and very reluctant- I put aside my doubts & went with the facts, buying my 2007 Toyota Corolla.. And I couldn't be any more satisfied or completely confident in my decision!! As soon as I drove off in my new car, all my doubts & concerns flew out the window- I fell completely in love. It's the total package for a family or for a single person. It's a car that is safely built for absolutely anybody. There's no way you could go wrong with this car and there's no possible way that you will be left with any regrets!!

I was originally really skeptical of buying my 2007 Toyota Corolla in the beginning, while I was searching for a new vehicle.. I previously had a 2002 Honda Accord that I absolutely loved.. However, It was a V6 and guzzled the gas on the daily. So, I decided the get a car that was more gas efficient. That's why I ultimately decided to go with the Toyota Corolla.. because it had great gas mileage and seemed dependable. Shortly after purchasing my Toyota, I quickly fell in love and was no longer doubting my decision in any way as at all!! I was 100% completely satisfied!! I Love the size, there breathable room inside, the dependability, the price, and I absolutely love the gas mileage (both city and highway) that comes along with this 4 cylinder car!! You can't go wrong with it. It may look small, but don't let that fool you.. Because it comfortably fits myself along with my 3 children with no complaints at all (from any of us!!). We actually still have room to spare - which was a very pleasant surprise!! I would definitely recommend this car to anybody that is possibly considering it or somebody that might even be doubting it, like I was.. There is no way at all that you will end up with any regrets in the end!!

- Kara V

Perfect compact car. Plenty space, comfortable and economic.

I love my car because it is small comfortable and economic. The size of my car is perfect for my family of 4. The space inside the car provide us great comfort either to short or long travels. The trunk of the car has plenty space to put emergency items like first aid bag, emergency equipment for the car as battery jumper cables, flashlights, tire pressure gauge, rain poncho, air compressor, fire extinguisher, blanket, tire sealant, portable small car lift and other stuff like chairs or laundry detergents and still got space for more. In addition, my car is very economic I only spend around $30.00 to fill-up the tank what can last around a week. I travel five days a week to university which is 30 minutes away from my house plus extra errands I might do during the week. Overall the car it is very efficient provides safety for my family and never has get me any technical, mechanical or electric issues.

- Jose G

Almost 12 years old and my little Corolla just keeps on going!

My vehicle is over 10 years old, almost 12 years to be exact. I am happy with how long it has lasted me. I take it in to get oil changes every 5 months. I had to replace the battery about 3 times. I had to replace the alternator 1 time. I had to replace all four tires 2 times. I never had any major issues. When the car was about a year old, there was something wrong with the cup. It made my car jolt when moving forward. It felt strange. I took it into the dealership the next day and it was fixed. I never had a problem with the CPU since. I had to take it in last year for an airbag recall. This car has lasted so long and has not caused any problems for me. Everything that it has needed were always easy fixes. I love my car. I just wish it was more of a luxury car. I have the lowest kind. No power door locks or power windows. I'll keep this car until it is not drivable though.

- Eileen R

2007 Toyota Corolla- nice compact, with a few flaws.

My 2007 Toyota is a reliable little car. It is still going strong at 135, 000 miles, and I haven't had to replace any major parts so far. I wish I would have purchased the deluxe model, however, because my car does not have a trunk light (this should be a standard feature in my opinion), nor does it have a wiper on the back window, which I believe to be quite hazardous in inclimate weather (this, too, should be a standard feature). The lack of trunk light has cost us a lot of grief, as we have left groceries that we couldn't see in the dark, in the trunk until we smelled them rotting! This model of Toyota Corolla has very comfortable seating and the instrument panel is easy to read. When I compare it to our 2007 Yaris, however, the Yaris has a much smoother ride, accelerates more quickly, and is more comfortable (and I thought Yaris was a grade under the Corolla?).

- Gwen D

I enjoyed my car as a single person and now enjoying it even more as a mother.

My Toyota Corolla runs very smooth and is reliable. Never had an issue taking it to Mojave Desert and even off road, and other long trips such as to Sedona, Arizona. I have cloth interior making it soft and very comfortable. It's a lightweight car with a sensitive gas pedal so it can take off like a bullet. My battery died a few weeks ago and I replaced it, and I am still having issues with it. Because it's old, I wish it had a USB port so that I can listen to music from my phone. I like the size of this car because it's not too bulky, making me feel comfortable zipping around town. I've had this car for six years and now I have a three month old, which makes me appreciate my car even more so because of the safety features for a car seat. I plan on keeping this car for a very long time.

- Norma A

Excellent Performance, Terrible Paint Failure

I bought my car new and have loved it for its performance - the engine has great power and it drives really well. I've had no major problems under the hood, and have only done the minimum maintenance. I couldn't be happier with the way this car runs and drives. There is, however, a HUGE PROBLEM with the paint. The paint on the roof is gone; it's now covered in rust and is hideous. I'm embarrassed to drive my car and avoid going places because of it. The paint on the hood is now bubbling, which is how the roof started to go. There are also spots that are fading on the trunk, spoiler and bumpers. The clear coat cracked and peeled off the door handles. I am so disappointed with how horrible my car looks.

- Sara D

My Wonderfully Satisfying 2007 Toyota Corolla

I have not really had many problems with my 2007 Toyota Corolla. I have had the car for at least 2 years now, and the main work I have had done on it are all-4-tire replacements, front 2 brake pad replacements, and body collision repairs from 2 different accidents. Other than this information, I have had a really good experience with this car. I have done LOTS of travelling with it, driving a total of around 5000-6000 miles so far. The seats are fabric and comfy, but my body does get stiff after a while. The steering is smooth and its runs well. There is plenty of room in the trunk and I have driven many people to and from places all over. I am quite satisfied with my 2007 Toyota Corolla.

- Robert H

Reliable for years with high mileage.

I have never had any major problems with my vehicle. My 2007 Toyota Corolla belonged to my mom and then my sister before being passed to me. Within those 11 years, the car has undergone no major repairs. I have over 235000 miles on it from being driven consistently every day for years and it still runs beautifully. It is very reliable as it got my mom to work driving on a highway every day for years. We have taken this car of vacations as well. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and the perfect car for beginners due to its safety and ease. My mom and sister now both drive 2013 Corollas which have enhanced features, like Bluetooth capabilities, that improve the Corolla even further.

- Allie Q

Small but not compact comfortable car.

It is a 4-door sedan, perfect for holding up to 3 passengers comfortably. The car is a little more on the smaller end, so often, taller people might feel more cramped in the back seats. I have no real problems with the car, and has driven reliably over long distances at about 30 mpg, especially across the country (west coast to east coast). It used to have a radio system, which was traded out for a Bluetooth system in my car. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the overall size of the seats. This way people who are taller or wider could fit more comfortably. But overall, it is perfect for a college student, and economical too.

- Nathalie G

I have 135k miles on it without many problems.

I like that it is reliable and durable. I have never been stranded on the road due to a breakdown. It is much more fuel efficient than prior vehicles.The car really fits my lifestyle. I do NOT like that it has been pretty expensive to maintain. Toyotas are "supposed" to need little service but I have had a few small on-going issues that should not have happened. It is also pretty rusty, more so than most recent cars I have owned. And it seems to me that Toyota lags 3-5 years behind others like Hyundai in the technology in the car. I cannot use my data stick or MP3 in my car which is a disadvantage since local radio is pretty bad.

- Joe G

All in all the Toyota Corolla is a great car with amazing gas mileage

I love my Toyota Corolla because it has great handling and its excellent on gas. I have traveled so much with this car and I couldn't be happier with what I spend on gas. I also like the fact that the back seats can go down giving you extra space in the trunk for big items. The front seats are roomy and have a lot of legroom. The only things I would change are, I wish the back seat had more leg room because it gets cramped for tall people in the back seat, and I wish the dashboard had more features and settings on it like you see in newer cars. I also wish my car had power steering which can come in handy for long distance drives.

- Amanda R

The Toyota Corolla is very good on gas mileage.

The Toyota Corolla is the most reliable car that I have ever driven. Mine has almost 85, 000 miles on it, and I have family members who have driven their Toyota up to almost 250, 000. So, I hope that I still have a while to go with my car as well. Another thing that I love about my Corolla is that it is the perfect size for me. Even though I have been driving my over a year now, I still have trouble parking. Whether it be parallel parking or just pulling in between cars, I still have trouble and I get nervous I will hit another car, but in the Corolla I feel like the small size of it makes me much more comfortable with parking.

- Victoria M

On life's journeys, whether near or far, a corolla should be your choice of car!

My 2007 Toyota corolla has been a great car. My family has primarily purchased Toyotas for as long as I can remember due to the fact that they are reliable, affordable, easy to maintain and the quality of the vehicle itself. I have had my corolla for over 10 years and the only negative thing I can say is that the windshield wipers are currently not working on the first setting but they do work, one of the belts needs to be replaced and the little plastic door for storage has come off. Other than that, my corolla has been a great car and the issues I mentioned are normal wear and tear. I would highly recommend a Toyota corolla.

- Jennifer L

Reliable and trustworthy car.

I love my Toyota Corolla. It is extremely reliable, and I expect it to last me many more years. I have taken it on very long road trips from Wisconsin to New York and Florida and out west. I have never had an issue with it breaking down on a long car ride. It starts up quickly in the winter still, too - which is important loving up north. I have had to replace the tires once (a year ago). I really only needed to replace one tire, but I thought it would be best to be preventative and replace all of them at the same time. I get regular oil changes. Other than that, I have not needed to take my car in for repairs.

- Caroline C

This car is reliable and will last you beyond your expectations.

My Toyota is EXTREMELY reliable. It's given many years and miles of service (now past 200k miles) and I've had to do very little extraordinary maintenance. It's a small form factor which I find incredibly convenient. The stock speakers are also quite nice surprisingly. What I don't like, however, is the feel of the interior seats and how easily the light gray vinyl attracts dust. Despite having floor mats, the floor of the driver and passenger side have been stained irrevocably. But besides the interior (which most passengers never complain about), it's a wonderful, reliable car!

- Matthew M

2007 Toyota Corolla is a great car

My vehicle since I bought it at 150,000 miles has been a very reliable car if taken care of. I see no reason why any Toyota should not last around 250,000-300,000 miles if checked on regularly and doing required maintenance. Since I bought the car I have replaced the catalytic converter and since then the car has ran like new. Comfort wise, the care has been good, I have added extra padding in the seat because over time the original padding does wear out. Also, for it being a 2007 car the features have held up nice, still has original interior and paint.

- Anthony M

Repairs and complaints of the 2007 Corolla s.

The Corolla is very good on gas mileage. It is also been pretty reliable for the 8 years that I have owned the vehicle. I purchased the car as a used vehicle and have since had to replace the brakes 3 times, the battery once and the muffler once. Other stuff I have done on the car has been normal maintenance. Some complaints I have about the car is that there is no AUX output and it does not drive very well in the snow. The car is very light and can end up sliding very easy I do you have to drive with caution and know how to handle it.

- Hanna S

All in all my vehicle is very reliable, and a great first car.

My car is super reliable. I make sure that it is taken care of with regular checkups and maintenance and it takes care of me. It runs good, and seats 5 comfortably. Im at about 138,000 miles and its stilling running well. I haven't had to make any major purchases on the car to fix it. My sister bought a new car about 6 months ago, and has had to replace the brakes already. My car does not have any luxury features but has A/C that runs great, a good radio that I replaced and 2 lighting ports for easy charge of phones.

- kiara B

Again, great mileage and reliability.

I like my Toyota especially because it gets good mileage around town, nearly 25 miles per gallon, and usually great mileage on long trips or vacations, nearly 35 miles per gallon. It has been a good car and goes well in the snow too. It has been low maintenance and have never had a major problem since we bought it used. Just change the oil regularly, put the gas in, and go. We are very pleased with this car. And with 106, 000 miles, hopefully we will get many more years out of it, so no car payments!

- Rusty K

Runs great needs a little love.

My 2007 Toyota Corolla runs really good even though it is like 11 years old. I have kept it up with regular oil changes and getting that you are filled in the tires replacing tires and just general care. It does have some things in a couple spots the doors kind of crushed in on the passenger side, and the mirrors off on the passenger side. But the car still runs great! The air conditioning leaks all over the carpet it needs to be fixed. But now winter's coming off to see how the heat's working.

- Beth L

300, 000+ miles and still going strong!

Let me start by saying that I am not a small car type of person. I have always loved my pickups. But with a long commute to work it is no longer economical to drive a gas guzzler. I bought my Toyota Corolla used from my dad. The car now has well over 300, 000 miles on it and still going strong. We have never had any major engine work done to it besides replacing the catalytic converter for emissions. These cars will last you forever if you take care of them and save you a bundle in gas money.

- Ben R

Best car for me: Here is why

The car itself is very reliable and I don't/ haven't had any problems with it thus far. My only complaint about it is the fact that I've been having issues with fixing the stereo. I've tried to have some people fix it but it's been a pain. Also the trunk of the car has a hidden compartment for the tire that has very easily worn down and makes it hard to keep in place. The car as far as mileage and gas is very reliable and great with gas. I travel a lot so it's a good reliable option for me.

- Liz S

Toyota car that keeps going and going with no issues

My car has almost 250,000 miles that was racked up by driving 2 hours a day to work and has never left me on the side of the road. It's the best little car I've had and just keeps going and going. Never had problems with it once minus the Toyota recall that I had fixed. Even though its a base model, it's still got nice features and little cubby holes all over, which is especially useful. Can't have too much storage space! I honestly can't wait till I see it turn over to 300,000 miles.

- Kay S

Highly reliable in the long run.

My Toyota is 15 years old and still runs well. The wheel bearings and belt have been replaced and all of the necessary 100k maintenance has been done and that cost about 1k, but at over 15 years old this car still runs really well. I live in Ohio and the roads are salty but it has not rusted badly and I would consider a reliable car. Most people consider Toyota Corolla’s to lay forever, and though this is my first one, I am really happy with its ability to keep running for so long!

- Dustin H

Toyota Corollas are the best!

My 2007 Toyota Corolla Sport is a great car! It gets great gas mileage and looks very nice with its ground effects, tail and sunroof. It has been very low maintenance which is great and is already at 160,000 miles! This is the third Toyota Corolla I have owned and my husband also owned one. Our previous Corollas have all lasted over 200k before something major needed replacing that cost too much to justify replacing it. Overall, I just love Corollas and my next car will be one too!

- Crystal P

Super reliable vehicle, even at 13 years old!

We bought this car used just about six months ago and it needed very little work done to it to be a very good car. Within just a couple of weeks of having it my husband and daughter took it on a trip about halfway across the country with no problems. The car was plenty roomy for all of their stuff. Even the extras they bought along the way. It also ran perfectly all the way there, and back, and continues to run amazingly even after that trip. It is definitely a reliable vehicle.

- Sunshine H

Great car, good on gas, stays reliable,

The car has some problems with breaking and stealing. I can drive it fine but other people who are not used to my car have issues with breaking in time and sometimes it scares me to drive with other people. This may be that because it's an older model and because it accelerates very quickly. I really like how it's good with gas as I like to try to save money. It's reliable and doesn't break. Overall I'd say I'm fairly happy with my car and it's the best car purchase I've made.

- Julian O

2007 strong and reliable in 2019.

The car is great for gas mileage on the streets and highway. Also really reliable. I am over 100,000 with only minor issues. I maintenance at the correct intervals. Little pieces are falling off here and there but the car is over 10 years old. I use a Bluetooth adapter for my music. The interior is easy to take care of and clean. It is fairly spacious but I wouldn't push having a full car of people; it is a snug fit for everyone. For me it is okay but I am a small person.

- Ellie B

Great mileage, compact easy to drive and very comfortable.

My car is very reliable, I bought it used and have had this car for 5 years. In that time I have gathered that this car is a very safe and reliable ride, I fell in love with the comfort and compact body. I really do not ever want to get rid of it. The gas mileage is so great on this vehicle and the speed gets decently fast on this little car. Overall I would recommend any first car buyers that if you are looking for something safe and reliable this is the car.

- Mary W

Easy to drive and maintain!

This car handles very nicely and is compact. I find it easy to park and to parallel park. There is quite a bit of rear view visibility and I do not feel like I have a lot of blind spots. The stereo and speakers are of pretty low quality, so I have replaced them in my vehicle. One issue is that the hubcaps are constantly falling off because I do not have the alloy-wheel option. I have given up on replacing them because they fall off so consistently.

- Cory K

The comfiest car to take anywhere!

Only had a code for a tranny issue, but never had any actual issues with it. Extremely reliable. Very comfortable, and I love the features. The only thing I changed / upgraded was the stereo. Since it is the 2007 model, it didn't come with an aux to connect with. So I purchased a stereo that I could through Bluetooth with. I have been able to drive for uber and Lyft for years with this car, and everyone always says how comfortable it is. Love it!

- Jennifer G

The Toyota Corolla is a reliable car that will last a long time.

I have a Toyota Corolla and overall I have been very happy with my car’s performance. It is been a very dependable and reliable car. I have over 100,000 miles on my car and it has never broke down on me and still runs good. The only issue I have had is a recall on the airbags, but all I had to do was take it to a Toyota dealership and they fixed it free of charge. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a good reliable family vehicle.

- Sarah B

The Toyota Corolla is safe, efficient, and comfortable for me and my family!

My vehicle is great on gas. As long as I keep up with the regular maintenance such as oil change, brakes, and tires it runs very smoothly. I find that it fits me, my boyfriend, and three children very comfortably. The only complaint I have and really it is very minor, is the radio could sound better. Overall, I find the Toyota Corolla to Be a very dependable, comfortable, and safe ride for me and my family. Worth every penny I spent buying it.

- Nicole R

No-frills reliability of a corolla.

The corolla is a generally reliable car. This one is our second corolla purchase, so we are obviously fans. It is a twelve year old car, and still gets around fine day-to-day. Unfortunately, it does not have. Whole lot of space, but if that is not important to you, then that shouldn't be a problem. We've had some issues with the keyless entry feature. It only works on half of the car's doors. Overall, it is a good, reliable, no-frills vehicle.

- Megan G

General Idea of a Toyota Corolla over 220k Miles & Still a Trooper!

Great gas mileage! Cost of repairs are reasonable and easy to do especially if you know a mechanic. The issue I seem to have more and more of is the serpentine belt likes to get all old and cracked. I usually have this weird sound. But the good thing is my car is at over 220,000 miles and my AC works decent! May need a new fan soon but works fine. Don't have issues with my windows or locks. Overall a GREAT vehicle to own and one of my first!

- Vanessa I

It's a beast! It doesn't matter that it's dented and dinged and rusting in spots, it will go anywhere I need. AND it will do so cost effectively!

I love this car. I know it like the back of my hand. I've owned it 7 years and driven all over the country. I've grown from a family of 3 to a family of 5 in this car. I have personally replaced the engine 3 times, transmission once, and nearly every other part at least once. I know this car will take me where I want to go safely and efficiently. I would, and will, drive it until it falls so far apart I can't put it back together!

- Michael P

Long life small family car

This car actually does not have many problems. The only thing I had once was my battery died and needed replacing. The reliability of this vehicle is great. Very comfortable. Interior is fabric so no overheating in the summer and more warmth in the winter. There's no auxiliary port so that would need to be added if wanted but has radio and CD player for those that still use CD's. Decent trunk space and comfortably fits 5 people.

- Jasmine G

Love my Corolla! We plan on driving it until we cannot anymore! Great vehicle.

I have never had a mechanical problem with my car, it still drives fantastically after 11 years. It gets great gas mileage, is extremely reliable and fairly comfortable. I have a manual and I have never had a problem with the clutch, it is easy to drive and great for teaching people how to drive a manual. My dogs can easily get in and out of the car. I love that the seats fold down. The trunk is large and roomy.

- Jenna M

The amazing Toyota I definitely didn't deserve.

He's silver and has four doors. Three out of four hubcaps have been stolen since I bought him. After a while he didn't accelerate very well and his check engine light is always on but those both probably just because I am always slacking. His gas mileage is amazing and so is the ability to warm up the car in under a minute. Not even an exaggeration. That car has never failed me, even as I greatly neglected him.

- Valkyrie G

Toyota Corollas last forever.

Corollas last forever. I am already over 161k miles and it is still going strong. The engine runs smoothly. The only thing I have noticed is that the digital clock has dimmed over time. On random days it is really bright. But, mostly, it is dimmed. I haven't had to get my brakes or tires changed often. They last a long time. My car is great on gas. I believe I get 35 city driving miles and over 37 for highway.

- Jennie S

Buyer turn around and get a Honda.

Well when I first got the car it was amazing. The 1. 8lt engine and auto transmission was a match made in heaven. But as time has progressed and miles have began to add up. Even with keeping up with everything Toyota advised me to. The car has some fatal flaws in its wiring. Haven to rebuild the motor at less than 150k even though oil and head look clean. Buyer beware. I wish I'd bought another Honda instead.

- Gavin M

Review of a Toyota Corolla owner.

Lets see, this car has been a dream. I bought it from a 1 owner, she got it when it was brand new, the oil has been changed on time. Only one problem the cv axle went out was nothing but around 120 dollars to fix, as far as that there has been nothing wrong with it. The vehicle has got 235, 000 plus miles and still going. Would not trade it for the world. But the resell value is still great!

- Bernard M

Great gas mileage for a 10 year old car.

My Corolla gets great gas mileage. I keep up with all the regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. I've had this car for 10 years and the only major work I've had done is to replace the brakes. The only problem I've had with it is the check engine light stays on. I've had my mechanic work on it, but it won't stay off. I hope to get a few more years out of it before I replace it.

- Elena S

Very pleased with the purchase of the car

I've not experienced any trouble with my car. It has been incredibly reliable. I also do not worry about safety. It gets very good gas mileage, which is a great perk. I have had the car a very long time, and have been very pleased with its overall performance and capabilities. It is a compact vehicle, but still allows enough space for all of my things as well as to children's car seats.

- Jenny C

Paint quality is poor and the metal is extremely thin.

I like how reliable my vehicle has been since I've owned it. It handles fairly well, and gets pretty good gas mileage, even though the actual mileage has always been less than claimed. I also like the amount of trunk space. The main issues I have with it is the thin, poor quality paint on it, how easily it gets scratches and dents, and the poor quality yet very overpriced wheel covers.

- Jody R

It is so good on gas! Never had a problem with it!

I went from a SUV to a smaller car because of the gas prices. It is great on gas. I am the only driver so I have had no mechanical problems. It performs very good on the road. And it seats four people. It has all the major features you need for a compact car. My son who is a tall guy ask to use it when going on long trips because of the gas mileage you can get from it! I love my car!

- Linda C

Why I like my Toyota Corolla.

Very reliable and very comfortable. Haven't had any major problems with it. Model does feel slightly dated and does not fit my current taste in car. This car has run very smooth since my mother has driven it and has only had problems with the muffler, which was easily fixed. As I recall, this vehicle has only had airbag recalls. I expect to be driving the car for as long as I can.

- Kris T

Best Car Yet: My 2007 Corolla And Its Longevity

My Corolla has been the best car that I've driven so far. It has lasted long enough for me to pay it off, for one! It's great for interstate and inner city travel. Be aware that it is pretty light, so to some drivers it feels sensitive at the wheel. I have maintained it, but mostly through oil changes and one battery change. It is definitely built for the long haul.

- Christine F

Everything I need to get from A to B.

I love my Corolla. I have had it for three years and it is still in pretty good shape. It has great pick up and gets terrific gas mileage. I have driven it all the way to Michigan, the upper peninsula, and back to new jersey without any issues. I wish it had an AUX plug so I could listen to music from my phone, but the 5-disc CD player has never failed me in my travels.

- Ting H

Old but reliable, durable, manageable as well.

My valve solenoid needs to be replace. My car has high mileage on it so the oil will need to be changed in a timely manner. The transmission fluid will need to be changed as well. Not too much but I must make it is cleaned and changed. The tires that I have do not need to change regularly. Overall, the maintenance for the car is fairly affordable for me at this point.

- Kathy W

Toyota corolla. A great car! Reliable and smooth ride.

I love my Toyota corolla! It is incredibly reliable. We've had very few repairs and it is 13 years old. The ride is very comfortable. The gas mileage is great. We have taken our car on many road trips. We gone near and far. We've never had to jump a car in the frigid,chicago winters! That is outside, not in a garage,, too! Would buy another corolla in a heartbeat.

- Sharon E

Great car. Built to last.

I love my little Corolla. I like that it has cloth seats. Leather heats up too quickly in the sun. This car is built to last with a great engine under the hood. It is a little cramped in the interior, so wouldn't recommend for a taller person. Car is over 10 years old, and still runs great. The only major problem I have with it, it has the turning radius of a boat!

- Aud P

The Toyota Corolla is a great quality vehicle!

My car is very reliable and has kept up well for the last 12 years. There have been no major repairs needed other than one set of tires. I'm almost at 150,000 miles and it still runs really well. The only issue has been the interior - it's kind of cheaper plastic and I needed to tape down some of the drawers otherwise they would have broken off a long time ago.

- Sarah W

I like my Corolla very much. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

Very reliable, comfortable, excellent features, drives easily, good acceleration, like my Corolla very much. It is dependable and I have no problems with it. I really appreciate the air conditioning and the multi-disc CD player. The interior is room, the seating is comfortable and the trunk is roomy. The engine is exceptional have never had any problem with it.

- Lawrence L

Great car. Not a car for moving furniture or large items.

Easy car to drive and maneuver. The gas mileage is really good. I have had the car for over 10 years and with regular maintenance the car has lasted really well. The only complaint I have is that the trunk opening isn't very wide so carrying furniture or anything like that in the back is near impossible. Also, the back seats don't go down to carry big items.

- Lee P

This is a good and reliable car

I like the car and how it runs. Mine has over 200,000 miles on it and is in great shape. I bought it used so the stereo is different than factory ones. I wish that it was able to connect to my phone so that I could listen to my music. I don't like the cloth seats, I wish they were leather and had a heating feature for the winter. Does great during the rain.

- Tanner L

My Toyota corolla issues.

There isn't enough privacy because the car windows don't have any tint. When the car sits idle, it makes a loud blowing sound which is really annoying. The car is pretty old but when applying the brakes make a loud squeak. It's side mirror has been replaced because of an accident but when it was replaced it doesn't make the same gloss as the original.

- Edwin L

The car is a very reliable and basic vehicle. It isn't the most beautiful or technologically advanced but it does the job.

The vehicle is an extremely reliable car with few problems. The few problems that have troubled me are flat tire issues, bad radio signal, and it isn't the best in the snow. The vehicle has lasted me a very long time. The only issue would be appearance since the car is an older model it does not have flashy things like a gps system, an aux cord, etc.

- Sara M

This is our car: the tan reliable.

The brakes, no aux cable connection, the radio sucks, the ac is too loud, the motor is too loud. The defrost takes too long compared to my other cars. I like the seats. They are comfortable. It gets good mileage. However, the backseat is too small. It barely fits three people. It's our compact car so it's the one everyone uses for everyday errands.

- Elena G

The 2007 Toyota Corolla offers reliable and affordable transportation.

My car is reliable and haven't had many costly repairs or maintenance done. The AC/heater works perfectly fine. It's also very good on gas, about 30-35 mpg. However, there's no Bluetooth or backup camera since it's an older model of Toyota Corolla and I would have to push down on the brakes and steering pedal harder than other cars I've driven.

- Julia V

Toyota Corolla pros and cons as I see it.

I like the car overall but have had issues with the wheel bearings and the brakes. The brakes always seem to need to be replaced long before it's time which tears up the rotors. The air conditioning has only lasted me one year after purchasing the car. Other than that it seems to be a good vehicle and it is great on gas. Very economical.

- Corey W

All in all my Toyota corolla has been a fantastic match for me.

My vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Corolla. She may be a little older but she still gets to where she needs to go and performs for me fantastically. On the highway she smooth sails all the way up and down. Long road trips haven't been a bad one in her yet! Comfort in the car is also amazing. There's never a time when anyone is uncomfortable.

- Allison B

reliable and dependable. Enough room for 4 people and their gear

the car is dependable. It has lasted close to 200,000 miles now and I intend to keep it for a few more years if all goes well. Mileage could be a little better. I could not get a model that did not have power windows which I found frustrating. Naturally the button that works the power windows is breaking and it costs ~ $500 to replace

- randy s

Love my Toyota corolla, I highly recommend.

I love my Toyota Corolla, great on gas, easy driving, never had any major repairs, I highly recommend, has great features, easy to maneuver in and out of traffic, comfortable interior. If you are looking for a fun, easy breezy vehicle this is the one to choose, . My daughter has a new Toyota Corolla and my 2007 is just as dependable.

- Bette D

So my car is a blue corolla and does weird things, making noises in the highway

Its color blue, it makes weird noises when I'm in the highway and in the back tires the metal cover fell off. I haven't renewed the license sticker in months but I'm doing that this year. It makes like weird movement so after you had a lot of people in the car, it would get lower and if it was light, it would bounce back up randomly

- Martha R

This car is reliable, easy on maintenance and affordable!

This is a perfect everyday driver with little to no maintenance required. The car is great on gas mileage, is actually pretty spacious for a smaller sedan and drives very well. In my years of ownership I have not had any major issues and I have ensured that I keep up with the maintenance schedule provided in the vehicle manual.

- Arlene B

Sporty all around family car.

Our car is family friendly back seat has a lot of legroom, love the sunroof, automatic windows, has a/c, trunk is large and can fit a stroller and beach bags for outings. Spoiler on the back of the trunk makes it look more sporty. I would rather it have all wheel drive for the tough winters, but so far has done great in the snow.

- Ashley D

It is an economical car for those who don't want fancy cars.

The Corolla is reliable as in I have it for over 10 years and it still runs well. It had few problems like the transmission and the airbag but that's only the 2007 model. The acceleration needs to be light as in I would not have to put that much pressure to make it go fast. Overall, it's a good car. I would probably buy it again.

- Lauren S

Awesome to have, to be traveling thousands of miles with no problems.

Sometimes the air conditioner, but they cleaned out a filter and took care of it. So I am very happy with it. Great on gas, highway and also in town. We've always bought a Toyota, because you can get many thousands of mileage. Our van is over 300, 000. So yes, I would recommend a Toyota to anyone looking for a great, vehicle.

- Roberta N

Cannot go wrong with a Toyota!

My car is a little on the small side but the advantages are wonderful!! It is a four cylinder and gets amazing gas mileage. It has always been so dependable and I only have to do regular maintenance on it and it is ready to go. For a small car it rides pretty smoothly and it drives and handles great. I love my little Toyota!

- Cynthia O

200,000 miles and still a quality vehicle.

I bought my car from a coworker. It has almost 200, 000 miles on it and still runs great! Toyota really made a quality vehicle with this model. I recently took a 400 mile road trip and averaged about 35-40 miles per gallon on the highway and I would highly recommend this vehicle to someone who needs a good inexpensive car!

- Mariah C

Great running car wouldn't get anything else.

My car runs great. Decent gas mileage. Maintenance isn't difficult. Comfortable to sit in for long drives. Great steering control and turn radius. High mileage and still running like a champ. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Difficult to clean the windows on the inside especially in the back due to the angle of the window.

- Chelsea H

I love my little gas saver.

This little car is a gas saver. I love it very much. And I love it for its reliability too. I do not spend much on maintenance. There is no problem at all in my Toyota corolla. It is twelve year-old car and still performs perfectly. I only replaced brakes and tires once. Very good at small parking spaces in New York city.

- Bur S

Toyota Corolla 2007 review.

The older model of Toyota Carolla's are very sturdy and durable. The engine is strong and it rarely has malfunctions. As long as you keep up with the required oil change every 3, 000 miles or so, you are good to go. The only complaint I have regarding Toyota Carolla's is that the pickup (i.e.: on hill or highway) is poor.

- Glory O

One reliable car!! Well build and best gas mileage. Got good 4 years.

It is good on gas mileage 35/gallon. It really performs well enough. Had my car for 4 years and the first thing to go was the radiator. Everything else is powered. My only thing is if you drive rough then it want last. My husband drives the car rough like a sports car. It is reliable and has gotten me around for 4 years.

- Angel P

Reliable and trustworthy - great value.

I have had a few recall issues, but no concerns with performance or reliability. I have had less problems with this car than any in my lifetime. The interior is very basic so the comfort level could be better, but I did not buy the car for that reason. It is extremely trustworthy, and I plan to drive it until it dies!

- Alyssa B

This vehicle offers quality and dependability.

It is a 2007 with 149, 000 miles. I have never had any issues. Regular oil maintenance and tire replacement is the most I have ever had to spend. Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I will only but Toyota going forward due to dependability. This car will by daughters 1st. I know it will go at least 10 more years.

- Erika M

The Old but Not Broken Corolla

My vehicle is 11 years old and it has some problems such as brake issues, alignment, and shock and struts issues. I don't feel 100 percent safe driving my car until those repairs have been done. But nonetheless my car is reliable and getting me where I need to go. Wish it had upgraded features like a back up camera.

- Casey M

Great all around car for the price and reliable as any car out there

Reliable and easy to maintain car. Very spacious on the inside as well as the trunk. Car drives nicely and get great gas mileage. Would make a great. Starter car or a to b car. Bose sound system all the way around, sounds clear and plenty loud enough. Overall it's a great cat and I would recommend it to any buyer

- Chuck T

Best starting car to have.

I do not pay a lot for gas and the car is nice, small, and comfortable. It is great for when you are a student or in a relationship or if you want to start a family. It is reliable, durable, and really stands the test of time no matter the model. The car is very pretty looking and is good and easy to drive with.

- Jessica M

Comfortable inside, but things on the inside break easily.

Everything inside breaks and is hard to repair. I've taken mine in numerous times to get fixed, and things always just break again. It is very roomy and comfortable, though. Mechanically it is good. It's a good thing my boyfriend can fix almost anything because the cheaper plastic things inside always break.

- Lindsey C

Toyota the vehicle of America. It takes you where you want to go.

My vehicle is easy maintenance, rides smoothly, great on gas and mileage. It rides smoothly and is sporty. I like the style and neutral color it has. My next vehicle will be a Toyota not sure which one. Love my Toyota. Its comfortable and stylish. I feel like I am more noticed in my Toyota and eye catching.

- Cindy E

Buy the car. Very dependable. Be careful of options.

Never had any mechanical problems. Car runs fantastic. Only problem is when I got the car I had a 7 CD player installed as an option. The package was $2400. Of course as soon as warranting ran out it stopped working. Took to dealer who said can not be fixed and wanted thousand to replace. So I can not use.

- Sandy A

Great small size sedan that will take you places.

Great gas mileage! Very reliable and dependable vehicle. Comes in two door or four door with enough room for 2 kids or 3 if you squeeze them in. Substantial amount of trunk room. Power windows and locks as well as a CD player comes standard. Smart feature for airbags also comes standard with this vehicle.

- Randall P

Great small car and great savings on maintenance.

This car has not given me any problems at all. The gas mileage is great and you save tons of money by filling up your gas tank every 2 weeks with just $20 depending on how much you use it. The oil lasts much longer than on other cars too is what I have realized. It is small and great for smaller family.

- Diana M

My vehicle is sturdy, reliable, and trusty. It is also at 200 k.

This car is over 200, 000 miles and still runs like a dream. It is had a few maintenance issues as it is gotten older but that is to be expected. The brakes have to be repaired every few years but that is the only complaint I have about this car. It is gotten me where I need to go for the last 11 years.

- Hillary O

2007 Corolla - who needs new if you have classic reliability?

I bought this car at 11 years old. It was in incredible condition and I love it! It is rust free, interior is beautiful, huge spacious trunk. It runs great. Offers multiple discs and radio selections. It is the perfect size for me and great on gas. It is incredibly reliable and I anticipate a long life.

- Jenna S

Corolla: Reliable and good value

My Corolla is a very reliable car. Even though it's over 10 yrs. old I have not had to. Spend a lot of money on repairs. Being a compact car it's easy to park in small spaces. The trunk is pretty spacious, you can fit in enough luggage for 3-4 people going away for a week. Good value for the money.

- Magda G

My Toyota Corolla s has a sport package with a sunroof.

The Toyota Corolla gets great gas mileage and I have had no mechanical issues with it so far at 69, 000 miles just routine oil changes my Toyota Corolla rides good and handles good even in the winter months the engine is strong and pepe not sluggish plenty of trunk space and plenty of interior room.

- Jim T

Car is reliable but not convenient.

My car is very reliable. I have minimal mechanical problems. The only issue I really have with my car is that it is the base model and lacks power doors. It is manual windows/locks. The bass of the stereo is not as much as I would like either. I may like an upgraded corolla compared to mine, better.

- Kelsey L

Dependability to the max!

Very dependable. Great gas mileage. Started up sitting outside in a brutal Minnesota winter! Comfortable ride for a mid-size and handles well on the road. Very affordable and I love the fact that Toyota's hold their resale value. This is my first Toyota and I would buy one scan and highly recommend.

- Sherry A

My husband's hit a coyote but it's been all fully repaired

I love my car. Gets me to and from. It is well on gas. It has a wing so it's good in the wind. I learned how to drive in this car. I really like it. Hope it lasts at least a few more years. Only part I don't like is that on both sides near back wheels it is starting to rust on my nice silver color

- Brittany S

Reliable and extremely fuel efficient vehicle.

An extremely reliable everyday car. Gets great gas mileage for highway travel. Haven't had any issues with the car, I've had it for 3 years. General maintenance has had it running like a champ. If you need a reliable every day vehicle, with good gas mileage I highly recommend the Toyota Corolla.

- Jacob K

The Toyota Corolla lasts for a reasonable amount of time and it is very dependable.

I like how dependable my Toyota has been even after 11 years. I wasn't the initial owner, but even with my sister driving it for half it's lifetime it still runs really well. I also like that the parts are not ridiculously expensive compared to some other brands and the gas mileage is reasonable.

- April T

Good on gas Has great mileage

This car does really great on gas. $20 will fill it up all the way. It hasn't given me many problems, and it has been a great time for the past two years. The oil change is needed every couple months and the tires can run themselves out. I love this type and model of the car and it is very great.

- Alexis B

It is just the most perfect car I've had.

I love my car. I've had it for over a year and it's still running perfectly. I wouldn't sell it just yet if it hasn't died on me. I've taken it on long rides when I want to go on drives, even out of town road trips. It is just perfect. More upcoming road trips for me when it is the perfect time.

- Ryan V

Old but great-. An old and maybe somewhat ugly car, but seriously reliable.

Love this car. Old faithful! Although old, reliable. Never had any serious issues with it. Super comfortable and affordable. Has gone through two different people now and many long drives. Most notably, multiple 5 hour drives to Pittsburgh and back. Never has failed me though. Gets the job done.

- Jess K

Dependable and easy to maintain Toyota.

I have driven my Toyota Corolla for several years now after purchasing it used and have loved it ever since. It is not the fanciest car, but has been incredibly reliable and easy to maintain over the years, with only a few problems with the breaks that have been fixed easily through my dealer.

- Abby A

The gas mileage is something to note.

The car has great gas mileage. It is dependable. It runs smoothly and gets me to where I need to go. I have not had to do much repairs on it in the 10+ years I've had it. The car is good quality. Even though I now have 140,000 miles on it I am not worried. I know it will continue to run well.

- Nicole H

Small dependable car gets great mileage!

My Corolla gets great gas mileage. It has never broken down. It seats two-three regular sized adults ok but is too small for any more. It also sits low to the ground which can make it hard to see when surrounded by big trucks and SUVs. Overall I would recommend it. Great car for the price.

- Donna R

Great resale value. Toyota has a long history of reliability.

I like everything about it. I do not have any issues with it. Great gas mileage. Easy to fit in parking spaces. I always back in. . Easy to go in between cars in traffic due to size. . Toyota brand has a great resale value, . So you cannot go wrong. Like the style of all lights on the car.

- Pam A

Great car! Would buy another down the road!

Performance isn't great but such a reliable car. Plan on passing it down to my son when I buy a new one. It runs great. This is my second corolla I've owned and I have loved them both. I particularly like this year and model. The new ones seem to sit much lower. They are still really nice.

- Ross L

Love my Toyota Corolla sport.

My Toyota Corolla sport I bought brand new 2007 it is awesome on had never had to do anything but regular maintenance and replace tires couldn't ask for a better reliable car comfortable seating and plenty room in trunk also seats in back lay forward to put longer items in trunk if needed.

- Melissa L

Good quality and reasonable prices.

Very good quality. I love the car for daily use, and the price was very cheap. I have been driving my car for two years already. In my opinion, Toyota always has very good cars, and the price is usually very reasonable. I would recommend Toyota to people around me who needs to buy a car.

- Jenny L

Toyota Corolla: Reliable and Safe

my vehicle is very reliable. It is also really good on gas and makes me feel safe. I like the interior because it doesn't get too hot during the summer. I also like the outside color of it, which is grey. I have only had a few minimal problems with it over the last 6 years I have had it.

- Megan L

Compact, roomy trunk that back seats go down for more room for long things.

No major problems except at one point it needed a seal for an oil leak, other than that it is been the best car, very comfortable, has CD player, air, no aux though, so had to buy an FM transmitter to play my playlist from phone through car speakers, oh and the paint on roof has faded.

- Lee G

I like the outlook of my car and everything except there is no GPS.

I think overall my car is good but the windows are manually and also the lock of the car is also manually so it is kind of inconvenient. It does not use a lot of gas, which can save me a lot of money. however, the car does not go smooth and fast; you have to press hard the accelerator.

- Gina C

A Great Car For Commuting

Gas mileage is amazing. Comfy seats. Great brakes. Has ABS. Smooth ride. Great 6-disk sound system. Nice power for a 4 cylinder. No oil leaks. Quiet interior on freeway. Good basic transportation. Roomy interior. Very little maintenance. Distances of up to 500 miles without refueling.

- Stephanie P

Toyota Corolla reviews pros and cons of the 2007 model.

My car is pretty good on mileage not a lot of mechanical issues but it is small no automatic windows or AUX cord runs well excellent for personal everyday use I would like to upgrade because of it being so small and other features but when I got this car I was told they last a while.

- Amber B

Good gas mileage and battery life.

It is nothing personal about the car, I just need more space. Having children and a two door vehicle do not mix well. The tail lights seem to go out frequently, however. The original brakes seemed to last a long time, as well as the battery. The gas and mileage are pretty good.

- Chelsea K

T its very easy to clean and doesn't take up too much space on the roads.

It's a bit behind on the technology like the AUX cord but covers all the basic needs for a car. It's a bit jumpy and fast and less on the safer side compared to a Subaru but I think it's a ok beginners car. Additionally I enjoy the colors they come in, red and grey are my favourite.

- Mike S

Dependable and good gas mileage.

My car gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive. I have had one problem. It was under warranty. Dealer fixed the part immediately. Otherwise it has been very dependable. If I bought another car I would purchase the same model. I would recommend for anyone to buy this model.

- Penelope J

Toyota brand is awesome and reliable.

At this time, I have no issues with it. Vehicle is reliable, low on gas. Is cheap to maintain and all parts are still factory made. I have nothing negative to report. If I were ever to trade this vehicle I will still purchase a Toyota. I can't provide negative feedback at this time.


Feel very safe in my car despite its high mileage.

Great car. Still runs great and it is over 150, 000 miles. I have not had any issues with the car except for electrical stuff. Power locks no longer work and cabin light does not work. But other than those minor things that I can live with, the car has never given me major problems.

- Jan S

Toyota Corolla 2007 Review

My 2007 Toyota Corolla is riding just as great as it did 12 years ago. I love this car for its smooth drive. It is very easy to drive and manage. The acceleration isn't too sensitive but still is easy to control. My one complaint is that the fabric seats cause the car to hold odor.

- Francesca J

Comfortable seats and very safe.

My car is very safe and reliable. It is also very good on gas and drives smoothly. I like the style and color of it as well. I also like that the seats are not leather because it is not painful to sit down when it is hot outside. It could be a little bit more stylish but I like it.

- Sara P

Toyota�s are life partners

This car has been through hell and back and never gave out on me. I will ride this car until the day it dies. This Toyota has been life changing and I'm never getting a different brand car. Seats are super comfortable, inside is also very spacious. Trunk has a huge amount of space

- Ana V

The best car decision ever.

When getting a car my mind automatically went to Toyota. They have always been a reliable performance car. It came with an excellent radio/CD player combo on the dash with really comfortable seating. I haven't had to problems out of the ordinary with his make and model of Toyota.

- Jane B

Toyota corolla manual transmission.

I like my Toyota corolla. It is also a manual transmission. It rides very smoothly and everyone in my family is comfortable in it. I am short so sometimes I have to stretch to push the clutch pedal all the way down, which is the only thing keeping this from being the perfect car.

- Brenda C

Dependable, reliable, & has taken me many miles.

I bought my corolla new and have put 200 plus miles on it. I have never had any problems with it. I've only replaced the breaks once and have had to replace tires. It's been very reliable, comfortable, and great on gas. My husband feels it's too small, but it's just right for me.

- Pattie W

My car's air conditioner has never worked properly.

Even after 11 years, the car is extremely reliable. One can go about anywhere without getting stranded due to a problem. The seats are very comfortable. Every time a car crash has happened however, the dents have been large no matter how small the impact of the crash got to be.

- Vyv G

My Toyota is a family friendly vehicle.

I really enjoy daily driving my Toyota, it is very reliable and I have had few issues with it. Maintenance has been easy and affordable, and after 10 years - I have not had any major issues. It still gets excellent gas mileage and has been very reliable on cross country trips.

- Haley M

Small car with a big heart.

My car has been very reliable and worked well on a long road trip from Indiana to Montana and back. One problem I have had is that the passenger window motor stopped worked many years ago and I have had to use clear, strong tape to keep the window from falling down on its own.

- Holly Q

Toyota corollas are cheap and efficient to run.

Toyota corollas are reliable modes of transportation and highly cost effective to maintain. I have driven ours for 12 years and have put hardly any money into it. Highly recommend this efficient little car. Nice trunk space too. It is easy to park and izquierdo fuel efficient.

- Susan L

I give it 2 Practicality.

It has 8 on Comfort as well as convenient with features. For Instance, it tells if your low with oil. How many miles you drove today. However, when one thing breaks down it seems like your fixing alternator then radiator. It's not the best in gas. It gets a 2 for reliability.

- Deborah L

Great car for small family

My car is very good on gas. For the amount of miles I have on my car 100,000+ miles it is in very good condition. It is compact. Great for a small family with 1-3 kids. My car doesn't come with Bluetooth. I have a decent amount of trunk space. Overall I think the car is great

- Shelly C

It's a light blue Toyota Corolla, with pinstripes on the side of the doors.

Toyota Corolla is a great car for teens and first time buyers reliable and always dependable, it never fails me to get me from point A to point B in the time I need to get there. If you keep up on maintenance and oil changes then this car will last you 200, 000 miles easily.

- Daniel S

Toyota Corolla is a good reliable car.

Aside from a few early problems which were repaired under warranty, it is been a very reliable car. It is comfortable to drive and gets very good gas mileage. If you give it the minimum routine maintenance it is largely free of troubles. I would buy this make and model again.

- Anne L

Quality car, the brakes only went out once.

I love my vehicle. Overall it has been very reliable. Except last year my brakes went out while I was driving which was very scary. But I got them replaced. I love the color of my car and it has a ton of space in the trunk and backseat. It is very helpful since I move a lot.

- Gillian S

It is the fully equipped vehicle that can compete with cars we have today.

It is the most comfortable car even it is the old car. It has all the latest features as compare to new cars that we have now. It has a sunroof, cruise system, abs and airbags, fully equipped car. It has power windows, music system and GPS what all you can expect from a car.

- Fa T

The Toyota Corolla gets great gas mileage and it a reliable car.

I have had my car for 9 years and I love it. My Toyota is a very reliable car that I trust, with regular tune ups, to get me from point A to point B. I travel a lot for work and never have to worry about anything. Great gas mileage, comfortable, roomy for a car. It's great.

- Dal L

Gas saving car that is very affordable.

I love all Toyota cars. They are very comfortable to drive and are not pricey at all. The steering wheel does harden as you drive for years but you get used to it so it will not be a problem. The car saves a lot gas as well. It is a really affordable and very reliable car.

- Mira K

This is my favorite car!!

Great reliable car with well over 100k miles on it. I haven't had to do any major repairs. Great gas mileage. Easy to maintain, comfortable perfect little car, the fits all my needs. This is the second one I have owned and when the times comes will definitely buy a third.

- Alex F

I love my car so much. Simple just like me.

I have no problems with it. I love my car wouldn't trade it for nothing in that world. It's simple and drives smooth and never had problems since I bought it. It's simple just like I am and it's my car. It gets me where I need to go with no problems at all. I love my car.

- Destiny L

Toyota Corolla: stylish but reliable.

I love my Toyota Corolla! Although I have the basic model and wish it had more amenities inside, it runs amazing and rarely has an issue with any parts. It gets great gas mileage (usually around 27-30 mpg). I would recommend this car to anyone, especially a newer version.

- Patricia P

Good reliable and low maintenance.

I have had this car for 12 years. I have had no major concerns or issues with this car. It is very reliable and would recommend this car to anyone who wants a car with low gas mileage. It is low maintenance and will be good for young adults needing a dependable first car.

- Alicia S

Silver Toyota Corolla made in 2007

Very reliable and gets me to wherever I need to go. Kind of small, the back seats don't have a lot of room especially if you're tall in the front. Not a lot of features, but, does have a feature where it locks all doors when you put it in drive and I find that very safe.

- Rata R

It's very reliable, great car.

I love my corolla. It's very reliable and smooth. I don't have many problems with it, it's a great car. It's perfect for new drivers and long drives. It has great mileage and drives nice. It's really easy to drive and I feel very safe and that I have control of the car.

- Kay F

That's it gets great gas mileage and it is reliable.

I like my car because I feel like it has been very reliable. When I first purchased it I loved it, especially the great gas mileage. It has had a couple recalls that were a bit inconvenient and a bit concerning but I would recommend a Corolla especially for a first car.

- Carolyn P

My Toyota is an oldie but a goodie

I have had Toyotas for years. The most trouble I have had was with the oil leaking. These cars last forever. I rarely have to have maintenance on it and when I do it's not very expensive. Even after all these years the engine still runs smoothly and there are no noises.

- Vanessa G

Toyota corollas are extremely reliable and get great gas mileage.

I have had my car for 12 years now and I have never had any problems with it. The only thing I have had to replace is the alternator and that was the first time after 12 years. Other than the alternator there has never been anything wrong with my car, it runs perfectly

- Tiara R

This is a good, reliable car.

The car is now old and has no features on it, but it has lasted without any problems for 11 years now. It gets great gas mileage, has only some maintenance requirements, and does not seem like it is going to break any time soon so long as I continue to take care of it.

- Sara N

The Toyota Corolla is a great family car.

The 2007 Toyota Corolla is a good small family car. Good gas mileage on highway, not so much in city. My car has over 200, 000 miles on it and it is still going strong. I haven't had many problems with this vehicle. The Toyota Corolla is in my opinion a great car.

- Aubrey L

It�s great on gas! I only fill up one every ten days.

I've had my car since 2009. No major problems ever. Only have done routine maintenance. Runs great. It's a little small. It's considered a compact sedan. I've outgrown it size wise Because I have a son now. But due to its reliability I will keep it as long as I can.

- Christine M

My car is silver and has cloth interior.

The car is small and very easy to park when fitting in between other cars in parking spaces. I feel comfortable in my car. It is also great on gas mileage. I can literally go one whole week before having to get gas. My car has not caused me any issues and runs great.

- Christian B

Good for daily, city life.

The corolla is relatively inexpensive but good enough for daily usages. It is sort of gas saving and can accelerate quite quickly. The safety is okay, but could be a problem in major accidents. The engine is not powerful enough when climbing hills (can't keep speed).

- Ming T

Great car, great mileage!

It's great. It's compact and the gas mileage is really great. It really doesn't have very many problems and all the things work great. The interior has never given me any problems and the parts for the car are easily enough replaceable. Again, very good gas mileage.

- Christina S

Toyota Corolla 2007 runs like 2017.

This vehicle has little to no problems despite the age. Nothing beyond normal wear and tear, brake replacement, oil changes. Being a 2007, there is no AUX which is problematic. Cloth interior is comfortable and preferable over leather options because of the AZ heat.

- Amanda S

My beautiful blue Toyota.

My amazing car has a lot of miles but still drive. My only problem is that I have to buy a new piece for her, but once I do she will run like she is brand new. She also needs some new paint but I haven't decided if I am going for a new color or keep her the same.

- Mike J

It get good gas mileage also.

Nice ruining car. Excellent gas mileage and I like the color. It is a 4 for door and it has a v6 motor. It also has tinted windows and the car has a nice stereo system. It has chrome wheels and it has nice trunk space. It also has cruise control and leather seats.

- Antoine M

It is good on gas and runs well.

It runs good. The check engine light is forever on but other than that it is fine. The gas pedal is also sensitive and the windshield wipers do not wipe very cleanly because it rains a lot where I am. But it is good in gas and it takes me from point A to point B.

- Simi T

Toyota: a great vehicle purchase.

It is a great reliable car. It is the only car I have had that has never given me mechanical issues. Toyota makes the best vehicles. I definitely recommend. I would like to buy a Toyota SUV in the future for my growing family as the Toyota corolla is a small car.

- Monica C

The alarm is complicated, it will ring when you don't want it to.

I really love how my car runs smoothly and stops at the time I want it to stop. The part I don't like about my car is the alarm is very complicated and sometimes when I open my door it just starts ringing and it gets annoying when you use the car for a few years.

- Lana M

Fully tinted and alloy wheels.

Performance is good, car is older and needs more maintenance. CD players doesn't anymore, clock lights don't work. My car is automatic sporty type, full tinted windows with alloy wheels. Needs just some tlc, new tires and an oil change and it will drive like new.

- Michaela M

A solid and well built car.

Good gas mileage, maintenance good few issues. Drives good both street and highway. Check engine light goes on because of gas cap will not seal properly solid well built car. Like roll up handle windows. Parts are still available paint is starting to flake off.

- Kenneth L. W

My car has good gas mileage, it is not a car you can just floor it.

My car has lasted a while without any problems. But now there has been some wear and tear with many things needing to get replaced. My gas pipe recently busted open underneath my driver seat, not sure how it happened but have to spend $700 to have it replaced.

- Amber H

Gets amazing gas mileage, comfortable ride, great for long distances.

The Toyota Corolla is a midsize sedan. It seats five people. Has a great amount of trunk cargo space. The seats are comfy, and there is a good amount of space for leg room for adults. It has automatic daytime running lights, mine has a wood trim on the inside.

- Kristen H

2007 Toyota corolla ce. A short review.

It has over 260,000 miles, has survived a wreck and a few fender benders, has good acceleration time, still rides smooth, has comfortable seating, has had regular filter and oil changes done, but does not have some of the more comfortable infotainment systems.

- Marty B

It's a good, safe car that gets me where I need to go. Even if it's not the prettiest car.

It's reliable. I don't worry about not getting to and from work. It's very fuel efficient. I like the color (silver). I don't like how small it is. I didn't get to choose it. I don't like the bad factory paint that has flaked and caused rusting to begin.

- rebecca c

Super mileage, nice and roomy inside!

The Corolla is a great car for our small family. There is plenty of legroom in both the front and back seats (which is great because I am 6 feet tall) and there is ample space in the trunk. You can't beat the mileage or safety features! Love our Carolla!

- Jeni D

My 2007 Toyota Corolla is a great vehicle and has always been reliable.

My Corolla has been very reliable through rain, snow, and ice, and just overall. It is very comfortable, and the controls are easy to use while driving. I have never had a major issue with the car. The only downfall is I am not a huge fan of the appearance.

- Rachel P

It has a pink stripe on both sides.

Its 10 years old, and this summer I had to fix a lot of things, but it runs great still. I got it as a hand me down from my mom and she bought it used. Its never let us down. Gas is great and it's perfect for a first time car owner. I love my car a lot.

- Alyssa S

No frills but reliable car.

Never had problems. Routine maintenance only. Dependable and reliable. Gets about 30 miles per gallon. Base model so it does not have a lot of extras but it is comfortable enough and functionable. Get the oil changed as recommended and that's all it needs.

- Jason D

Great fuel economy and overall

This car has not given us any problems. Maintenance is minimal and the fuel economy is terrific. Though we have not gotten any 'bells and whistles', we are sure that they all are nice if you get them. Again, great car, certainly recommended to any and all.

- Bill C

Still going strong at 150,000 miles.

This corolla s drives really well, it is very good on the gas mileage. Now at over 150,000, and it still going strong. It is really well maintained. I love this car very much. The only problem I have is with the check engine light but I am to disable that.

- Avo C

Toyota Corolla: brief details of the car.

Its comfortable, compact, affordable, and has a lot of trunk space. However, it has barely enough room for an average family to ride in. It is only big enough for 4-5 people and is too common in phoenix. The battery and engine are very durable, though.

- Geneva K

Dependable, economical, will last forever and sorta cute!

Very reliable, economical, no problems. Only routine maintenance except 2 mfg. Recalls. Reputable company, reasonable for insurance rates, will last forever. Low cost vehicle. Looks great for 12 year old car. Comfortable for long trips, easy to maneuver.

- Dee R

Car runs fairly well for most part

Have not had any major problems. Have had the car for over 10 years just basic maintenance like brakes. Need to change ball joints soon. Car has a 6 CD changer. Runs fairly well. The car makes creaking noises which I believe are ball joints or tie rods.

- Trish L

4 wheel drive vs. front wheel drive

I prefer 4 wheel drive SUV or Jeep because of driveway at my parents home and plus weather seasons. I live on country instead of city. 2007 Toyota Corolla LE is a good car and plus need for transportation for appointments, grocery store and family time.

- Heather L

This is a wonderful little car!

It is a great car! I love it for around town driving but it is not so good for mountain driving or winter snow travel. It does have a smaller gas tank so it needs to be filled more often but for such a small car it is not expensive to keep it fueled up!

- Katie D

Toyota Corolla 2007 car that I drive.

Do not have anything to complain about. Cannot think of anything. My car works fine. I never have had a problem with my current car. I recommend it. You should drive this car because it is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage. It saves you on gas.

- Lacy C

Great car that will last. Easy to have work done on.

Great car that lasts. 2007 edition purchased in 2013 and still running great 5 years later. Have only had to replace brakes, tires and thermostat. Car was purchased used. Great gas mileage. Easy to maintain and get work done one. A vehicle that lasts!

- Jessica B

Toyota Corolla: grab a newer model.

My 2007 Toyota Corolla does great on gas mileage, spacious trunk size. Only complaint is due to the age of the car, you can not shut off the headlights at night. If the car is on, so are they. Would enjoy buying this car again, just maybe not as old!

- Matthew H

My vehicle is a small sedan that is a perfect starter car.

My car is over 10 years old and I've owned it for at least 6 of those and never once had a maintenance issue. Most I've ever had to fix were tires and a few burnt out lightbulbs. It's not a luxurious car, at all, but it really has held up well.

- Cheryl B

My car was not that expensive and is worth the investment.

The brakes make a really loud high-pitched screech. I really dislike that portion of it. The air conditioning also does not work as well, especially when It's been out in the sun for a long time. Besides those two factors, I really like my carm

- Elain E

Just keep up on service and the car will be good.

I love that as long as I keep up with service, I do not have to spend a lot of money keeping the car going. It is easy to figure out what is wrong for the most part. The car gets ok gas mileage. I do wish it got better mileage in town though.

- Jennifer B

I have had my car for ten years and it is very reliable. It has had several recalls on the airbags though.

I love the mileage my vehicle has. I wish that it had more backseat space for my daughter's car seat. I also dislike that the paint on my car is now rusting and peeling. This seems to only be an issue with the specific color of this model.

- Ashley F

Reliable and fuel efficient.

Great gas mileage. The trunk is huge and i like that i can fit my bike inside when i fold down the seat. I did have trouble with 2 recall items, the takata airbags and the engine control unit which failed while i was driving on the freeway.

- Laura E

The outlook of the car is good and I think the car is suitable to new drivers.

My favorite part of my car is that the light is auto on and off so I will not forget to turn on or off. Also, the size of the car is not too big or too small. However, the weak point is that you have to roll up and down your window by hand.

- Gina C

The gas on the Vehicle is what is the highlight

My vehicle is a 2007 Toyota Corolla S, the performance on my vehicle is good since it is a older vehicle compared to 2018 it is now having its issues but has lasted me 10 years and still performing great. The gas on the vehicle is good to.


It gets great gas mileage and hasn't had any major problems with it.

I love how long it's lasted me so far. I bought it brand new in 2007 and keep up with maintenance on a regular basis. It's been 11 years and I haven't had any major issues with my car yet. I don't have anything that I dislike about my car.

- Kayla S

Reliable, dependable, excellent gas mileage. A vehicle to pass down to your children.

This car is fantastic on gas miles. I don't find it very comfortable but 43 miles to the gallon is a fair trade off. Regular oil changes and maintenance and this car will last a long time. I am at 221,000 plus miles and still going great!!

- Rebecca L

I have put over 100, 000 miles on it and it is still running as if it were brand new.

I have owned a Toyota Corolla for eleven years. It has kept me safe in accidents. It is reliable and continues to run great. It is fuel efficient and stylish. I often receive compliments on the appearance because it still looks brand new.

- Kelly P

They are built to last for a long time with cheap maintenance costs.

Toyota is a trusted brand and they last forever. I haven't had any major problems with it but when I do, the maintenance costs are a lot cheaper compared to others. It still drives great and hope to get a few more years out of it.

- James S

Toyota makes a very reliable car

My car is 11 years old and I really haven't had any problems other the normal wear and tear items, it gets good gas mileage and is a reliable car First brand new car I have owned definitely would buy another one when it's time

- Jenny R

The Toyota Corolla is a very dependable 4 door car, with good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. I wish there was more storage - the small trunk makes it difficult sometimes to transport large items. Had an issue with the ECM that the dealer took over a week to figure out and cost us a lot of money.

- Amy M

That it is very reliable not only is the vehicle reliable but I believe that Toyota is a reliable company. Low maintenance and great gas mileage.

I love my vehicle because it is very reliable. Not only is it reliable it doesn't cost much to maintain it. I mean other than regular maintenance like oil changes and checking fluids it has not cost me for any major repairs.

- Nannette B

The most important thing about my Toyota Corolla is that it is very reliable.

I like that the vehicle has lasted over 10 years with the recommended maintenance. I like that the vehicle was affordable, The appearance of the vehicle doesn't bother me, but if I had to dislike one thing, that would be it.

- Christopher R

The perfect little car for the city.

This car is super reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is 11 years old but runs like a new car, seats 5 people comfortably and is a perfect car for the city because it is small and can fit into almost any parking space.

- Erica G

Absolutely great on gas. Can travel 115 miles using only a quarter of a tank

Very reliable vehicle. No problems with it. Has a 6 disc cd changer with AM/FM radio. Looks fairly small on the outside but very comfortable and easily fits a car seat with enough room for two more passengers in the back

- Monica L

Has a sensor if tire needs air, engine light comes on if there something wrong.

My car is reliable and easy to maintain. It is inexpensive to operate and maintain as well. It is compact size makes it easy to park and drive in heavy traffic but it also has enough room to allow me to move most things.

- Jerry L

It's a reliable car that has served me well with just the minimum of services required.

I like the way my car handles and the size is perfect. It gets good gas mileage too. The only thing I don't like is that it does not get-up and go when you take off....although I had a 1999 that did not have this issue.

- Cindy C

Great gas mileage! Smooth driving! Great sound system

I love my car. It is very reliable and has great gas mileage. I went a whole year one time without changing the oil and it performed flawlessly. When i took it in for maintenance the clerk said every still looked great!

- Elliot B

Reliable and easy to maintain.

I have only ever owned a Toyota. My first Camry ran for over 30 years and my current daily driver has passed 100, 000 miles. Maintenance is cheap and easy, especially if you do it yourself and these cars are reliable.

- L S

Shifting into third gear is a touch finicky. You have to learn specifically where it's at and be a little slower with that gear.

Our car has been very reliable. There was one time that we had to put in more coolant, but it hadn't needed to be done since the first time (close to purchase time). The car is pretty comfortable (about average).

- Samantha S

Safe and reliable car for everyone.

This vehicle is reliable and safe. In the 13 years it is been in my family we have had very few issues with it. I can honestly say that I wouldn't worry about putting your kids in this car you will be very safe.

- Bridget B

It is a very easy, reliable, enjoyable car to drive.

The Toyota Corolla is all about reliability. I have never had a problem with this car yet. It is spacious and comfortable inside and the trunk is large. It performs very well on the highway, and is good on gas.

- Jennifer R

Smooth ride and few oil changes.

I dislike the fact that the window and doors lock manually. And the maintenance light come on when you only need a oil change but if you do not know that it make you feel like something is wrong with the car.

- Gwendolyn B

It is extremely reliable.

It is incredibly reliable, 200,000+ miles and runs like it is new. Maintenance is cheap. It is very simple. It would be nice if it were generally more comfortable, but I'll sacrifice comfort for simplicity.

- Jon-michael D

Very spacious for being a small car and Toyota are known for being reliable.

Very reliable car, it is the sport version so I wish I was able to get better gas mileage. Most optimal when I drive 65 mph exactly, I start to see a significant decrease in mpg when I drive above 65mph.

- Tessa S

Best mpg of any car I have owned. Has always been reliable.

No major problems, has over 215, 000 miles and still averages 30 mpg. Comfort is so-so, but for the price and reliability, it is still worth it. I bought it new in 2006, have not regretted my purchase.

- Joy F

Probably the most interesting thing about the car, and certainly my favorite part, is that it's a stick shift.

I've had very few problems with the car, besides the water pump going up a few years ago. Otherwise I keep the oil changed and try to drive it nice, and it's been very good to me. Toyotas are great.

- Elizabeth B

Great mileage and great air conditioning. Toyota has done great with this car, everyone I know that has this car loves it and has it last long.

I love my car. Toyotas have amazing air-conditioning, the only bad thing is the air pressure sensor seems to be a bit sensitive. Over all I really love it, it has lasted me a great 10 years already.

- Morgan W

It has great gas mileage and handles really well. Fantastic.

I love my Toyota Corolla. It handles well. Feels safe and has great gas mileage. Fits me to a T. I love that it has a gear shift and no knobs to turn. I don't hate a thing about this car. I love it!

- Dena L

It drives well and only needs the basic maintenance. It gets great gas mileage.

This is my first car and it's my baby. The size and style are perfect for me! The only thing I don't like is that it's an 07 so it's pretty outdated. I'd love to have a backup cam or heated seats

- Sarah F

The car is really reliable and its good for road trips, with a good set of tires traveling at high speeds, feels like nothing.

I like the way my car accelerates it's not very slow, but it's not quick either. The car gets good gas mileage. I don't like the way it looks especially the headlights. I love that its reliable.

- Manuel G

It gets wonderful gas mileage and I have it serviced regularly so I never have any problems with it

I do not have any complaints.I have always had a Toyota and I love them. If you keep them serviced properly they will last forever. They are wonderful on gas.There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Alicia G

It is extremely good on gas and the engine runs like a dream/has no repair issues.

It's a cute little gas saver. The A/C is cold. Engine runs like a top. Never leaks any oil or antifreeze. Low miles. Headlights are bright. Being used, the headlight housings are a bit cloudy.

- Angela D

It has kept me safe in three accidents and it doesn't have many issues. It's still running great after ten years!

I like my car because it gets great gas mileage. I got it as a graduation gift and have had very few issues. It's over ten years old now and has a few scratches and rings but it's still great!

- Katie F

Amazing first time buyer car

For a first time buyer this car was really the perfect fit for me. It's reliable when it comes to gas mileage and the overall compact look of the is actually very spacious and comfortable.

- Marlayna W

It's a reliable car. I've had it for 8 years. I would prefer that it got better gas mileage.

This has been a very reliable car. It's comfortable. It is too noisy on the freeway. I hate that the visors hit the rearview mirror every time. It does weird things when I accelerate.

- Kel G

It has great speed, and very efficient.

Does not have an AUX cord center in the vehicle. Everything else is decent. The dark carpet seating interior is great especially when you have kids. It has ac and heat. Everything works.

- Caitlin T

That it runs very good. New tires just got the oil changed on my car.

I have no complaints about my car. It drives smoothly. It's good on gas and very reliable. When I got the car everything was almost new. I am the third owner of my Toyota Corolla.

- Veronica H

The main thing to know is that this is a very reliable and great commuter car. It is not fancy, but it gets the job done.

I like how reliable and fuel efficient my corolla is. My only complaint is that it does not handle as well as I would like, and does not have good suspension for going over bumps.

- Christopher I

Reliable and practical. Great gas mileage and easy upkeep.

It is incredibly reliable. I have over 150,000 miles on it and can do my own maintenance on it. Plus the spare parts and replacements are easy to find and not unreasonably priced.

- Why N

The Toyota Corolla has been--and continues to be--a very reliable and economical compact car!

It is reliable. It gets good fuel economy. It has a great reputation for minimal repairs. I would prefer it had four-wheel independent suspension and full disc brakes all around.

- Michael S

It gets great gas mileage so we save money on gas each year and it is very easy to drive and han

I like the gas mileage that I get in my car. I like that it is very dependable. I like that it has low maintenance. I don't like that it doesn't go well in snow and bad weather.

- Russell K

My car is very inexpensive only 6,500.

I like that my car is fuel efficient. I enjoy the ease of use with power steering. I like that my car is very low maintenance. I like the color of the interior and the exterior.

- Ronald L

The most important thing to know is that it is best for young kids.

The best thing about the vehicle I drive is that it is very reliable, comfortable, and drives well. The only thing that I don't like about my car is the mileage per gallon.

- Kayla H

That there is some sort of issue with the airbag.

I like the gas mileage, the cute little spoiler, the large trunk. I do not like the width of the car-tough to fit kids in when I have to use it to pick them up from school.

- Leslie D

This car is totally reliable. I have had very few to no issues with it in the 11 years I've owned it.

I love that it's fuel efficient. I wish I had a bigger car, bigger back seat and trunk space. But for a college vehicle to get me to and from school and work it is great!

- Elizabeth E

Toyota Corolla, Reliable Car

The car is a sturdy car. Even at over 100,00 miles, it has very few problems. The comfort is decent. The acceleration on the highway is a little slow, but it does the job.

- Teri M

It has been almost maintenance free except for oil changes, tires, and a battery.

My Corolla is very reliable. My Corolla is almost maintenance free. My Corolla gets good gas mileage. It is the best car I have ever owned. Not my favorite, but the best.

- Thomas S

It has 132,000 miles and it can go up to 300,000 miles.

I love that I can go for 2 weeks on a tank of gas. When it is time to change the oil it looks as good as when I put it in & I never have to add oil in between oil changes!

- Theresa G

My car will probably last longer than yours!.

I like how it is easy to drive but the only thing that I do not like is that it is not a new car and I want a newer version of the car. I like the gas mileage on the car.

- Diana T

Good gas mileage, compact.

Good gas mileage, decent space for a small family, requires little maintenance and has never been in the shop for repairs. The only complaint is that it is a 4 cylinder.

- Jordan B

It is safe and reliable. Toyota is a trusted brand that I would buy from in the future.

The car is a smooth ride that I feel safe in. My wish is that I had a slightly bigger car to fit more inside. With that said, I would still buy this model in the future.

- Katie S

There are many important things I love about my car. It's reliable, dependable and great on mileage. I've not had major issues with it.

I love my Toyota. It's great on gas. I haven't had any major issues with it. When there was a recall for the airbag the dealership took it in and fixed it right away.

- Judy T

Toyota's Corolla: A Car you can Count On

It's sleek, comfortable, and modern all in the right places. It steers like a champ, accelerates smoothly, and gets such great gas mileage, you'd think it's a hybrid.

- Gabriel C

The interior will need more work than the engine if driven correctly.

Awesome car reliable when taken care of. Minor electrical problems but rare if well maintained. Smooth ride and safe. Ac still works fine. Engine oil has a long life.

- William M

It is a decent car for driving around town occasionally. I would not trust it to go on a long trip though.

It was a girl and I am thankful for it. It has had three recalls, not something that I enjoy. It has consistent minor problems that no one seems to be able to fix.

- Jessica L

It requires minimal maintenance and is decent on mileage.

My car is very reliable and has required minimal maintenance over the many years I've had it. I don't like how tiny it is and that the trunk must be manually opened.

- Jeanine A

Smooth driving and handling very safe

My Toyota is reliable and great on gas! There is more than enough space inside and the trunk has plenty of room! Runs smoothly and isn't too expensive to maintain.

- Colleen M

Toyota Corolla - Gets You Where You Want To Go With No Fuss

It is a sturdy, reliable car that is a pleasure to drive. It is safe and comfortable and rarely ever has mechanical problems. It is the 2nd Corolla I have owned.

- Robin B

It is durable and reliable and will last a long time.

I have it used so it had a rattle in it ever since I've gotten it. I like the fuel economy of it. I also like the quality of it as I've had it for over 10 years.

- Hilarie M

That it is very reliable, with very good gas mileage - car lasts a long time, many years

I like the gas mileage, drives well, very little repairs needed. I can't think of much to dislike. There is a blind spot in windshield where post is but workable.

- suzanne p

My car is not a money pit. It's everything you need for a 2nd family car.

It's a dependable good looking car. It runs great and only needs regular maintenance like changing belts and oil changes. Still looks good and works for family.

- Darrel N

My car is a gas saver and will save you a ton of money.

I love that the gas mileage is great. I get about 40 miles per gallon. It is very roomy for a smaller car. The only dislike I have is I wish I had cruise control.

- Camille S

The Toyota Corolla is an affordable and reliable. Vehicle.

My Toyota Corolla is a great little vehicle. It is affordable, reliable/dependable and so cute. Great for those who travel extensively while sticking to a budget.

- Sharon C

That although it may be old, it still works and gets me where i'm going with minimal to no problems.

My car was bought from my cousins possession. It's a older car. It was white and had a few scratches, but it worked fine. It got me from point A to point B fine.

- Adrianna S

It drives great and I like the style of it.

It rides well and has great gas mileage, but it feels like it was made cheaply. There is no easy way to listen to music from a phone and it is not very spacious.

- Roland S

I will buy this car again.

Toyota Corolla is a good car. I already did 220 000 miles with this car. I did not have a big repairs. It is an economic and reliable car. I will buy it again.

- Dainius S

Minimal basic maintenance is all I have give it.

It is a basic vehicle with little to no problems for the last 11 years. It may not have all the latest features in new cars, but it has been quite reliable.

- John C

Toyota Corolla is a very reliable car.

Very reliable and gets great mileage even though it is over ten years old. It had a few issues in the beginning but the repairs were all covered by warranty.

- Bel L

The reliable Toyota corolla

I owned this car for the past 10 years, and it still drives like it's new. Car is very reliable to drive, handles well and cost for fuel and repairs are low.

- Nha V

Rated in consumer's digest as one of the top models to own.

Need newer model, but Corolla still runs great, great on mileage, low maintenance. It would be to have a car with gps and a hybrid with the recent features.

- Barbara C

It's economically reliable.

My car is very reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance. I love the gas mileage because it's economical. I do wish it wasn't so low to the ground.

- Alexious M

Dependability and gas mileage.

Wonderful. Affordable maintenance, dependable, gas saver. Comfortable and overall affordable. Latest issue was an o2 sensor, have 160k still strong running.

- Jordan N

I am very impressed how far Toyota has come.

I can start by saying that it is been the most reliable vehicle that I have ever owned. No breakdowns, no left on side of the road, just normal maintenance.

- Jarred S

Ole faithful: the car that is perfectly average that never lets me down.

Reliability is high. I have never had any problems with the car in the ten years I owned it. I have to perform maintenance every 6 months but it runs well.

- stacey o

A great vehicle to have for life!

It has great gas mileage. It's a comfortable ride. It is 12 years old, but barely has rust. When I had a Honda it rusted so much that the bumper fell off.

- Sarah E

If you give the car regular, proper maintenance it will last for many years.

Great on gas, long lasting car. My dislikes are that is it very small and not comfortable for multiple passengers, and the hubcaps fall off very easily.

- A.S. H

It is a reliable car. Never had any problems.

No complaints. Runs great handles well comfortable good on gas. What can I say? It handles well it is comfortable and it is good on gas looks good too.

- Scott W

It has good acceleration and braking.

It accelerates fast, has good heating and cooling, and brakes well. It does not have good wipers and I do not like how I have to roll down the windows.

- Adam F

The car is dependable and will last.

It is dependable and gets great gas mileage. It is easy and inexpensive to replace parts. My only complaint is that it does not have a lot of power.

- Kathleen M

That my car only seats 4 passengers .

I like my car first because it is low on gas and it easy to park. The tires are cheaper than most cars. What I don't like is it is not power steering.

- Mildred S

It is a very reliable brand and it won't' disappoint. Maintenance is easy.

I love Toyota's reliability. It is a smooth ride and handles nicely. It has a lot of trunk space. The paint has begun to peel which is unfortunate.

- Karen P

It is much more fuel efficient when driving on the highway as with most cars.

As it is an 11 year old car, it is less fuel efficient and becoming more loud when driving. Acceleration is great and it has never broken down on me.

- Joyce T

Toyota is great and I highly recommend this long lasting car.

Its highly indestructible. However, it's pretty old so the maintenance required light is on and the check engine light always goes on after I fix it.

- Jen A

That it does what it needs to and was not too expensive.

It is a good solid vehicle that gets me where i need to go. It doesn't have the fancy features that newer more expensive cars have but that is okay.

- Patricia B

Toyota Corolla - a reliable compact car.

I have a basic model with no light in the trunk and no rear windshield wiper. These are my only complaints. Very reliable and comfortable vehicle.

- Gwen D

Reliable compact vehicle that lasts a long time

The corolla is convenient, good sized and reliable vehicle that's easy to maintain. Good first car to have on a budget. It also gives good mileage

- tori n

Lasts forever and ever and ever.

Love it. Good on gas. Roomy trunk. Easy to drive. Good ac. Turning radius is big for a small car. Easy to park. Needs better air vent in the back.

- Laura L

It's not luxurious at all, nor is it readily reliable especially the old model.

Engine leakage, muffler fell off. Lights do come on automatically and turn off by themselves. Doors do not make sounds when locked and unlocked

- Erika L

I like my car because it is compact and does not take that much gas.

It does not take that much gas, this means if you are a student it is the perfect car. It goes fast for a v4 car. It is black and fun to drive.

- Nova B

My car drives very smooth.

I love my toyota. It is great on gas and rarely have any problems with the car absolutely live it. I would definitely recommend buying a toyota

- Obang o

This car gets good fuel economy.

The 2007 Toyota corolla gets good fuel economy. The vehicle is a great daily driver and gets me from point A to point B in a reliable fashion.

- Chad T

It is reliable and very safe.

I like the car because it feels sturdy and safe. I miss the rear window wiper which I had in my other cars. My car seems to be easily scraped.

- Selma M

That it is a good reliable vehicle.

I like the low mileage on the car for the year it is. I have no complaints, it stays maintained so there is nothing to say negative about it.

- Angel K

It is a five speed with power windows and a sun roof.

I like that it is sturdy and reliable. I like that I have driven it for years with limited maintenance needed. I dislike that it is standard.

- Bridget S

It's kind of hard to get used to how jumpy the gas pedal is but it's a good car

It's a very simple fast vehicle that meets all my basic needs. It's a little outdated technology wise but it's cheap and a nice beginner car

- Mark b

It has amazing gas mileage and saves you money at the pump.

I've had this car for over 10 years and it has been amazing. The gas mileage is awesome and I can go days without having to fill up the car.

- Lawson G

It's a reliable car to get from point A to point B.

My car is a reliable to get to to and from school. It's a gas saver too. The complaints I have are the screeching brakes everytime I stop.

- andy c

Very comfortable car worth buying

Is very comfortable and it works great. I have only change the normal things like tires and the battery,but other than that nothing else.

- Elsa T

The most important thing is that for the time I've had my car, it has not had any major problems.

My car has almost 200,000 miles on it but still drives well. It is somewhat outdated technology but all works well. Can use a paint job.

- Kasia C

It is a very utilitarian vehicle.

My Toyota gets good gas mileage and is comfortable. It is low maintenance and drives well. I wish I could sync my phone to the radio.

- Donald S

If you go to sell it or trade to in, it has great resale value.

I love my Toyota because if there is any problems with it, it is very easy to fix and not too expensive. They have great gas mileage.

- Tara W

It has great gas to mile ratio and it is very dependable.

I have to change the oil constantly. I also have almost 200,000 miles on my car so i have to keep up with the maintenance constantly.

- King J

you can find the parts in any auto-parts and they are cheaper than from other toyota models. i recommend it

It's a wonderful car. it's comfortable and it has great features as the stereo, the air conditioning, and much more. I recommend it

- Anthony J

It's so reliable! Despite the fact it's old, it's still in great condition and runs well.

I've loved my car. It has been an excellent transportation vehicle. The engine works well, it handles well, and it's comfortable.

- Nicole P

extremely reliable car that will last you for years

i love my car. it's a used 2007 toyota corolla. extremely dependable and very good gas mileage. very comfortable and easy to drive

- stephanie H

Their wheels are smooth and the breaks work. It's a nice car and very affordable too

I've had it for many years and it's still working. Like the nice silver color. Everything works fine it doesn't get many problems.

- Elizabeth A

how strong is engine and less gas used

I like this vehicle because engine is so strong never break down. I don't like I hope more fancy for the inertia of inside vehicle

- kimi p

My car gets good gas mileage

I like the compactness of the car and the gas mileage that it gets. I don't dislike anything about the car and have no complaints

- jean k

Easy to get in and out of.

Toyotas are easy to maintain. They are great on mileage and gas. They are comfortable in the interior. These cars are very roomy.

- Patricia L

It is totally practical, and economical. That's about it.

It is pretty reliable, comfortable, and well designed. But has a super-sensitive gas pedal, and lurches when you step on the gas.

- Ari L

Very low problems requiring repairs.

It is a very durable and all around great car. It has been a very low maintenance. It has been very economical to own and drive.

- Dale H

A comfortable cozy vehicle.

The car drives very nice, and is very reliable. The seats are comfortable and it has great speed to it. It also is good on gas.

- London W

It has a sunroof which is a great feature.

This car has not given me any major problem so far. It runs really good without any problem and maintenance is also affordable.

- Fab T

i believe that my toyota corolla is a safe car to drive.

It's safe. Have a/c problem that causes leak in the back right passenger floor so using the a/c is problematic. Like the ride.

- sandy p

My car runs good and gets good gas mileage and gets me where I need to go.

I like that it starts and runs and gets me where I need to go. I like that it gets good gas mileage and that it is a good car.

- Justin B

It has been dependable throughout the years. Hope to have it least another four years.

It was bought new and now has ab9out 189000 miles on it. We have not had very much trouble with it/. Gets good gas mileage.

- anita r

That it fits my needs for economy and dependability but may not be for them.

It is dependable, economical and comfortable. It gets me where I am going safely and efficiently and it was reasonably priced

- Virginia M

That it is reliable and cheap on gas.

Like that it is easy to drive, cheap on gas, and just the right size. I do not like that it is hard to see out of to back up.

- Teresa H

It has a good stereo system.

I like how reliable my car is. It is also very good on gas. I rarely have issues with it. I wish it was more stylish though.

- Sharon S

Its paid off and that makes me happy.

It is roomy and comfy. It gets great gas mileage whether on the freeway or town. Love the ac. Love the color inside and out.

- Terri W

Still Runs Great With Over 100,000 Miles

The Corolla is easy to drive. I am very comfortable in it. It does have over 100,000 miles on it, and it still runs great.

- Kim S

It's a very convenient car and very conservative on gas.

I like how it says so much gas and how easy it is to use the car. I don't dislike much about it. The car gets the job done.

- Longhui R

It's a very good daily driver car. One full tank of gas last at least a full week for me

It is a great gas saver Cheap maintenance I haven't had issues in the last 5 years The only bad thing is de Airbags recall

- Armando R

That Toyota is a good reliable brand that holds up well and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a car.

I bought my car almost ten years ago. It has been a good, reliable car and I haven't really had any major problems with it.

- Liz T